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Date: 2018-03-07
Pose Count: 14
Alexis Raskoph 2018-03-07 23:29:40 89273
A dreadful thought festered deep within the mind of Alexis Raskoph.

A thought he'd been trying to keep away. A thought over which he'd keep saying to himself, "That's stupid, it shouldn't be anything to worry about."

But dark thoughts have a way of remaining in spite of better senses. At least-- there is someone he knows who is wel lenough of an expert on the matters these thoughts relate to.

So he texted Lacrima, to see if she happened to be available to meet him at the manor. He hasn't really announced his arrival before, but after a certain runin with a certain dragon before in the manor, perhaps he figured it might be better to make his presence known from here on out.

Doesn't stop him from making his way to the manor by way of sneaking over the fence and into the house proper, mind you. Because he still knows those few ways to get into the place from since he kept coming through regularly as a vampire.

And thus, the german boy makes his way on through, and into the parlor of the manor, in search for his adopted sister.
Lacrima 2018-03-07 23:45:56 89274
Lacrima is doing her own checkup of sorts. She sticks a finger into a small little device, she sighs and let's it do it's thing and the light comes back green. Okay. That's been the case since the whole attack at her manor last month or so.

That's when she got a text and she replied that, yes, Alexis-niisan could come over. And a reminder that, he was always welcome over. She might not know about the run in with Lamya yet.

All she does is stick her finger back into the device as she jots something down in a notebook.

"I'm in the kitchen, sitting at the table." she says. Because she can hear something stirring in the vestibule and she's the only one home right now.
Alexis Raskoph 2018-03-08 00:04:01 89275
Of course she can. Alex has long since gotten used to the idea that Lacrima can more or less sense anything going on in the manor. Including his presence within, even if it might not be quite as easy to sense as when he was carrying her essence within him.

The call draws Alex to the kitchen, then, though he halts at the doorway to the proper to just survey what's beyond. Even if the most important part of that would be Lacrima herself, and the device she is working with there. He did get told before what it is, at least, so he doesn't look very confused this time around.

"Hey, Imouto," he calls from there, before coming stepping on inside. "Can we talk?" Funny question to be asking after bothering to announce his arrival already well beforehand.
Lacrima 2018-03-08 00:13:36 89276
Lacrima eyes Alexis as she looks up a moment then back down to the device. "Just doing some more testing. So far. It's been the same since the manor attack." she sighs a bit.

"Sailor Venus decided to break into my house and steal my expensive restored period dress and threaten it unless I told her about something I know nothing about." she huffs. "She got steak stains all over it." she scowls. "Mamoru is footing the bill. I think because he feels bad." she says. She sighs a bit and looks up.

" something wrong? Or did you just want to talk...?" she asks quietly a little bit in spe culation.
Alexis Raskoph 2018-03-08 00:19:59 89277
"Well, at least it doesn't seem to be anything ba--" Alex started saying, but his attention is promptly redirected by the mention of Venus. And what she did.

"... Sailor Venus," he repeats after her, suddenly stopping into place and directing a blank blink at the purple-haired girl. "Threatened you and ruined your dress. The same Sailor Venus who insisted I must be Bizarre Pose-Kun or something else like that and that I should be doing poses like--"

Of all things, Alex promptly assumes a back-arching pose with his hips twisted over to the opposite side from where his upper body is leaning, with a hand held up high to the side of his head, fingers flexed and spread out to be held just before his face. "... Like this."

Demonstrating, apparently.

"She even told me she was goign to talk to you about love or whatever back then. Do I gotta headbutt her?"
Lacrima 2018-03-08 00:29:33 89278
Lacrima rolls her eyes. "I think she thinks I'm complicit in something going on where there's this weird female copy of Mamoru going around calling herself Sailor Earth. I have nothing to do with it." she says with a sigh.

"I don't wanna talk about it." she says. She does eye Alexis's pose and says. "I don't wanna show you the poses I'm capable of. Mainly since I don't actually have any bones or muscle." she says flatly.

She sighs as the device turns green again and she takes a note in the notebook and pushes it to the side.

