Doodle Magic

Kyouko and Naru train in the park and try out a new type of magic via Naru's doodles. Nephrite stops by and violence occurs, but thankfully only the sparring sort.

Date: 2018-04-02
Pose Count: 44
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-02 16:11:18 90055
    It's a nice day! Spring has finally sprung, at least temporarily, and so Kyouko has decided to temporarily put her 'hermit' status on hold and go out and do something in the sunshine. That something, as it turns out, is to accompany Naru to the park. Kyouko usually does her excercising and training either on the roof of the ECFH or at the gym she and Mako-chan frequent, but its hard for Naru to run in either of those places, so as a concession to 'spending time together', the park it is.

    What this mostly boils down to is Kyouko finding a grassy hillock in the sunshine somewhere in a less-crowded part of the park. She's wearing a grey workout top and black shorts, and some black and red sneakers, and has found a large, generally spear-length branch from a nearby copse of trees. With this she is going through a series of practice manuvers. To say she has anything as formal as a real martial-arts form would be an exaggeration, but after years of fighting she knows motions she makes a lot, and what it serves her to practice, and someone looking on might think it was all rehersed as the branch whips through the air in repetitive patterns combined with the twisting and stepping of her body.

    She keeps an eye on the nearby paved path, of which she has a good view, since Naru jogged off along it a few minutes before and it is theoretically a circular route and so she should be re-appearing before too long, barring monster attack. It is the park, after all.
Naru Osaka 2018-04-02 16:17:38 90056
Because nothing says together time, like a workout. Especially a workout that is generally fairly different in form, although there's a great deal of arguement that Naru's skills would be well served by more time with martial arts and strength training and a smidge less time with her beloved cardio workouts. Today's beloved cardio is somewhat less beloved, as she's working on sprints while she's on the short track around the park.

Which means that when Naru comes around that curve in the path, she's running as if there's a monster hot on her heels, even without the actual evidence of any such monster. Only the GPS watch on her wrist is the incentive this time, and at a beep from it, she settles back to a far more sane speed, checking her time and pace. She rambles around near where Kyouko is likely to hit her with a stick, checking the numbers on her watch.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-02 16:25:08 90057
    As often as Kyouko volunteers to beat up Naru for her own good, the other girl seems remarkably hesitant to accept. Ah well, Kyouko has never claimed to be a very good teacher- most of her skills come from experience, and required quite a lot of getting beaten up herself to acquire. Imparting them to other people without beating them up is a talent she has not proven to have to any great degree. At least she does manage to avoid hitting Naru with her stick as the other girl slows from her sprint and begins checking her numbers.

    "Getting any faster?" She asks with a grin, as she slows her own movements, shouldering the stick as if it really were a spear and using her other forearm to wipe sweat from her brow. It's a remarkably pleasant day but exerting oneself still results in persperation, more's the pity. "I'm starting to think 'endurance' is another superpower of yours and nobody's realized it yet. You're even making me feel tired just watching you."
Naru Osaka 2018-04-02 16:30:11 90058
"Little bit." Naru leans in close enough, unconcerned about the sweaty status of the both of them, to show Kyouko the stats on the tiny little screen. "Endurance might be my superpower.. little letters superpower, but speed isn't really. I hate doing it, so I don't, so I dont get better, so I hate doing sprints, so I don't.. you get the idea." She quirks a rueful little smile. That vicious cycle that crops up everywhere.

"You ready to try some of our new doodles?" Naru asks as she keeps moving to keep her muscles from seizing up now that she's stopped. "Although I swear, I'm going to have to start using sharpie or something, or they'll run."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-02 16:46:01 90059
    Sweaty from actual good clean excercise is totally different from sweaty and gross. Besides, when you start dating you more or less sign a waiver with regards to getting the other person all over you in various ways. She glances at the numbers on the little screen, then shrugs, grinning. "I dunno, you were looking pretty fast just now. I mean, take magic out of the mix and I think you could give me a run for my money in a straight sprint- or maybe I'd just get tired and watch you pass me and fade into the distance."

