Seafood Soup

Miho feels something pulling her towards the pier; it turns out to be a youma buffed up by a piece of black jade! Jiaying, Hokuto, and Haruna rescue her, but not before Miho's left arm starts leaking wisps of shadow exactly like the shard, and her right hand starts glowing.

Date: 2018-05-20
Pose Count: 41
Miho Kagami 2018-05-20 21:30:58 91368
It's a sunny Sunday afternoon on the boardwalk, but Miho is looking considerably less than sunny as she walks along, purse slung over her shoulder, with her left arm subconsciously grasped by her right. She's wearing a plain blue T-shirt, a simple black skirt, boy's sneakers with blue lightning bolts, and a somewhat worried expression undercut by dark circles under her eyes.

She didn't sleep well last night, which caused her mood to tank somewhat, so she just went through the motions of the morning and lunch, which was just about when she started feeling ... something, as if something was calling to her from afar, or giving her mind a not-so-gentle tug. She had doubts about following it, but her general sleep-deprivation (plus a certain something-else Miho's currently unaware of) has inclined her to a general "eh, whatever" attitude about the whole thing.

She hesitates by the dolphin fountain, glances down at herself, and then grumbles softly as she lowers her arms. She then looks over at the pier as it stretches over the water in front of her, and mutters, "What am I doing here ..."
Hokuto Minase 2018-05-20 21:45:27 91369
    The water is a draw for more than one on this lovely spring day, and Hokuto Minase is no exception. She has more than one temptation -- besides getting away from her studies for a day, she's heard rumors of kappa lurking around the pier. (That's why she picked up a couple of cucumbers along with her picnic lunch.)

    There's been no sign of anything sinister, or even more annoying than a tourist, so far, though, and she's enjoying the cool sea breeze as she walks along. She's dressed casually enough for the day, jeans and plain white sneakers paired with a black tank-top and a loose white windbreaker.

    She pauses by one of the little stalls set up along the boardwalk, purchasing a 'snack' - a crepe filled with strawberries and whipped cream. She does need to pause a moment to placate the girl in line behind her -- apparently she received the last of a little toy that was being given away with each purchase to advertise the stall. She examines the toy briefly, shrugs, and yields it to the younger girl with a smile. "Here, enjoy yourself..."
Jiaying Maki 2018-05-20 21:46:48 91370
Jiaying Maki is at the boardwalk, mostly just lounging around. She had been talking to someone earlier, should anyone have been watching. The person in question seemed... strange to say the least. That kind of aura that something was off, but she didn't seem bothered. Now though, it's warm, it's clear, it's a nice day. She's going to take in some sunlight. Especially since she's been burning the midnight oil so much lately she was getting rather pale.

This means mostly that she's wearing a pair of black shorts, a white sleeveless top and not much else. Definitely a rarity for the girl who usually prefers to be lazy about hiding her nature! She even manages to look comfortable and at ease while in hiding!

Her head tilts at the sound of someone distrought over... things. What things she doesn't know, but she does recognize the girl. Putting her phone in her bag, she scoops it up and skirts the crowd, trying to get close enough to say, "Getting a tan?" to Miho. What, she thinks she's funny.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-05-20 21:48:08 91371
MEANWHILE, on the otherside of the fountain, there's a seagull sitting in the water. And sitting on the edge is a long haired blonde girl hanging out in a black T-shirt and blue jeans. "Ugh, it's good to get out of the coffee shop for a day~" she says as she eyes Corvus. "Is the new help working out?" she asks.

The seagull talks back. But lowly. "Kind of." he says. "The new girl keeps dropping things in the back so there's a rukus and everyone stares but otherwise.... well. It's alright." he says.

Haruna nods matter of factly. "I wish Aki-chan would come work for us but she's too into working at the Minami Mart." she says.

She grumps a bit. If there's anything sinister brewing, Corvus or Haruna seem oblivious to it.

She peers around the statue though to the other people.
Miho Kagami 2018-05-20 22:11:45 91374
Miho actually cracks a smile at Jiaying's remark. "Oh, hello, Maki-san," she says, giving a quick bow, her voice a hair less scratchy and androgynous than her earlier muttering. "I ..." She glances around, sees Haruna on the other side of the fountain (and completely misses the talking seagull), and lowers her voice. "This is probably going to sound ... well, probably par for the course in this city, but ... I feel like something's sort of ... drawing me towards that water over there? Somehow? Like something 'wants' me to come there."

She starts walking towards the pier, and gives a half-gesture to Jiaying to follow. "Oh, by the way," she says in a more conversational tone, "I didn't get a chance to say this at the Midori-ya cart before you had to run, but I met Norie-chan at, at Chiba-san's place about a week earlier." She's trying to cover the Weird Stuff with something that at least sounds more innocuous. "She mentioned you, but didn't say your name. She and her brother and another friend helped me with the M-word stuff, too."

Meanwhile, in the water right up against the pier and out of everyone's sight, there's something bubbling just beneath the surface. The bubbles become more excited as Miho draws nearer, and their source slowly starts moving closer to the shore ...
Hokuto Minase 2018-05-20 22:19:57 91377
    Hokuto is well familiar with the ways people double-speak around The Weird Stuff, but she's not in a position to hear such whispers at the moment, so it passes her by. She continues on, apparently oblivious, enjoying her treat while she walks along the pier. Not a single sign of kappa, or any other sort of problems, which to her mind means she gets to continue enjoying her day off.

