Downtown Aftermath Shared Healing

The day after Iron Lilly's bank run Junpei runs into several others that were there...

Date: 2015-05-29
Pose Count: 46
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-29 21:09:51 1040
Yesterday had been.... Eventful. Junpei had listened to a lecture from his parents after he explained that he had stepped in to try stopping a robbery. After all that was true right? He just neglected to mention the magical gangsters, feelings of betrayal, magical girls, and getting lifted by his neck. He was fine. OK No he wasn't but nothing was broken and barring more misadventures he was still good for Monday.

Monday just meant he had spent today cramming so much that he had spent lunch period, and an hour after catching up on work he would miss Monday. He could have taken the day off. They would have understood, but while Miri could do guitar and Kyo could handle bass, they needed him because he was their best. So he had only just gotten out of school, and as such was still in his uniform as he walked the streets of downtown. There was too much on Hus mind and he didn't want to be home right now.
Naga Amaya 2015-05-29 21:16:37 1041
     Amaya is enjoying the downtown for the time being as she takes in the sight of one of the many store fronts in the area. She was looking at some jewelry and seemed to be smiling a bit. The piece she is looking at would definitely take up what she had saved of her allowance for the past year. After eyeballing it for a moment, she sighs a bit, then shakes her head, "NO! I must save for my first car!" She nods firmly and turns to keep on walking down the street. "I am getting thirsty though." She lets out an exhausted sigh after she had worked a little with the track team before making her way to the downtown area.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-29 21:18:17 1042
Hannah is out and about today! And she doesn't look in good shape. Her head is bandaged, as is her arms and waist, though the latter can't be seen with her school uniform on. She occasionally taps the ground with her cane, looking oddly distracted for the usually alert woman! A frown sits on her face, recalling the events of yesterday over and over in her mind. Even after a talk with her partner, her own weakness infuriates her now more than ever.

Her stomach's growling finally gets her attention, however, and so Hannah soon finds her way to a food and drink outdoor stand! Soon she has a hotdog that she chomps on. Food makes everything better. She doesn't yet notice the others, but it's pretty hard to miss Hannah of all people.
Rurako Doji 2015-05-29 21:21:35 1043
Rurako Doji had put up flyers about kendo Club's tryouts, she also was able to finish up her projects and homework, having has a fire lit under her, she needed her weekend free, mostly for practice, as well as somthing planned for saturday. The events of Yesterday night do sit at the back of her mind, but she doesnt pay it as much mind right now, one thing at a time apparently. She continues walking until she spots hannah, a bandaged up Hannah, and she walks over to her and blinks. "Sharpe-san, are you okay?" She asks as she moves closer to the kickboxer and blinks. "Did someone hurt you?" She asks, her voice taking a deep tone, and feelings of protectivness fill her as she looks at the bandage on her friend.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-29 21:28:24 1044
Matsuo Junpei had just gotten to the same hotdog cart Hannah had vacated with food of his own. Food helped the healing. It helped him not think of the details. Of course what caught his attention was Hannah all bandaged and wilted, "Sharpe-san." His voice sounded tired and somewhat raw sounding. "I wish I could put this more gently but you look like you've either taken practice too seriously, or as your friend I will be honor bound to find whoever did this to you and teach them proper respect." He tried making it sound like a joke, but between worry and rawness of throat it probably came off more menacing. The bandages around her head were concerning. Who would hit a blind woman? Seriously?

It was only after a few moments he noticed zrirako and bowed, "Apologies miss. How have you been this day?"
Naga Amaya 2015-05-29 21:30:12 1045
     Amaya spots a food and drink stand, then smiles a little bit as she starts to make a brisk walking pace towards it. "Hehe... I hope they have lemonade!" She laughs a little bit when she spots that it does in fact have lemonade.

    People are starting to look at Amaya as well... After all, it isn't often that you see a Japanese female that is 180cm tall making a b-line towards a food and drink stand.

    Amaya then turns to see Rurako, and smiles a bit more, looking even more happy now, "Rurako!" She sticks her arm up to wave to the other girl as she stops next to the food and drink stand, loud, and more than close enough to talk in a normal tone of voice. She just seems happy? She notes the person she is talking to as well, as well as Junpei.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-29 21:40:22 1046
Hannah, so preoccupied, very nearly chokes on her food in surprise! She coughs, swallows her drink, and then sighs.

