A clean get away

Mr. Black is back in town, and it seems he's decided that the people in the arcade could use a little special guidance.

Date: 2018-02-16
Pose Count: 35
Makio Ryu 2018-02-16 02:12:24 88822
It's another school day, or rather another school night. School had finished quite some time ago, and a bluenette 'cyclops' of a teenage boy wanders out of the crown, having just finished another night of studying in ill advised placement. All the lights, sounds, and very purpose of the place were always so eger to compete against the school work for his attention. However, he's fairly certain he'd do even wose at home, and not great studying is better than NO studying.
Mr. Black 2018-02-16 02:24:00 88823
     The night is beautiful out here. A cool wind blows from the east across the parking lot carrying with it scraps of paper that flutter about like butterflies in the night. The sky is grey with clouds abound blotting out the moon. It's quiet out here if one can ignore the constant hustle and bustle of the nearby arcade.

     All this peace and quiet is enough to cause the mind to drift and wander as children stay out late playing in the arcade. Yet atop a nearby building a figure watches leaning forward on a can placed right between his legs. The man is thin, lanky and overly tall. His features are all hidden in almost unnatural shadows as he watches quietly, gloved hands clasping at the decoration atop his cane.
Makio Ryu 2018-02-16 02:31:33 88824
The bluenette shifts his backpack from one shoulder to the other. He should probably get home but...as usual he's hesitant to go there. It's not as if he has a bad home life, it's just always a hassle if his parents AND grandparents are home. The two older generations just can't seem to agree on anything, so there's arguments quite often. He'd rather just go to his home away from home at the sea park. Maybe that's what he'll do!

The young man, a bit late into boyhood for some of his recent life choices, looks around a little and seems at a loss. On second thought... He wasn't needed at the cafe today, so maybe he should make up for it in patroling? With that thought the boy takes a moment, trying to FOCUS and see if there's any little /something/ or another warning him of danger. ...Well there doesn't seem to be any predisites at least! ...seriously though, what's this boy doing just standing here in front of the arcade like this?
Mr. Black 2018-02-16 02:40:46 88825
     From his pearch high above the lanky man cloaked in shadows takes pause. His eyes pitch black as coals focus down towards street level, narrowing drastically as he reaches into his pocket. From deep within comes his clenched fist, and as he opens it far above on the rooftop he holds out what appear to be common erasers.

     Squishing them in his gloved hand he begins to forcibly mold them into place forming vague humanoid shapes from them. His hand reels back over a shoulder and he pitches the erasers off the side of the building sending them flying.

     Through the air they tumble end over end before landing on the ground now each of them standing a full 5'7". Men made from erasers each wielding a ruler sharpened to a fine sword point.
Makio Ryu 2018-02-16 02:51:54 88827
Wow, ok! So much for nothing wrong! While the particular magic senses this 'cyclops' of a boy has do NOTHING to warn him of the man up above, he doesn't need them tosee the two eraser men that just showed up. "This is new," the loitering boy murmurs. So far he'd mostly just been fighting things like corrupted animals. Eraser people didn't even seem like a thing, but, hey, it's the mahou experiance!

For lack of certainty of what else he should do right at the moment, his backpack is lowered to the ground as he keeps an eye on the eraser men. Running off to transform when there had to be SOMEONE paying attention to drop these in the first place MIGHT be a bad idea. He's too new at this to be sure what the best move is! "Sooo, you dudes come here often," he asks of the eraser men as he drops his hoodie aside with his back pack and then starts slowly approaching them. "You look a bit TOO clean to fit in around these types."
Mr. Black 2018-02-16 03:03:28 88828
     Their movements are stilted, and jittery the motions they make aren't exactly.. human. One of them flicks the sword in its hand from one clenched fist to the other, and the second merely begins to walk forward. Slow lurching motions propel it forward.

     Meanwhile far above it all Mr.Black twirls the cane in his hand. He'd been laying low for a while, and it was almost time to reveal himself, yet there was always time to test out his toys. With his free hand he pulls out a small notebook, and propping it out onto his knee he tears a single page. With a gloved hand he starts to fold it into an origami crane.