    Right up until, her attention off of her surroundings - the crepe is tasty and there's something about looking out over the water today - she manages to walk right into a fellow-stroller. The crepe flies out of her hand, quite possibly leaving whipped cream on someone's shirt (or face), almost certainly ending up on the sidewalk.

    "Oh crudstunk," she mutters, reaching out to try to snatch it before it can hit the ground, futilely. "Sorry about that," she says as she looks up to the people she's run into. "Wasn't looking where I was going, apparently. Occupational hazard."
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-05-20 22:20:46 91378
Haruna is oblivious to the first remarks about something drawing Miho to the water, but she does hear about Mamoru-kun and 'M-word'. She slides overrrrr, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, around the rim of the fountain. Corvus follows because Corvus wants to see what kind of trainwreck Haruna might cause in her general quest of 'being Haruna Kurosawa'.

"What was that about Mustard?~" she asks at Miho. She assumes that's the M-word. Mustard. Well not really. She mentioned Mamoru's place and the M word, she knows she means magic.

Haruna is just being her usual inane self.

She does wink. "I'm being silly! I heard Chiba-san's place~ Are you one of Mamoru-kun's friends?" she asks.

"Hi! I'm Haruna Kurosawa. This is my seagull friend, Corvus." she says. Corvus gives a little wing wave from his place in the water, but doesn't talk.

"If you're wondering why a seagull is named after a crow it's a long dumb story. Just. You know. That's something I get a lot." she does give Jiaying a nod though~, too! "Hi~" she says, as she looks up to the commotion.

Corvus twitches but manages to not chase after ground crepe. Seagull..sense. tingling..... nrrrrgggg!
Jiaying Maki 2018-05-20 22:29:33 91379
Jiaying Maki tilts her head, all the talk about M-word and subterfuge almost a foreign concept for the foreign girl. Her head tilts to the other said and asks, "Why not just call it Wu if you're that worried? I know a lot of people out here speak Mandarin, but they probably won't assume you're rambling about yaoguai and super powers right?"

There's a seagull and a person attached. She knows this seagull. She peers at the seagull. Something about cheeseburgers goes through her head, but she doesn't comment on it right away. She was about to, but that's thrown out the window when there's suddenly crepe cream everywhere. She dodged the worst of it, reflexes do help, but she's still got a bit of a mess. "You know, I'd probably stay out of the water if something weird's calling you to it. There's some weird things out there." As she's talking she's watching Hokuto to make sure she's okay and to begin subtly using some magic of her own to try and pull the cream from her top. There might be some quiet, muttered Chinese.
Miho Kagami 2018-05-20 22:41:47 91382
Miho blinks and nods to Jiaying. "That's actually a good idea," she says, and then stifles a yawn. "Mmh ... I'll definitely have to use it the next time you and I are alone --" Sudden collision! She lets out a boyish yelp and jerks back from Hokuto, eyes wide as she looks up at her. "Uh. Sorry!" she exclaims, trying to get her voice back into the proper vocal range. She doesn't even notice the fallen crepe, or the fact that a pair of splotches of cream got onto her purse.

And then the other butts in as well! With an added seagull! "Uh." She laughs nervously and bows, inwardly cursing her social anxiety. "Miho Kagami. I, uh, only met Chiba-san once, when he explained all the, uh, the stuff, but, uh, I have been trying to get into the, the regular study group at his place." Another area where her social anxiety is causing trouble ...

She takes a deep breath and nods to Jiaying again. "Yeah, I wasn't going to go into the water," she says. "I'm ... not actually sure what I was going to do. Sorry, I didn't sleep that well last night, I guess I wasn't thinking too --"

The bubbles finally run out of patience. The surface of the water breaks, and out crawls a twelve-foot-long eel-like youma with a dozen pairs of limbs, all of which have humanlike hands! It has the head of an anglerfish, including the light-stalk, except that instead of glowing with bioluminescence, it pulses with black energy with a greenish sheen. "I can't believe how easy this was!" it roars, one hand squishing the fallen crepe. "The Shadow Jade will me MINE!"

The crowd is filled with screams, as everyone starts running away from the scene! Miho takes one look and runs towards the fountain without a word, but then the youma lunges towards her, and she shrieks, tries to dodge, and stumbles, falling onto her side!

The dark energy seems to be "shining" directly onto Miho -- not as if it's trying to put some sort of dark spell on her, but as if it's trying to find her or watch her ...
Hokuto Minase 2018-05-20 22:54:48 91383
    Casting one last, brief, mournful look at the fallen snack, Hokuto looks back up to Miho and Jiaying, pleased to see at least one familiar face. "Oh, well," she muses. "I can always get another." She waits for the unknown (Miho) person to finish what she's saying, but then...

    Youma interrupt. Welp. There goes the whole darn day.

    "... that is NOT a Kappa," she snaps out, frustrated and annoyed, even as she reaches for the belt-pouch that contains her stock of prepared ofuda. "Really. You couldn't have waited five minutes for us to say hello and get introduced before interrupting? Do you have the slightest idea how rude that is?"

