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Date: 2018-06-02
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Stahlritter 2018-06-02 09:07:15 91852
    "I could use an extra pair of hands with something."

    That's all that Alex really mentioned when he asked Emi to come along with him. After that, it didn't even take him all that long to transform into his Knight Armor, helmet and all, and thus go leaping off of the ECFH balcony and swinging through Tokyo with his magical chains. With the evident expectation that she follows by way of flying, with how high of an altitude he keeps for himself.

    It all brings him to lead her to a more industrial area, lined up with several warehouses-- and into a much more deprecit one amongst all of them.

    Inside is a bloody mess. Broken, rotten crates scattered through, pile of junk-- barely any room to move through.

    "Rashmi said she wanted an off-site location to conduct the scanning in," Stahlritter states, upon entry, as he moves through. "This warehouse was originally used as an illegal import operation by the Yakuza, but they were... well. Evicted, let's say."

    The heavily armored knight goes stomping through forward, slipping himself through various piles of nonsense there. "We just need to clear about fifty square area here. That should be enough."

    Incidentally, under and between piles of rubble, there's... a little nook. A cavern-like thing, or... just a hole, really. And in there, an old mattress and a little box have been tucked in.

    DOes... he sleep here sometimes? The answer points very heavily to "probably" when he goes through the box, and brings out a bag of dried beef jerky, and casts his helmet aside so that he can snatch out a strip from within and slip it into his mouth to chew.
EMI v248.1 2018-06-02 09:27:38 91853
    Given that Alexis sometimes likes to be sparse with his words the short explanation wasn't entirely surprising, though Emi doesn't have much of an idea what he has in mind. What she does know is that he's helped her out quite a bit and returning the favor would be satisfying. "I will assist you," she replies, being equally as curt and preparing to follow.

    As he swings away on his chains Emi hops off the balcony and flies after him, taking the time to put her shoes on first- still those simple white ones more akin to slippers. She'll have to do something about that later.

    The height of his swinging is noticed. This time Emi flies just a little behind him, following along in his arcing pattern, potentially for the fun of it alone. She's wearing something different today, if only because she finally has the luxury of doing so. This time it's a brighter look, a red button-down blouse with a knitted white shawl over the top, a pair of cut off jean shorts and a colorful pair of leggings worn beneath.

    She doesn't have much to say as they arrive at the industrial area, nor as they go to a decidedly dumpy looking warehouse. "Evicted by you, I suspect," Emi comments to the armored Knight. "This should be sufficient. It is large enough to contain a barrier, and worthless enough to avoid complicated visitors."

    The need to clear the junk out for scanning purposes makes sense- they wouldn't want anything interfering with the readings, no matter how trivial. "That should not be a challenge. Have you learned any personal Phase Shifting spells? They are easily modified to allow cargo transport, especially when the safety of the contents is not a concern."

    Emi watches as he picks up the bag of jerked meat, peering at him with half lidded eyes. She wanders past him over to the box, only to tear off a corner before stuffing a chunk of cardboard into her mouth and beginning to chew on it as well.

    Mmm, fiber.
Stahlritter 2018-06-02 09:43:25 91854
    "In a manner of speaking," Stahlritter confirms partially to Emi's suspicion on the 'eviction' process.

    "Not very well," he says on the matter of phase shifting, with his now-unhelmeted head shaking slowly. "I can slip myself through space for a small distance to enhance my movement speed, but it is so localized that it does not have much utility outside of that. I know us both have the capacity to lift and move heavy weights without much difficulty, so we will have to settle with that."

    He shoves the rest of the strip of jerky into his mouth just as Emi takes a piece of cardboard to... eat.

    He just stares at her for a moment, with a look of complete bewilderment slowly replacing his typical stoicism.

    "........ That's not food."
EMI v248.1 2018-06-02 09:50:34 91855
    Emi's eyes scan through the junk as Stahlritter says they're going to have to clear the space manually. "I would have worn my testing uniform had I known manual labor would involved. It is resilient and stain resistant." It would be silly to complain too much about that though, considering who actually paid for her current outfit.

    When Alexis tells her the cardboard is not food Emi looks to him. "You decided to consume refuse. I thought I would join you so that you would not feel ashamed in the solitude of your decision," she replies in a monotone voice.

    She swallows the cardboard, which isn't going to hurt her at all, and immediately sets about piling up the heaviest of the junk pile that she can find. And she'll pile it high. Absurdly high even, over twice her height. It has to be ridiculously heavy, but she just picks it all up as if it was nothing, making a game of keeping the stack balanced.

    "Where shall I deposit this?" Her voice isn't even slightly strained, but why would it be? She's a robot, after all.
Stahlritter 2018-06-02 09:57:24 91856
    "Refu--- No, no, this isn't refuse," Alex protests promptly, and holds out the bag holding the jerky towards her. "This is dried beef. It's full of protein and a good quick snack in a pinch that lasts for a long time. Cardboard is just... cardboard."

    Either way, when they eventually get to work, he replaces his helmet over his head, and goes to lifting up a decrepit cargo container to carry it towards a far wall of the warehouse. "Just carry them off to the side," he murmurs. "We'll clear a space in the center."
EMI v248.1 2018-06-02 10:04:45 91857
    "You acquired it from a pile of refuse. It is not sanitary," Emi responds plainly. "I have no such concerns, but your biology may protest."

    Emi carries her tall pile over near one of the walls of the warehouse and sets it down, rearranging it so it's a bit more stable once it's there. "Do you have any desire to sort or inventory this space? It would be a trivial matter for me." Regardless of his answer Emi lifts off and begins hauling things from the air, focusing on speed rather than carrying capacity now that she's had her fun. She's not as fast as some of the speediest mages, but her control is perfect, generally not even slowing down to pick things up and pausing only briefly to set them down.

