Escalation, Not The Moon Healing Kind

Alexis and Kokoro versus a bike gang. Pity the bike gang. (Unfinished scene. CW: violence)

Date: 2018-02-17
Pose Count: 5
Stahlritter 2018-02-17 04:32:12 88879
The harbor district seems to seperate into two different regions; the more populated, commercial section, leading into the boardwalk, the theme park and endless amounts of shops and restaurants of various kinds.

And then there's the industrial area. Sure, there's some shops littered here and there too, but largely it's warehouses and logistics companies. A lot more quiet as far as foot traffic goes in this time of the evening in particular.

Which would likely be why it is known to be often used by the more criminal elements of Tokyo for whatever darker dealings-- all the way from color gang hideouts to shady deals by organized crime.

With that in mind-- it's not *that* surprising, then, to hear a *THUD*, a faint *crack* and a loud vocalization of pain from one of the shadowy lanes between buildings,

Two things become immediately apparent upon peeking in.

A gathering of young adults, in leather jackets and distinctly colored shirts, with a line of motorcycles nearby. Bike gangers.

An inexplicable caucasian boy in a hoodie, smashing his skull square in the center of one of the leather-clad men with enough force to painfully smash his nose. Nevermind that the caucasian's nose is dribbling with blood, too-- he doesn't seem to be particularly bothered by that, but that may just very well be the adrenaline.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-02-17 04:50:11 88882
    Few though the shops out here may be, they have that out-of-the-way, mom-and-pop advantage of being the shops with some of the best vegetables, cuts of meat, or other sundry products. So every once in a while, Kokoro comes out this way... mostly because she's been sent by her current legal guardians.

    Grumble grumble pack mule mumble.

    But oh, that sound. Kokoro knows that sound. That's the sound of a nose being broken. "...hoh?" Quietly, she shifts her bag of groceries off her shoulder and tucks it into a shadowy corner, then slides her jacket off and puts it atop that. She leans around the corner to peer with some curiosity, then breaks out into a broad grin. She doesn't recognize the hoodie hero at first glance, but she knows bosozoku when she sees them. And hey, it's been a while since she got in a fight purely for the sake of fighting.

    So the tall girl steps around the corner, peering at them with one brown eye from behind her curtain of hair and grinning. "Oi, since when's a biker gang need a half dozen guys just to mug one foreigner? That seems a little off kilter." Is she speaking a little less roughly than usual...?
Stahlritter 2018-02-17 05:14:42 88884
The hoodie-clad foreigner wobbles along the streetside after the headbutt sent the thug down onto the ground, just a few steps' worth. He doesn't seem to react to the presence of Kokoro, but--

The Bosozoku certainly do.

For the one closest to the alleway's mouth lifts up a hand - one not holding on to a dangerous length of chain - to point a finger at the girl. "Yo, girls like you should mind the--"


That is the sound of a fist suddenly introduced to the extended finger and the digit twisting in a way that it *most definitely isn't meant to go*.

If something was going to take his attention away from the momentary distraction of Kokoro, then it would certainly be the foreigner taking *advantage* of that distraction by breaking his finger, wouldn't it? The thug predictably screams out a howl of pain with a wide-eyed, panicked look sent at his mangled hand, only for *that* to be interrupted by the hoodied foreigner sweeping his foot across the thug's own with a shoving grab onto one shoulder helping send the poor S.O.B. down to the ground.

This is probably enough hint for his friends to indicate that they really should not be letting their attention wander again.

Cue one of said friends charging the foreigner with a knife. Because *of course* this hadn't escalated enough yet.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-02-17 05:25:29 88886
    Kokoro snorts. "I should mind my own business, huh. That how that sentence ends?" It's a question more to the rest of the biker crowd than the guy on the floor. She's already advancing, popping knuckles. "Well maybe this little get-together shouldn't make so much noise they can hear you over in Akiba, huh?" She's trusting the big guy to have an eye on the running knife gent - she'll take just a little more of her time, long enough to walk right over to the fellow on the floor. That way she can bend down and pull the chain up out of his grip. "The hell is this. Chains and knives for a gang beating? At least the goons up north had some pride in their fists."

    The chain gets a single whirl - and then Kokoro is charging. She's given knifeboy a chance to squarely lock his sights on the foreigner, which gives her a golden opportunity to lunge in from the side, swinging her new toy at the back of his head.
Stahlritter 2018-02-17 05:44:25 88887
The hoodie-foreigner's initial method of responding to knife-man was to back away and sidestep along to keep his distance to the blade. ANd whatever he was intending to do from there on, then?

That gets completely sidetracked by the abrupt introduction of an iron chain upside the thug's face. It's a sudden, sharp enough pain that it sends the boor bastard toppling over face-first, and the knife helplessly clattering off along the curb.

"Well," grunts out a voice from besides Kokoro, then, as the foreigner comes standing besides her, with a fist smacking against the open palm of his other hand.

From that close, the voice is certainly familiar enough by now. And so is that face for that matter.

"You want some pickings of your own, do you?" asks Alex thus, with a wiiiiide flash of a toothy grin.