We Didn't Lose

Sayaka checks up on Mikoto. Who is in the hospital. Cheering-up and some tentative planning happen. There is, alas, no pizza.

Date: 2018-02-27
Pose Count: 21
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-02-27 02:58:25 89089
Not too many days ago, Mikoto Nakajima joined a ragtag team of Warriors For Justice!(tm) in their attempt to storm Precia Testarossa's lair and rescue young Fate from Durance Vile. In this, at least, they succeeded... but not without cost.

The news that Mikoto had been hospitalized was not exactly public, but among the Mahou community it wasn't particularly secret. She's not in any of the public hospitals, though -- the team was met by one of her family's people on their return, a tall American fellow who looks like he walked straight out of one of those TV shows. The wounded girl was taken to an exclusive private clinic to be cared for, and has not been allowed visitors for several days.

Today, however, those restrictions appear to have been lifted, or at least, some of her friends receive a text message to that effect.
Sayaka Miki 2018-02-27 03:02:30 89090
Sayaka Miki had heard of one of many great battles that took place in Tokyo, and she was quite surprised to hear that Mikoto had taken a pretty bad blow. Perhaps it was her connections with WPS that set her in the right direction in finding Mikoto. Whatever it was, she had found here, quite surprised to discover her in a private hospital and with such strict restrictions on visitors. Finally that restriction had been lifted and she had been allowed to pay a visit to her friend. Which she does so with a bouquet of colorful pansies and a small box of chocolates. Because why not? "Hello, Miko-chan! How are you feeling today?" she greets as she peeks in, careful to not speak too loudly as she settles the flowers down in a nearby pot before peering over at Miko to determine the extent of her injuries. For all her cheerful nature, she seems quite concerned.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-02-27 03:09:59 89091
Several questions are asked on her arrival, but the name 'Sayaka Miki' is on the approved visitors list for Mikoto, and she is ushered to the room where Mikoto is recovering. She is found lying in her hospital bed, of course, covers up around her, a tablet PC in her lap - and the familiar shape of Carnwennan's storage form pinned to her hospital gown.

