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Date: 2018-03-23
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Cheri Koumori 2018-03-23 18:08:39 89749
A few days had passed since a mysterious new Mew had arrived in town and had a run in with another bat girl. fortunately things went well and Lacrima had set up a meeting between Cherry and the other Mew. The choice of place was perhaps odd, in the middle of the night in an old abandoned. church, but it had been Black Cherry's choice for whatever reason..
Makio Ryu 2018-03-23 18:12:16 89750
It'd be lying to say Macaroon wasn't a little concerned about the meeting place after what he'd heard about Cherry. Still, this is really something he needs to look into, and for once it's HIS business instead of him butting his nose into someone else's or being sent off on some mission by the bosses. No way it'd be right for him to back down NOW when it feels like he might be the one in place to try and prevent something nasty.

It is as such that the sailor/pirate-esque mahou boy makes his way into the indicated church, quitetly shifting his eyes about for who he's supposed to be meeting with.
Cheri Koumori 2018-03-23 18:21:16 89751
The church seems empty just now, and Mew Black Cherry seems to be fashionably late perhaps. But then again it's dark in here, and just about anything could be lurking in here..

After a moment however, a soft fluttering of wings can be heard, then a shadowy form appears a few feet before Makio, her voice smooth, sultry and almost teasing as she regards him. "Good evening..You must be Mew Macaroon...How nice to meet you!" after a moment, there is a flicker of light and a candle bursts to life in her hands. It sure is dark and spooky in here at night. Good thing she brought a candle!
Makio Ryu 2018-03-23 18:25:29 89752
Macroon offers a grin as the other mew greets him and lights up the candle. "Hey, good to meet you too," he replies, "I heard a little about you, and I'm surprised it's my first time getting to meet you..." Despite feeling a LITTLE nervous inside, he's the picture of cool and confident on the outside right now. He's just showing his usual grin while greeting this stranger as if nothing he's heard has concerned him.
Cheri Koumori 2018-03-23 18:36:24 89753
Mew Black Cherry flashes an unusually sweet smile as she starts to walk around the ruined church, lighting up candles in the surrounding sconces.Despite the fact that it's old, abandoned and creepy it seems that the candles at least are new; Perhaps she spends quite a bit of time here. Finally she twirls around to face him, seeming to be sizing him up, black pointy bat ears twitching curiously. "I guess I've been keeping a low profile until recently. Most people hate and fear bats afterall. But when I heard there were other Mews, I just had to meet them and perhaps learn a bit more about who and what I am.."
Makio Ryu 2018-03-23 18:43:43 89754
Mew Macaroon chuckles slightly, though it doesn't seem like it's meant to be making fun of her in anyway. "Don't I know that feeling," he murmurs, "Well, um, I'm Mew Macaroon, but you already knew that. There was only one other Mew I knew about until now, but she's been really busy with things in her personal life recently...unfortunately, unless more mystery mews like you pop up, it looks like it's just you and me that are around to get the story figured out." He gives an awkward smile and rubs the back of his neck. "So hopefully I can take care of things for you." He crosses his arms, looking thoughtful. "Any specific topic you want to start with?"
Cheri Koumori 2018-03-23 18:51:07 89755
Mew Black Cherry nods slowly, thoughtfully, "Hmmm so there is just you and one other? Wow, I figured there would be more than that.." she cranes her neck, trying to figure out what kinda mew he is. "I do have some questions..You say you're a mew but you don't seem to have any animal features. Also, do you know what that crazy beam was that hit us? That's when everything went funny."
Makio Ryu 2018-03-23 19:01:38 89756
Mew Macaroon nods in reply. "Yeah, that beam was the work of two guys trying to find some people to help them protect the planet," he states, "...I didn't really find the method very agreeable, but what's done is done." He shrugs a little. "I've been doing a lot better since I figured out what I was but...I didn't take so well to suddenly eating my own pets without knowing why..."
Cheri Koumori 2018-03-23 19:04:16 89757
Mew Black Cherry arches a brow, peering at him intently. "Two guys? What, are they scientists? Have they been planning this for a while or was it all a big accident? It's pretty rude to be blasting people without their consent.." she smirks, folding her Aaron's, wings wrapping around her. "I mean, not that I mind these lovely new powers..If you know them though, I would like to meet them.." she blinks, "You ate your pets?"
Makio Ryu 2018-03-23 19:11:04 89758
Mew Macaroon nods in reply. "Scientists, it sounded like they'd planned it and knew exactly what they were hitting on," he states, "Which is why it was such a surprise when I hadn't heard about you...I'm wondering if you just managed to slide under their radar some how." He frowns slightly and nods. "Fish...I have trouble when it comes to fish..." he murmurs, "Which sucks cause now I like fish BOTH ways."
Cheri Koumori 2018-03-30 04:35:05 89864
Cheri Koumori just smiles a mysterious smile and shrugs, "Who knows? I guess other..Pressing matters came up first? But why didn't they just ASK people if they wanted to be blasted with DNA? I mean, are you saying that they had some whole destiny already plotted out for those of us who got hit? I'm...Not so sure I like that..And what exactly are they trying to protect the planet from?" she smirks a bit at the mention of fish. "Ooh, fish is it? How..Interesting..And you are nuts about fish in human form too?"
Makio Ryu 2018-03-30 04:39:59 89865
Mew Macaroon nods in reply. "In a different way," he answers, "But yeah..." "And that kind of stuff is what bothered me too, but they insist there wasn't time or choice. I mean, aside from the fish thing, I'm fine with it for me but, the other mew was a little torn up over the entire thing..." He peers over the candles a little before looking toward her again.

