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Date: 2018-04-16
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Kazuo Takeba 2018-04-16 00:19:52 90278
There is a thing about the communicators that the Shitennou have. That thing is an emergency alert. And when it goes off --

-- or when the sense of danger and of Mamoru's heart in his mouth in panic rises --

-- aggravatingly, it does not in and of itself convey the ability to go to the source of the emergency alert. Not directly. And when the source is miles across the city, having a sense of the direction doesn't help.

Getting texted after does not entirely help, either. Because Kunzite is all too likely to send a message of: "Situation under control. No permanent damage to us."

Which probably means that the next time certain people see him, Kazuo is going to be in trouble. Especially when he's still not ... being Kazuo. It's Kunzite standing on the balcony, hands on the rail, glowering out at the city. Maybe whatever happened was the entire city's fault. But probably not.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-16 00:31:30 90279
    Kyouko really should not be mad at Naru for this. It had totally been a mutual idea. Let's go out of town for a few days to see the cherry blossoms blooming somewhere scenic and romantic. It's been pretty quiet recently. There's no reason we can't go away for two days. Nothing will happen.

    But of course something did happen. And of course, in addition to the communicator's alert, Kyouko was able to sense Mamoru's distress, despite being several hours away by train. Unfortunately, while she may be able to move much faster than a normal person in most circumstances, being able to get back to Tokyo before said emergency was over was beyond Kyouko's current ability. And 'reassuring' texts from Kunzite could only do so much.

    Needless to say, Kyouko has been on edge during the journey back. And she might have said one or two unfortunate things about 'your' idea to go out of town to Naru while stressing over it.

    Hopefully Naru can read her well enough at this point not to take it seriously or she may have had a cup of hot tea dumped over her head by this point. (And maybe she has anyway, because sometimes you just deserve it.)

    Regardless of that, though, as soon as they manage to make it back to Tokyo, Kyouko is banging in through the door to the ECFH, travel bag still over her shoulder. "What happened?!" Are the first words out of her mouth, bag dumped unceremoniously on the floor. "I swear to christ, I can't leave for two fucking days after nothing happening for months and then this shit happens?" She's mad. But anyone who knows her will know she's more mad at herself than anyone else. (Well, except the attacker maybe.)
Naru Osaka 2018-04-16 00:34:56 90280
Some of them don't have a Shitennou communicator and get to enjoy the anxiety second hand. Naru feels guilty enough (even unwarrentedly so), to keep her own temper in check at the snark about 'her' idea. Just like it's 'their' puppy when it piddles on the carpet and 'our' puppy when it's cute. It's a thing.

Naru still has her mouth shut as she follows Kyouko into ECFH, a few steps behind and letting the growly and swearing stand for both of them. She just watches Kunzite on the balcony, glowering.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-04-16 00:47:53 90281
Let's note that this has, therefore, been hours or perhaps days after the incident. And Kunzite is nonetheless in henshin on the balcony.

Kyouko's banging of the door is audible enough, still, to make him turn. Kyouko's voice is more than enough to bring him inside. Dark mood and all, he still crosses the room to meet the pair of them. "Mamoru was attacked en route to campus," he says. "Fortunately, his classes this semester will be on a rather closer campus." Five kilometers. One of Naru's runs even without magic involved. "But the attacker involved collapsed a train tunnel to extend his opportunity. I didn't get much of a chance to see him. But it was no-one I recognized. Someone new. And damned powerful. He kept Nephrite and Jupiter at a standstill, and his farewell present swamped the best shields I could put up and nearly animated the fucking rock through them."

... Let's note that, hours or perhaps days after the incident, Kunzite is still swearing.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-16 00:54:43 90282
    Kyouko halts when Kunzite walks up towards her. Her scowl doesn't fade as she listens to his explanation- if anything, her expression grows darker. If rage could be expressed in little red lightning bolts arcing off of her body, it likely would be, though thankfully (at least while not in henshin) that also seems to be beyond her ability at the moment.

    "So someone new has decided they want to die, huh?" She says, then has to admit, "Although if he kept Neph-nii and Mako-chan," (the latter clearly having more significance, based on her tone) at bay on his one then I guess we shouldn't take it lightly."

    She sighs. "This is what I get for whining about how I didn't have anybody to stab." She turns and side-eyes the glowering Naru behind her, not related to her statement but more to judge the other girl's reaction. It says something for her that her instinct these days is 'see what Naru is doing' rather than 'immidiately decide that I know what to do and leap without looking'.

