Milkshakes at the Crown

Milkshakes, art and conversation about sparring. Typical afternoon at the Crown.

Date: 2018-07-04
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Naru Osaka 2018-07-04 15:51:29 92445
It is a lazy July afternoon. School is out. The Crown is busy, but as the weather is basically perfect, it's not TOO busy. Many folks are enjoying the out of doors rather than being holed up inside. Still, inside has the advantage of milkshakes, and fries and somewhere to sit with both of those and a sketchbook.

Naru is doing just precisely that, upstairs at one of the tables. Her fries are getting cold as she sketches something with trees.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-04 15:58:03 92446
Akari walks in looking moderately hot and sweaty, dressed in a red tank top, dark blue capris, and red sneakers. She's carrying a long bag with the handle of a kendo sword sticking out, and there's a towel hanging around her neck. She makes a beeline for the counter and orders two big lemonades, then idly heads upstairs and sits down heavily at a table in Naru's general vicinity as she starts drinking from one of them.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-07-04 16:02:30 92447
"It's so hoooooot." complains Yuuno. "Your planet doesn't even have weather control systems." continues to complain the ferret on Nanoha's shoulder. Nanoha smiles. "That's why milkshakes and slushes and ice water exists!" she says. "I mean besides they're tasty." she whispers to him as they step through the threshhold into the main room.

Naru looks familiar in some way! She doesn't know who the older girl with the kendo sword is but she seems to have the same idea of 'sweet and cool liquids'.

Lemonade sounds good. Yuuno whispers 'can we get the strawberry syrup in it?'. He asks. Nanoha noods cheerfully as she orders a large strawberry lemonade and steps over towards Naru. "Hi!" she says the young girl. She looks around. "Not many free tables, mind if I sit down here?" she asks.
Naru Osaka 2018-07-04 16:05:04 92449
Naru glances up from her drawing at the words to her and there's a smile. Both for Nanoha, and Yuuno both. "Hmm?" She pauses, instant repeat catching the question. "Oh! Oh please do." She reaches out to gather up her books, making more room. She blinks a moment, remembering that she's not actually in a forest, no matter how far she might have been in her thoughts and offers Akari a smile of greeting as well, a new person not so far away. "Beautiful day out, isn't it?"
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-04 16:13:25 92450
Akari looks up, sees the little girl and the ferret, and ... most decidedly doesn't tense up, because there isn't any remotely plausible reason for "ordinary student Akari" to do so. Instead, she just gives a pleasant smile to both Nanoha and Naru. "Oh, hello," she says. "Yeah, it's a great day for jogging and kendo practice." A slight pause, then, "My name's Hayabusa Akari."
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-07-04 16:17:57 92451
Nanoha Takamachi nods. The ferret does too. The ferret is also stealing strawberry lemonade through one of two straws in the drink. "Yeah it's a nice day out. A little hot though." she says. "But not terrible." she says. She does peek at Naru's sketchbook. "Are you drawing anything special?" she asks.

Her eyes move to Akari and she blinks a moment, before smiling. "Hello, Hayabusa-san!" she says. "I'm Nanoha Takamachi." she says. "My family owns the Midori-ya Bakery and Cafe in town!" she says.
Naru Osaka 2018-07-04 16:25:02 92452
"I went for my run early this morning, and it was pretty nice out then too." Naru agrees on the state of the weather for working out. "Pleasure to meet you, Akari." She turns then to Nanoha and smiles. "Pleasure to meet you as well, Nanoha." She glances down at her sketchbook and mmms. "I'm hoping to make it a painting, but as I keep thinking about it, and I havent managed to it.. I figured I'd at least get the sketch down, and hopefully that might make my brain stop chewing on it."
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-04 16:31:34 92453
Akari just nods and smiles. "Nice to meet you both!" she says. "I don't think I've been to Midori-ya before, I'll have to check it out. When I'm less, y'know, interested in replenishing water and electrolytes," she adds dryly.

She nods to Naru, and gets up to look at the sketchbook. "Well, my first impression just from the sketches is, 'not bad'," she says. "Now I'm kind of curious about seeing what it'd look like as a painting, too."
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-07-04 16:38:39 92454
Nanoha Takamachi nods! "I jog every morning! Bright and early. It was nice! It isn't so hot early on so it's good for the kind of heavy jogging I do." she says. Nanoha. Who practically Army drills herself every morning.

