Don't Ask An Android's Weight

After returning to the ECFH from a 'shopping' trip Emi and Alexis talk about clothes, TV, the nature of magic, and questions that should never be asked.

Date: 2018-05-30
Pose Count: 38
EMI v248.1 2018-05-30 09:30:52 91703
    Emi and Alexis made it back to the ECFH, and pretty much immediately the android sequestered herself away in the bathroom with her clothes, having first collected what Alex was carrying. Not having tried on anything in the store means she's in there for a perhaps aggravatingly long time if he wants to speak with her, as she's also gone incommunicado while she tries on different combinations.

    Eventually the door finally opens up and Emi exits the bathroom, heading over to the washing machine and putting her previous outfit in and starting after briefly glancing over the instructions on the detergent. That washing a single garment might be a waste doesn't dawn on her, as adhering to the rules is her foremost priority.

    It's after the washing machine is going that Emi returns to the main area. Upon finding Alex she posits a single question, "What is your assessment?" She's now wearing a short-sleeved black blouse with a shallow v-neck and white pinstriping, a white skirt that ends a couple inches above her knees and a pair of black and white striped stockings that cover her from her feet all the way up under her skirt. For a bit of color she's wearing one of the bracelets she got, this one red to match her eyes and made of various geometric shapes attached by an elastic band.

    It's a heck of a lot more feminine than what she was wearing before, but also a fair bit more modest.
Stahlritter 2018-05-30 09:49:28 91704
    Honestly, Alex is just glad that this didn't turn out like some cliche anime situation where he would have needed to, after an extremely embarrassment-inducing incident, explaining why one usually changes clothes in privacy.

    He might have run off at this point to resume doing Stahlritter things, but some instinct in him told him that she might be expecting him to be there when she comes out again. So while she underwent the process of trying on clothes, he settled himself into the living room. And when she does come back there, she finds him... watching some manner of very bizarre anime that at least seems like it takes place in Egypt? Who knows. Either wsy, the german boy peeks over at her over the backrest of the couch, and after a moment of considerstion, he decided yo provide an answer to her wuestion in the fotm of an entirely deadpan, "Cute."
EMI v248.1 2018-05-30 09:58:11 91705
    "I find them to be acceptable as well. I can now wear outfits for a variety of situations." Emi takes a look at Alexis, who seems to have gotten comfortable, and then looks towards the screen at what he's watching. She approaches a bit closer, standing a few paces behind the couch. After a moment she glances back to him, "I would like to thank you for assisting me earlier. I appreciate your interference and preventing the police from needing to get involved."

    She holds her gaze on him for a moment before her eyes slowly are drawn back to the screen.
Stahlritter 2018-05-30 10:39:49 91706
    Oh good, Alex doesn't have to explain what "cute" means. ... Though in all fairness he might have told her to ask Rashmi anyhow.

    "... What was I going to do, just watch it happen?" he murmurs to deflect the thanks given, with a roll of shoulders. "Just be glad I was nearby enough to realize what was happening."

    ... He is left sort of akwardly staring back at her when she peers at the tv screen. "Um" he lets out eventually. "That's... a tv. I'm... using it to watch a form of audiovisual entertainment. This.. this is something pre-recorded but there's channels available that broadcast various other things into it, too."
EMI v248.1 2018-05-30 10:46:41 91707
    "You could have but you did not. If you felt you had no choice that tells me that you are a good person, for caring." Emi isn't going to let him entirely deflect her compliments, but she isn't going to rub them in any further than that. That he was actually in the area to help her in the first place was a stroke of luck, though. "Your arrival was well timed."

    As he comments about the TV she doesn't acknowledge him at first, instead keeping her eyes fixed upon the screen. Several moments after he speaks she finally replies, "There is something familiar about this. The specific entertainment program is new to me, but the method of displaying it is... nostalgic."
Stahlritter 2018-05-30 10:51:58 91708
    "Fft... I just did what anyone would," Alex promptly insists in a huff, and turns himself back to facing the tv screen and Stardust Crusaders. Nevermind that most people wouldnt just fill store clerk's hand with an improbably large amount of cash just like that.

    "I am not surprised," he points out upon her assessment of the tv. "I would imagine any sufficiently advanced civilization would employ video feeds in some capacity--for communication and otherwise. And any civilization that built you... well, I would *think* they'd be more than sufficiently advanced."

