A Difficult Position

Hannah meets up with Alexis. Hannah is really, really displeased with what Alexis's family has been doing. ... Hannah has a contract with one of their subsidiaries. Oops.

Date: 2018-02-17
Pose Count: 15
Stahlritter 2018-02-18 00:09:40 88889
On the weekend following Valentines Day, the Crown is particularly busy. Sprawling with activity from teenagers-- either just gossiping about the holiday past, or even couples following up on events of the day past.

As if the place wasn't busy enough to begin with. At least that makes the place easy for one to hide in plain sight in, depressiveness of the sight of lovey-dovey couples aside.

As it would happen, then, one (1) Alexis Raskoph would be the one hiding in plain sight here now. Even if he does happen to have the hood of a dark-grey hoodie flipped up over his head in an effort to hide not just his face, but the fact that he's... well. A bit scuffed up. Faint hints of blood lingering at the corner of his jaw. Not that there's any signs of actual scrapes there so it might not actually be *his* blood (even more reason to keep it less obvious then).

The fact that something happened to lead up to such a thing is probably well enough reason for Alexis to be here. Because CLEARLY milkshakes ail a worn-down mind, right?

<MOVING IN PUBLIC LIKE THIS MAY NOT BE ADVISED> a voice suggests inside the boy's mind just as he flops himself down into a booth with a milkshake, grunting as his bottom impacts with the bench.

"... They aren't stupid," he mutters quietly, then, underneath his breath, in answer to that. "They wouldn't cause a scene at a place like this and make themselves even further known. 'Sides-- this place is practically Magic Hero Central. If they are as well-informed as we suspect, they're not gonna risk having about a dozen of them converging in here just for me. We'll be safe here."

Well, *somebody* has some unresolved problems, apparently.
Hannah Sharpe 2018-02-18 00:20:39 88890
Cue the arrival of one magical...yeah, no, Hannah is the exact opposite of a hero. More like a jerk with too much power and ambition. And thankfully a love for friends, hence her weakness. But that doesn't matter right now. What matters is exercise and milkshakes!

These are usually polar opposites, but as Hannah comes in, dressed in her usual track outfit and sports bra on a nice day like this, she taps her way over to acquire her needed rootbeer float of cold. Oh, and a towel, which the blonde friendly everyman who so famously works here happily provides.

Hannah's a bit of a local fixture by now, after all, and lots of people know her routine. Pause. There's a familiar voice, scent of general 'got beat the heck up', oh and R.T. is pretty sure there's a magic AI somewhere on Alexis.

Squint. Tap tap tap kick chair out deposite float aaaaaand...

Hannah turns around the chair, sits the heck down uninvited like an American jerk, and sightlessly squints.


Pause. "Why'd you get into a fight with a woodchipper, 'lex-kun?" No preamble. This is Hannah, she cuts to the point with the subtlety of a nuclear bomb.
Stahlritter 2018-02-18 00:32:57 88891
<ALERT, INTELLIGENT DEVICE SIGNATURE DETECTED> the Belkan voice warns promptly inside Alexis' head, right before...

Hannah sits down there.

The german's brow twitches ever so slightly there.

It's okay, he internally attempts to reassure Kriegsfauste. This one's a-- a friend? He hesitates just enough in using that word to identify Hannah, considering their previous one-to-one meeting involved several punches and an industrial crane used as a blunt instrument.

...I know this one, either way.

"Hardly," he grunts out vocally in response to the girl's question, however, with his hand raised up to brush his thumb over the side of his nose. "I can't seem that bad off. I'm not even bleeding. Two or three bruisers are expected with the bozosuku, especially when I'm still technically not done with muscle recovery." Well, at least he has the decency to be straightforward about it with her.

"Guten Tag, Hannah," he offers then. "You seem to have bounced back well enough."
Hannah Sharpe 2018-02-18 00:40:27 88892
Hannah Sharpe lets out a sigh of relief. "'Sup, Alexis. That's American for hi." Grin. Wink. Cheeky magical girl, this one.

"Seems like we're both darn lucky to be in one piece. I mean, what with lots of evil and very, very poor decisions made. It was fine though, I don't make bad decisions." That is a lie and even she knows it.

"Glad it's not yours then! Shame I can't see it. Oh well. Sooooo..." Another dramatic pause. Lean in. "Yen for your thoughts? Who's your new buddy, huh? Don't play stupid, I know a Device when I feel one. Let me guess...Belkan. Melee type." Because that would just be /Alexis/. Blep!

