The Air Is Clear! The Birds are... Talking!?

Reiko Touyama invites Moriko over to give her the Green Chroma Prism and to try to convince her this is real. She leaves her questioning things over the two talking birds.

Date: 2018-05-15
Pose Count: 22
Reiko Touyama 2018-05-15 19:42:50 91310
Reiko Touyama has asked Moriko Hayashi to come over, and to bypass the house and get into the backyard where the old tree sits.

And the old treehouse. It's still there. It's been modified over the years, to handle twelve years old instead of 7 years old, but it's mostly the same.

Moriko can climb up the ladder nailed to the tree and find herself inside!

There's a telescope here- one of Hoshi's older ones. There's a small tank with two goldfish, that Reiko named Goldie and Fishy. They seem happy in the tank.

There's a bench nailed into the wall, and a small table and chairs that we're brought in here at some point.

Reiko Touyama is nervously pacing around the small worn red rug in the middle of the main treehouse area. There's a small 'patio' surrounding the treehouse, and wooden plank with railguards if one climbs another rope ladder up like a 'crows nest' almost.

"Nrg I hope she makes it..." she mutters to herself. Her fish are following after her-- those tiny magical koi in her anxiety. pacing with her!
Moriko Hayashi 2018-05-15 19:52:08 91311
Moriko Hayashi has made an effort to actually arrive on time! Which isn't usually too ahrd, but that does mean she left early. Not because she was nervous or anything along those lines, just that Reiko seemed to think it was important.

Climbing the ladder, she pokes her head in, then properly climbs into the treehouse itself. Watching Reiko pace around gets a confused look from the girl. Pulling herself in proper, she settles down nearby and asks, "So what's really got you so nervous Reiko-chan?" seeming honestly concerned. Not for what Reiko's probably concerned about to be fair, due to the whole not knowing thing.
Reiko Touyama 2018-05-15 20:09:50 91312
Reiko ohs! "Hi Moriko-chan! Good! You came!" she says with a soft smile, she settles down as Moriko sits and she looks around and takes one of the folding chairs over and sits opposite of Moriko. She settles down.

There's a bright red cardinal perched on one of the branches outside. Along with a bluebird next to the cardinal.. The two appear to be watching. Moriko can swear they look away and start tweeting if she turns to look at them directly.

She ums. and then lifts the old rug. "I have something. For you. Firstly..." she says as she lifts a floorboard under there. There's a small little box down there. Reiko opens it and retrieves... a green crystal! She puts everything back and then walks over. "Here." she says. "This.. this is your Prism." she says with wide eyes. "I don't think it's a good idea to active it yet." she mutters. "I did that for Sumire-chan. And it caused... problems." she says.

She gently pulls her own out, on the necklace around her next and out from under her shirt. "See. I'm Orange." she says. Hers is glowing. Bright. Not dull like yours. She puts it back. "Like. I said. The. Magic stuff. It's real." she says.

"...and I'm just scared because for EVERYONE one of us, something seeked us out and attacked us." she says. "-and we had to awaken and handle it." she says.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-05-15 20:53:01 91313
Moriko Hayashi looks at the brids, then points at them and asks, "Those birds aren't native here are they? I swear the red one was from another country at least?" She shakes her head, she'll have to look it up.

At the mention of a gift, in a sort of way, she tilts her head. Then she remembers that had been the point before. Watching her pry it up, she takes the green crystal curiously while saying, "I didn't think you did the Woo thing?" She does look it over while adding, "It's pretty though. A nice shade of green" She holds it up to her hair, comparing it curiously.

"Magic stuff is real? Like what I learn about? Houdini stuff? We're all liars. There's nothing really there."

Then there's the glowing crystals. "LEDs?" She asks, pointing with her own crystal. "Wait what do you mean, awaken and handle it?"
Reiko Touyama 2018-05-15 21:06:02 91314
Reiko Touyama sighs. "Sumire was. Um. She had a concert? And I took Ikiko-chan? You don't know her yet but I should introduce you soon and um to it. Anyways. Hiroko... Griselda. Summoned a stronger than usual 'Shade' and it turned into a giant microphone and speaker monster and I had to activate her Prism so she could transform and fight it with us." she says quietly.

"She didn't handle it well after. Her um. Constructs? They we're bothering her and they kind of. Betray your actual emotional state. To other magical people." she says quietly.

She looks up. "OH! That's Roy and Biv. You know. From. The game..." she mutters. "They can talk. But I asked them to be quiet because Hoshi's worried too in her own way that involves not forcing you into this stuff and upsetting you..." she says.