    At the mention of doodles, she nods her head, holding up her arm to show off the flowing pattern that Naru had inked there earlier in the day. "It's only a little smudged.. it'll probably still work. Right?"
Naru Osaka 2018-04-02 16:53:53 90060
"Well considering I'd far rather do a long run, I expect after 10 km or so, you'd be glad to just let me pass and kick back with a drink." Naru grins and then moves closer to examine the drawing on Kyouko's arm, reaching a hand out to fix a bit of a smudge.

"Dunno!" Naru says with a note of amusement and enthusiasm. "That's part of what we're testing. My sketchbook doesn't smear.. or at least I've never tried to work with a drawing that's not been exactly as I've drawn it. So we'll see. If it's super fussy, then this will be a super short experiment, and we'll have to work out better ways to set the ink." She considers the drawing. "So.. I'm not quite sure how it's going to feel. Or work, exactly. I'm hoping it doesn't do anything super weird when I infuse that with energy."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-02 17:02:35 90061
    Kyouko watches Naru adjusting the smeared bit of the doodle on her arm. "Well, we could just get some like.. actualy bodypaint? I assume they make some that is intended to be sweat/water resistant. I mean, when people do that kinda thing for actual art projects and stuff you don't want it smearing all up when the model sweats because of the lights or whatever."

    She shrugs though, looking at it after it has been at least somewhat corrected. "Well, that's also what we're going to find out. But for the record, I am also hoping for nothing super-weird. I don't want my own arm trying to strangle me or something, thank you very much." She grins. "Still! I am happy to be your guinea pig. At least for this sort of thing."
Naru Osaka 2018-04-02 17:17:50 90062
"I think for models, they just have someone adjusting their makeup about every twenty seconds and admonishing them not to move." Naru smirks a touch. "Not so much for either of those things. I want you to move, and somehow I suspect if we're in the midst of a battle, telling a youma to just hold on a sec, I have to fix the art on your arm is not going to fly."

Naru laughs and shakes her head. "I don't expect it to do that.. I mean not just with doodles. If we drew critters and things went weird, than maybe.." she pauses, quirking her head as she considers this and then quickly shaking. "Yeah no, bad idea."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-02 17:20:56 90063
    "Well, but I'd be interested to see if you could somehow tailor the effects by changing the drawing." Kyouko presses, eyeing the doodle again before looking up to Naru. "Y'know, like.. one to boost strength, or speed, or to heal if the person gets hurt, or something. But I'm not sure how you'd differentiate them.. unless you can somehow impart intent into them when you draw them."

    She smirks. "But they're your powers, not mine, so I really have no clue what you're able to do or not. Which I guess is part of why we run these sorts of experiments, huh? Better to possibly have my arm strangle me in practice than in the middle of a fight." She grins and elbows the other girl teasingly.
Naru Osaka 2018-04-02 18:47:17 90064
"I can change the effect of what I'm doing in my sketchbook based on what I'm drawing." Naru nods. "But those are concrete things rather than debulous concepts. I'm not sure I can actually /do/ specific things like strength or speed, and I'd be shocked if I could help someone heal." She mmmms. "My guess, and it's only a guess, is that I can give people more energy to do things they already can do, rather than all new things. But we'll see, really."

Naru laughs softly, reaching out to swat lightly, a game more than truly aiming to smack. "I can't be any more distruptive in a fight than those damnned cards. I have that to console me."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-02 19:00:31 90065
    "Well, fire it up, then." Kyouko says, ducking away from the swat and grinning, waggling her arm with its mostly-intact drawing at Naru. "I've been working out for like an hour, I'm tired. See if you can pep me up a little bit. Although that can be dangerous in and of itself.. some people prefer me tired to overly energetic." She grins.

    "And yes, it's true that you're hardly likely to be more disruptive than a Clow Card. But that doesn't seem like a very high bar to set." She snorts a little bit as she lowers her stick and thrusts one end of it into the soft ground so it stands upright.
Naru Osaka 2018-04-02 19:50:34 90066
There's a pause, almost a hint of hestitation from Naru as she considers her own artwork upon Kyouko's skin. It's one thing to be boldly experimental when it's a canvas, or a sheet of paper, or even a construct, but quite a different beast when the canvas in question is someone that one is really rather fond of.

