Ocean of Cuddles

Homura and Madoka use the Compendum of Infinite Worlds to go sailing... and cuddling!

Date: 2018-04-21
Pose Count: 20
Homura Akemi 2018-04-21 23:06:34 90482

    Homura Akemi has a brand new book! It's a very dangerous book, the kind of book that a magical girl like her probably shouldn't be playing with. Yet, Homura hasn't always been the kind of girl who plays by the rules, especially since those rules are often rigged against her.

    This time, however, she really should be respecting the unspoken rule of 'don't mess with forbidden magic' and as we can clearly see here, she is not.

    Chanting arcane words, tracing her fingers across arcane geometry written in the book, glowing with a purple light as a magical circle appears beneath her feet. At the end of the spell, she intones, "Break the locks and open the door. Show me what I've not seen before!"

    Much to her surprise, the spell worked. The portal opened, showing what she assumed to be another world.

    She was in the living room of her house, practicing this magic in privacy. When she looked into the glowing green circle that made up the edge of the portal, she did not see her own folly or recklessness. All she saw, all she was thinking about at the time, was....

    "That looks like a really fun place to cuddle."

    On that note, at least, she was correct.

     Fast forward to a couple of days later, and Homura had already invited her beloved Madoka out on a very magical, pun fully intended, date. They had rented a small sailboat, big enough for two people but not much bigger. They packed it full of picnic foods, added a few fishing rods and related bait, prepared a nice place to sleep, and brought enough luggage to last them about a week. By this time in her career, Homura was well versed with the prospect of handling a boat, so she really thought nothing of it as she untied from the dock and set sail.

    They left late at night, and no one had to see the glowing green portal that they vanished through. It closed behind them, sealing them inside another world entirely. On the other side, it was the middle of the day.


    Homura sits on the edge of the boat, letting the salty ocean air play with her silky black hair. She's wearing a tank top and shorts over a black and purple two piece swimsuit. The endless horizon reflects off of her shining purple eyes. A small coy smile rests on her lips. Her hands are on the railing, supporting her, and her legs are outstretched in front. Occasionally she makes an futile effort to keep the hair out of her face, but it's an uphill battle. Besides, hair isn't as hard to see through as people seem to think.
Madoka Kaname 2018-04-21 23:06:38 90483
    Madoka hadn't given too much thought to the magical book Homura had picked up except for the fact had helped them get back out of Homura's shield and she was fairly grateful for that. That it might open entire new worlds and possibilities to herself and Homura wasn't on her mind at all, even when she knew the dark haired Puella was going to be testing it out.

    When the idea of going on a sailboat vacation was floated to her she was all for it and immediately excited, and the idea it might be somewhere completely new and unexpected was an added thrill. She too packed up and told her parents what she'd be up to, apologizing for the short notice and warning her phone might not get reception out on the ocean. She couldn't tell her family all the details, of course, but that wasn't an entirely uncommon thing anymore and she'd proven worthy enough of their trust.

    Helping to back a lunch was fun, and she couldn't help but get an extra spring in her step as she packed enough spare clothes for a week. Part of her wondered if that much was really necessary, but it always paid off to be prepared. Besides, it's not like they had to worry about wasting space on the small sailboat, not with Homura's shield keeping everything stored away so handily.

    Soon the time arrived and they sailed through the green portal, from night into day. That alone might have been worth the trip, she thought. It was almost like getting to see an eclipse!

    Now that she'd gotten time to get settled in and change into something more accommodating to the warm ocean air, Madoka was happy and relaxed. She was a bit tired since their trip had begun after a day of packing, but something about the boat rolling along the gentle waves with it's sail unfurled and catching the wind was very soothing and relaxing.

    She wore a simple pair of yellow shorts, and a white cotton shirt that flowed and waved in the wind, thin and light enough to show the tint of her yellow swimsuit beneath but enough to feel cozy and comfortable even in the wind. She leaned against the mast for bit, looking at Homura and watching her long, beautiful hair flow with the wind and enjoying the ease of the smile on her face.

    It didn't take long of that before she wandered over, drawn towards her beloved as if by some unseen force, sitting down next to her before reaching over and hugging onto Homura's arm before resting her head lightly on her shoulder, fluffy pink pigails fluttering about by the same wind that makes Homura's hair flow so beautifully. Her fingers entwine into Homura's and her other hand rests gently on top of it, holding it and enjoying the light touch of her sweetheart, only to smile and sent soft pink eyes peeking towards purple through windblown bangs.
Homura Akemi 2018-04-21 23:06:49 90484
    Getting the permission of Madoka's family is certainly the most important thing, especially considering their trip. As far as Homura knows they'll be able to return at will, but it'd still be better to be prepared. She has no idea just how reliable (or rather, unreliable) the magic in that book really is.

