The Great Gull---Girlfriend Conspiracry Committee!

Haruna and Hannah try to plot dumb for Aki's blind date with Miho. Miho is super less than impressed. WAY WAY less than.

Date: 2018-07-09
Pose Count: 13
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-07-09 01:04:11 92500
Haruna Kurosawa met a cute girl the other day and now she has this wonderful idea of trying to trick Aki into a blind date with her. IT IS THE PERFECT CRIME!


Haruna Kurosawa, has thusly, contacted her own girlfriend-slash-fiance.

> Hey Hannah-chan. I have a great idea.

> Come on down to the Gullwing~

> This is the perfect cri---DATE. I MEAN DATE. FOR AKI!

Corvus makes a miserable sigh that amounts to 'here we go again. ._.'. "Also, why didn't you just retype that!?"....

Then Miho Kagami gets a text.

> Heeeeey Miho-san~

> Whatcha doing?

> Come on down to the Cafe, I want ya to meet the girlfriend!

> I mean. Mine. Aki isn't here I totally promise I'm still working that out.

Thusly, it is closing time and Haruna's flipped the sign on the door from 'Open' to 'Closed, Fly In On The Morning!~' but left the door open so whoever can come in. She'd had related to this Miho. Hannah already knows the drill.

She's sitting in one of the booths sipping some hot chocolate. Hot chocolate in a small kettle has been provided! So have turnovers. The apple ones she likes so much.

Even if Miho doesn't show up, she does wanna totally meet with Hannah-chan because this is probably one of her more favorite activities and things have been nagging at her too much anyways about the Sakura thing and seeing Riventon done up in what looks like Scorn's schitck but designed for a dude.
Hannah Sharpe 2018-07-09 01:19:52 92501
Hannah Sharpe, evil CEO, loves this plan! She dropped her current dissection of a Familiar, had Boris drive her over, and one quick dehenshin behind an alleyway, then it's into the Gullwing just before closing time!

Boris, the fluffy husky, leads her over to her designated table, and she sets her cane aside after a quick smooch to her beloved fiance!

"Haruna Kurosawa, you are utterly evil and I approve of everything that is about to occur. Your parents are going to be beside themselves!"

Yup, she's grinning like a dolt as she sips coffee and tries to beat down the urge to laugh like a two-bit supervillain that she kind-of sorta is. Boris, meanwhile, walks over with a tailwag and a bump to Haruna's legs! Leeeeean up! The fluffy magical guide dog demands his tithe of pets!

"...Is she going to be good for Aki-chan though?" There's concern in her voice. This /is/ Haruna's sister.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-09 01:27:20 92502
Miho arrives ... reluctantly. Very reluctantly. To the extent that she approaches exactly as though she's tempted to simply turn around and head back the other way, and her arms are folded with her left arm grasped in her right. But if Miho has trouble with social interactions, she really has trouble with rejecting invitations, and so she simply heads over to the Gullwing Cafe without sending a message in response.

She becomes even more worried at the sight of an already-present stranger who is clearly "the girlfriend"; Miho knows that Hannah is engaged to a Pretty Cure, but Haruna did refer to her as a corporate villain. "Um, hello, Kurosawa-san," she says uneasily; she has a scratchy and somewhat androgynous voice. She gives a stiff, nervous bow to Hannah. "Um, Sharpe-san, I presume?" ... and then realizes the significance of the woman's cane, that couldn't actually see Miho's bow, and she just clams up for a moment.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-07-09 01:38:07 92503
Haruna Kurosawa grins. "Well I can't tell Aki yet, because she'll just go 'No, I'm a Pretty Cure and I'm stuck up like Blue and can't fall in love'." she mutters at Hannah-chan and rolls her eyes as she sighs a bit and crosses her arms a bit. She then eyes Miho.

She smiles at Miho and beams. "Hi Miho." she says softly. Then she pauses and looks between Miho and Hannah and then back to Miho. "Oh! I'm sorry." she says, as she leans down to pet Boris. "Hi Miho-san. This is Hannah Sharpe! The person I talked about last time." she winks at Miho. "I realized I left out an important detail. I'm sorry, again!" she says. "Hannah-chan is vision impaired, obviously. This is her assistant, Boris-kun!" she says, as she offers Boris-kun one of the turn overs.

