SINGing her heart out

Date: 2018-03-31
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Sakura Kinomoto 2018-03-31 21:00:04 89889
Sakura Kinomoto was singing today! Okay, she was embarrassed but Tomoyo MADE her wear a cute little star costume(based off some idol or another, Sakura didn't know. All she knew was she wanted to die.) If nothing else, it proved to be another way to test her magic as she used the sing card to help her along. Sure, her voice was okay normally, but this made it easier.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-03-31 21:24:17 89890
Moriko Hayashi is at the karaoke tonight, mostly out of curiousity. She's been gone for a while and it's something she's kind of missed, even if sometimes you get really goofy songs out there. She does have a little book with her and she seems to be playing with a pair of cards, flipping them in and out of her sleeve as she listens. The girl singing gets some attention, the magically enhanced music sounding quite nice.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-03-31 21:33:46 89891
Sakura Kinomoto finally stopped and climbed off the stage. To Tomoyo, who had, of course, recorded the whole thing.

Sakura was so embarrassed she just sat down, covering her face. Accidentally at the table housing Moriko.

"Oh my gosh, Sakura-chan, you were amazing! You're so talented! Your voice was so cute and I just knew that dress was wonderful."

"Can I change back now?" she asked.

"You still have three songs left."


Then Tomoyo turned to the other girl. "Hello! I'm Daidouji Tomoyo. And this is Kinomoto Sakura, a pleasure to meet you."
Moriko Hayashi 2018-03-31 21:46:35 89892
Moriko Hayashi flips the card between her fingers and sleeves it, then looks to the two with a grin. "Nice to meet you, I'm Hayashi Moriko." She nods to Sakura as well, "That was pretty singing. Do you come to sing a lot?" There's a moment of laughter before she adds, "I'm terrible at singing myself."

Holding up her hands, she does add, "But, that is a lot of the fun of it too right?" With some hesitation, she adds in an undertone, "I hope."
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-03-31 21:55:16 89893
Sakura Kinomoto glanced up, and then eeped. When did she sit at someoen else's table? "I'm so sorry! Um, sorry! Err... thank you. It's, um, okay. I guess. I didn't stutter, at least." And cheating with magic. Ugh. She still felt a little bad about that. "I don't really... sing much. Tomoyo-chan made me. But there's nothing wrong with not being good at it! I'm not really that good. And my brother couldn't carry a tune in a bucket," she joked.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-03-31 22:02:25 89894
Moriko Hayashi shakes her head and laughs, "It's fine it's fine." There's a confused look at the comment about stuttering, to which she says, "I'd heard singing was supposed to be a good way of working around a stutter." Looking between the two, the way Sakura's talking, then back she gets a knowing smile and says, "Well as long as you're enjoying yourself right? It's cute for a date right?"
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-03-31 22:06:33 89895
Sakura Kinomoto blinked a few times. Then... "WHAT?!" Sakura asked. "We're not on adate! We're just friends!"

Tomoyo looked slightly sad at that, but nodded. "Of course. We're just friends, after all. Best friends. And I can't help but get every moment of Sakura-chan's amazingness on camera!" she said proudly, holding up the camera happily.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-03-31 22:14:02 89896
Moriko Hayashi watches the two, then looks honestly surprised and asks, "Really?" Seeming to have been sure of it. There's a brief scowl, a murmured, "Oops" and both hands going up while she says, "Sorry sorry." And shakes her head quickly.

At the camera, she points to it and asks curiously, "Do you record every moment? Are you doing a show? The uh... demo tape things?" Beat, "Is there a talent show out there?"
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-03-31 22:30:41 89899
Sakura Kinomoto blinked and then just glanced to Tomoyo.

Tomoyo just smiled. "Oh, I'm making movies."

Sakura blinked. "Wait. Movies?"

"Of everything you do, Sakura."

"Of... EVERYthing?"

"Everything! Remember? I showed you!"

"You are making MORE of those?" the poor girl looked horrified. Oh my gosh. Why. All the card captoring? Was that safe? She then glanced to Moriko. "O-oh, sorry! So, um, are you new to the area? I don't think we've met! Where are you from?" Subject change!
Moriko Hayashi 2018-03-31 22:54:18 89903
Moriko Hayashi watches the two, a faint smile on her features. "There must be a lot of footage if you sound that surprised. Are you going to turn it in somewhere?" She seems kind of confused, maybe convinced Sakura's some kind of singer in training. There's a brief moment where she shrugs it all off. "I'm from around here, just moved back though. We were out of country for a few years for work stuff." Beat, "My dad was I mean."
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-03-31 22:56:22 89904
Sakura Kinomoto shook her head. "No no. No."


"What? You can't turn it in!"

"The others would love to see it, I'm sure. After all, most of them are in it."

