Agera-Flavored Kool-Aid

Makoto gets to rant about her encounter with Sailor Earth to an appreciative audience. Some planning happens. Also, Mamoru FINALLY finds out that the new Phantom Ace is not, in fact, Riventon in disguise.

Date: 2018-02-24
Pose Count: 34
Kazuo Takeba 2018-02-24 00:29:44 89008
It is not, in fact, an evening when the boys had the hope of Makoto cooking. Instead, it is a 'the apartment is making a noticeable contribution to the Terios family finances' again, which means that takeout from the Korma Chameleon is arrayed on the counter. Some day people may get tired of having curry every couple of weeks. It hasn't happened yet.

Kazuo has apparently skipped cooking in order to be tucked in a corner frowning at his phone. This is not exactly unusual, except that it's been going on for a good fifteen minutes at this point, instead of his usual sequence of frown, glower, glare phone into submission, put it away, all happening in thirty seconds or less.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-02-24 00:37:37 89009
    Kyouko is in attendance, which is not entirely shocking considering it is Curry Day. She is perched on a chair near the counter with a plate of the assembled takeout, making a valiant effort to perhaps land an endorsement deal for the restaurant. As ever, however, she is astutely aware of her surroundings. Old habits die hard, and years living on the street instill a necessary, instinctive attention to what is going on around you even when you think you're safe.

    Such it is that after a few minutes, Kazuo's unusual attention to his phone registers. A few more minutes in which she just watches, with faintly narrowed eyes, while still eating. Then, finally, she puts her fork down. "What's up?" She asks him, giving no justification or reason for the question. Perhaps she thinks it should be obvious.
Makoto Kino 2018-02-24 00:39:45 89010
Most days she comes by the frat house, Makoto generally lets herself in fairly unobtrusively, at least until she's far enough into the living room to greet anyone who's currently in residence. Not so today. She doesn't quite bang open the door - some knee-jerk sense of respect for Mamoru's property or some such - but it definitely swings open with some energy, and the only word to describe the manner in which she strides into the living room is "huffs."

"I ran into that Sailor Earth wannabe and I still didn't get to punch her," she announces to the room at large, in the aggrieved tone of one describing a great injustice.
Zoisite 2018-02-24 00:41:45 89011
Izumi is not eating, a rare textbook seen in front of him for a long moment. He prefers the illusion of effortless knowledge, but this is rapidly eroding in the face of university courses. He looks up at Makoto's abrupt entrance, eyebrows arching.

Her statement gets him to close his book abruptly, with none of his usual, casual grace. She has his undivided attention now. "Sit down. I want to hear all about it."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-02-24 00:47:59 89013
"Punch her next time you see her," suggests Mamoru cheerfully with his mouth full, holding his hand in front of his mouth, his other hand holding both fork and shallow curry bowl; he's stopped in the kitchen doorway on his way to reclaiming his seat on the couch. Then he swallows. "And also that, yes, spill every single bean."

He's wearing the Ugly Brown Hoodie and sweatpants and has a bright orange reflector mesh vest hanging out of the hoodie pocket. Apparently running is postponed because dinner.
Nephrite 2018-02-24 00:50:36 89014
It is only a matter of time before Curry Night lures Neil out of hiding. Well, any sort of food is likely to lure Neil out of hiding, but curry's particularly inescapable smell makes his presence all but guaranteed. Makoto has just finished making her announcement when he appears from his side, in casual clothes with a towel draped around his neck to soak up the water dripping from freshly washed hair. Given his irregular schedule, Neil showering in the middle of the day is not so unusual. What is is that he may or may not have been seen already showered and dressed up in a suit earlier.

"Are you kidding me?" he shouts back. Couples who shout together stay together.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-02-24 00:57:56 89015
Kyouko's watching gathers that Kazuo is watching a video on his phone. Possibly Mamoru is making him do it or something, because that essentially never happens. There's a background of some kind of grass or grain, there's occasionally a talking head, there's sometimes framed images of a dammed river or what might be a wetlands area or a map labelled inconveniently in English or what looks for all the world like a snow-covered crater. Kazuo glances up from his phone when Kyouko asks that question; he tugs off earphones one-handed, shuts off screen, and puts phone away all while he's taking a breath to answer.

Whereupon: Makoto.