"Ah...ah, hello! I, hmm?" She shakes her head vigorously.

"Oh, no, no, nothing like that! I got tangled on Boris' leash the other day and fell down the dorm steps." Comes Hannah with her practiced excuse. She tries to smile reassuring.

"Yuko-san, yes? No...Ah! Rurako-san?" Comes Hannah, finally placing the voice.

One might note her blushing a bit here awkwardly. Others being protective of her is a rare thing!

Junpei. Hannah freezes a moment. Relief fills her; he seems to be in once piece. She did a lot in the heat of the moment. Guilt floods her, and she's looking away for a moment.

A drink, and she manages a weak smile.

"Like I was telling Rurako-san, just a tumble down the stairs. Boris can sometimes get right in the way! I am fine, I assure you. How are you? You sound tired, Matsuo-san." That's it, strike up casual conversation. Nothing's wrong.

More people! "Hello!" Hannah calls out, trying to broad her smile and failing.

"Friend of yours, Rurako-san? Hannah Sharpe!"
Rurako Doji 2015-05-29 21:46:40 1047
Rurako Doji blinks at Hannah and nods. "I hope Boris-kun is okay as well." She says and turns to see Naga. "Ah, Amaya-san, I see you did in fact make it home safely the other day." She says with a smile. "There was some jerk in a beast outfit who was causing trouble in Hikawa shrine a few days ago." She says to everyone. "Lucky, someone took care of him." She adds before looking around abit and ordering a grape juice. "You need to be more Careful Sharpe-san, oh and did you get my text about saturday?" She asks, her voice going back to the deadpan tone she is known for.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-29 21:48:38 1048
Matsuo Junpei noticed Hannah looking away and frowned, "Nothing to be embarrassed over, accidents happen." He tried to reassure even as his mind tried coming up with believable reason for his own injuries. "Is Boris ok?" He liked that dog and a tangled fall down the stairs could be very bad especially if Hannah herself looked like this.

"As for me," He waved a hand dismissively. "Misunderstanding that got out of hand. Just someone I'd taken as a friend that wasn't." Attempt at light voice that was only partially successful at covering the swirl of emotion he felt. "I hope to see them again when things are less charged. Less chance at it turning violent. Try talking like civil people."

Wait what? "Some idiot messing with a shrine?" Junpei was displeased, no strike that. Junpei was angry. "Why? There is no reason. No cause. That's.... Horrible."
Naga Amaya 2015-05-29 21:50:33 1049
Naga Amaya nods a little bit to Rurako, "Yep, made it home in a couple of minutes at a full sprint!" She pats her right hand on her thigh, then looks to the person operating the food and drink stand.

     "I will have a large lemonade please!" She smiles as the guy gets the cup and stuff. She then pays, and takes the lemonade. She takes a drink from it through the straw, "Oh... This is good."

    Amaya finally looks to Hannah, "Naga Amaya! Nice to meet ya, Hannah!" She then looks to Junpei. "Of course, it was some guy in a stupid suit harassing people." She doesn't bring up that it was an actual, live monster!
Rurako Doji 2015-05-29 22:07:30 1052
Rurako Doji nods. "Yes, someone beat him good already, so he got what he deserved Junpei-san." She says and turns to look at the others. "Hmm, I wonder if anyone will show up for my school's Kendo tryouts, I plan on winning, no offence ot the other schools, but I have to win." She says with a smile. "New year, new captain, new expectations."
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-29 22:07:42 1053
"Not the first. Sad that it isn't just those girls trying to make things better, but such is life I guess." Junpei took another sip from his drink. "I apologize but I am not in the best of shape. Tried to do too much with too little experience. Frankly I'm lucky I'm not hurt worse." That or his opponent only hurt him as bad as she did because he struck a nerve. A regretful look around before finishing his hotdog. "Truthfully it was a surreal encounter. I wish to talk it over, but the strangeness would make me seem like I am unwell in the head." He himself would have doubted it if it wasn't for the bank being closed due to very obvious damage, and his own injuries.

