Marshmallow Roast

Kyouko, Makoto, and Naru encounter some living jello and set it on fire.

Date: 2018-06-28
Pose Count: 26
Kyouko Sakura 2018-06-28 17:40:07 92279
    It's a pretty unlucky Youma that happens to decide to prey on civvies somewhere along the route that Kyouko and Makoto routinely walk on their way to and from their weekly training sessions at the local gym. But hey, we all have bad days, right? It's a pretty bad day for this youma.

    Kyouko had been walking beside Mako-chan, heading back towards the ECFH with her gym bag slung over one shoulder, ruddy-cheeked from the after-effects of a good workout. She is chattering to her friend about the pros and cons of some martial-arts technique she saw on TV the other day. "...which is like, totally dumb because there's no way that would work, but like, the basic concept might actually have some potential.."

    Suddenly, she cuts off mid-sentance, her brows drawing together as she stops in her tracks on the sidewalk, holding up a hand in a 'hang on' gesture. "Do you feel that?" She asks, eyes narrowing as she glances towards a nearby alleyway, from which the definite sense of 'no-goodness' she has come to associate with magical things of the darker nature is emenating.
Makoto Kino 2018-06-28 17:57:21 92281
Makoto had been keeping pace with Kyouko, listening and nodding along now and then; she's grown accustomed to matching her stride to the other girl's, and she stops when Kyouko does before it even registers why they're stopping.

Tracking the direction of Kyouko's look, Mako turns her head toward the alley herself, frowning quietly for a moment as she studies it and tries to get a read on the way the air moves through this spot. It doesn't take her long to pick up on the same ominous sensation that snagged Kyouko's attention.

"Yeah." Her voice is quiet as she answers. Her gym bag hits the sidewalk with a soft 'fwump,' tossed out of the way against the side of a nearby building, and one of her hands slips into her pocket for her henshin pen. "I feel it too."
Naru Osaka 2018-06-28 18:05:46 92282
Naru is running late.

The grand and cunning plan had been to pick up some post workout treats and get to the gym before Kyouko and Makoto were quite done and surprise them there. Best laid plans that did not survive an encounter with a perfectly /lovely/ elderly woman at the bakery who had to provide a detailed disseration on each one of her very particular choices. No no, not that pastry, the one beside it looks fresher, don't you think? Yes that one. No no, not THAT one, there's too many sprinkles on that one, the one three back please. Which meant that Naru missed the bus. Which has her a little behind the other two, following in their mercifully predicable footsteps between the gym and ECFH.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-06-28 18:06:51 92283
    Kyouko follows suit, pulling the gym bag off of her own shoulder and tossing it over with Makoto's against the wall- hopefully they'll still be there in a few minutes. She doesn't need a pen (her ring always being around her middle finger), so she doesn't hesitate as a blinding red flash momentarily obscures her form. When it clears, she stands there in her Shitennou uniform, complete with cape (though her cape is shorter than the guys' capes) and spear.

    A glance to Makoto, then she turns and leaps up the side of the nearest building, scaling it in a series of agile bounds that soon has her perched on the edge of the rooftop above, able to see down into the narrow alleys between the buildings. A moment later, once she is sure that Makoto is with her, she starts running along the rooftop edges, following the alleyway and the feeling of un-rightness from within it, spear held at her side.
Makoto Kino 2018-06-28 18:19:03 92285
"Jupiter Power -- MAKE UP!"

The mouth of the alley is briefly engulfed in crackling energy as Makoto transforms. In another moment, Sailor Jupiter is following Kyouko's example, catching a boost from a helpful swirling updraft of wind that lifts her up to the rooftop opposite the Shitennou's. From this vantage, the two of them bracketing the alley space, she moves along with long, bounding strides in search of the brewing danger that's breathing such a sense of threat into the air of the otherwise peaceful street.
Naru Osaka 2018-06-28 18:23:33 92286
It is the remains of the crackling energy, as much as a pair of abandoned and very familiar bags that gives Naru pause. She looks at the bags. Looks down the alley and there's a sigh. A longsuffering 'these fritters are not going to make it' sigh.

