Frats & Vampires

Miho visits the ECFH, meets 'Maria', Rashmi and Alexis. Finds out Maria is a vampire. Finds out about Intelligent Devices. And finds out Sailor V is real! (A real jerk!).

Date: 2018-04-26
Pose Count: 35
Lacrima 2018-04-26 00:08:31 90761
Lacrima has chosen today to peek over to the ECFH to see if 'everyone is all right'. Since. 'The boys are at school' she assumes that everyone is well enough and purses her lips. She chooses to hang around today, since, maybe Alexis-niisan might be here.

She's also chosen to hang around in her Maria disguise because she's only been using it at school and some talking at Sora and with that new girl reminds her she needs to be more conscious of it anyways.

So she's chosen to put in one Mamoru's Star Trek, The Original Series DVDs into the player. She's assuming he won't mind. She watches it.

"I still don't understand. How people thought William Shatner was hot." she says to herself.
Stahlritter 2018-04-26 00:15:10 90762
"The sixties were a very different sort of time," declares the voice of Alexis-niisan, who indeed, happens to be there -- since he still more or less has a bed here and he does still have to *occasionally* take breaks between fighting crime and gathering intelligence on his parents' immense empire as Stahlritter. Just... he kind of snuck up to standing right behind the couch where Lacri-er, Maria is settled. With a large box of various assorted meat treats held in one hand, and a kebab skewer in the other, already in the process of getting some of the meat bits torn off from it with his teeth.

"You want kebab? I got these in bulk from this one stall at the international food festival."

It's not entirely clear what money he bought them with, though, since he no longer has access to the seemingly unending Raskoph wealth.
Rashmi Terios 2018-04-26 00:27:30 90764
"Hello~!" Rashmi chirps from the hallway, changing out her shoes for the house slippers provided... and managing to do so while lugging a takeout box in each hand. She has the Korma ballcap on, so she is at least ostensibly here on 'work' business... But anyone who's seen how the Terios family indulges their daughter probably knows better than that.

"I brought lunch, everyone! C'mon over and get what you want, I'll put the rest in the fridge for later~!"
Miho Kagami 2018-04-26 00:38:45 90766
And lo, a source of darkness and light in equal measure is rising up!

... So to speak. Anyway, Miho Kagami arrives a moment after Rashmi, looking a bit more nervous and unsure of herself than usual. She's dressed in the Seishou middle school uniform, plus boy's sneakers with blue lighting bolts all over; in her left hand is the ECFH card Kyouko gave her earlier in the week, and in her right hand is her left elbow. Noticing that last part, she frowns and drops her hands to her sides, then turns hits the call button on the elevator.

One ride back up later, she takes a deep breath, then gives a hesitant knock, and immediately opens the door slowly and carefully, as if hoping for an excuse to turn around and head back downstairs.

She blinks in surprise at the sight of a familiar face. "Maria ...?" she says, her voice sounding scratchy and androgynous.
Lacrima 2018-04-26 00:49:57 90768
Maria Hanazawa looks upwards a bit at Alexis and makes a sour face. "The sixties we're weird." she says. "Uh, sure." she says to the kebab. Then Rashmi. "Hi Rashmi-chan. " she says. "Lunch? Okay sure." she says.

People come through the door all the time. Like Rashmi did. But the only other person she knows that regularly does is Naru. So when she turns around to 'welcome Naru in' but that isn't Naru.

Really it's someone she didn't quite expect to see here. "Kagami-san...?" she asks with a blink. "Um. Hi! Hello! Come in. Please. This isn't my place. It's. Um. Mamoru. Chiba's and his friends. But. He lets people visit so I'm here hello!" she says.
Stahlritter 2018-04-26 00:56:51 90770
"Super weird," Alex provides in repeated agreement to Maria while he holds out an extra kebab stick down towards her in offer. Thick chunks of meat all dripping with kebab sauce. Nom.

Then there's a case of the Rashmis, and he spins around with a skewer-holding hand raised up to wave. "Ras-Rash," he calls out in turn. "What do *you* think about William Shatner?" Yes. That is asked in *complete* seriousness too.

