Dropped the Ball~

Ari-chan has a misadventure of a non-magical variety for a change that ends with her unable to make the Spring Ball to dance with Lacrima. Then she makes it up to her in Lacrima's dreamscape coutyard's Ballroom.

Date: 2018-05-15
Pose Count: 14
Lacrima 2018-05-15 22:13:20 91319
It is the night of the Spring Ball. Well the Ball did happen. Lacrima was expecting Ariel, and she didn't show up. This kind of made her mess up with Kokoro a little harder to deal with- but she isn't upset at Ariel. She can't be. Ariel wouldn't miss it unless there was a GOOD reason.

She just doesn't know what that reason is! It could had been a strong nightmare needed dealing with. Or maybe Ariel's mom said she isn't letting her daughter go to some dance with a Unicorn Head-Lapper! Anyways, regardless-- she gets home to her manor, and does a few minor things around the manor before flopping into her coffin for the night....


Lacrima is her dreamscape. That weird castle. It looks a lot better than it did seven months ago. The courtyard has been weeded out. Grass is growing. And there's actual plants. And lit torches.

The sky is still dark and nightime. But it's a clear night. With tiny starry specs at the moment, rather than the usual 'possible encroaching storm clouds'.

She is seemingly standing in front of one of the two current doors off the courtyard, as she crosses her arms and sighs as she turns around and walks back to the bench under the trellis.
Ariel Theodore 2018-05-15 22:24:53 91321
    A lot had happened that night that kind of made things difficult. First Ariel's dress wasn't ready from the tailor. Then the heel on her shoe snapped. Somehow she got caught up in a high speed chase when someone snatched her purse and Lucky bolted after them. It only got worse when a freak rainstorm hit and she ended up soaked to the bone before, as though to make things worse, a Nightmare decided to pop up.
    By the time Ariel even made it, the dance was long over, it was late at night and everyone had already gone home.
    But the little unicorn was not deterred. There was that and the fact that on top of having a miserable go of things, she should probably apologize for not making it.
    The unicorn that arrives in Lacrima's dream is a mess. Still soaked, dress muddied, walking on bare feet and holding her broken shoes in hand, hair a wild mess.

She's still smiling as she sidles behind the bench, draping her arms down around Lacrima's neck and shoulder.
    "Mm. Sorry I couldn't make it tonight."
Lacrima 2018-05-15 22:34:45 91322
Lacrima can't actually detect others entering and exiting her dream. She isn't a 'dream' being. But there is one thing she can detect and it's that feeling swelling inside her when Ariel gets about six feet away and she begins looking left and right and by the time you drape your arms around her she relaxes. "Oh. There you are~." she says. The tone isn't angry or upset.

She'll place her hands against Ariel's own as she blinks. "....Ah! What happened." she says with wide eyes. "D..did someone hurt you?" she asks with a furrowed brow. That kind of makes her a little angry. That thought, but she manages to calm herself down. It was only a thought after all.

"....It's okay." she says. "I know you wouldn't just forget. I figured something happened." she says softly.

She gently eyes that door she was in front of a moment ago. "....Can you dance barefoot?" she asks quietly. "...nrg. Maybe I can make. Dream shoes. If I think hard enough..." she says as she furrows her brow. Nothing happens. Nope. No Dream shoes. "Well huff." she says.
Ariel Theodore 2018-05-15 22:43:53 91323
    "I'm fine, I'm fiiiine." Ariel says placatingly. In spite of everything that happened she doesn't seem shaken in the least, though she does take the moment to just relax where she stands behind the vampire. "Eheh heh, I just had a bit of a wild night on my way to the dance." She explains, downplaying the chaos immensely.
    Though there is a bit of a soft giggle to follow. "I was born barefoot, it's more comfortable to me than any stuffy pair of shoes." She does point out. She waits patiently however as Lacrima tries to dream up some shoes for her, the unicorn gives a gentle pat to the shoulder. "But you get points for trying."
Lacrima 2018-05-15 23:00:09 91324
Lacrima sighs and gently stands up, and turns to Ariel. "I don't have as much control over this place as I'd like." she admits. "I need Mamoru-kun's help to usually make sweeping changes and--- I don't think he can actually help right now." she says meekly. She does gently walk around the bench and gently takes Ariel's hand. "I have... an idea. Maybe." she mutters, as she takes her to the door and opens it and!--

It's a Ballroom! Errr. It. Was a Ballroom. Part of the roof is caved in at the far north corner. There's a chandelier lighting the hall, that at least has been 'fixed' to some degree. There's a stage for a ballroom orchestra but it's leaning and the instruments there look decrepit and broken.

"I'm having a harder time fixing this room." she says softly.

She looks to the ground. "But I was able to sweep the main floor as well as I could. And I replaced broken planks." she says. Indeed! Some planks on the floor look newer than the others.

She purses her lips. ".....oops." she says.

"I... figured. I'd play. Some music on my cellphone..." she says eyeing the stage. "But... it doesn't. Follow me into the dreams I guess." she mutters.

"Mphg..." she says, as she walks towards the back wall of the ballroom. "I think I saw... something here..." she says. "A while ago..."
Ariel Theodore 2018-05-15 23:13:45 91325
    Hand clutching hand, Ariel follows toward the door. The unicorn displays an almost unreal level of patience in spite of everything that's happened to her leading up to missing the dance, but when the door opens and she sees the ballroom, pale lips simply form into a faint smile.
    "It's a fine room." She says matter of factly, simply accepting it in its state. Before one hand reaches up to gently tap Lacrima on the nose. "We don't need music." She points out as she sets her broken shoes by the door, but follows towards the back wall.
Lacrima 2018-05-15 23:24:15 91326
Lacrima says. "I know we don't but..." she says. "Aha!" indeed. In the corner she can see it, the horn of an old phonograph. She tugs it out and indeed, it's attached to an old phonograph. With a dusty record. She blows it off and walks back to the stage and places it down, as she begins winding the thing up.