"Ruako-san, I would be a poor person for wishing your team ill for the sake of my own school. Winning through another's misfortune cheapens your own efforts." He raised his cup to the new Kendo club captain. "I wish you well."
Naga Amaya 2015-05-29 22:11:03 1054
    Amaya blinks a couple of times at Junpei, "Umm.. I was there too, but there was gunfire, so I kind of just... Hid.." She looks off to the side, "I wish I was kind of like those girls that were fighting! If I had power like that, I would help out whoever needs it! At least if they are good people. I wouldn't rob a bank like Miss White!" She frowns a little bit and crosses her arms. "If I find her, I will have a good talking with her!"

    Amaya smiles, then looks to Rurako, "Oh? I practice with a bo staff. It's just a little hobby really.. I'm self taught, but I'm pretty good!" She smiles a bit, "Where do you go to school at, Rurako?"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-29 22:35:23 1055
Hannah finally comes back to her senses. To Junpei, she manages a more natural smile.

"He's fine! Barked loud enough to alert half of the dorm! If he had not..." She frowns. Mostly because how easy it is to say complete falsehoods like that.

To Amaya, she smiles. "And to you, Amaya-san! What is all of this about a robbery?" She inquires to the group at large.

"...Magic? Have you all been playing too many video games?"

Then, to Rurako, she huffs. "No scalping anyone that might go to /my/ club, Rurako-san!" She fairly well pouts there.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-29 22:35:50 1056
"I suppose, but as well wish for wings." Junpei sounded regretful at that. "As is I suppose it is more productive to try finding ways to help that don't involve getting right in someone's face when they can turn you into a pretzel." He then gave Naga-san an appraising look and continues, "I only got as involved as I did because I had seen Miss White before seeking to defend people. Maybe she is being pressured into this and couldn't let us know or bad things happen?" Yea! Totally getting blackmailed, not willful collaboration. He shrugged, "It might explain her 'trample other people to reach your dreams' Attitude." After finishing his drink he offered a bow to Amaya, "Matsuo Junpei, Grade Ten, Seiyou. Bassist for Do Kaiju Dream Radioactive Sheep." Then after a moment he added, "apparently also a fool that keeps rushing in."
Rurako Doji 2015-05-29 22:39:09 1057
Rurako Doji frowns at Hannah. "Your club isnt the rival of mine." She says with a smile. She looks at Naga. "Seishou Public school, grade 10." She says and takes another sip of her juice. "Ah, Sharpe-san, you never asnwered my question about the text I sent you." She inquires, wondering if it's a good to go or not.
Naga Amaya 2015-05-29 22:42:16 1058
     Amaya shakes her head, "I don't really play many video games, but seriously! How else can people jump around like they were, and stuff?" She crosses her arms over her chest, "And it isn't every day that you see a girl half my size kick down a door.." She nods firmly, then looks to Junpei. "Naga Amaya! Umm... I go to Verone Academy! Grade 10 here too!" She smiles a bit, "Of course, that is because they want me for sports.. They are trying to get me to play basketball because of my height.." She frowns a little bit, "It wouldn't be hard though I guess.. I'm almost as tall as a lot of the males that play basketball, and probably a good five inches taller than any of the females that are probably on the basketball team there.." She leans her head back, tapping at her chin before taking another drink from her lemonade.

     Amaya turns her attention to Rurako, and nods her head, "I always kind of wanted to do some light sparring with someone with my bo staff.. Would you ever be interested?"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-29 22:45:59 1059
Ah! Hannah has been distractd. By /talk of her alternate self/. She tries to not look too off as the conversation goes on.

"Oh! I would love to, actually! It has been a long time since I had someone cook for me!" She agrees, grinning a little. Indeed, latching onto the idea: she's had so much pain and stress after yesterday, the offered reprieve is welcome.

Two thumbs up! "It will be a date!" Grin!

A raised brow. "...Did you anger a bank robber, Matsuo-san?"

Hannah's arms cross. "I am sure." She responds, very /pointedly/ with disbelief. A shake of the head, and she manages a worried look to the others.

Make feel like she thinks they're nuts!

"Oh! Grade 10, Infinity University. President of the Kickboxing Club!" cue a quick punch. Wince.

Rurako Doji 2015-05-29 22:48:46 1060
Rurako Doji looks to Naga and blinks, before giving a nod. "Hai, I would enjoy a spar very much, i also need to practice my unarmed fighting ability as well, I can throw a good punch, but without my Kendo stick, I'm not much in a fight aside from maybe a light brawl."

