International... Mold Day?

Namakeldar hates a hard working Festival Corrdinator overseeing the International Food Festival Day! Haruna, Kukai, Alexis and Rashmi all beat it up. CAUTION: Gordon Ramsay impression.

Date: 2018-04-24
Pose Count: 27
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-04-24 00:21:12 90649
It's the 3rd Annual International Food Fair! Lots of booths are setup. Tables and benches for sitting. American! Indian! French! German! Russian! All sorts of booths handing out samples of different dishes from around the world both as a educational venture and overall fun outing and also exposure for the local restaurants and such in the area.

Which is why Gullwing Coffee has a green and white small tented roof over a booth with two coffee machines and a hot chocolate machine and also there's a bunch of pastries. HARUNA KUROSAWA is diligently.... not manning the both because Corvus in his human form is and he looks less than amused that Haruna left him to do the dirty work while she goes explores the different booths. And stuffs her face.

Because that's what you do when you have free food available right? She bumps into the Festival Coordinator, who looks busy. and she whoops! "Ah.. excuse me!" she says. The man smiles. "Oh, it's alright. I was too busy myself to notice! Lots of work to keep a festival running on time." he says amusedly.

Haruna smiles at this, "Uh-huh!" she says. She taps her chin as she eyes the German booth. "Something about.... sauerkraut I can't remember."
Rashmi Terios 2018-04-24 00:23:42 90650
Not everything is an opportunity to advertise the Korma!

Okay that's completely a lie, but it seems the Korma has chosen not to set up at this particular festival. Nevertheless, Rashmi is on the prowl, a paper bowl filled with one of the curries provided by a *different* Indian food shop in her hand, and she eats as if she were a detective examining a crime scene.

It would be a safe bet that she intends to report back to her parents with her gleanings of the day's festivities...
Stahlritter 2018-04-24 00:26:55 90651
    "You tryin' to make some joke about my eating habits again?" A familiar voice comes almost immediately from behind Haruna. Well, mostly familiar-- maybe more rumbly and deeper than before, but still recognizable.

    And when she spins to turn around, there is in fact-- an Alexis. With a kebab skewer held in one hand, with the meat getting ripped off of it by his teeth just as she looks. It's maybe a bit of a weird sight now with his constant habit of keeping a hood over his head while he's in public.

    "Because I didn't really get it the first time either."

    Mind you, last time she was implying a certain someone should be kissing him. But of course, Alex being Alex, that wen't over his head by about fifteen kilometers, so...
Kukai Souma 2018-04-24 00:27:29 90652
Kukai is a spiritual guy in a way, because his grandfather's a priest, and his mom and dad have always been spiritual before they left. But for Kukai, the idea of a happy afterlife is one where he can eat anything and everything he wanted without gaining weight or getting too full. Today, at the Food Fair, then, Kukai is pretty sure this is as close to Heaven as he can get on Earth. He's been there since this morning, slowly working his way through every single booth, taking his time and enjoying everything, sharing with Daichi, and surprised that he's only slightly full at the moment, a gift granted by the dual powers of magic and 'teenage boy'.

Kukai is working his way through the booths, and there's a familiar curry shop's booth coming up as he nom nom noms his way through taste tests and full bites both...
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-04-24 00:37:50 90653
Haruna Kurosawa eyes Rashmi-chan, she sneaks on over. "Spying on the competition eh? Sneaky~" she whispers. Before she hears a familiar voice and she turns around and then blinks. "Alexis-kun!" she says. "Hell---" she eyes Alexis as she mentions that. Her grin gets incredibly mischievous and impish. "But Alexis..."

"Did she ever. Put a little kraut on that dog?~" she practically sing songs. AHA! That's it! Wait-- why did she think of that!? Who knows.

Then she eyes Kukai. Is Dachi there? Dachi better not be swimming in the giant vats of food eating it all or something. Please don't be in the hot chocolate machine, Dachi, she thinks as she eyes her booth.

While all this is happening....

Another man bumps into the Festival Coordinator. This man is tall. Has green hair. A cane, and a top hat. And dressed moderately elegantly. He also has grasshopper antenna.

"Ugh!" says Namakelder "Why work so hard for food and rabble when you can just have the food without all the work. In fact. Why is everyone working so hard to make food!?" he says. "It's a bother." he insists.