Sakura had finally achieved maximum blush and had her face buried in her hands. Tomoyo just smiled. "What does your dad do? How do you like being back?"
Moriko Hayashi 2018-03-31 23:04:02 89905
Moriko Hayashi looks to Tomoyo and asks, "Other singers?" What, she's got an idea, she's taking a valid guess, she thinks. Head shaking just a touch, she asks, "Where do you plan to play it? Like a school club?" She grins, leaning forward, "Bet it's a drama club, maybe we could set up a cross-school thing."

"Huh? He's a lawyer" She replies to the question about her dad, "He was working on a deal of some kind. I didn't want to ask. It was just neat being in a new place. I do enjoy being back though, it's nice. Even if I mix up English and Japanese now."
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-03-31 23:22:38 89908
Sakura Kinomoto just squeaked.

"Oh, no, not singers. Sakura-chan just does a lot of different activities. Running, singing, cheerleading. I record it all," Tomoyo said with a dreamy sigh. "She's just so incredible..." She just radiated affection for her friend. Who was trying to melt into her chair and disappear from existance.

"A lawyer? That sounds wonderful! Have you connected with any old friends since arriving?"
Moriko Hayashi 2018-03-31 23:33:57 89910
Moriko Hayashi watches Tomoyo from the corner of her eyes for a moment, curious, maybe a touch worried. She nodnods quickly at the second question, taking it as an excuse to move on to a new subject for the time being. "I have, yep! I was able to meet up with Reiko-chan after school the other day, it was great!"
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-03-31 23:51:53 89913
Sakura Kinomoto glanced up finally. "Reiko-chan? Oh! If it's the girl I know, she's amazing! I've met her a few times and she's just one of the absolutely nicest people!" she said happily, with a grin. "She's helped me a few times out of tight little jams." Sakura then blinked. "Jam! Oh no! I need to pick up jam and-- Um, I need to go and get home! It was really nice to meet you, Moriko-chan. I really hope we can meet again!" She got up and bowed politely. "Thank you!"
Moriko Hayashi 2018-04-01 00:02:30 89916
Moriko Hayashi looks to Sakura curiously, then grins, "Yeah she was a good friend of mine before I left. She was acting kinda funny, but I can't put my finger on it really."

Then Sakura says Jam, which gets a really confused look, then an understanding nod, "Oh oh! Good luck! See you around maybe?"
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-04-01 00:03:06 89917
Sakura Kinomoto nodded. "Of course! I'm sure we'll meet again before you know it! Good bye, Moriko-chan!" Before the two ran off, leaving the other girl behind.
Sayaka Miki 2018-04-01 01:00:45 89924
Sayaka Miki hasn't visited the karaoke center in a while, and was really craving a blueberry/raspberry bubble tea and so, after some more intense studying , she had slipped to the parlour for some R and R and to satisfy a sweet tooth. Now if she can only find a place to sit..
Moriko Hayashi 2018-04-01 01:12:40 89926
Moriko Hayashi is sitting at a relatively empty-ish table, off on the side, waving to someone who had just left the area. She turns back to the stage to see who's singing next, making it pretty clear there's open space there and all. She doesn't seem to be blocking the seat either!
Sayaka Miki 2018-04-01 01:20:45 89928
Sayaka Miki glances around, walking down the aisle when she sees an empty seat next to Moriko. She offers her a friendly yet tired smile, tilting her head at the empty seat. "Hello, is that seat taken?" she queries, glancing around to see if she is waiting for a friend.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-04-01 01:22:06 89929
Moriko Hayashi glances back, jumping just a touch. Gesturing to the recently vacated seats she says, "No no, don't woorry about it, it just opened up! I'm Hayashi, nice to meet you!" Seeming quite earnest in talking to yet another new face. Busy busy day!
Sayaka Miki 2018-04-01 01:40:17 89933
Sayaka Miki smiles a bit, glad for the company. "Nice to meet you, Hayashi San! My name is Sayaka Miki!" she bows politely before taking a seat, glancing briefly towards the stage. Looks like karaoke is starting soon and the sign up sheet is starting to go around. She peers quickly at the menu, ordering her favorite bubble tea before glancing back at Hayashi-San thoughtfully. "Hmm don't think I've seen you before. Are you mew?"
Moriko Hayashi 2018-04-01 01:54:50 89935
Moriko Hayashi looks back up at the stage, passing on the new round of signups, instead focusing on her notebook for a moment. "I'm uh, not surprised you haven't seen me around, not just because I've only recently come back home, but because there are so many people here!" She laughs softly, then gets comffy in seat. "Are you going to get up on stage and try and sing or are you enjoying the show too?"
Sayaka Miki 2018-04-01 02:00:04 89938
Sayaka Miki smiles softly and shrugs as she places her order. "Well I guess I just haven't been around much lately either. My parents are pretty strict and forced me into cram school as my grades started to suffer. I haven't been out and about in a while." she glances at the stage and grins. "I miiiight...Not very experienced singer but always willing to try something new. How about you?"
Moriko Hayashi 2018-04-01 02:14:15 89941
Moriko Hayashi cringes just a hint, "Cram schools are no good, did you think of getting a tutor instead? I bet there's a bunch of people that could help out." She laughs, leaning back, looking down at the table. "I uh... do really well in classes actually. I study really hard and practice a lot though."
Sayaka Miki 2018-04-01 02:17:16 89943
Sayaka Miki hmms, "I had a tutor once although it was pretty awkward as she was dating someone I used to like." she shrugs, "I mean that was a while ago but I dunno. Conflicting schedules doesn't help either." she smiles "Are you offering to tutor me? I really need help wth Math the most.."
Moriko Hayashi 2018-04-01 02:26:27 89946
Moriko Hayashi looks confused and asks, "Your tutor was dating someone you liked? I thought most tutors tended to be olde-well I guess they can be in the same grade too right? That seems awkward and weird. Why didn't you ask for a new tutor?"