    She looks back to Kunzite after a moment. "I assume Mamoru is more-or-less okay or else this would be a very different discussion. So tell me this- was this guy targetting Mamoru specifically, or was he just a target of opportunity?"
Naru Osaka 2018-04-16 01:02:16 90283
"Any familiarities in the magic at all?" Naru asks after she listens to the details. Her own bag settles by the door without getting thrown, her expression settling more contemplative rather than glowering as it comes more clear that while a powerful attack, Kunzite is unlikely to bury the lead about dire endings at this point.. especially when discussing 'this' semester.

The question about specific targeting versus opportunity is noted, and nodded to, Naru wishes to know that as well. "Collapsing train tunnels is fairly dramatic." Naru muses thoughtfully. "For a target of opportunity."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-04-16 01:11:32 90284
"He'll recover. Bruises. Impact injuries, but he knows how to take that kind of hit. Exhaustion." The most immediate, to Kunzite's mind, question is dealt with first. Kyouko's glance back to Naru carries Kunzite's attention with it, and it's split between the two as they both talk. "Whether he was targetting Mamoru specifically, I don't know. Either explanation is possible. Certainly he may be a specific target in the future, because the primary familiarity in the magic to me was that it was very definitely Mamoru's energy, corrupted and turned. Whoever this is can absorb and recycle energy at least as fast as I can, and with a vastly greater capacity than I have now. More effective in physical attacks, too; he generated a sword that he used against one of the damned train cars. Empty at the time, fortunately. I'm not sure whether he can outright generate youma by proximity, but it's possible; the rock he affected wasn't staying put anymore. So. He's had a dose of considerable, relatively unguarded at the moment, power. He's unlikely to stop with one. Not if he has a chance of finding the source."

His mouth curls upward at the corner, and he glances from Naru to Kyouko. "Fortunately, we know someone with proven skills at stabbing people like that."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-16 01:24:22 90285
    Kyouko nods her head in agreement with Naru's statement about collapsing train tunnels, then tilts her head slightly as she listens to Kunzite, her eyes narrowing a bit. "Nothing in that says whether this person was targetting Mamoru, or Mamoru just happend to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it does say one other interesting thing to me."

    She holds up a finger as if making a singular point. "Mamoru had enough magic energy left to possibly sense, and definitely steal. That means that even if he can't use it currently.. it's still there, and maybe Earth hasn't been robbing him as effectively as we thought." She hesitates, then glances between the two others. "..right?" Kyouko doesn't quite trust her own ability to draw conclusions like that.

    She shakes her head afterwards. "Anyway, your point is taken about whoever this is being unlikely to stop at one. They never do. Well.." She folds her hand into a fist. "As much as I feel now like I was tempting fate.. I have been jonesing for somebody to take out all my frustrations about Earth on, at least until she makes a convinient target of herself."
Naru Osaka 2018-04-16 01:26:41 90286
"At the moment, however.. Mamoru is not the sole source of Mamo's energy, especially twisted and corrupted. Or am I mistaken on that front? I didn't think he had much of any power left, so that's more information too, if he yoinked energy from Mamoru." Naru points out as she pads her way towards the kitchen. Because the gods know she's not facing this without a cup of coffee. Tea if she has to, but a hot beverage of some sort.

"He affected a rock? Affected how?" Naru asks, her voice raised slightly in coming from the kitchen.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-04-16 01:39:06 90287
"The connection to the Earth is still there," Kunzite confirms to Kyouko. "She's been taking his ability to make use of the energy. She hasn't been taking that it exists." In other words, Kyouko is exactly right.

For the moment. Kunzite does not speculate about the future. Not out loud. Not right now.

"Sailor Earth's energy is related," he adds, with a small half-nod to Naru, "but not identical. There are other elements. Some are simply dark energy. Some are reminiscent of certain energies around a half-mad mage working with Device-related technology, if I understand it, named Precia Testarossa. She is no longer available for inquiry about the nature of those energies. Some I don't have a good grasp on. So it's unlikely that whoever this was is working for Sailor Earth. Despite what Mamoru reports as his use of some kind of magical stone as a focus, it's not one of hers."

It's always about the rocks. Speaking of. Kunzite says to Naru, "His attacks aren't well-focused. There's enough stray energy to affect things around their target. Hit a wall, get a ... distressing wall that suddenly isn't keeping its surface in the proper shape. Not quite properly animate. Not quite not."