    Hokuto ignores the fleeing crowd as two ofuda flip into the air, then glowing characters wash over her, leaving her in a more traditional miko's outfit of red hakama and white top. Complete with a peachwood bow in her hand, and another ofuda already turning into a flaming arrow. "So, this is going to be easy, is it? Let's see how totally wrong you are."
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-05-20 23:05:22 91385
Haruna Kurosawa makes a face. "You wouldn't wanna swim there anyways. Piers are nice for fishing but you don't wanna swim off one, there's a beach down that way though!" she says as she points. "That's all sandy and shallow~" she says.

She's about to go into various other things when....

"Giant Ell! BIG... giant eel!" she yells out as she flounders backwards and makes a dash behind one of those nearby food carts-- one that happens to have a 'Back in Five Minutes' sign on it with that clock.

She tugs out her PrettyChangeMirror and shoves her card into it. < T-t-time to Change!>

There's a transformation. That involves a magical sheet, and some green hearts~

"The Hope That Soars across the sea.. Cure Gull!"

This is when Cure Gull leaps up onto the top of the dolphin statue, landing with one foot ontop of the dolphin's nose.

"Things from the ocean shouldn't harm land dwellers!" she says angrily. "What is it you want anyways that you think is so easy!? THAT'S NO WAY TO GET A DATE!" she screams out, as she flips her arm outwards. "GULL FEATHER STORM!" she calls out as an array of energy feathers shotgun out like a wide machine gun towards the beast!
Jiaying Maki 2018-05-20 23:11:59 91388
Jiaying Maki watches the crowd scatter. It takes a moment to click that there's something going on for it. She scowls. The splatter of cream is pushed away with a small torrent of water that doesn't actually seem to stick to her. It also seems to have formed out of the strangely localized mist around the girl. Forming it into a ball just in time for Miho to stumble and fall, she pulls it back, then lashes her hand out creating a whipcfack formed from the water. Gone as quick as it formed back into that mist. Jia's standing there with her illusions down.

"Why would you think it's a Kappa? You can usually smell them!" Beat, "I can usually smell them. They smell funny." Beat. "Fine." She does recognize the scent of Peachwood and calls out, "Keep that away please! Also hi. How've you been?" Pointing to the bow, not wanting to explain a strange allergy to a stranger quite yet. Even if a look through her bag would find a carefully wrapped peachwood weapon of her own!

"Wait, eels?" She asks, pausing. "If it's a real eel monster I'm claiming it after. I bet it'd be tasty." ... Maybe she should explain that. Or not mention that she'd like to eat a monster. It's eel though!

Haruna's transformation doesn't phase her, she's used to that sort of thing. What does utterly confuse her was the comment about a date. Did she translate that wrong in her head? Her face scrunches up as she tries to think. There's a shake of her head and she reaches out, grabbing at the mist, which forms into a watery looking guandao. "You should leave." she says calmly to the monster. She needs to focus!
Miho Kagami 2018-05-20 23:32:14 91390
Miho's first reaction to the sudden magical girls around her: a muttered, "Wow I'm gay." Then she shakes her head. "Uh, n-never mind that, uh, how about I take your advice, Maki-san!" In spite of shaking legs, she stumbles back to her feet and makes an unsteady dash back towards the fountain.

The eel-youma growls, looking very confused by the sight of the magical girls! "No!" it roars. "You can't have her! I caught her first!" It tries to slither out of the way of the magical attacks from Cure Gull, but about half of them connect, and it jerks back as it starts bleeding glowing jade-green blood!

Backing up further down the pier, it lets out a low roar, and the anglerfish-lure briefly seems to charge up dark power before firing out a dozen green-black bolts of curse-energy towards Cure Gull. Almost as an afterthought, it fires one each at Jiaying and Hokuto, though they aren't aimed very well. A more focused one shoots at the fleeing Miho, aimed to blow up a small portion of the boardwalk directly behind her as she runs. Letting out a boyish scream, Miho stumbles and falls onto her face!

The good news is that she doesn't seem to have anything worse than a few scrapes, a couple on her legs and a slightly more nasty one on her left elbow; it seems as though it was just trying to trip her up, at which it succeeded. "Ouch ..."
Hokuto Minase 2018-05-20 23:43:17 91393
Recognizing Jiaying, and heeding her warning to keep the peachwood away from her, Hokuto takes a step or three to the left. "Sorry," she calls out to the eel-youma, "But unless you can show a valid fishing license, girls are catch-and-return only on days ending in '-yobi'." She lets the fire-ofuda-arrow fly just in time for it to impact the oncoming curse-blast, the two annihilating each other in a fury of black-green and red-orange fire.

    Focusing on the fight, she has to let Miho pick herself up, thought she does pause long enough to offer the girl a brief smile. Then it's time to pluck out more ofuda to make more arrows from.

