Welcome Home, Fate-chan!

Nanoha Takamachi finds out the Takamachi's are taking on a visitor for a while. It's Fate Testarossa! WARNING: Blatant Lack of Honorifics!!??

Date: 2018-03-18
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Nanoha Takamachi 2018-03-18 21:27:46 89566
Nanoha's Takamachi's Birthday was a few days ago. She often always has a smaller thing. Nanoha Takamachi doesn't like a big thing made of her Birthday and after the end of all the recent garbage that had happened- of the magical kind- she was looking forward to a small one with her family.

She got some new Virtual Novel game for the handheld game console that was all the rage. She got her own pair of oven mitts because she was gonna be old enough soon to help with the /ovens/. But there was other gifts too. Strange things. A new dresser? A bed? A night stand? She had all these things and they weren't... old or raggeed or damaged.

She was told that, they would have a visitor soon- that could be staying for a little while. That the Takamachis we're talking with someone about something.

Also that Nanoha would be sharing her room with this visitor. This didn't bother Nanoha much, except maybe the prospect of hiding the talking ferret and this made her worry a little bit. Her worries we're more on hiding the magical stuff than, actually sharing her room.

THUSLY, the rest of the family- cousin and brother and sister we're running the shop while Momma and Papa Takamachi waited outside, on today on a table inside the bakery cafe, with Nanoha who peeked with wide eyes. Who was the person coming to stay? Was she nice? Mom and dad never pondered this kind of thing before.

....How would she respond if she caught Yuuno talking? Maybe she was secretly a magical girl too.

Nanoha briefly has this thought bubble of living with Sailor Moon, before it switches to a broke, closed bakery and a Sailor Moon eating all the baked goods and she shakes her head out of it.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-03-18 21:53:55 89567
    It is not Sailor Moon coming to live in Midori-ya bakery. That's the good thing. But there isn't too long of a wait before another familiar blonde head with hair in long twin tails comes along.
    Fate Testarossa arrives, looking unsure as she pushes open the door to the bakery, by herself, sans Arf. There's a glance left, then a peer right, before scarlet eyes find way to Nanoha's parents.
    The last time she had come to Midori-ya it was for a cake for that hateful woman she called her mother. It was tense and awkward. This time it is still just as tense and awkward as she approaches the table, offering Momoko and Shirou Takamachi a deep bow.
    "I'm... I'm here now."
    Maybe thatcmight clue Nanoha in to things.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-03-18 22:28:52 89568
Nanoha Takamachi looks away to her parents for just a moment. She's about to ask them a question about who's coming when there's suddenly... Fate-chan? She blinks, what's she doing here? She looks to her parents. There's a soft series of nods there, and then she's practically crawling over the chair to run over to Fate-chan. "Fate-chan!" she says as she runs up to her.

Shirou and Momoka get up at the same time and offer Fate-chan a bow. There is a short introduction. "Hello, Fate-chan." says Momoka first. "I'm Momoka Takamachi and this is my husband, Shirou Takamachi. "We look forward to you staying with us." she says. "We understand you're familiar with Nanoha-chan already." she says with a short smile.

"We'll get more aquantied when everyone's done working at dinner time, okay? For now, Nanoha-chan can show you to where you'll be staying and settle down before dinner." she says.

Nanoha Takamachi nods rapidly and offers her hand.

"I can do that!" she says rapidly. She doesn't need to worry about Yuuno talking so much right now at least.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-03-18 22:36:05 89569
    This is the place. These are the right people. It's confirmed. This is where Fate will be staying. Though the girl now displays a shyness that she had not before. It's a new side to Fate. Unsure now that she's 'free' of the shackles of an abusive mother. Every step, every word, every action is cautious but measured. Perfectly polite but perhaps surprisingly meek.
    "Fate Testarossa." She introduces herself to the elder Takamachis with another bow, before Nanoha arrives. Fate tenses briefly from the surprise- even though she knows full well 'this is where Nanoha lives' and should not be surprised. But when she turns to face the girl there's a tiny smile on her lips.
    The tone of her voice says it well enough, she is familiar with the other girl. But to be shown where she'll be staying? "... I'd like that."
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-03-18 22:57:26 89570
If any of the parents take note of the lack of an honorific none seem particularly worried about it. Except maybe Nanoha's father who might raise a brow at this but doesn't say anything. At least in front of Fate and Nanoha.