"Hey, Saya-chan," she rasps, and takes a slow breath in through her nose - assisted by the cannula that appears to be providing oxygen. "Good to see you..." Her eyes drift closed for a moment, then open again as she focuses on the visitor. "Don't s'pose you brought me a pizza?"
Sayaka Miki 2018-02-27 03:17:02 89092
Sayaka Miki holds her breath as she surveys the damage, frowning softly at the covers - perhaps a better image than seeing tubes sticking out her all over the place. Drawing a deep breath, she turns around, taking a seat next to her bed, resting the chocolates on the bedside table. "No pizza..But if you're hungry, I could always order some. I did bring some chocolates though. Wanna try one? They're pretty good!" However, seeing the oxygen bag and the tube, she swallows, deciding to leave it for now. "So. How are you feeling? I've been worried."
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-02-27 03:22:56 89093
Mikoto takes a couple more slow breaths before answering. Her voice is still raspy and pained, and she speaks slowly and carefully. "Oh... I'm just fine," she answers first, then lets out a laugh that cuts out abruptly with a spasm of coughs. "Make a note, kouhai... Never let yourself ... get stabbed in the chest... by an eldritch abomination." She starts coughing again, but it subsides after a moment, and she waves a hand insistently at a styrofoam cup sitting on the dresser.
Sayaka Miki 2018-02-27 03:27:56 89094
Sayaka Miki blinks slowly at that, eyes narrowing. Her eyes widen slightly as Miko starts to cough and quickly moves to grab said cup from the dresser, offering it to Mikoto. "Dammit, that Precia.." she grits her teeth, having never met the woman herself, but certainly having heard quite a bit about her. "I'm guessing your lungs took a beating?" still, she smiles and relaxes a bit at Mikoto's jokiong. At least she's feeling well enough to make bad jokes. "And I'll keep that in mind. Sooo, shall I order pizza? Are you feeling well enough to eat something? I cant imagine hospital food is terribly tasty." she grins as she pulls out her phone, "I'm curious to hear how that mission went, by the way. Did the good guys win?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-02-27 03:35:02 89095
Mikoto sighs, softly, and takes the cup, sipping through the straw. After this, her voice is a little clearer, for the moment. "Enh," she finally agrees. "We didn't -lose-." She takes another sip, then adds, "Precia definitely did, though." Her eyes close again, briefly, before opening to focus on you once more. "Sorry. Li'l groggy still."
Sayaka Miki 2018-02-27 03:39:20 89096
Sayaka Miki nods and takes a deep breath. "Ahh, that's good..Right?" she seems uncertain, the way that Miko replies to that. "Um, soo did you guys defeat her then?" she makes a face, assuming that's probably a yes. "I hope the losses weren't too great..." she busily types away at her phone now, searching for someone who might deliver pizza to a private hospital. "You prefer Hawaiian or Pepperoni?" But for all her questions, Saya decides to pause for a bit, allowing Miko to breathe a little and rest. "You want some time alone? I guess this must be pretty stressful for you.."
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-02-27 03:45:46 89097
"Rest assured..." Mikoto takes a slow breath and sighs. "She won't be ..." she pauses for another sip of water, "won't be back." Barring a miracle of the most unsavory sort, that is. But that seems to be the unspoken standard in this business. She sighs softly. "Dunno I could eat... more'n a slice." Pain seems to have robbed her of her usual formality, for the moment.
Sayaka Miki 2018-02-27 03:54:42 89098
Sayaka Miki frowns, pausing in her typing, putting the phone down. "Yeah, you still seem pretty weak. Better order the pizza next time." she smiles faintly and nods, "Yay, the good guys win again! That's a plus at least, right?" Saya sighs as she regards Miko's weakenned form, clearly haven't ever seen the usually strong girl like this before. "I'm sorry..Is there anything else I can get you? Aspirin perhaps?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-02-27 04:05:47 89099
"Heh... please don't try... to make me laugh." Mikoto pauses again for a sip of water, then adds, "Still hurts like heck. Even with the stuff they've got me on." She sighs again and leans back against her pillow. "Just... stick around... talk. Stuck in this room... all day..." She closes her eyes again, but asks, "What's up... a' school?"
Sayaka Miki 2018-02-27 04:13:02 89100
Sayaka Miki makes a face. "Sooorrry!" she grins, "Well, I'm glad you're at least up and talking. I mean from the descriptions, I was expecting worse. You know, if you want, I could always use my powers to heal you faster..Of course, I'm not so sure it wouldn't totally exhaust me too much and grief seeds dont seem to restore me as much as they used to for some reason.." she looks momentarily worried by that, but dismisses it quickly, forcing a smile. "Yeaah, I guess it can get pretty boring between these four walls. I could bring a book, or video game or something next time, perhaps?" mention of school causes her to smirk and shrug, "Sorry, I'm not so great at school. Or maybe it's just that I don't try hard enough. Who knows? Umm let's see. We went on a trip to the zoo for biology class. Gotta write a paper on one of the animals and how it evolved and adapted to live in its home climate. Math's been fun, teacher's been sick and we got this crazy funny substitute. He likes to do impressions." she grins, "Drama class has been...Interesting. glad I took that option this semester. I'm pretty good at it. We're doing Death of a Salesman...Ooh, and the latest Lindsey Stirling album came out. She's awesome...I want to learn to play violin some day.."
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-02-27 04:22:04 89101
"Mmm. Maybe bring ... the album? Love to hear it..." Mikoto mms softly, then sets the water-glass aside. "You ok for... seeds, and all?" She'd rather not see Sayaka put herself in danger just to heal her, when she'll recover on her own in time. "Game... might be fun. ... not much talking, 'k?"
Sayaka Miki 2018-02-27 04:25:51 89102
Sayaka Miki nods and smiles, "Sure, I'll bring it. It's one of my faves. You DO have a CD player around here, right? Or at least an mp3 player?" she glances around the room, finding it a litle too sterile for her liking. As for seeds, Saya shrugs, "Well...I have enough seeds, I mean, witches are no longer a scarcity. It just seems..I dunno, maybe the seeds I DO collect are pretty weak and it seems like they dont go as far as they used to. It's really strange. But maybe i'm just imagining it? I dunno...I should really check with some other Puella, but I guess I'm not really in regular contact with any others really, anymore.." she nods about the game, "Sure, i'll bring a fun one next time, or maybe a puzzle."
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-02-27 04:48:01 89103
Mikoto nods. "Sorry... haven't been keeping up with witches stuff...." She hmms softly. Then is distracted by the 'ting' of a message popping up on her tablet, and lifts it to look. "... why the heck...?" She shakes her head. "That makes no sense." Taps at the screen produce a series of beeps.