    "Did you even remember to bring a passport? There are laws about immigration in this country, you know. It's not like the tax office will take 'oh, I'm an inhuman sea monster, so I don't need to pay taxes on cute girls' as an excuse." Then she has an arrow ready, and it's time to let fly.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-05-20 23:46:25 91394
Haruna Kurosawa makes a squint at Miho for a moment. Did she hear that!? It's hard to tell! But regardless, she watches her impacts hit the beast, okay, she got in a few smacks with those energy feathers. (That exploded into green energy pops when they hit.). She then blinks and "Woah okay skyward!" she says as two small wings sprout from the bow tied around her waist on the back and she takes upwards and away from the blast.

She looks down and eyes Miho, as she frowns a bit, and then back to Hokuto and Jiaying. "Hey, you two from.. um, you're from that. Myth aren't you? With the monkey and.. wait no. That's something else my bad! HEY! ANY IDEA WHAT THIS THING IS. IT ISN'T A TERRIBAD." she calls out. "IS IT DARK ENERGY BASED!? I HAVE THINGS FOR THAT." she calls out.

"It isn't!" calls out Corvus to Haruna. "I MEAN IT ISN'T A TERRIBAD. I dunno what it is or what it is either!" as he flips up into the air finally to go follow Miho. "Hey." he says to Miho. "Do you need help?" The seagull asks. "Or can you get back up on your own?" he asks.
Jiaying Maki 2018-05-21 00:20:31 91399
Jiaying Maki shoots Hokuto a look at the weekday pun. "That was painful." She offers, then adds, "Not like-..." headshake headshake, focus. She had a joking tone though. "Why would you think we're after her? You're on the wrong side to be making those kinds of claims anyway!" She points at the creature, "And... you know, out of your depth." Because everyone else was doing it too. "I don't think they have the right kind of passport either! Not the kind you're thinking either. Seriously, turn around, go home, we won't report you to. Uh. Whoever you're associated with." She scowls. She really should learn the locals. And maybe not guess offhand.

She had been about to run forward to engage the critter, but instead Miho's getting quite battered so with a skidding slide, she dashes that way instead while kicking up a spray of that illusory fog behind her, obscuring both herself and the other girl, whom she promptly tries to help to her feet. "Come on, come on. Bad place to be laying around, there's bats around." She can't help, but feel she mangled a quote there, but oh well.

Gull gets a glare, that's hidden behind the mist, but glaaaaare. And a shout, "I'm not a monkey! You've met me! You gave me cheeseburgers!"
Miho Kagami 2018-05-21 00:36:15 91402
Miho squints up at the talking seagull. "Oh right. Corvus-san." Her voice has gone all the way through 'scratchy and androgynous' and now sounds 'just plain weird'. "Uh, I feel exactly like I'm in my first real life-or-death situation, and some kind of eel-monster-whatever just blew up the pier I was standing on and knocked me down," she says drily. At least she seems to be doing well enough for sarcasm. She starts pushing herself up with her left arm -- "Ow!"" She collapses onto her right side, then just flops onto her back and cradles her left arm in her right. "Okay, left arm is bleeding, now I have a reason to hold it. Oh, hi, Maki-san!" She lets Jiaying do most of the work getting her to her feet. "I'm, y'know, fine, just, just, terrified out of my mind and all that." A part of her faintly registers that Hokuto called her cute, but no, brain, this isn't the time, we covered this!

Hokuto's banter clearly makes the youma even more confused. "What!?" it says. When she actually fires, it tries to twist out of the way, but it's just a hair too slow, and the arrow hits one of its flailing limbs. In the ensuing fireball, several limbs on its left side dissolve into green-black smoke, leaving a wider gash of glowing jade-green. It lets out a load screaming roar, and the anglerfish-stalk gathers up energy and fires a dozen blasts of curse-energy right at Hokuto!

But then, at the sudden influx of mist, the anglerfish-stalk points its dark energy beam right back at Miho -- bathing her, but not Jiaying or Corvus, in a very faint dark aura that's only visible up close. "What, no, get back here!" it roars, and bodily charges headlong towards the mist, completely disregarding Hokuto and Cure Gull.

The thing is ... it's not just Miho here. The curse and the blessing have been warring with each other approximately since she was born, the curse trying to get in through cracks in the form of negative emotions, and the blessing defending against it. The blessing has been quite effective at this, but ... well, this is the first time Miho's been in an actual sustained life-or-death situation ...
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-05-21 00:47:45 91404
Cure Gull really wishes Aki was here. The two could combo this thing and blast and wipe it clean and it'd be done. Just done. Instead....


Corvus miserably sighs at Cure Gull, as he frowns. "I can't heal. Haruna could do the nurse thing when she gets down here. But that'd be first aid at best." then that thing is pointing dark aura. Corvus is close enough and also he's sort of a dark energy detector anyways.

"Okay yeah that thing is dark or something." he finally says.

"OKAY!" yells Gull, as she mutters. "GULL WINDY PUNCH!" she calls out as she attempts to suddenly bolt down to give this thing a powerful wind fueled punch into the side of it to try to knock it off track.

"Look I dunno why you want that girl but I'm gonna clean your clock anyways because you're so rude about it." she scowls angrily, regardless if the punch connects or not.
Hokuto Minase 2018-05-21 00:54:17 91405
    Hokuto grins and lets fly with another volley of ofuda-arrows, this one aimed to miss - one to either side of the thing, starting to set up one of her now-familiar-to-some ward circles. One strikes a lamp-post along the boardwalk, the other the wall of a now-empty shop, and both unfurl to display their runic design and await the circle's completion.