"That, apparently," he says to Kyouko, and rises to his feet apparently just on the off chance that Makoto might want his seat instead of wanting to stalk the room and/or take over one of the kitchens so she has an excuse to knife something.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-02-24 01:00:30 89016
    Kyouko's face momentarily brightens when Makoto enters (even if it is an uncharacteristically violent entrance), and she's opening her mouth to greet her friend when Makoto makes her announcement. She pauses, her face doing a quite-impressive about-face to settle into a scowl. "That happened to me, too! She harassed me at the shop, and I couldn't stab her because I didn't want to cause trouble for Tachibana-san. She's too good at picking inconvinient times for her harassing."

    A brief glance is given to Nephrite as he enters, but then she nods in agreement with Izumi and Mamoru, her eyes returning to Makoto to away elucidation.
Makoto Kino 2018-02-24 01:08:52 89017
"I wanted to," Makoto complains in Mamo's direction, "but we were at the Crown, I didn't want to make trouble for Motoki-san." She tips her head towards Kyouko in a little nod of sulky commiseration.

She's not in a hurry to sit, despite invitations. At the moment she's more interested in going to meet Neil so that she can hug her boyfriend. Priorities. "Guess she's been making the rounds. And possibly stalking all of us, but I'm not sure if that's what she was actually saying or if that's just what it sounded like to me because she's creepy."
Zoisite 2018-02-24 01:13:33 89018
Izumi scowls a little at these revelations. "Honestly, I'd bet on it, and the implication that she is could be a threat in and of itself." It's something he might do to an enemy he couldn't touch directly for various reasons. For most beings, the idea that they're being followed is deeply unsettling, disturbing. Psychological warfare at some of its dirtiest, and exactly something he would stoop to.

"Especially since she's confronting you guys in places where you feel bound to not attack her, or cause problems..." But she is not under those same circumstances goes unsaid. "If we travel in groups, she'll know she has us uncomfortable, but that might be an idea if she ramps this up. Anything else you remember?"
Mamoru Chiba 2018-02-24 01:20:23 89019
Mamoru settles himself on the couch next to Zoisite and puts his curry down on the coffee table, then runs a hand through his hair. "Any details would be helpful," he says quietly. "Minako says she can heal, now. I stopped being able to-- it's not just unreliable anymore. I can't find anyone. The empathy's been getting sketchier for months and now it's gone." And then he glances in Kunzite's direction quickly before looking back to Neph and Mako. "And just today I stopped being able to teleport, so I don't have a Brave Sir Robin card up my sleeve anymore. So literally anything you've got, Mako-chan..."
Nephrite 2018-02-24 01:23:23 89020
Neil pulls her into a fierce hug, planting a kiss on her temple and whispering something in her ear.

"I think it's a little worse than stalking. She told me she could sense us," he says out loud, and turns to look specifically at Mamoru. "Actually, she implied that she's... sharing that power somehow. With someone else. And that she would be able to sense more, if that person were not also using it."

He gives his head a little shake. "Oh, right, she's been to see me too. I didn't get to punch her at all either." He looks back at Makoto. "But you get dibs on the rant, because you still have dibs on punching her first, and you haven't gotten to yet."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-02-24 01:31:47 89021
Kazuo draws a breath, very quietly, through his teeth. What he actually says to Makoto afterward is, "Thank you for setting a good example." He glances toward the array of takeout containers, but opts to hold up a piece of wall rather than bothering to pretend he's going to eat anything in the near future. He doesn't say anything else. After all. The others are doing an excellent job of both sharing information and exploring the more disturbing sides of it all on their own. He's not about to discourage them from getting hte practice.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-02-24 01:36:27 89022
    "She's definitely making a point to find and talk to each of us, although I don't really understand why." Kyouko says, still frowning, lifting her shoulders in a shrug. "Like.. is she trying to intimidate us? Because I dunno about you guys, but I feel more pissed off than intimidated. I dunno about what conversations she had with ya'll, but she certainly didn't get anything from me other than a 'go the hell away', though in a few more words than that."

    She quirks her lips to the side, glancing to Mamoru at his confession about loss of powers, but not commenting on it directly. Instead, she looks back to Mako-chan. "But.. no offense, but why you, Mako-chan? I mean, I get why she might want to harass us," She gestures to include the rest of the room, "Since she has this misguided idea that we should be on her side, but.." She pauses. "Wait, she talked to Minako too? I hadn't heard that. I dunno if this makes me more or less sure she has some plan as opposed to just being a nuisance.."
Makoto Kino 2018-02-24 01:52:50 89023
Makoto shakes her head a little at whatever Neil whispered to her. "It's okay, really." She leans into another brief squeeze of a hug before she disengages enough to turn and face the rest of the room; Mamoru's explanation, and Neil's addition to it, brings a stricken look to her face.

