Can I Borrow Your House?

Sora comes over to get Mamoru's side of the Sailor Earth story. And give her plan to find out what's going on with that. And ask to throw a party at the ECFH and incidentally also invite Erf to it??? Save-tan said 'MAKOFIST!' when she asked.

Date: 2018-04-18
Pose Count: 34
Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-18 18:19:59 90329
Mamoru's not in trouble, per se. But he's definitely not allowed to be alone anymore after getting attacked and massively drained by someone ENTIRELY UNRELATED TO SAILOR EARTH, and he's still tired. Right now, it's afternoon on a school day, and he's at home with the windows and balcony doors open because it's nice out goddammit, and he's dragging his feet making a sandwich in the kitchen. His playlist at the moment consists entirely of Satie, and piano notes float aimlessly from the speakers hidden throughout the kitchen and living room.
Sora Hisakata 2018-04-18 18:23:10 90330
With the balcony doors open, the witch landing on the balcony doesn't feel the need to knock. Instead, she merely waves and greets, "Good afternoon!" She seems to be cheerful enough and looks straight at Mamoru. "I'd like to have a word with you if you don't mind, Chiba-san." She tries to pass it off as a no big deal kind of thing, but it's clear this is at least marginally a big thing.
Kunzite 2018-04-18 18:25:40 90331
Kazuo is not, for a minor miracle, hovering over Mamoru in the kitchen. Instead, he's leaning against a wall ... just outside the kitchen. This is an improvement, surely. Kazeko's arrival and announcement prompts a lifted eyebrow, then an inclination of his head: casual token toward a bow of greeting.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-18 18:34:03 90332
Glancing up, Mamoru closes his sandwich and looks over his shoulder, gets an idea of the potential Big Thingness from Sora's stance and directness, and abruptly feels like there's a beef somewhere he doesn't know about. To his credit, he doesn't immediately get his back up; he just carries his sandwich to the kitchen door and turns the music down, eyebrows up. "Kazeko-san," he greets in return, then leans in the doorway. "I take it you'd prefer to forego tea. Is there a reason I'm getting the impression you're about to give me a justice speech?" he asks with a faint smile.
Sora Hisakata 2018-04-18 18:37:58 90333
"I'm not big into justice speeches." Kazeko floats towards a seat near Mamoru, then drops down on it and makes herself comfortable. "But I did meet a girl who seemed really unhappy with her life and she blames you for it, and I'd like to get your side of the story." She explains, glancing towards Kazuo and then back to Mamoru. "I know you well enough that it seemed like a stretch but ... I've seen crazier things, so I'm not about to discount it out of hand. So in brief, she claims you stole her name, identity, friends, powers, everything."
Kunzite 2018-04-18 18:44:04 90334
"Claims is an excellent and useful term," Kazuo notes. "That's an interesting change from the last time we talked about her. I think you referred to her as 'Sailor Megalomania' at the time; I'd be curious to hear how convincing she was."
Naru Osaka 2018-04-18 18:50:04 90335
The door opens, unlocking if necessary, but without the benefit of knocking first. A wild Naru appears! Less than entirely wild, but in cycling gear, her sunglasses pushed up on her head to hold her hair back and not commit the grave offense of wearing mirrored road shades indoors. There's limits. She's got a bag with her, and the smell eminating from within is of hot fried spicy.. bhaji at a guess, and probably not just onion either. Naru glances over to the living room, once her sneakers have been doffed and she's making her way further within. "Sorry to inturrupt, I didn't realize there were visitors."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-18 19:22:02 90336
Mamoru's quiet for a moment, and Kazuo notes the 'claim' appropriateness-- and then Naru comes in with a bag of hot fried spicy, and he glances down at his suddenly plain and unappealing sandwich, then goes to wrap it and put it in the fridge for later. "You're fine, Naru-chan," he says with a smile in his voice. He comes back out and moves to take the bag from Naru in order to put it on the dividing counter, and as he goes, he explains to the air, "When she first showed up a year and a half ago, attacking people and making those same claims, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. That maybe she was from an alternate universe, or another timeline, like Homura Akemi, and that what she was thinking was true might actually be true where she came from. I don't think that's the case anymore. Nothing she's said or done has indicated that she's a protector of anything, nevermind the Earth, which is what Mamoru Chiba means. She was not here painstakingly making friends, I was. She has, one by one, stolen my powers-- I don't know how, but I still have my energy and I can't actually use any of my powers, including the ones I was born already using."