    "You head what I said," she calls back to the youma, not quite managing to dodge out of the way of the blast -- she's going to need to get her hair trimmed to make up for what's been scorched away, now. And the fabric over her shoulder is gone, as well. It doesn't seem to impede her much as she sets up for another shot.

    "Look, it's simple, you're obviously from out of town, that's okay, we're cool with that kind of thing. Some of my best friends are youkai. I get it. What I don't get is how you think you're above the rules the rest of us have to live by, and that includes stopping at the customs office to show your passport before entering the country."

    Several miles away, a petit tengu girl pauses in her shopping to clutch her camera case, as if getting the sudden feeling that she's missing something extraordinarily newsworthy.
Jiaying Maki 2018-05-21 01:03:52 91407
Jiaying Maki doesn't seem too bothered by her own illusory fog, a good nose, or the fact that she's the one manipulating it may have some help there. The fog even begins to glow, a thing she's gotten under control! It's grey-green instead of purple, but it might help distort the light. Really though, the fox just wants to make it confusing for the eel monster. Especially since the magically created polearm is set against the dock, resting against one of the boards and angled towards the charging thing. Crouching slightly, putting her weight against it, the magically charged polearm is held ready to receive!

To Gull, she calls out, "How do you not know what the Journey to the West is? It's in every anime!" She's laughing, seeming to be enjoying herself at least. Even as she's trying to protect the hurt girl behind her.

On that note, she spares a brief glance back to ask, "Are you okay? How bad is it?" Beat, "I'm a terrible healer. Even for myself so we'll get help after."

"Yaoguai!" She calls out at the priestess girl playfully. What, it's a loanword, she'll argue that she's right back and forth. Adjusting her grip, both physically and magically, she shifts the blade of the guangdao to something more befitting of stopping a charge. Closer to a simple partisan spear without a crossguard.
Miho Kagami 2018-05-21 01:28:01 91410
Miho nods weakly and steps back, clutching her elbow. "First aid is good," she says. "I mean, I'm not sure I'll need anything besides that, anyway ... besides a hug. Or ice cream. Or long-term therapy. Or all of the above, I dunno yet."

Of course, a slightly closer examination would reveal that Miho's dark aura is reacting to the energy, not directly caused by it, even though Jiaying and Corvus are within its beam as well.

The eel screams as its back end gets smashed by Cure Gull's punch. Its body also starts to emit a column of green-black smoke, as if something in it was burning.

While the youma struggles to get back up, the anglerfish-stalk glances around. It looks at Hokuto, then looks at where her arrows landed. "Oh, fiddlesticks!" The stalk charges itself up and starts firing as many curse-blasts as it can at the arrows -- but only for a second, as the youma lets out a long sustained scream and resumes its charge, or at least the surviving front four-fifths of the youma do, and the stalk shines its energy back on Miho to try get back on track. "I'M JUST GONNA GRAB HER AND FIND THE REST OF THE SHARDS!" The fog seems to serve its intended purpose, as the eel doesn't actually seem to be aware that Jiaying is there at all.

That's just about when there's a faint whisper of a voice, seemingly coming from Miho's shadow, quiet enough that you'd need very good ears to hear it, or to be very close to her. "Fear ... pain ... give up ... gonna die ..."

Miho shakes her head, and the voice abruptly goes silent. "Hey, Maki-san, I'm counting on you guys, all right?" she says. Her voice is quavering, but there's actually a weak smile on her face, and her voice gets back up to something resembling its usual tone of voice. "And ... thanks for, for everything. I-I'm confident in the good guys in this city!"

She actually doesn't notice the faint wisps of green-black shadow emanating from her left elbow where she's grasping it, nor the more wholesome-looking minty-green glow around her right hand.
Hokuto Minase 2018-05-21 01:40:07 91412
    "... fiddlesticks? Wow. Unimaginative cussing from a boring critter. Really, show some imagination. 'Jabberwock cutlets', maybe. Actually I'm getting kinda hungry, and you made me drop my snack." Yes, Hokuto's blaming the loss of her crepe on the eel-thingy. Probably better for future friendships if she doesn't hold it against Maki or Miho, at least.

    She lets off another arrow, this one unfurling into a post-size ofuda... directly between the eel and Miho. "I've told you twice now, unagi-san, girls are catch and release. You've already caught her, you have to let her go now."

    A flick of her wrist sends a trio of new ones skidding off, floating inches above the ground, sneaking their way past the eelipede to plaster themselves to the sidewalk in appropriate locations.
Jiaying Maki 2018-05-21 01:57:58 91415
Jiaying Maki seems surprised as the creature, or what's left of it slams into her. She really didn't think the impact would be quite that bad! Definitely need to learn to make a crossguard. Still, she had braced so the momentum only carries so far before she improvises and tries to roll with the remaining energy. A foot buried between the two, the use of the force (Not that kind) and a bit of timing, she tries to kick it away from Miho too.

