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A lovely day in the park is interrupted as Emi crashes down from the space and leaves a crater in the park. Luckily several magical heroes of Tokyo are nearby and are able to shepherd the alien android to the relative safety of the ECFH, where questions are answered and more are raised, for all involved.

Date: 2018-05-24
Pose Count: 64
Naru Osaka 2018-05-24 17:41:48 91434
It is a beautiful late spring day in Tokyo. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The trees are rustling in a breeze that keeps it from being too warm just yet, and keeps kites afloat to keep random children in the park occupied.

It is also an excellent day to plunk one's butt under one of those trees, with a sketchbook on one's knees and blow off doing homework, or training, just for a little while. Naru is doing just that, at the moment, having collected a coffee along the way which is nestled in the grass easily in arm's reach.
Makio Ryu 2018-05-24 17:49:18 91435
Given that the park is right across the street from work, Makio's currently making his way out carrying a box of cookies, with a plate on top that's got some form of pastries topped with ice cream and carmel syrup. He usually stops here by the park just after his shifts, so here he stops to eat his plate of sweet stuff.

However, he'd stop and grin, given who he sees under that one tree over there. He'd try to quietly sneak over to Naru's current shaded location for a moment. He'd likely to manage to get side tracked somehow or another on the way though.
Stahlritter 2018-05-24 17:54:16 91436
Not everyone who passes through the park does so to relax. Some people do it wit ha specific purpose-- and sometimes that purpose is much more intense than others.

As for the bare-armed, armored and longcoat-clad Knight swinging through? That purpose has just been met a kilometer or so down to the other direction. A swing with a length of a mana-generated chain brings him into the concealment of one of the more thickly-foliaged trees, and crouching within one of the branches extending off from the main trunk.

He remains there in silence, though with the golden, t-shaped visor set down to staring at one of his large, black gauntlets. As if though processing or analyzing something or the other.

As far as he knows, this is a quiet enough moment to do something of that vein.

For now.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-05-24 17:58:04 91437
    It is a park, but there are roads through it, of course. Real roads, as opposed to walking paths- not many, but a few. It's lucky that Naru has picked a place to seat herself within sight of one of those roads (or maybe not luck at all, but pre-arranged good sense) because just about this time, a red-and-white Yamaha motorcycle comes cruising up the road, with a red-helmet-wearing Kyouko seated atop it.

    She does have the common decency to drive at a sedate pace through the park, stopping the bike along the sidewalk at the nearest point to the stretch of grass and trees upon which Naru is seated and putting down the kickstand. Still astride it, she reaches up and pulls off her helmet, shaking out her short red hair, before calling up the hill, "Your ride has arrived, my lady!" With a cheeky grin- not yet aware of either the sneaky Makio or the lurky Stahlritter.
EMI v248.1 2018-05-24 18:09:10 91438
    That there was a some knowledge in the astronomical community that some form of small object was going approach Earth with some chance of impacting, but no alarm was raised. It was extremely likely that it would burn up in the atmosphere without even reaching the surface, with an even higher probability that such an event would occur over the ocean. Had it been known that the object was of extra solar origin much more interest would no doubt have been garnered, but the relatively average speed at which it traveled meant this origin wasn't known. And intrasolar strikes of this nature tended to happen once every couple of years anyway, so while some curiosity at attempting to get a visual on the object was present no serious efforts to do so were made, nor did the likely time of entry make it anywhere on the internet other than dedicated astronomy websites, never mind the local news.

    What these astronomers had missed was that the forces of entering the atmosphere were well within the tolerances for this particular foreign object. It struck the atmosphere like any other and immediately lit up, shining in the sky as the air heated up and ionized around it. A second later the brightness was even more visible, and after a few more should have been it's peak brightness as it broke apart and entirely vaporized.

    But it did not.

    Instead it continued merrily on it's way and rushed in from the direction of the ocean, that's when depth perception would start to kick in and people would start to realize it appeared to be coming in at a rather alarming angle. Of course those with a keen eye might also notice that it didn't get substantially larger as it neared either, the heating effects of the atmosphere having made the otherwise human-sized object appear much larger than it truly was.

    A few more seconds and it would be very, very obvious to anyone paying attention that yes this was happening, the meteor was crashing down in the park. This may or may come as a shock to some, given the proclivities of this particular park. A moment later and the meteor struck, slamming into a luckily unoccupied patch of grass and tearing most of it free, sending well manicured greenscape tumbling into the air roots and all as well as kicking up a fair amount of dirt, an oblong crater blasted into the ground.

    One might expect the impact to have been very loud, but in truth the thud was mostly obscured by the sonic boom that followed, the meteorite having traveled much, in excess of the speed of sound.

    In the center of the crater the mass remained entirely intact, protected from the atmospheric entry by it's magical nature. Then, after a few moments it did something else that would have surely sent the scientists running had they known it would occur: it stood up.
Makio Ryu 2018-05-24 18:17:02 91439
Annnd there's the thing that'd very much distract Makio from his attempt to sneak up on a distracted Naru. Not only Kyouko's showing up, but even more so the sudden incident of sonic booming as something made impact nearby. He ends up falling over....face first into his ice cream topped pastry thing.

At least the cookies might be ok? "...wut ve vek wst vuppnd," is mutters muffledly against the plate.
Naru Osaka 2018-05-24 18:44:24 91440
The red motorcycle is the first thing to catch Naru's attention away from her drawing, and she looks over to Kyouko and her smile is downright impish. "Hey there, taking passengers?" She winks, teasing, at least until the unusual light in the sky catches the edge of her attention. Stahlritter is safe, there's more than enough to distract her, even from Makio's approach which is far less stealthy. Instead she looks heavenwards, watching the item fall from the sky.

There's no panic, no assumption that this is all horribly wrong. This park tends to be that sort of place, and she braces for impact that comes a few moments later, hands clutched to her ears in an ineffectual attempt to protect them. She stands as well, facing the fresh new hole in the park, her sketchbook dangling from one hand as she watches.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-05-24 18:50:22 91441
    Kyouko opens her mouth to reply to Naru when she suddenly draws her brows together, looking up, a moment before the light becomes obvious- her well-honed danger-sense alerting her that something is off seconds before it becomes impossible to miss. Well.. that's not something you see every day. Perhaps prosaically, she puts her helmet back on.

    The meteor slams into the park nearby, but thankfully not /too/ nearby, and Kyouko winces, half-expecting the entire park to be reduced to rubble. But the impact seems remarkably controlled, all things considered, though the sonic boom is enough to make her glad for the hearing protection that the helmet offers. When it becomes clear that they are not doomed, she removes the helmet again.. hanging it beside the spare (destined for Naru) on the side of the bike seat before unseating herself and moving up the hill to where Naru stands.

