Campy Birthday Gifts

Alexis doesn't escape his adopted sister unscathed from his birthday. Never ever.

Date: 2018-06-11
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Lacrima 2018-06-11 06:15:17 92077
Lacrima knows EXACTLY what day it is. Call it imouto-intuition. Or call it pulling favors to see old school records. Regardless, Lacrima has called Alexis-niisan over for a visit. She isn't being coy about why she is asking him to visit, she's treating it like any other day.

Regardless, when Alexis does get there-- there... isn't anyone there. No one hiding. No decorations. No colorfully wrapped boxes.

There is the smell of tea. And there is a plate of donuts of various types on the vestibule table.

And there is a patiently waiting vampire sitting on the couch there in normal plain clothes.

This isn't a surprise party that Alexis might had been expecting. For sure.
Stahlritter 2018-06-11 06:27:10 92078
Truth be told, Alexis wasn't really expecting anyone to even notice. Even last year when he still had a... modicum of a normal life, he didn't make a deal out of his birthday at all.

Because it's *merely* *his* birthday.

But still. When your Imouto asks you to visit, you go do it. The war against the Raskophs isn't right now in such a stage anyhow where he can't spare some time.

So into the manor he comes, in his Stahlritter armor first, to sneak inside.

And once he steps into the room where Lacrima herself has settled, he dismisses the Knight Armor, to leave him in the usual hoodie,peering curiousy towards the servings.

"... Hello, Imouto."
Lacrima 2018-06-11 06:43:53 92079
Sneaking into a manor you're welcome is weird. Lacrima makes a face. "Nii-san, you know you can just use the front door, right?" she asks. She sighs and sits back and motions. "Sit." she says softly. "There's donuts. And tea. And I want company." she says gently.

"And Ari-chan was busy and Jia-chan is doing something dumb and Sora-chan is tutoring someone and everyone at the ECFH is busy with the whole... garbage that's going on there with Mamoru." these are all fibs or half-truths.

"...has anything been happening in regards to your mother yet...?" she asks quietly.

"You know I'll help to the best of my ability... right? There's... things I.. can't do. but..." she mutters.
Stahlritter 2018-06-11 06:57:55 92080
"It's better to be safe about it," Alexis insists, on the matter of the sneaking and such. He comes stepping further inside, either way, veering to the direction of the vampire until he can seat himself down besides her.

"I see," is all he says regarding her explanation for the invitation, and her question makes him rub at the back of his head briefly. "I am... workinh on something with that," he mutmurs. "Mercury helped me track down some buildings owned distantly by my parents that... seem to get a lot of visits from Yakuza. I'm hoping I can find out some more through them.

He looks down to her, then. "... Of course I know. I just... know there are things there, with your work, that could put you at some risk. My mother knows about you already,too."
Lacrima 2018-06-11 07:13:01 92081
Lacrima makes a face. "Do these Yazuka wear purple suits...?" a pause. "Ah...nevermind. Probably. Not important." probably not. Maybe.

She head tilts a little. "Alright. But if you... want help. Need help. Please. That or. I can find someone who can also help." she says. "Punching your mother's things alone won't work." she says quietly. "Also sometimes things need shot and not punched." she asides.

She purses her lips. She sort of furrows her brow. "Oh...I left the stove on." she says convincingly as she walks towards the kitchen....

A moment's pause. She comes back with!...

Two boxes wrapped in brown paper wrap, with a singular red bow. The boxes are not intensely large, but still contain something.


She says quietly. "I really. Don't like it." she says quietly. "When people make a big deal out of my birthday..." she says. "Because I'm effectively immortal now. And it just reminds me of that." she says. "But you..."

"You don't have that excuse." she says only partly smugly.

"...and. Maybe. This is just as much as a gift for me... a little, too." she says quietly, as she gently places the boxes down on the table.

"Um... Happy. Birthday Nii-san. Right." she says softly.
Stahlritter 2018-06-15 17:36:04 92106
The question on the Yakuza's outfits makes Alex blink in confusion. "Uh... THey dress like Yakuza," he answers. "Does... Eclipse employ Yakuza more directly too, is that what you're saying?"