It is Hyalite who is carrying a bakery bag now, as she moves off in the direction of the 'not right' sensation, which presumably is where she'll find her friends. She's not about to leave the fritters behind, they REALLY won't make it then!
Kyouko Sakura 2018-06-28 18:27:40 92288
    Kyouko has no clue that Naru is on their trail- such is the hazard of attempting a surprise. She's focused on the goal anyway, and as she and Makoto race along the rooftops, it soon comes into view.

    There is a lot back in the alleyways, a square space about the size of a small house but empty, surrounded on all sides by buildings and accessible only by narrow alleyways. There's some trash bins and stuff back there, but not much else. Well, that is, except for the youma.

    The youma in question is a horrible blob. It's a green gelatinous mass the size of a horse, oozing along the ground, a giant slime of some arcane description. It doesn't seem to have any identifiable head or limbs, but tentacle-like proboscuses occasionally extend out to feel around.

    Horribly, nearby on the ground lays a small bag and a shoe.. and looking closely, it's possible to see the form of a small boy within the gelatinous mass! Although the kid isn't moving, he appears intact, and must have only just been engulfed moments ago based on the location of the bag and shoe.

    Seeing this, and hoping there is still time to rescue the kid, Kyouko doesn't hesitate. A brief hand-signal across to Makoto indicating she is going in, an dshe does just that, leaping down from the rooftop. Her spear flashes out in front of her, the tip glowing red as she concentrates her magical energy. The youma seems to sense her at the last moment, however, and suddenly three limbs of gelatinous goo form and fling out towards her.

    Cursing, Kyouko is forced to adjust, her spear spinning in front of her to deflect the goo-arms. The motion cuts the ends off of all three of them, as she lands lightly on her feet, but the severed goo oozes back to the main bulk and re-integrates with it, the tentacle-arms retreating but showing no evidence of damage. "Dammit!"
Makoto Kino 2018-06-28 18:38:15 92289
Jupiter doesn't actually swear, but the look on her face says it quite plainly: crap. This is not going to be an easy one.

Her scowl only grows deeper when Apatite's initial attempt at getting to the creature's victim is blocked, and this time she does swear, a quick exhalation under her breath. "I'm gonna try," she calls to Kyouko - the monster knows they're here now, not much point in maintaining stealth now. "Might need you to fish me out!"

She takes a second to gather herself on the edge of the rooftop, eyes fixed on the faint shape of the boy still visible in the midst of the goo. "...this is going to be so gross," Jupiter murmurs to herself, before taking a deep breath - and then she launches herself into the air, a green and white meteor plunging straight down at the goo-youma fist-first.
Naru Osaka 2018-06-28 18:43:28 92291
Alleyways and junk. Twists and turns and an excellent sense of how the arseend of Tokyo is laid out, as /someone/ doesn't travel via rooftops. Hyalite has managed to unbend enough to do some pretty good jumps over things, nothing that yet falls into super territory, but having both feet off the ground is a notable step. Even if there is no one around to note it.

Eventually, she finds the right courtyard amongst the trashy alleys: One Apatite. One Jupiter. One disgusting youma. Clearly it must be Thursday.

The bakery bag gets its own spot tucked in behind a recycling bin to keep it safe, and she pulls out her sketchbook to start flipping through pages, mumbling about not the best flamethrower situation.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-06-28 18:51:09 92293
    Kyouko darts back a few steps as the youma sends out some more probosci towards her after she lands, fending them off with quick swipes of her spear as she retreats, but also serving to keep the thing's attention as Makoto prepares for her own attack. Hearing the other girl's call, Kyouko looks up, and calls out "Go for it!"

    Only at this point does she sense Naru- a combination of being familiar with Hyalite's magic and long familiarity with her girlfriend giving her a feeling the other girl is nearby. Her head whips around, spotting Hyalite at the edge of the lot. "What are you doing here?" She shouts over, more out of confusion than because the sight of her is unwelcome.

    She doesn't have time for any more than that though, because no sooner has she called that out than Mako-chan impacts the youma behind her in a terrific explosion of greenish-white energy. At first, it seems quite effective.. Makoto penetrates straight through the youma to impact the pavement, a sensation probably like jumping into a pool of jello, and when she hits the ground with a *crack* the youma actually splits into two- she's cleaved it straight in half!

