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Date: 2018-06-30
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Hoshi Kogane 2018-06-30 23:21:16 92334
June 27th, a bit before midnight. The sky is clear and thanks to a bit of pressure and a generous donation from the Kogane Amateur Astronomy Foundation it's been ensured that King Penguin Park isn't just open for visitors, but dimmed to grant a better view at the sky. A few posters are up advertising the possibility to see Saturn with the naked eye (weather permitting) and the KAAF has provided a few basic telescopes pre-aimed at Saturn to give people an even better view.

Hoshi is one of the people who has brought her own. Hers is a good bit bigger and more expensive than the basic telescopes, and a t-adapter is used to fasten an upper end but consumer grade photocamera to it, she's manually using the camera's viewfinder to try to line up a perfect shot.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-06-30 23:30:54 92335
One might suspect that Kazuo Takeba is not here to try to get a glimpse of the planet. After all, if he wanted to do that, there are telescopes available in his own household. Also, he's loitering a little back from the crowd around the 'scopes, not queueing up for a look.

Which means that there is a tall, pale figure semivisible in the dark, simply by the fact that white hair and white shirt catch a little of the dim and reddened lights people occasionally use, shielded with their hands, to try to adjust some setting or other.

He does glance up toward the skies occasionally, in the direction of the planet in question. But mostly he seems to be spending time looking around. Which surely has nothing to do with this park having attracted youma before in the past.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-06-30 23:33:32 92336
Moriko Hayashi has decided to show up to the viewing! She had a helpful reminder that it's happening and while she isn't as into astrology, it is a neat thing to check out. And if you're not the sort to poke your nose into interesting things, you'd make a terrible stage magician. She thinks at least. It's all about experiences anyway.

She notes tall dark and spooky as she makes her way past, fiddling with her phone, but doesn't think too much of it, instead scanning the crowd for a familiar face. Which she spots and runs over too excitedly. Arm up, she waves cheerily and says, "Heeey! Uh... I'll wait." cutting herself off when she sees the other girl is busy.
Chibiusa Tsukino 2018-07-01 00:07:45 92337
There was something about on, about one of the planets. Chibiusa was probably sitting in Makoto's, watching Netflix and eating entirely too much candy. Maybe it wasn't important. Maybe it was. Luna-P stared at Chibiusa with that vacant stare that maybe others found creepy, but her- not so much.

"You're right. Maybe..."

She'd let Luna-P turn into a backpack and she was perhaps off.

She seems to be sneaking around and acting like some sort of sneaky burglar when there isn't really any need for that since there's people out in the park anyways this late to try to get a look at Saturn's rings.

Wait. Rings? Rings have diamonds... crystals look like diamonds!... maybe what she's looking for is on those rings! Aha! They said they could see it with the naked eye right? Chibiusa looks up and!...

"But that's just a bright star." she says to herself nearby the general gathering going on. She pouts. Why is everything a dead end? She kicks the ground a moment.

She knew better, perhaps, but at this point maybe she wanted to believe anything that could help her or the odd place she came from.
Hoshi Kogane 2018-07-01 00:21:58 92338
Hoshi takes a break from calibrating when she hears a familiar voice. "Hey Mori-chan. Thanks for coming by, have you taken a look yet? The public telescopes don't give as good a view as mine, but you should be able to see a bit more detail than just a bright spot in the sky, you might be able to see the rings, but they're a bit small for that to be easy so you really have to look closely." And have good eyes, but Hoshi doesn't mention that. She then gets back to calibrating, having failed to notice Kazuo and not knowing Chibiusa at all. Perhaps the stars will soon align for a meeting.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-07-01 00:27:25 92339
Nearby, and nearby, puts Kazuo in range to hear Chibiusa's quiet words to herself. He hesitates: in the dark, her telltale hair isn't telltale, and recognition doesn't come. But she's still a little girl, and there's no-one around turning to answer her question.

Whereupon despite himself he crouches down, putting the fingertips of one hand down to the ground for balance, and says in Chibiusa's direction, "It looks like a bright star from here. But it really is a planet. If you look through one of the telescopes, if it's a good enough telescope and pointed just right, you can see that for yourself." He makes no promises about the rings, granted.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-07-01 00:50:49 92344
Moriko Hayashi shakes her head to the question from Hoshi, replying "I haven't seen it even through the telescopes available here, I've just barely made i t." She leans to the side trying to get a look at the telescope for a momen, the one in question at least.

