Warehouse Woes and Worries.

Nanoha checks up on Mikoto after the Garden of Time incident. Mikoto's been busy with a prototype! Yuuno may be a nerd. Nanoha isn't sure!

Date: 2018-03-02
Pose Count: 16
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-03-02 02:35:02 89225
Nanoha Takamachi has been trying to check-in with everyone that was at that night. When they stormed the Garden of Time. She knows Mikoto got it pretty rough that night. She also hasn't checked in at her warehouse in a while, at least her last known location. She assumes Mikoto hasn't had a reason to move.

She tried checking in at the hospital first but told her she was released. So she's taken the box of cupcakes she's brought with her and headed to the most likely place she thinks she'd find her that she knows about.

She peeks the back door open and says. "Hello...?" she asks in as she steps in, closing the door behind her.

"It's me, Nanoha!" she says a little cheerily.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-03-02 02:42:01 89226
Mikoto has been told, rather strictly, to rest. Not to go running around town fighting monsters. A solemn promise to stay out of action for at least another week was the only way the doctor would let her out of her hospital bed. (It's actually a little private clinic, but she's made sure her friends know how to find her when she ends up there. Including Nanoha.)

She hasn't been back to school yet, but Hikari has been picking up her homework, and taking care of all the tasks she's not allowed to while she's on the mend. Grocery shopping, laundry, cooking... the young Knight is fast becoming infinitely grateful to her Familiar.

It's Hikari, indeed, who comes to greet Nanoha, and grins as she sees the girl, cat-ears perking up through her silver hair. "Nya, it's chibi-boss! Come in, make yourself comfortable. Oneesama's just finishing up her homework for the day.... or at least, she'd better be! If I catch her running off to play with her tech-toys again..."

The catgirl trails off threateningly, but smiles despite that. "Glad to see her friends remember her at a time like this."
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-03-02 02:47:56 89227
Nanoha eyes Hikari. "Hiii Hika-chan!" she says softly. She says. "I brought cupcakes." she says. "Six vanilla cake, six chocolate!" she says. "Um. Well she got hit pretty bad... during that whole mess." she says silently. "Sorry. We weren't expecting such a big mess." she says quietly.

"Um, can you take her to me then? I have cupcakes!" she says with a short smile.

"I mean we should probably give her first dibs on the cupcakes." she asides. No stealing them until then. Like that stupid storybook Jewel Seed.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-03-02 02:56:02 89228
"Moi? Steal cupcakes? Never!" Never ever ever would Hikari steal delicious cupcakes! ... well, she might have to taste one, to be sure they were good enough for oneesama. But steal? Certainly not!

She grins again. "At least you won, hm? And Fate-sempai is safe?" She leads Nanoha on into the warehouse, navigating around the piles of various technological gubbins - a large amount of it from the chunk of Arthra wreckage she stole out from under Riventon's attempt to appropriate it, but there's more than a few bits looted from various Eclipse labs as well, by the look of things. Then there's a big worktable with a lot of interconnected bits that look Midchildan, and then... the 'living room', where Mikoto sits in a reclining chair, a wheelchair next to it. She's leaning back a bit, her feet up, and wearing just some old sweat-pants and a t-shirt. There's a table set where she can reach it, one of those little rolly workbenches, and she's got a couple of schoolbooks and some paper and pencils out. At the moment she's typing an essay, it looks like, on one of those nifty holographic keyboards her Device is projecting.

Mikoto looks up from her studies as she hears the approaching footfalls. "'kari-chan?" she asks, then sees that the catgirl's brought company. "Oh, hey! Cool, you came!" She pushes the table away and reaches for the handle to straighten the chair, probably to get up and greet Nanoha properly.

Hikari, seeing this, abandons the visitor to rush over. "'neesan, stay down. Doctor said you need to rest or you won't heal."

"But, 'kari..."

"No buts, 'neesan. Don't care if you think it's rude, Nanoha-sempai doesn't care, does she?" Hikari turns about to look at the visitor, smiling expectantly.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-03-02 03:23:34 89229
Nanoha Takamachi follows after Hikari and smiles. "Hi Mikoto-chan!" she says, as she walks on over. "I can come to you, no worry! You should rest. You got hurt very bad." she says with a little concern. She offers the box. "Cupcakes!" she says. "From Midori-ya." she says softly.

"I wanted to come and thank you for coming to help with that whole mess." she says quietly.

