A Fishy Valentine

Hannah and Haruna are, once again, absurdly cute and enthusiastic.

Date: 2018-02-15
Pose Count: 10
Hannah Sharpe 2018-02-15 02:48:21 88802
What better way to have a romantic valentine's day than to be out near the water!? At least that's what Miss White is thinking! It's a harbor rather than a sea, but by golly she'll make do! Hannah has dragged out her dad's old fishing rods, some bait, and the usual accutrements: cooler, ice, bait knife, and a bottle of white wine chilling alongside a single trout that she caught while testing the waters in that cooler.

Fishy aftertaste is totally okay, folks.

The day is passing towards night as the sun slowly goes down. Seagulls call out, and there's a boat or three elsewhere passing through. Hannah, in jeans and a cute blue blouse with sunhat on, is wiggling her toes in sandals that dare get close to the water. There's a package by her side as she fixes bait with an expert, gentle touch.

All that's left is awaiting her betrothed!
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-02-15 03:04:52 88803
Corvus is left at home. Corvus is not coming out on her Valentine's day date. Corvus has his own dating issues to worry about anyways. So what did Haruna Kurosawa do? She got all dolled up, that being- a pretty blouse, skirt- stockings and a carefully wrapped box. And by carefully wrapped, we mean it's obviously uneven and she did her best!

Haruna Kurosawa did not get it wrapped at whatever shop she bought it from. Or maybe she didn't buy it at all!?

She skips along and off onto the beach. February beachside weather probably isn't as chilly as December beachside weather. "Hannah-chan~" she sings as she slides up next to her and leans~

"Fishing?~ If wishes we're fishes there would either be less problems or too many problems~" she insists. She sniffs.

"Hey did you start without me, I smell something fishy." she huffs. "And it isn't an evil plot this time." she insists.
Hannah Sharpe 2018-02-15 03:18:06 88805
Boris, meanwhile, is also at home! No date for him, he's an old doge-turned-Familiar. He /did/ text plenty of Old Doggie Wisdom to Corvus-kun though. Lots of it is all Doggie Dancing Tips though, Corvus' Frequent Flier Mileage Might Vary.

Boris-kun is rooting for you, bird-bro.

"There's my lovely avian of the french fry!" Frown. "That's terrible analogy, forget you heard it. Hi Haruna-chan! Come here!" Pole upon the sawed-off pvc holders that's so common to a proper modern southern fisherwoman, and then she's offering one Big Gigantic Valentine's hug! Squeeeze! Pick up, spiiin, smooch~!

"Don't you know fishing etiquette by now, Haruna-chan!? You always test the waters first! Think of it like those Discovery shows where they chum for sharks, only, fish. I was simply ensuring we had something to catch." A self assured nod! Master fisher-mahou here! She'd make a Mew-Mew blush.

Back to the pier, sandals kicked off, and vulnerable toesies are treading cold water. She doesn't seem to care too much. This is tradition, darnit!

"Happy Valentine's day, my love. No evil tonight. Just the best feathery one that I still don't know what I ever did to tip the karma scales to deserve." Her smile shows that she's teasing. Pure endearment for the formerly dark raven turned Gull of power and beauty.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-02-15 04:14:40 88809
Haruna stares at Hannah-chan for a bit. "I'm not /actually/ a seagull you know." she says sourly. "I mean I like french fries. Just not eating them out of the trash can love them." she says quietly.

"Fricken. Corvus. and his French fries." she mutters.

A hug, a smooch, she smooches back. On the lips of course~ She's happy and excited! She places her hastily wrapped box down on the ground next to the cooler. "No touchy until gift exchanges later~" she insists.

"Also chocolate later. Chocolate can be given and eaten at home." she says with a wink.

She sits down and grabs a fishing pole as she sits down. "Well I'm glad the fish are biting then because if fishing for your own romantic fish dinner isn't romantic then call me Un-Romanco, Master of Unromance." she insists.
Hannah Sharpe 2018-02-15 04:22:16 88811
"Only Seagullian in your desire to fly high and free! As a bird should be!" She sagely nods several times.

"And you don't shed feathers or fur on the couch. Thank God for lint rollers." There's Boris-kun fur enough to drown a small country hidden in that apartment couch.

Hands go to her chest. She is as sweet as an angel. Surely. Ignore the mahou devil horns there. Literally, R.T. has summoned windy devil horns on her head. Which are swiftly batted away, and her coin bonked lightly for the offense.

"Seriously. Need to get you a date R.T. Devices can date, right?" This is offered to the universe at large.

Pause. Pauuuuse. "Tell me there's fudge. I /love/ fudge!" Hannah is so excited right now! Smoooch~ Snug on, and she vaguely reels her line in closer like an expert. "Absolutely! You hear that romance fish!? Come to momma, because I'm going to Romantic Fish Fry the heck out of ya'll! I have the batter at home, we're going to drag off and add some fixin's!" Challenges one Hannah Sharpe to the fishy masses of this valentine's. Lord help us all!
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-02-15 04:43:08 88814
One day, Haruna is gonna try to make a whole second Boris-kun from couch hair or from brushy brushy hair, and it'll be silly. She isn't doing that tonight though, or even later this month. One day though, bam. Floof Boris.