Looking to Hannah she smiles, it's actualy one of the few times outside her Henshin that she does this in public, and said smile is reflected in her voice as well! "Wonderful, I'm sure you will like it, yes... a date." She says and looks to Matsuo. "Boke (Fool), you dont go picking fights with people who can apparently kick down bank doors, leave things like that to the polcie." She says as she crosses her arms over her chest.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-29 22:52:27 1061
Matsuo Junpei gave Hannah a small nod, "something of the sort. As I said one would think I was crazy if I went into detail." A slow headshake as he considered his words carefully. "I didn't go in wanting to fight. Just..." He sounded unhappy as he looked at the three others, "The whole thing felt wrong. Worse is for a moment before I got thrown like a ragdoll I thought I recognized her. Very strange, also likely very much head trauma talking." He gently put a hand on Hannah's shoulder. "Enough of my troubles though. It seems you three share common interests."
Naga Amaya 2015-05-29 23:02:10 1062
     Amaya nods, and smiles, "Ohh? Kickboxing as well? I used to do a lot of Karate. Maybe I could spar with you some time as well!" She looks back to Rurako, "Seems like the three of us should get together some time to do some sparring."

     "Oh!" She smiles to Junpei, "Soo.. You should really try to avoid making evil people angry. It would be for the best, I would think!" She nods a couple of times, "Do like I did, and keep your distance, right?" She nods a couple of times, "Even if they look familiar, it might not always be the same person. You will be surprised about how close someone can come to looking like someone else!"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-29 23:11:53 1063
Hannah swiftly nods along with Rurako! There's a finger the right of Junpei.

"Careful! It is one thing to be brave, but another to be stupid. Especially if they had firearms."

Then it's back to Rurako. Hannah's smiling again. "Mmm, mmm...maybe a nice black dress for the occasion orrr...heh, I will surprise you~." Hannah sounds genuinely excited now.

Hannah then frowns again.

"Have you been checked out by a doctor? I have a feeling you tripped and knocked your head or something, Matsui-san."

Naga manages even more lifting of Hannah's depression. "...You do not say? I would /LOVE/ to. Erm. After I heal."

Then she's giggling.

"Of could join my club~. We do not mind other schools latching on~. For the spirit of the sport!" Fist-pump! Ow. She has to remember to not do that.

Hannah leans to the touch, sighing a bit. God, she could use a backrub.

"We are all young, spirited ladies! Of /course/ we get into sports! Have to keep the boys off of our beautiful selves somehow!" Griiin, and a teasing wink.
Rurako Doji 2015-05-29 23:16:38 1064
Rurako Doji chuckles softly. "Usualy they see me perform a kata or a duel and don;t approach me, granted, I'm not interested in boys anyhow." She says with a toss of her hair. "I'm more manly then most of them anyway." She adds with a nod, or maybe she just hasen't come across the right boy yet? Maybe... maybe not. "Thankyou for the offer Sharpe-san, but I'll stick with my own club, I'd ask you to join mine, but your school spirit is as high as mine is, and wouldent allow for such a thing.' She leans in and whispers. "Though, I'll secretly root for you in your bouts." When she leans close, the smell of her perfume, which is that of sakura blossoms, can be scented, a warrior's perfume.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-29 23:19:02 1065
Matsuo Junpei shared in Hannah's laughter, "My sister plans on getting into judo when she gets older. I've been encouraging her to go ahead and start, try finding people in her grade to work with. That's how clubs start after all." He took a deep breath and continued to lightly pat Hannah's shoulder. "I am well enough to play Monday. As for the rest, I'm writing it up as confusion over how everything happened."

He looked to Rurako and quirked an eyebrow, "Curious but ultimately none of my concern. I do hope we can at least be friends, yes? After all I am sure Hannah will feel lonely being the only one to tease me with brimstone filled concoctions."
Naga Amaya 2015-05-29 23:22:58 1066
     Amaya shakes her head, "I don't know about joining another school's club, but as I said, we can probably spar." She leans her head to the side a bit. "I would be happy to come help out though!" She grins a bit. "The more exercise I get, the better I suppose.." Her physique shows that she gets more than enough of that.

     Amaya looks to Junpei again after talking to Hannah for a moment, "Ohh.. Your sister should start it right away! Starting it while you are still young is the best. I did Karate up until I was fourteen.. I think I was like four or five when I started karate.. I just need to brush up a bit." She smiles with a nod.