"So what did you wanna talk about?" she asks.
Alexis Raskoph 2018-03-08 00:35:28 89279
"...So I take it you don't want to Jojopose with me," mumbles Alex after a few seconds of holding that pose akwardly, only to straighten up again. He tries not to look disappointed.

He also elects not to ask about the Sailor Earth nonsense, on account of her saying she doesn't want to talk about it.

"I wanted to ask you," he says then, while approaching closer, and settling himself to the opposite side of her at the table. "... About Dark Energy. And the effects it can have on the body, in... long-term."
Lacrima 2018-03-08 00:56:38 89280
Lacrima eyes Alexis and raises a brow. "Are you asking for general information or something specific?" she asks. She looks back to the device as she sighs. "Dark Energy is sort of the opposite of what one would call 'Light Energy'. Light Energy is brought into existence when magical girls tend to use attacks that 'Purify' Dark Energy. Some Magical Girls are heavily powered by it. I have a theory that Sailor Moon may be a Light Energy construct." she says quietly. "But I can't prove that and I'm probably wrong." she says.

"Light Energy dissapates. It's susceptible to 'Entropy', but it's powerful." she says.

"Dark Energy is the opposite. Where Light Energy will try to.. heal and protect. Dark Energy wants to hurt and consume. It's why things like me eat energy." she says quietly. "But Dark Energy isn't susceptible to 'Entropy'. It's forever if it isn't purified or forced out on your own will." she says. "But it requires an upkeep if you want to benefit from it. And it gets harder and harder to upkeep it if you're a human- before it takes over your thoughts and blackens your soul." she says quietly. "Because that's the nature of Dark Energy. To consume." she says. "I'm stable, because the darkness doesn't have anything more it can technically take from me. It has me, so." she shrugs. "But don't get me wrong. It still controls me. I don't control it and that's just a basic fact someone like me needs to be aware of and accept." she says.

"...Are you feeling lingering effects...?" she asks quietly. "Blackouts like before.. odd thoughts or...?" she asks hesitantly.
Alexis Raskoph 2018-03-08 01:18:19 89282
Alex doesn't really answer the first question Lacrima presents to him. Probably more or less in favor of letting her go about the explanation. He can't quite help but frown the whole time too.

When she mentions the upkeep involved with Dark Energy, he mutters quietly, "...Like when I was a vampire," gaze dropping down.

And then there's that quiet question from her, and he looks away. "...No, nothing like that," he murmurs, quietly. "Just... thoughts. You know? Apparently I was... going into that dark energy chamber periodically for most of my life, and then spent... over a month inside it in one go again before you guys broke out. Mercury said what lingering signs were there were fading, and I've had Krieg monitor my vitals since we properly linked up, but..."

His hand comes up to rub at his temple. "... I don't know. Between my body still being in recovery and Krieg is by his own admittance not anywhere near full capacity yet so... I just kind of keep worrying on if there's something anyhow."

"Maybe I'm just so used to me having bad luck that the thought of whatever Dark Energy was being pumped into me for that month just all went out because I built up resistance or whatever... sounds extremely unlikely to me now."
Lacrima 2018-03-08 01:33:43 89284
Lacrima sighs and grabs Alexis's hand. And then shoves that device onto his pointer finger like she's been doing. She clamps it down. It doesn't hurt. The inside is delightfully padded. "Wait a moment." she says quietly.

"This'll just take a moment." she says.

"But unless you've been having awfully dark and strange dreams, have been blacking out again, or doing things that make the people that know you wonder I think you'll be fine." she says quietly.

"...while I have much of my emotions back. Things like feeding still are really easy to me, and doesn't make me feel less or more bad as it used to before that attack. That's how I know the dark energy is still there." she says quietly.

"It's just my nature to need to feed like that and it's not part of my nature that will benefit from control like my other ones. Like first course of actions being to attack or hurt in my head." she says.

Blip. The light turns a bright blue.