He starts unpacking the bag on the counter, still talking in a mild narrative, not looking up from his task. "If I had stolen her identity, I would have to have done it in such a way as to keep the story of Endymion, the shepherd-king that the Goddess Selene fell in love with, being told throughout history throughout the aeons in which I was dead. If she were the titular Crown Princess of the Elysion and the Golden Kingdom of Earth, and my mother Demeter's daughter, then she would know the actual history of Earth and Moon that's in both the memories of those who were there and in the ancient database on the Moon that's kept alive through the magics and power of the Silver Crystal. If she were the Leader of the Senshi, then Sailor Venus would not have the Holy Sword and Sailor Moon would not have the Crescent Wand. If she were Mamoru Chiba, then Usako would not say her kisses tasted like knockoff brand diet Dr. Pepper instead of the real thing."

A pause. "Not that I drink Dr. Pepper, so I'm really not sure why Usa picked that as her metaphor."
Sora Hisakata 2018-04-18 19:33:31 90337
"Well I only had your depictions to go on, and I was only 90% sure that this was the same person." Kazeko answers the 'Sailor Megalomania' thing, and then she listens to what Mamoru has to say and she slowly nods. "I believe you." She makes clear right away, "But I don't think she was lying as such. I approached Mirai because she looked faintly familiar and because she looked sad and like she had no-one she could talk to. She seemed hurt, genuinely hurt, and her anger comes from that."

Sora is trying to explain what her view is, "What struck me most is her fear that should she, as she sees it, regain her identity; she's afraid she'll have alienated everyone she cares about by doing so." She pauses, "I don't know where she got these ideas, but I think she believes them."
Kunzite 2018-04-18 19:44:04 90338
Kazuo glances at Naru, then gives another brief nod-like thing in her direction. He studies the condition of her outfit and hair as Mamoru's talking. This does not in fact result in his vanishing from the room and reappearing to quietly offer her a comb; it only results in his continuing to lean against the wall. As Kazeko finishes, he draws a breath as if to answer her -- but he doesn't, in the end, use it to rejoin the conversation; he lets it out, slow and controlled and quite possibly counted, and says nothing out loud at all.
Naru Osaka 2018-04-18 19:48:01 90339
Bike helmets are not kind to hair styles, even when they are neatly braided, and truthfully she could use a shower as well as a comb. Still, the pastries are hot, and a mixture of flavours, wholly vegetarian, but tasty.

"Just because you believe something, especially when looking to play the part of the victim does not confer truth or reality to it." Naru points out quietly as she passes by to peel off her gloves and give her hands a good scrubbing. Which is a glorious and wonderful feeling, getting road grime off one's hands.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-18 19:54:32 90340
"Used to be," Mamoru says, not entirely able to keep the bitterness out of his voice, "I could've told you if she was lying. But she stole that from me, too, which means she's now an empath, which means she's got a good chance of knowing what specifically to do to sell her story to each individual audience. It's a little hard to believe she believes what she says when she changes her story all the time, too. But there are people with mental health issues that make things up in their heads and believe them, so there's that. But we think she has a handler who's feeding her details and has half of them completely wrong. I suppose, depending on her relationship with that handler, she could believe everything they tell her, too. But as Naru says, that still doesn't make it true."

He finally looks up, gesturing in frustration. "I offered her the open hand of friendship and help more than once. And she kept attacking people, brainwashing them, stealing things, stealing energy-- and then she progressed to stealing my powers and making me helpless and having to be babysat a hundred percent of the time again in case someone attacks me with magic while all I've got is a smart mouth and a dumb fist. So forgive me if I've run out of sympathy for her."
Sora Hisakata 2018-04-18 20:00:53 90341
"Don't get me wrong. I don't believe she's right, I know you all well enough to know you'd not be lying to me. I just promised her I'd look into it, and I figured getting your side of the story counted." Kazeko answers both Naru and Mamoru, with a moment's pause before continuing calmly. "And I'm not going to do anything to get into any of your decisions when it comes to dealing with her. I mostly just wanted to let you know what I was planning."