Successful or not, her spear is gone, she continues the roll and attempts to stand, coalescing the mist once more to recreate the weapon, the thing having disappears as soon as her hands left it. "I dropped my bag or I'd spear you with peachwood now." Her tone is flat, "You were told to leave. That you were breaking the rules." She rolls her shoulders, rolls the spear and points it at the creature.

"I can try and drag it back to the other side, or... we could do the usual magical explosion thing, do you guys have a preference?" She frowns, adding, "Though with it's tunnel vision, I don't think sending it back home will help in the long run." She does take a moment to add, "You're glowing." To Miho, even as she walks forward ready to try and finish this one way or the other.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-05-21 02:00:14 91416
Cure Gull screams out "YOU CAN'T JUST GRAB GIRLS AND RUN CREEP! RUDE!" she yells out after the thing. Shards... what the hell is thing talking about? Also what's going on with that girl and the wisp? She didn't act like she was magical herself.

Regardless, she frowns a bit. "Hey um. Priestess...girl?" she calls out. "I don't know your name!" she says.


"Because I can offer up a lotta positive energy in a moment if we can keep this thing pinned." she says softly.

"Besides I've been meaning to find something out." she says softly, as she mutters a little in the air.

Corvus eyes Miho. "Woah.. uh. Look. Relax, hold on." he tells Miho. Corvus is at a loss too. He's trying not to think too hard about it right now. For personal former demigod reasons.
Miho Kagami 2018-05-21 02:18:56 91417
Miho blinks. "What ...?" Then she glances down at her arm, the fact that she's grasping it in the same inexplicable habit she always did before except for a perfectly logical reason this time, and of course the glowing and wisps of shadow. "WHAT!?" She bursts out laughing. "Oh you have got to be kidding me!"

It seems that the youma has, in fact, very much been pinned, albeit markedly more literally than the meaning Cure Gull intended. It lets out an inhuman screech and collapses onto its side, falling just short of colliding with Hokuto's new ofuda. Miho still jumps back with a yelp -- thankfully, it sounded more feminine than her earlier vocalizations. "'Relax'?" she says. "That was kind of bad timing, Corvus-san." She hesitates, and then adds, "Hilariously bad timing, but, uh, yeah."

The youma manages to reach out with one unhurt limb, and it starts trying to wobble itself back upright. Miho raises her voice and adds, "Whichever one you guys choose, uh, you should probably do it quick, I think?" She sounds a little bit more androgynous when she raises her voice, but she works on the pitch as she goes. "Also, I vote the, the explosion thing!"
Hokuto Minase 2018-05-21 02:29:28 91418
    "Well, I was going to do a quick bind 'n banish, but if unagi-kun here doesn't want to go quietly, then... we don't have to be quiet about it."

    Hokuto slides out another set of ofuda, the slips plastering themselves into place on the sidewalk again, completeing the circle. Inked characters flare to life, rising into pillars of light that surround the creature, hemming in its movements and sealing it off - nearly impassible from within, but open to just about anything from without. Like, say, a watery guandao.

    "We can argue over terminology later, Maki-san," she calls to the fox. "For now, we've got a girl to save!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-05-21 02:33:09 91419
Cure Gull wanted to try the less explodey thing. But the girl it's after is voting explosion and she can totally oblige that. "Alright then!~" she says, as she raises her hand skyward. "Wings of Hope, Turn into a sacred power!...." she calls out as she winds her hands around one another, building up a dynamo of positive, purifying energy in the process. She shoves down the energy which forms into a weird sort of 'wing' symbol, which she spins around and then calls out. '"....Hopeful Feather Shoot!" she calls out as she punches the wings down into the beast and---- it doesn't immediatly explode, but not until she turns around and then calls out. ""Wings of Hope, return to the heavens!...."

And then there's the explosion. Bright and green and purifying as all get out!
Jiaying Maki 2018-05-21 02:44:59 91420
Jiaying Maki releases her hold on the creature with her spear of water, the thing fading away into nothingness. She had been about to banish it back to the other side, the faint and distant sound of a bell heard. This is interrupted by a green explosion. She covers her eyes with her arm and shouts out, "H-hey I wasn't fully clear!" then a peek over her arm as she adds, "Does that affect just bad people or supernatural?" Either way she's backing away from it, not at all wanting to find out.

Still, she takes the side seat on this one. They're removing the creature and she can't really argue with it, since it seemed rather single-minded and non-cooperative.
Miho Kagami 2018-05-21 02:59:15 91421
The youma struggles to get upright. "OW!" it shouts as Cure Gull's attack lands on it. "YOU MISERABLE LITTLE --" And then the power detonates, positive energy completely overwhelming the negative energy, and the youma dissolves into a dark green mist.

... revealing a much smaller eel-youma lying on the ground, purple and blue instead of green, which also soon dissolves into purple dark energy. Lying on the ground nearby is a shard of what appears to be black jade, pulsing with curse energy, and emanating wisps of green-black shadow which look exactly like Miho's arm a moment ago.

Miho exhales, lowering her hands and looking relieved. "It's ... it's over," she says softly, and laughs weakly. "Wow, guys ... uh ... thanks." She shakes her head, and gestures to the shard. "What's that thing, though?"