    He senfs a peek back at her then. "... You knoe you can have a seat,right? I am sure you do understand the sense of comfort as well."
EMI v248.1 2018-05-30 11:05:03 91709
    "I will take your refusal to acknowledge your own deeds as acceptance of my gratitude," Emi states simply. She realizes what he's doing and will accept it, but not without getting a bit of a poke in first.

    "Audiovisual feeds are very efficient for both communications and entertainment," she agrees. As for how advanced the civilization that built her must have been, "They were advanced enough to build me and to build Devices similar in nature to the one you use." After a moments pause she adds, "Something this society seems unlikely to be able to replicate."

    As he peeks at her Emi's eyes turn to meet his, red irises and black pupils turned down and slightly to the side. Then without warning she sets her hand down on the back of the couch and vaults over it, lifting both arms up as she drops down, new skirt flowing with the motion of the air as she drops-- and then freezes midair the instant before she actually touches the couch cushions.

    Her eyes once more turn to look at Alexis.
Stahlritter 2018-05-30 11:16:46 91710
    "... Yes, well, let's just say Earth has... lagged behind a bit," Alexis mutters. "Both in science in general and... the spread of magic. There are some people around, I am sure, who could build a Magic Device, but they are... secretive."

    When she vaults the couch... well. He is noy really taken aback by that all. He does that himself a lot too, afterall.

    However, when she ends up NOT hitting the cushions, and looking at him? It leaves him staring at her akwardly. And notably keeping his eyes *above* a certain poiny. Sweatdrop.

    " You... You're not afraid the couch will eat you if you touch it or something, are you?"
EMI v248.1 2018-05-30 11:24:02 91711
    "That there are civilizations that have not reached the same technological breakpoint as my own does not surprise me. That there are so many different types of magic user on this world and it remains largely unaware does."

    And then she jumps the couch and freezes before landing, curiously gauging Alexis' response. She looks mildly disappointed and settles down slowly, resting her feet on the ground.

    "What do you think would have happened if I had landed normally?" She gives him half a moment to think about it before explaining. "The legs would have broken off, and perhaps the frame would have snapped as well."

    Emi lets out a little sigh, "There is nothing in this apartment that is built strongly enough to support my weight. I do enjoy resting, but doing so would generally mean doing so upon the floor." As an additional aside she notes, "You are aware of my nature in some regards, but clearly not in all."
Stahlritter 2018-05-30 11:28:45 91712
    Now that just leaves Alex with an even more dumbfounded expression. "... Okay now do not take this the wrong way," he instinctually prefaces his following worss, because the question is not what most girls want to hear. "But... how... much do you weigh, exactly?"
EMI v248.1 2018-05-30 11:31:26 91713
    Emi gives Alex a look that suggest that isn't a question he should be asking a girl whether she's an android or not. Perhaps especially if she's an android. "Stand up," she orders, doing so herself.
Stahlritter 2018-05-30 11:36:45 91714
    ... Why do I get the feeling I am going to immensely regret this?

    That thought runs helplessly through Alex's mind, even as he stands up, as per her request, turned over to face her once she's up. "Okay... now what?"
EMI v248.1 2018-05-30 11:38:45 91715
    Emi walks over and sets a hand on Alexis' shoulder, hopping up and slipping her arm around his neck while leaning back. She's hoping instincts will kick in and he'll catch her, and at the moment she feels like she weighs no more than an ordinary girl her weight would.
Stahlritter 2018-05-30 11:44:16 91716
    "Ah..?" Alex lets out in confusion, first over the arm slipping around him,and just a noticable hint of red flushes over his face.

    And then she's leaning backwards. "Ah!" And yes, both of the boy's thick, strong arms go around her quickly to prevent any sort of fall from happening... and the red just grows more obvious.

    "I... don't understand."
EMI v248.1 2018-05-30 11:48:14 91717
    Emi seems to relax in his arms for a moment and then gives a little kick of her legs. Yes, she's definitely teasing him. Then she gives him a quick caution in the form of, "Hold on tight," before her weight suddenly more than quadruples. Suddenly Alexis would realize he's holding about 600 pounds of metal and composites.