    "The hell was that?" She asks, unnecessarily, peering towards the impact sight.
Stahlritter 2018-05-24 18:57:39 91442
As might be expected, Stahrlitter very much notices the impact and reacts to it, too. Granted, the initial reaction may have involved a lot of hasty evacuation plans before Kriegsfauste helpfully informed him that probability calculations showed that it wasn't likely to harm any sentient beings upon impact.

What follows, instead, is investigation. With attention drawn towards the crater from several parties, the breif sight of a chain through the trees - or even the Knight at the end of it - might be spotted. Just before Stahlritter himself lands just at the edge of the impact site, to see--

Something stand up.

Okay, *that* he did not expect.

The sudden bounce up from the post-landing crouch is almost a surprised jump from being taken aback so much, but he only takes a single step back. The golden visor stares at the largely smoke-concealed figure, and one gauntlet-bearing hand tightens into a fist, as an unnaturally booming, deep voice calls in demand, "Identify yourself."
EMI v248.1 2018-05-24 19:17:18 91443
    As the dust settles a bit more and people dare nearer to the crater, which is perhaps a meter deep and several long, the figure inside of it becomes a bit more obvious what it is- a someone rather than a some thing. Or perhaps both.

    Her head turns, seeming to be a her as she becomes more visible, red, though not glowing, eyes peering through the dust to several of the people standing around, others that approach, and others still that decide being in the park is definitely not in their best interests right now.

    Of course when Stalhritter comes crashing down it's hard for him not to take up the majority of her focus, and she peers at him for a moment as he makes his demand. Her mouth opens and she pauses for a brief moment, seeming to have momentarily forgotten how to talk. Oh, that's right. Breathing. Breathing is important for speech.

    "Emotive Magical Intelligence, version two-four-eight point one." She replies, seeming momentarily pleased that all came out right. Her voice is normal enough, though her words are pronounced perhaps a bit monotone.

    She peers at Stahlritter, specifically at his visor and face if it can be seen trough it, "Please identify yourself and your authority," she assumes he is some kind of authority, based on his demanding tone, and starts to take a small step forward. She pauses again and looks down, finding her right leg twisted some 30 degrees out of alignment- must have come down on it.

    She crouches slightly and balances on her other foot, only to jerk her twisted leg a couple of inches, visibly dislocating her hip, before aligning it properly and popping it back into place, standing back up afterwards as if nothing was amiss and showing not the slightest hints of pain.
Makio Ryu 2018-05-24 19:26:38 91444
The bluenette cyclopse manages to get up and wipe the mess off his face. He'd proceed to blink lostly at the crater and move to look more closely as well. He gives a wince and he happens to look on JUST about in time for the realignment to happen. "Erf, well that can't be a nice first experiance," he murmurs. He'd be a bit more shocked but, well, his enemies are already aliens, so hey! "...umm....hi?"
Naru Osaka 2018-05-24 19:31:45 91445
"A milkshake says it's something, or someone, hellbent on some form or world or galactic domination." Naru replies with hard won cynicism to Kyouko. The deep boom, unnatural voice makes her frown as much as things falling from the sky do and she heads closer. "This has all the hallmarks of about to be going south quickly." She notes to Kyouko as she moves.

The query from EMI to Stahlritter has Naru looking from one to the other and back again, a quirk of her brow as she watches the leg adjustment. "That looks uber convenient." she mumbles, mostly to herself.

Naru lets Stahlritter continue doing the talking, how could that possibly end poorly.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-05-24 19:35:12 91446
    Kyouko snorts softly in amusement at Naru's words to her, with a mild shrug. "I ain't about to take that bet." Is her reply. She's never been much of a gambler.. at least when she knows the odds are fixed.

    She rolls her eyes faintly at Stahlritter's demands, only because subtlety is not his strong point- not that she has any room to speak. As Naru moves forward, Kyouko trails just behind her. She doesn't appear about to spring into violence, but there's a faint tenseness to her posture which suggests she is on guard. More than anything she appears something like Naru's henchman or bodyguard, with the way she walks alongside but slightly behind her.
Stahlritter 2018-05-24 19:58:02 91447
The visor of Stahlritter's helmet decidedly doesn't show any facial features behind it. It's a dull, static glow of gold color concealing the eyes peering through from beneath.

That doesn't stop the staring sensation from coming through regardless, mind you. For there the Knight stands, firm and unwavering, with the helmet hiding whatever expression lies beneath.

...Which is probably a good thing, because the expression Alexis sports underneath more or less equates to 'what in all living hell is this'.

The whole while, an internal conversation between Knight and Device goes on telepathically.

Krieg, do you have any idea what this thing is?


... That doesn't seem right. Even Tyrfing is mostly just data rather than... having a physical presence, right? I guess her or Nicomachea might be able to tell more though.

There's way too many people gathering here. The problem with grand entrances like this, even with the selective cognitiveness of non-magical people, is that people tend to get too close to stare and take pictures and...

Cue Stahlritter stomping forward, with a look sent back over his shoulder, voice booming out, "WHAT ARE YOU GAWKING AT?! GIVE THE INJURED GIRL SOME SPACE!"

That's largely directed at the normies present. That much becomes apparent enough when Kyouko and Naru's phones both, simultaenously, beep with text messages received-- ones that state simply: "Please assist: Pretend to be calling an ambulance or something, anything at all. We need to get this thing out of the open."

Another step towards meeting EMI. And after that one, his large, gauntleted hand reaches out, in offer, palm upwards and fingers extended out. "You may call me Stahlritter," his otherwise unnatural voice offers in much quieter volume. "And rather than authority, I offer safe haven, answers to any questions you may have and repairs, in return for following. Is this acceptable?"

Even if the normals heard that, they're probably gonig to be remembering it differently, right? Right?

Better send a text to Rashmi and Koji too.
EMI v248.1 2018-05-24 20:27:04 91448
    Emi shifts around on her feet after her leg is back in position, testing her weight on it to make sure everything is in order. Far from being entirely engrossed in her interaction with Stahlritter once she's done with this she looks over to Makio and replies, "Hello. Do not be alarmed, my damage thresholds are within tolerance." She seems to have heard his muttering.

    Quick glances are also given to Naru and Kyouko but as they don't address her and others are she doesn't speak to them directly. She does, however, note how many people are looking at her and glance down at herself before frowning briefly. She's wearing some kind of dark grey unitard made of some unknown fabric with inch wide straps on her shoulders and shorts for legs. Not the most flattering thing for sure, and she suddenly seems aware of that.

    As Stahlritter watches her through his visor Emi's gaze goes back to him as she speaks telepathically with his Device. A moment later she reaches for a slim pocket in her outfit, retrieving what appears to be a pair of black, rounded framed glasses and putting them on. Almost immediately Kriegsfauste would probably detect itself being scanned- nothing too invasive, and in fact an almost exact mirror of what's being done to herself, if with different energies and underlying magic. What's good for the goose is surely good for the gander.

