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Date: 2018-06-22
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Stahlritter 2018-06-22 18:43:25 92180
It's a strange arrangement by any standards. One that would, in most company, draw some very scandalous rumors, probably.

But Alexis, evidently, isn't particularly concerned by any of those. Or even opposed to the fact that he may or may not be relegated to sleeping in the bathtub while he stays in Lena's apartment.

But what he apparently is a little opposed to is the contents of the fridge and cupboard. After having woken up before his host, he'd managed to sneak his way out, and go hit one of the 24-hour stores a few blocks down, past the congregration of people bemused by the inexplicable cratering in the street that somehow appeared overnight.

It doesn't take that long for him to be back. The combination of that fact and his lack of knowledge on the actual sleeping patterns of Lena makes his returned entry a careful, wary one. It starts with a peek inside, with the door being opened in the *slowest* possible manner in an effort to make as little noise as possible, just in case she hasn't awoke yet.

Because he *really* does not want to find out the hard way if Lena happens to *not* be a morning person, even if he is bringing an offering of breakfast bento.
Lena Reiniger 2018-06-22 18:53:49 92181
    It turns out she is a morning person. Her life basically demands she be up to greet the dawn. So when Alex does peek back in, she's sitting in the main room of the apartment, a tanktop and shorts on. The sound of morning news fills the apartment from the TV and in the short amount of time he's been gone, she's cleared the furniture to the sides of the room and appears to be going through her morning routine. Presently she's doing pushups, legs spread a little wide with one hand behind her back while the other works on hefting her body weight up. There's only the briefest of pauses so she can look back when she hears the door open. If she's annoyed at him leaving, Lena doesn't show it at all. The very neutral expression continues to look at him for a few seconds longer before she picks back up where she left off, eyes ever forward, watching the TV.
    When she finally switches arms to begin a new set, she speaks up. "Get warmed up and get morning exercises done. We're starting on learning how to fill a cartridge without blowing your face off today." The briefest of pauses to look over at the table against the wall where a row of 12 shells sits. "You don't have school today, right?"
Stahlritter 2018-06-22 19:06:57 92182
    At least Alexis has the decency to actually close the door behind himself fully before he pauses to peer at the calisthenics-engaged young woman. It's a long look he gives her-- taking information from that process to analyze and file up for later. More or less trying to make some assessment of her physical capabilities just based on that.
    With most people that kind of look would probably carry a pretty severe risk of being misunderstood as something *much* less appropriate. And anyone who really knows Alex would probably know that he wouldn't have any idea why, either.
    "I haven't had school since I had to go off the grid," he murmurs to her in answer, before he finally turns to deposit the shopping bag to the same table where the shells sit. "I brought bentous. You know, for being so focused on physical training, your food supply is seriously bare-bones."
    At least he isn't actually digging out the food right away instead of following her command-- for he's quickly stripping off the hoodie that is most certainly *way* too warm for the current weather, and leaving him in the red tank top that was hidden underneath, and stepping towards the clearing she'd formed there in the center of the room. One would assume she made enough room for two people at least, right?
Lena Reiniger 2018-06-22 19:20:51 92183
    She's not so terrible a teacher to not give her student the space he needs for training, though she does pause a moment to scoot herself over just a little bit. If she's aware of how intently she's being looked at and what other people might mistake it for, she doesn't seem at all bothered. She's almost finished with this bit of her morning work out anyway so Alex is soon left with the space all to himself while she moves aside and inspects the food he'd brought. "I've got what I need to survive and remain healthy," she says with a flat tone. Lena does smirk a little though and shakes her head, looking back over to Alex for a moment before continuing the rest of her morning routine in relative silence, only occasionally speaking up with a thought enters her mind.
    "So, what kind of formal training have you had? Magic, fighting, infiltration, everything really. I need to know what I'm working with before we start anything beyond basics." Lena doesn't sound particularly interested in the topics she's asking about, but she does want to get a clearer picture of Alex painted in her mind. As she finishes the last of her exercises, Lena wipes a bit of sweat from her brow and moves into her room where the sounds of drawers being rummaged around begin to fill the air. "You said your device was damaged, right? I'll work on it while you're practicing with the cartridges. Not a lot of good making them does if you can't use them after all."
Stahlritter 2018-06-22 19:34:58 92184
    And down on the floor Alex drops, mimicing Lena's earlier posture to proceed with the one-armed pushups. The bentous she finds from the bag? They're the standard sort of pre-made breakfast packages you can find in most places in Japan-- these ones are focused on nutrients, though. Providing a healthy breakfast to start an active day with.
    "Nothing technically formal on the magic front," he tells her, in the middle of the motions, without his words being disturbed by them. "I've been trained in Muay Thai kickboxing and some in Aikido and Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu-- and been fightin' people most my life even before I dipped into all things magic. Gangs. Criminals. Things like that. I'd like to say everything I know how to do comes from pure experience..."
    The motions suddenly stop, just for a moment. "...But. Some... people. Put some things in my brain. A lot of things. I feel like I'm finding new things in there every week."
Lena Reiniger 2018-06-22 19:53:46 92185
    There's a pause in the noises coming from her room while she listens. Even after he finishes, it's several seconds before she picks back up and that only lasts a short while longer before she's coming out with a number of things tucked under her arm and hanging from her hands. They're clearly tools of some sort, but they're definitely not anything a person would expect to find on Earth. They're set aside near a wall and when all is said and done, she's looking back over her shoulder at him. A frown while possible solutions to the problem of what people had done to him come to mind. Surely no one on Earth can directly tamper with the brain, and she's about to say as much before she halts herself and closes her mouth. No, she can think of at least one group that might be able to do it, and she attends classes at the place. She's never really looked into Infinity to see if there's anything shady going on with them though, so for now she keeps it all to herself.
    "So someone put a lot of practical knowledge in your head? We'll have to tease that out during your training." If only to see exactly what her faceless enemies are capable of. For now though she waits for a good time between exercises and when she spots one... "Give me your device. I'll get working on it now." Her hand comes out, motioning for what she's asked. You shouldn't need it to fill cartridges, and it'll be a good chance for you to practice mana control without your device's aid." Looking down at her arm, the green gem in her bracer lights up before she's back to waiting with measured patience for the device she's asked for. "Ascalon, 20 meters should be a good enough radius."
    <Bollwerk der Magie>
    The mechanical voice chimes in before the whole area is suddenly covered in a protective barrier, washing colors out as the space around them is shunted closer to dimensional space than real space. "There, now you can mess up to your heart's content without worrying about blowing the building up."
Stahlritter 2018-06-22 20:14:21 92186
    The long pause in the sounds of activity surely do not go unnoticed by Alexis. He doesn't halt in the pushups, himself, but he's taking note of everything that goes on, regardless. He doesn't show it a lot, but he can be pretty damn attentive.
    Well, except when it comes to certain choice topics, but that's a matter for another day.
    He continues with the exercise for a good moment even when she comes back-- all the way up until she tells him to hand over his Device. He pauses, only looking back towards her for a few seconds, before he actually rises up. The bracelet holding a blood-red gem along his right wrist is eyed over, and then drawn off while he murmurs in a near-whisper, "I trust her," as if trying to assure the Device itself. And indeed, after coming to step up where she has settled, by the table with all the equipment and the pre-made shells, he holds out the bracelet, without any hesitation.
    And then, with the barrier formed, he draws in a chair for himself. "Just tell me what I need to do."