Cookies and Sour Dream

With Kukai.

Date: 2018-03-19
Pose Count: 23
Sailor Earth 2018-03-19 05:09:27 89574
Mirai - Sailor Earth - is actually, for once, not busy in some plan to further the scene or longingly tracing her fingers against the reliefs of the Golden Kingdom at D-Point - instead, she's sitting at a booth alone, drinking from a vanilla milkshake, and tapping half-attentively at some game on her phone.
Kukai Souma 2018-03-19 05:23:23 89575
It's a cool, wet evening in Tokyo. Rain yesterday, rain tomorrow, but today, just humid and breezy and chill. More people than you'd expect are out on the town for such a dank day, but the recent weather means that this is a chance for people to get things done and enjoy the outdoors without the water from the sky threatening to wash them away.

One of those people happens to be Kukai Souma, and he has decided to come enjoy the bounty of treats that is the Game Center Crown cafe. The idea of a chocolate milkshake and something to eat sounds so far up his alley that the pull cannot be stopped. Except as he enters he looks around at the others in the cafe and sees someone that he has to double take at. There's a curve to the face and body - a feminine, girlish twist to a face that could be called feminine to begin with - but the short hair, the face, the general height and build and taste in milkshakes and phone games. If he didn't know better he'd say this was Mamoru's fraternal twin sister. More than that, Daichi, sitting on Kukai's shoulder, perks up, looking at her, sensing the faintest wash of magic from her. Even if she didn't look like whom she looked like, Kukai would want to talk to her anyways.

Kukai passes by her table and slows, then stops near it, leaning over to peer at her a little more closely. Inevitably she'd look up at him and he'd grin at her. "Oop. Sorry. It's just.. you look so much like someone I know it's scary!"
Sailor Earth 2018-03-19 05:42:59 89576
Mirai looks up from her milkshake. Then takes another drink of it anyways, before looking back up. It was a useful pause for her to find words that wouldn't draw unwanted attention or hostility. "OR." she begins, dramatically. "Someone you know looks like ME." She notes, gesturing with her other hand to the seat across from her.

"Take a seat and we can talk, if you like." she asks, and maybe even flutters her eyelashes for JUST a moment before returning to her milkshake. "...Why do they call it an ice cream smoothie here, anyways? It's a milkshake. Plain and simple."
Kukai Souma 2018-03-19 05:54:34 89577
Kukai seats himself across from her, knowing when to take a win when it comes to talking to someone new. Plus the eyelash fluttering was almost disturbingly attractive. Kukai shrugs and nods, still smiling at her. "That's entirely possible! There's only so many different ways people can look, you know. But you're prettier than he is. Which is saying something - he could pass as a girl himself if he tried. Anyway! I'm Kukai."

Kukai bows his head to her. "... Oh, that. Well, from what I understand, something happened that made it so that some of the regulars would be violently sick anytime they heard the word 'milkshake'. I wasn't around when it happened, so I don't know anything more than that. And really, I didn't ask anybody who would know. It sounded like an awful story. For what it's worth, it's a milkshake to me, too."

Daichi hops down off Kukai's shoulder and looks up at the girl for a moment, cocking his head, curious about her.
Sailor Earth 2018-03-19 06:15:21 89578
"Milkshakes it is." she says with an affirmative headnot. "My name is M-" and she stops. "Mirai. Mirai Terra." she almost winces a bit when she has to stop saying 'Mamoru' but seems to recover with the name that was given to her.

"Anyways." she pauses, and looks rigfht at Daichi. If she can't see him, it's terribly coincidental. "Hmm." She doesn't elaborate.

"So Kukai, I guess you don't go to Infinity? I've not seen you."
Kukai Souma 2018-03-19 06:22:46 89579
Kukai grins and nods. "Milkshakes over ice cream smoothies. I actually came in today for a chocolate one but I can pick it up in a few minutes. I wanted to say hello to you first." He hmms, nodding to her. "That's a nice name." 'Future Earth'? He's not so sure how to take that, honestly, but he at least keeps the confusion off his face.

