Sora's Birthday Party

Date: 2018-04-28
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Sora Hisakata 2018-04-28 17:04:10 90900
Sora has borrowed the place for a party, she's not really bothered decorating or otherwise making it fancy. Her logic: The less you change the less you have to clean up after. There's cake, drinks and snacks on the dining room table, a deck of cards and a mahjong set on the kitchen table. The projector has been set up to play a music visualization thingy to go with the low volume traditional music that's playing in the background.

Sora is currently at the door, getting ready to welcome people. She's wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and a black t-shirt with the logo of some pop idol on it. and her hair has been braided instead of just wrapped into a pony tail.
Ikiko Hisakata 2018-04-28 17:15:23 90901
Ikiko had come along with her cousin to help with setup, assisting with moving stuff as Sora directed. A small bag of snacks -- jerky and some chicken -- had been delivered to Ayana's nest, and now the younger Hisakata is ready for the party.

With it being Sora's party, Ikiko stands off to the side in the living room, ready to greet people when they get that far into the apartment while not taking the focus off of the birthday girl.
Jadeite 2018-04-28 17:19:49 90902
When Sora and Ikiko had arrived earlier, the only resident of the ECFH currently present was the one few had ever met-- as pretty as the other Shitennou, but with short curly blond hair, Jadeite was polite and pleasant when he'd introduced himself and explained that he'd be in disguise, so that no fights would start simply because of his presence. He'd shown them where the controls to any electronics they might want to use were, and then he'd vanished while they'd set up.

Now he comes back out of another apartment through the kitchen, and shuts and locks that door. Mamoru's place has enough room even for people to disappear into quiet if they need to stop being social, and two bathrooms, though Mamoru's bedroom itself is locked. 'In disguise' apparently means he's someone else entirely: still pretty, because the Luna Pen doesn't do anything else, he's shorter and younger and has dark blue hair and brown skin, and is dressed in jeans and a t-short sporting the logo of a j-pop boy band called Pandemic Four.

For some reason, there's a wink when he brand-new introduces himself as others start arriving. "I'm Nitesh Jain, I've been staying with Neil-- I hope it's all right if I stay for your party? I love parties! I even brought you a gift, where should I put it?"
Sailor Earth 2018-04-28 17:27:01 90903
One Mirai Terra - Sailor Earth - is here because she was invited; and because Takashi was doing something across town that made it even better. Dressed in a long green skirt and a black-and-white tank top, she seems far more ready for summer than the current weather of Tokyo, which is why she has a green jacket over the top of it. But she's got it slung over her shoulder as she arrives.

She's also got a rather... perfectly wrapped present in her hand, a white box wrapped with a bow that seems to have a sort of 'earth day' motif on it. "Sora, it's good to see you again." she says politely. Maybe she's on her best behavior?
Rashmi Terios 2018-04-28 17:35:55 90904
Errors have been made...

Upon remembering that the party had been in the ECFH, Rashmi had a minor freakout. But she just bawled out and 'devastated' the flat's owner!

Her personal compromise is going to prove to be an exhausting one; she is going to be the timid and nervy girl she would more likely have been last year, upon having been invited to a former bully's house party.

So it is, that Rashmi shows up at the door, package in hand -- and yes, it seems that the wrapping and ribbon have indeed been reused, but the package is neatly done up all the same -- with a nervous smile on her face. "H-hi..... Um. I'm here for the party...?"
Lacrima 2018-04-28 17:38:36 90905
There is a party. And therefore Lacrima gets dressed in her fancy dress (Not quite the period one. This is a modern reproduction.) and arrives shortly after... someone she doesn't know. She'll gently smiles at Sora. "I'm here, Sora-chan." she says.

"...any of my dates are busy or became busy." she makes a little sad face. "But regardless..." she offers a rectangle shaped box to Sora. "Here. Happy Birthday, Sora-chan!" she says.

She'll enter the room and gives a wave to Ikiko. "Hi Ikiko-chan." she says. and... another boy she doesn't know. But claims he's been staying with Neil and oh! Rashmi. "Hi Rashmi-chan!" she says.
Jiaying Maki 2018-04-28 17:46:42 90906
Jiaying Maki had been running late, but she still arrived in time to help Sora and Ikiko set up the party. Sure she looked like she hadn't slept... in a while. Which is why as soon as she was finished helping set everything up which included things like some fresh made dumplings and red dyed hard-boiled eggs. She grabbed herself a few snacks, munched her way through them in record time and found a place in the corner.

