It's Gotta Be the Mask

Date: 2018-03-25
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Mamoru Chiba 2018-03-25 23:41:50 89794
He'd texted five minutes ago with a gif of that idiot skyscraper-climbing guy reversed to be going down, and the message 'should i visit? i have thing'.

Dumb prince.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-03-25 23:45:19 89795
    Five minutes later, there's a faint 'thump' from the balcony, followed a moment later by a Kyouko strolling in through the door, already de-henshined into the black t-shirt and jeans that have become more or less her casual uniform. Closing the door behind her, she calls out, "You're the prince, dummy, I'm supposed to come to you."

    Assuming Mamoru is somewhere in the vicinity, she continues as she pauses to remove her sneakers before walking towards the kitchen counter. "Seriosly though, the place is a wreck right now. Naru and/or Momo would kill me if I let you in, so.. what's up?"
Mamoru Chiba 2018-03-25 23:52:41 89796
Kyouko gets handed a hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps in it almost immediately -- as Mamoru's in the kitchen and has to come around the counter separator to give it to her. "Like a wreck ever stops me. I mean I'm a perpetual wreck and I let everyone in!" he says cheerfully. Then he goes back in to pour himself another, and he says, "Okay so plan. Originally I was asking Rashmi to fight Koji over how dumb I am to get Earth interested. That didn't wash, so now Rashmi's gonna have a yell-fight in the street with me and huff off and hope Earth befriends her so she can get her plans."

He turns around, holding up his schnapps-cocoa, and says solemnly while straightening his glasses, "This fight is gonna end up with it being loudly declaimed that I'm depowered which is obviously proof that I'm the impostor, and this fight is going to end up also with me basically running away crying or some shit. So I'm gonna be a target. So I'm asking you guys to wait in the wings and converge on me the second I'm alone, and I'm asking the Senshi to be on the lookout in case Rashmi needs a rescue from Earth."

A beat. "But I wanted to ask you if you'd rather be on the potential rescue Rashmi team instead of on the probable protect idiot prince team."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-03-26 00:02:31 89797
    Kyouko looks surprised, in a pleased way, to be handed such a treat the moment she lays eyes upon Mamoru. She happily accepts the drink, sniffing it (seemingly out of habit) before taking a sip. "Mmm, nothing like candy in candy in a mug." She says cheerfully, before taking another sip, rolling her scarlet eyes briefly at the quip. "I know it wouldn't stop you, but you know my sister. She'd rather fight a Witch than let anybody see her home in anything less than a sparkling state."

    She falls silent as Mamoru outlines the plan he and Rashmi have come up with to lure Earth out and possibly get some info out of her. She pauses as the question is asked, an eyebrow arched as she considers the impocation. "Because you think it'd give me a better shot at Earth?" She asks, more thinking out loud than truly asking the question.

    Another sip of her cocoa, and then a moment later she shakes her head, her chin-length red hair swaying. "No.. my place is with you." It's a serious, open gaze that she levels on the young man. "I appreciate the thought, and I'd like nothing better than to stick a spear in that bitch. But I swore an oath, and I ain't gonna run off even if you say that I can. The Senshi can handle protecting Rashmi. I've trained enough with Mako-chan to know she's just as tough as me. Plus, they can always call us in as backup if for some reason they can't handle it. It's not like we'll be that far away."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-03-26 00:25:31 89798
Mamoru's sipping his as he listens -- and nods at the rhetorical question -- and then grins, huge, at Kyouko's answer. He puts his cocoa down and scoots around the counter again, and moves Kyouko's hand-holding-her-mug over to put it on the counter too so he's not actually taking it /away/ from her (just stabilizing it), and HUGS HER REALLY TIGHT. "Okay," he whispers over the top of Kyouko's head. "Good. Yay. Yes. Okay."

Then he's straightening up again and he says super seriously, "You might need to stick your fingers in your ears and wait for a visual signal from Kazuo. Neil's gonna have to. Because Rashmi's gonna hit below the belt and I'm gonna sell it like microtransactions in a phone game, and I don't want you to get the gut feeling that it's anything but pure bullshit acting. I don't want you mad at Rashmi."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-03-26 00:35:52 89799
    Kyouko blinks a little bit as Mamoru repositions her mug, then laughs as he hugs her, making a breathless protestation but not actually stopping him, which says quite a lot on its own considering how she generally feels about people invading her personal space. "Dummy." She says, grinning a bit when he releases her. "I wouldn't abandon you just for a good hunt.. I'm not who I was three years ago." Faintly admonishing, but in an affectionate way.

    She makes a bit of a face at the follow-up from Mamoru. "Dude, I can take it. I mean, it ain't like Rashmi is any great friend of mine, but I know she thinks highly of you. It might sting a bit, depending on your acting ability," A skeptical eye cast upon him, then a faint shrug, "But I'm confident I can separate bullshit from true insults when I'm warned ahead of time."

    A faint scowl. "And if it gets Earth in a position where somebody can break her face, whether it's me or Mako-chan or anybody else, then I'd be willing to put up with an awful lot." She lifts her mug again for another sip. "It may not be the most heroic thing for me to say, but it's been far too long since I had a justified excuse for violence. A girl needs a good fight every now and again and Witches and sparring matches just don't cut it for me these days."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-03-26 00:50:35 89800
"It wouldn't be abandonment! I know you're not who you were three years ago," protests Mamoru, laughing also, and then he moves to pick up his cocoa again and lean against the counter. "I have to make Earth buy what I'm selling, so I'm gonna be channelling me from three or four years ago. It's gonna be rough. I couldn't really fight back on my own behalf, and I didn't even think I was real-- I don't know if you remember that part, I don't remember if I got it on you or not. But it's gonna be kind of like Rashmi having to kick a puppy, which is why Mako is making her a super extra over the top cake for after everything. I'm asking her to do something she's really gonna hate, that she really hates the idea of, but I'm asking her because I know she can act and I know she won't mean it. I won't be hurt. It just-- won't look like that until you guys get me out of there."