"Blue." she says flatly. "Is Human. It means you're not infested or infected or if there is, it's at normal, human levels of it." she says. "...everyone has a little dark energy sometimes. It can fester in loneliness and unwillingness to want to seek others. That's why contact is important, instead of hiding or brooding." she says.

"For example, coming here to talk about your concerns was a good thing. Instead of sitting alone and worrying and fretting." she says. "Dark energy can't grow when you let others shine a light on it." she says. "That's also a rule." she says quietly.

"It's why I go to the ECFH often. Even if no one is there, I drop off something. A note. Maybe donuts." she says. "And it helps." she says.
Alexis Raskoph 2018-03-08 01:48:34 89285
Alexis' eyes widen out briefly when LAcrima slaps that device on his finger. Well. He doesn't flinch, at the very least, and after that momentary surprise passes, he seems to catch on quickly enough on what's going on.

"...Right," he lets out in a sigh while the little device does it's thing. "I know. I understand that all too well."

When the light blinks blue and she takes the thing off with the provided explanation for what it means, he draws his hand up a bit to stare down at the palm of it.

"...I guess maybe I just more worry about what... all those years of doing that meant," he mutters, quietly. "Why it was really being done. What... my mom and dad were tring to achieve with it."

"WHat they were really going to do with me and why I was born."

There's a heavy sigh, and he draws his body against the edge of the table more fully, with that hand lifting up to rub at his forehead. "...To be honest, Imouto? Even though I've been better after that whole incident in the yard here before... I still don't... really know who or what I truly am. Beyond that one thing... that one wish that I decided I'd grasp on, on that day. And... well."

He lowers that hand from his forehead, and his left comes over to drag up the sleeve of the hoodie sweater, to bare out the bracelet bearing a dark-red gem upon it. "I guess... Right now I identify much more as Stahlritter than Alexis Raskoph."
Lacrima 2018-03-08 01:55:09 89286
Lacrima says softly. "Kings and Queens and Counts and Dukes and Nobles all used to have children to one end. Making an heir. Or a general for an army. or someone to lead an army or someone to fill some role or marry off as a possession." she says rolling her eyes. "It would not surprise me that many powerful people still subscribe to this idea." she says quietly.

"They just wanted to be sure you'd fall in line eventually." she shrugs. "So they started some treatment they knew of." she says quietly.

"Well." she says. "That's not unheard of." she says quietly. "I identify more as... Lacrima, than Norie. Nowadays." she says quietly. "But that's only because I can't really go home. And it hurts less if I don't think about it too hard." she says.

"But in the end that's my choice to make. Just as much as that's your choice to make." she says. A pause.

"Have you ever read an American comic? Batman? He's a billionaire who is also a crime fighter. But to him, his billionaire persona is the costume and Batman is who he calls himself in his head." she says.

"So I imagine a real hero might consider that too." she says.
Alexis Raskoph 2018-03-08 02:07:39 89287
"Maybe," murmurs Alex with another sigh. "I guess I won't really know for sure either way until I actually ask them straight on. Sheesh."

What she says does draw a bit of a smile from him, though-- if for nothing else, in some self-deprecating amusement. "Of course I read Batman," he murmurs. "I'm European, remember? American comics and stuff were way more popular with kids that way than japanese stuff. Maybe I... Maybe I was inspired by Batman a little, too, way back when..."

He turns his open-palmed ahnd around, to peer at the knuckles of it now instead. "Though I think me thinking that way probably has a lot less to do with me actually being a hero - because I am pretty sure I am not one yet - and more that... I don't really have anything else to ground myself to right now, with all that brainwashing junk that my folks put me through."
Lacrima 2018-03-08 02:37:21 89288
Lacrima eyes a bit and shakes her head. "You help people and don't hurt them." she says quietly. "You're more of a hero than I'm capable of being." she says quietly.

She says as she sits quietly. "I'm sorry I can't help you. These things need to.. happen naturally. Do things. Visit with people you like and enjoy the company of." she says quietly.

"It'll come to you." she says gently. "I can promise that much." she says. "I mean if I can find. Something. I'm sure you can. I'm sure anyone can." she says quietly.