The Festival Coordinator blinks at this... strange man? "Because people enjoy themselves? And get to try new things? Just look. Everyone is having a good time, right?"

"Ugh, why did I even bother..." he says as he adjusts that hat.

"LET THE FUTURE REFLECTED IN THE MIRROR BECOME TERRIBLE!" he calls out as a mirror forms around the Coordinator entrapping him- as ribbons wrap around it, in a crisscross manner.

He then turns to the festival. "Come On Out, TERRIBAD!" he calls out, as the mirror flares with a green light-- red shades forming around a giant.... Chef Terribad? Complete with a big frying pan. And a Spatula.

"OH GOD TERRIBAD!" says Corvus as he screams out and points. "YES I HAVE EYES, CORVUS." she calls out. Because she didn't need Corvus pointing this one out as she angrily huffs as... mold? Begins to form all around the festival grounds. Ick. "Well dammit, it's Namakeldar then." she says with a gruff.

"Nrg. Guys, help?" she asks in general as she dives under a table to change. Yeah, this is safe, right?
Rashmi Terios 2018-04-24 00:47:34 90654
"Wait, wha--?" Rashmi manages, as Namakelder summons a Terribad, head snapping up and around to stare in horrified fascination. Looking back down at her bowl, she considers for a moment, before cramming the rest of its contents in her mouth and dashing for the space between one row of booths.

A short flash of magic later, a flat voice that resembles an older, dignified gentleman rings out << FLIER FIN >> From behind the booths bursts a Device User, a huge, ornately-covered book tucked under one arm. Floating in place, she opens the book and raises its pages to the sky as a magical circle spreads out beneath her feet, revolving lazily in the air.


A disc of green-black light appears high overhead, spreading out to form a dome that encirclesthe festival grounds.... and the moment the energy touches ground, all non-magical attendees disappear, left back in their home dimension. Yay, collateral-damage avoidance!
Stahlritter 2018-04-24 00:59:51 90655
    Alexis squints at Haruna. SQUINTS. "... For some reason I feel like I should slap you. I am not entirely sure why."

    And then, because OF COURSE things have to go wrong... things go wrong.

    But while Haruna is sweeping under the table and Rashmi is slipping between the stalls... Alex calmly steps to the general direction of the Giant Chef.

    "Yare yare," he grunts out, thus, just before he all but sweeps his mouth over the kebab skewer and slurps ALL of the meat and other food bits off, leaving a completely cleaned out skewer stick between his fingers. "Any second now."

The instant the barrier appears, the german boy takes a more decisive stomp of a step forward.

"Kriegsfauste." The skewer stick gets flipped up into the air above him. "Engargieren."

    A flash of light underneath the spinning skewer stick in the air as it comes falling back down-- and when it's caught, it's not caught so much by a bare hand anymore but rather between the metallic, enlarged fingers of a black-and-red steel gauntlet.

    The catch leads into the longcoat-whipping spin of motion from the armored form of Stahlritter, which consequently sends the skewer stick off into a thrown trajectory towards the chef.


    A flash of a red rune between the throwing hand and the stick itself, and the makeshift projectile suddenly speeds up *MASSIVELY*, leaving a visible red trail like the tracer of a live bullet behind it. This is how a magical boy turns something into a deadly weapon, apparently.

    And of course, Stahlritter himself is running right after the improvised projectile, too, golden t-visor glowing brightly towards the Youma.
Kukai Souma 2018-04-24 01:02:27 90656
Daichi is in fact not swimming in anything, that'd be a mess. He is, however, invisibly standing on the booth Kukai is in front of, holding a big pastry (that to anyone looking his way would have vanished along with Daichi!) and munching away happily. This has been a great day for the little Guardian Chara - food everywhere.

Kukai hears the sound of Namakeldar yelling, but doesn't exactly place it for what it is. He does, however, feel the magic rising, and whenever the word 'Terribad' comes up he knows what to do. Kukai breaks for the enclosed back of a nearby large bakery booth as the people inside it flee. There's a powerful, bright flash of green light from inside it, and a few moments later Sky Jack launches into the air, searching for the mold-growing youma!
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-04-24 01:22:43 90657
"ROLLING MIRROR CHANGE!" Haruna Kurosawa yells out. <T-t-time to Change!> repeats the PrettyChangeMirror. Haruna goes through her elaborate transformation but you can't see it because she's under a table right but it sure is awe inspiring! There is a flash of green light though as CURE GULL appears.