    She's expecting him to be completely unable to cope with her weight, of course, but does him the favor of stopping what is likely an inevitable crash to the floor immediately before hitting it- if only just before.

    Emi wants to make her point, not crush his arms.
Stahlritter 2018-05-30 12:02:04 91718
    The leg-kicking grows Alexis' expression even more sheepish. "You know..."He starts to say,but then that warning comes, and his eyes blink rapidly. "Wha--"

    Abd oh god what the heck! "--NNNNHHH?!" The boy buckles and wobbles, and his arms shift and tighten in a bid to get a better hold on her, and--

    ...Shockingly, he doesn't lose his grip or collapse with her. He keeps holding her up. Granted, his body is *clearly* straining from the weight, face bright red now from exertion rather than embarrassment this time around. But still-- it's still a hell of a feat even with Emi's knowledge of typical human capabilities.

    "A-...alright yo-ou m-made your p-point,"he stammers, past grit together teeth. "C-... can I p-...put you down before someone... gets... the wrong idea?" ... That's what he's worried about over the threat of his muscles and bones giving away?
EMI v248.1 2018-05-30 12:10:27 91719
    That is a surprise for Emi. It's more than a little impressive that Alexis is able to keep on his feet with so much weight, especially when it came so suddenly. "I was mistaken. There is one place I could relax in this apartment, though it isn't furniture." She looks at him as he struggles and grits his teeth.

    Emi is actually a little tempted to see how long he could actually last holding her like that, but she doesn't want to upset him too much. Especially when he seems to be especially worried about someone seeing them in this configuration. "I would just tell them you were weighing me. But I agree, they could easily misunderstand now that I look cute."

    The weight goes away as quickly as it came and now that she's once more as light as she appears she hops out of his arms again, only to do a little spin on one toe, like she did back when she first landed, and flops down on the couch, leaning back against it. "Do you understand now?" she asks, "Even when I appear to be relaxing, I must use flight magic to mitigate my weight. It is an annoyance, but not something that can be helped until I have a residence of my own."
Stahlritter 2018-05-30 12:29:26 91720
    "I a-am not f-furniture!" Alex promptly protests over her first comment, as teasing as it might have been.

    The fact that she seems to understand how theor configuration comes across (and cuteness!) he rather deliberately makes his best effort to ignore, and simply lets himself be thankful for the fact that the weight is off him once she's let down on her feet, with a heavy breath audibly let out and taken in again. He remains standing for the moment while he recollects himself, however. "...If I... ever have to carry you again, rrmind Kreigsfauste to pump mana into my muscles." Granted, the Armed Device alreadt does that when activating into combat form, but...

    He huffs quietly when he looks down at her again. "...Yes, I understand," he mumbles. "It basically strains you to offset the pressurr of weight on weaker objects with anti-gravity, right?" A thoughtfu look crosses his features briefly. "... You know. i cant help but wonder if we couldn't enchant an armchair or something with a reinforcement magic or something."
EMI v248.1 2018-05-30 12:39:48 91721
    "If you remained standing without the help of your Device I believe you could handle my weight without extreme discomfort with it's assistance," Emi notes after he comments about having Kreigsfauste infuse his muscles with mana.

    To his comments on her method she replies, "That is an accurate assessment, though as a precaution I do so at all times. I can accurately assess the strength of structures and objects if I analyze them, but I would not wish to damage the property of others if I miscalculated."

    She then considers the idea of a magically reinforced chair or couch, "That is one possibility. However I believe it would be possible to build furniture to handle my weight without the need for magic. When I have a residence of my own I will seek this out, but I do not wish to impose such a thing as a guest."
Stahlritter 2018-05-31 10:37:48 91749
    "That wouldn't be as comfortable though, would it?" Alex points out, beforr he turns to settling himself down sitting next to her again, a heavy exhale leaving his lips as he does.

    "I do not know how to imbue persistent effects on anythimg myself,however," he confesses. "Rasmi might, at the very least, know somrone who does."
EMI v248.1 2018-05-31 10:45:25 91750
    "I do not consider sturdy construction to be a negative trait," Emi replies as Alexis gets comfortable on the couch. After a moment she adds, "What is required for comfort to you might not be for me. Merely being able to rest is what I would appreciate most, though it is easiest to do so is made easier by furniture built to my form." A humanoid form, essentially.