It's there that she's caught napping, wearing a black t-shirt with a stylized white horse done in Mongolian style and some Chinese on it and a pair of cargo shorts. The music doesn't bother her, the minutia of last minute setup doesn't stir her. Even the first person stepping in doesn't. Those two fox ears twitching with each though.

Sitting next to her, when she finally stirs is a red wrapped gift that she promptly scoops up. Streeeeeetches out and wanders over. Presenting the gift to Sora, once it's taken, she'd give her a super tight hug and a kiss. Then smile sleepily and murmur quietly, "Have to do the rounds."

Walking up to each person that has arrived, they're also given a small red wrapped gift. When opened, it would reveal two little packets of loose Chinese white tea and two strawberries.
Sora Hisakata 2018-04-28 17:57:24 90907
"It's fine, Jain-san, as long as you behave. Gifts can go to the coffee table for now," Sora answers Jadeite. She smiles at Mirai, "Thanks for coming, Mirai. Good to see you again, too." She presumes Mirai has heard where to bring the gift, "Rashmi-san, thanks for coming." She continues. She takes the box Lacrima gies her, "Thank you, Lacrima."

Jiaying's hug and kiss are eagerly returned, and she takes the gift when Jiaying goes to do the rounds, then places both of them at the coffee table. She'll open them up in a bit. "There's cake, drinks and snacks on the dinner table." She makes clear, "Help yourself. There's more stored if that runs out, so don't feel like you have to hold back"
Rashmi Terios 2018-04-28 18:00:46 90908
"Hi~," Rashmi answers Lacrima, lifting a hand and wiggling fingers in a half-wave. "I-it's no trouble at all, Hisakata-san, and happy birthday!" Present and greetings delivered, Rashmi scoots toward the dinner table, ostensibly to find a plate and fill it and be the designated wallpaper of the evening."
Sailor Earth 2018-04-28 18:06:02 90909
Mirai sets her gift on the coffee table - making sure that it sits on top of the other gifts. She looks around - and also doesn't recognize most of the people there, except Lacrima - who she recognizes and knows she shouldn't. Which means she defaults to wallflower, picking up a snack and... examining it, like someone suspicious.

Then she sees the mural and starts to look over it. "So pretty... who made this?" she asks, curiously.
Jadeite 2018-04-28 18:09:10 90910
"Oh I know the rules!" 'Nitesh' says in cheery delight. "Thank you so much!" He spins on his heel and starts to go to where he put his gift, almost smacking square into Lacrima and catching himself up short with his hands in front of him, eyes squeezed shut and braced for the impact that he stopped in time. "Ah, sorry! Oh no, you have no date? Would you like me to be your date?" he asks her with a bright grin and a wink. His eyes are a bright cornflower blue, and there's a ton of mischief behind them-- and then he spots Mirai and looks... very short. But oh no, she asked a question he knows the answer to. But oh he is not answering that, because why would Neil's guest know who painted the mural? Fortunately, Jia hands him a little gift just in time, and he unwraps it swiftly, then opens his eyes wide and clutches the strawberries and tea to his chest. "How nice of you! Thank you very much!"

For some reason he's having trouble looking at Rashmi.
Ikiko Hisakata 2018-04-28 18:16:44 90911
Ikiko Hisakata waves to Lacrima and gives Rashmi a brief hug. Mirai gets a small nod; they haven't met in person, so best to be quietly polite. Jia's gift is met with a murmured thanks; strawberries are tasty, and white tea isn't bad.

With the current people greeted, Ikiko heads over to the snack table and assembles a modest plate. While she's not sure how many others will be arriving today, getting a bite to eat while there's a pause sounds like a good idea.
Lacrima 2018-04-28 18:23:00 90912
Lacrima does not know who Mirai is. This is probably for the better right now. She smiles at Sora, but makes way for Jia-chan to come in. When pleasantries are done, she says. "Jia-chan! Hello!" she says softly. She isn't paying attention so she quickly turns around and catching herself too. "Ah, sorry." she says. Then the blue eyed boy asks if he'd like him to her date. "I uh. Um..." she blushes, a little fiercely. Because this is not something someone has asked her since she got some of her emotional capacity back.