    Emi blinks and her eyes widen somewhat when the young man shouts at the assembling crowd, lifting a hand and waving it from side to side to try to dispel his stated worries, "Atmospheric entry is violent and dangerous but not more than I am able to withstand. My injury has been repaired." She shifts her weight to her previously twisted leg, standing up on her toes rather like a ballerina and spinning around once with her hands held up by her shoulders. It might look playful, if not for the mechanical exactitude of the motion. "See?"

Of course she won't dismiss what else he has to say. "A safe haven? Is this location presently dangerous?" Her head turns and she takes bit better of a look around the park than she had before, and with her glasses on gets a better view of the magical aspects off it. Which are... actually somewhat under whelming and far from omnipresent, save from the few specific individuals around her.

    "Do you not have a Magical Intelligence of your own?" she then asks Stahlritter, looking rather directly at his gauntlets. The offer is somewhat confusing to her, but she re-evaluates after a moment, "External analysis would be optimal... I would not be adverse to moving to your base of operations." Emi reaches out and accepts the offer of his hand, using it to pull herself from the crater she created, seeming to weigh no more than an ordinary girl of her size would as she does so.

    Kreigsfaust however would probably notice the distinctive flight magic of device users assisting her even as she physically clambers out with his help.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-05-24 20:32:39 91450
    Kyouko hears her phone beep and pulls it out, eyeing the text message from Alex. She glances around noting that, indeed, there are some normie bystanders starting to make their way over. Sighing absently, she puts her phone up to her ear and begins to speak loudly into it, even though it isn't connected to anyone at the moment.


    Then she lowers the phone, and gives Alex a thumbs-up. Mission accomplished.
Stahlritter 2018-05-24 20:44:54 91452
Alex is suddenly REALLY GLAD that he has a helmet concealing his face and not showing that underneath the stoic cover of it all, there's a lot of brow-twitching and vein-popping with the situation growing... more or less more ridicilous by the second. What with Emi very gracefully going against all of his own attempts at redirecting attention from the obvious, and Kyouko being...

Well. Kyouko.

The latter more or less gets responded to by Stahlritter's helmet slooowly turning in twitchy motions like a machine that's missed more than a couple maintenance oiling runs, in order to direct the visor to just *stare* at the redhead.

More brow-twitching hidden behind the visor.

"Dangerous in a certain manner of speaking," he insists to EMI, either way, just as she takes the large, steel-covered hand he offered to her. "And please, no more delicate questions like that in public."


Just bear with it, Krieg. 'She' doesn't seem hostile.

All the while trying to keep his Armed Device settled, once he's pulled the... Magical Intelligence out of the crater of her own creation, he urges immediately, "Please follow me. I will be going fast, and I expect you will be able to follow." Yeah. Flight magic definitely noted.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-05-24 20:47:35 91454
    Kyouko sees that Alex is preparing to leave and take Emi with him. Perhaps guessing where they are going to go, or at least one of several places they might, she nudges Naru with her elbow. "C'mon. Let's head back, too. I'm sure we can catch up with this pretty easily."

    After all, neither of them can fly.

    Ignoring Alex's twitchy-helmeted staring at her, assured of her own helpfulness, she starts back down the hill towards her bike, assuming Naru will follow, and the two of them will get on said bike and ride it away.
EMI v248.1 2018-05-24 21:03:15 91456
    The words 'The Government' catch Emi's attention and for a moment she is very curious about Kyouko. Surely nothing could be wrong with contacting a representative of the local governing body, could it? Of course looking at Kyouko means looking at her cellphone with her glasses on, and Emi stares blankly for a moment. It's not any kind of magical device, and it isn't broadcasting on it's signature radio frequency above idle levels.

    Poor girl, she doesn't realize she failed to connect. Emi feels a mild sense of pity for her before returning her attention to Stahlritter, whose reaction to Kyouko's antics seems to be much different from her own.

    "Do you find her error to be egregious? I am curious as to why." 'A manner of speaking.' So he doesn't want to say exactly why? She's curious about that, too. "I do not understand," she replies as he advises against delicate questions. "It is plain for everyone to see," again her eyes go to his blatantly obvious Armed Device, though only for a moment.

    Even as she questions him further she takes his meaning, and her feet lift ever so slightly off the ground. "I will follow," Emi affirms.
Stahlritter 2018-05-26 17:44:01 91483
Stahlritter does not actually make an effort in giving answers to any of the magical intelligence's questions. Rather, the instant she is up from the crater, he tugs on her hand just enough to send her into motion with him when he leaps up--

And clears well upwards into the air. Above the trees of the park. Knowing she more or less is able to float, he effectively drags her behind for that moment, and the legnth of time that follows for mana to form into a long, fairly luminescent chain shooting out from one of his gauntlets into the distance, and pulling them towards the collection of buildings in the urban area proper.

He does eventually let go of her, however, trusting her more or less to follow him on her own, as he uses the chain to swing around a building and... suddenly break it off to send him catapulting along, only for another chain to form up and attach to a different building.

And so on, and so on. Apparently, the Knight of Steel does not, in fact, know how to work flight magic. He tries to make do, though.

Eventually, the airborne path high above the streets of Tokyo leads the two to one of the taller near-skyscrapers in Juuban Avenue-- and brings Stahlritter himself landing on the balcony of the penthouse apartments.

Earth Court's Frat House. Good as place as any to have a meeting of magical minds over... this little anomaly that fell from the sky. Probably one of the safest too, for that matter, considering everything.

He doesn't push right through the balcony door to get inside, however, instead turning bring his golden visor bearing down upon the unitard-clad... construct of a girl.

"Be on your best behaviour here," his artificially booming voice warns her. "Hostilities here could very well turn the whole city against you."

Well. He certainly knows how to treat guests, doesn't he?
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-26 17:58:19 91484
When you're a slightly experienced mahou...

You tend to pay extra attention to your text messages, especially when they're from known members of your new social circle. You never know what it could be.

'OMG cute kitty' is one option. 'OMG swarm of badger youma' is equally valid. So it pays to keep an eye on your feed.

And when the text message is from a the AI in one of your friends' accessories talking about needing help scanning the thing that fell from orbit... Well, you put a little extra in your immediate travelling plans. Which is why it's not long until a red-haired, dark-skinned, bespectacled young woman in an elaborately decorated bolero jacket and lace-edged floor-length skirt flits through the skies to land on the Frat House roof, wings of golden light extending from back and ankles.

One look at the helmet, and there's a flicker in her eyes that doesn't move the warm, welcoming smile a millimeter. Social tactics selected. "Hi, Stahlritter," she says, adjusting her spectacles. "Is your friend what Kriegsfauste was talking about?"
Yuzuki Amemori 2018-05-26 18:05:12 91485
Yuzuki Amemori had been on her way up to visit, looking for a specific person of some importance to her girlfriend in particular. Something of a whim, what with her having forgotten the whole, 'I should probably text first" thing. Amongst other problems. The loud sounds and the lack of an indoor voice gets her to pick up the pace, already wondering if she shouldn't be fishing for some red string and a big sword. Sure this place is usually pretty safe, but maybe something weird's happened.