    Madoka is on her arm, fingers are entwined, they are comfortably close and everything is as it should be. Homura cannot help but feel at peace next to her one and only. Perhaps it's conditioning from all of the cuddles they've shared, or perhaps it's just a result of knowing that her favorite person is not only alive but also very happy.

    To be able to share that life, and that happiness, with her...

    Homura's half-lidded eyes gaze dreamily off into the distance. Though she is looking at the ocean, she is thinking about Madoka. When she finally turns her smile towards Madoka she leans a bit closer and rests her forehead against the top of Madoka's hair. After kissing the top of her head she asks, "Are you having a good time, my little angel?"

    She reaches up to play with Madoka's pink bangs, brushing them with her fingertips before lightly tracing her fingers along Madoka's forehead, the side of her face, the contours of her cheek, and finally to her chin. Her unclaimed hand eventually rests on the railing on opposite side of Madoka, and she softly giggles because Homura couldn't possibly be unhappy.

    "I don't think it matters to me where I go, as long as I'm going there with you. You really are the light of my life, my sweet little angel."
Madoka Kaname 2018-04-21 23:06:51 90485
    Being close to Homura really does feel like everything is good and correct. The times when their lives cause them to part don't feel bad or wrong so long as they're short, but these times that they do get to share together always feel so wonderful and perfect, as if the pieces of a puzzle have just fallen together to make this picturesque moment just so. It could be at home snuggling on the Cuddle Couch, or eating together at a restaurant, or even doing something as scary as fighting a witch. Or it could be like right now, sitting close together on a lovely little vacation. It just feels right, when she's with the one she loves.

    'And the one who loves me,' Madoka can't help but think to herself as Homura's head turns towards her, giggling softly as the top of her head is kissed. "I'm having a very good time, Homura-chan. I'm really happy we got to do something like this together. It's so peaceful and relaxing here." She briefly closes her eyes, taking in a deep breath of the salty ocean air before letting it out as a peaceful sigh, "And romantic..."

    Her cheeks start to color something closer to that of her hair as her bangs are played with, Madoka's soft pink eyes tracing over the contours of her beloved's face even as her sweetheart's fingers trace those her own. She shifts around in place, scooting a little closer and hugging onto Homura's arm a little tighter, nuzzling her cheek against her shoulder while looking up at her.

    Seeing Homura so happy is a joy to her each and every day, and feeling the radiant warmth of her love always quickens the pace of her heart when it touches her. "I'd go anywhere with you, Homura-chan. As long as it's you and me together, anywhere would make me happy." After a moment she giggles, "Though if I got to pick, this is very nice!"

    She smiles brightly to Homura, only to pause briefly, giving Homura a momentarily shy look before lifting her cheek from her shoulder so she can press her lips tenderly against those of her guardian angel, sighing through her nose and all at once feeling giddy and happy and so completely in love.
Homura Akemi 2018-04-21 23:07:02 90486
    Homura Akemi really does feel complete with Madoka Kaname by her side, and it all feels so natural and sweet. Even if they have to part ways once in a while, it's not so bad because Homura knows that she'll get to spend time with Madoka soon. It's true what they say. Home is where the heart is, and Homura feels most at home with Madoka.

     Homura giggles softly as Madoka notes how peaceful and relaxing it is, then takes a deep breath of fresh sea air, letting it out slowly as she makes a calm, happy noise. "It's very romantic. A romantic place to spend time with my beloved."

    Madoka's reaction to Homura's touches are as cute and sweet as ever, and Homura's heart can't help but melt as her darling nuzzles against her. To get to hold and be held by such a lovely Doka feels really nice, and no matter how much she gets used to her darling's softness she never stops enjoying it. Homura set out to spoil Madoka, but Madoka has spoiled Homura a lot right back.

    Homura giggles and agrees with Madoka. "Yeah, here is very nice. I'm going to remember this place for a long time, especially since I'm sharing it with you."

    After a moment of such cute, sweet romance, Homura feels like kissing Madoka, and it seems like her little angel has the same idea. The guardian purses her lips to accept her beloved's kiss, and her arm wraps around Madoka's side in order to cling closer to her. Homura is smiling into the kiss, and it's a wonderful kiss, so Homura doesn't mind kissing her pretty little angel as much as she likes.

    Her soft lips press against her darling's, and her hand cups Madoka's cheek, and she looks deeply into lovely pink eyes as she shares such a nice, romantic moment. Homura's own heart is starting to quicken in pace, and how could it not when he beloved is so good to her?
Madoka Kaname 2018-04-21 23:07:04 90487
    It really is the most natural thing in the world for Madoka to be close to Homura and feel at peace together with her. She knows with full certainty there's no one she'd rather spend her life with than Homura, and getting to do just that is fulfilling in a way she never could have expected before getting to feel it for herself.