She head tilts. "Oh, you paint? That must be difficult. I always have trouble decorating cakes. I can never keep the icing even." she says. "My friend who's staying with me is getting much better at than I am." she says.
Naru Osaka 2018-07-04 16:44:39 92455
"I do paint. And draw." Naru doesn't get into the specifics of her own workouts, focusing on the far more interesting, at least to her. She giggles softly, reaching for her milkshake. "I can draw and paint.. but my cakes always look awful. I'm not sure it's so much the same skill. I certaintly don't have /that/ knack. Mako's stuff always looks amazing. I expect yours, and your friend's do as well."

Naru nods to Akari. "I think it'll do well as a painting. Better richeness of colour between the trees that are in the light, and the darkness of the trees behind. It was a collection of trees I spotted from the train, and the light just caught them perfectly."
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-04 16:52:28 92456
Akari chuckles at Nanoha's exercise regimen. "Wow, that must take a lot of effort," she says, getting up to grab her lemonades and bring them to Naru's table. "I've mostly just been doing kendo practice in the afternoon, after homework. But yeah, my lifestyle is pretty physical too, basically."

She nods to Naru. "Sounds great already!" she says. "I don't think I've actually met an artist before? I mean, I've had things like your basic art classes in school, but not, like ... someone who does it outside that context."
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-04 17:01:59 92457
Jiaying Maki is chasing down a craving at this point. She had been playing on one of the fighting game machines, but now the girl's starving. Or thinks she's starving. Either way, she slips past the tables, waving to Naru. Then she pauses and fidgets. Does she get food or does she talk to someone she hasn't seen in a while. There's two other people there too.

This indecisiveness is chosen by a loud rumble from the fox, which doesn't really get an embarrassed reaction or anything. Instead she holds a single finger up, says, "Hi, one sec." and bolts off to make an order for a handful of shakes. She needs a tray at least.

When she settles in, assuming there's any room nearby she begins devouring the first of many shakes, just to add in, "Are you doing more paintings lately then Osaka? I've done more calligraphy than manga lately." There's a pause, then a, "Uh... hi by the way."
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-07-04 17:02:47 92458
Nanoha makes a face. "People always want elaborate decorations on cakes. I can do the roses and trim well, but then they want something drawn or written on it and that's when my stuff gets shaky." she says. She mmmmphs.

She looks to Akari. "It does! But I'm always in training." she says more determinedly. Yuuno nods at this fact, but he doesn't talk in front of anyone.

She blinks at Jiaying's giant collection of shakes. "Wow! Hi Maki-san!" she says softly.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-04 17:09:40 92459
Akari raises her eyebrows, peering at Jiaying. "Hi there," she says, looking like she's not entirely sure how to talk to the girl. "... Big appetite, huh?" She then takes another swig from one of her two oversized cups of lemonade. She nods back to Nanoha, and ... can't resist furrowing her brow at the nodding ferret, but doesn't remark on it. Instead, she says, "I can see how elaborate cake-decorations might cause problems. But yeah." She gives her an encouraging smile. "Best of luck on your training, wherever it takes you!"
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-04 17:20:13 92461
Jiaying Maki shrugs and says, "You wouldn't believe how hungry you can get some days." Especially as a leaking magic battery, but she doesn't comment on that. She's pretty sure her trips have been adding to it too though. "I always wanted to learn cake decoration, it's pretty, but we didn't do much beyond color them red for birthdays." She shrugs and adds, "Everything was red then though. Have to wear red, eat red. Red eggs, red cake, red bean soup." She snrks and shakes her head.

"Hey Takamachi, been a while for you too. How've you been?" She leans forward, using it as an excuse to devour more of her shake and to actually seem personable! Akari's given a curious look, then she says in a playful tone, "Ni hao, wo jiao Maki Jiaying~" a grin on her features, slightly sharp teeth on display for a brief moment.
Naru Osaka 2018-07-04 17:22:00 92462
"Hey Jiaying." Naru waves to the girl, unconcerned by the priorities of milkshakes first. She got hers first after all, it only makes sense. "I've been doing mostly sketches recently, truthfully, but I miss painting. It's a whole different mindset. Almost meditative, to just lose track of time and really get into it." She pauses and there's a little sigh of contentment. "And then miss making dinner and homework and all that good stuff. So possibly not always ideal."