Still, it's a familiar gesture, to change from running gear to henshin in only a step, and from there its but a mere flicker of her attention to shift the abstract doodle from the pretty, but somewhat matte brick red it was drawn in into something that faintly glows, with shades of orange and yellow and true red and power. The warmth isn't uncomfortable, exactly, nor is the tingling, but it's certainly there.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-02 20:14:03 90067
    Kyouko watches intently as Naru henshins, and then shifts her attention to the doodle on her arm. She lets out a slight gasp despite herself at the tingling warmth, although she had expected something to happen it was still mildly startling when something actually did. One can never be sure with stuff like this. She peers at the image as it begins to glow, mildly tense, perhaps just in case it does suddenly spring to life and try and attack her.

    So far so good though.. and after a moment, her brows raise. "It does feel like.. like it's making me more energetic." She pauses, realizing that's a poor description, and tries to elucidate. "Like, I feel less tired. Kinda similar to drinking a strong caffeine drink or something, only a lot more.. immidiate. Also my arm was kind of sore and that seems to have gone away.." She flexes the arm in question, frowning. "I don't think it healed just.. like the fatigue is gone. Or at least less."
Naru Osaka 2018-04-02 20:19:16 90068
"Betcha it hits like a ton of bricks afterwards." Hyalite speculates as she watches, relaxing almost imperceptibly when Kyouko confirms that her arm isn't trying to kill her, nor is the energy or anything of the sort. It shouldn't have, but confirmation is always nice.

"Effectively, it's about the same as what I draw for Kunzite when I'm giving him things to snag the energy out of, just it's right /on/ you, and apparently that makes this actually work." Hyalite pauses a moment. "Hunh, it actually /worked/." She grins, pleasently surprised.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-02 20:24:28 90069
    "Well, let's not celebrate prematurely." Kyouko scowls, although as the doodle on her arm continues to glow with energy, she seems notably more perky than she was a few moments before in the wake of her workout. "If this thing runs out of energy and I collapse on the spot, we're going to need to do some fine-turning before it's actually useful in a combat situation."

    She grins, then. "But it's still pretty cool. And it's another way you can use your powers to help out even if you haven't mastered the fine art of laser beams yet." She pauses, side-eyeing the other girl. "At least, as far as I know."
Nephrite 2018-04-02 20:36:07 90070
Sunny afternoons do not normally find Nephrite in the park, but after a few weeks of alternating all-night stargazing marathons with being lazy in his man cave by day, even he feels the need to get some fresh air and sunshine. Especially with the threat of impending Prince Babysitting, which will inevitably require a lot of sitting quietly nearby while Mamoru insists on studying.

(He is jogging. He must be stir-crazy.)

The faint sense of magic somewhere nearby draws his attention, and he is quick to follow it. Only when he gets closer does he realize it is familiar, and he is not surprised when he rounds some trees and catches sight of Kyouko and Hyalite. "Hey girls, fancy meeting you here. Something going on with Kyouko's arm?" He comes to a stop, and reaches up to return his errant wavy hair back to the messy ponytail it had been pulled into. Like the rich asshole he is, he's wearing designer sweatpants, and way-too-clean sneakers.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-02 20:41:48 90071
    Kyouko is not in henshin, while Hyalite is, which indicates that there is probably No Danger. Probably. Either that or the situation is even worse than one might expect. Luckily those fears should be put to rest as Kyouko glances over at the approaching figure and grins, spotting Nephrite. "Hey, Neph-nii." She greets, then raises her eyebrows in the most overly skeptical way she can manage. "What are you doing out here? Don't you realize the sun's still up? Nice sweatpants."

    Then she turns her eyes back to her arm, upon which the doodle of flowing lines still glows faintly. "We were experimenting. Naru drew this on my arm earlier, at home, and just now activated it with her magic. We were hoping it could be used to like.. transfer or boost energy.. y'know, how she channels her magic into her painting? Well, it seems to work! Or at least, she's putting energy into it and suddenly I feel more energetic. We're waiting to see if I collapse the moment she stops doing it and my natural fatigue decides to remind me it's there."
Nephrite 2018-04-02 21:04:38 90072
"What the heck is a sun? Is it that big glowy thing in the sky?" Neil squints upwards and shakes a fist. "It's bright and I don't like it. Tell whoever put it there to send it back." He grins at the compliment--even if it's a sarcastic compliment, he'll take it. "Thanks! I just needed to get outside for a bit. Quarters might be a bit tight for a while at the frat house, you know?"