    However, any celebration must be short-lived.. as the two half-youmas don't seem particularly put-out to be so. One has the boy inside, and this one turns and sends out a series of needle-like probosci straight at Makoto seconds after she hits the ground.

    The other moves towards Kyouko, shooting a thicker arm out towards her as if to bludgeon her. "Ugh, how to you kill something like this?" She grouses as she blocks the attack with her spear-haft, then spins the weapon around to lop off the arm, with a similar result to last time. The monster appears not to have noticed Hyalite yet. Kyouko retreats back towards the wall, the smaller-but-still-large blob following her, her mind racing.
Makoto Kino 2018-06-28 19:03:48 92294
"Dammit!" That didn't go at all the way Makoto had hoped. She has barely enough time to throw her hands up in front of her, sending out a blast of wind and petals to meet the barrage of needle-thin pseudopods rushing at her. It blunts the worst of the assault, but a couple of the thing's probosci get through close enough to score thin tears in the material of her fuku... and she can't retaliate with lightning, not with the kid still held trapped inside the blob.

On the other hand--

"Watch out!" she calls to Kyouko, still facing the half of the creature that attacked her. "I'm lighting yours up!"

As soon as she's given warning, she pivots in place, a half-turn just enough that she can thrust one hand out towards the mass of goo that's pursuing Apatite. Electricity leaps from her fingertips with the motion, a thin, bright lance of energy stabbing at the youma.
Naru Osaka 2018-06-28 19:06:02 92295
"Following you two!" Hyalite answers, with more accuracy than actual useful information. She blinks as it splits and then groans softly. "We're fighting feral jello."

Apparently the split isn't entirely bad, as she DOES pull out her favourite weapon from her sketchbook, willing to try flambe, now that there's a chunk that does not have an innocent child in it.

"Fire in the hole!" Hyalite gives only that much warning before turning a gout of flame upon the backside (does feral jello have a backside?) of the amorphious blob, hot on the heels of the electrical zapping. Surely to goodness there's SOMETHING it doesn't like.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-06-28 19:10:15 92296
    Kyouko turns back towards Makoto, and has just enough warning to dance another step back and to the side as the bolt of lightning arcs from Jupiter's fingers and strikes the blob. The thing somehow makes a shrieking noise, vibrating in place, the bolt cleaving an actual slide into the jello.. and the edges, singed, don't regenerate. The blob is far from dead though, even with a tear in it, but then Hyalite's fire rushes over it.

    It hurridly backs away, but part of it melts and oozes ont othe ground in a limp puddle, leaving it about two-thirds the size it was before. "It didn't like that!" Apatite grins towards Hyalite.. then curses as the remaining blob, smaller but seemingly still just as lively, lashes out at her again. She leaps over the attack.. then spins in mid-air. "Jupiter! Catch!" She throws her spear over towards Makoto, not at her but to her. "Cut the boy out!"

    Then, without her weapon, she descends onto the blob below her, pulling back her hand, which suddenly glows with crimson energy, and punching the thing straight-on. It doesn't do much, but a few more of those and the thing is withdrawing away from Kyouko.. back towards Naru. "Roast it!" She calls to the other girl.
Makoto Kino 2018-06-28 19:18:36 92297
Focused as she was on the fight, Sailor Jupiter had only half registered Hyalite joining them, but the FWOOSH of the flamethrower - and the very marked effect it has on the blob - brings a fierce, pleased smile to her face. "Nice one!"

Then Kyouko's tossing over her spear, which Jupiter catches more on reflex than anything. A quick nod of understanding, as she begins adjusting her stance-- "On it!" she calls, before turning her focus entirely back to the chunk of youma that's still got the kid trapped inside.

It's thanks to their weekly training bouts that Makoto actually has some notion of how to handle the spear. As soon as she's gotten the weapon settled properly in her grip, she lunges into motion, carving her way into the amorphous monster with single-minded purpose.
Naru Osaka 2018-06-28 19:19:47 92299
Hyalite watches with almost a wince at the shrieking, but that expression is soon replaced when it's clear that electricity provided a butt crack in the backside of the feral jello, and just like the edible kind.. jello and heat do not get on.