"Are you guys training for anything in specific? A race or something? Or just training in general?" Naru asks, curiously, glancing between everyone.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-07-04 17:26:15 92463
Nanoha Takamachi is about to say something else when her phone starts beeping a tune from some popular kids anime. She pulls it out and reads the text message on her phone. "Oh!" she says.

"Uh, sorry! I need to go. Big order, momma needs help!" she says as she grabs her Strawberry Lemonade, and off she scampers. "Sorry!" she goes again!
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-04 17:33:00 92464
Akari is tempted to telepathically ask Rubindorn, hidden in the depths of the sword bag hanging over her shoulder, for a translation. Still, she's pretty sure she heard 'Maki' and 'Jiaying' in there after Naru and Nanoha mentioned them. "Nice to meet you Maki-san, I'm Hayabusa Akari," she says dryly.

She shrugs to Naru. "I, uh, actually only just started learning kendo," she says, giving Nanoha a wave as she leaves. "The captain of Infinity's team gave me this sort of 'homework' to practice doing the moves, help me get used to them and build up my strength. I'm a week and a half into the 'first two weeks' where I practice with just my shinai here --" She reaches back to touch the handle of the bamboo sword. "-- but this Monday I start using a wooden bokken."
Naru Osaka 2018-07-04 17:45:25 92465
"Take care Nanoha!" Naru waves after the girl as she scampers off to be a responsible daughter. Her attention settles upon Akari again and she mmms softly. "Ah! So I shall assume you go to Infinity then. I've never gotten into Kendo. I am not big on swords, truthfully." She gestures at her sketchbook. "Artist.. it's an excuse not to join the kendo team. Although Hannah didn't accept it as much of an excuse nto to try kick boxing." She snorts softly, amused. "I wasn't terribly good at /that/ either. Are you enjoying kendo?"
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-04 18:20:25 92466
Jiaying Maki waves to Nanoha as she runs out. She slides the first of many empty shake cups to the side, grabs her next and sniffs at it for a moment to try and remember which flavors she went for. Poking a straw in and swirling it around, she says, "Nice to meet you as well Akari."

She tilts her head at the mention of Kendo and asks, "Yeah? I know someone else that was getting into that. I do mizongyi, hitting people with sticks that aren't peachwood didn't seem fun to me." She shrugs.

To Naru, she nods, listening politely. "Have you done any projects with the sketches at least? Like working towards something? I've been starting our uh-" she pauses, tapping her foot, thinking, "Doujin? That thing right? We've been working on that. A friend back home and I I mean."
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-04 18:25:59 92467
Akari seems to be just a bit more relaxed as she sips from her lemonade. "Yep, I go to Infinity," she says. "Hannah Sharpe? I know her by reputation, but I haven't met her." (Though the reputation Akari knows her for might not solely be for kickboxing ...) "And yes! I am enjoying kendo very much, thank you." She chuckles. "I may have found my one true calling!" she adds in a half-joking tone of voice. "I mean ... more seriously, I do enjoy the sporting aspect of it. It's not quite like being in an anime," she says in an even more jocular tone, "but I wouldn't want to be in a real fight anyway."

She looks at Jiaying with interest. "Mizongyi, huh?" she says. "I'm not familiar. What's that like?"
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-04 18:36:47 92469
Jiaying Maki drums her fingers on the table at the mention of Hannah. "Huh. She's... interesting. Likes to spar. Also prone to- anyway. I know her girlfriend? Sort of. Has a bird." She wonders if she's on the good side, or the other side. Not that she's about to judge too harshly considering her roommate. "Kendo's your calling? Well if you're going to practice and go for it, go for it!" She devours another portion of shake before continuing with the other question. "It's a style of kung fu. Uh, Jackie Chan and Jet Li both use them. It's kind of like drunken boxing?"
Naru Osaka 2018-07-04 18:55:52 92470
"I can't say as I do all /that/ much with my sketches, beyond collect them." Naru admits with a faintly sheepish admission. "Eventually, I'd like to have a show, but I do need to pick enough art that fits a theme for that, or I'd like to at least. I'm getting there, I think."

