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Date: 2018-04-29
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Madoka Kaname 2018-04-29 01:56:47 90950
    Light breaks through the window of Madoka's bedroom, mostly obscured but not fully and sending a ray across her bed. Still wearing the yellow pajamas from last night, of course, wakefulness comes slowly to the pink haired sleepyhead. Even when she does wake up she doesn't rise, instead staying in bed and squirming around, squeezing and pulling closer the warm and soft thing in her arms.

    Automatically her lips curl up into a little smile, because after so very nights of cuddling Madoka recognizes Homura instinctively, removing any distance that might have accrued in her sleep and cozying right up next to her once more. Still tired from just waking up her head is fuzzy but everything else is so warm. She couldn't possibly ask for a better way to wake up than having Homura's arms around her, and it doesn't even matter to her if she's woken up before or after her guardian angel.

    For a time everything is blissful and perfect, exactly as it should be. She's all snuggled up and safe in Homura's arms, her little angel to hold and cuddle as much as she likes. Though the worries of their lives were very present last night, a long night of cuddle sleep has banished them from her mind. She's very content to simply lay there for a good while, holding close to Homura and nuzzling her cheek against her beloved's shoulder, arms wrapped around her just so in the way they've both gotten used to from spending so much time holding onto one another.

    It seems on this weekend morning there's nothing more for her to do than simply enjoy the closeness and comfort of being so near the one she loves, a little blush showing on her cheeks for how happy she is.

    After a while she becomes a bit more aware as she wakes up, realizing that she's in her bed at home and not the one over at Homura's house, Matilda the big plushie shark nestled against the wall behind her the biggest giveaway when she's yet to even open her eyes. Eventually they do open, though, peeking open blearily while her head tilts up to look at Homura's face, squirming and shifting to get more on an even level with her and giving her a warm, tight hug with her arms while lifting her chin to press a kiss to Homura's sweet cheek.
Homura Akemi 2018-04-29 02:18:26 90951
    At some point last night, Homura changed into a pair of light violet pajamas, because as hard as it is for her to leave Madoka's arms she wasn't going to be caught sleeping in her clothes. Homura isn't even awake when Madoka first wakes up, arms instinctively squeezing the squirming thing in her arms, hand cradling fluffy hair. She is not yet stirred enough to awaken, but on some level she knows that cuddling feels very nice.

    One might be forgiven for thinking that she's awake though, because she starts to mumble, but like all sleep mumbling that Homura does it's pretty nonsensical. "Soft fluffy... squirmy soft fluffy... are you a plushie or a person? ... Wiggly worm?"

    Her lips open wide to release a quiet yawn, and her purple eyes blink open to look at the cuddly thing in front of her. "Oh... you're a Doka."

    She's still not quite awake yet.

    Her eyes close, and she draws closer, holding her beloved little angel nice and tight. Homura certainly agrees that this is, in fact, a perfect way to wake up, and a perfect way to spend the morning, because right from the start of the day she's exactly where she needs to be.

    The last couple of days have had their stresses, but Homura is used to worse than that, so when she wakes up she's still very peaceful. One eye opens a second time, but the other eye is buried into a pillow and remains closed. She looks at her sweetheart with a half-lidded eye as her brain takes its time booting up. She smiles softly when Madoka kisses her cheek, letting herself slide closer to her soulmate as she's held so tightly.

    One hand absentmindedly plays with the back of Madoka's hair, and the other hand pokes Madoka's blushing cheek. "You're extra pink today."
Madoka Kaname 2018-04-29 02:34:17 90952
    The smile on Madoka's lips widens when Homura squeezes her close, because she likes being as close to Homura as she can get and being squeezed is a wonderful way to accomplish that, and it feels so nice as well. So too does the hand cradling her head, her hair soft and fluffy against Homura's hand.

    Though she's not quite all the way awake yet herself she hears Homura's mumbles and giggles softly, not quite enough to be heard but adding more wiggles to her squirms. And then she wakes up enough to recognize the cuddlebug in her arms and Madoka rewards her recognition by pressing against her and squirming more, her soft yellow pajamas brushing against Homura's. It's a lovely little morning ritual of waking up in each other's arms and cuddling close, and on days like today when they have nowhere specific to be it's even nicer to just enjoy one another's company in the cuddliest way possible.

