You Could Be Three Cats In a Trenchcoat

Lacrima comes to apologize to Kokoro after accidently hurting her at the Spring Ball. They talk about people things and that it could be worse. She could be three cats in a trenchcoat.

Date: 2018-05-14
Pose Count: 14
Lacrima 2018-05-14 03:16:54 91296
Lacrima screwed up at the dance. She was trying for one outcome. But got another entirely undesirable outcome. AND also potentially hurt a friend. She always seems to have a propensity to do that.

Whether it's going crazy and draining them or saying something stupid or doing something stupid.

She wants to be earnest in this. She kind of wants to.. to put on 'Norie' for this. But it's still a bad idea to be Norie right now, and if she was 'seen' knocking on Kokoro's door that might invite trouble for her AND her family give Norie's currently 'run away/missing' state officially to the mundane world.

So Lacrima has settled for wearing Norie's old wardrobe. She feels odd. She hasn't... hasn't worn her favorite shirt in a long time as she buttons it, and then steps into the Dusk Zone-- to appear behind a passing bus in the woosh. No one notices her appearance. She'll sigh a bit as she stares at that door, in the afternoon-- and takes a deep breath- despite the fact she doesn't need to breathe- and walks across the street to the door of the small two story house. She gently knocks very lowly and politely, at first.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-05-14 03:27:38 91297
    "Just a moment~" The voice lilting from within is probably at least marginally familiar by now; Momoko Nogami has put in an appearance or two in bringing Kokoro to this or that, particularly the birthday party. It takes a handful of seconds before the door opens, and there she is, looking out curiously. "Oh? My, my, you're one of Kokoro's friends, aren't you? Come on in." A few seconds after she opens the door, the scent of cooking dinner hits like a wall... and it is a very spicy dinner, by the smell of things. Seemingly oblivious to the capsaicin on the air, Momoko stands aside and beckons Maria in. "After she came stomping home yesterday, I was a bit worried, but I'm sure she's calmed down enough by now she'll be glad you came to visit." A pause, and then an amused wink. "Even if she tries to hide it."
Lacrima 2018-05-14 03:33:26 91298
Lacrima hasn't interacted much with Momoka besides seeing her and hearing her. She purses her lips softly and gives a respectful bow as she comes in, and the shoes come off.

She says. "Yes. I'm..." she purses her lips. "Norie." she says. Just Norie. There's a ton of people named Norie. As long as she doesn't say her family name, or... look anything like Norie, which she doesn't, she'll be fine. It's also a more normal sounding name than 'Lacrima'.

She gently sniffs the air.

"Ah--that.. tingles." she says. "Ah--I'm sorry. I mean. It smells. Spicy." she flusters as she as she walks further inside.

"...I'm not sure she's hiding it if she's grumpy with me." she says quietly. "I'm the reason she's grumpy.." she says as she fidgets. "Probably."

"Unless something else happened..."
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-05-14 03:40:51 91299
    "Norie," Momoko repeats, smiling. The remark about 'tingles' confuses her at first - then Norie clarifies. "Oh! Aheh. Well, spicy food is one of the things Kokoro and I have in common. I thought I'd make her something with some kick to cheer her up a bit. See which one of us can finish it first." There's a soft chuckle, her eyes turning up towards the ceiling. "I never thought I'd meet someone who could put it away like I do, but that girl... I think I've met my match."

    The red-haired woman turns and leans against the wall, pointing upwards. "Go on upstairs. That girl... I don't think she's ever had someone actually come and apologize for saying something that upset her. So you've got a fighting chance, at least."
Lacrima 2018-05-14 03:53:03 91300
Lacrima grimaces. "I hope so." she says quietly- she does regard that face. "Yeah. She handles her spice." she says quietly. She nods a little, as she makes her way up the stairs and stops at the top landing.

She'll make her way to the room she thinks is Kokoro's. (Mainly because it's probably the only one closed and she can see vaguely into the others.)

She'll give a little tap at the door.

"Kokoro-chan...?" she asks. "It's me. Norie." she says quietly. She hasn't sued her real name in a long time. She kind of hopes Kokoro still remembers it.

"C..can I come in?" she asks. "I wanna talk..." she says quietly, biting her lip a bit. Those fangs are more evident that way though so she stops.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-05-14 04:02:39 91301
    Looks like Norie made the right choice on the first try. It doesn't seem that way at first, but then there's a soft huff from inside. It takes a second or two before any other reply comes, but it does come. "...door ain't locked." She's not bothering to talk properly, apparently.

    Inside, Kokoro is sitting on her bed, legs drawn up, arms around them, staring out the window. Beside her is a tablet, but the screen is off entirely. Her back's towards the door, and she doesn't turn or otherwise move to acknowledge Norie's arrival. Just... sits.
Lacrima 2018-05-14 04:11:55 91302
Norie kind of opens the door. It takes a moment and she turns the knob painfully slowly because maybe she thinks it'll be electrified. She doesn't know how upset Kokoro is actually. She can only make vague guesses based on what Rashmi told her.

She'll walk over and then sit on the bed. She doesn't say anything for a long moment.

"...I'm sorry." she mutters. There's a lot of shame behind that tone there. Rather than indigence, or as if someone is making her.

"...I wasn't trying to. Upset you." she says. "I was trying to..." she mutters.

"Look I know how you and Alexis-niisan are over competitive type things... and I was trying to... say something to drive you forward..." she says.

"...and I guess it didn't work. And I upset you." she says as she rubs her far arm.