Naru smiles at the mention of Hannah and nods. "She's not as actively out and about as she once was, but we used to train together, when I was just getting started running." She laughs softly. "One true calling, hmm? I prefer something with frewer bruises."
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-04 19:03:21 92471
Akari most definitely does not give away any evidence one way or other as to what side she's on, or indeed the fact that she's aware that either "side" exists. She does, however, finish her first glass of lemonade and give a sip to the other one. "Oh, yes, I think I know those names," she says. "Are you in a club for ... actually, what school do you go to?"

She smiles back at Naru. "Well, I don't know anything about art shows or what's involved with them, but I definitely think you're good enough to pull it off!" she says. She chuckles. "And ... like I said, my lifestyle is pretty physical, y'know?" She pauses, then cheerfully adds, "At the very least, I'm getting fewer bruises than I was a week and a half ago, so that's good."
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-04 19:22:17 92473
Jiaying Maki grins and says, "There's no club for it, it's something I do on my own. I go to Seishou, they were fine with a transfer student." She laughs, then asks, "How is infinity? I've met a few people from there, but it's kind of uh... I dunno, I always thought it would be stuck up."

Looking to Naru, she asks curiously, "Did you you ever get another show after that last one?" She pauses, "You had one before right? I remember that right, right?"
Naru Osaka 2018-07-04 19:28:30 92474
"Me?" Naru asks at the question from Akari. "I go to Seishou. No kickboxing club for me. Debate Club." She ahhs softly and nods. "Fewer bruises is fantastic progress. Good job."

Naru shakies her head to Jiaying. "I've been talking about it for/ever/, but something always stops me. Even if it's just me chickening out on the work involved in getting it set up. I need to bite the bullet and just /do/ it. I keep collecting more and more art, although not all of it is really suitable for public consumption."
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-04 19:35:31 92475
Akari nods. "I might have to check out your martial arts matches, then, if it's something open to the public," she says. She considers Jiaying's comment on Infinity as she sips from her lemonade. "Y'know what," she says finally with a grin, "I want to complain that 'stuck up' isn't accurate, but ... I can't. I just really can't." She shakes her head. "I have individual friends who are nice, but Infinity itself, on the whole, is very stuck up."

She nods to Naru. "I really think it'd be a great idea for you to go ahead and do an art show with the stuff that is fit for public consumption," she says. "I'm sure it'll be great!" (To her mild surprise, she finds that her enthusiasm is genuine, rather than just an affectation which is "in-character for ordinary-schoolgirl-Akari.")
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-04 19:59:10 92476
Jiaying Maki looks confused and asks, "Martial arts competitions?" She pauses, looks to Naru and points, "You and I were supposed to od sparring! We never did!" She pauses again, "I may have been in Taiwan for a lot of that. Oops." She frowns, then shakes her head and reaches for another shake. Nom nom nom.

Glancing to Akari, she asks, "We could do some sparring too, it's always good to practice even if there's no practical use for it, right?"
Naru Osaka 2018-07-04 20:04:39 92477
"I'll have to add 'art show' to my to-do list. Again. As always." Naru chuckles and then blinks to Jiaying. "We were?" She pauses a moment and then laughs. "We were! I totally forgot when I got utterly focused on race training. Are you getting enough sparring in even without me?" She gestures between the two of them. "Now that seems like a match, right there."
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-04 20:09:47 92478
Akari shakes her head, gesturing vaguely to both of them. "I don't know about that," she says. "I do kendo, not kenjutsu. It's a specific sport with rules. I'm ... really not sure how we'd 'spar' from that starting point."

And then she looks down at her watch. "... Actually, wow, I spent way more time here chatting than I thought I would, I should get going!" She hurriedly downs the rest of her lemonade, then grimaces as she gets a brain freeze. "Ack, ow!"
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-04 20:56:44 92479
Jiaying Maki grins and says, "What's a stick, but another weapon. I use a guandao sometimes, it would be fun to see how you handle that." She holds her hand up and adds, "The big spears we had. They're kind of like better looking naginatas." What, she's going to lean towards that side!
Naru Osaka 2018-07-04 21:12:58 92480
"I should probably get going too, in all fairness." Naru agrees with a little nod, putting away her sketchbook into her satchel. "I'm not a weapons kinda gal. I leave that to my girlfriend." She smiles, her expression fond. "Good to see you both. Take care."