     "School spirit is something I lack, but if the vice principal found out that I joined another school's club, he seems like the type that would go to no end to try to get me kicked out of my school. That is my first impression.."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-29 23:33:35 1068
Hannah slumps a bit! Nooooo. "Alas, your power shall remained confined to the world of the stick!" She teases, finally settling down. That shoulder rub from Junpei helps. The poor woman is half asleep by now.

Then she's smiling giddily at the whisper, sensitive nose wafting sakura blossoms.

"Team spirit rules all!" Yup, for a few minutes at least, all is well in her world.

"Encourage her! We always need more martial artists in this age! Too many people get caught up in modern life to not learn the way of the fist!"

"Honestly? I have not had many friends until recently. It has been wonderful meeting so many people!" Hannah beams at the group.

To Naga, her brow rises. "Is he that tough?"
Naga Amaya 2015-05-29 23:35:22 1069
     Amaya nods a little bit, "That's what I heard from other students." She sighs a little bit, "It's just a little on the strict side. You know how some schools can be. No contact with other schools.. It's treason!"
Rurako Doji 2015-05-29 23:35:47 1070
Rurako Doji looks to Matsuo and smiles. "Oh I don't mind being friends Junpei-san." She says and then takes on an evil smile as she faces him, slowly she removes her glasses, and reveals her eyes so only Junpei can see it, the look of utter evilness. "I do however, enjoy testing my friends, I wonder if you will pass." She says before returning her glasses to her face, and taking on that neutral expression again. She looks to her empty paper juice cup and smiles, removing the kendo stick from her back she backs up, getting her friends out of harms way, and makes sure to make enough noise so that hannah can hear what she is doing. She tosses the cup into the air, twiarls her stick, and then hits the cup to send it into the trashcan. "Yoshi! Perfect coordination!" She says with a bit of pride before returning her kendo stick to her back. She looks ot Hannah almost falling asleep and blinks. "Hmm, Sharpe-san, why not take a seat on this bench?" She asks as she reaches for the other girl's hand, rarely touching anyone else, but, hannah is blind, and a special case it seams, as she attemp-ts to lead the girl over to the bench, and settle next to her.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-29 23:36:53 1071
Matsuo Junpei gave a weak nervouse chuckle at Rurako's assertion at her friend-teasing and gently guided Hannah a few steps back before nodding approvingly, "Impressive. Reminds me of an excersize me and our band's drummer does with thrown drumsticks. I should show it to you sometime, it's kinda neat... When it doesn't end up failing." He then continued on, letting go of Hannah's shoulder. "I would join any of your clubs, but between cycling, band, taiko, and my daily excersize along with school I stay busy enough I already fear for being able to show up to cheer you on."

He stretched, causing several loud pops from his shoulders, back, and other points on his body, "If you have time Sharpe San I would like you to sit down to speak to her. She wiwl find your enthusiasm inspiring." That or terrifying, either or really. A smile as he watched Rurako attempt to help Hannah. "What is the world without friends to share your journey with?"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-29 23:44:51 1072
Her ear perks up, and soon she's moving out of the way! A sound of a shinai, a thwack...did she hit something? Then the sound of the trashcan, and she gets it. Hannah claps!

"Good job Rurako-san! I wonder if I can learn to block a shinai with my han...wah!"

She's being led over, but Hannah doesn't seem to mind. Ao has always been a little forceful in the leading department, after all. She settles down, having snatched up her retractable cane to stow it away.

She waves a hand. "I understand. I know what it is like to be busy. Meh, internships."

Then she gives a swift nod.