Thus, the mostly reformed magical girl takes a moment to put it into words, "I'm going to try to befriend her, see if I can figure out who this handler of hers is, if she has one. But to do that, I may need to do some things to earn her trust that you might not be entirely comfortable with." Sora takes a deep breath, and then, "On that note. My birthday is coming up, would you mind letting me borrow your place for a party?"
Naru Osaka 2018-04-18 20:13:06 90342
"It's a dangerous game, befriending her." Naru comments as she reaches for a towel to dry off her hands, and fetches down small plates for the snacking. Because the indian fritters are really best hot, and they aren't getting any hotter for waiting. And she's starving. "Although I'm in a poor position to comment on that. Still, do you have someone you trust to keep an eye on your emotions, such that you at least have someone who will know if she's mind controlling or manipulating you?"
Kunzite 2018-04-18 20:29:48 90343
Kazuo's eyebrows lift sharply at the question that Kazeko asks. He glances toward Mamoru for the first time since Sora's arrival; then he looks back to Sora. "I'm not certain that the defenses built into the place are sufficient to handle what I think you might be thinking of doing," he says. "I suppose there is the option of removing everything and everyone irreplaceable. Except for the mural. That would have to be remade. And the neighbors. Those cannot be remade."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-18 21:13:38 90344
The Prince's brows furrow at 'what I was planning', and his expression clears at 'befriend her' and gets even a little amused at 'not entirely comfortable with'. He outright stifles a laugh at her apparent non-sequitur at the end, though he knows it very likely follows-- which Kazuo's comment emphasizes. All the same, he doesn't look entirely worried when Kazuo checks his face-- and he nods to Naru.

"Make sure you invite a Device Mage who can cast Barrier before you start any fights here," he says first, "and double-plus yes on Naru's suggestion about someone to monitor you, because she is capable of mind-control and brainwashing. Which, I should note, I never was, and she was doing that long before she took all my defenses away." He fills one of the plates with fritters for himself, and gestures with one of them. "Additionally, I've also got someone working on almost exactly that plan-- someone who is a Device Mage. It would make the most sense to me if you two worked with each other behind the scenes, but I can't speak for her, so I'll ask her if she's cool with doing that. If she is, I'll get the two of you in touch."
Sora Hisakata 2018-04-18 21:22:06 90345
"I'll make sure to ask my cousin and my girlfriend to keep an eye on me. Both of them have already have permission to beat me up if I backslide, so I'll just call this an extension of that." Kazeko answers the first concern, she sounds like she takes it seriously, "And I'll tell them not to hesitate to contact any of you if they think I may be under any external influence." She glances to Kazuo in particular there.

"I'm not intending on getting into a fight, I just don't think my family would look kindly on me inviting a vampire into the family home and so I was planning on asking this /anyway./ This is just an added complication, but if I try to treat her like a friend I can hardly forgo inviting her to my birthday party, can I?" She answers softly, "Anyway, my birthday is on the 30th, though I'll probably celebrate in the weekend. I'll be sure to invite Miss White and any other device mages I know just in case we need one on hand, the spell I figured out to replicate the effect is sadly... not compatible with my current magic."
Naru Osaka 2018-04-18 21:32:24 90346
"It's been my experience that my intentions regarding fights, and the fights themselves rarely have much of anything to do with each other." Naru points out as she goes exploring in the fridge and emerges with juice, which gets watered down in her glass.

By the way Naru nods at the mention of someone else and the plan, she may have had some prior knowledge about said cunning plan. "What effect are you trying to replicate?"
Kunzite 2018-04-18 21:36:10 90347
"And it would be ideal if none of your guests decided to shred the top twenty or thirty floors of the building," Kazuo agrees. "Which is close to what one of your proposed guests did on her first appearance. So the invitation of Device mages is welcomed indeed." He glances after Naru, then adds, "In the mean time, we haven't asked properly. Would you like something to drink on this visit? And is there anything you'd like us to have on hand for your birthday? The day's coming up soon; there's not too much time to prepare." With that date, there's never enough time to prepare.

At least Venus isn't coming into this meeting with Crescent Beams, granted.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-18 21:45:08 90348
Something's tugging weirdly at the back of Mamoru's memory regarding April 30th, but he can't actually place it at the moment, so instead of chewing on it he chews on his fritters while he listens. His eyebrows go up. "Oh, Lacrima? She's always welcome here. Anyone who follows the rules is generally welcome, unless they're a spectacular jerk and consistently toe the line. Earth, though..."