Maybe when they leave. Regardless, they need to help the rest of the family in the bakery now. There are big special orders to do aswell as regular bakery stock to bake during the day!

"Come on, Fate~." she says, as she leads the girl past a small little rocking door past the bakery up some stairs. A pause.

"My family live in the apartment over the bakery. It always smells like fresh baked bread because of that." she says meekly. "But there are worse things to smell like." she says.

"Um... dining room and kitchen um...." she passes. "Bathroom... um. Kyoya's room... Miyuki's room, Um Mom and Dads and.... um!" she opens the door!

"This is my room!" she says. "Well uh. Our room I guess now. Because you're staying here now." she nods matter of factly. Nevermind that. Fate had an entire huge apartment to herself. Young girls shouldn't be living alone. Lindy knew that much.

Indeed, Nanoha's room is a normal room. It isn't done up too ornately (and he side is a little messy because she lives here and is a normal young girl. But not insanely so.).

There's a poster that came with that VN game she got on the wall on her side and apparently most of the mess seems to be made to make room for Fate's side--and Nanoha just hasn't found where to put everything away yet. There isn't that much. She'll manage. She has new plastic tubs on the bed for it, you see!

"Um. I think that. Momma was gonna take us out tonight if you needed things." she says. "Like clothes and stuff for your side of the room." she says. "Or anything else you need like that." she says meekly. There IS a TV sitting square in the middle of the line. And there's also a few game consoles. Because of course there is.

Also a tiny hammock. There's a little brown furball napping in it. She looks up.

"...That's Yuuno's hammock. He's sleeping." she says. A pause as she looks down.

"...is Arf not staying with us too?..." she asks curiously. She did notice an absence of Arf suddenly.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-03-18 23:10:08 89571
    Fate thinks nothing of it. Though for as polite as she is, she can't quite fall back on the 'foriegn' girl excuse. Still, if Nanoha's parents have anything to say about it, she probably won't hear it right this second, if at all. She follows, lips pursed thoughtfully at the notion of a house always smelling like fresh bread.
    "It's a nice smell." The blonde notes plainly as she's given the tour, taking the layout to memory as she's led to the room that she'll be sharing... With her new friend.
    "Ah... I have most of the things from my old apartment ready to be moved." She explains simply. While the penthouse apartment and view was lovely, it was a very lonely existence even with Arf around. "Arf is handling some errands, but I thought if there was room then she could too?" Ventured hesitantly. Arf would be fine in girl form or dog form with the Takamachi residence, it's all down to Nanoha's parents though.
    That's when she notices the napping fuzzball. "Ah, he's here too."
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-03-18 23:31:20 89572
Lindy probably said that a friend of Fate's may visit often and that Fate also has a dog and that the fact that the dog and the friend share the same name is a coincidence or that Fate named the dog after her friend. Basically, the Arf situation has been handled to account for various common incidents Lindy may had foreseen already.

"...May need to discuss that with Momma and Poppa tonight." she says softly. "I mean I have no problem with Arf living here!" she says with wide eyes. "But I don't own the bakery...." a pause. "Yet." she winks.

She nods a bit. "Good then." she says. She smiles, and then looks back up to Yuuno. "Well yeah. He lives with me." she says. "Not.. much else he can go. But he's a friend, so it doesn't really matter anyways." she smiles.

A pause. "It doesn't bother you, right?" she asks.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-03-18 23:46:50 89573
    The Arf situation will resolve itself one way or another. The house should be big enough for everyone though, even if Arf has to stay in puppy form to save space. But on to other matters. Fate shakes her head.
    "It doesn't bother me." She says in regards to Yuuno. "After all, he helped you help me, didn't he?" She murmurs softly, both hands clasping Nanoha's. The issue with Arf can be resolved later. For right now she's just happy to have a place to live where she won't be so entirely on her own anymore. "I um. I'm going to be tranferring to your school." She notes. "I thought it was for the best. To try and be closer now."