"I..I mean. Just for. The party. Sure." she says, with a fluster. "My name is. Lacrima." she says softly.

Then she gets a packet that contains tea. and strawberries. She blinks and nods. "Thank you, Jia-chan." she says softly. "I want cake." she says matter of factly as she makes for the dinner table. She does pass by Mirai though. "A girl named Naru Osaka did." she says. "She does good work." she says as she continues onwards.
Makio Ryu 2018-04-28 18:25:38 90913
It's by luck that a certain worker of a cafe happens to show up at the door with a bunch of baked goods. Makio wanders in, actually NOT having known there was a party. Being Makio, however, the bluenette boy had a tendacy to just bring food with him when he went places ANYWAY. In this case, he's brought some mixture of various cupcakes and muffins, because he's been getting the picture that not everyone wants sugary stuff.

"Woah, hey, it's a party," he notices the obvious at least, "Hopefully I brought enough cupcakes..."
Rashmi Terios 2018-04-28 18:38:35 90914
Hugs are nice! Rashmi returns Ikiko's hug, and unobtrusively scoots herself out of the way as the snack table starts filling up. Her post, it seems, is closer to the kitchen, and on her way she catches Lacrima's eye briefly.

As Makio enters, the bespectacled redhead lifts a hand in a reserved-cheer wave, wiggling fingers. "Hi, Ryu-san~! Those cupcakes look really good!"
Jadeite 2018-04-28 18:43:18 90915
"Excellent!" enthuses Jadeite-as-Nitesh, trailing after Lacrima and slinging an arm around her shoulders, "I'm Nitesh Jain, I've been staying with Neil-- you know him, right? Long brown Herbal Essences hair, loud shirts? I'm his cousin's roommate's son, from Canada--" though he apparently speaks perfect Japanese with an Okinawan accent? "--and I'm looking at doing an exchange program for high school!" He lowers his voice, then, and asks earnestly, "Who's the tall girl with the black hair? She looks really familiar, is she related to Chiba-san? I thought he didn't have any family..."

This is definitely loud enough for Rashmi to hear as she's catching Lacrima's eye.
Sora Hisakata 2018-04-28 18:54:49 90916
Sora allows herself to take a bit of a backseat as the party starts. She's not good at parties, nor does she actually want to be. But she does want to celebrate, and so she's about to get herself some cake an something to drink when a stranger comes in. "Oh. Hi. ... are you a friend of that guy whose place we borrowed?" She sounds uncertain, and also like she doesn't even know whose place this is.
Lacrima 2018-04-28 18:56:58 90917
Lacrima purses her lips bemusedly. "Yes I know Neil. I understand he thinks pants are optional sometimes. Is that true? That's only a rumor I've heard around here." she a little bit of a tone meant to make humor. She does take note of the accent. She does eye Rashmi-chan back with a blink. "Is everything okay, Rashmi-chan?" she asks, before she hears Nitesh's statement. "Mamoru-kun has lots of family. As far as I can figure." she says. "Not blood but..." she scrunches her face a little, as she looks back to Mirai with a little blink, as she offers a plate of cake to Nitesh. Then Makio distracts her from securitizing further. "Makio-kun!" she says. "Yeah Sora-chan. That's Makio. He works at that Mew Mew Cafe in town..." she says.

"With the fancy dance floor." she adds.
Sailor Earth 2018-04-28 18:58:38 90918
"Cupcakes?" Mirai asks, nomfing the food she was questioning earlier and sliding away from the mural towards them. But she's also committing the name to memory. "Naru Osaka..." she says under her breath before picking up a cupcake. For some reason she seems less suspicious of it. Maybe because it's a cupcake.

She doesn't -say- much but her eyes are very interested in those around her. Also cupcake.
Rashmi Terios 2018-04-28 19:02:36 90919
A glance is thrown Nitesh's way as he speaks, but once Rashmi takes up her post at the kitchen counter, Lacrima and 'Nitesh' both hear the sound of a throat clearing in the back of their minds. Sorry for doing this uninvited. But I'm supposed to be in super bad odor with the Shitennou, Senshi, and Usagi-chan and Mamoru-kun for the argument Mamoru-kun and I had a couple days ago. Mostly to sell the illusion to Sailor Earth that not everyone is super-tight with them. Hisakata-san and I agreed this is probably a decent way to draw her out, or at least keep her away from Mamoru-kun for certain for a short while.