     Madoka smiles softly as Homura makes a happy noise while slowly exhaling, listening to the soft sound of simple joy. With how difficult times had been for them both, and for how very long in Homura's case, it's nothing short of a miracle that they can spend time like this together. She intends to treasure each and every moment of it, because as wonderful as this time together is it's also very precious. She blushes even a little more and smiles sweetly to Homura when she's called her beloved, giving her hand a squeeze as her pink eyes sparkle.

     She lifts her hand from off of Homura's, still holding it with the other with fingers interlaced, reaching past her around her back before hugging onto her with it, turning to face her a little bit more. The waves roll the sailboat gently from side to side as it makes it's way, and Madoka lets herself move along with it, not stopping the motions from pressing her against Homura and shifting her around by the natural rolling of the sea. It's as if nature itself wants her to cuddle up even closer, and she's happy to oblige such a romantic force of nature.

    "I'll remember it too," Madoka replies softly, "getting to be somewhere with you is wonderful, especially somewhere like this." Soft pink eyes briefly peek away to take in the endless blue of the ocean and sky, "But getting to be here with you all alone, just the two of it, that makes it even more special." Her hugging arm squeezes Homura a little closer to herself, and then their lips come together and Homura's feel so wonderful against her own, expressing her love and her affection while Madoka gives all of hers to her beloved in return.

     The hand at her cheek is so very sweet and Madoka makes a happy little whimper, first peeking sweetly into Homura's eyes and then gazing deeply into them, staying pressed close even while the grip of her arm loosens to brush slowly up and down over the back of Homura's tanktop.

    Sometimes everything actually is all sunshine and rainbows.
Homura Akemi 2018-04-21 23:07:11 90488
    Homura had no idea it could get this wonderful either, and she never regrets for one moment telling Madoka her true feelings while laying in the snow one fateful day. She had never thought that it would last this long. She thought it might be something nice, and she thought that she should at least be honest about her feelings; but to think that love would become something like this, to think that she would just mesh so well and so perfectly with her beloved, and to think that she would still be so happy with her after all the time that has passed...

     It was wonderful, and amazing, and far above and beyond anything Homura could've ever thought to wish for. This is what Homura never knew she wanted until she had it.

    When her hand is squeezed, her interlaced fingers squeeze right back, and she can't help but admire the sparkles in Madoka's eyes. As Madoka's arm moves around her, Homura turns further towards her as well, happily swaying back and forth to the gentle rhythm of the ocean. In the past Homura hated the world for keeping her apart from Madoka, so if this new world was instead bent on keeping them together then Homura decides that she likes this place already.

    Homura's soft smile continues as she tilts her head slightly to the side. The shared kiss is so nice and wonderful that Homura wouldn't trade it for anything. Such a sweet taste of affection should surely be savored, and Madoka's pretty little whimpers don't hurt matters either.

    Homura's white tank top has a soft texture to it, but it's not thick, and the black haired veteran mms as she feels her darling's hand rubbing up and down her back. She certainly feels like sunshine and rainbows right now, because Madoka's love an affection always has that kind of affect on her. These tender moments are the best things in the world, next to the very special person Homura shares them with.

    Homura leans closer to Madoka-chan, squeezing Madoka's hand and wrapping her opposite arm tighter around her beloved. She breaks the kiss, but only by a hair's breadth, and whispers, "Let's not get too carried away on the railing, unless you want to go for a swim."

     Her eyes glance towards the deck, silently suggesting that it might be a better place to cuddle.
Madoka Kaname 2018-04-21 23:07:16 90489
    Maybe it was naive, but Madoka never had any thoughts that a relationship with Homura might have been short. She went into it not knowing what to expect except that it was something truly amazing right from the start. She'd come to care about Homura so very much, and taking their close friendship to an entirely different level translated for an intimate romance from the beginning. She still wouldn't have guessed that she would come to love Homura so very much, but how well suited to one another and how much they enjoy each other's company and presence is undeniable, and now very much a part of Madoka's life.

    Even though the sun is warm on her back the warmth of Homura is even more cozy and comforting, and as the two of them shift together by the bobbing of the sailboat on the ocean she can't help but snuggle ever closer, while rubbing her sweetheart's back. And then the wind tickles silky hair across the back of her hand and Madoka lifts it to delicately catch several locks, drawing her fingers through them and tugging them straight, only to pet over them gently and sigh happily because Homura's hair is so beautiful to look at and so silky soft to touch.