Then he sips the cocoa a bunch and grins crookedly. "Are you kidding? I'm so stupidly spoiling for a fight that I went to help Nanoha and Fate fight Precia even though I knew my powers were mostly not working. Guess I kind of used the last of them up, there... anyway there's nothing non-heroic about it. It's not like you want to go out and fight people that don't deserve it."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-03-26 01:10:36 89802
    "And I know you're not who you were three years ago." Kyouko shoots back at Mamoru's answer. "It's because she'll hate doing it that makes it okay for Rashmi to do it. And because you asked her." She shakes her head slightly. "I'm pretty good with my cuss-words, but I'm not sure I could pull that off even if you asked me to. At least, not and make it sound convincing. Unless you actually made me mad, anyway, and that's not safe for either of us." A cockeyed grin of her own.

    Then she thwaps him on the arm with her cocoa-free hand, suddenly scowling. "Don't get yourself killed, idiot. It's gonna look real bad on my resume if the guy I got hired to bodyguard dies only a year into the job." She quirks her lips. "I mean.. I might want to beat up lots of people. But I'm well trained enough at this point that I don't actually go and do it. Hence the 'justified' part."

    A heavy sigh. "But I'll be so happy when this gets all resolved. Like, we all make a big deal about you not having powers because it makes you vulnerable, and we're afraid for you.. and that's true and all. But I remember you saving my ass more than once, back in the day. And I like knowing you're capable of swooping in and pulling my dumb self out of the fire if I need it." She laughs. "Maybe not the most logical way for a guardian to feel about the guardee, but.. well, every girl likes to get swept out of danger by a tall, handsome guy in a suit once in a while." She winks, then sips again.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-03-26 01:34:18 89803
"Well, you used to be really good at being really mean to me, it's true, but you also already made your stance on me super clear to Earth-- all of you did, and gods but it's SO appreciated-- so it had to be someone who isn't clearly and obviously in my court, you know?" Mamoru's head, leaning back against the wall a little, rolls a bit to one side so he can smirk at Kyouko sidelong, even as she's smacking him.

"I brought Kunzite with me. I know better than to do anything stupid alone, don't worry. And he also knows better than to try and stop me. It's a compromise! I make sure you guys have work to do, AND I make it not TOO hard to do your jobs, right--?" Okay, that turned from a smirk into a shiteating grin, and is now half-hidden behind his cocoa.

But then the last part, and the prince lowers his mug and shifts his weight, looking both apologetic and affectionate. "My name isn't just a name. It is what I do, so it's perfectly reasonable for you to feel that way. We all protect each other." Then he sips it again, quick. "On the other hand, we could get Naru some lifts and a tuxedo and see what happens..."

Not being in action is legit making him climb the walls. But saying that all the time would just get annoying. "Honestly, being out of action is making me climb the walls. I can't wait until this shit is over, either."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-03-26 01:50:44 89804
    Kyouko actually looks faintly embarassed at being reminded of how mean she could be- still can be, really, though these days she tends to save it for deserving targets if she can. "Yeah, I get it. After that little speech I gave her, I doubt even Earth would be dumb enough to buy that I suddenly changed my mind." She smacks him again. "You taken a look at this fucked up city we live in? We'll always have work to do, even without inconsiderate bosses adding to it." She's smiling though, clearly being facetious.

    "We all protect each other." Kyouko agrees, nodding her head a few times. "That's what family does. And I know that any of the guys and most of the girls" here meaning Shitennou and Senshi, specifically, "could and would do the same thing. But there's still something about the way you do it, Mamoru." A faint shake of her head with a lopsided smile. "You make saving people look easy. Even if we all know it isn't, for any of us."

    Then she snorts. "Those would be some pretty impressive lifts, to make Naru even close to your height." A sip of her cocoa. "Naru saves me in other ways."

    "Don't worry." She says, quietly but firmly. "We'll fix it. Soon. I can feel it. This has gone on for long enough."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-03-26 02:03:03 89805
"It's gotta be the mask," Mamoru says contemplatively, rubbing his arm absently where he got thwacked again. "Or maybe the white tie and tails. Nobody does it with as much sheer style and panache..."

Now he's dancing out of the way of that swing preemptively, grinning. "And yeah. It will. We'll draw her out, Rashmi will get her shit, Minako will launch Daisuke out of a cannon, and then everyone will shoot at once. Or something. Unsure. But it'll be the end of it and we can get back to business."

Mamoru leans to mess up Kyouko's hair, then steps back fast and finishes his cocoa. "Up for some Mario Kart?"
Kyouko Sakura 2018-03-26 02:08:36 89806
    "Uh huh, sure, it's the mask." Kyouko says, sarcastically but with affection. She nods her head firmly to the description of Earth's hypothetical end, keeping whatever doubts she might have to herself, for now- not that she isn't confident, but one thing Kyouko and Kunzite share is a pragmatic conviction that shit never goes the way you want it to. Still, rather than dampen Mamoru's mood, she saves it for later- there's time to work out kinks in The Plan.

    At the offer of Mario Kart, she grins. "Oh, I see how it is. First you liquor me up to dull my reflexes, then you challenge me to a test of skill to get revenge for the trouncing I gave you last time." She laughs, but turns and heads over towards the couch. "But it won't help you. Sure, let's play."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-03-26 02:11:04 89807
"I was gonna give myself a fighting chance that way, but then I went and had some too," mourns Mamoru, moving over to boot up the console. "And this time *I'm* playing Kirby..."