"We should check in with a bunch of folk," she muses, her voice starting to rasp again as she talks, and she reaches for the water again. "Some people are just..."
Sayaka Miki 2018-02-27 05:00:45 89104
Sayaka Miki nods and sighs, "Yeah...Not a lot of Puella out there, and I'm not really...Friends with any of the ones that remain. I really miss Madoka-chan. She dropped by briefly, then kinda..I dunno, gone again I guess.." Saya slumps a little in her chair, seeming a little sad at that thought. And remains there, lost in thought for a few moments, before Miko's phone beeps. She blinks, sitting upright at the sudden change in tone in Miko's voice. "Hmm? What is it?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-02-27 05:15:24 89105
"Mmm. Madoka-chan... yeah, I remember her. Kind of a big ... surprise when she turned out...." She waves a hand at Sayaka, then sighs and takes another sip of water. She taps at the screen again, hmmming to herself, then nods. "One of my email games," she explains. "I think Waver's trying to pull something sneaky on me."
Sayaka Miki 2018-02-27 05:38:38 89106
Sayaka Miki nods and smiles. "Yeah, she was pretty cool. I kinda hoped we could start our own Puella Magic superhero group..But things just kinda..Fell apart." she shrugs, "And WPS...We're kinda quiet lately, now that things have kinda gone back to normal with Miss White. I mean, I still have my security job there and all, and that's pretty cool..I wonder if I could use WPS resources to figure out why the grief seeds and grief cubes seem a bit less..Effective lately? I dunno.." she shrugs, peering at Miko's screen and chuckles, "Oh, seriously? You were talking about a game all this time?" she makes a face.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-02-27 05:42:39 89107
The screen shows a network of lines on vari-colored hexagons, interspersed with small dots and large circles, some of them covered by what look like corporate heraldry. "Mmm," Mikoto muses. "Miss White might... help you there," she agrees, then winces. "You know how.. curious... she can be." She sips at the water again, and it makes the usual slurping noise one expects when the cup is empty. "Damnit..."

One of the instruments she's hooked up to beeps, loudly.
Sayaka Miki 2018-02-27 05:47:44 89108
Sayaka Miki grins, "Looks like a cool game. What's it called? I might download it to my phone.." she nods again at the name of Miss White. "Yeah, I'll have to touch base with her too. It's been a while. We need a reunion, maybe go out on a mission, see what's going on with these seeds." she smirks, "Yeah, curious somehow doesn't seem strong enough a word to describe her..Peculiarities." When Miko's cup empties, she peers at it. "Hmm, what is it, just water? Shall I get you a refill?" that's when one of the machines starts to beep loudly and Saya frowns, "Oh, what's that? should I call a nurse over?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-02-27 05:53:53 89109
"Antibiotics," Mikoto answers softly. Looking closer, the hospital gown appears to have been partially concealing an IV line affixed to her... shoulder? Odd placement for it. But it's close to where the wound was, from what the rumors say. "Means they gotta... do something t' the machine."

Indeed, the nurse is already at the door, probably summoned by some automatic alert, and she bustles past Sayaka to attend to it. The IV bag looks to be about half-full, at the moment. "Five more minutes, Miki-san, visiting hours are almost over."

Mikoto rattles the ice remaining in her water cup, and the nurse takes it to refill. "Th' game's... eighteen-thirty... y' can look it up." She takes another long, slow breath, then adds, "I'll mail you a link."