"--crap, that must be what she meant about starting to 'make some things right.' She made a rose, but I just thought it was part of her whole copycat thing so I didn't take it. I guess I should have, Motoki-san's probably thrown it out by now if she didn't take it with her."

"I think she was trying to recruit me," she tells Kyouko. "She came on all 'we were BFFs in another life and I'm so sad you don't remember' at first. It went away pretty quickly when I told her I wasn't interested in trying to relive the past, though."

She pauses a moment, pulls a little 'ugh' face while she thinks back. "She talked like she wanted to bring back the Earth Kingdom. But the one that she remembers, not--" Another quick shake of her head. "Anyway, that's how it sounded. She kept talking about how wrong this world is and how we don't realize we're all miserable or whatever. She's on the same kind of kool-aid as Agera: 'I'm right and you're all just delusional for not seeing it,' blah blah take over the world." She's making a little talky-talky gesture to accompany that last statement.
Zoisite 2018-02-24 01:55:10 89024
Izumi takes Mamoru's statement of his current abilities with apparent grace, though beneath the surface he is absolutely furious. He leans against his Prince, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. "She needs to be dealt with. I think the sooner, the better." His tone adds with gasoline, knives, and a healthy dose of flamethrowers. It's practically a leonine rumble, not quite a roar but the precursor to that explosive expression of temper.

Izumi is quiet after that, poking at his phone in irritation. A glance might reveal him digging through various-colored calendars. "...Yeah, that sounds... predictable. Why make powerful enemies when you can turn them into powerful allies, or create strife within their ranks?"
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-02-24 02:12:58 89025
Daisuke Hansuke does his little quick teleport thing onto the balcony because it's WAY easier than using the door. Look, when you can teleport you learn to use it when you can. But he can hear voices. Enough of them this time, that he peeks his head in carefully. "Kool-aid?" he asks curiously as he steps in. "Agera Flavored Kool-Aid wouldn't exactly fly off the shelves I think."

"Hey everyone. Big meeting tonight. Something happen?" he asks curiously, and with some concern. Though. Not so much concern. No one looks super duper sad or is bleeding out or anything, right?

He walks on over to the kitchen to go get a glass of water, before he returns to the room.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-02-24 02:17:45 89026
"Wasn't she claiming to be in charge of the Senshi and that the Senshi betrayed her, or something? Or was that the story a year ago?" Mamoru asks, the words twisting like thorns in his lungs before he lets them out; they sound bitter as quinine and sharp as broken glass. "She isn't even bothering to keep her story straight, is she? And this has to be her, and if it's not her, then it's someone working with her who's figured out how to steal my connections." He sinks into the couch further, Zoisite leaned against him, and he jams his fists in the hoodie's front pockets. "Sounds like she can't answer questions right, sounds like a party line."

He puffs out a breath, lifting his bangs out of his stormy face, and glowers. "We can look in the trash for it later, I guess. I don't think it'll actually do anything, but Ami might be able to coax some information out of it if we can find it. Either way, she's really shitty at making friends, so she's obviously not me. People at least used to *think* I was friendly. Sorry for trying to give her the benefit of the doubt when she first showed up, guys."

He finally glances toward Daisuke and -- looks even more apologetic; poor guy came in on a rant. "Not even a meeting, man. Mako-chan and Neil both ran into Sailor Earth. And she has my powers and I don't. You're primary healer in residence now, sorry to drop that on your head."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-02-24 02:32:55 89027
"She talked to Minako too," Kazuo confirms to Kyouko from where he's leaned against the wall. "Minako is less than happy about this." He glances toward Makoto, and adds drily, "If she gave Minako a rose, Minako didn't tell me about it. We can call Motoki and ask. For all I know he may have decided it was a gift from an anonymous admirer and be worrying about what his girlfriend will think."

He is not going to wonder aloud whether Izumi has a specific calendar for setting things on fire. He may. It may have 'Everyone' set for all day, every day.

Daisuke's entrance is enough to make him actually straighten up. "That," he says, "and curry, if you'd like some." He gestures toward the counter. "And if you have a little time in the next week or two, there's a project of yours from a few months ago that I'd like to talk with you about. But with the rest of this going on, your time is likely to be in high demand."
Nephrite 2018-02-24 02:37:05 89028
Neil nods at Daisuke's entrance. "Hey Dai, welcome to curry and salt. Want to join in? See any fake senshi lately?"