Slipping inside, heading upstairs in a hurry and slamming through the door, she stops, looks at the gathered group and hesitates. "Who broke what?" She asks, thinking it's a problem rather than just a rather strange meeting. Beat. "Uh, I mean is something wrong?" That sounds better. Kind of. "I mean, is uh- does someone need help?" That works right?

She stops, drops her hands to her side and lets the door close behind her. More magical stuff. She still doesn't have a primer on any of this magical stuff. Improv will do for now, right?
EMI v248.1 2018-05-26 18:11:46 91486
    Her questions going unanswered don't seem to bother the robotic girl, especially as one of them was more or less rhetorical. The leap isn't entirely unexpected and again she isn't especially difficult to drag along, effectively counteracting most of gravity's affect on her mass with magic. When uses his chain to draw them off at high speed, however, there is a split second of lag where pulling her feels like he's holding a ton of bricks in his hand, but this too is quickly alleviated.

    As she's pulled along at first Emi's eyes follow the chain. It's a very curious method of locomotion, one she certainly wasn't expected. Furthermore, "If you were attempting to be inconspicuous I believe you have just failed."

    She swings along with him until he lets go, at which point she simply begins flying of her own volition, keeping up with him though not following along with his arcing pattern, instead keeping her altitude halfway between his peaks and troughs as he moves from chain to chain, building to building.

    It occurs very quickly to Emi that it would faster for him to simply attach one of his chains to her and point her to the destination but this is left unsaid. Instead she watches him while traveling along, following his motions with her eyes and eventually slipping her glasses back off and stowing them away once more. "That looks fun."

    She lifts up high into an arc of her own when the destination is finally clear, making a soft landing on the balcony of the ECFH. The booming nature of Stahlritter's voice still doesn't seem to faze her, and she turns her head and looks up at him, "I have no intention of provoking or participating in hostilities."

    Another device user flies in from the sky and Emi treats this as if it is perfectly normal and expected. She turns to face Rashmi as she is clearly the subject of discussion. "If the topic of discussion was the meteor impact that occurred approximately .03126 standard planetary rotations ago then yes, that was me." A brief pause and she turns to look at Yuzuki as she calls out, "I 'broke' the ground with a small crater. I apologize for the disruption, it was unavoidable."
Makio Ryu 2018-05-26 18:14:01 91487
Makio Ryu doesn't know Stahlritter enough to be sure WHERE he's going. However, he DOES know where most people he DOES know go for emergenies of a mahou related type, and he feels this qualifies for that. If it ISN'T where Stahlritter is going, Makio should probably make sure the folks there know what's up anyway, granted Kyouko and Naru are probably already all over that. Still, Makio should do /something/ rather than just stand around and pretend nothing happened, as such he'd make his way to the ECFH. As such, being that he can't fly and doesn't have anything like Kyouko's bike, he arrives somewhat slower than the others...and probably out of breath as well.
Stahlritter 2018-05-26 18:29:01 91488
"Keep it that way," Stahlritter suggests to the robot behind him. He's just turning to step further in, before... Well. Rashmis happen.

The visor of the helmet is turned upwards to take in the floaty approach of the redhead, and rather than responding to her question directly, he allows Emi to speak up, and only then? Only then does he nudge his head towards her and say, "There you have it. Let's go inside."

...Inside, where he's come to face with Yuzuki barging in.

He stays very still for a moment. And he just kind of stares at the girl for a moment, expression unreadable through the helmet and the visor. He really should not be surprised, should he?

"Right," his voice growls from underneaht the helmet, and he steps a bit further forward, turning around just enough to peek back at Emi and Rasmhi.

"Please," he says then, as the visor lands on the albino robot. "Restate your identification and nature, for current company." Well. She is treating herself as a robot for now, so...
EMI v248.1 2018-05-26 18:47:54 91490
    Emi follows Stahlritter inside, eyes scanning over the inside, noting the tiled floors, mural, and general living space eventually her eyes makes it to the list of rules. Several of them do not parse, but the note about shoes is immediately noted, and she slips her own off, simple white ones that appear more like rubbery slippers than actual shoes but are nonetheless dirty on the bottoms. She then immediately looks to Stahlritter afterwards and points out, "You are in violation of the rules. Shoes are not permitted at this location."

    This does nothing to keep her from following his request, looking between Rashmi and Yuzuki, since they weren't around for the first introduction. "I am an Emotive Magical Intelligence, version two-four-eight point one, a self-sustaining artificial person." Her looking between the two of them continues for another moment, fixating on their faces.

    She was clearly too hasty. She retrieves her glasses once more and puts them on, though no scanning magic is detected this time.

    There, now she fits in a little better.
Yuzuki Amemori 2018-05-26 19:12:39 91491
Yuzuki Amemori stares back, grinning suddenly. She adjusts her glasses and says, "I remember you, you're less concerned with property damage than I tend to be!" A joke, a joke! Stepping to the side, holding the door open, she looks past him at the others gathered. A wave going out. She slowly leans to the side to look at the magical construct, then to the big armored guy, then back to the robot. She doesn't recognize Rashmi, so she's given a cheery wave. To be fair, she doesn't know who the knight is under the armor either. And odds are, they don't know her! But that's half the fun of the magical shellgame.

There's a few moments of hesitation, an almost overwhelming desire to ask of the robot likes electronic music and then some actual curiousity. "Where's she from?" She stops, hesitates and adds, "I'm one of the samurai-sorts if you're worried about the magical thing. Though I'm here so there's probably some guarantee of familiarity right?"
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-26 19:13:07 91492
The redhead dismisses what is apparently a Barrier Jacket before she steps inside, raising a hand to Yuzuki and exchanging her shoes for house-slippers with a chuckle, as Stahlritter gets admonished. "It's a cultural thing," she says as she walks in properly now, tucking the large, book-shaped Device under one arm -- not in standby mode, perhaps she expects to make use of it -- and smiles. " And Stahlritter's from a different region of the planet than the one you're on, so forgetting happens." As the 'robot' rolls through her personal identification, the redhead nods. "Okay.... so that tells us what you are, but um.... do you have a name? 'I am' and 'person' are pretty important words, after all... There're people I know who wouldn't much like being treated like a thing just because they weren't born normally. My name is Terios Rashmi, by the way... um. Terios, family name, Rashmi personal name. Just calling me Rashmi is fine or Terios-san if you want to be a little more formal."

And in rolls an out of breath Makio, and she brightens, raising a hand in a short wave. "Hi Ryu-san! Is everything all right, you look a little winded."

