Beware the Sailor V-man

Sailor Venus interrogates the vampire henchgirl of Riventon, Lacrima, for information about Sailor Earth and learns that Lacrima knows nothing about it!

Date: 2018-02-26
Pose Count: 9
Lacrima 2018-02-26 03:39:44 89078
Lacrima was currently tailing a boy that was walking alone. She was keeping a respectable distance behind him, the light of her phone lit up her face. Just another young person out late at night with her face stuffed in her phone, right? Right. Pay no mind. She isn't a danger. Right?

She knows this particular boy likes to take a shortcut through a longer alley because his home is juuuuust on the other side. She'd watched him last night. And tonight is no exception. He ducks into the alley on his shortcut.

She picks up pace when he rounds the corner and then when she gets into the dark she... vanishes?

Lacrima slides through the shadows, as she lets her bottom become more fluidly dark in mass- like some sort of wispy ghost's bottom. No footsteps to give up her approach.

This will be easy. No sounds. Or yells. She'll get the energy she needs. He'll wake up tired up in an hour. No permanent damage. Best case scenario, right? Right. She doesn't LIKE doing this.

But it doesn't mean she hasn't done it so many times that she's practically an expert on it. She raises her hands to grab the boy on the shoulders.

Unless someone stops her. For a change. But that couldn't possibly happen, right?
Minako Aino 2018-02-26 03:49:00 89080
    While the vampire was tailing the boy, Sailor Venus-- donned in the V-mask but in the usual Sailor Venus outfit-- was tailing Lacrima. She was following at a liesurely pace on top of rooftops and slanted outcroppings. Keeping far enough away to not be seen but close enough to watch what she was doing. When the boy took the turn into an alley- and the vampire sped up- she knew now was the moment.

    She jumped into the alley and then raised up her hands and made a 'finger gun' with them as she landed. "Blam! Cresent Beam!" she called out as she shot a lancing shot of orange energy into the vampire- also calling out to catch the boy's attention. "HEY YOU SHOULD RUN BECAUSE THERE'S A VAMPIRE TRYING TO EAT YOU!" she yelled out. In case the whole energy shot into the looming vampire behind you wasn't enough of a message.

    "HEY HUNGRY HUNGRY FANGY, WE NEED TO HAVE A CHAT!" she also called out.
Lacrima 2018-02-26 03:58:27 89082
Lacrima was JUST about to place her hands down onto the boy when she hears 'Blam! Crescent Beam!' and turns around with wide eyes as the bolt of energy hits her square in the chest and causes her to recoil a moment in pain.

The boy is taken completely off guard and runs. Whether that's due to the bright flash of light of the attack, realizing someone was about to attack him or Sailor Venus's call out is anyone's guess.

It takes just a moment for Lacrima to recuperate. She isn't pleased. Nope.

"What the hell!?" she calls out. She twitches a bit. "First you meet me you try to .. shove steaks into me and now suddenly you want to talk and you just SHOOT me!?" she calls out confusedly.

The Vampire lashes out with a bolt of dark energy that seems haphazardly aimed at best, seeming to aim for the wall next to Venus than at her directly.

"You better have something interesting to say then. Because I'm about to stop caring what you think." she says.
Minako Aino 2018-02-26 04:22:26 89083
    Sailor Venus doesn't lower her hands as she smirks like she has the upper hand. Because she does. "Yeah we need to talk bussiness." she doesn't respond to the dark energy blast to the right side of the wall next to her. She could tell she wasn't aiming for her. It's why she didn't move!

    "So know anything about any new Senshi around?" she asks teasingly. "Some jerk who calls herself Sailor Earth?" she asks.

    "Now before you answer that...." she says as she raises her right hand and snaps. Artemis comes down with... something large and flowy in his tiny teeth. Lacrima will know it as her favorite fancy period dress. She then produces a succulent, barely frozen, thawed T-bone from behind her.

    "I have a fancy dress. And if I don't like your answers- it gets steak'ed." she says with a weird seriousness to her voice.