He eyes Kyouko's arm with interest. "Huh, that's new. I'm always impressed by how you seem to just invent your own powers, Naru. Like you're writing the rules as you go." He smirks up at Kyouko. "So, you looking to test your energy boost? Want to try a bit of sparring?"
Naru Osaka 2018-04-02 21:09:12 90073
"Totally the big glowy thing." Hyalite grins and waves as Nephrite shows himself to not ACTUALLY be vampiric, no matter his nocturnal tendancies. "The frat house is often crowded, but yes. I get your point. Fresh air while you've got the chance."

Hyalite watches Kyouko to confirm that she's not actually about to fall over or another. Or get possessed by anything, or anything else that could go odd with having magic sigils drawn on your skin. "I don't know that I'm inventing new powers or anything.. more pushing the edges to figure out how the ones I have actually /work/." She smirks a touch. "Mine didn't come with a user manual, I dunno if yours did."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-02 21:13:01 90074
    "Aren't you supposed to know all about stars?" Kyouko returns to Nephrite, smirking. "I may be a middle-school dropout but I seem to recall something about the sun being a star. It should be within your realm of knowledge." She shrugs a bit then, at hsi explanation for being out here so uncharacteristically. "Yeah, I get it. You're always welcome to come hide downstairs for a little while if you want, although with Momo and Dog in the house it might not be much of an improvement."

    "Naru is just expanding her horizons." Kyouko confirms, with a grin for her girlfriend. "Flexibility is key in life and combat both." She eyes Nephrite at the offer of a spar. "You just want to try and beat me when I might randomly collapse at any moment so you have an advantage." She accuses.. then laughs. "But fine.. why not. No magic though. I mean, no combat magic." She waves her glowy arm again. "All this is doing right now is giving me a bit of an energy boost."
Nephrite 2018-04-02 21:28:31 90075
"I think I slept through the class where they covered that particular star. I'm sure it's not important or anything." Neil waves them off.

He nods thoughtfully at Naru. "Not so much a user manual as a bunch of traditions and cryptic ancient writings and stuff like that. Maybe that is kind of a user manual. Either way, trial and error never hurts."

He gasps at Kyouko in fake shock. "Are you suggesting I would take advantage of a moment of weakness to try and claim an easy victory? How dare you, good madam. I would never do such a thing. Moreover, I would definitely not be ready to make fun of you if you fall on your face." His smirk matches hers. "No magic is just fine. And for real, if you start to feel wonky, we'll stop."
Naru Osaka 2018-04-02 21:32:23 90076
"If anyone mentioned me in cryptic ancient writings, they forgot to tag me, so I have to do it the hard way." Hyalite grins and takes a step back to give them room to spar. "You want a stick as well, Neph?" Because Kyouko has a stick, it seems only polite to offer.

"I'll play with the colour.. er.. energy a bit as well, ideally not to make you fall over, but if you ever feel weird in a bad way, say." Hyalite is watching closely, making some small gestures to tweak the brightness on the sigil. "Apparently the smudging hasn't affected it too badly. It's a little harder to work than I might normally expect, which I don't know if its smudge, or if it's because it's on skin, or what."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-02 21:37:00 90077
    Kyouko does have a stick! It's rather long and of decent thickness to approximate a spear, although it is, truthfully, just a stick that she found in the nearby copse of trees. "I can spar without a stick if Neph-nii prefers." She says, with a shrug. "I've been working on my unarmed a lot recently because of my training with Mako-chan. She prefers it.. and I figure it never hurts to work on the fundamentals."

    Then she grins at Naru. "Y'know, I didn't have any ancient writings to go off of either. Though I wouldn't recommend my method, which basically consisted of having to do or die for an extended period of time. Effective.. but not terribly fun."