"Speaking of plans, what's your's?"
Cheri Koumori 2018-03-30 04:43:56 89866
Cheri Koumori narrows her eyes and looks away, folding her arms. For a moment she seems..Annoyed, even a little angry about something. "...Our destiny is not up to them to determine. I will shape my own destiny, my own way." she glances back at him, still smiling that mysterious smile, "But, I'd be ~happy~ to help you out..Afterall, we Mews gotta stick together, right?" she smirks and winks, "Soo, just you and some other girl, huh? But that beam spread pretty far..I'll bet there are other, undiscovered Mews out there still.." as for her own plans, she frowns a little, tensing slightly, "Hmmm, well...Let's just say..I have a friend I promised to help out.."
Makio Ryu 2018-03-30 04:52:52 89867
Mew Macaroon gives a nod. "Yeah, I'm sure there's a lot more than just three of us though.." he murmurs. He's not missed her question about WHAT they're supposed to be fighting, no, he's just not sure yet how he wants to answer that one. "Yeah we do," he'd reply to sticking together, "Which is why I'm wondering about your plans...maybe I should phrase that differently." "Don't jump to the wrong conclusion here, but I know about your situation," he states, "I want to learn more about it... If there's some way I can help out, or anything?"
Cheri Koumori 2018-03-30 04:57:21 89868
Mew Black Cherry smiles, "Then, perhaps we should focus on trying to find the others, hmm? Annd...What about a base of operations? Do you have one?" she stiffens a bit when he talks about 'knowing her situation'. "Err..You do?" eyes narrow a bit suspiciously, "Oh, you mean about trying to get used to being a Mew Mew, huh? Well, that's easy, I mean, I just follow my instincts..Just like you eat fish..." she lets her sentence trail off there, not entirely sure how much she wants to reveal about herself. Instead, Mew Cherry shrugs, "Mm I'm sure we could help each other by learning more about our..Destiny, and the people who did this to us?"
Makio Ryu 2018-03-30 05:07:41 89870
Mew Macaroon frowns and nods a little. "I suppose you can call it that. I mean that I want to know if you've figured out anything about what kind of requirements you have for the thing," he explains, "I don't want to just stand around like an idiot if you need help with that, and it let it just become a MUCH bigger problem for you." He's realising this might be starting to sound a bit one sided. "Well, one of the parts of the job we do is trying to protect the evironment," he explains, "Apparently we're the only ones who can take on some danger they insist is coming, and sometimes 'they' cause animals to just kind of mutate into monsters. We're the best suited to return them to normal..."

That question of a headquarters gives him pause as well. He's tempted to just SAY it, because he doesn't see how it could be much of a problem if she recognises his identity. However, it'd possibly be bad for the others if this ends up pear shaped. ...what else is he supposed to say though?
Cheri Koumori 2018-03-30 05:16:43 89871
Mew Black Cherry blinks slowly at his question and smirks. "Oh..Energy, huh? Well...I guess most..Bats..Eat bugs..Right? So I shouldn't have trouble in that case.." something might seem a bit off however. Perhaps it is the tone of her voice, or the mysterious look in her eye, who knows? "But don't worry about me, I can take care of myself..Soo you guys protect the environment, huh? I can totally dig that..I'm part of the eco club at school! We've gotta save this planet not matter what! However, I wonder who are true enemies are?"
Makio Ryu 2018-03-30 05:22:30 89872
Macaroon shakes his head a little. "You don't have to hide it dude," he insists, "I already know what you're doing with that, and it's fine, I'm not trying to STOP you, I just don't want something bad to happen because of it, so I'm trying to help if I can... Not that I know many ways I could..."
Cheri Koumori 2018-03-30 05:26:10 89873
Mew Black Cherry blinks slowly, taking a cautious step back, eyeing him warily, "Waait, what are you talking about?" she gasps, "Did you talk to..Lacrima?! What did she tell you?" eyes narrow warily, wrapping her black wings around her shoulders tightly like a cape. "And what sorts of..Bad things might happen, because of it?"
Makio Ryu 2018-03-30 05:51:27 89876
Mew Macaroon holds his hands up. "Don't get upset. I tried to help her too, but she didn't want the help, I've got no beef with you guys," he states, "I mean...depending on how things work and all, maybe I can offer a little up sometimes. I just don't want you to run into trouble if something happens and you don't get enough. That's all I'm trying to say...You guys can trust me. I'd rather be a little inconvienced than have worse things happen."
Cheri Koumori 2018-03-30 06:02:53 89877
Mew Black Cherry arches a wary brow at the other Mew. "Oh..So you see me as 'one of them', one of the vampires, or something, huh? Well, maybe I just wanna be one of you, a Mew.." she narrows her eyes, spreading her wings as she backs away into the darkness of the church and glances skywards, towards a hole in the roof. "Well...We'll see. We may be more alike than you realize...Til next time!" she salutes him, then with a crouch she leaps into the air and flies off, leaving a cloud of dust in her wake.
Makio Ryu 2018-03-30 06:06:53 89878
Macaroon frowns a little. Well that was taken totally wrong. He wasn't meaning it like that... UGH! Seriously! He needs to learn to stop trying to open his big mouth.