But. Wait. There's a voice he doesn't recognize. His ear twitches, and his head promptly jerks over to direct bright green eyes directly upon Miho, slightly narrowed. That doesn't exactly make the large, tall and muscular foreigner look any less intimidating, unfortunately.
Rashmi Terios 2018-04-26 01:13:16 90771
"About the same as I think of Gackt?" Rashmi says, emptying out boxes and bows and more boxes of assorted Indian food onto the kitchen counter. "He's not Mortensen-san, so who cares?"

Then comes the Miho of Darkness and Light, and Rashmi turns to the front door, smiling brightly. "Hi~! C'mon in, there's plenty of slippers to change out in and make sure to read the rules, okay? Also I'm Terios Rashmi, it's nice to meet you!"
Miho Kagami 2018-04-26 01:17:34 90772
Miho nods to Maria. "Ah ... yes," she says, visibly recoiling slightly from Alex's sudden focus. Of course, she was also intimidated by Sora on their first meeting, but Alexis is managing to beat out Kyouko and even that strange magical girl called Cute Witch Kazeko for sheer intimidation-levels; Miho practically withers under his stare, and her arms go right back to their crossed position with her left hand grasping her right. "Um, my name is Miho Kagami," she says for Rashmi and Alexis's benefit, giving a quick stiff bow. "Pleased to meet you, um, both. I just sort of ... accidentally found out about the, um, all this 'magic' stuff on Friday, and Chiba-san and, and Kyouko Sakura-san explained things to me the next day. And ... Chiba-san gave me this card."

She gives a quick nod to Rashmi, and takes the time to swap out her sneakers for slippers, looking at the rules in the process. "'Witch labyrinths'?" she murmurs.
Lacrima 2018-04-26 01:30:11 90774
Maria Hanazawa makes a short face. 'magic stuff'. She sighs. "Yes. This is Alexis-niisan. This is Rashmi-chan. They are friends." she says softly. "So. Magic. Stuff." she asks softly as she turns around and kneels on the couch and rests her arms and head on top of the arms now as she looks back at Miho and sighs. "A 'Witch' Not.. the concept of the witch that. One knows. Is a type of creature that lives in 'Labyrinths' which are kind of like weird other dimension things." she says. "They can form almost anywhere since they're 'bigger on the inside'." she says. "So to speak. But you'd be better off. Asking. Someone else for the details." she says. "Netherless. That isn't. Really important." she says quietly.

"D...did you come here to. Speak. About magic Miho?" she asks sort of hesitantly. "Are you... magic? or..." she squints a bit, as she looks between Alexis and Rashmi-chan a little before she turns back around. "Have a seat." she says quietly.

"I can only speak for myself. But I can answer what I can." she says.

"There's food. Come have some." she says.
Stahlritter 2018-04-26 01:45:02 90776
Despite Miho's reaction, Alex maintains that particular stare for a moment longer still. It could very well be that he isn't even entirely aware of the kind of effect his presence has, there.

"Ah," is what he lets out, however, upon hearing her explanation of herself,, and he pauses to bring out another kebab skewer from the box in his hand to... just slurp up all the meat from it in an instant. Geez.

"For whatever it's worth," he says then, voice all rumbly and baritone-- voice getting more adult now as he's progressing closer and closer to his adult years. "It's always hardest at the beginning. It'll come easier in time."

Another kebab skewer taken out, and... extended into Miho's general direction. "Kebab? There's curry too if you rather."
Rashmi Terios 2018-04-26 01:49:59 90778
"It really does get easier," Rashmi says, stacking what look for all the world like glazed miniature Twinkies on a serving dish. "But the short form for Witch Labyrinths goes like this; if reality starts looking scratchy and thin, like you gave a five-year-old glue and craft stuff and a triple espresso? Run. Just.... run."

Then the redheaded Indian girl blinks, and blushes. "And now that I've completely killed the mood... Hi. Sorry. There's a lot more to explain, but Witches are pretty much universally terrifying to anyone in the magic circles. Best to get the PSA out of the way first."
Miho Kagami 2018-04-26 01:59:36 90780
Miho nods in response to Maria and Rashmi's explanation about witches. "Okay," she says. "And, um, no, I'm not magic." That's just about the only thing she's confident about right now. "Are, um, are you magic, Hanazawa-san? Or, either of you two? Chiba-san said I shouldn't ... assume about that sort of thing ..."