    She considers the possibility of using magic to reinforce existing furniture, only to reply, "It would perhaps be easier if something was built with the intent to be magically reinforced, though if such lengths were to be taken magic might not be needed at all." If you're going to custom build furniture for a robot you might as well just built it out of steel, right?
Stahlritter 2018-05-31 10:56:26 91751
    "...That's fair enough," Alex concedes, and leans himself over to grab the tv remote, and switch the thing off. That's enough anime for today.

    "Speaking of though," he says then. "Krieg detected... a *massive* amount of mana in you. I can only assume you use only a small percentage of it in your daily functions but..."

    He looks to her. "I couldn't help but wonder. Do you replenish it automatically, or do we eventually need to supply you with more?"
EMI v248.1 2018-05-31 11:03:37 91752
    Emi's eyes go to the TV remote as the television and anime are turned off. She sinks a little more into the couch and then turns her eyes over to Alexis. "I produce more mana than I require to function. If I did not I would never have survived drifting in space for as long as I did and you would have found me as a jumble of worthless parts in that crater."

    After a moment she adds, "Were my mana reserves to be mostly depleted it would take a day or two before they were replenished. I am also equipped with a small backup generator in event of a total shutdown to allow startup." She might as well tell him that part since Rashmi asked.
Stahlritter 2018-05-31 11:13:10 91753
    "... You must have something akin to an artificial Linker Core inside of you then," Alex voices out his suspicions. And with it, his brows furrow slightly in thought. He does not know *much*about the specifics of those things, but he figures that also means she functions, on some level, identically enough to an organically living being for something like that to function. So...

    ... She likely has a soul too.

    He doesn't voice that hypothesis, though. Instead, he offers, quietly, "... I am glad you didn't end up like that, then."
EMI v248.1 2018-05-31 11:20:13 91754
    "That is not entirely correct. I do not have a Linker Core. Rashmi was similarly confused. I can produce mana, but I cannot cast magic spells as such, except for those that I was constructed to include. Flying and analysis." Emi looks at Alexis and examines him as he's thinking. "I am curious. Do you understand the nature of magic? Do you understand where mana comes from? It is something you use every time you use your Device, but both you and Rashmi seemed unaware."

    Though she's getting more serious she actually lays back on the couch even more, kicking her feet slowly by straightening them and then letting them drop, "Emotive Magical Intelligence. The first part is the most important, it means that I have emotions, and emotion is the source of all magic."
Stahlritter 2018-05-31 11:38:50 91755
    "W-... Wait, I do not understand," Alex protests after a few seconds of thoughy. "It was my understanding that a Linker Core is what allows us to generate magic-- and we needed something like a Magic Device to allow us to channel it. Are you saying that is wrong?" While Alexis' expression doesn't change a great deal, but she can likely tell that there are gears turning in his head, trying to figure out all the omplications of that."

    His hand comes up, eventually to rub at the side of his head. "... I suppose at the very least-- that means you must have been made as some kind of high-capscity mana generator. You are probably generating it at a much higher rate than any single Magus can, anyhow, even if you lack the capacity to employ it yourself."

    "... Does thay seem like it makes sense?"
EMI v248.1 2018-05-31 11:54:31 91756
    "My understanding is that you are very close to correct, but not entirely," Emi replies. "A Linker Core allows you to channel your mana in a way that allows you to cast spells, and it is required for that. A Magic Device allows you to do this much more easily and effectively by handling much of the difficult computations that you would otherwise need to make yourself. Magical Devices with Magical Intelligences can even cast spells on your behalf, most commonly defensive shields because of their superior reaction times."

    Emi's legs stop kicking and she leans over closer to Alex, holding up a single finger, "But I am absolutely certain about one thing: that emotions are the source of magic. My internal diagnostics are very firm about this fact." His suggestion of a potential purpose for her creation has her considering quietly for a moment, "That would be a logical conclusion. I do appear able to generate mana at an abnormally high rate compared to people I have met so far. I am curious as to why my creators would wish to create such a person."
Stahlritter 2018-05-31 12:08:06 91757
    "... So essentially," Alex murmurs, thoughtfully. "I could, in theory, learn to work some lower level of magic even when Kriegsfauste is in standby mode."
    He considers the potential of that quietly for a moment, but when she leans closer, he instinctively blinks and leans himselg backwards by five or so degrees. "Uh... Maybe... they did something risky enough theu neesed a large emergency supply of magical energy on hand?"
EMI v248.1 2018-05-31 12:15:37 91758
    "Such a thing would be possible. How effective you would likely depend on how much you have been relying on Kregsfauste to do calculations for you." Emi replies simply.