Daichi blinks and looks right back up at her, all naive curiousity and big golden brown eyes and 'Oooo' face. Kukai eyes her, pretty sure she can see him, but willing to let her take the lead for magical things. "No, actually. I go to Seiyou Public School. I have friends in the other schools, though. Have you visited any of the other campuses? They've all got a lot of good things about them, which is something I like about all of them - everywhere has different and cool things going on."
Sailor Earth 2018-03-19 06:56:06 89580
Mirai shakes her head. "I haven't yet, no. I'm only really in Tokyo as of recently. It's hard to explain, but it might be easiest if you just consider it like I've only recently moved here." She then dispels all thoughts about the likelihood that she can see Daichi by reaching out and patting him, somewhat gently, on the head.

"So you told me your name, Kukai, but not his." she says with a smile, and her eyes glimmer like the moonlight reflecting off a clear ocean.
Kukai Souma 2018-03-19 07:09:06 89581
Kukai slowly nods, taking in Mirai's words, listening to her. As to where she came from, there's no real way to know. Maybe she came from the past. Maybe she came from an alternate past. Maybe she's a ghost or a spirit in a body. Maybe she's a dragon that slept for thousands of years who thinks she's... who knows what. Mamoru said she'd been making a lot of noise about ruling the world, but so far Kukai hadn't seen anything like that. "Well, hey, think of it like this. First you were somewhere else, and now you're here. As long as your past doesn't come chasing you around, it doesn't matter, right?"

Daichi erks, but then giggles, leaning against her hand and smiling. Kukai chuckles and nods. "Sort of a test, sorry. I can't bring him up if you can't see him. His name's Daichi. He's my Guardian Chara. It's a long story." He hmms, folding up his hands, placing his elbows on the table, and resting his head on them, looking at her - judging her in a non-hostile manner, one could say. "So... You can see him. What other sort of tricks do you have that you feel comfortable telling me about?"
Sailor Earth 2018-03-19 07:16:46 89582
Mirai smirks. "Sure, sure. He's kinda adorable in like... a bite-sized way." she adds, before returning to her Very Much A Milkshake.

"Well, I can feel the heartbeat of the Earth. The planet, not the like... meaning that means rock. And I can use the energy it has to heal people." She doesn't mention anything more nefarious that she's done or could do.

"But I don't get a mini-me floating around. Guess that's a you-thing."
Kukai Souma 2018-03-19 07:28:05 89583
Kukai laughs and Daichi blushes, looking up at her. "Adorable, huh? Hear that Daichi, she thinks you're adorable." Daichi squeaks. "But she said she wants to eat me!" Kukai shakes his head. "That's not what she ... it's a metaphor." Once again Daichi is happy that normal people can't see him and how much he's blushing. Also backing away from her a little.

Kukai nods. Part of him files that away as 'she's got a lot of Mamoru's powers' and then shakes his head, getting a picture of her in his head in a tuxedo and mask. Geez. "That's good, then! Healing people is always a positive thing. The world needs more healers." He grins at Mirai and nods. "Nah. Guardians are..." He considers Daichi for a second. "Manifestations of a wish made from my heart that ended up granting me power. That's the quick version. He's got his own mind and desires, though." Kukai smiles. "Guardians are more of the emotionally focused people in town. We try to fix people's hearts and feelings."
Sailor Earth 2018-03-19 07:31:36 89584
Mirai's eyes seem to brighten. "Maybe you can fix the hearts of my friends. They don't remember me. They don't remember things right. They remember them all wrong and with someone else. But I'm sure that, since you've got Daichi, you know what it's like to feel something so strongly from your heart."

