Rashmi Lectures

Because Mamoru had no powers and Kunzite aided and abetted for the Precia fight.

Date: 2018-02-12
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Rashmi Terios 2018-02-12 02:09:15 88709
The ECFH maintains a standing policy, if you're invited in, then the door is always open.

This may prove to be a bad idea.

The door to the main living room opens, Rashmi bearing a pair of well-loaded takeout carriers. "Dinner service~!" she chirps, changing out her shoes, shutting the door with a slippered toe, and lugging the boxes into the kitchen. "Kazuo-san, Mamo-kun, I've got curry to warm you up~!"

Did anyone order food for the two of them?

Kazuo Takeba 2018-02-12 02:18:58 88710
Kazuo did not order food for the two of them. This is fairly evident from the pot simmering on the stove, smelling of cinnamon and apricot and grudgingly-sweetening onion, and the bundle of fresh mint left out on the counter. Whatever's in progress, it doesn't need immediate attention, as witnessed by Kazuo actually being on the couch; he glances up from the book (actual physical book) he's reading at the door's opening, and by the time Rashmi's reaching the kitchen the book is down with his place marked and Kazuo is on his feet to join her. "Terios-san. Good evening. Have you seen the others? Do you know if they're recovering?"
Mamoru Chiba 2018-02-12 02:28:01 88711
Mamoru didn't order, either, though he's very happy to hear Rashmi's voice regardless of whether or not she's got a) food or b) doom. Or c) food-doom.

He himself is actually typing something-or-other at the dining room table, which is almost never used for actual dining; he's got his laptop open next to a textbook, a notebook, and a tablet, and he looks comfortably disheveled. Getting out of high school and high school uniforms was such a triumph-- the vast array of t-shirts he wears under oxfords or blazers, with jeans dammit, is a testament to that. Today's is a baseball shirt with the logo for WORLD GYM on it, which is only funny if one knows the joke. Odds are good Neil got it for him.

"Rashmi-chan!" he calls cheerfully. "A break from this essay is just what the medical student ordered."
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-12 02:39:04 88712
The sight of dinner already cooking sets Rashmi's face to falling. "Oh... I didn't realize you were already cooking, sorry... Anyway, Koko-chan and Mikoto-chan are healing, and I'm going to be doing my rounds with them. And Nano-chan and Fate-chan are resting pretty well, last I heard. But, um.... I wanted to have a talk with the two of you specifically."

As she talks, she dishes up steaming, fragrant, colorful food, redolent with mustard and spices, ferrying the food out with a pair of tall glasses full of saffron-colored lassi.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-02-12 02:45:24 88713
"It will most certainly keep," Kazuo assures her. "And curry is, believe me, eternally appreciated." Curry is also for two-and-a-half, at a glance, and therefore the pot stays on the stove and the mint on the counter; soup with stuffed meatballs will at least be for the other residents, and possibly the downstairs annex, and probably drop-in guests. In the mean time, he lends hands to the ferrying, thieving work from Rashmi whenever he can get away with it. That she wants to have a talk, well. The medical student can handle that part.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-02-12 02:48:26 88714
"'Have a talk with'?" Mamoru echoes, half amused. He takes both plate-for-him and lassi-for-him from Rashmi and moves over to deposit himself on the couch, eyebrows up. "Not 'I wanted to talk to you'. This sounds remarkably like we're in trouble."
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-12 02:54:25 88715
"Well," Rashmi says, handing over the last of Kazuo's food and shooing him to the couch, "that was a pretty hairy situation we were in, y'know? And I honestly wasn't sure going for Mikoto-chan was the right call, looking at the two of you."

She leans against the doorway, sipping from a takeout cup of hot red tea, looking at the boys, then sets the cup on the counter. "The point is.... Were you two out of your minds?!"
Mamoru Chiba 2018-02-12 03:09:42 88716
The mostly-powerless Prince of Earth exchanges a look with Kazuo, then looks up at Rashmi while putting his plate down and holding the lassi. "First: I get that a lot. Usually from him," he says, cocking his thumb at Kazuo. "Secondly, don't yell at him, I'm his boss and he can't stop me from doing stupid things. I try not to, on general principle, because I don't like giving him and the others heart attacks-- and if I'm going to, then I make sure he or one of the others or one of the Senshi is there with me, and I work with them, so I'm much less likely to get killed."