     The notebook goes right back into the pocket as he works preparing for the next phase of this little encounter before the first is even finished.d
Makio Ryu 2018-02-16 03:07:58 88829
Makio Ryu comes to a stop somewhere close by the eraserman that's moving forward. He's hesitant to make a first strike, cause nothing's happened YET to make it certain these guys are up to something bad. However, he's also leaning a lot more toward thinking they ARE. After all, how many /good/ guys would just suddenly drop sharpened ruler toating earaser men onto the street for no imediately apparent reason?

He brings a hand up toward the moving eraser man as if trying to guesture him to stop, or otherwise making a very lazy attempt to reach toward him.
Mr. Black 2018-02-16 03:16:14 88831
     The one closest lifts the sword above its head kendo style and swings down in front of itself. It looks like the strike is going to land smack in the middle of Makio's forehead until a voice calls out. "That's enough." In a very formal form of Japanese.

     From high on the rooftop the figure kneels down for a moment before springing into a somersault from high above. Flying through the air with great speed he lands gently onto the ground barely making a sound and keeping his posture perfect as he sticks the landing. The figures eyes are hidden behind a domino mask pitch black eyes looking out from a handsome face as the Eraser's take a step back.

     "Goodevening" He states with a low bow, before coming back to an upright stand. His expression is somewhat cold and reserved a distance about him in everything he does, even as he speaks like he's a butler out of some very old movie. "I'll be your instructor for the night."
Makio Ryu 2018-02-16 03:25:35 88832
Makio Ryu had just started to do a backward roll to try and evade the on coming attack, but...suddenly this happens. "Huh," Makio wonders lostly as he returns to a full, if somewhat slackerish looking stand, "...well hello...sir?" He tries to shake off the unexpectedness of the situation and belatedly offers a bow in turn. "I really don't remember asking for any instruction tonight, but I already think you could do wonders at helping me speak properly at work."

He's talking calm and causal aside from the confusion, but he's really not sure HOW he should take this. It's still kind of bothering him, but...it seems awefully UNVIOLENT for an enemy attacking. "...name's Makio, mind if I ask who's asking to teach me?"
Mr. Black 2018-02-16 03:32:53 88833
     A low chuckle escapes his lips as the Eraser men take a further step back to his sides. Their swords go to a resting position either side. His hand to one side unclenches a fist to allow the paper crane to fly from his hand and off towards the arcade. Its paper wings flap just like the real deal carrying itself across the winds and towards the building.

     "I am known by the moniker of Mr.Black, but you may call me Sensei" Each word is spoken with the utmost care and calm confidence of a master of the language. "I'm an educator by trade, and a rather competent one at that to bring educational harmony, and assure safety are my two goals."
Makio Ryu 2018-02-16 03:42:44 88835
Makio Ryu is REALLY wishing he had some way to keep an eye on this guy AND see what the crane was up to, but he imagines the real threat between the two is this guy. "Well then, Mr. Black, what sort of class are you here to teach and /what's/ up with the paper crane?" He's not so ready to call this random stranger sensei just yet. There's just too much that doesn't seem right about the situation. Though goodness knows this feels like one of the chillest bad guys he's yet to hear of. He's remaining on high alert, but is trying to take as relaxed as possible of a standing pose. Besides, if this guy's goal is assuring safey, why's he sending out guys with sharpened ruler swords?
Mr. Black 2018-02-16 03:53:57 88836
     "I specialize in life skills, business, and economics." Explained with that serious expression as he leans on his cane for a moment. His attention is squarely on the teen before him. "Though I've been known to teach linguistics and... other... lessons from time to time." He's a very reserved individual, one who holds himself with an all encompassing air of authority demanding respect from those around him.

     The Paper crane vanishes into the arcade and for a moment all is calm and quiet. Mr.Black has yet to even acknowledge the small crane sent ahead of him to the building beyond. "Of course those lessons tend to be more fast paced if you will."