But knowing her luck something will turn it into a youma.

She blinks blinks and eyes those horns. "I swear to god if you're turning into a monster again...." she blinks and then eases off. "Oh, okay RT's being a jerk~" she says.

"You know... Unity Loop is actually like some sort of friend Lost Logia? But I bet those two can do on a date. She's be all 'Yaaaaay!' and RT can be driven insane by it all!" she says with wide eyes.

She laughs as she casts out the pole into snuggles and kisses~.

She begins wiggling the pole. "I used to fish at home. Cuz you know. Fishmonger dad. But from a boat. I should buy a boat! I can have coffee cruises on it! For like the shop? This way I can write off as a business expense!" she insists.
Hannah Sharpe 2018-02-16 02:50:19 88826
Truly, Floof Boris will be the greatest youma. He will doom us all with evil woofs and big doggie eyes! Possibly of the evil laser variety.

Arms cross! "I am monster free, thank you! I don't get it, why does everyone keep harping on me about turning into a monster!? I swear, you let /one/ evil artifact or experiment go just a little beyond expectations..." This is all said in the tone of 'you just don't get evil science, do you!?'.

Grin. "Welp. Guess what R.T? You're doing some speed dating this weekend." R.T. makes an electronic magic AI sound that is just filled with terror and possibly cussing out her Master. Hannah totally deserves it.

"The Gullwing Coffee Cruise! OF LOVE! It's like a love tunnel but better. And with more caffeine and possibly fish. This is a wonderful idea, Haruna-chan! Let's make it happen." She's giggling. Oh yes, she wants this to be a thing.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-02-16 03:11:39 88830
Haruna Kurosawa huffs. "Well gee maybe because shooting the energy of a foresaken magical girl into yourself didn't have the desired effect?" she asks quietly. "I mean , you didn't know at the time but still." she huffs and crosses her arms. "Just be glad we got that garbage out of you." she says quietly.

Then she grins evily. "I dunno how devices date but we're gonna make it happen. I'll make a tiny table and tiny candles and tiny steaks..." she says with a grin.

She grins. "When it gets warmer. Find out how much it is to buy a big charter boat and stuff. Frozen drinks and a small deck and fishing." she says softly.

"....also very good insurance in case krakens are real." she says with a huff!
Hannah Sharpe 2018-02-16 03:40:22 88834
Hannah rolls her eyes. She's stopping just short of making 'blah blah blah' motions with her hands. Only because she's sure that Haruna would kick her off the pier. Or maybe toss her over to Osaka or something. One can see it in her eyes though!

"Yeah yeah, me too. All thanks to my lovely, most beautiful bird in the world! Oh, and a few skirts and rocks that care way too much. Jerks. Jerks!" She's smiling. Really, she loves them all, even if some of them hate her and one most definitely wants to kill her on a bad day, or beat her senseless on a good one.

Kyouko is a true gem.

"I don't know either, but there's going to be AI interfacing and /cute cuddles/ if it kills someone! Preferably Unity Loop." R.T. meanwhile AI cries /even harder/.

Suddenly, though, she's offering over her package. Inside? A smaller box. With chocolates. And then an even smaller box. Welcome to Russian Nesting Dolls of Valentine's Day.

The prize inside? A necklace, silver, with a locket. Inside is a picture taken at one of the BBQ's, of Hannah, Haruna, and the Sharpe Parents all posing! Smiles all around.

"Haruna-chan." Starts Hannah softly.

"We're both going to be getting a bigger family. So, keep that. It might take a bit to get used to the idea, but my parents are going to love the heck out of you. And maybe, just maybe, your parents can learn to love me too."

Cue one heck of a hug! Then her /line tugs/!

"Ahhhh!" Reach! Yaaaaaank, real!

Grrrrr. "Speaking of Krakens! Come here, I'm gonna fry you like supernatural...I don't know where I'm going with this! YOu're fish food!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-02-16 04:08:47 88838
Haruna Kurosawa huffs. "Did you know when I feel lonely and scared?" she asks. "When I feel like that, I try to imagine Tuxedo Kamen's cape around me like he did that night. With Corvus going all insane." she says. "It felt really safe when I was ripped in two inside." she says.

OH! Gifts, she shoves her poorly wrapped gift into Hannah's hand to let her open it up. Inside areeeee!

A bunch of homemade, carefully molded chocolate that are lots better crafted than the craptacular wrapping job suggests.

"I made those! Don't worry. They're good. I used Corvus as a Guinea pig." she says softly. "They're strawberry filled." she insists. They're in the shape of hearts, and seagulls. There are no chocolate fists.

She perhaps found that too silly.

She does marvel at the gift and slips it around her neck as she huffs. "W..well your parents love me. I know that for a fact." she huffs. She then blinks.

"OH!" she says. "You got something! Oh! come on come on come on, reel it in!" she huffs.