Status -- Social Butterfly.
Makio Ryu 2018-05-26 19:29:25 91493
Makio manages to join up with the others, having finished the treck here from the park as well as taking off his shoes, et all. He'd take another moment to catch his breath. "Hi Rashmi," he greets, "Sorry, I ran here from Penguin Park...did I miss anything?"
Stahlritter 2018-05-26 19:32:32 91494
If a face-concealing helmet can express emotion, Stahlritter's t-visored one somehow manages to show exasperation over the admonishment. "My Device *is* capable of setting my Armor to self-cleaning. I am not *rude*."

Well, occasionally he isn't, anyhow.

"And it doesn't *precisely* tell us *what* she is," he points out to Rashmi's assessment then, as he settles to standing by her, with his partially-bare arms crossed together over his chest. "Kriegsfauste recognized signatures from her similiar to our Devices - maybe closer to Tyrfing but still... nothing he properly *understands*. Even an Unison Device like Tyrfing exists more as 'data' or 'memory' rather than an actual physical construct, right? Much less one so full of Mana. This is why I wanted you to come. Nicomachea is better at reading and undestanding these things than Krieg."

He tilts his head towards the robot herself. "So if you could explain. What is your relation to Magic Devices, to Midchilda, to Belkan-- and who made you and why?"

As for her 'name'? Well... he doesn't comment. But if she doesn't come up with a proper answer to *that*, well... he does have some ideas, himself.
EMI v248.1 2018-05-26 19:47:20 91495
    The interaction between Yuzuki and Stahlritter is observed with interest, noting that the two seem only modestly familiar with one another." She wonders for a moment what is said about property damage is true, and then considers that hostilities in this apartment can supposedly turn the entire city against you. Red eyes flick between armored gauntlets and armored boots.

    Then the mention of where she's from is mentioned and Emi looks to her and begins to reply, "I am from--. I am..." A long pause and a slightly perplexed and frustrated look appears on her face. "I do not know where I am from." She looks in same direction for another long moment, potentially unnerving Yuzuki by the staring that isn't really. Then a small frown shows on her face, "I cannot recall my origin or my creators. My memory banks have been damaged and appear to have degraded."

    Her normally mechanical motions and mannerisms still even further as she recognizes this fact, but she still responds with words at least, starting with Stahlritter. For now she doesn't even have a quip about his not responding about the shoes. "I have no records of a Midchilda or Belkan. As for Magic Devices..." again she almost fades out for a moment, piecing together what bits of information she can. "I am similar in design and construction techniques to Devices that have powerful Magical Intelligences, but at an even more advanced level. My intellect and data processing capabilities have been augmented with the inclusion of emotions, which allow me to generate the magical energy needed to sustain myself."

    She finally looks somewhere else, turning her head to Stahlritter, "More than that I cannot say. I do not remember why I was created, or for what purpose." After a short pause she looks over to Rashmi, "I would be very appreciative of being treated as a person rather than a 'thing', I am certain that I was built in the model of my creators for just such a reason." As for a name? "Emi. My name is Emi, Rashmi. I can remember that much."

    As Makio takes off his shoes and enters she lifts a hand and mimics Yuzuki's wave to Stahlritter from earlier, though it's far less fluid. "I do not believe so."
Yuzuki Amemori 2018-05-26 20:05:02 91496
Yuzuki Amemori taps her foot as she listens. There's a look of surprise, a jump, a glance back and a grin, "Hi." She offers almost sheepishly at Makio. She hadn't expected people from the stairs that weren't already there, what with the noise made and all. Back to the stuff at hand though. "Uh, I'm Yuzuki Amemore. I... don't think I've met any of you actually. Hi." She raises a hand for emphasis, then glances behind her down the stairs once more. Anyone else coming?

There's an almost audible ticking sound as her face scrunches up, then lights up. "I swear I've heard those words before. Something about...." she trails off, then scowls. "Nope, I've lost it."

Back to EMI, she leans to the side, leans to the other side and says cheerily, "Not a problem treating you like a person." She then pauses and glares at Stahlritter and asks sternly, "Have you been treating her like an object? Don't think your armor intimidates me!" The look on her face isn't entirely serious, but she does consider the possibility of scolding a big armored knight funny too.
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-26 20:41:21 91497
Emi's difficulty remembering gives Rashmi reason to approach, lightly resting a hand on the alien android's shoulder. "It's okay," she says gently. "If there're answers to be found, we'll find them eventually. Emi... That's a nice name. Would you like some tea? You too, Amemori-san? Ryu-san?" Perhaps being a touch more formal to help educate the new being?

"Okay... so you know Devices, but not Midchilda or Belka. I'd ask Lindy-sama, but I might want to wait on that until we know more about you, Emi-san. Maybe if you recover some memories that help us narrow down where you came from."
Makio Ryu 2018-05-26 20:44:19 91499
"Hey, nice to meet you Emi," Makio greets, "Are you /sure/ you're ok after that whole thing with your leg?" It's probably nothing, but that looked like it would have /hurt/ for a normal person. "Oh, I'm Makio," he explains, given he's only met ONE person here aside from hearing tons about them or being at the same place as them while both are henshined and distracted, ect. "Good to meet you too Yuzuki," he'd add on catching her introduction. At the offer for tea he'd nod. "That doesn't sound like a bad idea..."
Stahlritter 2018-05-26 20:57:13 91500
Yuzuki's 'bullying' is met with a grunt from STahlritter-- and even that booms a bit. "I am being a realist," is all he says to all that, grimly. Though, his visor is considering Emi rather deeply while Rashmi's patting her shoulder.

Eventually, he sighs. "So no one knows anything," he mutters. "... But alright. Look. Nicomachea can probably scan her well enough, to at least help her figure... herself out, if nothing else. If all else fails..." He pauses, briefly. "Maybe Tyrfing *remembers* something."

But none of that really matters right now, does it?

The helmeted head shakes from side to side, and he takes a step towards Emi, though he doesn't get as close as Rashmi.

"For whatever it is worth," he says. "Either the people here can provide you accomodation and safe haven here or-- I can arrange something. I still have some hidden places around the city that aren't compromised."

"But more importantly." His bare. boulder-like shoulders slump slightly. "I did promise you answers to your own questions too, didn't I?"
Yuzuki Amemori 2018-05-26 21:16:24 91501
Yuzuki Amemori isn't bullying! She's teasing and maybe actually trying to make the artificial intelligence feel better. Because she's not sure if it can feel better or not. There's a moment of vacant expression on her face as she considers that fact. She then shakes her head and closes the door behind her if Makio left the entryway at least.

Looking back to the knight, "There's plenty of people that can probably help out across the board for what it's worth." She stops herself from asking why a big metal guy would worry about a hiding place, but bites it down.