R.T. unhelpfully /judges/ that Belkan presence. Mostly by sending the snooty equivalent of 'Greeting' magical pings. DDOS by hellos.

Midchildan Devices can be real jerks.
Stahlritter 2018-02-18 00:53:25 88893
"Hey, just because I learned english in the UK instead of America doesn't mean I don't know more greetings than 'jolly good morning to you good madam'," Alexis duly points out, with the last part given in english with the most over-the-top posh british accent he can manage.

"And please. I'm tough enough to keep walkin' after a few little blows. 'Less..." He pauses, just enough that he can actually bring up the milkshake he brought for himself, and gingerly suck up some of it through the straw provided. "You heard about what's been goin' on with me and are talkin' 'bout that instead. Though that really was *way* less my decision, eh?"

The milkshake is put down again, and his bright green eyes, slightly shaded by the hoodie, turn to meet Hannah's directly upon her question...

...Only for his expression to turn slightly sheepish when he comes upon the realization that the effect of that is probably *completely* lost on Hannah. Damnit.

"Even if I was plannin' to play dumb, I think I would have been stayed from that plan by the time your buddy declared cyber-war on Kriegsfauste," he grumbles with a quiet sigh. "Please tell him to stop before every electronic device around us explodes or somethign equally silly like that. I don't exactly have the financial backing anymore to cover damages like that."
Hannah Sharpe 2018-02-18 01:02:52 88894
"I'm messing with you, you dork!" Reeeeach. She's going for the noseboop! No snootle unpoked! She has a dog mind, she's an expert at this.

Wiggle finger. "I'm actually kind of out of the loop. Explosions at the lab, a minor bit of intern possession, Bob being snarky, valentine's...life's been hectic. Fill me in, friend, and I might just be able to help! Maybe. Or we're going to end up playing hackey-sack with cranes again. Either way, I'm down with it!" Why does she sound /eager/ at that prospect.

R.T. grumbles. Hannah sighs. "There's nothing worth doing that doesnn't leave a city block devestated. Ixnay with the DDOSnay, Tempy." There's the beeping equivalent of a Very Big Frown.

"Hi Kriegsfauste! Nice to meet you, friend. Eh, fiiiine, no explosions you wimp. Now make with the story!"
Stahlritter 2018-02-25 23:31:45 89069
"I--" Alex starts, but then suddenly BOOP. The tap of the finger on his nose takes the boy off guard enough that his words are cut off, he jolts back and his eyes widen to the size of saucers for a few seconds while they stare back at Hannah.

For just a few seconds, he has no idea what to make of that -- or Hannah, for that matter.

"Uh... what was I saying? ... Right."

He peeks downwards, briefly. "You'll have to excuse Krieg for not returning the greeting. He has trouble with... volume control, so prefer not to have him speak up in public. He says hi, though. And some things about your Device that would probably normally start a war between nations under normal circumstances."

HE STARTED IT is promptly commented back inside of his head, and Alex gives a quick thwap to his sleeve-covered wrist.

The German sighs. "...Okay so. You know anything about my family? Raskoph Conglomerate. Huge network of international technology and pharmaceutical industries and some... seemingly philanthropic enterprises." No one else really knew all that much before, but heck, maybe Hannah knows something through her own folks. Or Eclipse. Who knows.
Hannah Sharpe 2018-02-25 23:39:09 89070
Hannah Sharpe just looks /so/ proud of herself! With Alex properly pitched off his game, she crosses her legs and sucks down her milkshake. She's all ears...and still smug!

"Tell him to save it for the inevitable brawl! Don't worry, whatever he can throw out, R.T. can return ten times over!"

'Don't be vicious, Mistress.'

"Aaaanyway!" Pause. Hannah ponders just a bit. "Mmmm...oh, oh yeah. Have a contract with one of their subsidiaries. Provides all the medical equipment. I mean, experiments go wrong some times. Don't want the interns to lose any bits permanently you know!" Smiiiiiiile! Yup, Hannah's still evil.

"But not too much aside from that." Frown. She has a feeling there's family matters at play here.
Stahlritter 2018-02-25 23:47:35 89071
Alex narrows his eyes. Squuuiiiint. "... For your benefit I am going to pretend I didn't hear that last part. For now."

"Anyway." He leans back, slowly (out of range of noseboops?), folds one arm over his chest and uses the other hand to bring over his milkshake for sucking at it through the straw. Quietly, though. He's not an obnoxious slurper.