"They're. The Mascots. There's Gigi, but she's probably off futzing with Momo somewhere." she says quietly.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-05-15 21:09:40 91315
Moriko Hayashi rests her elbows on her knees and leans forward, "You're... still trying to tease me aren't you?" Looking to the two birds. "Hi. I'm Moriko Hayashi, I went by another name back then." She sounds... like she's joking about it. Maybe playing along with the game? She doesn't sound convinced either way.

She does look the crystal over, holding it up to the light to look for any flaws or cracks. Not... to comment on it's price, but more to say, "I'm surprised you found one so pretty and clear like that."

Back to Reiko, hand still holding the crystal, she adds, "What constructs?"
Reiko Touyama 2018-05-15 21:19:18 91316
Moriko can swear that the blue one waves back with a wing. It's really strange and the Red one... nods? That's strange. Isn't it, too? She sighs a bit and frowns. "I'm not teasing you!" she says more frustrated. "Ugh!" she says.

She seems to sulk again as she crosses her arms. "....When your... crystal is activated. Your Chroma Prism." she says. "It'll start generating constructs. For me that was koi. And they follow me around. And do dumb stuff, kind of acting like a magical emoticon." she says. "If I try really hard I can control them when I'm not transformed, but they obey when I'm transformed perfectly." she says.

" this one time. I was interested in this boy?" she asks. "-but someone else asked him first and so my koifish spent all time at the dance making the evil eye at him and it was so embarrassing because he was magical and could see them too." she mutters.

"...there's a common one. He has an army helmet. He's Sgt. Fins." she says. "He's the one I send to spy on others if I need to try to track someone down or figure out what's going on." she says.

"For Hoshi it's.. stars. With similar results. Um.. Momo had.. cameras. and... um." she says. "And for Mei-chan it was roses. For Sumire it was amethysts. And for Kaeru, blue rainforest frogs." she says.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-05-15 21:25:24 91317
Moriko Hayashi taps her foot on the ground and asks, "Then why didn't Hoshi say something about it then? She could have tried to help the story." A shake of her head and a smile later she adds, "I... it's cute bringing back memories of that game you know. I'll keep the crystal as... a memento. You've done so much to help before after all." It slides into her little purse, then she asks, "Why an army helmet though?" Noting the fish comment.

"I could kinda see stars for Hoshi. Are they the bright white light sorts? Or are they the cartoony sort when you draw them?" Which is a hint of where she thinks it's actually going. She points and adds, "Do I still have the cute moth wings in your art too?"
Reiko Touyama 2018-05-15 21:34:39 91318
Reiko Touyama makes a face. "It's a long story but..." she says. "We had to catch a friend of ours... mine and Ikiko's.... who was a fox girl of some sort and so I made up... koimandos. To lure her into a bath. And Sgt. Fins stuck around from that." she mutters.

She frowns. "Hoshi wants to not expose you to this stuff. We talked about it. Then a shade attacked the Neon District and it was a jet one." she says miserable.

"But I think you need to know because there is danger." she says.

"Um..." she digs into her pocket and pulls out her phone and tries one of those information, near field communication things. She's trying to send her the address of Mamoru's Apartment and Number. "If. If something strange happens. If you're attacked. Go there. Just go up the elevator to the penthouse and walk in and tell them you're a friend of Prism Keeper Orange and that you we're told to go there because something bad happened." she says.

"Or come here. And call me. If you don't feel comfortable doing that. Just. Just get away from it." she says.

"-and stay away from Hiroko. If she tries to talk to you. Just. I dunno if she knows who we are. She knows who I am though." she says as she grimaces.

"Um..." more ums. "That prism. Protect it." she says. "It's.. it's linked to 'color' as a concept. Hiroko... Griselda. She cracked mine and I fell into a coma and apparently the color orange disappeared from the world to be replaced with grey..." she says.

"Just... you'd need to ask someone else about how they fixed it. I was in a coma." she says.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-05-16 19:03:37 91335
Moriko Hayashi looks sat the address on her phone. Then at Reiko. Then back to her phone before asking incredulously, "You want me to go to some boy's house if there's a problem?" There's a slowly deadpan. Then she sighs and says, "Fine fine, if there's a problem I'll go." She's not sure if there is or not, but what can you do.

At the mention of staying away from Hiroko, she looks surprised and asks, "Are you sure this isn't just some kind of fight? I mean, why would she be- ..." she sighs. Rests her chin on her hands and asks quietly, "This isn't for some kind of manga that you're working on is it? It's a neat story for that at least. I bet it would do well at those doujin shows!"
Reiko Touyama 2018-05-16 19:10:39 91336
Reiko Touyama frowns and shakes her head. "It isn't for some stupid project." she says a little angrily at that. "This is a real danger, Moriko-chan." she says with wide eyes. "And it isn't some dumb fight this time. This is beyond just 'bullying'." she says.