The college student shifts uncomfortably. "As long as she follows the rules. If she breaks hospitality, she's already on notice and everyone's already got the okay to start shit with her, and violence isn't off the table when either ejecting someone or starting shit with them outside the boundaries. How are you going to justify being able to get me to agree to let you host your party here if you're visibly taking her side, though? I mean other than the fact that I have a reputation for being a gullible pushover."
Sora Hisakata 2018-04-18 21:54:36 90349
"Sure, and that's why we have a backup plan with the barriers." Sora answers Naru and she shrugs a bit on Kazuo's question, "Water will be fine? Maybe tea, but I don't want to be... more of a bother than I already am." There's a pause when Kazuo points out how soon it is, before she ignores that to respond to Mamoru "Yeah, I felt like Lacrima would be. I just don't see it going over well with my family. We're curse hunters, and well... Lacrima's not dealing with hers well."

She quickly moves on to the other important topic. "Well I told her I don't know you very well. And let's be honest, I don't. I'm just going to tell her I asked a friend of mine to help me find a place to host the party, and not mention your name at all. If she realizes where it is, I'll just be 'Oh, I didn't know. It's too late to change plans now, though.' And if she doesn't come, I'll just celebrate my birthday and we'll move on from there."
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-04-18 21:57:04 90350
Daisuke Hansuke has been hanging around a little bit more often in the background because things like 'Mamoru deals with some Double Cross jerk and can't do shit about it' happens and people need healing and so he's at the very least, been on call.

He walks in and has what appears to be a milkshake from the Crown, set in a to-go cup. Ten to one he just magically teleported there and back quick. Because when you have magic abilities, why not abuse them for milkshake acquirement.

"Hey." he says with a sort wave to the room.

"Oh, a Birthday. Neat. But who are we talking about?" he asks as he rubs a hand up his face and hair a bit.
Naru Osaka 2018-04-18 22:06:32 90351
Naru is still in the kitchen, and its easy enough for her to put the kettle on for tea at the roundabout request for it out of Sora. She leaves the details of birthday planning to those who actually live here, puttering as she climbs up on the counter to fetch down tea cups. "How many for tea?"
Kunzite 2018-04-18 22:14:51 90352
"Not to mention," Kazuo says to Mamoru, following up Sora in a tone touched with a hint of amusement, "that you generally don't ask for detailed and enumerated guest lists before agreeing to favors."

He glances aside at Naru on the counter, says nothing about either tea or counter or the fact that he's tall enough to reach, and then glances back at the sound of footsteps. Without a door. Because teleport. Daisuke does not get an absent half-nod. Daisuke actually gets Kazuo straightening up away from the wall to bow a little toward him in greeting. Healers get privileges.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-18 22:31:07 90353
The Crown Prince of Earth looks thoughtful, then hauls himself up to sit on the counter on the side opposite the doorway, so he still has wall to lean against. He really does look tired. "Tea," he says after some deliberation, "to go with the Satie. It's a tea and Satie kind of day even if it's sunny out." He licks his fingers clean of grease from the fritters and sets his empty plate down next to him. "Yo Dai-kun. Uh-- Kazeko-san's," he says, gesturing vaguely toward Sora, then dropping his hands into his lap.

"If she doesn't come, you'll have a much nicer birthday party. But..." here, he shoots Kunzite a dirty look. "I didn't even say yes yet." A glance toward Sora then and he gives her a sheepish grin. "Yes, you can. But I've definitely got a condition-- that I don't have to be here for it, regardless of whether or not Earth comes. I don't do well with parties even when I'm running them; I end up locking myself in the bathroom eventually, every time. Too much noise, too many people, too much fuss. I'll just go crash at Kyouko's or Usa's."
Sora Hisakata 2018-04-18 22:38:45 90354
Sora doesn't actually know Daisuke, so she gets up and makes a bow, floating just enough to avoid touching the floor. "I'm Cute Witch Kazeko, nice to meet you." Then she flops back in her seat, before smiling at Kazuo's addendum and beaming when Mamoru says yes, "Thank you. And don't worry, I need a place, I don't need your presence. You're welcome to attend if you want to, but I totally understand."
Naru Osaka 2018-04-18 22:54:52 90355
"You'd be welcome downstairs, Endy." Naru comments as she putters about getting a teapot together. Cups and napkins and teapot onto a tray. More cups than requests, because sometimes just having tea on offer makes it appealing. "How many are you planning on inviting to the party, Kazeko?" She asks with a note of curiosity. The whistle of the kettle is attended to promptly, to warm the teapot first, before making tea in earnest.
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-04-18 22:57:59 90356
Daisuke Hansuke bows back to Kazuo with a smile and then looks back to Mamoru and purses his lips a bit. He gives another bow to Sora. "Hey there, then, Kazeko-san." he says. "I'm Daisuke Hansuke. I'm currently the backup healer." he says. "So if you find yourself needing help..." he shrugs a bit.