She sighs softly at Rashmi and Alex's shared words of reassurance, and reluctantly uncrosses her arms to take the kebab from Alex, then sits down next to Maria. "I guess the thing is ... I'm just having trouble processing all this. I kinda just wanted to talk to someone who knows what to say. It ... it feels right in my mind, which Chiba-sain said ..." She grimaces. "... might mean I'm youma-bait, which I'm not feeling good about at all ..." She hesitates, and then her voice goes back up to its previous pitch, which only now calls attention to the way it had lowered slightly. "I kind of feel helpless, I think."
Lacrima 2018-04-26 02:15:09 90783
Maria Hanazawa says softly after a moment. ".....I can answer that question for you." she says softly. "'If you're youma bait'." she says "I am magic. Yes." she says as she sighs and shoves a piece of kebab meat into her mouth a moment to chew and swallow. " is a. Long story. I bought a necklace in a secondhand shop. It was cursed. I suddenly got very sick on stage. It...." she says. "It did something 'unwholesome' to me." she says remembering that word being used in conjunction with here energy at one point. "But the short of it is. Without. Getting too. Detailed. Is that my body is more of a dark energy construct. I need to feed on people to maintain my sense of self. I don't... have a. A very high emotional capacity, because of what I am. I have more than I did. Last year. So I apologize if I come as stoic at times." she says.

"...basically. I'm a vampire." she says. "If you hear someone say.... Norie. or. Lacrima around me. That's me. Maria is just a disguise I use to go to back to school. Norie Okana is who I am. Lacrima is the vampire." she says.

"These two know that story already." she says as she crosses her arms.

"....I'm also a magical researcher of a sort. For a.. not very kind organization. But there are no 'factions' here. Per the rules. But what I'm saying is. I can probably answer questions."

She doesn't answer about the questions about the others being magic. That's their right to answer.

"...and. Please don't. Be frightened of me. I have control of my actions. It will be very apparent if I don't." she says.

"...I mean. Mamoru. Wouldn't let me visit. Hang around. If I was danger to everyone around me. I don't /think/..." she says tapping her bottom lip.
Stahlritter 2018-04-26 02:26:10 90785
"...Did I just witness Rashmi of all people shoving her foot in her mouth?" Alex murmurs quietly, albeit *just* loud enough for it to be heard.

He doesn't comment on the whole magic explanation thing otherwise, though. Rashmi and Maria seem to have it more or less in hand, afterall.

BUT. He does note after Lacrima's explanation of herself: "I'm also here to look after imouto, so don't worry." And then he's reaching a freed hand over to affectionally ruffle his hand over the top of Maria's head. Like a proper nii-san.
Rashmi Terios 2018-04-26 02:27:18 90786
"I am," Rashmi chirps, raising a hand. "...Well I mean kind of--hush, Alexis-kun. Honestly if *anyone* tried to tell you how their powers worked it'd be a long story. Short form... I found an alien computer that looks like a book, and it's smart enough to basically be an AI. And it helps me do magic.

A yellow, chintzy-looking starburst-shaped charm on the counter pings, the red 'glass' cabochon at its center glowing faintly. << THAT IS CORRECT, MASTER >> it says... in English... in the voice of a badly-programmed Siri using the voice of an older tweed-jacketed college professor.

"As for being vulnerable.... kind of? I mean, not much more than the average person, just... the average person tends to be kind of passively protected by the fact that what they're seeing cannot possibly be real, so... it's not. People who aren't magic but know about magic tend to catch attention by recognizing something that's unreal for what it is, y'know?"