    When Homura's eye opens, even half lidded, Madoka looks into it and smiles to her sweetheart. She squirms a bit more because Homura is just so adorable when she's sleeping and waking up, it's no wonder she'd want to kiss her cheek. She smiles as her hair is played with and cuddles Homura a bit closer for encouragement, and then the light pink of her blush warms into a brighter pink as it's poked. "Ehehehe, it's because you're so pretty it makes me blush."

    She closes her eyes and slips her head over Homura's shoulder so she can hug onto her extra tight, only to pull back and press her blushing cheek against Homura's, the additional warmth easily felt. She makes a soft hum and nuzzles Homura's cheek with her own, relaxing her hug so she can rub a hand up and down Homura's back, pulling back again afterwards to smile at her, a loving look in her soft pink eyes. "Good morning."
Homura Akemi 2018-04-29 02:53:36 90953
    Homura would love nothing more than to hold onto Madoka-chan and cuddle her all the time, and having her beloved to hold onto while she sleeps makes her rest all the more peaceful. Morning rituals involving cuddling are like icing on the cake. Though she may be a bit bleary-eyed and bleary-headed, she most certainly feels refreshed and well rested. She slept pretty solidly too, much more than the previous night when she was sleeping alone.

    Homura's arms feel really nice when they're holding Madoka in them. The more she squirms the nicer it feels, and the nicer it feels the more Homura wants to get more of that nice feeling, and the more Homura squeezes her beloved. Getting to hold Madoka-chan this early in the morning is very nice, and with her head still foggy from sleep it's like her entire existence is nothing but nice warm cuddles with Madoka.

    Homura knows and enjoys Madoka's adoration, even in this half-awake state, and gives her another tight squeeze as Homura wakes up just a little bit more. When Madoka explains her blushing, Homura smiles at her and sighs. "Ahh... I like it when you say I'm pretty." She turns her face towards the pillow to stifle yawn, then softly mutters, "Madoka-chan is pretty, too."

    Homura mms softly when she's held extra tight, and when cheek meets cheek she presses hers against her little angel's. She's smiling brightly with both eyes closed by the time Madoka pulls back to look at her, only for the one to open up as Madoka speaks to her. "Yeah... it is..."

    It takes her a moment to realize that was a greeting and not a comment, and when it registers she turns her face a little so that both eyes can see Madoka clearly. Homura wears a small smile as she says, "Good morning."
Madoka Kaname 2018-04-29 03:11:35 90954
    It would be a perfect world where they could spend all their time clinging to one another, but alas that would likely earn them no small amount of odd looks from their friends, let alone people who didn't know them, or their teachers. Madoka thinks they make plenty of time to cuddle together though, and if they're going to focus less on trying to run the Contractors and businesses they'll have a lot more free time to spend snuggled up together. That's one way to make lemonade out of what might otherwise be lemons!

    Madoka feels very nice when Homura's arms are holding onto her as well, and the more she's squeezed the nicer it is. So when Homura squeezes her tighter it feels so nice that she just has to have some outlet for it, and so she squirms even more. It's a very squirmy and squeezy feedback loop that Madoka enjoys very much, pressing against Homura and squirming happily in her arms as she's squeezed so comfortable, feeling so cozy and warm under the covers with her sweetheart.

    Then Homura says she likes being told she's pretty and Madoka giggles playfully, "You're very pretty, Homura-chan. You're pretty and beautiful and cute, and you can even be dashing when you decide to dress that way. I'd be jealous if I didn't get to keep you all for my own~." Her voice is playful at that last line, though she giggles a bit more softly when Homura compliments her as well, "I like being pretty for you, and I'm glad you think I am." Homura's opinion is more important to her than anyone else's, after all.