    Then he's leaning back and Emi watches him blankly before returning to a more relaxed position again, once more kicking her legs. "Perhaps. There may have been a need for someone like myself. But they may also have merely have been curious to see what an Emotive Magical Intelligence would be like. Or maybe they wanted to create me for my magnetic personality."

    Emi lets the deadpan joke hang in the air for a little bit before changing the topic. "Does something about me bother you?"
Stahlritter 2018-05-31 12:20:58 91759
    Rather than saying anything els e on the prior conversation (or even the joke from the android), Alex instead reacts to the very last question she presents with a "What?, a rapid blinking of the eyes and... an embarrassed, defensive wave of his hand. "N-... No, not at all. W-... Why would you... think that?"
EMI v248.1 2018-05-31 12:25:38 91760
    "You avoid me in subtle ways. You appear comfortable with a certain distance below which you shift away." Emi is looking directly at him and for the moment the leg kicking has stopped. "I understood it when I allowed you to weigh me without telling you the purpose of it, but you are now exhibiting avoidance when physical contact is not likely."
Stahlritter 2018-05-31 12:28:17 91761
    "... I don't know what you are talking about," Alex protests after a few akward seconds. And in an effort to make his standing on the matter seem even firmer, he folds up his arms together tightly over his chest. "You're imagining it!"
EMI v248.1 2018-05-31 12:31:09 91762
    Emi sits up and leans in towards Alex. Quickly this time, and regarding him directly. "The last time I approached to this distance you inclined away from me four point six-seven degrees. I am not imagining it." Her gaze softens a little. "Perhaps it is something you are not fully aware of. Biological people do not appear to have as great a control over themselves as I do."
Stahlritter 2018-05-31 12:34:08 91763
    This time, Alex doesn't lean back,but there may or may not be a conscious effort at that. And it leaves him akwardly staring at her from close range with growing embarrassment. "... Us biological folk are juat really complicated, okay?"
EMI v248.1 2018-05-31 12:36:57 91764
    "Yes," Emi agrees, "You are." She finally retreats back to relaxing back on the couch, though of course that only means small amount of actual relaxing for her. As she goes she picks up the remote control Alex had used earlier and turns the show back on. She wonders a little why he turned it off in the first place. Perhaps biological attention spans are another thing inferior to her own?
Stahlritter 2018-05-31 12:43:12 91765
    Alex elects not to comment on that any further, but he is left pouting vaguely.

    ... Her taking the remote and turning the anime back on, however, visibly surprises him. "... You wanted to watch that?"
EMI v248.1 2018-05-31 12:47:03 91766
    "I did say it felt nostalgic," comes the quick reply, "I did not think I was being too subtle in my speech." Emi shifts around and settles in a bit more on the couch, curling her legs up beneath her and leaning against the arm of it. After a minute or two she says, "This is almost correct, but something is missing." It doesn't take long before she realizes what it is. "Snacks. Yes, that is what is missing." She looks over, "Alexis, we require snacks."
Stahlritter 2018-05-31 12:50:04 91767
    "Nostalgic..." Alexis repeats after her, with a slow blink of the eyes. He ends up staring more at her than the television, really, out of sheer bemusement, and then, finalyl, when she makes that declaration...

    "...Hah." He laughs. He actually laughs. "...Ahahahahahaha!" A hand comes up to cover his face, and to partially muffle that sound. "...You really keep surprising me, Emi. I'll... I'll go get snacks, but first..."

    He quickly snatches the tv remote again, and... backs the screen out of the show. "You can't just start the story from the very, very middle, can you? No, no. Remind me to show you later how to properly use this so you can watch whatever else you like other times, too, but for now..." He maneuvers through the streaming service providing the anime on the screen, and...

    "Let's start from the very beginning."