"Nice to meet you akio" She offers, glancing back to him, a nod to Rashmi as well, "You too!"
EMI v248.1 2018-05-26 21:22:11 91502
    "Hello," very short pause, "Amemore-san and Makio. It is nice to meet both of you as well." She did notice Rashmi's change to a more formal tone. At the very least she seems able enough to pick up on some social cues, though being only given a single name by Makio she assumes that's what he prefers to be called. "I do not know who Lindy-sama is, but I will keep them in mind." She also doesn't know what tea is, but judging by Makio's reaction it's nothing to fear. "I would try this 'tea'," she responds to Rashmi, looking for a moment down at the hand on her shoulder. "And... thank you. I appreciate your thoughtfulness." She briefly looks to the others as well to include them in that sentiment. "I hope you are correct about finding answers."

    Then she responds to Makio's concern about her leg, "It was not pleasant, but it wasn't painful either. It was not damaged, only dislocated. All my systems other than memory appear to be operating within normal parameters." Then a glance to Yuzuki on a similar matter, "I have been treated fairly, but I do not yet understand the social contexts of this society."

    Her attention is brought again to Stahlritter as he approaches, especially when he takes up so much space in comparison to everyone else. "Thank you. Having a central location to reside in will help in understanding my new environment." His shoulders slump and she recognize the somewhat defeated gesture at having to answer her questions, but it would be a waste to pass up this opportunity.

    "Why were you attempting to conceal the my nature and appearance in a public space? You also wished not to speak about your Magical Device even as you kept it activated. Was it not apparent to all? I do not understand why a thing so evident would need to be hidden."
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-26 21:50:15 91503
The kettle gets put on, tea located, and cups. Rashmi has played Backup Hostess often enough in this apartment that, by now, it's an easy role to slip into.

"That's.... a large answer, Emi," she says from the kitchen. "Trying to shorten it enough... Earth -- our planet -- is actually very ignorant about magic, in general. So much so that most normal people can't even keep the thought of magic really existing in their minds, without rationalizing it away. What's weird is, that despite actual magic-using people being rare, there is just a stunning amount of types of magic, and almost all of them have their own class of enemies to fight, who want to move in on this world and cause havoc. Like... The people who actually *own* these apartments are the reincarnations of a pair of civilizations that fell over a thousand years ago. That's just one of... she pauses, counting on her fingers. "Puella, Prism, Chara, Precure, Dreams, Device Users..... I don't know them all, but my best guess is there's over a dozen magical factions, all fighting their own and each other's enemies, in this city. Tokyo is really a huge battlefield, but all of us take as much care as possible to make sure that innocent lives are disrupted as little as possible in the process."
Makio Ryu 2018-05-26 21:51:58 91504
"Most people around here don't really understand magic," Makio tries to explain to help with the question she asked, "It makes them paniced and afraid. It's generally a bad idea to have them dealing with such things cause it almost always goes badly." He'd smile at Emi's reply about her leg though. "Most people would need a chance to sit after something like that at /least/," he states before blinking at Rashmi's answer. "She explains it way better than me..."
Stahlritter 2018-05-26 21:59:33 91505
"It is as she says," Stahlritter provides in agreement, unmoving now-- even to the point that his large arms stay folded over his armored chest. "Furtherore-- some of the enemis of us magic users may... mmrrrh. Let's just say, there are people who would, most certainly, have amde an effort in exploiting you, had they gotten there before us."

He doesn't name any names on that point, but anyone who knows Alex can probably guess who he means besides just Eclipse in general.

"I suspect you are going to be asking this momentarily anyhow, so: You are currently standing upon Planet Earth, also known as Terra, in the region of it called Japan, city of Tokyo."
EMI v248.1 2018-05-26 22:22:40 91506
    Emi watches as Rashmi sets about the work of making the tea, noting the steps she takes. It wouldn't be a terrible thing to pick up if it's some kind of social ritual. "That would explain the lack of magical proliferation amongst the masses of people and structures in this city," she considers. In truth she doesn't entirely understand his exact reasoning, but it at least gives her the motivations behind them. That will have to do for now. "That is a very wide array of magical diversity. I do not believe I know of any other forms of magic other than the one that helped created me."

    That there is anything other than Device Users at all is something of a surprise to her, but considering that almost everything about this Earth she's found herself upon is surprising it doesn't get much more of a reaction of her than it otherwise might have.

    She turns to Stahlritter then, "I understand your concern about hostilities if there are so many competing interests engaging in open battle. I appear to have arrived in a worrisome place." She then frowns and states rather firmly, "I do not like the idea of being exploited. I am glad it was you who arrived first."

    She isn't entirely sure how to allay Makio's worries with words if he's still concerned, so she lifts her right leg while balancing on the left, bends down and easy as anything pops her raised leg right off. "I have learned to diagnose and repair myself as needed and have full control over my own assembly." She waves the leg around a tiny bit before leaning back over and slotting it right back in. There's no blood, bone, or anything visible while it's off, but rather intricate mechanics, as one might expect.

    "The origin of my memory loss was some form of unnatural disaster that left me stranded in interstellar space." A moment later she adds, "Self repair was not originally one of my functions, but leaning to do so was necessary for my survival, and I wanted to survive." She looks over to Rashmi, "I do not know how long I had been adrift as I had entered a state of hibernation until I was captured by the gravity field of this system's star, but I may be as old as the previous lives of this apartments owners."

    That's not actually very likely, but it is at the given suggestion of a thousand years, 'over' notwithstanding.

    "I suppose it is very unlikely anyone who built me is still alive."

    "...that is sad." Emi's head tilts slightly downward.
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-26 22:51:42 91507
"I've had a lot of time to think about this and sort it out, Ryu-san," Rashmi chuckles. But the more Emi speaks, the less amused the redhead seems to be, and by the end of it she looks positively in need of kitten videos. "Yeah," she says after a moment, her voice quiet. "It really is sad."

Emergind from the kitchen with a tray bearing four cups of steaming green tea, and a plate with a small pile of tea cookies piled on, she moves the tray to the living room table. "Emi, feel free to take whatever seating here looks most comfortable. Ryu-san, could you do me a favor and close the balcony door? Stahlritter always forgets. Now Emi, you don't need permission to take any of the cookies here on offer... but politeness dictates that you give others time to pick theirs too, no matter how good they may taste. ....Just in case."

Picking up her own cup and selecting one of the small checkered chocolate-vanilla cookies, she sits back opn the couch. "Okay... So you have a Linker Core, but you're also a Device in some senses. That's...... *kind* of close to Tyrfing, but still I'm nowhere near well-versed enough in Deep Dark Voodoo Maths to even begin to understand much about you past the surface level. Nicomachea here," she says, placing the large book on her lap, "does most of the heavy thinking. But he and I are better suited to support and analysis magic, so if you like I can run a scan on you sometime, and try and find a Meister who could make actual use of the information. With your permission, of course."
EMI v248.1 2018-05-26 23:13:09 91508
    Kitten videos certainly couldn't hurt. Neither could tea and cookies. Emi actually waits for the others to sit down before she does, because all of the seats look equal to her; comfortable enough if she avoids placing all her weight on them and likely unable to handle her if she doesn't.

