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Date: 2018-06-17
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Moriko Hayashi 2018-06-17 19:21:04 92113
It's late afternoon, late in the weekend and Moriko's out late practing card tricks for a few people. Simple things, shuffling them, forced card tricks to 'guess' their card, things that aren't complex, but form the basis for anything more!

There's a wind picking up, getting an annoyed grunt from the girl. She pockets the cards, pulls out a few gambling chips and does a few more sleight of hand tricks, but it's clear that she's more experienced with the greenbacked set of playing cards. She shrugs and says, "Sorry, the wind's making it hard to keep the cards up. I'll uh, try again later?" She's trying to stay cheerful for the rather small gathering. Mostly other kids. It is a persistent wind and it did seem to come out of nowhere though.
Stahlritter 2018-06-17 19:33:41 92114
    And up above, along the buildings, moves someone completely different. Magical chains attach from point to point, drawing an armored figure framed into a flowing, ornate coat through the air.

    And eventually, it all brings Stahlritter to crouching onto the edge of one of the buildings nearby-- just where the t-visored helmet can peer down over towards the gathering of children down below. It's not as if though he is specifically here for them, mind you. It's just another interesting little sight on the path of the patrol.

    He doesn't expect to be here for long.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-06-17 19:56:04 92115
Moriko's cards get blown away, a few at least. She yelps in surprise, tries to catch them, then begins to chase after them as the crowd disperses. It's when her back is turned that something seems to happen though. The people behind her look around in confusion, then take a few tired steps and with a sudden gust of wind, fall over.
5r Moriko grabs the last of her cards, struggling to keep them in order briefl until they're put back in the pack and stuffed in her bag. Turning around, she starts to wave, then frowns. Looking around to see what might have happened, she even takes a moment ot sniff the air, thinking maybe it was a gas leak or something.

Running forward, she crouches by the nearest woman and begins to shake her while saying worriedly, "H-hey wake up, the show wasn't that bad." Trying to joke it off. The wind begins to pick up again and the armored figure might spot what looks like a monstrous weasel begins to sneak up behind the girl. Moving on all fours, snaking along, it suddenly stands on it's hindlegs, revealing a pair of sickles which it raises slowly into the air!
Stahlritter 2018-06-17 20:22:50 92116
    So maybe STahlritter is staying for a bit longer afterall. The instant the monster makes it's appearance behind the girl, the Knight lets himself fall down over the edge.

    At first, it's head-first. Falling down at a quick rate to close in on towards the ground, only to suddenly spin around at the very last second along his vertical axis.

    Thus, his armored boot is brought swinging down onto the top of the weasel in a fierce attack from above, one that, with kinetic energy amplified by magic, leaves wind pressure blowing out through the surrounding area. Enough to knock Moriko over off her feet, perhaps.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-06-17 20:28:14 92117
Moriko Hayashi is sent head over heels by the impact. There's a few rather undignified outbursts from the girl, especially when she comes to a stop with a thud against a bench. Dazed, definitely confused and struggling to get herself sorted out. She finds herself watching Stahlritter and a strange monster squaring off.

The creature in question had let out a surprised bark of it's own as it tumbles away, but it catches itself with a sickle into the ground, digging a furrow. It growls something incoherent at the knight, pointing a sickle at it, then darts forward, far faster than it's size would hint. The wind builds up around it, then it slashes out with the sickle just short and tries to turn away from the knight even as the wind forms a blade, tearing up the ground and headed straight for him.

Moriko may or may not be heard muttering, "I've hit my head or Reiko-chan wasn't messing with me." Then a softer voice, "Maybe both?"
Stahlritter 2018-06-17 21:03:33 92118
    After the sudden vertical-spinning kick, Stahlritter'd bounced off with several rolls through the air until coming to a landing in a crouch upon the curb of the street, an armored fist struck into the ground with it.

    And up that fist comes instantly, when he springs up in response to the blade of wind, fingers unfurling from that tigh curl to open up his palm towards the incoming assault, and--


    A large, glowing shape of triangular runes surrounds first the hand, and then the entire space in front of the Knight, intercepting the cutting wind-- while his left hand reaches to catch a piece of debri sent flying by the wind before coming in contact with the magically-conjured shield. Crushing stone and asphalt within the grip of that steel gauntlet before tossing it towards the beast.