Then she realizes what she's doing, and peers at her left elbow, which is now completely healed. "Wait a second ..." She glances at her right hand, which has a little bit of blood from a wound which apparently doesn't exist anymore, and adjusts her glasses as if she somehow expects that to change what she's seeing. "Um, Kurosawa-san, did that ... maneuver have some kind of healing power?"
Hokuto Minase 2018-05-21 03:03:47 91422
    Hokuto vents a sigh of relief as the creature dissolves... though as she sees the smaller creature, she frowns deeply, and starts to walk towards it, bow at the ready with an ofuda-arrow nocked. When that creature, too, vanishes, she releases the arrow to let it burn itself out, and uses the bow to prod at the piece of jade.

    "Far from miserable, I'm actually having quite a pleasant day," she adds. Then frowns as she looks more closely at the jade, and the wisps emanating from it.

    "Well, this is all kinds of flavors of Not Good," she mutters, then produces several more ofuda to protect her hands as she picks it up for a closer look.

    "Ow... definitely not good." A flick of her wrist, and more than a dozen paper slips wrap themselves around the chunk of jade. With luck that's enough to seal it off for now.

    That done, she turns back to the others, and sinks to one knee next to Miho. "Hey, there. You alright? That thing hit you pretty hard back there."
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-05-21 03:07:37 91423
Cure Gull softly crosses her arms and huff. "Serves it right." she says as she gently makes her way down, touching down and letting her feet hit the ground and the wings sort of flash off back into a bow. She gently smiles.

"Huh?" she says. "Wait, how did you know!?" she says when she's called 'Kurosawa-san'. Corvus waves. "Because I told her?" she huffs. "How am I supposed to have a cool secret identity when...." "....Everybody knows?" says Corvus. Gull sulks. "Ugh you're right like everyone knows~" she says.

"Um. But no. I mean it was purifying but..not. That kind of healing. Healing in the spiritual sense. If that...makes... sense." she says.

"You seem alright suddenly though. That's good!" she says.

"ANYWAYS! Hello! I'm also Cure Gull! I'm a Pretty Cure!" she says. "Working for Kami-sama Blue." she says. She leans down.

"By the way. I am too~" she then /winks/.

What did she mean by that last bit!?
Jiaying Maki 2018-05-21 03:52:30 91424
Jiaying Maki scowls as it turns into a smaller creature, the youma. When it disappears she says bluntly, "There goes lunch. Also it may be something I need to look into. I don't think that was a normal yoaguai, but this country's weird enough maybe something's pushing it along faster." She immediately looks to Hokuto, about to tell her to stop when it's picked up with the spell tags. Which also gets a scowl from her. "Put that in a protective barrier too if you can. It's going to draw attention. I can feel it from here."

To Gull, she asks, "You had a secret identity? I think you gave it to me on the first day, I wasn't aware even.." She shakes her head and cracks a grin. Maybe she's remembered wrong. Or maybe and more likely, she's teasing the other girl.

She's made her way to Miho during all of this, crouching down to look around her, then standing to sniff around the area. Literally. "I don't think it's her magic." She offers, nodding to Gull.
Miho Kagami 2018-05-21 04:01:37 91425
Miho nods weakly to Hokuto. "I think I'm mostly fine, physically, apart from a couple of scrapes," she says. "Mostly I just want to ... hide in my bedroom, or Chiba-san's place, for probably the next hundred years or so." She shakes her head, trying to process a hundred things at once. "Wow ... What am I even gonna tell my parents? 'Hi, mom, I just got attacked by a monster that was trying to kidnap me to somehow help it ... get ...' The 'Shadow Jade'? Is that what it said?"

She nods weakly to Haruna. "Sorry, uh, yeah, Corvus-san said your name, but ... yeah. Nice to meet you in general." She looks down at her right hand, the hand which was glowing a moment ago, then looks between Jiayin and Haruna. "So ... obvious conclusion: apparently I have some kind of power of my own, then. And I don't even know what the heck that wispy shadow was." She looks uneasily towards Hokuto's bundle of ofuda.

She blinks at Haruna's last comment. "What are y--" Then she remembers the only thing she'd said aloud earlier that could reasonably get this kind of response, and she looks away, blushing. "Oh."
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-05-21 04:07:44 91426
Cure Gull winks a bit. "Okay. Things are good here but I only stepped away for a short break and I bet my employees are gonna be really mad at me." she says with wider eyes.

"Right! Hi! I run a coffee shop down the way! It's obvious it's mine because seagulls but it's called Gullwing Coffee so stop by sometimes okay!?" she says.

She'll untransform, as she grabs Corvus who 'acks', as she begins to run down the way, but a pause as she runs back. "Hey... here's my number. Call me sometimes. I have. An idea now. But I need to find out more okay bye!" she says with a wide smile as she runs off, seagull in hand.

Ack, pffblt Lemme down, goes Corvus! ;_;.
Hokuto Minase 2018-05-21 04:08:40 91427
    Hokuto nods. "That was what it said, yes." She hmms to herself. "I could swear I've heard that term before somewhere..." She rubs at her lip, hmming some more, trying to remember where she'd seen it.

    "Purifying's a good thing in this case," she comments to Gull, "And secret identities are for people with parents who care." She shrugs, then wraps an extra layer or three of ofuda around the jade before tucking it into a sleeve.