She reaches over and grabs his hand suddenly. "To have an internal truth that you need to make real. Just like you appear to have done, if what you told me is right."
Kukai Souma 2018-03-19 07:38:38 89585
Kukai listens to her talk, thinking. "Sure, I know what it's like to want something more than anything else. Of course." He starts as she reaches over, grabbing his hand. It's the most emotion she's shown in the entire conversation. "Ah... sure, yeah, I know what you mean. But I can't make other people feel things they don't want to. I just have to try and find the truth, and lead people to that."

Kukai squeezes her hand, reassuring her, and then nods. "OK. Back up for a minute. Start at the beginning, or as close to it as you're comfortable with." He looks around the cafe for a moment, then nods, seeing as how there's not really anyone listening to them at this point. "I'll listen."
Sailor Earth 2018-03-19 07:41:25 89586
She sighs. "Sorry, I've just... re-lived this so much lately, trying to explain to them how I feel." A deep breath, a pause.

"Imagine if your friends, the people you feel closest to, even closer than family, forgot you. They forgot the times you spent together, the places you were, the lessons they taught you and you taught them. Imagine how that would make you feel."
Kukai Souma 2018-03-19 07:47:21 89587
Kukai squeezes her hand again to try and help comfort her, help her relax, and nods. "Look. Until you solve this thing, you may have to tell a lot of people the same thing over and over and over again. But it's ok." He leans on the table, listening to her talk. "I've had a few situations close to that sort of thing, but not just like it, so I know what it's like to deal with people having memory issues. I understand what you mean, even if I can't possibly feel the same thing." He rubs his chin, thinking. "So... why don't they remember you? What happened? Is it just.. time and distance? Or did something happen to you? Or to them?"
Sailor Earth 2018-03-19 07:49:50 89588
Mirai sighs. "If I knew, I'd fix it. Without going into too much detail they... got here before I did, got started, got the wrong history and clung to it and now I'm here and there's just... it's like there's no space for me." She pauses. And then her look gets more firm, more firey, more emotional.

"No, it's like someone STOLE my space, corrupted my friends, made them believe lies. And when I try to fix things, put them back the way they should be, I'm hated for it."
Kukai Souma 2018-03-19 08:19:46 89589
Kukai nods, looking at her, then hmms. "Are you sure they're the messed up ones? That someone didn't hit you with the magical whammy and mess you up instead?" He holds up the other hand, the one not holding hers, in a defensive 'don't get mad at me' sort of motion. "I'm just saying this because this is a big deal. You have to be sure you know what's going on in a situation like this. Magic is crazy - it makes no logical sense. You -know- that from the heart. So, what can you think of that would make it that much crazier? Is it possible there's a solution that has both you and the other people right?"
Sailor Earth 2018-03-19 08:41:51 89590
Mirai stops, and pulls her hand back from his. "I mean. I've thought about it. But I've seen the evidence. I know my memories are real. If they're not real then I'm not real. And I'm sitting right here."

"When I'm there, touching the artifacts, I can feel it just... as easily as I can feel the chill of this milkshake in my hands. And I'm asserting the truth, taking the energy that's mine from the usurper. If I wasn't... me, I couldn't do that."
Kukai Souma 2018-03-19 08:57:12 89591
Kukai nods. "I know what you mean. And yes, you're real. I'm looking at you, I'm talking to you. Your hand was perfectly real. But.." He rubs the back of his neck, sighing. "The last thing I want is for you to think I'm gaslighting you or something stupid like that, but just recently someone that I knew was a boy was suddenly both a boy and a girl because of a particularly wicked and dangerous piece of magic. Now, both of them were the same person - he had that dichotomy within him of both boy and girl, naturally - but because of the spell they were literally two different people, split apart, and it threatened the existance of both of them. So I have to keep a neutral level of skepticism about everything."

Kukai stares at her, still smiling, and taps the table with one hand. "That being said, I believe you when you say you're real, when you're... doing the things you said you were doing. But it's still possible it's not a usurper, but that something else is going on. I'm not gonna say that that's what's going on. But it's still something to consider. I mean maybe things went exactly how you say they did but just not in this dimension." Kukai tastes the words in his mouth, working his tongue, then shakes his head. "So weird to say something like that. But it's possible."