"How's the light pollution? We're far enough out you're getting a good look?" She looks up, suddenly realizing she could have looked herself to see how bad it all was.

"Thanks for inviting me." she adds finally, continuing, "It's nice getting back into things!"
Chibiusa Tsukino 2018-07-01 01:32:41 92350
Chibiusa eyes the taller person as he comes over with suspicion, then there's a soft hint of recognition on her face. This is. Kazuo? She's sure the name was Kazuo. She says. "I know that." she says, just a hint of annoyance. "I was commenting on something else." she then admits more lowly.

She looks towards the other two girls over there with the telescope, which happens to be the closest in the vincinity, perhaps! "Maybe they'll let me use theirs..." she says.
Hoshi Kogane 2018-07-01 01:53:54 92354
"Could be better, but the park's lights being off helps a lot. Not going to find better unless I'm going to the countryside, and dad wouldn't let me do that." Hoshi answers Moriko with a clear tone of mild frustration, she probably doesn't quite appreciate the concern for her education in this particular moment. She pauses when she hears an unfamiliar little girl loudly consider whether said girl can use her telescope, and the answer is a rather quick and somewhat annoyed, "No." Followed by a more mellow, "There's public telescopes if you want to get a better loo..." Suddenly she recognizes the person next to Chibiusa, "... hi Takeba-san. Is that your little sister?"
Kazuo Takeba 2018-07-01 01:59:36 92355
"Then you know a good deal more than many people your age would," Kazuo answers Chibiusa's saying that she knew that. "Well done." Her voice is naggingly familiar, and the hints of her hair definitely so, but ... well.

He turns his head to follow her look toward the telescope, which means that he catches that first answer quite easily. "My little sister is somewhat taller, and would wreak a terrible vengeance on both of us for calling her 'little,'" he answers Hoshi. And then adds, "Good evening. Shall I see if one of the public scopes is suitable?" That's mostly to Chibiusa; a little to Hoshi. Probably in case she has a suggestion.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-07-01 02:08:09 92357
Moriko Hayashi looks back over her shoulder at the two others, not knowing either of them in the slightest. Though the familiarity from Hoshi gets a somewhat confused look. "Teacher?" She guesses. She doesn't comment on the response to the other girl using the telescope. It's expensive, it's fine tuned. It's hers. "I uh, not my thing. Sorry."

There's some hesitation, then a grin and a wave, "Either way, since you at least somewhat know my friend, I'm Hayashi Moriko, nice to meet you both." She then offers a polite, albeit short bow. At least she's trying to be somewhat polite. She might be overdoing it, but she'll worry about that later. Or never. Either or.

Back to Hoshi, she points up while asking, "Are you going to be able to get good pictures at least? Maybe we can try and fix it in post. It won't be... uh, real, but it'll look good. Like those space photos. From space. That."
Chibiusa Tsukino 2018-07-01 02:19:14 92359
Kazuo seems to want to inquire about one of the public telescopes but she isn't listening quite. Because someone told her no. She looks back to Kazuo with an annoyed look before looking back at Moriko. "I'm Usa..." she makes another face. Right. That weird blonde girl is also Usagi. "...Chibiusa." she says. The two things frustrating her at once somehow despite one of those situations being over a year old?

"No. I brought my own." she says, removing her backpack and there's another magical 'poof' that happens.

In the backpacks place is a big, expensive looking telescope- with cat ears at the very edge near the lens, some sort of smaller little telescope coming out of it- and some sort of spinning dish, who knows what that does.

She sticks her tounge out at Hoshi. Surely this telescope will outdo Hoshi's own.

Nevermind that it probably doesn't actually work.
Hoshi Kogane 2018-07-01 02:41:17 92363
"Someone I know from my charitable work." Hoshi answers Moriko with something that is arguably true, but incredibly deceptive. "The public telescopes should be suitable. They've been provided by the Kogane Amateur Astronomy Association, so they're going to be good enough." Sure a little name drop to point at some of the implied charitable work; nevermind that a big part of the reason this event is even happening is to allow Hoshi to get some better shots.