Absently arranging some choice snacks on a plate, with a little dish of spiced hummus and some naan, she brings the plate over to Miho, smiling gently. "Luckily, you've already found your way here. Which means we can swap phone numbers and then you have a panic button you can use to call for help no matter what."
Miho Kagami 2018-04-26 02:35:42 90788
Miho stares up at Maria ... or to be more precise, not Maria. "... I noticed you were talking differently," she says softly. "Should I call you Norie, or Lacrima? Or should I just stick with Maria? Sorry if I've been calling you the wrong thing." She notices that Alex didn't answer the question of whether he's magic, but the fact that he's apparently capable of watching over a vampire is a clue which -- no, Miho, Mamoru said not to assume! He demonstrated why you shouldn't assume!

She peers at Rashmi's book. "Huh ... I encountered another ... magical person, called Cute Witch Kazeko, and she a book as well. It didn't say anything, though." She glances down, realizes that she hasn't actually taken a bite out of the kebab yet, and now does so as she mulls the situation over.

After a moment, she swallows, and her voice slightly does the downward-shift in pitch again as she says, "I ... think I don't actually want to find out the 'youma-bait' thing, um, just yet. I dunno, I kinda ..." She smiles weakly, and brings the pitch back up. "I'm just in a weird place mentally in general. Maybe some other time? But, um, swapping phone numbers would be good, Terios-san. I already have the phone number for the, this place, I set it to auto-dial if I just say 'frat' into the voice-recognition."
Lacrima 2018-04-26 02:56:04 90792
Maria Hanazawa makes a face as her head is ruffled. "Maria in public if I'm Maria. Lacrima in public, if I am the vampire. Norie in private. Norie's.... current situation. Isn't optimal. She's ... run away. Again." she says as she sits down with a frump.

She nods. "Alright." she says. "If it helps. I'm not particularly drawn to you right now, on a feeding level." she shrugs. "But that's all I can say on that."

She smiles at Rashmi-chan. "Rashmi-chan has helped me a lot. So has Alexis-niisan. And lots of others." she says gently. "Mamoru-kun has helped me too." she says.

"You have my number already. I think. Did we share that? I forget." she says quietly. "I also live in the. Spooky manor with the large yard in Uminari. It's the one you'll probably be dared to enter as a transfer." she says.

"One time. Someone dared a girl to 'TP' the house. But I opened the door and invited her in. And I asked her about the toilet paper?"

"She said in her country it's a custom to give toilet paper as a gift when you visit someone's house." she says curtly.
Stahlritter 2018-05-02 15:23:35 91075
"I know what I saw and heard," Alex teases Rashmi further, with a wiiiide flash of a grin on his part. It's that sort of teasing one gives to a sibling.

"Of course I have helped," he says after Maria then, as he steps his way over to standing behind where she's settled upon a couch, reaching past the backrest to settle his hand to squeezing lightly, affectionally, at her shoulders. "It's what nii-sans do, right? Though my brand of helping is just brotherly support. ANd... sometimes punching a jerk. Several jerks. It depends on the situation. Though, well... I'm not really that reliable these days, though. Know someone fairly well who probably is, though." He glances at Miho. "Maybe you'll meet one day. Either way-- here is a good way to call in an emergency. Magical Switzerland and all that."
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-02 15:29:07 91076
"That's good!" Rashmi says, beaming at Miho and studiously ignoring Alex's grin. "It means that if something ever happens, help isn't far away at all. Here... My parents own an Indian restaurant nearby, the apartment has basically a running tab. So... have a plate of decidedly exotic sweets, it should help cheer you up."

Then Rashmi pauses, blinks, and looks back at Maria. "Uuueh?! TPing, seriously? What'd you say back?"
Miho Kagami 2018-05-02 15:43:47 91078
Miho nods, managing a smile. "Well, um. Pleased to meet the 'real' you, Norie-chan," she says. "Or ... more-or-less, since I don't know what your other ... 'forms' ... look like. ... Oh, actually, I don't think we exchanged phone numbers, I just got Hisakata-san's card." She considers this. "I haven't gotten any dares yet, um, mostly by not ... interacting with people much."

Miho gets another faint smile at Alexis and Rashmi's banter, and she nods to Alexis. "Well, I mean, emotional support is good," she says, basically mentally shelving the possibility that he might be magic. "I ... know what it's like to need it. But my, um, biological family has been really good on that front." She giggles slightly at the last comment. "'Magical Switzerland', huh? Chiba-san called it a 'magical Doctors Without Borders' when he, uh, when he gave me the explanation."