    Despite the fact he hasn't even responded yet she's naturally started placing similar things together, though it may not be obvious judging by the exterior of any containers. Stahlritter would probably notice if he's actually using his visor to scan.
Stahlritter 2018-06-02 10:17:48 91858
    "I package it properly!" Alexis protests promptly with a quiet huff. He is, apparently, somewhat defensive about his choice of sustenance. Or at least when it's compared to carboard.

    "It really doesn't matter," he assures her then, on the matter of inventorying. "Everything I care about in this place is in that nook there. Everything else is just trash left here to cover my tracks."

    This probably implies after this the place might not be usable for his originally intended purpose, but-- he doesn't seem to mind all that much.
EMI v248.1 2018-06-02 10:24:13 91859
    "I see, you placed it here previously yourself. That is good." Emi responds. She takes his word for it that the stuff really is junk, at which point she's much more haphazard about how things get set down on the destination end.

    She zips back and forth through the warehouse, picking things up from the center and depositing them about the edges, often with a crash and a bang. This abates for a few moments, but if Alexis looks to see why he'll find several short piles of junk lined up in an interleaved pattern. A moment later Emi comes shooting in and drops something particularly heavy, which goes rolling through the piles and knocking them over.

Stahlritter 2018-06-02 10:29:23 91860
    In contrast, Stahlritter's method of going through the piles of junk and refuse is much more pragmatic. Grab a pile of something, carry it a short distnace and toss aside. The main purpose is to just make an appropriate platform for the scanning procedure and little else.

    ... The silence from all the crashing and thudding, though? That is suspicious. Very, very suspicious. So he stops, and turns to look, just in time to see... well, that.

    "...Let me guess," he says, and somehow even with his voice booming like that through the helmet, he manages to sound bemused. "You watched bowling on the tv earlier."
EMI v248.1 2018-06-02 10:33:58 91861
    Rather than replying to his question directly Emi states, "It is an intriguing sport of precision and dexterity. I can appreciate it. She flies around, picking up more pieces of junk and once more forming them into short piles before retrieving her 'ball', which in this case appears to be some kind of industrial electric motor from some unknown piece of equipment. It's banged up and rusted, no good to anyone for it's original purpose- especially not now that it'd gone rolling across the floor.

    Rather than throw it herself she sets down near Stahlritter and offers the two foot around chunk of steel, "I think you will enjoy this as well."
Stahlritter 2018-06-02 10:43:31 91862
    THe visor just stares at her. The helmet is already blank as far as facial expressions can go, certainly, but somehow Emi might get the sense that the face beneath it is just as blankly set now, if not even more so.

    He stares at her in silence like that for several seconds, before he turns over to go pick something else up again, stating simply, "I always hated bowling."

    He's kind of a buzzkill, isn't he?
EMI v248.1 2018-06-02 10:47:56 91863
    "This is different," Emi insists. "It is entirely more destructive, and is as much a feat of strength as dexterity." She sets the motor down and sets about clearing more of the space out, "I understand if you do not wish to join. You would not be able to match my ability anyway."

    More and more junk is scooped up and placed near the edges of the warehouse, which by this point are starting to get pretty crowded. much space did they need to clear again?
Stahlritter 2018-06-02 11:04:49 91864
    "I do not wish to draw undue attention to this place," grunts Stahlritter, with the faintest hint of annoyance. "By smashing a hole through the wall or ground.

    Yes. Very much a buzzkill.

    Though soon enough, he stops in his own efforts and lifts up a hand towards her, in an evident signal. "That's enough," he urges. "AT this rate we won't be able to walk *out*. It's good enough."
EMI v248.1 2018-06-02 11:15:07 91865
    "That is unlikely unless one of us were to throw the ball an order of magnitude too hard." Emi's eyes go to Stahlritter's muscular arms and oversized gauntlets. "Perhaps it is not worth the risk after all."

    When she's motioned to stop Emi finishes carrying what she was holding, to the side of the warehouse. Then she goes and snags a cardboard box, not the one she ripped a piece off of that Alexis had been using, and disassembles it and unfolds it, setting it down in the center of the warehouse floor before laying down on it, arms out at her sides and legs slightly spread.

    Though she doesn't need to breathe Emi lets out something of a sigh, staring up at the roof of the building as the flight magic around her fades away. "This is much more comfortable for me than the couch." If there's anything built to support her weight, it's the floor of a warehouse.
Stahlritter 2018-06-02 11:41:50 91866
    "It is not," Stahlritter agrees without any hesitation whatsoever, with a sharp grunt in his throat.

    He comes standing by her, when she settles down, he comes stomping over towards her again, with his arms folding over his chest. He watches her like that, from above, with his helmet fully concealing whatever expression might be within.

    "... Do you not care for cushioning?" he asks. "Or is this simply more comfortable than having to maintain anti-gravitation?"
EMI v248.1 2018-06-02 11:49:22 91867
    Emi looks up towards Stahlritter by turning her eyes while leaving her head resting in the same position. "Additional cushioning would be preferable, but you are correct. In normal circumstances I am not able to fully relax." After a moment she adds, "I do not require relaxation, but it is enjoyable."

    She stares back up at the ceiling for a moment before closing her eyes, "I considered fashioning something crude out of the contents of this warehouse, but it is all filthy and I do not want to soil my hair."
Stahlritter 2018-06-02 11:56:59 91868
    "I figured," Stahlritter murmurs-- and with the artificial booming in it, there ends up being a faint hint of regret carried in his voice.

    The latter comment, from her? Well. IT doesn't show, but underneath the helmet, one corner of his mouth tugs upwards ever so slightly. "Glad to hear you're still like any other girl in some respects."