    To Nephrite, she sticks her tongue out. "You better not go easy on me. Just because I'm like half your size and a girl, don't think I can't break you in half like a twig." She's mostly just teasing, she knows Nephrite is fully aware of her capabilities. But she's serious about the not-going-easy part. She tugs her stick back out of the ground, twirling it around with fluid grace before resting it back upon her shoulder while waiting to see the elder Shittenou's preference.

    To Hyalite, she quirks a brow. "Just don't change anything too drastically without warning, or I really might fall on my face. And then I'll have this guy," She jerks a thumb at Nephrite, "Crowing about how he beat me to everyone we know."
Nephrite 2018-04-02 21:50:51 90078
Neil eyes the stick warily. "Yeah, so I don't think I've used a pole arm in like, a millennia. Though it could be fun to learn, maybe starting with the basics and not leaping straight to hitting me in the face with sticks. I was thinking unarmed for now."

He snorts loudly. "Yeah yeah, you know who I'm in a relationship with. If anything, I'm less likely to hold back with you, because you're scrappy." His smirk broadens as he takes a stance, awaiting her first move. "Which is why if I do manage to beat you, everyone will be very impressed."
Naru Osaka 2018-04-02 22:08:56 90079
"I'm pretty sure that I can't do anything too dramatic without drawing a new sigil." Hyalite comments as she steps back to give them more than enough room. It's a quiet enough moment in the park, there's not too many who are likely to provide an audience to the sparring.. or worse, to be all good samaritan and hurry to someone's rescue.

"Unarmed, I will only muck a little. Try not to break each other, healing is at a premium on every level at the moment." Hyalite points out with a gentle reminder.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-02 22:15:39 90080
    Hopefully the prevalence of workout clothes and the lack of blood (presumed, at this point) would alert any would-be interferees that this is not an actual fight. Then again, it's probably best to be safe and not tempt fate, which is more or less why Kyouko chose this more isolated part of the park to begin with. Well, and she's not terribly fond of the idea of strangers watching her work out.

    Kyouko sticks her tongue out at Naru. "I ain't gonna hurt him. Much." To Nephrite, she grins. "Look, I've been getting punched in the face by your girlfriend for like two years now on a weekly basis, and I highly doubt you've got a stronger punch than she does. No offense. I sure as hell don't." Seeing the taller guy assuming a ready position, Kyouko shakes her arms out.. but she doesn't assume anything similar. Without formal training, she tends to just.. improvise.

    Which is why it might be somewhat surprising when she suddenly darts forward and lashes a quick fist out towards Nephrite's chest. Going for a firm but not-full-power body blow. Headshots are way too dangerous when bareknuckle boxing.
Nephrite 2018-04-02 22:32:04 90081
"Oh I know I don't," Nephrite laughs. "There is only one delicate flower in this relationship, and it's me." Good thing Makoto likes flowers.

It is almost a surprise when Kyouko shifts so suddenly from casual stance to launching herself at him. Nephrite was more or less expecting it, but she is fast. The punch connects, but he tilts himself to the side so that it only grazes his chest. "So you weren't kidding about that energy boost." He uses the momentum to continue moving around her and thrust an uppercut at her exposed side.
Naru Osaka 2018-04-02 22:34:30 90082
"I am just the battery here." Hyalite comments from the sidelines. "She's fast usually, but still fast after a workout already is my aim." She nods, pleased as she watches the doodle on Kyouko's arm continue to glow faintly, the colours in it slowly shifting from the brilliant reds and oranges to more yellows and even some greens, the colours shading one into each other seamlessly as Hyalite focuses on them.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-02 22:54:12 90083
    "Oh, is that how this is gonna be?" Kyouko laughs even as she breaths hard in the exertion, spinning in place to try and avoid the uppercut directed at her with partial success, resulting in a graze much like the one Nephrite suffered which stings but has little impact. She grunts, planting one foot and suddenly turning back the other direction, reversing her spin to slam her shoulder into Nephrite and knock him back a few steps.