All this said, as she nibbles on red eggs and crispy gyoza. Point is, I'm going to be acting weird, and it's normal.
Ikiko Hisakata 2018-04-28 19:03:13 90920
"Hi, Makio!" Ikiko beams. She places her plate of snacks down, then wanders over to snag a cupcake. "It's a birthday party for my cousin, Sora," she explains to the bluenette with a tilt of her head before taking a bite of the cupcake. "Oh, this cupcake is really tasty!"
Makio Ryu 2018-04-28 19:12:16 90921
Makio smiles and waves in reply to Sora. "Yeah, sort of, I've been around one of the other guys that live here a lot more so far," he answers, "Was wanting to drop in on him, but seems like he's out...I'm Makio Ryu, sorry if I intrupted or anything." "Hi Rashmi, hi Lacrima! If I knew you were here I would have brought at least one doughnut," is offered before he grins at Mirai (who he also doesn't recognise). "Ikiko," he says with a nod, "Oooh, ok! That's your cousin, then?" He'd peer back toward Sora before actually managing to get the cupcakes and muffins down much as he DEFINETLY isn't minding people zooming in on him for them.
Jadeite 2018-04-28 19:28:09 90922
I know, I-- couldn't stay with the others to watch your fight. I haven't met you, so even though I know it was a sham, I didn't want that to be my first impression of you, comes a businesslike voice from the mind of the blue-haired 'Nitesh'. I'm sorry for this ruse; I'm Jadeite, it's a pleasure to meet you both. Endy needed someone to stay and mind the shop, and since most of the time I'm working out of the spotlight, I was the best choice for it. She shouldn't be able to tell who I am, either. I'm wearing someone else's henshin. The Hisakatas know who I am.

All this is two-tracked while he's cooing brightly over the goodies on the table and filling up a plate alongside Lacrima-- and then turning to her and grinning wide. "Wanna see something awesome?"

He crams an entire cupcake, frosting and all, into his mouth. Awesome is debatable. Fourteen or fifteen years old makes it not actually that surprising. (Pro tip: neither does 'almost 21'.)

Then he says, holding his hand in front of his distressingly full mouth, "I didn't mean to imply he didn't have lots of people who loved him, I just meant related to him, sorry!"
Jiaying Maki 2018-04-28 19:36:29 90923
Jiaying Maki returns with some tea in hand, her face washed, a look of coherence on her face, the general good stuff. Settling down next to Sora after making sure there was nothing on fire, out of habit. Leaning over, wrapping her arm around Sora she asks softly, "You doing okay?" having noted the attempt to distance herself a bit. Rashmi and Makio are given a wave, the unfamiliar faces too even, though there's a look of curiousity there too. This is interrupted by more food. Nomnomnom.
Lacrima 2018-04-28 19:53:44 90924
Lacrima gets a Rashmi voice in her head. She's familiar with Mid-Childian based telepathic contact. (After, a device mage is her boss.). She knows what he's doing right now too. She doesn't let this leak through though. She talks into it. Oh. Um. Hi. Sorry. Yeah. You're the one I haven't really met yet. Um... Sailor.. Earth. Wait. Is she here?... she asks with a blink. She fights the urge to kind of turn around at Mirai. She manages to win and keep staring and eating her cake. Alright. So. Acting weird. Normal for now. Okay. she says with an audible sigh for little reason.

She'll go get one of Makio's cupcakes. "Sora-chan. Maybe you should open a couple of gifts?" she asks, as she places the cupcake onto the plate next to her half-eaten cake.
Sailor Earth 2018-04-28 19:55:25 90925
Mirai looks over at Nitesh with a sort of confused disturbed glance and eats her cupcake very delicately - though still quickly.

"Oh yes! The gifts!" She says with a grin. And... she keeps looking around at the place, a bit wistful. But... lacking in Golden Kingdom era art. Very lacking.
Makio Ryu 2018-04-28 19:56:22 90926
Makio Ryu stares momentarily at Nitesh before snickering slightly. "How do you even talk clearly like that," he wonders. "Yo, Jia'," is offered to yet another acquaintance. Huh, he actually already knows of most the people at this party for a person he didn't really know.
Jadeite 2018-04-28 20:22:07 90927
That's basically no hint of Golden Kingdom or Silver Millennium anything in the Earth Court Frat House aside from its residents and their henshins. There's Modern Bookish Nerd, especially in Mamoru's place. The closest thing to it is the floor mosaic, which is inspired by both ancient Roman and Anatolian designs, but which is also modern, created in this day and age.