She nods to Rashmi. "All right, I'll keep you in mind as another ... rescue option," she says, getting out her phone. "Just let me eat one thing at a time, though, heh, but, um, yeah, lots of good food is ... is lots-of-good. I'm a growing girl, and all that."

She takes another bite out of her kebab, watching Rashmi and Norie. She'd been wondering if the "custom" thing was just the girl trying to save face.
Lacrima 2018-05-02 15:53:22 91079
Maria snorts at Rashmi. "I live in the manor that kids dare other kids to knock on the door or try to enter. I have dumb visitors all the time. Anyways, I accepted her gift, then called her on it and she fessed up to what was actually going on." she says. "It was Unmei-chan." she says. "Specifically."

She looks to Miho. "Hold on." she says, as she fidgets with her 'bracelet'. "This disguise isn't... my power- my ability. It's a disguise my friend designed for me so I could go back to school." she says. There's a short little 'fzzt' that to Rashmi might sound like a Mid-chidlian spell shutting off. (Because that's exactly what it is. Riventon made it.) as she lets the disguise fall back to 'Lacrima'. Paler skin. Purple hair and eyes. Her fancier dress.

"This is. Me. Or. The vampire. At least. I haven't put on 'Norie' for a while." she says silently. "And it costs energy for me to keep that disguise up. It's easier for me just to. Be 'Lacrima' right now. When I'm not at school. And it's honestly what I usually am when I visit. I've just been trying to get used to the new disguise.

"Mainly because you caught on I might had been here longer than you though when we met." she says coyly.

She gently produces a card. It has a number on it. And says 'Lacrima' on it, and features a symbol with an eclipsed moon. The number on it has about 5 more numbers than a phone number should. "That's my main line. Yes, that's a longer than usual phone number, yes it still works." she says.

She looks to Rashmi and to Alexis and back to Miho. "You can call me in case of an emergency, too. But. I'm not effective against most creatures since they're made of the same stuff I am. Darkness doesn't fight Darkness well unless the Darkness is more powerful." she says quietly.
Stahlritter 2018-05-02 16:06:30 91080
Alex tries really, really hard not to look disappointed over not getting any kind of reaction out of Rashmi.

...Instead, he ends up redirecting the brotherly teasing down over to Lacrima once she's changed to her normal form, hand going up to ruffling the top of her head again and cooing out "There's my sis~." Yeah. He's kind of a jerk sometimes like that. But he's a loving jerk.

"Switzerland sounded appropriate in my head at first," he notes to Miho, with a wide flash of a grin sent to her... which might accidentally end up seeming a bit more intimidating than intended, too. Because, you know. Alex. "But that works too. Either way-- just having access to all this stuff is a pretty big thing to your advantage, you know? The rest comes along with quick wits and basic survival instinct."

That doesn't sound so reassuring somehow.
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-02 16:21:45 91082
"He's trying to be reassuring," Rashmi insists, shaking her head. "But honestly with all the help you have access to, you'll probably be fine. Making up a couple of other plates, one to be picked from at leisure, and another smaller one for herself, she waitress-walks the plates to the couches, and lowers herself into one. Miho's plate is set in front of her, the 'communal' plate in front of the not-sibs, and her own on her lap. "So... what school d'you go to, Kagami-san?" Small talk! Yay, small talk. The best thing for distracting from any lingering woogies at seeing an actual vampire, however traditional or not that vampire may be.

The fizzling sound catches Rashmi's attention, eyebrows rising in a brief, curious question. But, that being a topic likely to really bring the conversation into the magical weeds, she leaves it at that.
Miho Kagami 2018-05-02 16:34:03 91084
Miho watches Maria transform into Lacrima right next to her on the couch, and her first reaction to the end-result is, 'whoops I'm gay.' However, she has a lot on her mind right now, so it isn't more than a brief pang which is easily shoved to the side. (Besides, the last time she had that particular reaction, she got shot down because the other person was already in a relationship.) "Okay, got it," she says with a faint smile. "Um. This way I'll at least recognize you, I guess." She shrugs a bit. "Yeah, uh, I guess I was a little bit surprised, but I didn't think anything more about it when you said you and Hisakata-san were pen pals. Though, that 'we'll meet again' at the end was kinda surprising for some reason, I dunno why now that I think of it." She accepts the card, furrows her brow at the length, and then just enters it into her contacts. "Okay," she says. "It's all right, Norie-chan, not everyone needs to be some kind of hero."

