Cornerstones 3/3: MST3K

Date: 2018-04-28
Pose Count: 9
Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-28 16:30:04 90893
:Rashmi TXT: I have a hit she's nearby.
:Rashmi TXT: We're at the Korma.

Prince Hipster is wearing-- in the nice weather-- khaki cargo shorts and birkenstocks, along with a pale yellow t-shirt with a giant cassette tape on it wearing headphones. And a dude necklace. You know the type. A black string with a stone of some sort-- this one is apparently pink-- and knots to either side of it, and his 'gets dark in bright light' prescription sunglasses on top of his head.

"GUYS!" Mamoru yells from the main living room, then rolls his eyes and hits the Shitennou buttons on his blingy comm watch. "Guys, Rashmi's got a hit on Sailor Earth, really close to Korma Chameleon. AUTOBOTS, ROLL OUT!" He texts Rashmi as he gets up and waits for the teleport scramble; the one upside to this is still the lack of getting crazy sick from that particular mode of transit.

:Mamoru TXT: Conveniently local to both of us. WELP THERE GOES MY REP oh well. XD BRT

While they all teleport to an alley near the Chameleon, Mamoru's getting another text, and he takes a moment to respond to it before a big stupid group hug. "I'll be fine. It's not gonna look like I'm fine, but I'll be fine. I mean if she shows up right there in the street I won't be fine and you'll know it because you'll know I'm in trouble, right? But you'll be watching anyway. Neil, remember, back far enough not to hear unless you brought earplugs, because Rashmi is a good enough friend to do this and we need you not to be mad at her for real--"

And then it's a double thumbs up and putting the damn sunglasses on, and Mamoru takes his phone out again and opens up Pokemon Go, heading out of the alley. And then texting more with Rashmi.

:Rashmi TXT: Sora's going to meet you outside, I'll be flying in all henshin'd up. Was there anything major that happened recently to you or anyone around you?

:Mamoru TXT: Yeah, the dbag who collapsed the train tunnel to attack me and steal almost all my energy. Long story but it was a big fucking mess and there was nearly an international incident because there were Italian delegates on the train.

:Rashmi TXT: WHAT?! No. Later.

:Mamoru TXT: I had to be rescued and a bunch of people got hurt. No one died.

:Rashmi TXT: Okay. That'll be my opening assault. Brace yourself.

:Mamoru TXT: You got it.

Showtime. It's not long before Flying Glow-Winged Rashmi accosts him with her 'we need to talk', in broad daylight, in front of God and everyone.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-28 16:44:00 90895
When Mamoru's first alert goes out over the Shitennou's comms, it receives an explicit answer the same way. Autobots, roll out? "I see we really do need to resolve the situation," Kazuo says, casual almost to the point of outright lazy. "This full-time guard business is making you spend /far/ too much time listening to Neil."

There are reasons that he meets them in the alley. His shadow-ridden teleport's several seconds after the others, given that it takes him longer to henshin these days. And he very, very definitely wants to be Kunzite rather than Kazuo before he's in arm's reach of Nephrite. For some reason.

When Mamoru's babbling reassurances-of-a-sort at them in that group hug, Kunzite says only, "If she shows up right there in the street, we'll be there." The rest of what Mamoru says is for the rest of them. He doesn't get in the way of it. He only backs off with the rest of them when the time comes. Clearing out of the way to try to minimize the chance of Earth noticing their presence.

And, of course, to listen in.

"It's started," he reports for those carefully not listening to the actual words. "And they're getting some use out of the train incident." A pause. "Terios even found an actual good point to work with." He doesn't actually /say/ 'which puts her at doing better at this argument in thirty seconds than Earth has managed in a year and a half.' His tone and his silence after just imply it /really, really hard/.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-04-28 16:45:07 90896
    Kyouko does not teleport. That is still beyond her ability. But that doesn't mean she's slow, either. She has years of experience leaping across rooftops to get where she needs to be. She's not even at home when the communicator goes off- she's walking back from work, luckily at the end of a shift rather than on the way to one. Of course she would put her duty as a Shitennou above her work at the conbenie, but that doesn't mean she'd be happy to leave the old lady in the lurch. Thankfully that isn't necessary this time.

    A flash of red, and Apatite is making her way swiftly to the designated location. She drops down from the rooftops mere moments after the others arrive, nearly at the same time Kunzite appears. Her spear is not in evidence, but anyone who thinks she's unarmed would be a fool. She does join in the group hug, but backs off with merely a slight shrug and a bit of a lopsided grin to Mamoru. "Time to see if you're actually a good actor, or you just dress like one." She ribs him gently, with a wink. Then she retreats to the rooftop.

    She does not try to avoid hearing the interaction. Like she told Mamoru when they discussed the plan earlier, she can separate sincerity from acting- especially when warned beforehand. She sits with her legs dangling over the edge of the roof, producing a box of pocky from somewhere and (after offering it to anyone else who wants one), chews on a stick while listening to Rashmi and Sora confronting Mamoru. "I hope to god she actually shows up." This is muttered more to herself than to anyone else around her.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-28 16:48:27 90897
The mention of Autobots may be a simple joke by Mamoru, but it serves the secondary purpose of getting the attention of an astrologer in the midst of his afternoon power nap. Neil snaps awake and scrambles out of bed, stumbles over the blanket he leaves strewn on the floor and grabs for something on his nightstand while Kazuo's dry response resounds from his wrist. Prince Hipster is soon joined by a half-dressed guardian. He's got sweatpants on. That's about it. Good thing henshin comes with a full outfit change.