     He pauses a long moment looking down across the bridge of his nose. His legs bend and he kneels down to eye level. "Now, what would you say to a bit of education from a professional?" Spoken as he gives a bit of a smile meant to be reassuring, if there wasn't just something... off about him he could easily be a model, but there's that nagging sensation just looking at him leaves in the back of the mind. Something about this man was wrong.
Makio Ryu 2018-02-16 04:00:06 88837
Makio Ryu lets his near perpetual grin faulter slightly. He's REALLY getting a bad feeling about the fact this guy's totally ignoring the questioning about the crane. "I can't say I am not curious," he replies, "Buuuut I really can't give a yes on such VERY short notice, dud--er sir... There any way I can have time to consider and get back to you later?"
Mr. Black 2018-02-16 04:43:52 88839
     A look of disappointment washes over the mans face as he closes his eyes for just a moment coming back to a stand. "And here I thought you'd make it easy for me." A low sigh escapes his lips. "I'm afraid you'll find my classes are mandatory for the semester." Explaining it in that overly formal, beyond what's expected even in modern Japanese business society language and tone.

     At this point the lights go out completely at the arcade, the whole building is plunged into darkness and screams of panic fill the air for a few moments.

     "I do hope you'll understand" Mr.Black does several back flips away from the young man, sliding from a position of almost touching the floor to a full stand with grace and poise. "What I'm about to do is for your own good, and I believe you'll find yourself in the long run thanking me for it." His speech is completely genuine in tone but there's that creepy undertone as the entire thing is far to sterilized linguistically. "Now, class is in session."
Makio Ryu 2018-02-16 05:01:26 88840
Makio Ryu twiches his one visable brow. Crap! He really should have gone after that crane. Unfortunately, now this guy's probably even MORE so the priority than he already was. "Afraid that means you're going to be forcing me too," he mutters before pulling a now glowing item out from under his clothing. "I was hoping we could talk, but now you've got other people involved." Forget the indentification worries, it's not like the guy knows where he works or lives yet! A blinding light seems to burst from the item Makio is holding, making his form almost completely unseeable, outside of his shillouette seeming to press the item to the back of one of his ankles.

"Mew Macaron Metamophosis!," is called out before the boy emerges back out into the darkness, now sporting slightly longer, brighter hair that's actually well kept and out of his face, revealing two much brighter looking eyes. His clothing's been replaced with something looking akin to a dressier, less gaudy looking pirate outfit. His revealing himself is quickly followed by a pair of seemingly bladeless hand guards appearing in his hands.

"Sooo, what are you teaching first," he asks as he brings his fists, balled around the handles, down to his sides.
Mr. Black 2018-02-16 05:47:12 88841
     "Since you're so eager to begin the first lesson," Mr.Black sets both hands onto the ball atop his can, thunking the base of the cane against the ground. "Let's start with a little physical education"

     At the sound the two eraser men spring into action. The first comes down with a slashing motion from above while the second waits patiently for its turn. For living erasers trying to assault him with swords they seem to understand the etiquette of a proper battle as opposed to merely swarming him with the numbers advantage.
Makio Ryu 2018-02-16 05:52:50 88842
"Mew Macaron shards," is called out as Makio raises one of the seemingly bladeless hand guards in attempt to block the attack of the first eraser man, causing both to suddenly gain jagged, sword blade like icicles. He attempts to knock at the hand holding the ruler sword with the blunt side of the macaron shard in his other hand.
Mr. Black 2018-02-16 06:02:57 88843
     The strike flawlessly counters the overhead strike from the Eraser man with a clatter of wood on ice ringing out as it attempts to force down with great pressure the wooden blade. However the second blade swings right down into the hand with brutal force and effectiveness cutting into the rubber. The hand buckles and the sword falls to the ground, causing the strange creature to begin swatting with it's rubber hands in a desperate attempt to bludgeon Mew Macaroon.

     Behind the fighting Mr.Black stands taking notes. He calls out over the sounds of battle. "What about we make this a bit more interesting?" With that he reaches into his pocket pulling out another eraser.
Makio Ryu 2018-02-16 06:10:07 88844
Mew Macaroon grunts slightly in responce to Mr. Black's question. "Fine, I could use the practice," he says as if someone'd asked him if he wants to play another round of basket ball, or some other trivial thing. He's not calm at all on the inside right now, but he's doing his best to give a calm and cool showing. He can't really call anyone for help like this, so he's gotta do whatever he can to get this guy to drop his game. Not having seen yet if the eraser men are people or not, he tries to manuever his way to the eraser man's side as he dodges, parries, or just takes some of the meele blows. Assuming things don't manage to hold him up too much, he'd attempt to raise the hand farther away from the eraser man and bring it down, pommel first on the back of it's head.
Mr. Black 2018-02-16 06:17:14 88845
     THWACK! The strike connects right against the soft rubber sending the first eraser man falling to the ground like a house of cards. Once it slams to the ground it simply returns to the size of an eraser molded to the shape of the prone eraserman, with no sign it'd ever been able to fight at all.