He's very serious; it's Endymion talking, and it's obvious. He sets the glass down and folds his hands loosely, sitting forward, forearms on his knees. "You may have noticed that I haven't been out much to fight for love and justice-- for months. Last night, you saw why. Something's cutting me off from being able to use almost all of my powers. Whatever it is hasn't cut my energy out of me, nor my ability to recharge it-- just my ability to do anything with it. Fortunately, if I tell him to, Kunzite can take that energy and use it to fuel his own powers, one of which -- you may also be aware of this -- is shielding. So."

He sits up and doesn't even bother giving a challenging look. "I'm going to say what I always say: even if it made Kunzite cranky, and even if it made you cranky, it worked. We all got out. Kunzite's shield kept you from getting tentaclestabbed, killed, and possessed by Cthulhu. The threat's been neutralized. And I got to yell at Precia fucking Testarossa even if she didn't care, and I got to see an end actually happen to something that's been screwing up this planet and her people-- and our community-- for years. So the only thing I'm going to apologise for is having worried you."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-02-12 03:18:10 88717
It is probably unsurprising that Kazuo lets Endymion be the one talking. Kazuo himself settles with food, inclining his head gravely to Rashmi again, and after that exchanged look he only listens. (And eats, with appropriate appreciation.) It's at the end that he follows up on what Mamoru said. "We have consulted out on the problem he mentioned, with such specialists as exist and we can trust. We aren't trying to deal with it alone."
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-12 03:18:55 88718
To her credit, Rashmi doesn't take the answering talk with anger or defensiveness, or even the teenage mulish glare. She simply nods, slowly, and sighs, blowing a puff of steam away from her tea. "I get that... all of that, I do. But there has to be a line, Mamo-kun. I'm going to be yelling a *lot* more at Mikoto-chan when she's well enough to be yelled at, but... I saw you shivering. I know you wouldn't drain him *that* far that he wouldn't be able to recover, Kazuo-san, but... That was close to the line. And I could see it, and yeah I worry. So..."

All it takes is a shrug, and apparently the matter is put to rest. "I get why you don't want that kind of thing spreading around, but a lot of us have been worried, y'know? And anyway, the cat's out of the bag now. So what's up?"
Mamoru Chiba 2018-02-12 03:31:59 88719
"Fff, he didn't drain that far, just that fast," Mamoru says with a sheepish laugh, relaxing and definitely leaving Seriousdymion behind. He slides off the couch onto the floor and sits in front of his plate at the low table. "The shivering was literally just because a side effect is cold. Which, you know, is what happens when the heat's leaving, because heat's energy too. And he carried me out because it was faster than waiting for me to get my bearings again and we were kind of in a rush."

Nothing about his manner, his voice, anything, seems to indicate he's lying or downplaying what happened. He waves his fork in the air before loading it up with food. "I know it looked bad, and I'm really sorry you didn't know how to read it, because it wasn't bad and knowing that could've prevented you from worrying so much." He shifts a little uncomfortably. "Sorry I can't heal them."

He glances away, then up again. "It's only sort of out of the bag. Pretty sure Riventon already knew. I was already having trouble during that ridiculous bullshit over Eclipse poisoning pumpkin spice syrup with dark energy-- the one he warned me about?-- and he was there, and that was before Halloween."

There's a pause and Mamoru frowns at his plate. "No, I was having trouble before that. You noticed it first..." he trails off, looking at Kazuo.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-02-12 03:47:38 88720
"Lacrima noticed that you weren't worried about touching her at the New Year's party, also," Kazuo notes, idly clinical. "She asked if you were well. I mentioned the alcohol and your usually bracing yourself against the effect of the group, but I suspect she took that as a polite 'we don't want to talk about it' rather than a 'nothing's wrong."

The next comment is slightly less idle; Kazuo rakes long hair back from the side of his face with a hand, which does absolutely no good since it falls exactly back into place a moment later. "Early October," he adds. "You always know where Moon is. That day you thought you knew, and you were wrong."

About Rashmi's overt point of concern... well. Mamoru talked about that. Kazuo neither adds to the explanation nor denies.
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-12 03:50:21 88721
Rashmi Terios watches Mamoru for a second, and blows a sigh through her nose. "Aware that it's not going to keep you from feeling bad; you're not the only healer the entire community has to rely on, stop feeling bad."

With that, she picks up her bowl, comprising the -and-a-half of the dinner, and plops down at the edge of the table, between the Prince and his General. "So how can I help?"
Mamoru Chiba 2018-02-12 04:03:33 88722
Mamoru, who's finally eating some of his delicious curry, snap-points at Kunzite like 'right! right, that' when he reminds him of the incident in the Crown. He keeps chewing, and manages to swallow just as Rashmi's asking her question. "Don't know. The only clue we've got isn't much of one: Sailor Earth uses three kinds of energy, and one of them is mine, and she's a huge liar and made of shit-stirring and attempts to undermine me. No idea if she's actually responsible for this, but eroding my connections with everything is pretty literally undermining."