    "If I win, you're just gonna say it was because Naru was giving me energy?" She grins. "I was working my ass off for a good hour before you got here, and judging by your sneakers," A critical eye cast upon them, "You ain't done shit. So let's just keep that in mind." She raises her hand, and makes a 'come on' gesture at Nephrite.
Nephrite 2018-04-02 23:11:19 90084
The shoulder slam does its job, though not by much. Nephrite gets by on sheer bulk in many situations, and he's only forced back a step. He laughs. "So then if I win, you'll be passing around photos of my impeccable taste in shoes, huh? I'm just saying, whatever Naru's doing looks like it's working."

He smirks at the inviting gesture and takes another moment to roll out his shoulders. And then he's moving in--not with a punch this time, but a long arm thrown about her middle, attempting to grapple her.
Naru Osaka 2018-04-02 23:19:39 90085
"It's oddly harder to keep track of while the pair of you are tumbling around." Hyalite comments absently, more of her concentration going to keeping that tingle, tingling. She snorts softly at herself. "Alright, probably not actually surprising that focusing on it is harder in the middle of it all. Still good practice for keeping concentration at the very least."

Hyalite mmms softly. "Alright, I don't think this will actually work, but I'm going to try and futz with it beyond just energy." She quirks her head, and there's no actual sign of what she's doing, save for a little bit of twisting in her fingers. Which pinches. Not ideal.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-02 23:23:52 90086
    Kyouko grunts as her shoulder-barge only succeeds in backing Nephrite up a step. "Sometimes I forget what an ox you are when I don't have magic working for me." She grumbles, eyeing the much taller and broader young man. She's mildly distracted by Naru, turning her head slightly to look at the other girl while trying to keep an eye on Nephrite at the same time. "Well, it still feels like you're doing a good job, like I still feel it-"

    Just about then nephrite charges at her and throws an arm around her middle and she lets out a startled squeak, her momentary distraction enough to allow him to grab her before she can dodge. "Hey, no fair!" She squirms, and before he's able to bear her to the ground, she twists like a snake within his grip, pulling herself up over his arm a latching both of hers around his neck from the side and shifting his grip on her down, attempting to shift the grapple in her favor by putting too much weight up-top and forcing him to either let go or fall over.

    And in the middle of all that- "Ow! Naru! Whatever you're doing it pinches!"
Nephrite 2018-04-02 23:39:33 90087
"Ha! All's fair in--hmmph!" Nephrite's height is an advantage--until, abruptly, it is not. Suddenly top-heavy, he's forced to release his hold on Kyouko and instead try to extract his head from her grip. Which is not too difficult, given the distraction from Naru's side. His hair pulls free of the confines of its hair tie in the process, leaving him with a disheveled mane of brunette waves.

He pauses, panting. "Something wrong?"
Naru Osaka 2018-04-02 23:43:24 90088
"Sorrry!" Hyalite releases her fingers and the pinching stops abruptly. "I didn't think it'd catch skin, I was only trying to catch the paint!" There's a flush of warmth, it would be healing if she had any ability to share that, but a lack of it in her skills makes for a lack of it to be shared.

There's a touch of a skeptical look as Kyouko uses Nephrite as a jungle gym, although she can't argue with the efficacy of it as the pair of them wrestle like a pair of mismatched ferrets.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-02 23:48:17 90090
    Nephrite's grabbing at her to try and free her head from his grip only allows Kyouko to spin around, manuvering herself without her feet ever touching the ground like some kind of small tree-dwelling mammal and ending up with her sitting on Nephrite's shoulders. She might be quite a bit shorter than him but she's not exactly tiny, and so this is probably rather uncomfortable. But then again it isn't supposed to be, since she's still trying to make him fall over. "She pinched me! Remotely!" She complains, even so!

    Finally seeming to decide that this approach is not going to work, Kyouko leans backwards and then somersaults herself off of Nephrite's shoulders, rolling down his back in a complete overturn before landing on her feet behind him. And then punching him in the side.
Nephrite 2018-04-03 00:01:46 90091
And now he is a tree. "Really? This is what we're doing now?" He tries to grab for Kyouko, but she slithers out of his grip much like the monkey she's impersonating would. Grabbing for someone on his own back is not as easy as it would seem. He's still scrambling for purchase when she flips off his back and lands her punch.