"And-- yes, Fate-chan is okay. Physically. She's just trying to sort out some things. I think Lindy-san is helping her..." she says quietly.

"She said we couldn't be friends again. But this time it's because she didn't know how to be friends." she says quietly. "We spoke a little. And.. I kinda. Broke down over her." she admits. "But she listened and... we're gonna take it one step at a time. As friends." she says with a series of matter of fact nods.

"I spoke with Rashmi-chan, too. She's okay, too. She says she still has moments of hardness. I'm trying to find Koji-kun next. And I need to go find Mamoru-san and his friends too." she says.

"Kind of glad the Jewel Seed debacle is over though. It's been nice relaxing without worrying about a ping." she says with a smile.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-03-02 03:32:05 89230
Mikoto sinks back into the seat, accepting the chiding and giving up on standing. For now. She'll get up later. "Thanks for coming to visit, Nanoha-chan. I'm glad everyone is going to be alright." She takes the box, then sets it on her little work-table, atop a textbook. "Fate..."

She takes a deep, slow breath, and lets it out, before continuing. "I can't even begin to guess what it was like for her, living with that... woman." She almost said 'witch', didn't she? "She has a place to stay, and all? Is there anything either of you need?" It's not like Mikoto is short of money. It's the one superpower she can wield from her hospital bed. 'Credit Card no Jutsu', she called it once - she had a 'Naruto' phase a couple of years back.

Somewhere in amongst all this, Hikari steals a cupcake - chocolate - and sneaks away to do .... something. Whatever cats do when they're bored. Maybe just napping in a sunbeam.

"I think I have Koji's number here somewhere... or at least something... and Lindy-taichou probably knows how to reach Mamoru and that lot." She hmms and scrolls through a window on another holo-screen, then sighs and shakes her head. "Don't see it. Hmm."

She starts to shrug, but winces at a twinge of pain, and sighs, sinking back into the chair again. "Well, we'll find him sooner or later."
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-03-02 03:51:02 89231
Nanoha Takamachi says "I know where to find Mamoru. He has this penthouse with a high roof." she says softly. "Koji-kun. I usually catch him at the Korma eventually." she says softly. "Fate has a place to stay right now, yes." she says softly.

"I don't think she's staying around to help Riventon further, but I never confirmed that. I think she's done with that whole business now though. I think she was only doing so because her mother wanted to..."

Nanoha doesn't hesitate to use 'mother'. Because she knows Fate-chan still cares. It'd be disrespectful otherwise, she thinks.

"-and I know how to get in touch with Lindy-san." she says.

She says. "Yuuno's gonna stay with me. He's a little depressed he's never gonna be able to tell people what he learned about the fate of Belka. It's his major." she says curtly.

"I need to bring him by here. He needs a place he can be in his normal form and not draw attention anyways. Is that fine?" she asks softly.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-03-02 03:59:46 89232
Mikoto nods, and waves a hand at the couch. "Feel free to make yourself comfortable..." She rubs at her forehead a moment, then settles again. "I never did get the feel that she liked what she was doing for him. So, yeah." She starts to shrug, then winces and stops. "Tell her for me, she ever needs anything mundane resources can provide, I'll be glad to lend a hand. You and her and Yuuno are all welcome here, anytime you like."

She pauses, thinks about something, then adds, "If I ever end up with another boyfriend, we'll get an apartment or something." Not that there are many she'd bring around here.

"Ferret-boy's good people... I don't mind him visiting. Heck, I ought to pick his brain, help me figure all this cr - stuff, figure this stuff out." She waves a hand at the workbench. "First working prototype, there. Haven't quite got the subspace folding for storage figure out, yet, but I'm getting there."
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-03-02 04:16:03 89233
Nanoha nods and makes for the couch and sits down as she nods. "Yeah." she says quietly. "I don't think she wanted to hurt anyone." she says quietly. "Yuuno knows a little about devices and Mid-childa computers but he's more a scholar than a technician." she says softly.

"I was actually talking about that with Rashmi-chan earlier." she smiles. "I brought her thank you cupcakes too." she says quietly.

"I just told my mom I had people to thank so she had cupcake boxes made up." she says with a series of nods.

"Prototype of what exactly...?" she asks softly.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-03-02 04:29:47 89234
"That's okay, anything he can do to help me figure things out will be welcome." Mikoto smiles wanly, then nods. "Your mother is definitely good people... and she certainly knows the way to a girl's heart. I'm just glad I'm not close enough to pass by the place on my way to school or anything, I'd be in there every day and fat as a rhinoceros in no time at all." It's unlikely, the way she burns through energy with her magic, but still.