    "I'll be glad to buy you lunch," she offers Jiaying, "Been too long since I had the chance to share a meal with a friend, rather than an idiotic relative."

    Then she turns her attention back to Miho, and slips a business card into the girl's hand with a quick little squeeze. "Hokuto Minase, professional monster-hunter. Pleasure to meet you, ojou-chan. Glad to see you're recovering just fine from that little shock." She grins a little. "I'd say you have some power, alright, I could feel it from over there. If you're new to it... well, you'll get plenty of chances to practice, in this town." She pauses, looks the girl in the eye, and winks.
Jiaying Maki 2018-05-21 04:15:18 91428
Jiaying Maki points at Hokuto and says, "Hey my parents care! They just know us foxy sorts better! We're all idiots prone to stuffing our nose into things. I'm pretty sure that's why we're so rare." She's clearly joking around, guessing by the tone of her voice. "Also monster-hunter sounds so bad." Beat, "Minase, have you been to the other side? The uh... what do you call it? Back home we just dubbed it the night harbor. It's where all supernatural sorts like to hang out." Frown, "Uh, if you have a name for it? Would you have a name for it? I know some magical humans back home liked to visit at least? Other Wu I mean."

To Gull, a wave is given, calling out, "I need to stop by for more food!" Which may or may not cause a panic depending on how often Gull's seen her appetite.

Back to Miho, she offers her a toothy grin, "You! You should maybe come to the manor at some point. I want to test a few things. There was that weird dark stuff glowing, so I want to see if you bounce off of my wards." Beat, "Uh... or if I've got them tuned right?" Nice save. "I'll make sure you're safe, or as safe as I can at least? The apartment with Chiba might be better, but... still."
Hokuto Minase 2018-05-21 04:31:15 91429
    Hokuto favors Jiaying with another of her smiles. "The Night Harbor's a good name for it. We always called it 'The Moonlit World', but then some video-game writer heard about it from a blabbermouth, and, well." She shrugs.

    "Might be good to get an alternative perspective on any, er, testing," she adds to Miho. "From, say, a trained Onmyouji. I can arrange an introduction, if you like." If Miho has bothered to look at the business card, it will have identified her as exactly that.
Miho Kagami 2018-05-21 04:32:38 91430
Miho exhales, watching Haruna leave. "Yare yare da wa," she mumbles. "That's ... gonna be something hilarious, I just know it." She fishes her phone out of her purse. "... oh, the screen's cracked. Surprise, surprise ..." She manages to input Haruna's number. "Well, that works, at least ..."

She nods to Hokuto. "Thank you, I would definitely appreciate if you find out anything, or any clues about whether the wisps that came out of my hand were more because of me or because of it. Or ... some kind of weird situation where there isn't any difference between the two possibilities. Anyway, here's my number, too. Might take you up on the test-offer, too." She looks at her hand again. "As for practicing it ... yeah. I'm not gonna lie, I actually have thought wondered how I could be a magical girl ... but with this revelation, I dunno how to get from point A to point B. Maybe we can try figuring that out, too ..."

At Jiaying's comment about the wards, she rolls her eyes. "Yeah, Lacrima invited me, too," she says, switching to Norie's other name. "I dunno if the wards will catch me. I mean, nothing else did until now, and Lacrima didn't sense anything while she was sitting right next to me without a disguise. I'll hold you responsible if I get a bruised nose, though," she adds drily.

Of course, she's pretty sure she already knows the answer. Notwithstanding her greatly-abused common sense, it's fairly clear to Miho that she is a source of darkness and light in equal measure.
Jiaying Maki 2018-05-21 04:39:43 91431
Jiaying Maki holds up her hands and says, "I'm a different kind of magical beast than N-Lacrima." She mutters to herself briefly, "I just hang out in my room with my ghost friend. And do weird things. She doesn't go with me to the Night Harbor. Been trying though, even have her passport set up. She's sticking around though."

Hokuto is given a baffled look, "Moonlit World? What game was that? I must have missed it. Or we translated it differently." Arms crossed, she leans forward and says, "And I'm the superior Chinese version, a Wu. Nuwu specifically. Because I'm a girl." Beat. "I don't know if we're superior. I don't usually hang out around priests, I get antsy at the idea. Minase's a good person thoguh." She's still teasing clearly.
Hokuto Minase 2018-05-21 04:42:46 91432
    "Well, I can't argue the fact that girls are the superior form of life, yes," Hokuto agrees, a teasing tone flavoring her voice. "Maybe you can show me around your Night Harbor, and I can introduce you to some of the more friendly local youkai. Aya-chan's going to be crazy for missing this, she'd have loved to get pictures." She shrugs. "Why don't I buy us all lunch? I get the feeling we could use it."
Miho Kagami 2018-05-21 04:47:19 91433
Miho feels like the commentary on the Moonlit World and what it should be called is completely going over her head, but she giggles at Hokuto's comment about girls. "Definitely the better way to be," she says. "But ..." Social anxiety wars with, well, everything else, really. "... I think ... yeah, let's head to lunch, then." She shakes her head. "Might at least end this disastrous day with something good ..."