    Their lips part ways and Madoka doesn't even try to stop the happy sigh that escapes her afterwards, gazing still up into pretty purple eyes while her own soft pink ones show nothing but love and a deep adoration for the one reflected in them. Then those lips smile and she gives a tiny shake of her head, "I wouldn't mind swimming for a bit later, but now that I'm so close to you I'd be a shame to have to move away so soon."

     Not that they couldn't gleefully cling together and be awash in the ocean without harm due to their Puella nature, but it wouldn't be quite the same and having to catch the boat later would be a nuisance.

    Madoka's eyes follow Homura's gaze, and her bottom lip makes the tiniest pout. She just said she wanted to stay close... but a momentary interruption might allow for further closeness. That's something Madoka is willing to bear, and so she slips her legs up out from under the rail, picking herself up with ease once they're safely on the deck and leans back, taking a step away while helping Homura rise as well, her pigtails fluttering by her cheeks in a gust of wind that likewise presses her top against her side and back while sending a rivulet of waves across it's front.
Homura Akemi 2018-04-21 23:07:22 90490
    Homura certainly felt that being close to Madoka was what she wanted most out of life, and while the romance that followed her confession was nothing short of amazing there was also a sort of quiet sweetness to the days leading up to it. The ice skating, the New Years dance, the times playing karaoke and all of the wonderful moments shared with her close friend. No matter how hard things were, or how bad things got, spending time with Madoka made everything better. Now, instead of their love being the good that balanced out the bad, the good has more or less become her life and the bad is just a memory.

    A memory easily forgotten in the arms of her little angel.

     Homura happily basks in the warmth of the sun with Madoka, especially when she can be so cozy and close with her. Snuggling up to her favorite person always feels so peaceful and nice, and the familiar touch of her darling playing with her hair makes it even better. Even with the wind blowing through it, Homura's hair manages to stay silky and soft. That wasn't going to last forever as it'd eventually get tangled, but for the moment it still felt pretty nice.

    The happy sigh coming from Madoka's lips gets Homura to blush again, taking it as a high compliment that her pretty soulmate loves kissing her so much. The love and adoration shown in Madoka's eyes is reflected by Homura's own admiration and affection, though it still makes Homura feel just a little bit meek. To be loved so wonderfully, this is true happiness.

    Homura giggled at her darling's comment on not wanting to move away. She certainly agrees with that sentiment, which is why she's quick to follow her darling's lead in standing up, pulled along by the hand as if being invited to dance. Gracefully, Homura rises, and her arm once again wraps around Madoka's back, and with their held hands it really does look as if they might be dancing.

    The pouting of Madoka's lips stirs something in Homura, and the purple-eyed girl's eyes soften, as does her smile. "Every day I fall deeper in love with you."
Madoka Kaname 2018-04-21 23:07:24 90491
    There was a bond of true friendship between Madoka and Homura even before there was one of romance, and the days that led up to Homura telling her how she felt were memories Madoka would never forget. Getting to know her truest friend better and closer, the trepidation of danger to come and the worry of what might befall them but knowing how very much they cared for each other. Now that feeling of deep connection and friendship is still there, only alloyed with a bond of true love that makes Madoka's heart flutter when she looks into Homura's eyes as well as putting a smile on her face. The memories of fear and worry are gone, but even should they ever return it's a very different thing to face them together with one upon whom you can truly trust and depend.

    It truly is a blessing that for as much as Madoka likes to snuggle up to Homura, to hold her and be held by her, that her beloved always wants to cuddle with her just as much. Madoka loves everything about hugging and holding Homura, from the way their bodies press together to the softness of her hair and the warmth of being so close. There's so very many ways to snuggle and they've only just started to find them all.

    As Homura follows her, holding her hand and keeping an arm about her back, Madoka can't help but giggle at the memory of how much dancing they've done together. The pretty blush on Homura's cheeks is a feast for Madoka's eyes, and soft pink coyly takes in the sight of Homura while she's meek, taking notice but somehow not seeming to stare. Madoka stands there for a moment, twisting a little from side to side, her own heart melting at the sight of her beautiful soulmate standing close to her, the anticipation for cuddling close bright in her mind.

    "Every day I learn more and more how wonderful it is to be loved by you. I don't know how I could possibly love you more than I do, but somehow I always find a way." She slips closer to Homura then, well and truly pressing nice and cozy close against her, leaning into her and resting her hand against her upper back before squeezing her tight in a one armed hug, thumb brushing gently against the side of Homura's hand while still holding onto it. "I love you, Homura-chan."
Homura Akemi 2018-04-21 23:07:32 90492
    Homura has always felt like Madoka was her first true friend, and she was certainly the very best. She might be the only friend if not for the friends gained in this timeline, but even as good as people have been to her there really isn't anyone who could do for Homura what Madoka can. What Homura feels for Madoka, and what she gets from Madoka, can certainly be described as true love, and getting to spend so much time with her best friend is a treat in of itself. The terrors of the past might one day return, but at least Homura can feel confident in knowing that Madoka will be by her side to face them with her.