    As for the tea and cookies, it's only immediately obvious what they even are until Rashmi says the word 'cookies'. Her interest perks up a bit and she nods, reaching out to take a simpler looking chocolate covered one and taking a small bite. Her eyes widen slightly as she chews it, and after swallowing, eating seemingly something she's very capable of, returns her gaze to Rashmi, "Your lesson in etiquette was well founded. These are delicious." She listens while taking a keen interest in her cookie while finishing it, lifting and sniffing the tea afterwards before taking a sip. "The bitterness contrasts very well with the sweetness of the cookies. This tea was a terrific idea."

    Sip sip sip.

    Of course she isn't completely ignoring the main topic of conversation. Her head shakes a little from side to side, "That is not entirely correct. I was built with the capability for flight and analysis," she reaches up to tap the rim of her glasses, "but I do not possess a Linker Core. I can produce more than enough magic to sustain myself, but I am incapable of casting magical spells." She turns her eyes to look at Nicomachea, gazing at the book and passively analyzing it.

    "I had originally presumed Earth was home to an advanced magical civilization when I recognized Stahlritter as a Device User, and I mistakenly believed I was being taken to a base of operations with functional maintenance facilities rather than a residence." That's beating around the bush a bit so she adds a moment later, "I am not adverse to an in-depth scan. I am curious about myself as you might be, and about what damage I might have sustained beyond that which I was able to detect and repair myself."
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-26 23:16:36 91509
"I'd remembered a friend of mine, shortly after she woke up in this society -- she's a dragon, apparently one from a long long way away from here and far enough in the past she's barely myth -- and had her first donut. I figured a quick primer was in order," Rashmi says with a smile.

As the talk turns to Emi's meakup, her brow furrows in puzzlement. "Um... Okay so if you lost all your magic, would you still be able to sustain yourself on food until your magic grows back?"
EMI v248.1 2018-05-26 23:26:32 91512
    "What is a dragon?" Emi asks. It seems there's no such lore wherever she's come from- that or she's simply lost access to the memories of it. "I appreciate the primer, it is very good." And she very much would be trying to eat more of them if she hadn't been warned. She certainly will anyway, just at a more reasonable pace.

    "I do not require food, though I enjoy it. If I was drained entirely of magic I would be forced into an inactive state until enough magic trickle charged that I could reawaken. I do not know how long that would take, likely a planetary rotation at least." Her head shakes a little, "That is unlikely to occur under normal circumstances, however, as my mana capacity is enough to keep me operational for a very long time, even were I to stop producing any."
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-26 23:31:55 91513
"Well... that *is* pretty close to how a Linker Core works," Rashmi points out. "I'm sure a Meister would understand the science way better than I, but, 'trickle charge' sounds a lot like 'making energy a little at a time,' which is what Mages do. And if your capacity is that big, well... It sounds like all you'd need is a Device like we do." Lifting her shoulder in a shrug, she settles back, sipping on her tea.

"Dragons... well, they're kind of a pervasive creature in the mythologies of a whole lot of cultures on this world. There's not much everyone agrees on, except that they're usually huge, at least mostly reptilian-looking, and are extremely magical and intelligent."

Falling silent for a moment, Rashmi considers. "I'd be happy to do a detailed scan if you wanted, Emi... But probably best not to do it here. I'd rather it be someplace I could throw a Time-Space Barrier around, to make sure nobody peeks that we don't want watching... So would you mind if I asked for a bit of time to look for a place we could do that?"
EMI v248.1 2018-05-26 23:46:59 91515
    "My means of catastrophic recharge is not biological." She spends a moment trying to think of analogies, but finds herself lacking them entirely. Instead she attempts to explain another way, "Your Support Device, Nicomachea. He can function and operate without you with limited capability correct? Enough to register users and link to them. I have a similar, low level power source within me as well, but it serves primarily as a means of an initial power on. Were I to run entirely out of magic I believe it would serve this function once more, though I am less certain now that you mention it."

    At the mention of being able to use magic if she were given a Device Emi once more shakes her head, "I am afraid that is not so. I could interface with a Device and power it, but without a proper means for casting spells, a Device User with a Linker Core, or some other method, I can do nothing. I am more alike Nicomachea than I am you, in that regard."

    Emi listens closely to the explanation of dragons, seeming pleased after a moment. "Extremely magical and intelligent. Yes, I can see why you would make that comparison."

    Rashmi's silence gives her time to select another cookie and eat it, closing her eyes as she enjoys it. Her expression is almost playful for a moment and her stocking feet bounce a little on the floor. "That is an acceptable proposition, Rashmi. I understand that you are offering assistance and do not expect you to do so without making necessary preparations." Then after a moment of her own consideration she adds, "As you are helping me, please inform me if there is some way I can assist you in return."
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-27 00:05:44 91518
"I'll definitely remember that," Rashmi says warmly. "But first, we need to get you situated enough that you have room to breathe and find your feet, metaphorically speaking. And... there's not much I can offer immediately about that. I do know who to talk to, though, so I can at least promise that you'll have *some* kind of living situation soon."
EMI v248.1 2018-05-27 00:18:49 91520
    "That would be appreciated. I do not strictly require such a place as I do not require sleep," and technically speaking she's just woken up from a very long sleep, "but I do value the ability to rest and recuperate. Having somewhere I could do that would be nice." She also looks down at herself, looking mildly irritated. "As would acquiring an appropriate wardrobe. This uniform is too simplistic and revealing for everyday use."

    Her eyes go to Rashmi while she considers her clothes and the Barrier Jacket she wore earlier. "I covet your ability to produce magical protective gear. I do not require the protection itself, but the immediate outfit change is a magic I would use, were I capable of it."
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-27 00:23:28 91521
"It is pretty handy," Rashmi allows, "but honestly I kind of prefer regular clothes myself. Barrier Jackets are all armored and feel more like plastic than cloth. But I have absolutely zero doubt we can get you set up before long."
EMI v248.1 2018-05-27 00:31:17 91524
    "More like plastic than cloth..." Emi turns her head and looks down at her shoulder, where Rashmi set her hand earlier. It lasts only a moment before she looks back to the redhead, "That may be so. I will be happy when I have regular clothes as well." She lifts her cup of tea and sips the last of it before setting it down again, "Thank you for the tea and cookies, and for the help. I will need to observe and learn about the culture of Earth, and Tokyo. Though I don't remember what my home was like, I think it must have been very different from this." Emi is thoughtful for a moment before adding, "I am not sure why, but I think that may be a good thing. You have all made me feel very welcome to your world."
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-27 01:13:21 91531
"I'm glad to hear it," Rashmi says, perking up considerably. "It's nice to know that we can still manage to leave a good impression to people from other worlds. And, *when* you're comfortable and settled, I'll introduce you to Lindy-sama and the TSAB officials working here on Earth. They're stranded, so they don't have the resources to really do much action against anything that isn't an immediate threat, so... You're one of those things they probably don't want to know about until there's no reason not to tell them, y'know? ....Um," she says, rewinding her thoughts and picking out the most probable sticking point.