"You probably guessed already that my parents are at the top of it all," he murmurs after the milkshake-indulging. "I mean. My last name is plastered all over it and all. But, uh... THere's more to it. They might be Eclipse. At the very least, they're using a bunch of their business and property as a front for magic-science experiments or some other nonsense like that..."

A pause.

"...Including me."
Hannah Sharpe 2018-02-26 00:12:55 89072
Hannah does her best to look utterly innocent. She stops short of actually whistling, else she'd be cruising for a Belkan'ing!

"Okay. I don't mean to sound like I don't /care/, but that all sounds pretty normal to me. I mean...look who you're talking to?" Frown! It's not like it's a big secret at this point that Hannah's mostly on the side of 'evil and punchy', even if she's generally on the less horrible end. And so she just looks slightly surly as Alexis makes it seem like it's /bad/ to be on the mahou-experiment train.

And then he drops a bomb that has her going still for about ten seconds.

Then a chair flies back, the table cracks, and there's two fists on top of it. Sightless eyes are full of pure fury. Her heart feels like it's been ran through.

She tries to speak, but can't. Parents experimenting on their /child/. This is beyond the pale, even compared to the 'shooting a kid' incident.
Stahlritter 2018-02-26 00:21:44 89073
That outburst draws more than a few looks from around the Crown. And Alex to tug lightly at the edge of the hood flipped over his head, shading his features just a bit more.

"...Sit down and calm down," he mutters. "You can probably guess well enough for yourself why I am trying to keep a low profile."

He's making for being calm and pragmatic about it all. But truthfully-- there's a part of him that really didn't want to say what he just confessed to Hannah out loud.

The hood definitely helps in hiding his pained expression too.
Hannah Sharpe 2018-02-26 00:33:08 89074
Hannah Sharpe thunks right back into her seat. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm sorry."

A few swift nods. And her voice is forced lower. She's still seething from the news, but concern for Alexis hits her. "Yeah, I get it. Alright. So what now? You realize this puts me in a...difficult position. Yeesh, this is going to bite me in my pretty rump." She runs a hand through her hair.

"Speaking strictly hypothetically...what do you need?"
Stahlritter 2018-02-26 00:43:00 89075
"Does it, now?" Alex asks with a pointed raise of one dark brow underneath that hood. For just a few seconds, he studies the american sitting opposite from him very carefully.

And then, he sighs. "... I don't know if there's anything that I need that you can do for me," he murmurs, grimly. "They were... doing Dark Energy therapy and mind control on me for... most of my life. After that whole vampire incident, my Linker Core was reset and... evidently all of that work got undone too. So they took me in for... an extended stay. Two months in a medically induced coma, in some... dark energy induction tank or something. My body's still catching up from that."

"And after people broke me out from there, well... My mom alone has a lot of magical power to throw around, evidently, and they have money, power and influence through the whole city. I can't go back to school, I can't do most things in public, and for all I know they could be holding family of friends I have hostage in an effort to get to me."

Now it's Alex's turn to slump back against his seat.

"I lost my life. Unless you can give it back, I don't know what else I would need. Well." He shoots a look down at his right hand. "... Suppose I got Kriegsfauste out of that deal, if nothing else. Small comforts."
Hannah Sharpe 2018-02-26 01:14:57 89076
Wince. It all sounds far too much like what she did to herself, in a way. The idea that this was his /mother/ doing it? Again, it nearly overwhelms her. But Hannah manages.

What /can/ she do? She doesn't have that much pull. Many already distrust her. Teeth grit, and she sighs. "Hah. Yeah, I suppose. On both accounts. Hey. You need Krieg now. Do you understand what I'm saying? You. Need. Him." There's an awful amount of weight on those words, one Device user to another.

"Find a bolthole. Then go see top-hat-and-skirts. They're the best at doing anything about that. I didn't tell you to do that, got it? We were just talking about milkshakes and grades."
Stahlritter 2018-02-26 01:20:50 89077
"Who do you think I have been spending my recovery with?" Alex points out with a faint twitch to one corner of his mouth.

"But I got you," he murmurs more solemnly then, before he sucks up the last of his own milkshake, leaving the empty container on the table when he rises up.

"...You don't have to worry about me though, Hannah," he says in attempted assurances though, not quite running off yet despite having risen up. "I've been able to look after myself for a while. Truth be told, I..." HE shakes his head. "I'm more worried about who they might try to get at if they can't get at me, you know? ... Look, if you... hear or see anything. About my folks. I would appreciate it if you let me know. Right now we're having the fight on the intel department, afterall."

A corner of his mouth turns more deliberately upwards then. "Maybe I won't whack you with a crane next time around, then."