    When Madoka replies to her greeting with a happy reply she giggles softly, leaning into brush the tip of her nose against Homura's. Then Homura turns to look at her better and soft pink eyes gaze sweetly into purple, a happy tingling feeling filling Madoka. She shifts a little more, moving closer still, lips still curled into a happy smile as she leans in to press a soft wakeup kiss to Homura's lips.
Homura Akemi 2018-04-29 03:31:35 90955
    It's true that cuddling in public would result in odd looks, and it would make no small number of people grossly uncomfortable. As happy as Homura is to cuddle her little angel, there's a time and a place for it. Fortunately that time and place is 'right now' and 'right here' respectively, and it's true that if Homura isn't running any companies then she's got more time to cuddle with her one true love.

    Such sweet, happy feedback loops are all the more reason why they are perfect for each other, and it doesn't hurt that they each fit so nicely in each other's arms. Such nice and warm squirms and squeezes are a wonderful thing to wake up to, and the more Madoka squirms the more Homura starts giggling. Her little angel Madoka-chan really is irresistibly cute.

    Pretty, beautiful, cute and dashing... Madoka says such nice things that Homura cannot help but smile. "Aww. You're so sweet to me. You're so sweet, cute, pretty and heroic." Her purple eyes shine as they watch Madoka. "I like being pretty for you, too." She especially likes getting Madoka's attention with her looks, because Madoka's opinion is the most important to Homura, too.

    Madoka draws closer to kiss, and Homura's lips purse to accept it. She sighs through her nose as she enjoys the soft wakeup kiss, brushing her lips against her darling's and wanting nothing more than to be close. While holding and kissing her darling, Homura starts to wake up a bit more. The bleary in her eyes is replaced with brightness, and she starts clinging to Madoka with a bit more intent.
Madoka Kaname 2018-04-29 03:44:20 90956
    It was a wonderful thing when their romance was fresh, cuddling together whenever and wherever they pleased, so long as that place wasn't school. Still it probably had made some of their friends a bit uncomfortable and back then Madoka was a bit too blinded by how amazingly warm and cozy Homura's arms are to notice. Luckily it is exactly correct that being all snuggled up together in bed at the start of the day is the perfect place for them to cuddle.

    Madoka would be shocked, flabbergasted even if there was somehow someone who she was more suited to than Homura. And quite frankly she simply wouldn't believe it, not with how much Homura loves holding her and being cuddled right back. Especially not with how the more she's herself the more Homura seems to think she's cute. Every time she's relaxed her inhibitions Homura just seems to like her more, and what greater compliment than that could there possibly be?

    When Homura giggles Madoka hugs her very tight and wiggles in her arms, giggling playfully herself and squeezing herself so tightly to her darling. It's clear she's woken up all the way by now with how playful she's gotten, even turning her head to tease her fluffy pink hair against Homura's cheek. But then she just can't take her eyes off of that pretty face for too long, so she calms back down and smiles to her guardian angel.

    Her cheeks are starting to go from pink to red when Homura gives her such sweet compliments, especially calling her heroic! She tilts her head down a little and peeks up at Homura through her eyelashes, twisting a little from side to side, though still hugging onto Homura nice and close. "I must have done something very right to get you to say such nice things about me, Homura-chan. So I'll try to keep doing them, because I want you to be happy when you're with me." She smiles when Homura says she likes being pretty for her also, taking a nice long look at Homura's face before sighing wistfully, as if she's seen a vision of beauty. Because she has.

    And then her world is but lightheaded joy and love as they kiss, Madoka enjoying the soft press of Homura's lips to her own, and the way she brushes them against hers. She breaks the kiss after a moment only to give her another, and another, because cuddles and kisses go very well together, and romantic cuddles are so very nice. As usual she keeps her eyes open when kissing Homura, looking deeply into the bright, pretty purple eyes of her beloved with the soft pink of her own, sparkles showing in her eyes for her darling.

    Homura clinging to her is so very sweet, and Madoka squirms to get even closer to her, wanting her to be able to hold her as much and cling to her as tightly as she likes, all while her own arms remain firmly wrapped around Homura as well, not wanting to let go for a moment.
Homura Akemi 2018-04-29 04:36:41 90957
    Homura admittedly knew that all the PDAs were making her friends uncomfortable, especially since people like Kyouko were pointing it out. She's probably pretty rude to continue acting that way regardless, but at the time she was so desperate for Madoka and her cuddles that she just did what she felt was best. Still, it's only natural that the longer their relationship lasts, the more it matures, and saving their fondest affections for more private moments is certainly a more mature thing to do. Private moments like this, for example.