"NAMAKELDAR!----- Thanks Rashmi-chan!" she interjects. "I WON'T LET YOU STAND HERE AND RUIN A FESTIVAL ABOUT FOOD! FREE FOOD! AND ALSO ADVERTISING FOR MY OWN CAF---wait is that--- ?" she eyes Stahlritter. She doesn't say the name out loud. She squints a long moment. "Also NO YOU SHOULDN'T SLAP ME!" she yells out.

And there's Sky Jack! Good!

Namakeldar is lounging in what seems to now be a mold hammock hanging off of a tree. "Buh. It's such a bother. When you can get food at home. From a can." he says dismissively. "Just add water and....zzzzzzzzzzzzz." yeah he's fallen asleep mid talking in the hammock.

Cure Gull leapt into action however. "GULL WINDY PUNCH!" she calls out, sending a wave of green, wind energy into the Terribad--- along with the practically gauss cannon launched kabob skewer from 'ritter.

The giant youma..... uses the frying pan like a shield, buffering BOTH attacks!?

"TERRI-BAD!" screams out the Terribad as it then slams down it's giant spatula down toward's 'ritter first it seems.

"OH GOD WATCH OUT." calls out Gull as she lets herself slide back and into the air a little, wings forming from the bow on her back.

"Hey... Sky Jack." she calls out. "I think we need to hit this thing from the air..." she says.
Rashmi Terios 2018-04-24 01:34:27 90658
"Stahlritter!" Rashmi calls, waving a hand to catch the large punchy Knight's attention. Once her target has his eye on her, Rashmi holds up Nicomachea, its gem displaying words in echo of the Device's voice.

*bing!* << SOLAR SHIELD >>

A dome of solid, golden light springs up from the seal around Rashmi's feet, and after a half-second of calculation... Another circle fades into view at a precise spot on the dome. This one, topped by a smaller circle bearing a pair of footprints. "You heard Gull! Hop on board!"

And because Alexis is Alexis, he's going to do exactly that. Which is followed up by Nicomachea's voice ringing out again.


And the shield collapses in the direction the circle faced. With all the mana bound up in protection, converted to directional kinetic energy.

She did say to hit it from above, after all...
Stahlritter 2018-04-24 01:42:48 90659
    The Gauss-Stick explodes into a million tiny pieces against the frying pan with a magnificient light show of expelled kinetic and magical energy alike. It probably ends up just leaving a charring over the pan and little else too.

    Even if Stahlritter is wearing a helmet that conceals his face, he somehow manages to look incredibly unamused.

    Cue the spatula coming down above him, and his running is interrupted by another stomp of an armored boot down on the ground-- this time redirecting his movement entirely to bouncing off to the side and into a spinning leap-- and *just* out of the way of the spatula proper, even if he is caught into the inevitable explosion of dirt around it.

    While he skids along the cratering ground? THat's when the familiar voice of a certain redhead catches his attention, however, and the visor of the helmet snaps towards Rashmi.



    "Gull! Jack!" A loud, deeply booming voice echoes from within the helmet -- not *quite* Alex's voice; even rumblier and deeper than before with a clearly modulated echoing to it. "Get it's attention for fifteen or twenty seconds!" He requests, thus, as he turns himself to running to the way of Rashmi, and soon enough leaps hiiiigh up into the air, to landing on top of the circle formed by her.

    "As high as you can get us--!" Is all he says to the mage, before the shield collapses, and sends both flying towards the skies like missiles.
Kukai Souma 2018-04-24 01:50:37 90660
Sky Jack gets some altitude, seeing the Terribad focusing in on Stahlritter. That frees him up to begin punting soccer balls at the youma, each of them with a powerful punch and a sizzling charge of electricity, transferring force and shock into the creature even if any of them are intercepted by the frying pan shield!