    Even if Homura didn't like being cuddled she'd probably still let Madoka cuddle as much as she wanted, but the black-haired guardian would be lying if she said that were the case. No physical feeling really compares to the softness and warmth of Madoka being held in her arms, and no sight could be prettier to Homura than her darling's lovely pink eyes filling her vision. If Madoka wants to discover every nice and wonderful way to cuddle, Homura will gladly take that journey with her.

    Homura happily twists along with Madoka, and no matter how much she blushes or feels meek she is never hesitant to share affection with her one and only. Madoka's coy little eyes only make Homura want to get even closer, not that she wasn't intending to do that anyways.

     The black-haired girl smiles softly, happy to receive such high praise from the one person whose opinions matter to her most, and happier still when her beloved presses against her. Yes, that's what Homura wants, to cuddle closely to her little angel and stay there for a very long time. Her eyes half lid as her blush remains on her cheeks, and he voice has an affectionate strain to it as she says, "I love you too, Madoka-chan. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me."

     Homura's arm wraps more tightly around Madoka, and her interlaced fingers squeeze Madoka's for a moment. Homura leans slightly against her darling, in order to press against her more closely and sweetly, enjoying the closeness of their cuddles as the sea rocks them back and forth, back and forth.
Madoka Kaname 2018-04-21 23:07:33 90493
    Madoka loves looking into Homura's eyes as well, but sometimes there are things that she wants even more than that. Usually that has something to with very close cuddles, and this time is no exception. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me too, Homura-chan. I truly believe that." She steps close and presses closer, squeezing Homura tight in her arms and slipping her head past her sweethearts, giving Homura's cheek a soft nuzzle from her own before sliding her head over her shoulder, closing her eyes and enjoying the closeness that this allows, tilting her head to rest it against Homura even while hugging and cuddling so close.

    Homura feels so very nice in her arms, and from how much cuddling they've done she even feels like she fits perfectly in them, as if she was made for them. By this point Madoka thinks that's probably the case, because they emotionally fit together so very well also that she couldn't imagine how sad it would be to have lived her life without knowing how amazing it is to love and be loved by Homura Akemi.

     It's only now that she lets go of Homura's hand, because she wants to hold her darling with both of her arms, rubbing her upper back gently with one while merely holding her tight and squeezing her gently about the waist with the other. Twisting from side to side still feels very nice, and the tickle of hair in the wind is a light and ephemeral note that contrasts so well with the direct warmth and softness of Homura, and all the strength that Madoka knows lies just beneath the surface, always there to spring out to protect those she cares about and set into place what she thinks is right.

    And also to bring her here, to a wonderful new ocean upon which they sail, as free and open as the sky, full of endless possibilities. Whatever direction they choose to go, Madoka knows that every path leads to cuddles when she's with Homura.
Homura Akemi 2018-04-21 23:07:41 90494
    Homura's heart flutters as Madoka tells her that she's the best thing that's ever happened to her, and she smiles at her softly with big purple eyes that are both thankful and soft. She blushes a little when Madoka presses closer, anticipating the sweet warm comfort of closeness, feeling all warm and tingly as her darling squeezes her close. She takes in a deep breath as Madoka's cheek moves next to hers and nuzzles, and her own cheek presses right back as she releases her breath in a sigh. She gives Madoka's cheek a little bit of a kiss, holding her so nicely.

    The black haired guardian certainly feels like she belongs in Madoka's arms, and the better she fits into them the happier Homura is. As Homura's hand is released, her now free arm finds itself wrapping around Madoka-chan's waist. She twists along as Madoka rubs her back and squeezes, and as they are so close her silky hair wraps slightly around her little angel. Homura wants nothing more than to be close to her soulmate, and the proof of that is the amount of time they spend cuddling together.

    This is certainly a strange new place that Homura has taken Madoka to, and she looks forward to exploring it with her, but Homura can never go for too long without cuddling her little angel. Or, at least, she can't last that long in her beloved's company without wanting to get cuddly close. It's fine with her if Madoka's soft inviting arms mean they take longer on their expedition. The journey is all that matters, and it's not as if they even have a destination.