He pauses, then, and looks thoughtful. "She's been talking to the Shitennou, and she's talked to Usako a few times, and to Asclepius. Trying to convince people that I'm the impostor. She also doesn't seem particularly bright, maybe you could give her the idea that you're dissatisfied with me and think she's better; she might spill more beans to you."

A beat. "Yes yes point taken. Asclepius is even one of mine," he says wryly. Then he gives Kunzite a sheepish look. "Just looking on the bright side, you know? Being able to touch people without worrying about backlash or having to clamp down on the empathy... I mean, it's getting really old, but it's still something I really wished were the case when I was little."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-02-12 04:13:30 88723
"At least three kinds," Kazuo confirms. "There may be more elements. It's difficult to analyze, since one of the elements is inherently destructive and unstable; I had a sample for less than five minutes and spent the next three days in isolation, in case I lost containment on my reserves."

He turns a little, angling his head to regard Rashmi. "We've been working with Mercury to try to get better information, but we haven't had much in the way of results as yet. We're also not certain whether the trouble I've been having is related or unrelated; certainly part of it is likely unrelated, and I've contacted a specialist on that. If you have any ideas for approaches to analyzing the problem, they'd be welcome. They might duplicate what we've been trying with Mercury; if so, no harm done. Or they might include some perspective we haven't come to yet."
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-12 04:17:59 88724
For at least the first half of the briefing, Rashmi has an utterly blank look on her face. "Wait.... Sailor Earth? Wha--?" But she shakes her head, settling down to listen and fill in the blanks herself. "Well that's... .... .........concerning. I... hm. Nothing comes to mind at the moment, but... Let me talk to Koji-kun and Tyrfing. If nothing else, his Spion Bits are great recon, and he can feed Nicomachea anything he finds. Beyond that... I suppose I'll have a better idea once I find out more. I mean I didn't even know she was a thing, I haven't the least idea how to get her to try and turn me on you."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-02-12 04:36:32 88725
"Probably literally just complain vociferously about me in her presence," Mamoru says drily, once he's scarfed down some more curry. He glances at Kunzite, eyebrows up, then back to Rashmi. "The fact that you hadn't even heard of her is really interesting. I guess it's more proof she's specifically around to mess with the Senshi and with me and the Shitennou. Which makes her claims even more stupid. I mean, when I'm actually on my game, I'm all up in everybody's business."

He thinks, between bites, then finally holds up a finger until he's finished swallowing that particular mouthful. "Tyrfing can keep an eye out for her with his Spionsklatch, and when he finds her, you and Koji can stage a loud fight about my relative worth, probably. I'm pretty sure it's deeply difficult for him to trash talk anyone, even people he doesn't like, and you are really good at bulldozing your way under people's skin and making them like and trust you, but you're also really good at keeping your cool and non-reacting when things make you mad. So: loud fight, preferably in henshin, get her attention and maybe say stuff like you're going to teach me my place or something, storm off, and she's super likely to follow and try to recruit you. Then record everything."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-02-12 04:41:50 88726
"We can arrange pictures," Kazuo says thoughtfully, "or at least drawings; if Naru hasn't seen her, those of us who have can work with you. She turned up for the first time -- the fall before last, I think. The self-identified Sailor Earth asserts regularly and vehemently that Mamoru is a usurper who betrayed her and stole her powers, her friends, her servants, and her world. She has to date provided no support for any of this, simply resorting to asserting it louder anytime she's challenged. And mind-controlling random humans in the vicinity to attack on her behalf, sometimes empowering them in the process. The preponderance of the currently-available evidence suggests that she's being directed or fed information by someone with some information about our history, but from a considerably flawed source; when she's made detailed assertions, they've been based on wildly incorrect ideas. There have been attempts made to try to find evidence for her assertions, just in case we're wrong. They haven't come up with anything that I've heard yet."
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-12 04:46:26 88727
"That's.... hn." Rashmi taps her spoon against the side of her bowl for a moment, musing over this information. "Seriously weird. And you said she's getting energy from three sources? One's you, one's something else, what's the third?"