He nods back at Mamoru. "Yeah, she's got this whole elaborate story about how she ruled over Earth with us first and then became a senshi? And like, flew around in space with them for a thousand years. While we sat around and twiddled our thumbs back on Earth or something, I don't know."

There are a lot of things that Mamoru needs Nephrite to be right now, and angry is probably not one of them. But he really, really wants it to be, and the anger is still there, behind his voice, reigned in as tightly as Nephrite ever really can. "No. She's not good at making friends, or anything like you at all. She's not even a good attempt at a copy. She's like if somebody read a really poorly-edited Wikipedia entry about you. And the fact that you're the kind of person to give her the benefit of the doubt is why."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-02-24 02:41:57 89029
    "I dunno, I don't remember hearing about her being a Senshi or ruling the Senshi or whatever," Kyouko says, with a mild shrug, "But I feel like I kinda started tuning her out pretty quickly. Like she was all talkin' to me about how great things were in the past, like she didn't even realize that I don't give a shit. Honestly, other than the whole 'stealing Mamoru's power' stuff," She nods in acknowledgement towards the Prince, "I'm not sure how seriously to take her as a threat. She's obviously desperate for allies, and as near as I can tell, her pitch has worked on exactly nobody, which means we still have her outnumbered like 12 or more to one. Though I guess she does have at least one ally we don't know about."

    She sighs and gets up, carrying her plate to the kitchen before returning to the living room. "Anyway. I gotta get downstairs for a few and make sure Momo found her dinner. I'll be back. But seriously.. can we just go stab this chick? Because I'm getting tired of her having free reign to harass my friends with her dumb BS, let alone what she's doing to Mamoru."

    Speaking of, she walks over to give him a one-armed hug, before doing the same to Kunzite. Nephrite gets a punch in the arm and Mako-chan gets a hand clapped on the shoulder. Izumi gets a face made at him and Daisuke gets a wave. Then she's sauntering off to the elevator for the time being.
Makoto Kino 2018-02-24 02:50:01 89030
"I definitely remember her talking like she thought we Senshi should be following her, the first time she showed up." Makoto is not so much trying to hold back her aggravation, but she does stick near Neil and curl a supportive arm around his. "Honestly, though, I'm with Kyouko. The way she was talking today, she's bound and determined to turn the world into the fairy tale she thinks she remembers, and she's not just going around trying to recruit people to help her. She's not somebody who's going to be talked down - and with her stealing Mamoru-niisan's powers like this, I don't think we can afford to let her keep on running around doing whatever else she's up to."
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-02-24 02:59:58 89031
Daisuke grimaces. "I haven't met her since she found me at school." he says. "That one time." he says. "I have a vague idea what I need to ask or say if I meet her next. And-- yeah I heard about that. When she bugged Minako. Mainly she wanted to tell me she did the shoulder dislocation test like she did to me." he says smugly.

"I mean when everyone wasn't sure about me and before. Things." he mutters. He sighs and shakes his head.

"Well you guys have my number if you need me for anything. Healing or otherwise." he says.

He rubs a hand up his face. "Minako says she has an idea but isn't telling me anything yet. Which is usually bad news for me nowadays." he says a little frustrated.

"So. What. Active hostility now? I mean. Just making sure. If you guys think she can't be talked down then I can stop trying." he shrugs.
Zoisite 2018-02-24 03:09:57 89032
Izumi reaches up and runs a hand through Mamoru's hair. "It was the smart move at the time- she could have just been horribly confused." It makes him the better person. "I wouldn't say active hostility, but... it may be time to start thinking that way, or at least treating her like she's hostile." There's calendar-consulting again, which is sadly more mundane than 'setting people on fire'. It's class schedules and locations.