"Mmm! Any time! It is the duty of a sempai to inspir her underclassmen and women to new heights of power and bravery!"
Rurako Doji 2015-05-29 23:49:20 1073
Rurako Doji smiles as she sits next to hannah. "Well, if you have a strong enough arm or hand, then yes you can, though ,if you go off the swordsmanship philisophy, then imagine it like a katana, in which would you need a sword catcher in your palm to block such a thing unarmed." She says with a sage nod. "I'm also well versed at the use of a Katana, Battojutsu is one of my best techniques, aside from kendo fencing." She says with a smile. "I'd like ot think I'm as skilled as a samurai from the feudal era, but I just dont know if I have the same experience they had." Modesty apparently.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-30 00:14:35 1074
"I will once you have had a chance to get better Sharpe-san." Junpei looked to Rurako and wuirked an eyebrow. "Such modesty, but we each have our own areas where to be modest would be its own kind of boast. After all I can play three different instruments well, and do three hour drum concerts." He flexed, showing off hints of well muscled arms beneath his uniform shirt, "Takes endurance as well as skill."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-30 00:16:35 1075
Hannah cracks her knuckles. "That settles it! You and me Rurako-san, are going to be training! Until I can catch your blade like nothing, and you flow like water around my fists!" Comes the girl enthusiastically, becoming more and more hyped.

Then she rubs her chin. "I wonder if I can order one of those online. But do not underestimate yourself! With enough strength, you can challenge even a god!" Then she coughs.

"Or something like that." A smile. She probably shouldn't say things like that.

"So do you two do anything beside kendo and band?" Hobbies time!
Rurako Doji 2015-05-30 00:21:43 1076
Rurako Doji smiles at hannah. "I'm pretty fast, as you well know, I've built my body for speed, since a katana is sharp enough that it cuts effortlessly, and with a kendo stick, you only have ot connect, now hurt hard." She says and looks to Matsuo. "Boasting for the sake of boasting is not polite Junpei-san, I prefer to let my accolades speak for themselves." She states and turns back to Hannah. "Ah, well, I'm in the chess club, and I do draw manga, as you have witnessed. I'm also top twenty percent in my class as far as academic acheivement, well, last term I was anyway, this term I aim to go higher." She says as she drapes an arm over the back of the bench, though keeps her legs crossed in a very lady like fashion as she lets out a soft breath. "I plan on attending a University, and becoming a teacher afterword."
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-30 00:25:06 1077
"Cycling?" Junpei looked thoughtful as he looked from Hannah to Rurako then back. "I mean I tend to get involved in whatever friends are doing but a lot of the things I get into that aren't for music I got into because of music." He continued, ticking different things off on his fingers, "Cycling so I could build up endurance. Soldering and electronics because I wanted to understand how to fix things. Computers are more Shu's thing, but I know enough to work sound mixing and adding new music to the band's site so people can have free samples." Shrug. "There is history... But you could argue that's just as much fishing for song material as interest in the past."
Naga Amaya 2015-05-30 00:29:04 1078
     Amaya has just been standing off to the side, sipping at her lemonade, listening to what everyone likes to do and such. She leans her head to the side a little bit for the heck of it for a moment. "Hmm... You all have some pretty interesting hobbies... I don't really have any myself. Eh... heh.." She rubs the back of her head, "I guess you can say I like to help out with the athletic clubs and such.." She looks off to the side a little bit. "Music... I umm... Don't judge me, but I like metal..."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-30 00:35:42 1079
Junpei has Hannah giggling. "So in otherwords, it is all for the music! You are single-minded, Matsuo-san. Mmm. I suppose that is not always a bad thing!" r
To Rurako, she ponders. "I guess that gives me a strength advantage, then. Just how I like it! So you fight, /and/ you are a study-freak? I should introduce you to Ao, she is all about science and books and academics. Oh, and she loves manga too!"

To Amaya, she hmmmm's. "Sounds like we need to get you out more, Naga-san! Movies! Games! Something!"

Oh, right, her turn. "I like fighting, math, accounting, exercising, beating up local idiots that try to pick on the underclassmen..." Pause. Then she slumps a bit.