Kukai sighs and nods to her. "So.. what I want to ask is, have you gone to the usurper in a peaceful, non-hostile manner, and really tried to talk things out? A lot of the time if people could just... talk to one another. Like we're doing. We could all solve so many of our problems a lot easier." He shakes his head. "A loooot easier."
Sailor Earth 2018-03-19 09:17:09 89592
Mirai shrugs. "I mean, you can't see what I see or feel what I feel so we're both just... doing the best we can with the information we have." She pauses. "I have thought about this a lot but I'm sure I'm right."

"If I'm not from this Dimension then I'm here now and I should..." she pauses and doesn't finish, but it might sound suspiciously like she'd planned to make things fit her worldview regardless.

"I can't. He's like a leech. Stealing my power. My birthright. My friends, my love, my NAME." She slams her fist down on the table, and for a moment Kukai and Daichi can both pick up on energy. It's not evil, per se, but it's definitely WEIRD. She takes a deep breath and the flash of energy is gone.

"I mean I tried but I feel physically ill when I'm around him."
Kukai Souma 2018-03-19 09:34:43 89593
Kukai lets out a long breath, then nods. "Well. The main thing I want is to solve things without fighting if I can help it. But so.. if you're not from here, then you're gonna make the best of it anyways and pick things up as if though you were?" He shrugs. "That's not such a bad idea."

Kukai hmms, listening to her, and then both he and Daichi sit straight up, trying to figure out what that energy was. "So... what, you're gonna beat it out of him? Or beat him out of the way? That's no way to be, and you know it. Might doesn't make right." He leans back in the booth, thinking, as Daichi continues looking up at Mirai. "Well. Maybe a phonecall or text chat or something?"
Sailor Earth 2018-03-19 09:47:51 89594
Mirai pauses. And says nothing for a moment. And drinks her milkshake. It's loud, because she's drinking down the last of it.

"I'm trying to 'be' another way now, but without my friends to even back me up the only thing I am is isolated. And then people tell me I'm wrong." People, here, being Kukai, by the glare in her eyes.

"I'll do whatever I have to do in order to get back all of the things that are stolen from me - friends, love, the world itself. This world is so grey, and it should be Golden and beautiful."
Kukai Souma 2018-03-19 09:57:53 89595
Kukai waits patiently for her to finish her milkshake, then sighs. "Look... I'm not saying you're wrong. It just may not be so black and white as 'he's the bad guy, I'm in the right, I'll pound him and take back what's mine.' I wish it was but there's only a few people I've seen so far that 'punching them to pieces' was the right answer. And you're not isolated. You said it yourself - you're new. Take the time to get to know people and make friends, then you won't be alone!" Kukai grins back at that glare.

Kukai shakes his head again. "I can agree with you on wanting to have the good things in life that you've lost." He goes silent for a moment, thinking about that, before continuing. "But even when it's painful, the world is a rainbow of beautiful colors. Not grey. It's never been grey."

Kukai stretches and stands, figuring the meeting is coming to a rapid close with the end of her drink. "Anyway, I won't keep you." He digs in his pocket, and then passes her a little handwritten card with a line of numbers on it. "That's my cell phone number. If you need to talk or something's going on or your powers are going crazy call me, ok? I'll do what I can for you." He bows to her and smiles. "It was nice meeting you Mirai. I hope to see you around soon."
Sailor Earth 2018-03-19 10:00:57 89596
Mirai takes the card and looks over it. She makes a sort of... odd sound, neither approving nor dissapproving, and then pockets it. "I'll try." she notes. Because she doesn't know if she will. The whole thing is so frustrated. She has that very well-known look of someone trying to be pleasant but faced with a distinctly unpleasant situation.

"Thank you for listening, at least, Kukai."