Kunzite glances back to Kyouko -- still in henshin. No fight, and still in henshin. He hasn't been able to sustain it for long outside of a fight in months. "I am," he says, "much in favor of your having targets for your frustrations. Whenever they show themselves. It can't be soon enough."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-16 01:55:35 90288
    "Just because this guy doesn't have the same energy signature as Earth doesn't rule out that they're somehow related." Kyouko points out, frowning still, though thoughtfully more than anything else. "It just means they aren't like, siblings. But that hardly proves anything. Then again it doesn't prove that he is either, just sayin'. At this point I ain't ruling anything out."

    She trails after Naru towards the kitchen after a moment, perhaps feeling a similar inkling for a hot beverage- they did just get off of a very tense train ride themselves, after all."

    "You act like I'm the only one around here who can do violence effectively." Kyouko says, shaking her head. "I gotta admit, it's a big worrisome to me that this guy was able to stymie Mako-chan. I know just how strong she is. Then again.. next time maybe he'll have to deal with me and Mako-chan. We've been practicing some combo moves, y'know."
Naru Osaka 2018-04-16 02:13:44 90289
"Stray energy could also be indicative of someone who isn't terribly familiar with his powers yet too. A lack of control isn't uncommon when it's all new." Naru has the kettle on, and is climbling on the counter to fetch mugs, no matter how thoughtful the conversation is.

"So is there more to go on for recognizing this guy beyond 'attacked Mamoru' and 'takes offense at Tokyo's rail system'" Naru asks as she gets tea bags for the mugs. "Because I am not an effective violence person, so knowing when to run would be excellent."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-04-16 02:24:23 90290
"You're merely one of the only two people around here who have ever stabbed me, personally, effectively," Kunzite says drily back to Kyouko. "Though I grant a particular interest in never finding out what it's like to receive the attentions of a lightning dragon."

Kyouko's notes about potential relationships and Naru's observation about possible unfamiliarity both win small nods from Kunzite ... and it's Kazuo who answers Naru's more-to-go-on question, not Kunzite. "Didn't get much of a look at him. At least I presume 'him' is accurate, from the looks and voice. Blue hair, almost as short as Ami's. Black-and-white outfit, white -- maybe a cape -- on one side. I couldn't get a good look at the sword, since he was using it to destroy things ten meters away, but I understand it's one European style or another, with a red gem set in the crossguard."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-16 02:29:33 90291
    "It's an exclusive club. And the fact that you're still here to belong to it just goes to show how much I care about you, nii-chan." Kyouko says, with a broad wink, a moment of levity that perhaps signals a bit of released tension- not because the threat is dealt with, since it clearly isn't, but because there is a world of difference between knowing there's a threat and working on dealing with it, and not knowing what the heck is going on.

    She listens to the description of the attacker attentively, filing it away. "I'll keep an eye out." She says. "And I promise to at least call before I stab anybody." She pauses, then adds, "Y'know, if I can. And I don't think we'll be taking any more overnight trips for the time being." A glance cast towards Naru.. perhaps just a bit regretful. It had been a lovely trip, until the emergency alarms went off.
Naru Osaka 2018-04-16 02:32:57 90292
"Kunzite, do you want anyhting?" Naru asks as she gets tea together. "No, no more going anywhere except to school." She shakes her head, offering Kyouko a rueful little smile. It really had been rather lovely. Until all hell broke loose at least.

"Blue hair, black and white.. sword and generally trying to kill people. Excellent. Thank you, that really does narrow it down a bit." She leans against the counter, watching the kettle, which should ensure it's delay in boiling. "So we're up to mystery attacker, Earth and Hana? That the current roster on either taking over the world, or killing people?"
Kazuo Takeba 2018-04-16 02:39:45 90293
"Summer break," Kazuo says gravely. "Your trips are traditional over summer break. Nothing ever seems to break here for them, at least." He inclines his head to Naru. "There's always Riventon. But he's been very nearly behaving himself lately. Also, the Raskophs, but they've been keeping their heads down. Unsettlingly so. I dislike that they're choosing their own time."

There isn't space in the kitchen to provide for a third. Kazuo, thus, leans against the living-room side of the counter, where he can see Naru and Kyouko both. And possibly, just possibly, risk teasing at least one of them. "Mn. Kyouko, is there enough water that you won't be forced to stab me in your own defense if I ask for a cup of tea?"
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-16 02:48:38 90294
    "I'm sick of all these people who make a nuisance of themselves, then proceed to disappear for weeks or months on end." Kyouko grouses. "It's like they want to kill me via stress-induced heart-attack instead of just shooting or stabbing me like a decent human being."

    She looks at Kazuo.. eyeing him for a moment after his question. "I suppose there's enough water. I mean, it does come out of the faucet when we need more." Then she smiles. "Ugh.. after tea I'm going to bed. I've had far too much excitement today."