She just barely fails to avoid getting intimidated by Alexis, but she manages a nod. And then she hesitates as the implications sink in. "Well ... I like to think that I have quick wits, but ..." Her voice starts shifting downward in pitch again. "... I ... guess I might need to work on that second part ..."

She sighs, nodding to Rashmi. "Well, okay," she says, self-consciously bringing her pitch back up again. "Oh, I go to Seishou, just like Hisakata-san and 'Maria-chan'. I met them at lunch two days after my family moved to Tokyo." She gives Rashmi's book another curious look; it's clearly a different design from the one wielded by Cute Witch Kazeko, although she didn't get a clear look at the latter's.
Lacrima 2018-05-02 16:50:19 91085
Lacrima nods. "Yes. That's why I shut off the Maria disguise." she says. "So you know what I look like." she says with a slight, small smile. "You're welcome to come to the Manor. Just be warned that I have some roommates. A green-colored foxgirl and a dragon girl that's still getting used to this era, since she's been asleep for a few good hundred years." she says. "Also there's a slight residual energy from it's previous occupant that kind of results in things that could be taken for a 'haunting'. Creaks. Odd shadows. It's harmless."

She huffs at more head ruffles. Her hair is a mess, she fixes it again. "Stop doing that." she huffs. "I spend too much time on my hair." she says.

"Also. Don't. Be afraid of what I am? That isn't. So much. Reassurance. Than me asking you not to." she says. "I do a number of things to stop myself from doing various mistakes I made in the past." she says quietly.

"I used to be a mess early on." she says. "You should ask Sky Jack about it." she says. "And old pastime used to be launching electric soccer balls at me." she says.

"Ah. Right. I. Don't drink. Blood. I drain energy." she says. "If I didn't make that clear." she says.
Stahlritter 2018-05-02 17:08:52 91086
"That's me, mister reassurance," Alex echoes after Rashmi. "I usually reassure people by punching people who are... de-assuring them, though. That's a word, right? De-assuring? Remember, japanese isn't my first language."

Yes, Alex, reassure the shy girl by promises of PUNCHING PEOPLE. See how that works out.

Lacrima gets another teasing (but affectionately so) look from him ath er huffing and complaining. "No promises."

But then, one of the things Miho says catches his attention, and he finds himself frowning towards her. "...Why exactly do you have reason to believe that your survival instinct isn't up to par?"
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-02 17:20:17 91087
Rashmi's 'book' isn't a book at the moment; currently it looks like the sort of chintzy cell-phone charm one might get in a prize machine for a couple hundred yen. But, seeing the look Miho keeps tossing the charm, Rashmi smiles, nudges away some room for it on the table, and sets it down. "Nicomachea? Active Mode, please."

*bing!* << YES MASTER, >> the charm replies in English, and begins to glow.

Then it -- there really isn't a much better word for it -- assembles itself, out of parts it summons through small magical circles, traced in golden light, and as each peace attaches to the next, it really does sound like a rifle being assembled in some military movie... though perhaps with more arcs of yellow electricity.

Finally, the glow shatters outward into shards that fade almost instantly, and a book the size of the more thorough English dictionaries sits on the table, armored shell gleaming, a large red cabochon glittering in the center of a golden starburst on the cover. << ACTIVE MODE READY, MASTER. GREETINGS, SUBJECT (Kagami-san) >> For some reason, the name is said in Rashmi's voice. A quirk of the artifact, perhaps?