"I mean if you wanna meet, Hiroko? Fine. But it better be in public and broad daylight and people around." she says. "Because she's likely to try something to hurt you then." she says.

She sighs a bit and brushes her hair a bit.

"And--never. Ever. Let her touch that Prism." she says. "Ever!" she says.

"Lotsa thing you think are fake are real now, and it's kinda difficult to wrap your head around." she says.

"Like. You heard about the big storm here a year or two back?" she asks. "It practically wiped out a part of the major coastal area." she says.

"That was a huuuuge monster that came around. I stayed at home in case something came out for Grandpa...oh! Grandpa! He can see the magic stuff. He sees my fish!" she says with wide eyes.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-05-16 20:07:15 91337
Moriko Hayashi watches the other girl get actually upset at the conversation and gets a worried look on her face. Either Reiko's gone off the deep end, or there's something else going on. Unfortunately she's not sure which way to go either. She runs her fingers through her hair and asks, "Can you show me something?"

There's a shrug, but that feels like the easiest way to prove it, right? Besides her crystal's inert. It doesn't seem anything, other than a pretty paper weight.

She looks at the prism, then nods and says, "I don't... usually flash gifts around and hand them to others or anything." With a hsrug, she leans back. "Big storm?" she asks, then shakes her head. "I was uh... I think I heard about it. I was out of country though."
Reiko Touyama 2018-05-16 20:17:32 91338
"What do you mean 'show you something'?" she asks. "I think Hoshi might get upset if I expose you to too much and she's probably gonna be grumpy at me when she hears about this conversation probably maybe." she says.

"-and even if I did. Until that Prism is activated... the um. Mind has a way of. Rationalizing things. Like I could ask Roy and Biv over there to talk..." she says, motioning to the two birds. "But your brain would probably make you think I picked up ventriloquism or I have a tape recorder around. I mean. I can go leave while you talk to them. And you still probably wouldn't believe it." she says as she looks down.

"I could transform. But I tried that with Sumire and she just understood it as me changing into a costume." she flounders.

"Besides. You practice stage magic. Your mind will probably rationalize things harder." she says quietly.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-05-16 20:47:42 91339
Moriko Hayashi rolls her eyes and says, "She's always been kind of grumpy. What's one more instance?" Resting her chin back on her hands, she drums her fingers against her jaw and adds, "Just don't tell her. It's a conversation between the two of us. I won't say anything. Not... that she didn't know this was coming anyway."

"I practice stage magic and discerning what's real and what isn't. You're right, that's part of stage magic. Learning how to cheat it, how to trick someone while you lie to them. Even though they know you are."

She leans back, arms crossed before asking, "Why does it do that? Are there really ways to stop that sort of thing? I mean the whole eating colors and rationalizing away quick change clothing?"
Reiko Touyama 2018-05-16 21:28:06 91340
Reiko Touyama sighs a bit and rubs her hand up her face and takes a deep breath, as she gently fixes her long orange hair behind herself and adjusts her glasses. "Okay." she says softly.

"Roy and Biv, come on in here, okay?" she asks. The two birds... nod? and fly on in and land on a small dowel that's been stuck into the wall, close to the bench that seems to exist for this purpose.

"Hello!" says Roy. Biv also nods. "It's nice to meet you!" she says sweetly.

Reiko Touyama nods. "This is Roy and Biv. Like I said. Gigi is off with Momo... she is. Right?" she asks Biv. Biv nods. "Yeah! She is. She's been a little down recently and I think they're having uh, girl's night out." the bird says.

Reiko Touyama nods a bit, as Roy says. "We can answer any of your questions, Green!" he says. "It's nice to meet you. You said you went by a different name. What was that? We only know what was in the game and the story." he admits. Biv nods. "And the story is not reality in and of itself." she adds, cryptically.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-05-17 17:28:25 91342
Moriko Hayashi rests her elbows on her knees, leaning forward to watch. The two birds nodding and flying in get a response, "There's a comedian-magician that likes to do animal tricks. Wears a suit that looks like it was made from an ugly couch. Uh... well there's a few out there." She won't mention the act any further. Might distract the girl's bit!

The brids speaking up get a surprised look from her. "Hi." She offers, a deadpan look on her face. She's got the stage persona on for a moment. "Neat. But, it's a prepped sounding statement. Can you uh..." She fishes around in her bag and pulls out a green backed pack of cards. Sliding one free, she holds up the 3 of Spades and asks, "What card is this?" Maybe she can throw off the trick~ It's a bit mean, but what can you do to prove it!