Jack grins and waves at Gull as she speaks. "I'm good at hitting it from the air! C'mon, unload on it, give them a second to set up!" He races to the opposite side of the creature as it shatters the ground just where Stahlritter was, more soccer balls appearing, being launched, and vanishing a few seconds later after impacting on and around the Terribad! "HEY! UP HERE, BUTTHEAD! LOOK UP HERE!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-04-24 02:11:41 90661
Cure Gull winces a bit. "Okay." she says. "Right, let's get it's attention!" she clears her throat. She suddenly, does her best Gordon Ramsay impression. "YOU CALL THIS YOUR BEST WORK, BIG BOY? I WOULDN'T SERVE THIS TO MY DOG. IT'S CAT FOOD! IT'S FOOOOOKINGGG RAWWWWWWW." she yells out. Well it is dressed like a Chef. She's trying to insult it.

This works very well, because it suddenly throws the spatula into the air spinning towards Cure Gull and Sky Jack, spinning like a giant saw blade. "EEK!" yells Gull as she shoots upwards into the air.

Meanwhile. Alexis and Rashmi are apparently setting something up! Luckily, it's distracted like 'ritter wanted now!
Rashmi Terios 2018-04-24 02:19:11 90662
Boosted by her flight spell, Rashmi sets Nicomachea to calculating trajectories as the pair of them rocket skyward, Rashmi streaking up ahead of Stahlritter. Just before her own arc hits its apogee, the book pings, And she halts in the air, summoning up another Solar Shield around herself. This one, with a second footprint-circle, angled precisely toward the TerriChef. And the moment Stahlritter's feet impact on the disc?

Stahlritter 2018-04-24 02:31:57 90663
    Fun fact: Stahlritter doesn't know how to work any magic that actually allows him to fly. This is why having someone like RAshmi around is a godsend for him.

    At the very peak of the rise, the Knight spins around to where his lower body is facing upwards, feet setting into the shield upside-down, knees bent--

    The instant the shield collapses, he straightens his feet again, using both the force of his own movement and the shield exploding behind him to send himself flying back *down*. Truly like a missile this time.

    Mid-way, his right hand clenches into a tight, massive fist, raised up and behind him, while his left is held out before him, forming several layers of red runes as a shield. Pointed straight for the


    And as StahlMissile comes impacting upon the TerriChef, his fist launches down, through the shield and into it. And as if that wasn't enough, the shield collapses too, in a powerful explosion of energy to add to the already-magical bomb of the Meteor-Punch.
Kukai Souma 2018-04-24 02:37:44 90664
Sky Jack grins at Gull as she yells at the Terribad as well. "Somebody's got to do it! C'mon, be brave! Atta girl!" He winces at the insults and grins. "Wow. Where'd all that hate come from...?" He looks back at the Terribad just in time to see it rear back and launch the spatula at the two of them!

With Gull going up, Jack goes down - he falls backwards, yanking his board out from underneath him and falling like a rock towards the mold covered ground, feeling the chilling breeze from the spatula pass over him! He plummets to the ground several dozen feet below rear-first, and vanishes into a Canadian cuisine booth with a crash, his last sight that of Stahlritter coming down fist-first onto the Terribad!
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-04-24 02:59:46 90665
Cure Gull acks! "Sky Jack!" she says. "H-hey you better not die in the Canada Booth that'd be lame!" she says worriedly. She does look up to. "Woah!" is all she can say to that sight.

As Alexis comes down with a powerful, red-shifted strike into the creature. It tries to bring the frying pan back up, but it's no use- it isn't fast enough as it takes a flying crash into the ground, being sent flung backwards into the dirt. Leaving a large crater in the barrier world. Thankful for that fact to be sure.

"Terrrribbadddd." says the creature dazed.

This is when Cure Gull makes a dart downward. "Okay! It's weak enough! Let me... do the thing..." she says.

She raises her hand in a fist skyward. There is no 'Lovely Prebrace' call out this time. She made her wish. She no longer needs the PreBrace. So instead she just yells out:

"Pretty Cure... GULL GENTLE BREEZE!" she calls out, as a pleasant wind bursts out around the area. This actually rocks Namakeldar's Hammock and tosses him out. "Zzzzzz.. hrk what!?" he says in confusion.

Before it turns into a short whirlwind of light energy that purifies the Terribad into the usual dust. "Sooo Relaxinggg......"

