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Date: 2018-03-14
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Stahlritter 2018-03-14 14:20:45 89451
It's probably a well-established fact now that Alex has become a longer-term guest at the ECFH even after he got out of his litle funk. What with reasons of going back 'home' or even to school not being among the safest of things to be doing.

This consequentially ends up resulting in him using the apartment grounds rather liberally, after some time. In this case, that involves him having turned the rooftop into a makeshift target range.

No, really.

Various empty cans and plastic bottles have been strewn about, on the ground itself and atop various surfaces, to serve as targets. For what, you ask? For ping pong balls that Alex has decided to use as hand-thrown projectiles. One getting launched with a mighty swing of a hand into an unsuspecting, empty Dr Pepper can by the young german just as someone else makes their entry up to the roof itswlf.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-03-14 14:31:29 89452
    Kyouko does not actually live at the ECFH. Though sometimes it may be easy to forget, the littlest Shitennou actually lives in an entirely distinct apartment ten floors below. That said, this roof is still her roof- it's the top of the building! And since Mamoru has exclusive access, she often comes and goes via the rooftop, as well as using it as an impromptu workout space when going to the gym is inconvinient or impractical.

    Therefore it is no great surprise to find her ascending the stairs from the apartment below, dressed in jeans and a slightly-too-large grey hoodie, the hood pulled up over her short red hair. It's relatively warm in Tokyo, as sprintime starts to make its presence known, but that warmth is diluted somewhat by being 48 stories above street-level.

    It is, in fact, just as she is emerging from the stairwell that Alex pings his pong-ball off of an empty can, sending the ball ricocheting directly towards the stairwell and Kyouko's face. However, Kyouko is Kyouko, which means that almost without thinking about it, her hand snaps up and catches the ball right out of the air. It's only a moment later that her brain seems to catch up, and she turns her eyes down to the ball now held in her hand and squints at it as if wondering what it is doing there.

    "Hey. Watch it." She then says to Alex, without much heat, tossing the ball back towards him.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-03-14 14:42:31 89453
Kyouko is not alone in this, either in general or in this particular instance. The tall ghost-figure following her (figurative ghost, not literal, he has not been transparent since last summer and is intent on keeping that record lest Mamoru figure out still more creative ways to inflict vengeance) doesn't react to the incoming projectile. Which says quite a lot about how much he trusts Kyouko's reflexes. He glances past her over the arrangement of the roof, and one corner of his mouth twitches. "That's one way to recycle."
Stahlritter 2018-03-14 14:49:03 89454
That's weird. There's no sound from the ping pong ball landing anywhere.

Just before Alex ends up wondering too much about jusy what on earth happened, he turns himself over yo follow the aource of the voices, the hoodie-clad boy spinning about to face the direction of the stairs and the two there.

"...Oh. Hello," he calls out sheepishly, with one hand brought upwsrds, fingers wiggling. "I wasn't expecting someone else to come up here at this hour."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-03-14 14:53:40 89455
    "Well, that's your first mistake." Kyouko says, adopting the tone of a zen master, which sounds ridiculously out-of-place coming out of her mouth, which is likely the intent. "You must always anticipate the unanticipated." Then she smirks, returning to her normal street-inflected tones. "No big. Ping pong balls I can handle. Just don't go flingin' energy blasts around up here- magical people tend not to keep regular schedules, as I'm sure you know."

    She glances up at the sky. "Not that it's a particularly unusual time to be up here anyway. It's nice out, for a change. I hate winter."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-03-14 14:59:23 89456
"Not that it's impossible to arrange," Kazuo notes about the energy blasts. "Only that it's best not to do that sort of thing unaccompanied. Or without putting a sign on the door." Or without taking steps to protect the garden and Nephrite's telescope. "You're right, though; during the winter this place is mostly used at night. It's as it warms up that it starts seeing more traffic."

How much of that traffic is related to Kazuo himself using the roof as a solar battery to recharge ... for some reason he's not going to mention that.
Stahlritter 2018-03-14 15:15:22 89457
"That's the thing though," says Alex, while bouncing a ball up and down atop one hand. "I cant do ranged energy blasts in the first place. Me and Krieg just havent managed that. Supposedly our magic just straight isn't suited for it." And yet, in spite of that, here he is practising his aim.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-03-14 15:26:24 89458
    "Look, kid," Kyouko says, as she walks over to the edge of the rooftop, climbing up onto the low wall around the edge as if it ain't no thing and holding her arms out for balance as she begins to balance-beam walk above a 48-story drop without a care in the world while speaking, "Here's the thing. It's all about improvisation, right? Magic is well.. magic. You make it work for you. Just because somebody says you ain't suited for it doesn't mean you can't do it.. and doing shit people don't expect you to be able to do is one hell of an advantage in a fight."