Still, either way after, she adds, "Nice to meet you two either way." Real or illusion. No reason not to be polite.

The question about her name before, gets a brief shake of her head. "Don't... worry about my old name if you don't know it. I thought you might not remember who I was before."
Reiko Touyama 2018-05-17 17:42:08 91343
Roy shrugs. "We didn't exist as beings then. Only concepts. Only what's in the story. In the story you we're 'Green'." he says. Biv nods. "Uh-huh." she says. Then Moriko asks if they know the card. Reiko can't see it from her view. So that's also ruling that out.

"Oh! Three black pointy things!" says Biv. Roy takes a suffering sigh. "That's a three of clubs." he says.

Reiko sighs a bit. "You really can't trip them up." she says. "And like they say, they only know what... Mei wrote and I drew." she says quietly.

Roy nods. "The Grey Kingdom existed before the story, though it's ruled by a being called 'Nox'." he says. "He steals things from stories to do dark things and destroy color. Specfically. He found your guys story." he says. "And found Griselda. Someone perfect from his angle-- a princess of 'A Grey Kingdom'. Basically. You and your friends accidently made the perfect storm of things." he says.

"But that also forced Aura, Ruler of Spectra-- to bring the other part. The light side. To life." he says.

Biv nods matter of factly. "Color isn't just pretty. It's the flow of imagination and creativity in the universe. Without it. Things stop." she says. "Become static."

Reiko Toyama raises her hands. "Too much guys. This is why I didn't want you talking." she says with an anime sweat drop. "But. They are telling the truth." she says.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-05-17 18:19:42 91344
Moriko Hayashi tilts her head from one side, to the other, then back again. She draws another card and holds it up, "This one?" A 7 of Diamonds. What, she's going to try and debunk it. Maybe there's something to it though since Reiko's not seeing them. It's too much effort to set up cameras for an unknown variable... also tree. "Why Nox?" She asks, trying to remember why the name sounds familiar. Then stops and mutters, "Nyx, not Nox. Nevermind."

She does listen to it all though. And after a few moments, stands up, walks towards the birds and crouches down before offering a finger perch out. She wants to get a closer look. "Mind if I take a look? I uh... will be careful?"
Reiko Touyama 2018-05-17 18:29:58 91345
Roy says "Seven of Diamonds. Really you could draw the 'Rules for Playing Poker' card and we'd still know it." he says. Biv nods a lot. "Yeah." she says. "But they're both the same being." she says.

Roy and Biv look at one another and blinks and shrugs. Roy'll jump from the perch to the finger. He's done this enough times.

"What are you looking at?" he asks.

Reiko peers. "Probably to make sure you're not mechanical or something." she says.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-05-17 18:40:29 91346
Moriko Hayashi carefully moves a finger under the bird's wing and lifts, checking for any telltale signs that this is some kind of trick. "Well one magician does it with puppets, I'm sure you're not puppets. She's in the wrong place for it. Anything advanced enough to have decent cameras and a way to talk, plus the motors would be heavier than a bird. There would probably be seams somewhere. Also you know, the flight thing. I just like birds." She shrugs and looks to Reiko. "So anyone else I should stay away from them?"

At least she seems to be taking it well. "I'd be impressed if it was a trick though, you'd definitely have a lot of people fooled."
Reiko Touyama 2018-05-17 18:52:51 91347
Reiko Touyama shakes her head. "They're real birds." she says softly. "I mean they need to eat and stuff too." she says. Biv nods matter of factly. "Actually we're gonna go do that right now." Roy nods. "I am hungry." he says as he takes off Moriko's hand.

Reiko Touyama shakes her head. "Hiroko is the only one I know of right now that you want to avoid if possible." she says.

"And keep the Prism from her." she says.

Her phone beeps. "Oops! I need to go see Grandpa home from his appointment. I gotta get going! Um, call me if you have any more questions, okay!?" she says rapidly as she begins to scramble for the ladder, and make her way quickly down. She trips a quarter of the way from the bottom and lands on her butt. "Ow!" but she gets up just fine and brushes herself off and takes off!
Moriko Hayashi 2018-05-17 19:02:28 91348
Moriko Hayashi shakes her head after a moment as she stands up. "I'll... keep that in mind. I still think I might be being pranked, but what kind of performer doesn't have that healthy a dose of skepticism?" Other than a lot of them. She doesn't mention that. Making her way towards the entrance, she gestures out, "I'll be around. I still want to see some more proof, just... because for what it's worth Reiko-chan." She then begins the climb down with a wave and a cheerful, "Have fun you three." before disappearing.