     The second leaps into the fight sword first a diving slash as soon as the first has been taken care of, it's a high impact leaping strike aimed right for the back of the head.

     Mr.Black pulls out more clumps of eraser molding and shaping them in his hand. "You know." He says while shaping the monstrosities head. "I always enjoy these little moments, they're learning experiences all around."
Makio Ryu 2018-02-16 06:27:18 88846
Mew Macaroon attempts rolling off to the side, his instincts screaming at him as the second leaps in with aim for his head. "Oh really," he wonders, "How do you mean?" The dodge attempt is enough of a full body effort that he doesn't have a counter attack in him at the moment.
Mr. Black 2018-02-16 06:32:10 88847
     The sword impacts harmlessly off the ground. Knees bend backwards, and the creatures wrist spins around as such the sword is now facing the other way. The back of this THING's head looks almost identical to the front. There's a moments breather before it launches a suicidal charge.

     "Oh these first introductions with your kind, they always prove to be multifunctional." Extruding out limbs on the strange creature in his hands which looks to be sizing up to be some form of centaur. "You learn of my existence, and general motive, which better prepares you for a second encounter" Motioning with his free hand and allowing the cane to rest stood upright on its own with no interaction from Mr.Black. "And I learn who the problem students are"
Makio Ryu 2018-02-16 06:44:15 88848
With the suicidal charge, Macaron waits there, seemingly helplessly until it almost seems too late. He'd then, thanks to being sure these WERE just erasers now, swing one of the shards forward, attempting to slice at the rushing Eraserman's legs just above the ankles. "...problem student huh," he replies with a slight smirk, "Funny that, I always was a problem student, here I thought I was cleaning up my act lately! ...kind of like these Eraserdudes here. Yanno, I wouldn't be a problem if you weren't threatening people. I could probably learn some good stuff from you. I need all the help I can get...but I can't just let you force people into taking your classes."
Mr. Black 2018-02-16 07:07:48 88849
     Shink! Right above the legs knocking the wind right out of it and sending the Eraserman tumbling down to the ground in a pile. It still takes one last swing at him, before falling flat on its face. In a moments time it's shrunk right back down into a regular eraser.

     "Sometimes people just need to take their medicine." Mr.Black explains before throwing the next eraser figure into the air. "If it betters lives in the long run the short term harm is far more then worth it." He clacks his cane out against the ground and the eraser turns into a centaur with four arms. In each one is a metal ruler, swung around in hand spinning as it rears back and lets out a silent roar ready to charge. "I don't expect children to understand of course, but sometimes you just have to let us adults do what's best for your future."
Makio Ryu 2018-02-16 07:15:03 88850
"Right, like how my parents kept paying my way out of all my problems until recently when they finally agreed that they needed to cut that out and let me /actually/ grow up and make mistakes so I could /learn/," Macaron points out flatly to that tired old 'the adult knows best' throw away line. "Sometimes one or two adults DON'T know EVERYTHING that's right for EVERYONE, and they need to step back and reevaluate their approach to things. My parents thought they were helping me, but they weren't..." He settles into a sloppy looking attack stance, obviously working with extremely little actual fighting experiance and relying nearly entirely on the advantages that being a mahou has given him. To his credit though, he hasn't really used any of his actual magic just yet. "You can't really tell me you KNOW every person in that arcade, Mr. Black..."
Mr. Black 2018-02-16 07:45:23 88851
     Speeding forward the eraser monstrocity swings one sword after another during its initial charge. The strikes come in a flurry of blows while it charges just past the young mohou, kicking up the trash that was littering the parking lot.