    Of course, this is coming from a Puella, who are known to have extraordinarily flexible magic. And even then there's limits. Still 'energy blast' seems pretty basic- even if Kyouko's version generally involves hurling an energy-charged spear.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-03-14 15:31:06 89459
Kazuo glances aside at Kyouko and her balance-beam, and opts instead to lean against the wall beside the access door. Not a word spoken. After all: Kyouko is right. And Alex is practising his aim anyhow, which means that he's aware of where she's right and figuring out ways to work with both that and his limitations. And Kyouko is ... balance-beam walking over a 48-story drop.

And Kazuo, given his own limitations, closes his eyes and starts the somewhat drawn-out subdued light-show of his own henshin. Rather subdued. In the sunlight, it's hardly noticeable.
Stahlritter 2018-03-14 15:43:20 89460
"First of all , we've been over that kid thing; don't call me that." Alex wrinkles his nose in dissatisfaction with that. "Second-- you forget I ain't a stranger to streetfightin'." The ball finally ceases with the bouncing while he tosses a look towards Kyouko. Apparently the puella doing a tigthtrope act atop a skyscraper doesnt perturb him. But given what he knows about Puella, he probably figures she can manahe herself even if she falls. "Why do you tjink I am up here, practicing tossin' shit around?" That question is probably extended to Kazuo too, seeing as he tosses a glance to the white giant.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-03-14 15:46:18 89461
    "I'll call you whatever I want, just be glad I didn't pick 'asshole.'" Kyouko shoots back, but her tone is playful, rather than angry, as she continues to traipse back and forth on the foot-wide exterior wall of the rooftop. It shouldn't be that disturbing- 48 stories is plenty of time to henshin before you hit the ground. Plus the drop is only on one side.

    As to his latter response, she smirks. "Well, that's good. I'm encouraging you. Push your limits. Etc etc. All that cheerleader bullshit. It's good to experiment.. and it's good to work on your aim. 'Cuz I don't fancy getting shot by accident in a real fight." She laughs, then jumps down onto the rooftop again, glancing over towards Kazuo as she both sees and feels him henshin.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-03-14 15:56:25 89462
Plus one of their local healers is out of commission. Therefore Kazuo doesn't answer Alexis until he's worked his way through the irritatingly extended process of his henshin, and he's settled back to leaning against the wall again, but this time with a cape. Not actually concerned. Just adding a backup, much the same way there are still fire extinguishers stashed in the apartments a fire manipulator doesn't live in.

"One," Kunzite says to Alexis, "distractions. Two, technological weaponry. Three, the possibility of working your affinity for certain runes and channeling magic through your hands into a method for charging objects with power."
Stahlritter 2018-03-14 16:33:20 89463
"I might prefer that," notes Alex wryly in regards to the choice of things to call him. "Even if that might still prompt me to try and use you as a target for my training instead." This even comes with an indignant sticking out of his tongue and all.

And then cue Kazuo... being Kazuo, pretty much. Alex snaps his fingers, and directs a hand to pointing a finger at him. "This guy," the german says, with a flash of a toothy grin. "He understands how my mind works way too well. It's kind of scary."

"'Cept..." The bouncing of the ball upon his other hand returns, now, though only twice over before he grasps his fingers tightly around it. "I already figured out the formulas for that. Kinetic Energy generation and manipulation-- and transferrence. I'm just up here to make sure the actual aim with my throwing arm is going to keep up."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-03-14 16:43:27 89464
Kunzite says, absolutely deadpan even by his standards, "I take it that Kriegsfauste has been able to help you with your troubles with math, then."

This may be a form of encouraging Alex further to practice his aim.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-03-14 16:50:38 89465
    Kyouko snorts towards Alex as she walks back towards the center of the garden, finding a metal chair that goes with the patio set and spinning it around to sit on it backwards, with her arms crossed on the chairback and her chin resting on them. "You're welcome to try, if you think getting your ass beat will help your training." She pauses, then adds, "Though honestly, it usually does, 'least if you're smart enough to learn from it."

    She glances over towards Kazuo at Alex's second comment, smirking faintly, but fondly. "He does tend to be able to do that, yes." He understands Kyouko, too. But then again, that's never been terribly difficult.

    She makes a face. "Yuck, math." For someone who operates almost entirely on instincts and gut reactions, the idea of furthering your power through equations is unpalatable.
Stahlritter 2018-03-14 16:53:25 89466
"'Cept you already know all too well I don't go down well," Alex boasts with a damn near predatory look sent after Kyouko. "Any time, Kyouks."