When Kunzite makes it to the alley, he's met by a glare from Nephrite. "No appreciation for the classics."

Big crushing hug from Nephrite. He produces the expensive-looking headphones he'd grabbed off his nightstand. "Yeah yeah, I know the plan. You two can ham it up all you like. I've got a date with The Planet Smashers." Was there a deliberate pun choice in that musical selection? It's Nephrite, so yes.

Nephrite settles in to lean against a wall and await a signal that it's time to move in. It's a simple fact that he's got a temper, that he's not always rational when he loses it, and that one of the quickest ways to make him do so is to be a jerk to his prince. Therefore, he is not listening to this, even if he is aware that it's staged. Know your limits, and all that. He briefly removes half a headphone, leaking 90s ska all over the alley, while he listens to Kunzite's report. "Glad that train fight was good for something other than minor existential crises."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-28 16:49:01 90898
There's a bit of disdain for Nephrite's half-dressed state before transformation from Zoisite, but he keeps it quiet. After all, there's something more important going on here than Nephrite's usual disdain for basic human decency and clothing. Still, Zoisite is dressed to kill in more ways than one. "If she does show up, she'll be in for a nasty surprise." He's taken care to bedeck himself in extra knives- lots of extra knives.

He is also waiting for a chance to step in, eyes half-lidded. He's listening intently to the conversation, and breathing quietly. Unlike Nephrite, he can handle the staged argument. His hands don't remain idle for long, fussing with a knife as he listens.

The fact that Rashmi has found a valid point draws a crooked, wicked little smile from the strawberry blond.
Jadeite 2018-04-28 16:49:39 90899
Jadeite scrambles like the rest of them, but hesitates once they get to the alley. He hugs Mamoru too, but he's shifting on his feet, looking more uncomfortable the more he listens. Abruptly he shakes his head, and shifts over to Kunzite, and the fact that he's uneasy enough not to lay a hand on Kunzite's arm, after everything, and instead draws himself up straight, is more of a tell than the fidgeting ever is. "I shouldn't listen, and shouldn't be here," he whispers. "If she can detect me and I'm going to the damn party, I shouldn't be anywhere around," is the excuse he gives, along with a pleading look, before he fails to meet any of the others' eyes and jogs away-- he'll teleport when he's out of immediate range.

On the plus side, no one is picking up panic from Mamoru.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-05-01 01:41:53 91008
"Classics." One word is all Nephrite gets back. One word is all that's really necessary. At least the headphones are, in fact, 90s ska instead of Ninja Turtles. This is only a tiny and fractional improvement from Kunzite's point of view, but tiny and fractional is better than nothing. (Especially since Kunzite's aware he's probably outvoted on that front. Besides, Nephrite will probably be amused by watching Kunzite suppress the urge to wince every time a headphone is half-removed.)

The only reason Kunzite does not say anything to Apatite's small-w wish is that Apatite already knows she's not alone there. Hope springs eternal. Generally with knives; Kunzite spares Zoisite a warmer glance, at his expression of more or less what they're all thinking. Jadeite gets a brief nod, matter-of-fact, and the pretense for the moment that Kunzite does not notice the not-meeting-of-eyes. There are times for following these things up. This is not one of them.

He spares Nephrite commentary on most of what the others are listening to. A fingertwitch, once, at the mention of the Dark Kingdom; no more reaction than that. Until Sora zeroes in on false memories. Kazuo's eyes don't narrow -- there's not the actual danger-sign -- but his mouth tightens into an all-too-familiar tiny frown.

"Hisakata," he comments quietly, "might be a little too good at this. We should be more careful not to volunteer opportunities for her to tempt herself in future."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-05-01 01:45:15 91009
Apatite remains where she's sitting on the edge of the rooftop, booted feet dangling over. She glances up to the others, but offers no commentary. They're here for a specific reason- to make sure Mamoru stays safe. And, of course, to stab the living hell out of Sailor Earth if she should deign to show herself as is fervently wished. But that's really just a bonus.

Chewing on her pocky, the stick gradually vanishing into her mouth, she keeps her eyes on the scene below. It's kinda hard to hear everything that's being said from way up here, but she can get the gist of it. She snorts a little bit at Kunzite's comment. "I'd do it myself if I didn't know there's no way Earth would buy it. I think I could come up with some pretty creative insults to sling at Mamoru." A lopsided little grin. Insulting one's brothers is more or less an art form, and she has a lot of years of not having brothers to make up for.

Her eyes lift to scan the area, the other rooftops, for any viewers other than themselves. Theoretically the girls are out there somewhere but she doesn't see them- which is fine, and probably for the best. It's un-invited listeners she's scanning for. Nothing so far, so she goes back to watching the scene below.
Nephrite 2018-05-01 02:21:58 91011
Jadeite gets a punch on the shoulder as he retreats--though not out of anger or admonishment. It's the kind of punch that happens between brothers sometimes, to remind each other that they're still there. Nephrite is still wearing his headphones. Jadeite will get no judgement from him.

Otherwise, he is indeed amused to watch the slight wince from Kunzite whenever the headphones are lifted. Lacking any other sign of what is happening, watching the two who still remain in the alley with him is all he can do. The knife being twirled in Zoisite's hands. The frown tugging at Kunzite's face. He doesn't even get the benefit of Apatite's commentary. He crosses his arms, shifts his weight against the wall he's leaning on. "Well if she's that good, hopefully the opportunity won't come up again, right?"