"If that one lets you see things properly, then be my guest." Hoshi says in a clear tone of exasparation. One yellow five-pointed star with jester's hat pops into existence, and decides to sit on top of the spinning dish, then starts juggling tiny stars. All of this glows with a very soft yellow light. To those who can see it, anyway.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-07-01 02:46:21 92365
Moriko Hayashi can't see the magic yet! She can't even get her crystal thingy to work, so all of that goes right past her. She even managed to miss the other telescope being set up as she's instead watching the skyline. "He seems kind of spooky for charity doesn't he?" She then stops, tenses up and says in the same tone, "Sorry sorry" unsure if he overheard her or not. She works on getting the strap of her bag loose, setting it down next to the two and looks back to see the other telescope.

There's a few moments of confusion. Some quiet thoughts. Then she asks, "Is cosplay so common out here it shows up on toys too?" Beat, "Uh. I said that out loud didn't I." another quiet pause. "Was it in Japanese or English?" She's asking this mostly to herself, but it might be mistaken as being directed to Hoshi.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-07-01 02:50:29 92366
Oh. That's why the voice was familiar. "I apologize," Kazuo says to Chibiusa. "I didn't recognize you, in the dark." Of course she has her own.

He'll probably apologize to Luna-P too, later, if he has the chance. Trying to apologize to a telescope right now might throw some of the onlookers.

A very small nod is given to the jester-star, before he regards Moriko and says, completely deadpan, "I tutor orphans." This is entirely going to help with the 'spooky' part. Clearly.
Chibiusa Tsukino 2018-07-01 03:07:04 92370
Chibiusa still sticks her tounge out for good measure at Hoshi, before she looks through the lens. It does function as an okay telescope. Not nearly as good as any of the others here. Not nearly for as good as it looks. She looks back to Kazuo.

Luna-P is probably ambivalent right now about this. She probably knew how this was going to end.

Probably because every attempt has ended like this for the last year. Too many dead ends.

"I can't see the rings anyways." she says quietly, before she looks up at the tiny star (?!) dancing on the disk and she moves to flick it off. "Hey get your own... spinny dish thing!" she calls out.
Hoshi Kogane 2018-07-01 03:20:14 92374
Hoshi gets back to calibrating her telescope while Chibiusa is distracted with that strange telescope. She finally gets it right, and then takes a picture. She immediately uploads it to her laptop so she can take a better look at the image she just shot. "Not bad." She concludes, the image remaining on the laptop's screen for the others to see. The rings are visible on this one, though the overall image is still a little blurry compared to the nice and crispy shots NASA puts out. Much lower resolution, too.

"So is she the cousin of your boss's girlfriend, then?" Hoshi tries to guess exactly who this Usagi is, thinking only of the other Usagi she faintly knows, but not really. More like an 'is aware of' than anything else. The yester star sticks out a tongue at Chibiusa and dodges the flick, trying to stay in place.
Moriko Hayashi 2018-07-01 03:44:52 92381
Moriko Hayashi watches the girl swat at the thin air and frowns. Leaning to the side, she murmurs to Hoshi, "This is one of those things that Reiko-chan was talking about wasn't it?" Not the threatening part. More the weirdness part of all of it. There's a frown, then she hides it all behind a smiling mask.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-07-01 03:51:30 92384
"I'm not aware of any relation," Kazuo answers Hoshi, while Chibiusa is looking through the telescope. "We've met before; she's been staying with a friend, and my boss is fond of her." Whether Kazuo himself is fond of her is typically-of-him left unstated. Plausible deniability.

He glances back to Chibiusa, to find her engaged in non-combat with the star. "Can you see her picture of the rings?" he asks. "Or would you like a hand up to see it?" There's a question. Which is going to engage the small one more: the spinny dish and jester star and her own possessiveness, or the chance to see what she was looking for and be off the ground for it.
Chibiusa Tsukino 2018-07-01 04:04:30 92389
Chibiusa looks a little frustrated suddenly, as she looks back to Kazuo. "No. It doesn't matter anyways..." she says a little sadly. "I'm not going to see what I'm looking for anyways." she says as she is suddenly wearing Luna-P as a backpack again.

"I should go ho--" she says. "Back to that friend's house." she says as she grumpily stomps away both in mad frustration and sad upset. Without so much more than a goodbye past that. What the heck did she expect to find anyways?