And Kazuo makes that... *that* comment. And he almost splutters. "It's-- not actually math, though! I mean-- I guess it kinda is, but it's diffe-.. shut up!"
Kazuo Takeba 2018-03-14 16:58:16 89467
Kunzite's eyebrows twitch upward. "Perhaps," he says, "you should try reframing your math problems as magic problems." Not that he should really get a say, here. Given that he works n-dimensional physics problems as gut reactions, the same way that Kyouko can calculate the most bizarre trajectories for her spears without it ever having to trouble her conscious mind.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-03-14 17:01:32 89468
    "I know the only equation I need to know." Kyouko tells Kazuo, tilting her chin up. "Me plus an enemy equals just me." She grins, showing just a hint of fang.

    Then she looks at Alex. "I don't wanna know anything about how well you do or don't go down, but you're always a good fight. You should come to the gym with me and Mako-chan more often. It's always good to mix things up. At this point I'm confident that I could read Mako-chan like a book in a fight, which is valuable if we're ever fighting together," The idea of fighting against Mako-chan not entering her mind, "and I'm sure she could me, but getting too used to one sparring partner isn't good for the improvisation."
Stahlritter 2018-03-14 17:23:38 89469
"Well I mean--" mumbles and splutters Alex, with his arms coming to fold up together over his chest, head turning away rather purposefully from Kunzite with that. "...It comes way easier than some stupidly elaborate algebra problem written on paper by some stuffy professor! It's more practical!"

The notion that his parents might have been subtly conditioning him to be able to work the magic of Kriegsfauste does go through his mind too. He just doesn't like to dwell on it, see. That way lies madness.

So he promptly decides he's best off distracting himself from that particular path of thoughts by focusing on Kyouko, isntead, grinning her way the whole time. "That's the thing-- I *don't* go down. If I can figure out a decent route to come that way subtle-like, though, I'll take you up on that offer." The implication there being that he would much rather not accidentally lead his parents to her and Jupiter's training spot.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-03-14 17:40:37 89470
"Of course it does," Kunzite agrees -- not chasing the same thread Alex does, but reacting as if it were perfectly ordinary. "Calculus looks like nonsense to most of the people who study it by itself. But putting it in context with physics, seeing for oneself how it describes the relationships between place and speed and time, makes it easier to understand the math. Being able to see and feel the results is often the only thing that makes the study of the abstract rules worthwhile... except for the rare people who see enough beauty in the bare principles to pursue them for their own sake." One must always account for Ami. "So of course it comes easier, now that you can do that seeing and feeling, simulating various attempts, backing off from the ones that go wrong." He inclines his head toward Kyouko. "And making sure that others go right." Via stabbing, when necessary, oh yes.

There's an idle little gesture on the other topic, since his hands aren't occupied by his holding up the bit of wall. "We could always see about arranging one-time locations, if you're worried." Or the roof. When they have people around to guard against people being punched off the far side of the roof by accident. Ahem.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-03-14 17:50:43 89471
    Kyouko rolls her eyes. "Look dude, I get that your folks are scary and stuff, but anybody who wants to attack the place where me and Sailor Jupiter, let alone you too, are currently engaged in mock-violence ain't what I'd call smart. I mean, we'd already be warmed up and everything. You said they were smart, so I don't think we have to worry."

    She shrugs, then. "But y'know, whatever makes you comfortable. It's not like we can't train here or somewhere else either, I'm sure Mako-chan is pretty flexible on that sorta stuff too."

    She just eyes Kazuo at all his loving talk about math with this sort of 'you do you' look.
Stahlritter 2018-03-14 18:09:45 89472
"Is that why I was struggling with math homework all the time then?" Alex mumbles in apparent genuine surprise, brows jumping upwards slowly when his green gaze gets directed at Kunzite. "Because I didn't have a practical context?" Beat. "... That makes a weird amount of sense, actually."

He shrugs at Kyouko, then. "It's more that I'd rather not find out what they would *do* with that information, you know?" he points out. "There's more things to do with knowledge of where certain people hang out than just mounting a straight up assault on it or even an ambush, you know? I just want to be careful when it comes to them."

"Could probably just ask Rashmi to put up a slip-dimensional barrier, if it comes down to it. I haven't quite figured out how do that myself, yet, between my body still recovering and Krieg reformatting himself or something."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-03-14 18:16:54 89473
"That can be worked on when you're ready," Kazuo notes to Alex. "You have several sources for outside error-checking." Because 'accidentally get dumped into the Dusk Zone' is not really on the to-do list. Apparently he finds the actual question's answer to be obvious -- and thinks Alexis and Kyouko have the planning part under control.