With her asking all that, he smiles faintly, and reaches one large hand over to squeeze hers. "I know," he says, voice somber. "I'm not... stupid, you know." Well, just the sort to really easily fall into martyrdom but nevermind that. "I'm... just following on that lead for a while. If something comes up that I think you might be able to give an answer to, I'll be sure to ask. And... well. I have Krieg linked to my phone, and you're one of the people on speed dial. If I get into trouble, you're getting an SOS immediately."

And then she's running off, and he just blinks after her a few times over. "Uh... okay..." Well. He's not chasing after her at least.

And when she comes back with the boxes, his brows both jump up in confusion. "What are you...?" He starts asking, but then she mentions a birthday.

Oh. Oh.

Realization hits in, and he looks away akwardly by the time she says the 'happy birthday'.

"You didn't.. have to, you know..." He mumbles.
Lacrima 2018-06-15 18:04:47 92107
Lacrima makes a face at that comment. "I'm saying. Some of us do." she says softly.

She nods a little. "Well. Alright." she says softly to Alexis's response to the deal about his mom. She'll also squeeze the hand back, just lightly. Her touch is always kind of cold. But that's expected.

She returns with the boxes and places them on the coffee table.

"No, I didn't. But I wanted to." she mutters.

"Open them?" she asks softly with wide eyes for a moment. "I mean. You can. Open them later. If you want..." she mutters.
Stahlritter 2018-06-15 18:14:03 92108
"... I guess that's fair since I held that one party for you before," Alex allows in a quiet little mutter, seeming a little abashed.

"... You know. What the age I am now usually denotes over back home? In Europe?" He asks of her, seeming a bit... melancholy, for just a moment.

When she urges him to open them, he hesitates for a moment-- but he does reach out, to pick out one box first, and then open it, peering at what's within.
Lacrima 2018-06-15 18:27:13 92109
Lacrima nods a lot matter of factly. "Eighteen, in many cultures, mean you're of age to do things that you wouldn't be of age for." she says. "Join the army, buy ciagrettes, other things." she says. She gently watches as he opens it.

The box continues!... a tent? It's a tent. A very nice tent, but it's a camping tent. She mutters.

"It's a tent." she mutters. Yes that is very clear.

She suddenly seems awkward herself!
Stahlritter 2018-06-15 18:43:36 92110
"Back in Germany, I would be legally considered an adult now," Alex points out, with a heavy sigh. "And my childhood is gone."

When the gift box is open, he... blnks his eyes again.

"It's... a tent," he repeats. He tilts his head slowly to one side, and then over to the other, before he peeks up over.

"... I..." He lets out in a breath, unable to find particular words to describe waht's going through his head, with one thumb moving down to brush along the fabric of the tent.
Lacrima 2018-06-15 18:57:27 92111
Lacrima shifts. "My brother used to take me camping." she says quietly. She shifts. "The other box is. Camping. Supplies. A kit I used to buy. Because we always lost the things everytime." she snorts. "Except for the tent..." she says.

"Pots and Pants and Firestarters and roasting sticks and things like that." she shifts.

"Sorry if.. it isn't much. But. I figured you'd like low key gift as opposed to. Something big and dumb." she says.

"I dunno if anyone is having a surprise party for you though." she adds. "But even if they we're I wanted to give this gift quietly." she says. "If that was okay."
Stahlritter 2018-06-15 19:06:07 92112
"I remember," Alex murmurs out, voice quiet enough for him to just be whispering it. He stares down at the tent for a good, long moment while she explains the contents of the other box. But he doesn't say anthting.

He just stares down into it, with his lips briefly shifting wordless with the gamut of emotions running through him.

And when he finally breaks off from that, he doesn't say anything even then. Instead, he turns to her...

ANd pulls her into a hug. The thick arms of the foreign boy who happens to be her brother by choice wrap tightly around her, and squeeze her against his much larger frame.

And he just hugs her like that, in silence. Face concealed when it presses into the expanse of her purple hair.