    She gives Madoka another squeeze, and nuzzles her nose into Madoka's pink pigtail. She giggles softly because everything about this moment feels very nice.
Madoka Kaname 2018-04-21 23:07:49 90495
     There are many wonderful things about being in love with Homura, and one of them for Madoka is getting to see her react to her own affections. She might not be able to feel the heart fluttering itself, but she can see it in her smile and in the look inside her beautiful purple eyes. It brings a fresh flush to her cheeks to see the one she cares about most reacting so well to her, even if she'd never doubt Homura would take her feelings to heart. Homura's cheek feels so nice and soft against her own, and the fact that the nuzzle is broken for Homura to kiss her cheek only makes Madoka all the happier, pressing even closer against her as she's held.

    Homura's hair is around her and it almost feels to Madoka like it's a veil hiding the two of them away. It's not though, and she can tell because the way the bright sun of this new place shines down and reflects off the lovely strands. For a moment she catches her breath, only to blush when she realizes how they must look standing together, Homura's gorgeous hair flowing as it is in the breeze. She almost considers trying to find a way to get a picture, but decides instead that living in this beautiful moment is worth more to her. There's always time for pictures later, after all.

    Homura wanting to be so close to her is only further encouragement for Madoka to spend her time snuggled up with her, because she simply must express herself and make her true heart's feelings be known. Those feelings are so often now a constant love for Homura Akemi, as if every beat of her heart refreshes her mind and soul with affection even as it refreshes her body with oxygen. It wouldn't even be a lie to say she eats, drinks and breathes her love for Homura, because finding her to be the one she wants to spend all her life with has given her a new life and purpose even as much as becoming a magical girl had.

     Being squeezed causes Madoka's eyebrows to come together, and she squirms as she presses tighter still, her own arms pulling Homura to herself ever closer. She makes a quiet sound, barely audible in the breeze, a little sound almost like a whimper that Homura would have come to know as an expression of her happiness, most usually at being cuddled as closely as they are now.

     She hears Homura's pretty giggles then, and feels her hair giving way to a playful, inquisitive nose, the pink fluff of her hair still nice and soft, though by now smelling faintly of the salty sea air, a earthy tone given to the scent of Homura's little angel.
Homura Akemi 2018-04-21 23:07:54 90496
    Homura would not generally be so expressive around anyone but Madoka, but she actually wants her little angel to know how happy she is. In the name of letting her beloved know that she's appreciated, Homura is more than happy to simply let herself go and express how she really feels about all of Madoka's sweet little affections. If that makes Madoka blush, well, those little blushes only tell Homura that her darling is just as happy as she is. She's oh so happy to have Madoka pressing against her, too. There's absolutely nothing bad about this tender sweet moment.

    The two of them holding each other with their hair blowing around must be a pretty romantic sight, especially as Homura's silky locks are at least partially hiding themselves away from the world. Sometimes hidden information and implications can make something seem more intense, though Homura feels a bit intense as it is already. To spend this time with the one she most wants to share her life with is amazing, and it's romantic as it is without getting to see what a beautiful couple they make.

     Somewhere, somehow, some photographer is getting the sense that a picturesque moment is being completely missed, and she weeps at the lost opportunity.

     Homura giggles and blushes from the warmth of Madoka's love, oh so happy to be able to experience such a nice and pleasant feeling. To be loved and admired by one whom you love and admire... it's a kind of bliss she has gotten used to and she's not sure she could do without it. Homura's heart certainly subsists on Madoka's love and happiness, and she'd be starved without it. Nearly half of her life has revolved around Madoka-chan, and Homura wouldn't mind at all if the rest of her life did too.

    As her soulmate squirms slightly in her arms, Homura's smile widens slightly, and then a bit more as she hears Madoka's happy whimper. She squeezes Madoka-chan a little closer, because Homura loves being as close as possible to her one and only, and she really enjoys the delightful way her darling squirms against her.

    The nose being nuzzled into Madoka's pigtail might pick up the smell briefly, but mostly Homura wanted to feel the soft fluffiness on her face. Their hair might be a bit difficult to maintain with all of this wind and water, so Homura may as well enjoy it now.
Madoka Kaname 2018-04-21 23:08:01 90497
    Madoka very much likes that Homura is willing to open up around her, even if it's mostly when they're alone together. She knows that Homura is very often private about her emotions even when she feels them deeply, and getting to see those deeply felt feelings for herself is a precious thing to her. She of course cares very much about how Homura feels, and it's a joy to her that Homura is so often happy when they're together.

     She holds Homura close in her arm even while held herself, her beloved feeling solid and real despite being so comfortably soft to be this close to. It is a very blissful feeling, to be spending this kind of time together, to be able to get away from the world and be happy with just the two of them around, each other's company more than enough to make their time spent pleasant and enjoyable. It's this moment now that Madoka realizes how very satisfied she is with this and this alone. It isn't that she no longer cares for anything else, it's that Homura's friendship and her love is truly enough. For a brief moment she remembers a certain New Years dance, feeling happy and at peace, and then thinking to herself how very much that feeling was worth fighting for.