That, or he's trying very hard not to either look amused at Kyouko's eyeing him, or suggest 'helpfully' that they practice around his father's house. Mamoru would be irritated if he pulled that last one.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-03-14 18:25:47 89474
    "You can't go around being too scared to do anything all the time just because your enemies might somehow find some way to use it against you." Kyouko says, her tone mildly annoyed, but not scornful. "That's how they win, cuz then they don't have to do anything and they've effectively taken you out of the picture. You gotta show 'em you ain't afraid. Then they start worrying about what you might be up to.. and even if you're up to nothing, they might be afraid to move against you. It's all mind games. Don't be reckless, but don't let 'em control you either."

    She shrugs her shoulders, leaning back in the chair and stretching her arms out. "That's what I think anyway." Of course, what works for Kyouko might not work for everybody and sometimes she has a hard time seeing that.
Stahlritter 2018-03-14 18:49:17 89475
"I'm taking it as fast as I can, honestly," Alex notes to Kazuo. "Just Krieg himself keeps putting limits. Saying how I'm not properly recovered or whatever-- and that he's not up to full capacity himself. I don't know what they were doing to him down there before you guys grabbed him, but I think he's been trying to reconstruct some bits of himself since then. So, you know-- I don't think we're going to be doing something huge like mix-dimensional pockets or whatever in a few days.

As for Kyouko's advice? He... well. He shakes his head first, at that. "It's not about being scared," he insists. "At this point, they already have the upper hand as far as the intelligence game goes. They know as much. And they're going to use that to their advantage. Just going in headfirst and without care with folk like this is going to end up in disaster."

"Besides, even if I am scared-- it's not myself I am scared for."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-03-14 19:03:30 89476
Kunzite inclines his head toward Alexis. "Kriegsfauste," he says blandly, "may have had opportunity to observe your occasional tendency to push your recovery a little too hard." Or a lot too hard. Alexis accidentally crippling his own magical capability would probably not be the absolute best of plans. The reconstruction of bits of himself prompts a slight frown, but apparently Kunzite believes the Device is likely to be handling that acceptably.

Though possibly making the volume control the last priority on purpose. Just because.

"We have a certain advantage in that, you and I," he says aside to Kyouko. And does not spell out 'God help us all if Alex's parents figure out it might be useful to them to kidnap Shingo.' Some things do not bear speaking of.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-03-14 19:12:06 89478
    Kyouko is on her feet all of a sudden, scowling faintly as she marches over to Alex and jabs a finger at him. "I ain't sayin' to 'go in' anywhere. And I ain't sayin' you should challenge them to a fight. What I'm sayin' is that if you spend all your time hiding then you're letting them win without them having to do anything. It's sweet that you're worried about us, y'know, that's definitely a good thing, but I got a newsflash for you- we can handle ourselves. Y'know, maybe that excuse flies when it's like.. Rashmi, or Mamoru in his current state, or even Sayaka. But I ain't scared, and so I don't need you to be scared for me, either."

    She glares at him for a moment.. then shrugs, turning to walk back over near Kunzite, her hands stuffed in the pockets of her hoodie. "If you're suggesting I'm not worried for my friends and family, you're wrong." She says to him. "But I also ain't afraid to put anybody in the ground who tries to mess with 'em. I don't care how big and scary they are."

    That reckless confidence is something to be admired... sometimes.
Stahlritter 2018-03-14 19:38:12 89479
"I have no idea what you are talking about," Alex promptly protests to Kazuo.

Because of course he doesn't.

Even if he did, all his attention is taken up by Kyouko when she all but stomps her way over to him and goes on that tirade. But he doesn't flinch. Not from the jabbing, not the lecture, not the glare.

"There are a lot of friends and family who can't deal with these things the same way as we can," he murmurs then, voice low as it rumbles through his throat. "And we can't have eyes everywhere all the time. But they..." He shakes his head. "If I didn't acknowledge what they could do if I am not careful about how to deal with these things, I would have already just charged the Raskoph Conglomerate's regional offices. I don't care what happens to me. But all those people tied to me, and the people tied to all those other people-- I am not going to have them in some hostage situation just because they want *me*."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-03-14 19:46:32 89480
"No-one is doubting you," Kunzite says to Kyouko, quiet and steady. "Not in the slightest." Not if they want to remain unperforated. "It's only that it's polite to ask others about these things, rather than volunteer them. So we should see what Makoto is comfortable with. That's all." Apparently he's not worried about what Alexis is saying, one way or the other. Everyone has their priorities. Lacrima is higher on Alexis's scale; Kyouko is higher on Kunzite's.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-03-14 19:56:11 89481
    Kyouko looks mildly abashed at Kunzite's comments. She remains absolutely sure that Makoto could handle herself, but he does make a good point about the fact that Kyouko shouldn't speak for the other girl. "I guess you're right. I'm sure she'd say it's fine but I shouldn't volunteer her without asking." She says after a moment, only then glancing over her shoulder towards Alexis.