"It's ... well, sort of, not exactly... in a very basic way... a Device." She reaches up and taps Carnwennan's brooch-like storage mode. "If this is the Starship Enterprise, think of that over on the bench as Sputnik One." She smiles a little wider this time, proud of her accomplishment.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-03-02 04:38:57 89235
Nanoha blinks. "Oh! So you're.. learning how to make devices?" she asks. "Is it.... Intelligent?" she asks. "Yuuno tells me on Mid-Childa there we're devices that we're more like a book with spells than, something that can think and help you..." she says softly.

"I think he called them Storage Devices?" she asks. She nods.

"Well I can send him over or come over with him soon then. He wasn't on the Artaha though. He was on his own personal ship. That was blown up by Precia, we know now." she says. "She wanted the Jewel Seeds he was carrying, obviously." she says quietly. "But I'm sure he knows the systems well enough, if he was piloting a ship or something." she smiles.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-03-02 04:50:30 89236
Mikoto shakes her head. "No, no, not nearly that good. More like a very basic, limited Storage device... it's got a couple-three spells hardwired into it, and that's all it can do." She pats Carnwennan again. "Nothing anywhere near as good or helpful as this little darling, or your Raging Heart." (Raging Heart, Raising Heart... she goes with what she hears.)

"Well, you're both welcome any time you want to come by. Or even if I'm not here, if you just want a place to hole up for a bit, or need to wash off some mess before you head home..." She waves a hand. Then hmms. "If she blew up his ship, he probably lost all his stuff along with it, ne? Maybe we should organize a shopping trip."
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-03-02 05:02:56 89237
Nanoha scrunches her nose and then ohs! a bit. "So it's like a mini storage device..." she says. She purses her lips. "If it isn't interfacing with the user then it's also gonna have limited casting ability, right?" she asks. "I mean. It'd need a mana battery with a finite charge right?" she asks.

She huhs. "...Ya know. Yuuno is usually a ferret. I don't think he's actually /asked me/ for anything besides like. Food and shelter and the occasional treat." she says silently. "Maybe he would like something?" she asks curiously as she taps her bottom lip.

"I bet he likes nerdy things. Because he's a space ferret. Who's smart." she says curiously.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-03-02 05:15:36 89238
Mikoto grins. "We could take him down to Akihabara. Let him poke through all the widgets and gadgets and such, tell us how cute and quaint they all are." She seems to like the idea. "I need to pick up some bits and bobs anyway... soon as they'll let me up and around long enough."

"So, how's school treating you? Having any problems keeping up with that and the whole hero gig?" Mikoto... had had some issues. She'd been banging her head against the wall with the Device project, burying herself in it to avoid thinking about a certain cat-boy, until a stern talking-to from Hikari snapped her out of it.

"The battery's one of the bits I'd love to talk to someone about who knows what they're doing. Actually building one is proving... difficult. The one in there is scavenged out of a broken Device I sort of borrowed from WPS labs..."
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-03-02 05:36:27 89239
Nanoha Takamachi shakes her head. "No. No problems at school. I've caught up with all my things!" she says softly. "And without Jewel Seed alerts things have gotten less stressful." she says quietly. "It's weird seeing Yuuno concentrate on other things like catching up on 'Earth Culture'." she giggles. "Besides obsessing and worrying over the Jewel Seeds." she says.

"Hrmmmm. Maybe Yuuno can help there but I'm not sure he'll know much and speaking of school..."

"I need to get home if I wanna get any sleep before morning drill and then school." she says softly as she begins to stand up.

"Enjoy the cupcakes, okay?" she insists as she begins to take off.

"I'll be by again later!" she says.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-03-02 05:57:01 89241
Mikoto nods. She'd rise to show you out, but, doctor's orders and all that. Oh, heck. She needs to ... do something else... anyway. So she pushes herself slowly to her feet and steps over to walk Nanoha to the door. "It's okay, I'm considering it a long-term project. Mostly I want to be able to take care of Carnwennan here if anything should happen." She taps the brooch again.

"Give your family my best, please. And my thanks to you and your mother for the cupcakes. I'm sure they'll be delicious."

She pauses at the door. "This is for Fate, just in case she needs anything." She picks an envelope from the keys-and-such rack by the door and offers it to Nanoha. (She had other plans for the money, but it's not as if she's short. And Fate probably needs it a lot more than she does.)