     "Of course I can tell you that I know every one of them." He pauses. "It would be a lie, but I could tell that to you" Standing with his perfect posture hands resting on his cane as he's not had to do a single bit of fighting personally this whole time. "What you're not seeing is the ends justify the means, and the ends in this case happen to be providing a future for children who would otherwise have none."
Makio Ryu 2018-02-16 07:56:55 88852
Mew Macaroon raises a brow. "No future? Seriously, no future? Who are you to decide that," he wonders with a shake of his head. His instincts scream at him again, but this time he can only fend off some of the flurry of blows, taking a few cuts here and there. "I could understanding you saying /I/ might not have a future, but you can't /seriously/ know everyone in that arcade is going to be a big waste of space. Man, you sounded kinda ok at first, but the more I talk to you the more you just sound like a some stuffy jerk who got deprived of a childhood or some junk." He turns his attention to the cenetaur, preping himself for another attack.
Mr. Black 2018-02-16 08:06:05 88853
     Sliding to a stop just short of a rather fancy looking minivan the centaur stomps its feet on the ground digging them into place while spinning swords. "I know because I've been them" Comes the call of Mr.Black, just as the centaur buckles down ready for another go. "And I want them to have the same opportunities that I had." The creature charges at full speed again swords a spinning as it makes for another flurry of blows. "In time, when this is all behind us you'll see I was right."
Makio Ryu 2018-02-16 08:20:38 88854
THIS time Macaron isn't distracted by his talk with Black. However, rather than do anything to attempt to avoid the attacks, he starts making a slew of attacks into the air in front of him, where the Cenetaur isn't at yet. With the air growing rather cold as he does all these slashes he tries slashing at the cenetaur itself once it's upon him, hoping that all the slashes before hand would chill things up enough to make one hit do a lot more of a freezing effect than it normally would.
Mr. Black 2018-02-16 08:26:46 88855
     With the air growing so cold it's no wonder the rubber that the centaur is made from begins to lose some of its elasticity. Eventually as the blows make contact with the rubber it's not the soft and spongy reaction of the other blows. Instead it's like hitting a solid block of wood. Blows impact chipping away rubber bit by bit even as the four armed monstrosity is doing its best to try and slash Macron to ribbons. The blows are fast and powerful culminating right before the Centaur makes its way past him coming to a stop.

     For a long moment it seems as if nothing has happened. There's a dead silence across everything as the monstrosity remains motionless. Then as if on cue the entire thing shatters into pieces, splattering down across the ground, before shrinking back down to the size of the small eraser that it had been made from.
Makio Ryu 2018-02-16 08:30:38 88856
Mew Macaroon dusts himself off a bit, having taken some more cuts in that little experiment of his. All the same, he still seems to be standing alright. "....so, about those people in the arcade..." he says as he turns back toward Black, "If you'd just release them now, I'd accept taking some lessons, I just can't do it right this instant. It's already a school night, dude."
Mr. Black 2018-02-16 08:34:10 88857
     Yet when he turns back where Mr.Black had been standing just a moment before there's nothing. No sign of the man who'd caused this whole mess in the first place, not even a trace. It's just macron, and an empty parking lot, with little eraser figurines.
Makio Ryu 2018-02-16 08:49:14 88859
Mew Macaroon frowns again as he notices the lack of Mr. Black's presence being there anymore. It's just him and the normal, old erasers now. That could only mean two things as far as he's concerned, and he's not liking his chances. As such, he rushes toward the arcade, wanting to make sure the people there in were alright.
Mr. Black 2018-02-16 08:54:18 88860
     Inside the arcade there is nothing, just arcade cabinets and drinks left behind. There's barely a sign anyone was here in the first place if one disregarded the trash. As Macaroon the lights slowly flicker back on, the sounds of the arcade returning to life as the hustle and bustle comes back to the world.

     There were definitely people here once, but now? It's like a ghost town.
Makio Ryu 2018-02-16 08:58:56 88861
Mew Macaroon shakes his head and ruffles up his hair in frustration. On the bright side, he got the feeling this guy wasn't out to hurt anyone...but on the bad side, that doesn't make it ok to kidnap people. Being seriously uncertain of what else to do, forhow he just goes back out, finds an out of sight place, and drops his transformation. He'd have to tell the others about THIS one for sure. ...Out comes the cell phone finally.