     She was more right than she ever could have known.

    She starts to twist a little from side to side, drawing Homura with her by the close hug she's holding her in, and hums a soft little tune. It's nothing much, simple and soft and a complete fabrication, but for some reason this moment feels like it deserves a soundtrack, and so she gives it one. It's such a very simple thing, standing with Homura and holding her close, being held near herself. It's so simple and yet so very complex at the same time for all the reasons she cares for this one person with all her heart. The things they've been through both alone and together, so often hurting and sacrificing to give the other a better chance at a happy life. The moments they've shared in this latest timeline and others, a friendship that has been built, smashed to rubble and built back up again, stronger and more beautiful each and every time.

    Then the romance that sprung out of that eternal friendship that refused to die, that would not be given up upon when literally everything was at stake. Hot and intense in a flash like the birth of a new sun, only to sustain and build upon itself to newer and greater heights. It came so close to disaster too, but dedication, determination and a lot of good friends saw them through.

     And now? Now all there is is to savor and enjoy every precious moment they've been given, to try not to waste a single one, to bask and revel in the beauty of being together when it's finally made clear that that is what is most important, above all other things.

     Madoka's eyes squeeze shut and she presses tighter still against Homura, only to relax and let out a happy sigh that interrupts her tune. Her grip loosens, just enough to let her pull back to once more look into Homura's eyes, the soft pink of her own filled with the roiling of her thoughts and feelings, every last one of them focused upon the beautiful maiden in front of her that she's lucky enough to call her beloved. Affection once more wells up inside Madoka to feel like it's going to burst from her chest, and she gives herself over to it, lifting slightly on her toes to press her lips once more to Homura's in the purest form of expressing her feelings.

    So simple and plain on the surface, but with such depth and complexity that only they can ever truly know. Just like their cuddles.
Homura Akemi 2018-04-21 23:08:12 90498
    Holding and being held by Madoka is what's best in life, and nothing really beats the calming bliss that Homura can only find in the arms of her little angel. The warm softness of her darling's skin and clothes, the gentleness of her touch, the tingling romantic excitement she feels and the way her mind simply drifts away into wonderful nothing when she's cuddled so. In these moments, Homura doesn't have to fight, she doesn't have to think or stress, she doesn't have to worry about something bad happening to her favorite person. She is free to lose herself in the love of her soulmate, and she couldn't ask for anything better.

     For Homura, this is also enough, and she could never be more emotionally satisfied than she is right now. At the time of the New Years Dance, Homura would've been upset to think of Madoka wanting to fight for anything... but now, she's glad she did. This feeling is most certainly worth fighting for.

     She slightly sways back and forth in Madoka's arms as her little angel twists from side to side, happily going wherever Madoka wants to take her, and enjoying the soft humming. Homura couldn't think of a better soundtrack of their romance than a tune hummed by her little angel. Homura smiles, and after a moment she hums along with her, because all that simplicity doesn't make it less wonderful, and there's a complexity to it that only refined cuddle connoisseurs like Madoka and Homura could know.

    The two of them do love each other, and while that love hasn't always been romantic it's always been true. Whatever hurts and pains they've had to suffer, Homura would gladly bear all of that for moments like these, because this is what makes life worth living. There was a time when the silky haired girl wouldn't have considered it a disaster if she gave her life for Madoka, but she knows all too well how it feels to see a loved one die, and she wouldn't want to do that to Madoka ever again.

    Besides, it's not as if Homura would ever really want to give this up.

    Homura giggles as Madoka sighs, also interrupting her own humming. Lets Madoka pull away in the name of getting to look lovingly into her pretty pink eyes, eyes so full of love and emotion and reflecting the adoration and need in Homura's own. Homura is a little surprised when Madoka tries to kiss her, but she's not at all shocked that Madoka desires such things, so Homura gives her beloved the kiss she wants, soft and sweet and full of gentle affection in a way only the two of them could understand. Even after all of this time, Homura Akemi will still kiss Madoka Kaname with conviction.
Madoka Kaname 2018-04-21 23:08:14 90500
    It would be silly to think that Madoka doesn't like kissing Homura. It's just that she likes doing so many other things, like cuddling up to her so very close. It doesn't hurt that neither of them mind gazing into each other's eyes while kissing, sharing looks and more emotions still through their eyes while trading intimacy and affection. The kiss Madoka gives Homura isn't especially deep, it's more of a light thing really, with just enough pressure for her lips to conform to their partners.