"If she's being inconsistent, I wonder if we can mess with that..." It's a loose thought. "Memory can be pretty malleable..." It's coming from the person studying the human psyche, after all. "I wouldn't want to involve anyone who can't defend themselves in case she tries to forcibly recruit them, but we could have someone nudge her, pretend to remember her." It's a thought, even if he really, emphatically does not like it.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-02-24 03:12:58 89033
"Minako," Kazuo says, "thinks we need a little more information before we go to active hostility. Since we don't know where to find her, and while we have suspicions about where she's getting her information, we don't know for certain. If we can track her or her source down -- then we have a good deal more freedom to act. So. First, if anyone runs into her again, please be careful not to let on to her that we're comparing notes." Conducting psychological experiments on her is not, in fact, banned. "And please contact Mercury as soon as possible; if she's pulling teleport stunts, then she's leaving an energy signature, and that can be analyzed for information on her and perhaps a hint about her destination. Second... Daisuke, I'd appreciate it if you'd talk with Minako, yes. I'd also appreciate it if you'd be willing to come take a second look at the palaces you looked through a little while back. If she's interfering with Mamoru ... there's a possibility that might affect them somehow. And we're connected to them; we may not be capable of noticing. You looked closely at more than one of them not so long ago. If there have been any changes that we can't see, you're likely to pick up on them."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-02-24 03:26:22 89035
"What if she's just lying?" comes Mamoru's voice from somewhere inside that hoodie, slouched further enough down that he's leaning on Izumi's shoulder now. "And maybe she's a distraction. If she's just lying, then maybe-- in addition to having people fake-remember her fakey fake McFakerson stories of fakeness, we should also have someone pretend to start believing her. I asked Rashmi to try and get some information that way, since she wouldn't have any memories to call into question and Kyouko's already drawn her line in the sand."

His hands come out of the pockets and he starts fussing with the hoodie zipper, tipping his head a little forward to look at it instead of them, managing to sound Just Fine and Totally Calm About All Of This despite all body language to the contrary. And as long as he's not looking at anyone. "I also had the thought that maybe-- maybe if she can sense you, and if she's stolen my powers, and I can't sense you-- but I still have energy, and I still regenerate faster in the palaces-- I just wonder if you can still tell when I'm in trouble. I can't tell when Usa's in trouble. So I told Kunzite about an idea about that too, but part of it might be-- it might be useful to do a test from the palaces too, and... if we're going to do that then it should be after Dai-kun checks them over."
Nephrite 2018-02-24 03:32:36 89036
"I tried buddying up to her. I needed a literal shower afterward." Neil pushes his damp hair back. "But you're probably not talking about wining and dining her." He's probably joking about that last part. Right?

Hands go to Makoto's shoulders, maintaining a point of contact that she can easily pull out of any time she feels the need to go make use of the kitchen knives. "If she's lying, she's at least very good at sounding convinced by her own story. But like, so do some politicians, so maybe. I will say she's damn slippery when it comes to trying to catch her in her inconsistencies. It's like she can't even see the gaps when you point them out to her, so she just bends around them."

His brow furrows at Mamoru. "A test." And then he's looking at Kazuo for confirmation. If Kazuo approves...
Makoto Kino 2018-02-24 03:36:03 89037
Makoto shrugs a little, looking towards Daisuke with eyebrows raised in a helpless sort of expression. "I'm just saying, all she had to do this afternoon to convince me to give her a chance was agree that protecting people is more important than recreating the fantasy Earth she thinks it's her right to rule. She's going full steam the other way."

Speaking of drawing lines in the sand, apparently. "I don't think anyone's going to be talking her down nicely," Makoto concludes, reaching up to rest a hand over Neil's on her shoulder.
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-02-24 03:49:07 89038
Daisuke Hansuke looks to Kazuo and nods. "Yeah I can do that. I still need to get to Zoisite's palace as it is." he motions to Izumi, "If he'll allow me." he says softly. He then looks back to Kazuo and grumbles and runs a hand through his hair. "Minako says it's my choice to tell people now, but that she still needs to talk to Usagi about it. As an in the loop thing?" he asks.

"Anyways. Minako came to me a few months back and talked me into this thing where I'm the new Phantom Ace." she says. "So I'm Phantom Ace." he says with a deep breath.

"I mean. I'm still. Asclepius. It's a choice. I can't heal as well. Or teleport as fast, as Ace as a note." he says.

"Not. Hiding from you guys or anything. Just Minako asked me to keep it to myself for a bit." he shrugs.

"I know she told Kunzite." he motions to him. "Because I think she was afraid he'd try to stab the Ace or something." he says with a coy smile that suggests joking.
Zoisite 2018-02-24 03:56:04 89039
Izumi shrugs a little. "We probably should, at some point. More information is better than less." The blond pulls Mamoru closer, trying to radiate 'comfort' without the benefit of Mamoru being able to feel it. He eyes Kazuo, silently asking for help with their unhappy prince. He can't change anything right now, but he can be there. Even if they had to deal with being entirely normal, Izumi would choose to be with Mamoru.