Nephrite grunts, spins, and kicks at her legs.
Naru Osaka 2018-04-03 00:12:26 90092
"You know, you two fight very differently than most I watch." Hyalite comments as she watches the two of them in something more akin to a brawl than anything formal. She's largely keeping hands off, even remotely, just keeping that energy pulsing through the little doodle.

One of the wrestling smears a bit more of the drawing and Hyalite blinks, noticing it before she'd visually spotted it and there's a soft hunh and more concentration required to keep that gentle shifting of colours going.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-03 00:16:27 90093
    Kyouko neved had any formal fight training.. she learned to fight on the street, by defending herself. It's really no wonder that watching her fight is more akin to watching a bar brawl than a karate tournament- even if it is an exceptionally graceful bar brawl.

    Kyouko notices the moment the doodle gets smudged as well. It's not exactly like a physical blow, but rather like a wave of fatigue that suddenly washes over her, causing her to stagger slightly- and allowing Nephrite to kick her legs out from under her in just that moment. She squawks as she falls backwards, just as Naru increases her concentration and resumes the flow of energy, allowing her to turn the undignified fall into a bit of a roll along the grass, coming up in a crouch.

    She growls, eyes narrowed, and launches herself back at Nephrite, twisting aside at the last moment, the punch first thrown a feint, in order to dart one of her legs between his and spin while pushing her top the other direction, hopfully sending him to the grass in turn.
Nephrite 2018-04-03 00:46:41 90094
Nephrite's formal training mostly happened in another lifetime, and even then he was always more of a brawler than the other Shitennou. It's no wonder he so easily drops formal methods when his sparring partner does.

The feint works, pulling Neil down like a sack of bricks, but as he falls his legs tighten around Kyouko's, snagging her before she can pull away. "Ow," he groans.
Naru Osaka 2018-04-03 00:53:19 90095
The tangling of limbs and the addition of grass does not do good things to slightly smeary paint on Kyouko's arm. As the doodle gets good and smeared, Hyalite stumbles a little, the connection cut off abruptly and unexpectedly. At least she takes a step or two back, as she blinks. "Oh wow.. wall of tired. Sorry Kyouko!" She calls, wincing a little at the expectation of how Kyouko is likely to feel, all of a sudden like.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-03 00:56:35 90096
    It's not even that Kyouko was like, pass-out tired. It's just that, with the doodle feeding her energy, she hadn't been tired at all when she rightly should be fairly beat from an extended workout. When she tumbles into the grass with Nephrite and it smears, breaking the magic connection, it's more the change in state than the actual level of tiredness that sets her head spinning.

    "Ugh. Oh.. that sucks.." She mutters, going suddenly somewhat limp and trying to crawl a few feet away from Nephrite, a hand raising to her head. She peers over at Naru, whole holding up a hand to ward off Nephrite for the moment. "I think we found one of the.. drawbacks of this system. Definitely need some more durable paint.."
Nephrite 2018-04-03 01:03:10 90097
Of course, last time Nephrite let up at indication of trouble, he got a monkey-Kyou on his back. He watches her a moment longer, waiting for that held up hand, before he relaxes, then laughs. "If I'd known that's what it would take, I would have brought a water bottle."

He pulls himself up and offers a hand to help her up after him. "Let's call this one a draw. Maybe we need a rematch when you aren't testing weird new magic abilities."
Naru Osaka 2018-04-03 01:09:34 90098
"That does, indeed, suck." Hyalite opines as she gives her head a shake and then comes closer, returning to Naru status after just a step or two, before she gets to the pair of them.

"Wow, that was seriously inefficient energy transfer too." Naru looks to Kyouko first before up at Nephrite and then back to Kyouko. "You okay?" She heads for her bag, left not far away. "If you're flattened, and react at all like me, sugar and caffeine are made of win right now."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-03 01:10:59 90099
    Kyouko grunts as she grabs Nephrite's hand and allows him to haul her to her feet, where she staggers for just a moment before maintaining her balance, shaking her heads lightly. "Alright, I can live with that. Although testing weird new abilities is half the fun." She grins. "You've got some decent moves for an old guy." She elbows him in the side, before turning to trail after Naru. "I'm okay." She confirms, "But I could seriously go for some sugar right now.."