"-and hurt you." she says, more uncomfortably.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-05-14 04:30:33 91303
    For long, awkward seconds, Kokoro doesn't speak, doesn't even move. The tux is strewn about on the floor beside her bed, her own outfit currently consisting only of a baggy T-shirt and the kind of frumpy shorts one wears around the house but not outdoors. There's a pile of discarded snack wrappers in and around a small wastebasket, and a cleaned plate set down on her desk. She... pretty much hasn't left the room. It's not hard to believe she did sit like this the entire time, except for the way her bed is still somewhat messy.

    "...I still don't do 'people'."

    It comes without warning. She still hasn't moved, but she's at least talking. "I ain't got a problem when I'm just a face in the crowd, but all those people starin' at me... I lived my whole life only ever dealin' with that when I just kicked someone's ass. And on top of that, instead of bein' looked at like I'm a wild animal, I kept getting all those complements. I dunno what the hell to do with those. Didn't know what the hell to do with any of last night. Then I get pushed out on the dance floor where everyone's watching, I keep hurting Rashmi, and then you come in telling me how much better Raskoph is than me..."

    Fingers curl, visibly dimpling the skin on her arm. "...I don't half-feel stuff, Norie. I told Rashmi this before. I get ticked off, I wanna smash stuff apart. Somethin's funny, I just about laugh myself to pieces."
Lacrima 2018-05-14 04:51:08 91304
Lacrima shifts a bit uncomfortably. "I know how that sort of feels." she says softly. "I used to do people well." she says. "Then I became this thing and I was ashamed of what I'd become and was starving myself. And I'm only learning how to do people again. Dark energy makes you talkative and smooth but it doesn't handle the underlying stuff very good."

"It''s only since... that thing attacked me?.." she says. "When that thing attacked me and whatever Ariel-chan did returned some of my emotional capacity. Not... all but. I can smile again. If I let myself now." she says.

"I didn't know." she says quietly. "-and I'm still learning to be human again, really..." she says. "So I didn't think..." she says.

"And I always just hurt people, even when I'm not trying and it sucks." she says.

"If it helps... Rashmi-chan is fine. And.. she isn't mad. She saw what I was trying to do, she said. But she told me that it's easy to hurt you in stuff like that and I didn't know..." she says.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-05-14 05:02:56 91305
    Kokoro mulls it over quietly. Then, she takes a breath, and declares, "People suck." She turns her eyes sideways at last. "Sometimes I think learning how to do the whole human thing is more'n it's worth in the trouble department. But I guess we both got that to deal with, huh." Snort. "I'll probably stumble and say some dumb thing some time, you know that, right? I never even had other kids stick around long enough to get in arguments until this last year. So I don't got a whole lot of experience talking with people either."
Lacrima 2018-05-14 05:17:59 91306
"I didn't talk to anyone for a year, basically." Lacrima says quietly. "When I became this thing. My parents knew something was wrong. And they... they sent me to a psychiatrist." this is basically a stigma in Japan. "Dad's... idea. He's. Japanese American. That's normal there." she says. "So he'd talk to me and I had to lie and they'd give me medicine that wouldn't work anyways." she says as she rolls her eyes. "Because human medicine doesn't work on a vampire." she says.

"...and it was Riventon who gave me something that worked. Because when you're a dark energy thing, you see a dark energy doctor." she says flatly.

She shakes her head. "If you say. Dumb things. At me. I'll understand." she says. She gently looks back at Kokoro.

"...Magic has a way of flipping your life upside down." she says quietly. "For you. It gave you friends and people to talk to. For me, It took away all my old friends and left me isolated for a while." she says. "I mean it could be worse." she says. "You could had found out you're actually like three magical cats in a trenchcoat?" she says.

Lacrima squints her eyes. "Um.. you're..." foster parent? caretaker?... she doesn't know the term. "...your not-mom, was cooking. It smelled spicy." she says.

"I can see how you finished that challenge now." she says.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-05-14 05:26:39 91307
    Three magical cats in a trenchcoat.

    Kokoro's shoulders twitch.

    They twitch again.




    What is this. What. Is. This. "Ahahaha, oh god, three cats in a- ahahahahahaha! Oh my god, what kind of crazy- what kind of life would that even be?"

    This is Kokoro Akakuma. Laughing fit to burst at the mental image of three magical cats.

    "Ahahaha... y-yeah, I- snrt. I figured out me'n'her, we... we got that in common. Turns out that's some hobby of hers she's had for years. She found out I was doin' the challenge, she made some stuff that night. Wanted to make sure I was up for it." The girl flops back on her bed at last, finally letting go of her closed-off posture. "...I think she could pull off the challenge if she wanted, but she'd have it a little rougher'n I did."
Lacrima 2018-05-14 05:38:18 91308
Lacrima snorts. "Sailor V has this dumb cat. It talks. I can't imagine being a cat." she says. "But I can imagine being a bat." she says. She does take a short smile as Kokoro laughs. She turns more completely.

"...Think she'd mind if I stayed for dinner?" she asks sheepishly. "I mean. If you and her and... anyone else that's here. Doesn't mind." she says.

"It smelled spicy. But good." she says. She sort of fidgets.

"I never. Came to thank you. For helping me... when that Prince of Nightmares doppleganger came after me." she says. "I don't think I thanked much of anyone. I was too much of a mess before and after for a bit." she says.

"But... thank you." she says.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-05-14 05:50:03 91309
    "..." A friend staying over for dinner. Something about that has Kokoro fidgeting, embarrassed. "...w-well, uh... I guess if I let her know now, so she can put a little extra on. It... it'll be a bit before it's served. We gotta wait until Taro gets home from work." Taro Nogami, Kokoro's foster father; fewer have met him than Momoko, as he's only been out to visit one of Kokoro's outings once (specifically, a visit to a local exhibit on ocean animals that turned into a Jewel Seed incident). "...long as that's alright, I don't think she'll mind."

    There's a pause before she adds, "...yeah."