"That's called cognitive dissonance, Neil. Her brain literally cannot handle the internal conflict, so she just sort of 'skips' and ignores it. You see it a lot in people who have conflicting beliefs, like members of cults who believe that their cult is the Ultimate Good, while being confronted with evidence to the contrary that is irrefutable."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-02-24 04:08:28 89040
"Punch her into next week if she gives you an opening," Mamoru tells Mako and Neph solidly from inside his Zoi-and-hoodie cocoon. "You made lines in the sand, too. Just don't do it alone. If she's got my powers /and/ dark energy /and/ that weird wild unpleasant stuff -- WHICH by the way MIGHT be a Lost Logia, Rashmi's working on trying to figure that out -- she's OP."

At least some of the tension is leaving his shoulders inside Zoihug.

"Phantom A-- OH! Kuso, I thought you were Agera! At the pumpkin spice debacle! Oh my gods forget I just said that moving on that's fine, I like your mask. ANYWAY a test yes--" he points at Neil "--somebody's got to scare the crap out of me and make me think I'm being attacked and kidnapped or something and you guys see if you can pick up on it. Obviously don't tell me who, when, or where. And sorry in advance if I break your nose. And sorry Dai in advance if I break someone's nose."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-02-24 04:25:46 89041
Neil's glance Kazuo's way is being answered with a nod, even before Mamoru gives clarification. And then there's Daisuke's clarification. Which, yes, he does not look as if he's surprised by, not that that's news once Daisuke says out loud that Venus told Kazuo. Not omniscience this time, just gossip.

"That's less than fair," he says to Daisuke at the last words, typically deadpan. "I didn't try to stab you before she told me, either." A pause, and then he inclines his head in a brief arc of a nod, from Izumi to Daisuke, speaking to the latter. "Minako thinks that the best bet for playing along with Earth's memory business is someone with a connection to the past, who hasn't already declared himself against her. That leaves only one really good candidate. I'm somewhat wary, because if Earth knows she's lying, then the only way it'll avoid looking suspicious is if she believes that she's actually beginning to change our memories. But she may well be able to convince herself of that. Or it may draw out whoever's behind her. So. Minako wants to talk to you about that. I want to note that if you agree to try her plan, you should work out how you want to call for backup, and whether there's anyone you want on it most; because your safety is particularly important right now, and we should do anything we can to minimize the risk to you. That said. It's one of the better plans we have right now."

It's as he's talking that Kazuo answers Izumi's look his way, by pacing closer, taking up a place behind the couch. One of his hands settles on the shoulder of Mamoru's that's farther from Izumi.

He says nothing at all about pumpkin spice.
Nephrite 2018-02-24 04:37:04 89042
Neil manages to give Daisuke a wry smile. "Congrats on the new title, dude. You and Mamoru can be a matching set with those masks."

The smile turns wider at Mamoru's suggestion. "Punching allowed? Well then, it's on."

Kazuo's nod is noted, and Neil sighs. "Well, I guess scaring the pants off you in a controlled environment is better than learning things the hard way. I thought you were suggesting someone literally take a stab at you. Maybe let's not do that."

He considers the Undercover Daisuke plan. "Well, like Mr. Smartypants over there explained," he nods at Izumi, "she fills in a lot of gaps on her own, even if the story doesn't make sense. I think you could skate by on letting her assume a lot. Again, if she actually believes what she says."
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-02-24 04:43:55 89043
Daisuke Hansuke makes this face and the words sort of form on his lip as 'thought I was Agera?...'. He makes this scrunched nose face. "I dunno whether to be pleased I acted less like I do enough to be confused for someone else or insulted you thought I was an egotistical mad magical scientist trying to be a jerk." he says. "Right. Nevermind." he says.

"Anyways that's why I've been running around a lot at Minako's behest. She has me looking into things and The Ace is an unknown quantity still to folks. Like. I'm telling you guys. Don't tell anyone else please unless like. It's an emergency." he says.

He eyes Kazuo as he explains then says. "I swear. If she gives me a top hat and a cape and tells me to call myself 'Tuxedo Moon' I quit." he says. He is mostly joking.


He nods at Nephrite. "I dunno. I thought she was genuinely hurting before. Maybe she is. But that doesn't make it okay to do the things she is." he frowns. "Right, Curry. I should get some before it disappears." he says as he steps over towards it. "Is this homemade, or is it from that lizard place a friend of mine likes?" he asks, eyeing it.