    "So you're going to tell me and be truthful or someone is going to have one hell of a dry cleaning bill." she says darkly.
Lacrima 2018-02-26 04:45:39 89084
Lacrima furrows her brow. What the hell is the girl talking about? Senshi aren't her wheelhouse. Why the hell would she know anything? She knows Takashi has these. Weird faceless magical girl things but. Those are obviously not human. Surely she couldn't mean one of those?

She goes to answer but then....

Wait. Is that her...


"Y..YOU PUT THAT DOWN! THIS INSTANT!" she yelled out. "I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ANY DUMB SENSHI OR ANYTHING! IDIOT!" she screamed as she made a run down the alleyway towards Venus and her dress and the dumb cat that brought it down with him.

Minako Aino 2018-02-26 05:20:07 89085
    Artemis jumps away because the vampire is making an approach. "Whoops!" goes Venus as the steak rubs up against it, leaving a juicy steak stain across the fancy, probably expensive dress. "Looks like I slipped trying to back away from you, I'd stop right there." she says less seriously. "In case I slip again." she says narrowing her eyes.

    "I'm asking you because there's a jerk female copy of Mamoru walking around calling herself Sailor Earth and causing problems. And we all know who loves using a cosmic fax machine to make copies of others." she says coyly.

    "SO AGAIN, Do you know anything?" she asks, raising the steak. "Or you gonna try to fight me for your dress and it's gonna get all tore up and stained?" she asks.
Lacrima 2018-02-26 05:28:40 89086
Lacrima's eyes go wide. "No, stop!" she says with wide eyes. Dammit. Venus knows physical threats aren't gonna work against her. So she stole her stupid dress. She's gonna need to install some more mundane security on the manor grounds she thinks after this. Nrg.

"Just stop. I don't /KNOW/ anything about what you're talking about. I've seen no one like that around the labs. I've felt NOTHING like Mamoru around and trust me that's an energy I take notice of." she says with grated teeth. "Besides. Someone stole that tech from UMBRA last year. Along with all my Dusk Zone research up to that point. Your group isn't exactly popular with a lot of people I work for right?"

"Maybe go bug Hannah Sharpe. I bet she knows some stupid garbage about this. Maybe she's upset about that beating a few months back." she says smarmily.

"Now give me my dumb dress back before I have to buy a new one." she says with a frown. "I don't know anything about this. And if I did I'd be unhappy about it too." she says quietly.
Minako Aino 2018-02-26 05:40:17 89087
    Sailor Venus narrows her eyes. She had heard that much. That the tech was stolen. That statement is also true. Lacrima also offers someone else with an axe to grind potentially. Venus doesn't think Hannah 'hugs bird related girls and noogie Earth Princes' Sharpe is the culprit. That isn't her MO. Hannah Sharpe if she had an axe to grind would bring the axe directly to you instead of trying to hand it to some stupid clone, she thinks.

    Regardless she leans forward a bit. Dammit. The vampire's posture and tone all suggest she's being truthful. So either Riventon isn't at fault or Riventon is keeping the vampire henchgirl out of the loop.

    That last bit that Lacrima says though. 'I'd be unhappy too' does confirm that. Has Riventon been tracking her movements to the ECFH often? Maybe...

    She frowns and tosses the dress at the other girl. "Fine. I believe you. For now. But if you hear anything or see anything you better come to me first. Got it?" she says a little seriously.

    And with that she makes a leap up the wall towards the rooftop. She's taking off.

    Dammit, she was sure she'd know or seen something. She'll need to rethink this.
Lacrima 2018-02-26 05:42:08 89088
Lacrima flails and leaps towards the dress and huffs. That steak stain is gonna be hell to get out, but it could be much worse. She frowns. "NEXT TIME. JUST TALK TO ME YOU IDIOT." she says angrily. She sighs and shakes her head.

She'll have to get home and try to get this out herself a little. She won't find a dry cleaners open this time of night easily anyways.

Stupid vigilantes. Stupid Venus.