    Each piece crushed within the hand flies out, and instantly accelerates in velocity alongside being fortified by magic, sent flying and colliding into the beast in a massive display of lights from explosive mana and dust spreading through in a smokescreen.

    With each small piece of the debris spread apart so, it's hardly enough to put down the creature. But it's enough to stun and blind for a moment.

    A moment long enough for the Knight himself to charge at it.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-06-17 21:50:34 92119
The creature in question tries to twist out of the way of the first few projectiles. It lets out a pained screech, then scrambles to it's feet. It slashes once, twice and a third time, each sending a blade of wind towards the knight before launching it's sickle at him, trying to guide it with the wind. Which leaves it open to the grapeshot of debris. It flinches, covering it's face with it's arms and trying to twist back and away, kicking up dirt and debris of it's own.

While all of this is happening, Moriko scrambles to her feet finally and after a fight with shellshock, she fishes around in her bag and pulls out a crystal. Which she shakes. Twists and turns. Taps against the bench. Holds it up to the light and curses it for not... working. Maybe she should have asked for the instruction book.

While she's fidgeting with the crystal, the youma in question had tried to put some distance between Stahlritter and itself, but it was a touch too slow and catches that punch in the side. A sharp exhale of air and it spins through the air until it impacts a light pole. it slumps there at the base for a moment before fighting to it's feet. It lashes out with it's remaining sickle. the other one starting to spin back towards it, but it's movements are slower.
Stahlritter 2018-06-17 22:09:49 92120
The Steel Knight is unrelenting. Even with the distance the Youma tries to maintain, he simply keeps coming at it. Again and again. Even when there's a sickle spinning straight at him. He doesn't trie to leap out of the way, though.

Just like how Lena showed you.

    Instead, he dodges out of the way just enough that he can reach with one hand to grab at the limb, right at the base of where the sharp sickle begins, to redirect it past him, and twist it within his powerful arm-- and strike at it with his other hand to ensure that joints and bone snap and crack.

    And with that dangerous limb struck out of the way, his presence suddenly snaps right in front of the creature in a blink of an eye, with the assistance of a short-range Phase Shift. Legs bent to lower his posture, and one fist brought back and down low, with the gauntlet covering the hand vibrating visibly, faint, red sparkles of energy crackling out with it before he launches it into a vicious uppercut to impact into what amounts to the weasel-youma's head with a shockwave-creating impact.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-06-17 22:31:58 92121
Moriko Hayashi struggles for a few moments longer before almost throwing thing in frustration. Maybe she was being teased by her friend? The crystal goes back in her bag and she hurries off to the side trying to avoid the furrows in the earth. She hesitates running past the first person. There's a look of frustration, then she starts trying to pull them out of the way, tugging them by their arms or shirts as best as she can.

The youma is on it's last legs. It's clawing at him ineffectually, batterred and struggling. It makes a confident sound suddenly and tries to hook it's claw past the knight, swinging it's arm in a way to create a wind blade aimed for Moriko, distracted and trying to help.

Moriko for what it's worth, hears it coming and falls backwards, quickly scrambling to try and avoid being cut by the attack. Is the creature trying to distract the knight or did she do something? She's not even sure. She suddenly gets up and starts to run towards anything she can hide behind.
Stahlritter 2018-06-17 22:40:42 92122
    Stahlritter was just about to make the final finishing blow, too. Right before he dodged out of the way of that scythe. The scythe that he only just then realizes wasn't even aimed for him.

    A kick to the ground to send him back, a spin around, another quick phase shift and just like that Moriko suddenly has something to hide behind.

    That something being the much larger form of Stahlritter, who appeared there just as the wind blade came into contact, slamming against his armored back instead of her, sending pieces of shredded fabric of his longcoat flying around.

Moriko Hayashi 2018-06-17 22:44:35 92123
Moriko Hayashi peeks out from around the conveniently placed piece of concrete and asks, "Are you okay?" Sounding concerned before ducking her head back down behind the barrier. The creature can be heard almost laughing. It's trying to escape now, realizing it was beaten, it was going to take it's prizes and flee home! Wherever... that is it might be. It's got a strange green glow, shot with black streaks to it though.