The schedule thing does get a shrug, then there's the suggestion for tutoring. "I uh-... could try? I think you're in a higher grade than I am though..."
Sayaka Miki 2018-04-01 02:36:38 89947
Sayaka Miki laughs nervously shaking her head. "Nah, she was the same age as me and actually pretty sweet. But..." she sighs, "Guess I worry too much about everything. Right now my biggest worry is that he's now my boyfriend..Only it feels like he's not even there at all." she shrugs and laughs nervously. "I'm sorry, I'm thinking too much as usual. How about we just enjoy the night..Wanna duet with me?"
Moriko Hayashi 2018-04-01 02:41:50 89950
Moriko Hayashi rests her chin on her hand and hesitates, "I meant I'm... in a lower grade-I" she scowls. "I could try doing a duet with you, it's uh- I'm a terrible singer. Crowds aren't a problem though!" Which she figures is a plus if she's getting up in front of one. "I could try to help out if you need a study partner though, you'd have to show me."
Sayaka Miki 2018-04-01 02:45:35 89951
Sayaka Miki smiles, "Study parter is fun..Karaoke duets are even more fun!" the sign up sheet is passed to their table and she glances at it thoughtfully. "Mmm got any preferences? I kinda like 'Counting Stars' myself but I'm open to suggestions!"
Moriko Hayashi 2018-04-01 02:58:06 89954
Moriko Hayashi takes the signup sheet and sighs, hesitating for a moment longer before signing it with Sayaka. "Counting stars?" Seeming confused at the song title. "I don't know that one." She offers, looking a touch embarrassed. "I uh, have been out of country?" That counts right?
Sayaka Miki 2018-04-01 03:15:56 89958
Sayaka Miki shrugs and smiles sheepishly. "Some kinda popular Anerican song I guess. In English. Don't worry, they'll give us lyrics!" she grins and offers her hand, rising to her feet. "Hey, it'll be fun, I promise! Whaddaya say? We might even win a prize!"
Moriko Hayashi 2018-04-01 03:20:21 89960
Moriko Hayashi frowns and mutters, "I should know that shouldn't I?" she then quickly shakes her head and leans forward, "There's lyrics presented right?" Taking the offered hand, she stands up, looks out over the crowd and says flatly, "I"ll try my best? I mean I can't tell just how bad I am until I do it right?"
Sayaka Miki 2018-04-01 03:26:56 89963
Sayaka Miki smirks, "Hey, no time like the present right? There's a certain excitement in improvisation, and maybe that's just what I need right now." she grins, pulling her to her feet and leading her to the stage as the spotlight shines in them both.

The background music is rhythmic and upbeat as Saya Taps her foot to the song, getting ready to sing as lyrics appear on the screen:

~Lately I been, I been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be
But baby I been, I been prayin' hard
Said no more counting dollars
We'll be counting stars
Yeah, we'll be counting stars~
Moriko Hayashi 2018-04-01 03:50:12 89966
Moriko Hayashi brushses her skirt off, fidgets with her hair for a moment, looks around, basically getting everything in order. That completed, she hurries after Saya, joining her on stage, looking out over the crowd. She leans over and murmurs, "I don't know the song, I'll uh- cheat somehow." Before leaning forward to get a better look at the lyrics.

When she sings along wtih Saya, she's at least putting effort into it, though she might not be the best of singers.
Sayaka Miki 2018-04-01 04:04:27 89967
Sayaka Miki grins at Moriko and winks, she's dressed still in her blue and white sailor uniform, probably not the best attire for karaoke but she works with it. "Heh no worries, just follow my lead!" she grins and winks at Mariko, bumping her hip lightly as she sways lightly to the upbeat music and plunges into the next few lines as they appear:

~I see this life
Like a swinging vine
Swing my heart across the line
In my faces flashing signs
Seek it out and ye shall find
The old, but I'm not that old..~
Moriko Hayashi 2018-04-01 04:16:58 89969
Moriko Hayashi tries to keep up, she's got the confidence, it's loud enough and she's got someone that she can mask her singing voice with, so instead of worrying about that, she keeps up with the dance instead! Which, while not a dancer, she's fearless about it! She is singing along though! Trying her best, falling into the swing of it with some degree of comfort and a grin on her face.