"Oh Seishou!" Rashmi says, as if charms turning into books is an everyday thing. "I go there too! We'll have to spend lunch together sometime! Oh.... Lacchan? How is Lamya-san doing, anyway? Only I haven't seen her in awhile, I hope she's settling in all right?"
Miho Kagami 2018-05-02 17:28:38 91088
Miho looks away, blushing a bit as she realizes she put her foot in her mouth again as a direct result of a specific attempt not to do so! "Aha, yeah, um," she says, and takes a deep breath as she looks back over at Lacrima. "Well. I ... You sound like you've got ... people taking care of you, and if you say you've got ways to hold yourself in check, then I'm not worried. Especially in this room, I think. Is ... 'Sky Jack' someone important I should know about?"

She actually manages a giggle at Alexis's re-de-re-assurances. "Yeah, you're good there," she says. It's not quite at the same level as Naru defusing the conversation with Kyouko, but Miho is definitely starting to relax around him. Kinda. A little bit. "Oh! Um ... well, while Chiba-san and I were talking ... this shadow-monster popped up, but it was ... um ... dealt with by Cute Witch Kazeko while Chiba-san and his ..." Yeah she's not going to go open the whole 'bodyguards/one of them's his boyfriend' can of worms. "... his friends were still reacting, and ..." She shrugs. "... and I felt like I was the only one who didn't react much. I mean, I was surprised, but, I ... didn't really do anything. Chiba-san looked like he was about to just grab me and run." She shrugs, nibbling a bit at the kebab. "I guess that's less 'instinct' and more just ... being able to do anything besides stare at the danger coming right at you."

She blinks at the second transformation-sequence to happen right in front of her. "Wow ... that's ... a book all right!" she says. "... Is there any particular word for ... talking books like that?" She looks up at Rashmi. "Ah, okay, sure," she says at the offer to meet at school. "I'm ... not the most sociable person, though. I, uh, haven't even talked to Hisakata-san and Maria-chan since then ..." She blinks. "Oh, wow, that was almost two weeks ago, wasn't it?"
Lacrima 2018-05-02 17:33:44 91089
Lacrima looks to Rashmi and takes a deep breath and looks to Alexis-- who she gives a side eye to about the comment on no promises about messing her hair before looking to Miho and back to Rashmi.

"I've confirmed that she is the dragon in the myth of 'St. George and Dragon' except her version paints St. George as contender for world's biggest asshole." she says. "Rather than a hero." she adds.

"More... revisionist history." she scoffs. "That being said. She is handling things well enough. She is having problems fitting in still. But these are small. and not major so far I don't think." she says.

".....did you ever get that plate back?" she asks curiously.

She eyes Miho. "Mamoru-kun cares a lot for people. He has a way with people." she says. "He probably would had put himself at risk to save you like that, yes." she says.

"Also if you come to the manor. I only have two rules. Knock before entering any of the rooms on the upper floor." she eyes Alexis for some reason. She heard that story from Lamya. "and stay out of the basement." she says. "There is nothing dangerous in the basement. It is just where I keep my chambers and my coffin." she insists. A pause. "Yes I sleep in a coffin. Also I can turn into a bat. But all the other things you've heard about vampires don't apply. Also if you try to stab me with raw 'steaks' through the heart, we can't be friends." she insists.
Stahlritter 2018-05-02 17:39:12 91090
"She told me that story too," Alex rumbles out with a wriggle of his nose on the matter of Lamya -- he doesn't exactly seem very happy about that particular thought, either. "George seems like the kinda guy who should get punched in the nose too. Lamya'll be okay though, I'm sure. I'm getting that sense from her."

He seems to have a lot of faith in getting eople to be okay too-- but perhaps he would have to, when he's fancying himself the surrogate brother to a vampire, right?

The look Lacrima gives him, though? That just earns her a returned look that just practically seems to scream out 'what????'.
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-02 18:08:12 91091
"They're called Intelligent Devices," Rashmi says. "Nicomachea's model is Support Device, meaning he's better suited to spells that defend and help other people."