"The TSAB is the Time-Space Administrative Bureau, a military organization run jointly by a bunch of different worlds, including Midchilda, that acts as kind of a magical peacekeeping space navy. But something went *really* weird in the space around Earth, and the ship that was near the planet crashed and they can't get home. Which is why I think we should eventually introduce you to them, because they might know *anything* about your situation... They'd just want to be reassured you're not a danger, is all."
EMI v248.1 2018-05-27 01:26:33 91536
    "If they are as advanced and widespread as you say then they should have little to worry if there is a Device Meister among them. It would not take very much to confirm that I am not a weapon. As I specified earlier I can only use magic in a ways that are built into me." Emi considers momentarily why someone could possibly think of her as a threat, "I could perhaps detonate myself as a bomb, but I would be very adverse to that as it would destroy me. It would also not be nearly so devastating as a powerful Device User would be able to produce, so if you or Stahlritter are not a worry to them I do not see why I would be."

    She doesn't for a moment consider that what she represents or how other might use her would be the more worrying aspect.

    Backtracking a little herself she nods, "Earth has so far been very agreeable. Even the atmosphere was thick enough to provide considerable breaking prior to my arrival at the surface." She considers the stranded TSAB people for a moment, "I do not imagine they would approve of leaving in the same manner I arrived. Even if they had a vessel it would take a very long time. I do not believe biological beings have the same capacity for longevity as I do."
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-27 01:52:16 91540
"Emi, the TSAB has had more experience than I'd like to think about with dangerous Lost Logia, powerful artifacts who were made for one thing, and had their programming just drift or be overwritten into something that could threaten worlds," Rashmi says gently. "I want to have as much evidence as possible before we go to them, so they can corroborate it and not immediately start thinking of worst-case scenarios."
EMI v248.1 2018-05-27 01:58:42 91542
    'Had their programming drift or be overwritten.'

    Emi is silent for a long moment. "I would not like such a thing to happen to me, but I cannot deny that I am missing very large segments of my memory. I do not know what might be or have been in the lost or damaged data. However, I am certain my direct capacity as a weapon is limited. If that is something your analysis can verify it is one more thing to me to be grateful towards you for."
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-27 02:03:14 91543
"One thing you'll find," Rashmi says, smiling warmly, "that though a lot of us might disagree on the methods... Almost everyone who passes through here believes in doing the right thing because it's right. And helping you, now, before you come to harm or find out you've been hurting people because someone convinced you it was okay... Well, that's the right thing to me. I'm glad you appreciate my help, but, you don't have to thank me every time. The fact that I can help you is reward on its own, y'know?
EMI v248.1 2018-05-27 02:15:42 91545
    "That is a philosophy I can approve of and subscribe to. I have no wish to harm others, or for others to come to harm because of me. I do not know if I am capable of preventing harm, but I would not enjoy if people were hurt because of me." Emi actually offers Rashmi something of a smile back, and it isn't just mimicking something she'd seen the redhead do. "I am once more very pleased that it was your acquaintances who found me first. That you would prevent people that would try to convince me to harm others from using me in such a way is most gratifying."

    Red eyes turn down towards the refreshments and she adds, "Also, the cookies and tea are fantastic." One must never forget the cookies and tea.
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-27 02:20:28 91546
"Well, they're not mine," Rashmi admits, chuckling. "I live above a restaurant a few blocks away, not in practically the entire top floor of one of the most luxury condo towers in the city... But it's a good restaurant, if you don't mind spicy food I'd be happy to treat you sometime."
EMI v248.1 2018-05-27 02:25:18 91547
    "I was brought to a place that had them, so I am thankful." Emi replies. Then the idea of more, different kinds of food are brought up and Emi seems not insignificantly more interested in Rashmi herself than she was the moment before. "I think I would enjoy spicy food, very much. I would be happy to be treated." Not that she knows exactly what that means. Or even remotely, really. "It would be wonderful to live so near excellent food. You must be very pleased with your place of residence."
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-27 02:35:49 91548
"Well, it's my family's restaurant, and they're both very, very good people, so.... Yeah, I am," Rashmi chuckles. "Once we've gotten you settled in and a change of clothes or four, I'll definitely bring you by. We'll tell Papi you've never had Indian food before, ask a couple of other people along, and see if he's willing to do a whole tasting menu."
EMI v248.1 2018-05-27 02:43:35 91549
    "Then you must be even more proud, not only to be so near good food but to be a part of making it." Emi starts to relax in her chair, though a faint groaning from it has her sitting up fully again. "All of that sounds wonderful. I spent a very long time in space, it will be lovely to enjoy such luxuries again." Real clothes, good food, a place where she might actually feel she belongs- things she feels she must have had at some point in her past. "A whole tasting menu sounds impressive. I will look forward to trying it." It's enough that she might get excited over, but the part of her existence she remembers means she's had to learn nothing if not patience.
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-27 03:06:47 91550
"I am," Rashmi says, nodding firmly and finishing her tea. "So, hang on a moment..." Extracting a decidedly small-d device from her pocket, she starts tapping furiously at the screen, composing a text message with the distracted speed of a smartphone-era teenager. "I'm letting the people that actually own this place that you're here, and Alexis -- that's Stahlritter's real name -- can vouch that you're okay. That should hold you long enough for me to actually sit someone down and explain your situation, and see if they can help you."
EMI v248.1 2018-05-27 03:16:16 91551
    Emi is expecting a question to come but instead she is using something similar to what Kyouko had in the park when she was speaking loudly about UFOs and The Government. That it's some form of communications technology is not lost on her, and while Rashmi sends her text messages Emi idly analyzes the frequency of radio signals coming from it. Given enough time she could likely figure out how to interface with it through that alone, but her attention is quickly drawn back to Rashmi herself. "I would not want to inconvenience them. I intend to play close attention to the rules."

    Speaking of which, she pours herself another cup of tea, intending to empty the pot on purpose. "Once we are finished with the refreshment would you please show me how one 'does the dishes'?"
Rashmi Terios 2018-05-27 04:03:57 91552
"Of course!" Rashmi chirps, taking the last of the cookies since Emi seems intent on leaving one for her. And thus, she launches into.... small talk, really. Nothing really complicated, pausing to answer questions as they're asked -- or occasionally anticipating them, if she thinks to -- just trying to impart a surface-level understanding of Japan, like she would for any foreigner.