"Let me know." he says. A pause. "Hold on. Venus is saying I need to practice this." he thinks very hard and poof! an Ace of Hearts, like as if from up his sleeve! "My card~" he says smoothly. Indeed. It's a common Ace of Hearts with a phone number written on it.

He then slides back and shrugs a bit. "I have a milkshake." he says at Naru's offer of drinks. "I'm good."
Kunzite 2018-04-18 23:04:56 90357
"A little more distance might make some of us more comfortable," Kazuo mutters at Naru's offer, but his voice is kept ... low. Very low. Because it's bad enough that Mamoru needs someone on hand to begin with. The mother-hen habit shall be enforcedly kept to a minimum.

Daisuke's card trick is greeted with both eyebrows raised. Visibly. That's practically an actual compliment.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-18 23:29:17 90358
There's definite relief written all over Mamoru's face. "Thanks. When I was little I used to fantasize about what it'd be like to be normal and not have to worry about people accidentally touching me, and I was like 'I could go to parties and I'd like them!' and now I wish I could go back in time and tell that kid nah, you're just an introvert," he says with a very small laugh. His hands are still in his lap, and his head's still leaning against the wall; he shifts a little in his seat on the counter.

"Yay Naru, thanks," the prince tells the more orangey redhead of the couple, nevermind that it's Kyouko's apartment and they both basically volunteered it on her behalf. But then Dai's introducing himself, and he raises his eyebrows and a hand, and he points at the burgeoning sleight-of-hand master. "Sorry, man, you're currently primary healer. I can't even find Sailor Moon with a compass if she's holding a giant electromagnet right now, nevermind heal anything or anyone. Also, that was really slick."

Either he didn't hear Kazuo or he's studiously ignoring the comment.
Sora Hisakata 2018-04-18 23:34:49 90359
Sora takes the Ace of Hearts and glances at it for a few moments, then apparently crumbles it up with one hand. Except, when she opens her hand there's an intact playing card there. "I believe this is yours?" She tells Daisuke, handing over a Queen of Spades with her own phone number on it. Then she answers Naru, "Still working it out. Not too many, I mean, I don't have that many friends. I'll refrain from inviting Riventon, so we're looking at Lacrima, my girlfriend, my cousin and her girlfriend, miss White, some of my other friends at WPS, all of you guys, the one who've been talking about, and maybe a few more if I realize I've forgotten someone."
Naru Osaka 2018-04-18 23:45:13 90360
Naru brings the tray of tea over to settle on the table, kneeling easily in offer to pour for Kazeko and Mamoru at the very least. "So not that many people, which is easier for knowing how much food and drink to expect." She quirks a brow at the competing card tracks, but she doesn't comment, instead offering a cup of tea. "I'm with you on parties, Endy."
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-04-18 23:46:23 90361
Daisuke Hansuke blinks and takes the card back. "You magic cheated." he huffs. "I had to learn to do that by hand. Lots of practice." he insists. He still takes the card and pockets it carefully. It's a business card still of sorts!

"Parties are fun." he insists as he crosses his arms. "Just not for a long time. How long is it running?" he asks, as he shrugs a moment.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-19 00:06:58 90362
"Parties are not fun for everyone," Mamoru insists, gesturing toward Naru as if he could point at the words she just said. "Granted, they're a little easier to cope with if I'm drunk, but that's not really a solution. Tuxedo Kamen Says." He slides heavily off the counter, then, and schleps his plate around the corner and over to the sink to wash it off. "Nevermind on the tea, though, thank you anyway. I'm going to go take a nap so I can post stupid crap on the internet later."