'Nitesh', on the other hand, meeps with his mouth full which is almost disastrous, and then he swallows, makes a face, and quickly pours himself a glass of what's closest and chugs it to wash the rest of the cupcake down. He puts a hand lightly on Lacrima's arm-- seeing as he's her For The Party Only!! Date-- and says way too fast, "Sorry I forgot I was going to go get the present I brought for Hisakata-san because your dress was so pretty! Be right back!!"

Then zoom zoom, he practically leaves a dustcloud behind him and skids around the corner counter into the kitchen. He awkwardly reaches around Rashmi ("sorry, sorry!") to get a wrapped present out of the breadbox, of all places, then edges away politely -- but for a compliment, "I really like your hair!" -- and scrambles out of the kitchen again to put the present next to the pile of other ones. It's wrapped in dark blue paper patterned with a delicate gold print of whorls and vines, and the silk ribbon on it is a pale sky blue.

Then he slidesteps back over to Lacrima and puts a piece of cake and a piece of something else on his plate to join all the other things he hasn't eaten yet, and he starts chowing down in earnest. Because that's what what amounts to a blind date at a stranger's party does when he's obviously like fifteen.
Lacrima 2018-04-28 20:39:45 90928
Lacrima watches as Nitesh dashes to get his present, blushing a little at the compliment on her dress. Yes. She is overdressed. Yes. She completely doesn't care because she's currently trying to cement 'Solid Dark Elegance' here today for no reason than just 'because'.

Because even if she's well intentioned she still is kind of a dark energy abomination. Some of that has to shine through here and there somehow.

She is happy to wait for Nitesh to return. Yes, this is a perfectly fine sudden surprise blind date.

She does peek at Mirai here and there now though as she looks over at Ikiko for a moment before looking back at Sora.
Sora Hisakata 2018-04-28 20:41:25 90929
"I'm not used to having this many people at my parties. I've never been good at parties." Sora answers Jiaying, wrapping her arm around her girlfriend and leaning her head on a shoulder. Lacrima implies she should start opening gifts and she sighs, "Okay, okay." She randomly picks up a gift to open, which turns out to be Nitesh's gift. She also glances when it becomes clear Jiaying and Makio know eachother, and softly asks Jiaying, "One of your friends?"
Rashmi Terios 2018-04-28 20:45:42 90930
"Mine too," Rashmi pipes up from her place by the kitchen. "This is Makio Ryu, he works at the Mew Cafe and helps out at the aquarium." With a small smile after this, she continues picking at her snacks, glancing about the partygoers... and watching Sora open up her presents with a great deal of interest.
Jiaying Maki 2018-04-28 20:59:37 90931
Jiaying Maki rests her head against Sora and settles in, quite content to keep her company today and relax. Especially since she's tired and feeling quite lazy. There's a gentle squeeze, "It's not too big a crowd yet at least." The suggestion to open gifts is met with an enthusiastic nod, then giving Sora a chance to untangle should she feel the need to. Watching curiously, leaning forward, there's an earnest grin.

To Makio, she says, "Yooo." mimicking him playfully, a moment of thought, then an 'Oh!' look on her face while she says, "This is my girlfriend Sora-... it's her party." She feels like she should add the last one since Sora doesn't seem to know him. "He's a friend though, yes." She responds to Sora's question. There's some curious watching of a guy zipping around, someone mentioning something about Golden Empires. "Are you talking like... Jin mixed with the golden horde?" What, she doesn't know any of this moon stuff!

To Ikiko, she asks, "You know Makio too? Have you seen his tricks?" Curious to see if they know about eachother or not! Obliquely. Because it's funnier that way. And she can play it off by teasing him about the ma'am thing too.
Makio Ryu 2018-04-28 21:09:59 90932
"The sea park actually," Makio says in reply to Rashmi saying he helps at the aquarium, "We /are/ in a sort of partnership with the aquarium though, so in a sense it's kind of the same thing anyway!" "Good to meet you Sora," he greets before noting to himself, "Ikiko's cousin and Jia's girl friend..."