"I guess I am pretty single minded too."
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-30 00:40:26 1080
Matsuo Junpei looks over at Nagama slowly. There is a grin on his face, "Hi, there's an eight band thing going on Monday. Free admission even if the concessions are pricey." He has a dopey smile on his face as he looked back to Hannah. "Consider it dedication moreso than single mindedness. We both seem to recognize the need to branch out so we don't over specialize." More stretching to keep his bruised muscles from growing stiff. "Plus it's always good to put bullies in their place and remind them feeling good about yourself because you can hurt people is a bad thing." He then pulled out a business card depicting a winged guitar containing email and website info before presenting it to Naga, "My card. We mostly do eighties style thrash, but we've been experimenting here and there."
Rurako Doji 2015-05-30 00:41:03 1081
Rurako Doji smiles at Hannah. "Everyone has their paassions, Hmm, you know, if I didnt know anybetter, I'd say you could pass for a female batman-sama, smart, a good fighter..." She says with a smile. Looking to Naga, she reaches over and grabs her by the wrist and tugs her to sit on the bench as well, three girls on a bench. "Metal is a good form of music, I listen to it when I train, and study. I'm a fan of american and british metal though, well, maybe maximune the horomone, but only when the mood strikes me." She looks to junpei and smiles. "And if you become famos, you have to allow me to draw your album art."
Naga Amaya 2015-05-30 00:44:46 1082
     Amaya grins a bit, "Putting bullies in their place is the best thing to do.. Most of the time, they look at me and start begging for mercy.." She gets a wicked grin across her lips, "Hehe... It's always fun to watch a bully get scared stiff." She nods firmly.
     Amaya considers the offer from Matsuo, "No... I got some stuff I need to do that day, unfortunately.. I don't even really stay up late most of the time either.." She nods, "Sorry.."
     Amaya turns to look to Rurako as she is tugged to the bench, and hardly budges, but she moves to the bench herself to have a seat! "Yeah, I like it, and it seems to do pretty good for motivating me and giving me energy.. I'm mostly a fan and British and American metal myself.. I still find the kings of metal my favorite though.." She wonders if Rurako gets the reference..
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-30 00:52:14 1083
Some part of Junpei's words has her enthusiasm dimming. Wasn't she being one hell of a bully yesterday. A tiny sigh, and she rubs her head.

"All in a day's work! Have to keep ruffians in line, after all!"

"It annoys me, though. Strength should be used for a purpose, not just to belittle others." She scowls there. No lies on this one.

And then she's flushing scarlet. "B...batman. No. No, I am nothing like him. You read too many manga! I am just a young lady who likes to put fools in their place." A swift nod, trying to brush off the good feelings, and yet shame in her heart. A small breath. Oh, and a Naga!

Then she just listens to the metal heads.

"Mmm mmm! Matsuo-san, the next big hit~."
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-30 01:02:28 1084
"Sharpe-san totally not batman," Junpei countered, grinning to Rurako as he fished for an alternative, "She is more daredevil really... Though if you want to go for someone that isn't a blind superhero I would put her more in line with Black Widow." He hrmed thohtfully and shrugged. "My manga knowledge is limited I am afraid. However if you wish to do artistic work for my band I will have to have a list of your rates and areas you're good and not good with so the others can review." He offered a small bow, "It is more formality, but for any band expense we do insist on documentation. It is something my father has drummed into all of us."
Naga Amaya 2015-05-30 01:05:33 1085
     Amaya stands up and stretches a little bit, "Well... I think I need to be heading home. Family should be expecting me soon as I usually help with cooking dinner." She waves to everyone, "Nice to see you all." She smiles happily, then starts to walk off.
Rurako Doji 2015-05-30 01:09:33 1086
Rurako Doji blinks and tilts her head and waves after Naga. "Supper, OH! I have to go shopping!" She says as she moves to stand up, now before giving hannah a side hug. "I have to prepaire for tomorrow, my parents will be out of town." She says, which happens alot, since they feel that Rurako is responcible enough. "Hmm, show up at my house at seven, I'll text you the adress." She says and waves to Mastuo before walking off.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-30 01:13:11 1087
Hannah offers a wave. "Good evening Naga-san! It was nice meeting you!"

Here, she gives a swift nod to Matsuo. "Mmm! Definitely daredevil! I am all sorts of dark and edgey." She crosses her arms, and sits up.

And then off off Rurako goes as well! "Take care, Rurako-san! Seven! I will wear something nice!" Hannah can't help it, she's smiling more than she has the last day. A sigh.

Slowly, she stands. "I should get going as well, Matsuo-san! Good luck with your concert!" She shudders. /Physics test/ looms over her head! A wave, and she slowly tap-taps off!
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-30 01:14:22 1088
Matsuo Junpei bowed. Rurako before she walked away, "have a good evening Rurako-san. It has been a pleasure. Then he squeezed Hannah's shoulder lightly. "I wish I knew what was troubling you so Sharpe-san. However I will always make myself avalible as a friend. Stay safe... And don't be too hard on Boris-san. I'm sure he means well."