The creature is now gone. The mold also begins to melt and strip away into non-existence. No more Hammock for Namakeldar. More importantly, the Festival Coordinator is freed. "Huh, wha?" he goes.

Namakeldar lifts his cane and then point it on the others. "Fine, go ahead and slave doing things that get you nowhere. Such a... Bother!" he says, as he basically ninja teleports away in a flash.

Cure Gull blinks. "HEY IS EVERYONE OKAY!?" she yells out.
Rashmi Terios 2018-04-24 03:22:05 90666
"Is everyone okay?" Rashmi pants, hanging up in the air. "....Stahlritter you didn't pancake your head on that guy did you?"
Stahlritter 2018-04-24 03:27:27 90667
    At first, there's no response from Steel Knight to either Gull or Rashmi.

    A few seconds later, though, a rubble of toppled-over stands and tents shifts about, and from underneath rises Stahlritter, with one hand set to rubbing against his helmet while he wobbles his way forward, slight limp in his step.

    "... I gotta work on the rebound."
Kukai Souma 2018-04-24 03:32:28 90668
Similarly it takes a minute for any sign of life from the stall Sky Jack crashed into. Finally, however, moving slowly, Jack appears out of the front of the stall, a random toque draped over his head as he gingerly makes his way out. He reaches up, grabs the headpiece, and tosses it back inside. "Fine, Gull. Rear's sore, but I'll be ok. Did we get it?" He looks around as the mold and gunk is vanishing. "...I guess so. We win?" He makes his way over towards the others to doublecheck on them.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-04-24 03:34:40 90669
Cure Gull whews. "Okay... oh right..." she says, eyeing the dazed Festival Coordinator. "We uh may wanna. Untransform and like. Turn off the barrier. Before he reorients himself."

"I mean unless you wanna answer the hard questions about who we are." she says.
Rashmi Terios 2018-04-24 03:43:15 90670
"Good idea," Rashmi says, floating down to the ground. "And yeah, Stahlritter.... work on your landings there." Shaking her head, she glances around at the gradually mold-free festival grounds, and smiles at Haruna. "One of yours, huh? Everything gonna be all right now?"
Stahlritter 2018-04-24 03:49:26 90671
    "At least I didn't mush right at the point of impact this time around," grumbles Stahlritter, giving a quick thwap to the side of his helmet before he steps up closer towards Rashmi.

    He does send a look towards Gull from behind the visor, letting out a quiet cough. "Think that's our cue to git, yeah?"
Kukai Souma 2018-04-24 03:52:38 90672
Sky Jack hears Gull and Stahlritter, then nods. "Right. Think they'll continue the festival?" He moves off to one side inside one of the other empty booths out of sight, and there is another flash of light. Once retransformed, he begins making his way towards the exit door, looking back to see if the others are coming along.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-04-24 03:53:41 90673
Cure Gull ughs. "Yes, 'one of mine'." she says. "Namakeldar. Hates people doing hard work. It's like the dumbest thing ever." she says as she lets herself untransform.

Poof! Now she's just regular old Haruna again. She eyes 'ritter. "So when did you get the magic stuff?" she leans forward. "This isn't the dumb vampire thing right?" she asks.

She then sighs and holds a hand to her head. "At least the Festival shouldn't had been impacted. Thanks to the barrier~" she asks as she dives under the same table she came from.

She was clearly chasing a yen coin she dropped or something!
Rashmi Terios 2018-04-24 04:05:40 90674
"It's a long story," Rashmi sighs, edging toward the food stalls. "Come by the shop sometime, you too Alexis-kun. We can fill you in then. For now... Gonna drop the Barrier in like five seconds, be out of sight okay?" Rashmi *vanish!*
Stahlritter 2018-04-24 04:09:06 90675
    "... Kind of a long story anyhow," Stahlritter provides in agreement after Rashmi as answer to Haruna, with another, more deliberate and sheepish cough on his part.
    The next instant, though, a flash of light comes out, and a cloud of mana dust washes outwards from Stahrlitter-- replacing him, instead, with the hoodie-clad Alex again. Hood flipped up and everything.
    "Tell you when we're not having to run, okay? But now you know Stahlritter, at least!"