"What really gets me is that if she was connected to you guys, you'd think with there being over a dozen of you altogether, someone would have something, even if it's just a half-scrap of barely-useful. But if that's not true, then where's she getting her story from? Uuuuuuugh, if we can pull this off I'm going to have to sit on every instinct I've ever learned from debate club, that's going to be a nightmare..." The way she talks, you'd think that her at least trying to set up the gambit isn't even in question. Which, to anyone with any experience with Rashmi, means she's already decided to help out.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-02-12 04:59:06 88728
"--no way, you're playing devil's advocate with Koji, and with her, you're totally the Public Speaking 101 professor grading her on her persuasive presentation," Mamoru tells Rashmi with a seriously crooked grin. "And when we finally fight her for real -- which we will, there is literally no question at this point -- you can give her that grade."

He finishes up the last forkful of his curry, then puts the plate down and picks up his lassi as he swallows. "It drives me nuts. I mean I told her, day one, she could come here and talk to me, she could pitch reasoned arguments to me and give me evidence and I'd consider her claim. Obviously she hasn't any, which is why she's never shown up to do so. The other stupid thing she's doing is claiming that not only did I apparently steal everything from her in my last life, but in this life I have everything she deserves. I'm sorry, but the only things I didn't work hard for in this life are things she can have. If she's got any proof at all she should be the Chiba heir, sure! She can have my legal name, all my money, my apartment, my car. But she can't have my scholarship to Keio, she can't have my friends and family, and she sure as hell can't have the name I was born with. If the planet accepts her as its guardian instead of me? Okay, sure, she can have the power. But I'm not going to warn her that pretty much all my friends, who won't desert me, could beat that guardian power up easy as you please, and will because she's already proven she's no guardian."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-02-12 05:07:06 88729
Kazuo leans back a little, giving Rashmi a trifle more space in case Mamoru's irritation with someone not present causes Rashmi to want to lean away from him. What he says, though, is: "Three identifiable flavors. One is similar to Mamoru's, yes, golden; she uses it for special effects when she can. Another contributor to her power is dark energy. Another is ... not something I'd ever encountered before. Unpleasant. Unstable. Destructive. Elusive, and difficult to analyze. It ... mn. The power that Fate's mother was using to open her portal put me somewhat in mind of it."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-02-12 05:13:54 88730
Abruptly, Mamoru looks to Kunzite, eyes wide. "Wait. And Precia said Belka was trying to copy some other powerful crystal when they made the jewel seeds-- and that fantastically stupid youma that got its hands on one while I was brainwashed was dead sure what it had was the Ginzuishou. Maybe Sailor Earth does have a-- a reverse Ginzuishou! I mean, if you twisted Moon's power around..."
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-12 05:16:35 88731
Rashmi, apparently, is no stranger to tirades powered by a sore and throbbing heart, only slightly leaning away from the boy by the end of it. But, then Kunzite gets down to the details, and it's this that causes Rashmi to freeze. "...Okay now this is nothing at all against your abilities or analysis," she says slowly, "but I really hope you're wrong there. We've been sparring with Lost Logia often enough that another one is the last thing we need to deal with..." Sighing, she lifts her glasses, massaging the bridge of her nose. "Okay. So Dark Energy means that even if there was a chance you were usurping someone, it's not her. Because you guys.... yeah, no. If all the mahou flittering around Tokyo were a planet, you guys would be the Sun. I know, bad metaphor choice, but it's the best I've got."

Interrupted by Mamoru's sudden attack of memory, she listens intently. Frowning at first, then shocked. "...And Jewel Seeds can turn things that weren't alive into people! I mean Jin-kun's a perfect example, he was a tin soldier who just wanted to protect the kid who owned him! So......" Wearily, she slumps. "...So whether or not it is a Lost Logia, it's best to proceed as if it was. Fun..."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-02-12 05:22:00 88732
"Pity," Kazuo says to Rashmi deadpan. "If this Earth were right and Mamoru were a usurper, and if my previous oaths still bound me, then I'd be justified in ignoring Mamoru's preferences and just trying to kill her. But if she's wrong, I still have to to continue with this business Mamoru insists on of 'ethics' and 'morals' and 'lack of hypocrisy.'"

Apparently Kazuo deals with unpleasant surprises by trying to joke. Emphasis on the word trying.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-02-12 05:33:03 88733
The fact that Mamoru momentarily looks uncomfortable at Rashmi's beginning to use the word 'it', there, might be viewed as potentially hilarious given it can be boiled down to 'Rashmi's misgendering a rock'--

--until one realizes that most of his best friends are, in fact, rocks.

"Uh-- well. Right. Also, Naru drawing a picture's one thing, but like... you can pretty much know exactly what she looks like if you can imagine me a little shorter, with really long hair and--" He gestures in front of his chest in the time-honored fashion, then remembers he's a medical student, "--breasts. And--" he can't actually kick Kazuo with the coffee table in the way, so he just glares before looking back at Rashmi, "two things.