"Sky Jack.... hm. Well you may see him from time to time, he goes to Seiyou... which we go to when our school needs their facilities. You'll probably be able to recognize him by the little sports-suited guy floating around him. That's Daichi, he's Sky Jack's Chara. Which... I could explain it but that'd be kind of a deep dive. Just be nice to him, and ask Sky Jack about Charas. And before you ask about the steaks... Sailor Venus is kind of weird, and takes her job as leader of the Princess' bodyguards a little too seriously. Tends to end in a strange combo."

Shaking her head, she subsides, nodding at Lacrima's story. "Yeah I'm not surprised... history tends to be written by the guy who won, and nobody seems to want to chance looking bad. That'd make Lamya-san a thousand years old and change... something like? So fitting in is going to be a challenge, yeah..."
Lacrima 2018-05-02 18:09:17 91092
Lacrima sighs. "I used to be a Sailor V fan when I was a human. Now Sailor V stabs me with steaks." she mutters.
Miho Kagami 2018-05-02 18:17:36 91093
Miho nods slowly, letting them talk about the unfamiliar story without her. The "steak through the heart" line gets another giggle out of her, though. "Okay, I'll keep those rules in mind, Norie-chan," she says. "It'd ... probably just be best if I had you or the others guiding me in general, if I come visiting. And ..." She looks pensively down at the plate in front of her. "Yeah. Chiba-san really ... I got that impression while he was explaining things to me. It's really easy to see him as one of the good guys."

She nods to Rashmi, giving the book another once-over, then shakes her head. "There's just so much to think about," she says. "I mean, it just started with 'there are monsters, and you guys protect us from them with magic, and Sailor V is a real person.'"

She pensively takes a moment to finish the kebab, puts the stick on the plate in front of her, then starts a bit on the plate's contents. "I guess the reason I came here in the first place was ... it kinda felt like the world was sort of falling out from under me even before I found out about the magic stuff," she says. "What with, y'know, the move and everything." (She doesn't need to open the whole 'transgender' can of worms just yet.) "All I'm sure of is ... my name is Miho Kagami. My mother got the name from her grandmother Miho Oujino. I'm a fifteen-year-old girl in the third year of middle school at Seishou Public School. Everything else ... I'm figuring out as I go along." She smiles, and gestures to the ECFH at large with her free hand. "Including how I fit into all this. But ... I think I'm feeling better about the fact that there's a bunch of good guys here to protect everyone. And ..." She actually smiles up at Alexis. "... at least one big-brother figure."
Lacrima 2018-05-02 18:38:06 91094
Lacrima nods. "I don't know what you know about Mamoru-kun. So It isn't my place to tell. But that's accurate." she says softly. She looks to Rashmi and grimaces. "I know that. I have lots of memories of the Inquisition and it's a lot worse than even history said so." she says quietly. She eyes Miho. "Have you met the other boys yet?" she asks. "Mamoru's friends." she says. "The ones that actually live here." she adds.

"Yes, Sailor V is real. A real jerk." she says as she rolls her eyes. "She thinks I know something about a problem that's going on but I really really /don't/." she says with a long suffering sigh.

"There's times where she's really nice to me. Like. She wanted to. Help me find someone new after I broke up with Natsumi-chan. But. Then she kidnapped my expensive period dress and held it at steakpoint over this garbage. Also she came to my Halloween Party as Vampire Hunter V and she didn't have a steak so she tried to use a chicken cutlet instead." she says.

"Mamoru felt bad. When he found out from Ku--Kazuo. And. He footed the expensive bill to have it restored." she flumps. "Because it's /actually/ period and when it's that old you're not talking 'dry cleaners' you're talking 'museum restoration squad'." she says.
Miho Kagami 2018-05-02 19:19:41 91095
Miho says, "I did meet Kazuo Takeba-san, he popped up right after Cute Witch Kazeko-san dropped in." She listens quietly to the rest of the Sailor V business, and only murmurs, "Oh, dear ..." She decides not to ask about the ongoing problem, since that would just open more complications; she only slightly wonders if there's a connection with Sora's upcoming party, but eh, she intends to spend the day hiding inside no matter what.

Well, if nothing else, this visit more than accomplished what Miho set out to do when she came here. "Well ... thanks, guys," she says. She smiles to each of them in turn. Yes, even Alex. "I definitely feel better than I did when I first walked in the door."