     She lets it linger there for several long moments, pulling away only slowly so that they can be felt peeling lightly apart. Then her lips curl up into a soft smile, and Madoka leans her head to the side, resting her cheek on her shoulder while peeking up through her eyelashes at Homura, savoring the moment. She leans back a little ways from Homura then, letting her hold her weight as she keeps her arms around her guardian angel. She twists a little more then, letting the wind catch her and ruffle her clothes and toss her fluffy pigtails, not once taking her eyes off the pretty purple ones of Homura.

    She isn't away long though, quickly moving back to press against Homura, only to give her an insistent little tug while moving to sit down. Sitting isn't even her intention though, because she's ready to get all nice and cuddled up now, squirming around to get comfy on the deck of the sailboat and laying on her side so that the rolling of the ocean waves and the rocking of the boat can set up a lovely little motion, wanting once more to let it press her closer to Homura again and again. She wants to cling to Homura and squeeze her tight as her skinny arms can manage, without magic at least, and let her legs tease against her sweetheart's while they're wearing shorts.

     There will be so much to do and explore in this new world, but before all that Madoka wants to make very sure they're both well stocked up on cuddles of the coziest kind.
Homura Akemi 2018-04-21 23:08:20 90501
    Homura certainly doesn't mind gazing into the eyes of the one she loves most, especially not while holding her and cuddling her tight. The two know each other so well that there's a lot they can communicate just with simple looks and gestures, and it's not hard to tell from Homura's eyes that she loves Madoka-chan oh so much. Not every kiss needs to be deep in order to be meaningful, and this soft little show of affection says everything that Homura wants to say with it.

    Homura sighs deeply as Madoka pulls away, as if she were holding her breath during that whole kiss, and maybe she was. Her eyelids lower slightly as she gazes softly at Madoka, then past her as she rests her shoulder. Homura's hand reaches up to rub Madoka's upper back, because her cuddle senses tell her that this moment needs that. As Madoka leans back, Homura tilts her head curiously, all too happy to hold her weight, then giggles happily as Madoka twists around so cutely. Her own hair blows between them for a moment, and Homura doesn't even want to move it out of the way because she wants to keep her arms around her little angel. Madoka seems to want to sit, so Homura follows suit, and even further as Madoka lays down.

    When she lays down facing her darling, Homura's windblown hair is, for the moment, out of the wind. She releases Madoka just long enough to flip her hair out of the way, letting it spread out behind her before she scoots closer to the one she wants to cuddle most. Purple eyes locked with pink, Homura wraps her arms tightly around her darling and lets the gentle sway of the ocean move them back and forth, back and forth. Her legs squirm at her partner's touch, and a moment later they are claiming one of Madoka's legs and wrapping around it.

    It all feels so nice, Homura can't help but laugh softly, especially not when she has such a perfect chance to stock up on nice cozy cuddles.
Madoka Kaname 2018-04-21 23:08:31 90503
    If Homura wants to keep her arms around her, that's just fine with Madoka. She absolutely loves having her soulmate's arms holding her close and keeping her safe. It's a constant reminder of how much Homura cares for her, and she's very lucky to be given that feeling as often as she is. But there's more to cuddling than mere hugging, even if hugging is an important part. She giggles when Homura flips her hair, watching it raise and then fall back behind her in a silky wave. For a moment Madoka wonders if she ever practiced that, or if her hair flipping was a naturally learned gesture over time.

    Her smile only gets brighter as the two of them get closer together, giggling herself as Homura's legs take one of her own, making sure to wrap her legs around one of Homura's as well and give them a gentle squeeze. It's a nice little way to communicate without needing words, like a squeeze of the hand. Truth be told Madoka spends so much time clinging onto Homura with both arms the hand holding from earlier isn't especially common, but she just can't quite help wanting to hold Homura as much as possible as often as possible.

    And right now she gets that chance, scooting right up to Homura and shifting around until she can slip both arms around her darling and hold her tight, looking into her eyes and pressing all nice and cozy up against her, snuggling with her happily with the warm sun shining down around and over them. The radiant heat of the sun is very relaxing and warm, but the comfy cozy heat of Homura is even nicer, protected even from the cooling wind. The wind cooling the heat of the sun is nice, but the warmth of Homura is something she wants to enjoy.

    She gives her a nice squeeze, pressing up against her even more as the sailboat rocks to one side, tilting Madoka against Homura in assistance. It all feels so nice that Madoka finds herself squirming again, shifting around in light little ways that make her light and airy top shift and brush against Homura's tanktop, her movements even more obvious as her legs brush silkily against Homura's, light and gentle.

    Soft pink eyes gaze tenderly into purple, showing a more simple enjoyment in these sweet cuddles than her complex feelings from before. Right now it's quiet bliss with a nice little dose of feeling very thankful and grateful to spend such a lovely day in the arms of her guardian angel.