Then she nods rapidly a moment. "Aki is off visiting the parents actually. Which is why she hasn't been around. Which stinks because of course she'd leave off somewhere when I have great ideas!"

"'Great Ideas.'" scoffs Corvus from one of the light fixtures up above. How long has he been there!?

"Hey Boris, you still up for Poker night?" he asks. "I dunno what Artemis is bringing for snacks but I bet it's Tuna fish sandwiches again." he says.

"Quiet you!" goes Haruna.

She leans forward. "Miho-san knows about the magic stuff." though she doesn't elaborate past that besides. "Or at least she's in it enough she remembered being attacked by a monster." she says.
Hannah Sharpe 2018-07-09 01:47:11 92504
Hannah's sharp ears catch that sound of someone entering. "Ahhhh, so /this/ is the legendary Miho-chan! Breaker of hearts and slayers of stuffy sisters that need to learn to enjoy love!" Yup, she's grinning darn near ear-to-ear!

Frown! "Of /course/! I swear, we need to chain her down and show her how much love can help people. I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am now if it weren't for you, Haruna-chan. As a mage, or as a person. It's you that makes me love every new day, knowing you'll be in it." She smiles, sighing happily. She's all but /dripping/ with love for her fiance!

Boris meanwhile is riiiight over to Miho! He hops up on his back legs, wagging his tail! "Is good to be meeting you! Don't be listening to green kitten or green bird too much. Young and silly!" A doggie bark of confidence!

"Will be cleaning out your pockets, Corvus! ...Will be nice and leave enough for tying knot with feathered lover."

Hannah sighs. "This...this is what I put up with every day Miho-chan. Don't listen to the fuzz brain." Laments the mage. Then she offers a hand. "Pleasure, Miho. Don't be shy, let's see some confidence! Girls /love/ confidence!"
Miho Kagami 2018-07-09 01:57:01 92505
Miho sighs softly and nods to Haruna. "Well, you only briefly talked about Sharpe-san, I think, so, uh, yeah." She looks up at the light fixture. "Hello, Corvus-san," she says, in a tone which suggests that she and Coruvs very much see eye-to-eye about Haruna's ... Harunaness. "For the record, Kurosawa-san, I still don't have the faintest idea how you think I'm going to get Aki-san to open up or whatever if she isn't interested in romance at all."

She practically recoils from the combined onslaught of Hannah and Boris, and gives her left arm a slight squeeze. "Uhhhhh ..." Deciding to ignore the comments about poker games altogether, she does a bit of a double-take and frowns at Boris. "Wait, 'kitten'?" She looks helplessly at Hannah with the expression of someone who really wants to be on the exact opposite end of Tokyo right that minute. She looks uncertainly at Hannah's outstretched hand for a second, before uncertainly grasping it. "If it's 'confidence' you want, you'll probably need another girl for that," she says weakly; her voice has shifted slightly downward in pitch.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-07-09 02:13:55 92506
Haruna Kurosawa makes a face. "Because everytime I mention it she gets super grumpy at me but she ONLY gets super grumpy at me and you're not me!" probably thank god for that one, Miho.

"Oh! Boris calls everyone 'kitten' because he's a dog, that's White-Kitten." she points at Hannah and "and I'm Green-Kitten!". she says with a smile.

"Boris is Russian you see, for some reason." she says with a weak smile. Because that's still something that she doesn't grasp except that 'Hannah thinks accents are hot because she's an American'.

Corvus makes a face. "That turned out to be the Fly card. One of Sakura-chan's cards." he says. "She caught it so I don't need to be smooched by a huge bird anymore." he says.

Haruna nods matter of factly, before turning to the matter at hand. "Anyways. Oh Right! Hannah-chan is American! Did you know that in America Kentucky isn't actually ruled by a Colonel who sells chicken!? I know right!?" she says.

She'll still never get over that.