    If Homura ever meets someone more of a perfect match for her than Madoka she'd be pretty confused, and she's pretty sure she wouldn't leave Madoka for such a person even if they existed. Homura doubts that anyone else but Madoka would be able to naturally meet Homura's standards without trying, and would admittedly be pretty suspicious of anyone showing up and being 'too perfect'. Granted if anyone tried to get between her and Madoka, Homura would consider that a mark against them anyways.

    Besides, Homura has pretty good reasons to love someone as amazing and wonderful as Madoka, and that list of reasons grows almost daily. Anyone else is just going to have to find some other fish to catch.

    Madoka being playful is certainly helping Homura to wake all the way up, and when her cheek is teased Homura smiles and presses more firmly against it, then giggles when their eyes meet again.

    "What you did right? Well... I really appreciate you being supportive of Mamo-kun when I was still staggering the other day, but that's just one thing on a long list of reasons why I love you so much." Homura gazes at Madoka softly, blushing lightly at her wistful sigh. "I know you weren't doing that to impress me, but you impressed me anyways."

    Kissing Madoka is most certainly the highlight of Homura's life, because such sweet affection feels really nice coming from the one she loves. She whines as the first kiss is broken, only to smile as the second kiss comes, and then another, giggling because kissing and cuddling combined really is oh so nice. Her own eyes also stay open, staring deep into Madoka's and filled with love an affection for the one she holds in her arms.

    Homura's clinging and squeezes don't stop, and in fact the more cute and playful Madoka is, the more energetically Homura squeeze her.
Madoka Kaname 2018-04-29 04:54:13 90958
    Madoka would be a bit embarrassed if someone told her just how much they were displaying their affection to each other in public, but at the same time she'd probably think back to how many wonderful times she had with Homura. Some of them she wouldn't trade for anything and will simply live with, however, like the time they shared ice cream kisses.

    Madoka would never trade Homura for anyone no matter how perfect they might seem. The simple fact is she knows Homura doesn't just appear perfect for her, she knows that she is. She's seen into her mind, shared her experiences and bonded with her on a spiritual level that's generally impossible. She knows that Homura loves her truly, and loves so much about her. And she also knows Homura has equal insight into her own love. It's something could never be replicated, and nothing she would ever want repeated anyway-- unless of course it was with Homura again.

    When Mamoru is brought up Madoka blushes softly and shakes her head, "I was just trying to help him because he was obviously hurting." The softness of her voice says she isn't trying to deflect too hard, though. To Madoka that was just her being herself... so of course it's just one more thing to make Homura love her more. She couldn't possibly be more grateful. "And the first thing you wanted to do when we got back was make sure Mamoru-kun knew about the danger. You're always thinking about other people too, Homura-chan."

    Kissing Homura and cuddling with her really is the best, and you'll never find Madoka happier than she is in moments like these. The only reason she doesn't squeal or wiggle herself apart in excitement is because she's enjoying the sweetness and tenderness of the moment too much for that. If she didn't spend most of her time with Homura anyway she'd probably be hugging a pillow or plushie and blushing bright red while laying back on her bed thinking about it later. It's very, very easy for her to get lost in the moment, and right now she doesn't see any reason not to, cuddling close and kissing and gazing into beautiful purple eyes, taking in the love and affection they hold for her and returning it in equal measure.

    It's some time later when Madoka finally pulls her lips away from Homura's for more than a moment, clinging to her and cuddling even closer, resting her chin on Homura's shoulder and leaning her head against hers as well. "Ahhh, I really needed to spend some time with you like this. I love you so much, and getting to be with you makes everything worth it."

    She lets out a wistful sigh and then relaxes her hold a bit, though still lets her head lean against Homura's. "There's a lot to think about. I spent all of yesterday with Mama and Papa while Tatsuya was at school, and I'm going to want to spend more time with them today."