While neither Apatite nor Naru are really the vintage video game type, it would appear that they are currently engaged in a pong variation. Instead of 8 bit paddles, however, it's glowy fist on one side, and flamethrower on the other. There's a lot more sizzle and shrieking in this version too. "Once the kid's out, we can zot that one too!"
Kyouko Sakura 2018-06-28 19:23:39 92300
    "That's the plan!" Apatite calls back to Naru as she continues to pummel at the slime. Each strike her fist sinks in as if she's punching a giant beanbag, but the glowy energy around her fist seems to prevent her fist getting trapped, and while the slime does strike at her, she ducks and weaves, her own training with Jupiter showing through as she boxes the damn thing back towards Naru, keeping it trapped between the fist and the fire. More and more of it gets burned away as it has nowhere to retreat to, and when she's close enough, Kyouko calls, "Now, as hot as you can get it!" And with one last punch, she throws herself backwards to get out of the way lest she get unintentionally barbecued.

    Meanwhile, Jupiter is slashing into the other slime. The cuts seal closed again, but there's a lag-time.. and the quick and determined carves open a passage to the kid faster than the slime can seal shut again, giving Makoto a chance to reach in and pull him out!
Makoto Kino 2018-06-28 19:35:46 92301
The instant she sees an opening, Jupiter doesn't hesitate to act. "HAAA--!" Shifting Kyouko's spear to one hand, she charges directly into the rapidly-sealing gap in the goop, one more slice of the spearhead cutting her just a little more space so that she can plunge her free hand in and make a grab for the boy.

As soon as she gets a grip on him, she's digging her heels in against the pavement and hauling for all she's worth. Any counterattacks from the youma, she simply ignores - but as the kid begins to schlorp free of the ooze, sparks crackle along the shaft of Apatite's lance, the first herald of a pulse of electricity that goes racing from her hand along the length of the weapon and into the creature.
Naru Osaka 2018-06-28 19:42:08 92302
It's very much akin to roasting a marshmallow, peeling off the roasted bit and then sending the goo back into the fire to get roasted again. As each layer of goo gets seared off.. alright there's no eating of the roasted jello, just a vile smell of smoking youma. The flamethrower glows white, getting hot to hold, even if Hyalite pays that little attention, and the fire that emerges from it is hot enough to make the courtyard feel vaguely like a searingly hot day at the beach. Briefly at least.

Hyalite drops the flamethrower, the conjured item vanishing before it hits the ground before it burns her hands, and stepping closer to grab for the boy and yank him away from getting electrocuted by accident. "One down!"
Kyouko Sakura 2018-06-28 19:47:09 92303
    Kyouko looks triumphant as one ooze gets fully melted by Hyalite's flamethrower before she has to drop it due to overheating. She turns to see Jupiter pulling the boy free of the other ooze, and then Naru runs forward to grab the boy once he is free and pull him out of the way. She turns herself and runs towards said ooze, just as Makoto channels lightning through the spear and down into the remaining blob.

    The thing shrieks and twists as the electricity surges into it. Although the previous lightning bolt had only cut a slash into it, apparently being channeled directly down into the interior of the creature through the spear is enough to overcome its regenerating abilities. A few more shudders, and suddenly it.. explodes. Green, melty goo flies literally everywhere, splattering across the walls on all sides. Kyouko takes a blob right in the face and falls backwards onto her ass on the pavement. "Blech, yuck!" She paws at her face, clearing the stuff off.

    At least none of the small blobs seem to still be alive- they simply melt into motionless puddles as they hit the ground and walls. The boy seems okay too- unconscious, but definitely breathing.
Makoto Kino 2018-06-28 19:54:23 92304
In the aftermath, quiet mostly descends upon the much-abused alleyway, broken primarily by the wet dripping sounds of exploded jello-youma bits as they liquefy. At ground zero of the explosion, Sailor Jupiter is still on her feet, Kyouko's lance tucked securely under her arm... covered from head to foot in greenish slime, dotted here and there with little bits of monster char.