The darker, discolored shock of his hair's all limp looking right now. He's not letting it on TOO much be he feels kind of bad about just wandering into some stranger's birthday party. He really needs to do something about that. ...maybe he has some random something from the ufo catchers at the arcade in his bag or something? He'd suddenly start looking into that JUST in time to not show how confused he is by Jia asking if Ikiko's seen his 'tricks'.
Sailor Earth 2018-04-28 21:11:09 90933
Mirai leans up against a wall, eating another cupcake daintily and much more slowly now, having satisfied the raging sugarbeast within, watching the present opening with a degree of interest.

She keeps looking at the wrapping. And sometimes the mural. And then pulling her phone out and glancing at it - not like she's bored, but like she's waiting for something to come through impatiently.
Ikiko Hisakata 2018-04-28 21:14:05 90934
"We've met, and we've met," Ikiko replies to Jia, nodding towards Makio. While it might not be as oblique as Jia's phrasing, the meaning should still be masked enough to be opaque to those who are not themselves masked.

She does get up and check the location of her present to her 'cuz, making sure it's tucked behind Jia's for logical progression. It's in a familiar piece of wrapping paper, well-used over the years while still being functional -- the result of minimal tape use, deft hands, and precision knifework.
Jadeite 2018-04-28 21:18:04 90936
Listening to everyone around, Nitesh looks pretty chill when he's just eating, next to Lacrima. Before Sora even picks up his gift, though, he blushes for apparently no reason, then coughs and clears his throat and has some of his glass of soda pop. Maybe someone's being telepathically cute at him. Maybe he just thought of a dirty joke. WHO KNOWS.

But then Sora's got his gift in hand, and he looks excited all over again. "Takeba-san said you liked books! But I didn't know what books you have!" he calls out--

--and what's in the pretty blue-on-gold-on-dark-blue present is a decent-sized handmade leatherbound journal with hand-pressed paper pages. "So," Nitesh continues, "I thought-- when Neil said they were going out of town? Because Chiba-san hates parties and you were having a party? That I would get you a book you could make so you definitely wouldn't have it already!"
Sora Hisakata 2018-04-28 21:26:51 90937
"It's lovely." Sora looks at the leather journal, "I can only hope my diary doesn't get jealous if I use this one occassionally." By her tone, she is clearly joking. Regardless, there's a brief breeze throughout the room. Gently and warm, though. She places the book down and opens up the next package, this time she's going for Jiaying's package, taking extra care to open it carefully.
Jiaying Maki 2018-04-28 21:40:12 90938
Jiaying Maki has a package containing a small, hand made looking tea pot, decorated in a deep red, trimmed with a lighter red. There are a pair of matching tea cups and in each is a sealed foil bag of green tea. There's also a note buried inside the kettle, but she'll worry about that later.

She nods to Ikiko after watching Sora open the gift, saying on the side, "Neat, thought it was funny is all."
Makio Ryu 2018-04-28 21:41:56 90939
Makio Ryu comes back up from checking his bag, offering a small, cutesy cat plushie. "Sorry, it's not much, but I didn't even know you yet, or know it was your birthday." He'd offer up the little teddybear like, black and white, red ribbon wearing cat over toward Sora.
Lacrima 2018-04-28 21:55:50 90940
Lacrima waits patiently as she sees the first gift as a diary or journal of sorts. Then the tea set from Jiaying. She looks down to her gift and grabs it and gently holds it out to Sora-chan. It's a rectangular box wrapped in red wrap. With a simple 'Happy Birthday!' card on top. It is witch themed. The inside reads. 'Have a bewitching birthday!'.

On the inside is something else. A polished oak box that has been monogramed with Sora's initials.

Inside is carefully laid into another box- a Mont Blanc Meistersuck Solitare Classique Fountain Pen, done in a shine of black, save for it's molded, 18k hold nib tip. Any writer would be jealous to have such a pen. Inside the oak box, are ink cartridges for the fountain pen- as it's the kind where the 'inkwell' is internal. Luckily. The ink paks don't cost a four digit figure like the pen did when Sora needs to replace them. The pen has been engrave with Sora's name on the side.

"I figured. That. When you tutor. You look more fancy and worth it. If you also have a nice pen." she says with a raised brow.
Ikiko Hisakata 2018-04-28 21:59:57 90941
Ikiko's gift is a small shelving cabinet with a couple of boxes of tea inside, and space for plenty more -- clearly it's storage for tea, and it's obvious why she had lined it up behind Jia's.