It's slower, far slower, but that doesn't mean it at a crawl either. Instead, it's headed for a nearby building, a dark alley, a place with a strange hint of magic about it. Something he may or may not be able to recognize.

It turns one last time to see how close the knight is, not sure if he's fast enough to catch up, but hey, sometimes that overwhelming urge to see if doom is catching up overtakes!
Stahlritter 2018-06-17 22:53:49 92124
    Stahlritter doesn't respond to Moriko. Instead, he immediately spins himself around and launches after the creature. Mana channels out, forming out to launch a red-glowing chain after the thing, to wrap about it's limbs with a tight yank to bring it back closer, in that instant it looks back.

    "That's about enough," the Knight's voice booms out from underneath the helmet, before pouncing up into the air over the Youma, falling down to bring his empowered fist down into it one more time, with explosive force, cratering the ground underneath it.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-06-17 22:56:45 92125
The creature is snared at the last second, it was halfway into diving into a strange looking portal. It scrambles for it a few times before turning just in time to catch a fist to the face. And then a crater happens and the creature explodes in a burst of light, smoke and what almost smells like stone powder. There's a hint of mocking laughter from the portal and it closes up. As the dust from the creature settles, the people around can be seen stirring and at least breathing normally again.

Moriko is sort of huddling behind the light post. She'll uh, probably be there for a little while. Her legs don't seem to want to move and she's shaking. Falling back, she lets her breath out, smacks her fist against the ground then slumps forward against the barrier she'd been hiding behindd.
Stahlritter 2018-06-17 23:03:49 92126
    From the crater, Stahlritter rises upright, staring at the portal as it closes.

Tell me you got that, Krieg. Will have to send some feelers out to see if anyone can make sense of it.

But that's hardly the most important thing at the moment. No. He turns around, to go stepping towards Moriko. A massive armored figure, with the sleeveless longcoat tattered and shredded in various places lightly swishing about him. And as he rounds the barrier she'd hidden by, he extends one hand down towards her, the massive steel gauntlet opening it's fingers to hold it to her in offer, palm up.

    "Are you alright?"
Moriko Hayashi 2018-06-17 23:10:05 92127
Moriko Hayashi looks at the hand for a few moments. She swallows, hesitates in a quick internal debate between pushing herself to her feet or taking the help before finally taking the help. Snapped out of the stupor, at least for now, she's still shivering. "Thanks." She offers, not wanting to sound like she was terrified. She had even tried to help! Not that anyone would have seen it, or guessed that's what her shaking of a crystal around was supposed to be.

"What was that?" She finally asks, her head turning towards the crater for a moment before looking away again. "U-uh, I need to call an ambulance, all the people here fell over and I don't know why!"
Stahlritter 2018-06-17 23:17:01 92129
    Even with the steel gauntlet, the grasp of his hand is surprisingly gentle when it takes hers in order to help her up onto her feet properly.

    "It's alright," his voice rumbles in assurance. "Emergency services have already been alerted." The benefit of having your Device linked to a phone, see.

    The golden, t-shaped visor peers down at her in silence for a few seconds, before a steel-covered hand comes to pat her shoulder, lightly. "Work on that crystal," he rumbles. "You're going to do great things, I'm sure."
Moriko Hayashi 2018-06-17 23:19:46 92130
Moriko Hayashi looks at her bag guiltily and says, "It didn't work. I think my friend was messing with me." She shrugs, trying to play it off. She bites her lip and adds, "Thanks. Thank you. What was that thing?" She looks back, past the knight to the crater once more. "You won't have to pay for the hole will you?"

The guilt over her doubt shifts to embarrassment. "You saw that though? That wasn't..." She scowls, "They didn't tell me how to use it. Or if she did I may have forgotten."
Stahlritter 2018-06-17 23:25:24 92131
    "I doubt that," the Knight notes on the suspicion of her friend messing with her. The face-concealing helmet turns to peer at her bag, briefly, before focusing again on her.

    "Everyone starts somewhere," he offers, thus, before taking a step to move past her. "Keep training with it. I'm certain you will do great things, in time."

    With that said, and his back turned to the girl, a chain whips out from seemingly nowhere to extend within his arm, grabbing onto something high above-- and he's pulled up from the ground, swung high into the air to disappear past the rooftop of the nearest building.