She blinks slowly, once, twice. Shudders. "Oh my god that's gross, eugh." One hand comes up to push back her bangs from where they've been plastered to her face, before she turns to look toward Hyalite. "Is he okay?"
Naru Osaka 2018-06-28 19:58:16 92305
Also right in the midst of the sliming, Hyalite is firmly of the 'ew' opinion. "Whatever power that be decided that my henshin dress should be /white/ probably owns stock in a bleach company." She comments as she evaluates the effect that green slime has upon a white dress. Thank goodness for magic.

She tucks her sketchbook away to crouch down next to the unconscious child, confirming that he is, indeed, doing those important things like breathing and nods. "I think so.. I think his brain just decided to tap out of the reality of being caught in semi-sentient slime. He doesn't look injured, just fainted. I would bet he never eats jello again, however. /I/ might never eat jello again."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-06-28 20:02:08 92306
    Kyouko struggles back up to her feet, dripping. "Ugh. Well, I guess I was planning on showering when I got home anyway.." She mutters, although de-henshining ought to take care of the bulk of it, at least. She too glances at the kid, and looks relieved when Hyalite confirms that he still seems to be alive. "Let's drop him off at the police box, there's one right on the corner on the street." She says, pointing out towards the street where they had left their bags. "They'll get him to the hospital."

    Then she looks back at Jupiter and grins. "Nice spear-work, by the way. A bit inelegant but I guess you are a newbie at it." She winks, letting the other girl know she is just joking, though she was truthfully impressed by how effectively the Senshi had made use of the weapon.

    Then she looks back to Hyalite as well. "And thank god you showed up when you did. That mighta been a lot harder without your knack for roasting things."
Makoto Kino 2018-06-28 20:09:39 92307
A relieved breath sighs out of Makoto at the confirmation that the poor kid is okay, or at least as okay as anyone could expect to be after being swallowed by evil animate jello. "Good. Yeah. Yeah, that's a plan."

She scrubs the side of her hand over her face, a mostly futile attempt to clear away some of the ick, before turning to offer Kyouko back her spear. "Thanks for the loan," she says with an answering grin. "I didn't get a chance to see much, but it looked like you were doing pretty good at the barehanded there yourself."

Her attention tracks toward Naru when Kyouko's does, and her head dips in a nod of agreement to what the other girl says. "Definitely MVP. And I don't know about you guys, but I think I'm going to borrow a shower at the frat house before I go tracking any of this gunk around my own place."
Naru Osaka 2018-06-28 20:13:15 92308
"Electricity was working really well too!" Naru protests at the praise for her universal plan b, which became plan a this time. "Oh!" She gets to her feet, hurrying over to where the bakery bag was hiding, to see how it coped with the general sliming.

Naru wipes her hand off on her skirt, not helping as much as one might hope and then extracts the bag. "The fritters made it!"
Kyouko Sakura 2018-06-28 20:18:18 92309
    Kyouko accepts her spear back from Makoto, giving it a bit of a twirl before it simply vanishes back into thin air. She grins. "Hey, if I didn't know how to throw a punch after all this time, I'd say all the training hasn't been worth much. At least it was enough to keep the thing in place so Naru could crisp it."

    Her attention is then drawn to Naru. "Fritters?" She brightens. "Ahh, almost makes getting slimed worth it." She asides to Mako-chan, "Luckily we live right downstairs, so we can make use of our own shower. But I definitely forsee that in the future, yes."

    She sighs. "I guess we better drop the kid off before de-henshining. Just drop him by the door and hightail it, saves answering any awkward questions."
Makoto Kino 2018-06-28 20:22:58 92310
"You brought fritters?" Makoto perks up visibly at the sight of the blessedly intact bakery bag. "You're my hero."

But as Kyouko points out, they really shouldn't just stand around dripping here in this alley. Giving up on trying to shake off the clinging slime, Sailor Jupiter moves to collect the unconscious boy, hoisting him gently into her arms without any particular visible effort. "Let's get a move on, then. I'm sure someone's missing him, or will be before much longer. And I really need to get clean."