...Then the thing comical explodes from the side in springs. Lacrima sighs. "Well. That's also a bust." she says as she returns back to Ariel and gently sighs as she gently reaches out and tugs her in front of her a little properly. "I still... would like to dance." she says softly. "I don't care that... you're a mess. If that matters to you." she says. She then pauses.

"....You... do know how to dance. Right?" she asks softly. It's never occurred to her to ask.
Ariel Theodore 2018-05-15 23:40:51 91327
    Phono-fails aside, Ariel covers her mouth to stifle a small giggle. It's fine if the old player doesn't work, like she said, they don't need music.
    It's when Lacrima asks if Ariel KNOWS how to dance that the unicorn says not a word. Much as she looks a complete mess, Ariel simply guides Lacrima's hand to her hip and shoulder, and sets her hands on the vampire's hips.
    "My mom's an ancient knight from times when fairy tales were written." She points out. "I know how to dance. You lead~."
Lacrima 2018-05-16 00:02:23 91328
Lacrima purses her lips and nods a bit, as her hands are guided and she gently nods and with a little spin... she begins to dance. The dance is slow to start, before picking up. It's a dance with a few steps, and a spin. Otherwise, it's a waltz. Around the ballroom.

They are alone, otherwise, as starry light comes through that broken roof. She closes her eyes and sighs a bit.

"The dance was fun." she says. She doesn't mention the argument with Kokoro. Ari-chan doesn't need to know that right now. When she's dry. And not a mess.

She opens her eyes back up as she smiles softly. "You dance well, Ari-chan~." she says. "I'm glad." she says. "And my feet are thankful." she says with a wry sort of smile, remembering how Kokoro stepped on Rashmi's feet a bunch.

Thought not like Ariel stepping on her feet would hurt much.

There's a full cycle around the room when they get back to the broken stage.

...Formely. Broken stage.

Lacrima blinks at this, as she eyes the stage. Which is now straight and steady. It doesn't look brand new. Much like the rest of the place. And the instruments are dusty. But look less broken and snapped and dented and in proper stands.

The Phonograph is still hilariously broken and right where she left it.

"....huh...." she mutters, though she doesn't stop dancing with Ariel. Nope.
Ariel Theodore 2018-05-16 00:33:15 91329
    Ariel easily falls into step with the dance, her focus not on the state of the ballroom, or her dress, or how much of a mess everything is, but on Lacrima. Wholly on Lacrima. She follows the dance as though it were second nature to her, easily keeping pace with every spin. Of course she would dance well, never before was there a unicorn that was not naturally graceful.
    "Mm~. I'm glad you enjoyed it." She murmurs. "Wish I could have been there." And she means it. But things happened as they did, alas.
    A glance to the sage and she shoots Lacrima a little wink.
Lacrima 2018-05-16 00:45:42 91330
Lacrima thinks about this very closely. "I think that...." she says with a somewhat coy smile. "...that five year old me. Would be delighted to find out. I get to dance with a unicorn." she says softly. "I don't think many young girls dream of dancing with a vampire." she says more matter of factly.

She eyes that wink though. Did Ariel do something? She'll still keep dancing. She'll gently grins.

"If you we're there." she says. "We'd maybe had outdone Kaname-san and Akemi-san." she says. "But they're hard to beat when they dance." she says softly.

"At least on a dance floor." she says.

They pass by.... well there's no more roof chunk there. It's where it's supposed to be. The roof.

She looks down to Ariel. "I don't think you're doing that." she says offhandedly. Still she doesn't stop dancing.

"But..." she says.

"Now I'm realizing. I never tried... dancing. In the ballroom." she mutters a little embarrassedly. "Even alone..." she mutters. "I mean. Unless. You are..." she asks wideyed.
Ariel Theodore 2018-05-16 01:01:13 91331
    It's true, what little girl wouldn't be delighted to dance with a unicorn? But Ariel releases Lacrima to tap gently on the girl's nose again when the question cycles around to dancing with vampires. But if she had made it to the dance?
    "It's not about outdoing anyone, I think. All that mattered would have been if we enjoyed ourselves. ... And I'm enjoying myself right now." She points out. And then she beams.
    "I'm not doing it." Answered honestly.
    "I think you are."
Lacrima 2018-05-16 01:15:31 91332
Lacrima is still sure about the dancing with vampires thing. She does smile a bit. "I know." she says softly. "I danced with Alexis-niisan though. That was fun." she says. "But... dancing your 'brother' is.... dancing with your brother." she says gently as she tugs Ariel-chan a little closer after she was released to have her nose tapped.

She nods... "Yeah..." she says quietly. "I guess I am!" she says as she spins Ariel a moment a little more fully.

"....and that dress is still pretty. Even if it's all muddy." she says quietly. "But I think anything you'd wear would be pretty." she says softly.

She gently huffs. "I'm so glad I met you in that alley..." she says quietly. "But I think my world would be a lot darker without you." she says.
Ariel Theodore 2018-05-16 02:10:00 91333
    Another spin, but then Ariel slows. Until the dance stops altogether. This is different than dancing with one's brother anyway.
    There's just that faint smile when Lacrima compliments her dress. But then the unicorn beams.
    "I'm glad I met you, too."