    "But you're not listening to what I'm telling you. It's one thing to not expose the vulnerable people in your life. Its another thing to not do anything because you're afraid of what could go wrong. Nothing ventured nothing gained, y'know? No pain, no gain? All that BS has more than a grain of truth to it." She sighs a little bit and shrugs her shoulders. "Eh, what do I care anyway. Do what you like."
Stahlritter 2018-03-14 20:05:14 89482
"And you are looking at it on just a one-track mind," Alexis counters with a bit more of a snap in his voice hinting at irritation, brows burrowing downwards. "I am not doing nothing. I am working careful and one step at a bloody time so that I don't drag undeserving people into the shit just because I am hot goods in the worst possible way right now. Even I've learned well enough that sometimes a problem can't be solved by just holding out your arms and yelling 'come at me bruv!', and that's right now."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-03-14 20:08:59 89483
"Practical context, remember," Kunzite says -- to Alexis, this time. Mostly just holding his place; a shift of weight has taken him a little toward Kyouko, an inch or two maybe. It might or might not be interpreted as having her back. Not that she usually needs anyone to. Not prodding at him, only a casual curiosity: "How often have you been going out lately?"
Kyouko Sakura 2018-03-14 20:14:51 89484
    "Your problem, right now," Kyouko says, turning back to face Alex, "Is that you're confusing 'careful' with 'hesitation'. Being careful is good. But not when it makes you afraid to act. All you're doing is giving your enemies time to work on whatever they're working on, advance their plans and who knows what else. Be careful. Think about alternatives and make predictions. But do something. Something besides throwing ping pong balls at old soda cans. Because if you don't, they will, and you can bet your ass they ain't gonna be put off by being worried for other people."

    She frowns, glanzing to Kunzite. "Not that I'm saying that's right. But it comes back to what I said before, yeah? DOing what they don't expect.. that's how you win." Besides, holding out her arms and yelling 'come at me' has always worked out pretty well for Kyouko. But at least she has the sense not to say that out loud.

    "Anyway. The offer of sparring and stuff still stands, but I gotta go get ready for work." She casts a mock-salute towards Alex, bumps a shoulder into Kunzite on her way past, then heads back down the stairs.
Stahlritter 2018-03-14 20:24:25 89485
"Seeing as you're even asking that," mutters Alex, with a sharp look sent to Kunzite's way. "Way more than you think."

"And Kyouko--" he goes on then, while he turns himself towards the edge of the rooftop, all-too-casually walking towards it. "Next time you talk me down for not gambling the well being of everyone around me on the notion that I have the biggest dick in town by default, at least have the bloody decency to not assume I am just sitting on my ass."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-03-14 20:30:12 89486
Kunzite's head tilts toward the shoulder-bump, reflex, and he tags the back of her shoulder with a couple of fingertips as she's through the door. "Good luck," he wishes her very nearly as reflexively.

And then glances to Alex, with a faint little flicker of amusement around his eyes. "I haven't been monitoring. After all. If anything follows you back in the middle of the night, that's Nephrite's problem."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-03-14 20:33:40 89487
    "Just calling it like I see it, Raskoph!" Kyouko's voice echoes back up the stairwell, but then she's gone and on her way. Always needs to have the last word.
Stahlritter 2018-03-14 20:44:19 89488
"And she calls me a kid," grumbles Alex by the time Kyouko is already gone, letting out a sharp grunt somewhere deep in his throat.

Upon reaching the railing seperating the rooftop from certain terminal velocity, the german bounces himself up onto the beam, balancing upon it with an utterly dangerous casualness, to the point of spinning himself around to facing Kazuo again.

"Avoiding monitors is kind of part of the idea," he points out. "And if something comes following me, I'll at least have the decency to not let it come here. And for whatever it's worth-- if that whatever turns out to be too much, I have Krieg linked to my phone so he can send a call to you and a couple other people in an instant if need be. But I am in a foul mood and I need to do something more productive to deal with that."

And with that, like a pole held atop the ground and relieved of it's support, the boy's body just tilts backwards, towards the side of the railing that very firmly lands on the 'fall' side of the equation. "Later," is all he lets out, before he unceremoniously falls out of view.

Someone has gotten way too used to superpowered travel, clearly.