"While planning with Jia, she mentioned getting you a tea set, so I figured this would complement that gift," the younger Hisakata explains with a smile.
Sailor Earth 2018-04-28 22:00:54 90942
Mirai watches all of this with a growing sort of... well, tenseness. Maybe it's just being here with all of these people or maybe it's that she feels like this house should be hers, but she gradually grows more and more... twitchy.

Eventually, she grabs her present from the table and practically thrusts it into Sora's hands, almost before she can set the last gift down. "Open mine next!" she implores.

Inside of the white box with the golden ribbon sits two things: a card, and a pendant. Neither of them are book themed - they're both Earth-themed, of course. The card is perhaps a little overdramatic, reading 'Happy birthday to someone who means the world to me' and it's made more on-the-nose by the pendant, a golden dragon coiled around a little silver earth. And she starts talking pretty quickly.

"I'm sorry I don't know you as well as the others, Hisakata-san, but I wanted to get you something and I appreciate..." given the company she hesitates " talking with me like that."
Rashmi Terios 2018-04-28 22:10:14 90943
Rashmi's present, by contrast, is neither literary or tea-themed.... mostly.

Instead, her present is a small spice rack, holding a half-dozen dozen small jars containing an array of warmly-colored powders.

"U-um... It's all from Mami's garden," she says, clearing her throat. "There's cinnamon, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, turmeric, mustardseed, and amchoor -- that's powdered mango. I'm not sure if you cook, but, the turmeric makes a really nice tea if you simmer a bit, and they smell really nice..." Glancing from side to side, the redhead trails off. "Um... yeah..."
Sora Hisakata 2018-04-28 22:19:14 90944
"That's... wow." Sora blinks as she looks at the expensive seeming pen. That's way outside her budget, "Thank you so much, Lacrima." She squeezes Jiaying upon seeing the tea set and smiles as it becomes clear her cousin and girlfriend had coordinated gifts. "It's fine." She tells Makio while putting the plushy back on the pile. When opening the pendant, she smiles and glances towards 'Nitesh' briefly before putting it on. "Thank you, Mirai. It's lovely." Finally, the spice set. She blinks as though uncertain what to do with it, "... thank you."
Jiaying Maki 2018-04-28 22:40:31 90945
Jiaying Maki is staring at the white paper, then stops herself and looks away. It's not back home, they probably have a different set of customs about gift giving. Isn't white usually associated with death here too though? She shakes her head and tries to disregard it. "The uh.. all of it's from my home town or around it. The strawberries and all too." She shrugs and settles in, focusing on Sora, having spoken up.
Lacrima 2018-04-28 22:41:09 90946
Lacrima nods matter of factly. "I hope you like it, Sora-chan." she says softly. She looks over to Jadeite and walks back over to eat cake. She does eye Mirai and her talk at Sora however. She purses her lips a little softly.

She doesn't say anything though. Rashmi said something in her head earlier about a thing.

She still doesn't get it. Sometimes it stinks when the people you like spread over a spectrum of groups.
Rashmi Terios 2018-04-28 22:47:57 90947
"Yeah," Rashmi says, as though aware her gift isn't.... terribly matching to its recipient. "I wasn't super sure what to get you, but I figured exotic spices would be neat, and sometimes it helps to have an excuse to use them..." She trails off with a shrug. "Sorry..."
Jadeite 2018-04-28 22:54:26 90948
Nitesh, stuffing food in his mouth the whole time and looking quite happy-- and not at all seeming to notice any of the miniature tensions or sidelong looks anywhere-- oohs and aahs over every gift! (Maybe he's a little special.) When Sora looks at him as she's putting the necklace on, he bursts out with an enthusiastic, "That's a really neat design! I love dragons! Is the dragon hoarding the moon? That's the moon, right?"

In Rashmi and Lacrima's heads, Jadeite says with a detached sort of amusement, Since none of the Senshi or Shitennou is here, I think it's safe to be friendly with everyone without raising any suspicions or starting any fights. And if that's Earth, then she seems to be behaving herself.
Makio Ryu 2018-04-28 22:55:57 90949
Makio peers around awkwardly. Well he knows so many people here, but he doesn't know Sora really. At least she didn't seem offended by getting a random gift like that. Either way, Kazuo isn't here or anything, he should probably get going. He'd offer a little wave. "Well good to meet people I didn't already know, but I have to run, you have a good day Sora!"