"One, aren't lost logia basically any powerful artifacts from space? Like, say, the Senshi's henshin pens, or the Ginzuishou itself? And two, it sounds like your friend Jin is a person to you even if he started out as an inanimate object. So no matter what Sailor Earth is, and no matter how much of a garbage fire she is, probably we should keep calling her she instead of it."
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-12 05:36:58 88734
"That's a good point," Rashmi allows. "I was using 'it' more as a descriptor for 'the mysterious energy source that we can't describe in detail' but even still." CLearing her throat, she settles back. "Well... I'd say yes, but I'm pretty sure that your pens and the crystal are more than 'sufficiently advanced technology,' which is what all Lost Logia are. They're what you get if you made a supercomputer version of a device, buried it in soft peat until its OS rotted, then turned it on in a public space."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-02-12 05:39:34 88735
"I'm reasonably sure that what we'd get if we did that is 'set on fire by Zoisite,' but given what little experience I do have with Lost Logia, that seems appropriate enough." Apparently Kazuo is unafraid of Mamoru throwing things at thim in lieu of kicking. Things like potentially the actual coffee table.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-02-12 05:51:04 88736
"... but Devices are part magic, too," says Mamoru, running his finger around the inside of his nearly empty lassi glass and flicking some at Kunzite without even looking. "And believe you me, those pens are in fact sufficiently advanced technology. I mean, even disguise pens-- the Moon Cats can literally build them. Because they remember how that stuff works. Ami probably could. I think she was working on it with Luna. They're little things, though, comparatively speaking. None of us knows where the Silver Crystal came from originally, but... a lot of the Moon's magic was magiscience just like Belkan and Midchildan are. From what I understand, magical items on the Moon were kind of like smartphones and search engines and the Amazon Echo are here. Anybody could use a lot of them even if they didn't know how they worked. So-- with that... really vivid metaphor in mind... I guess anything like that could become a Lost Logia, right? Like if you took a Moon iPhone and applied toxic pollution and Marilyn Manson's aesthetic to it with a hefty dose of twisted fairy-tale logic and negging, it might start screaming dial-up modem noises and turning Tokyo upside down looking for the dreams of children?"
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-12 05:56:40 88737
"...And now I'm never going to trust my smartphone," Rashmi murmurs. "Honestly you'd be better off finding a Meister to debate this at length, I'm still new enough I'm barely likely to be right a third of the time. Nicomachea's been teaching me, but, I'm still an undergrad student next to Mizuno-senpai. But this still gives us a good starting point to figure out what to look for. I'll let you know more when I know it, but... Let's not talk to Nanoha or Fate about this. If nothing else, the last thing Fate-chan needs to deal with is 'an impostor creation,' it'd just be cruel to her."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-02-12 06:01:31 88738
"People keep saying 'you'd be better off finding a Meister' as if that were a reasonable step to take," Kazuo notes. "I'm not personally aware of any existing on the planet at the moment. Undoubtedly there is at least one somewhere, but it's not precisely advertised."

A pause, and then he says to Mamoru, just as mildly, "Please never do that again." Apparently Rashmi's not the only one going to be eyeing her phone warily for a bit. Since there's no way he's referring to the lassi-flick.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-02-12 06:07:25 88740
The Prince of Earth looks sublimely self-satisfied as he finishes his lassi, then gets up and starts picking up empty plates. "I probably couldn't," he admits reassuringly to Kunzite and Rashmi both. "Anyway, yes, maybe you could also bring your perspective to Ami-chan's research table on it-- but right now I'm pretty sure social hacking's going to be just as useful. If we can get a clearer picture of the line Sailor Earth's being fed, maybe we can figure out where it's coming from. Because even a Lost Logia wouldn't be able to make up details that weird."

He starts walking off with the plates, then glances back and says quietly, "And don't worry. I wouldn't want to burden either of them with this."
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-12 06:16:08 88741
"It's a good plan," Rashmi agrees. "And you're probably right; origins or mechanics or whatever might be helpful, but at the end of the day someone's going to have to talk her into spilling the answers to this puzzle. I don't know if I can, but I know how to try."

At which point the redhead looks at Kazuo, shrugging. "Well I mean, someone at Virtue knew enough to rebuild Tyrfing using salvaged parts and extra code. And I know I've met another Meister before, so it stands to reason that they're out there. I just couldn't begin to tell you how to find them save knocking on Lindy-sama's door and asking for help."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-02-12 06:25:04 88742
And Rashmi may become aware of a certain ... compartmentalization of social contacts ... when Kazuo blinks at her in lack of recognition at Lindy's name, and asks, "Who would that be?"