"Anyways. Aki needs someone kinda adorable and quiet like you. I'm sure you two will become fast friends, first~" she sings. Then a pause. "Just a moment Miho. I need to mention something to Hannah because this is the kind of thing you don't talk about over the phone." she beams. She turns to Hannah.

"Riventon was caught fighting Sakura-chan, alone. After cornering her, but Sakura-chan is stronger now and almost beat him AND took back one of the cards he stole! Except, Riventon is also using some sort of weird feather labcoat deal with like raven feathers when he does that garbage?" she says. "Soooo might wanna make sure he isn't being controlled by a jerk bird in a tablet or something." she says dryly. She doesn't mean that last part. It means. 'Just watch out if you see something wrong.'.

Corvus says "Hey! I'm not a jerk anymore."

"Only a little bit~" says Haruna, smarily.

She looks back to Miho. "Dumb Magic stuff." she insists with a warm smile.
Hannah Sharpe 2018-07-09 02:41:53 92507
Grip. Hannah gives a nice, firm handshake, doing so vigorously all while looking /way/ too enthusiastic. Her grin is outright evil!

"Oh man, oh man. Miho-chan, you're doing it wrong already! First of all, be firm! Second of all, know that you're a sauve, confident, ladykiller in your heart! That'll be the only way to get through to someone like Aki! I'm counting on you, got it!?" Reeeeach, she swats the girl on the back, nice and firm! Her American is showing.

She does nod at every point that Gull makes though! "Kentucky is horrible anyway! Nope, no Colonels. South Carolina and Georgia is where it's at though." Gotta represent the two states she spent quite some time in!

She also instantly facepalms. "....Oh, yeesh, don't tell me he got possessed or something! Alright, fine, I'll look into it. Just to make sure I don't have to punch the feathers out of him. I mean, seriously? Little sis, too? I mean, evil gonna evil, but..." Temples are already being rubbed. She needs more coffee.

She rounds on Miho then. "So. Miho-chan. What are your best points? We need to do /something/ to emphasize that you're prime girlfriend material for Aki. We're going to have you /drown/ her in love by the time we're done with you! Big pink hearts raining from the sky!"
Miho Kagami 2018-07-09 02:49:51 92508
Miho nods slowly. "Well, uh ... okay, I guess ..." Her aura of wanting-to-run-away doesn't fade in the slightest. She furrows her brow. "No, as a matter of fact, I can honestly say that it has never occurred to me to even wonder whether Kentucky is ruled by a colonel." She goes a bit red-faced when Haruna calls her adorable, and completely clams up for the duration of Haruna's talk about Riventon, although she does recognize the name from ... somewhere, she can't quite recall. "Right," she mumbles when Haruna turns back to her. Oh right, it was from that girl from Midori-ya.

She almost stumbles back at Hannah's vigorous handshake, and lets out an almost boyish squawk at the slap. She then takes a few deep breaths to steady herself during the brief digression, and then focuses a bit on Hannah when she gets her attention again, and she does manage to bring her voice's pitch up to its proper level. "Well, according to Kurosawa-san, my best points are being quiet and adorable," she says flatly. "You know, I can't help but think that the two of you are kind of working at cross-purposes here."
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-07-09 03:10:45 92509
Haruna Kurosawa listens to Hannah, then back at Miho. "It's possible to be both! You'll see!" she says. "I mean. I used to be kinda quiet. Hannah likes loud and bombastic and... I mean okay I'm loud but I'm also kind of more reserved." she says sheepishly.

"I mean. I used to be. I guess. You'd really have to ask my sister about it. She'd probably explain it to you better than I can." she says.

She smiles a bit. "Trust me, you'll understand better when you meet Aki-chan. She isn't like. Crazy like me or Hannah. She's the opposite." she says.

"But she has trouble talking about things and it boils usually into her punching Hannah-chan since she blames her for a lot of stuff that happened to me even though she had literarily nothing to do with it!" she huffs.

"...Well almost literarily nothing to do with it!" she huffs some more.

Corvus goes to open his beak but thinks better of it.

"Think of less as it as being cross-purpose and more learning when to be more forward about things in general while still keeping reserved about it." she beams.

"But really. I think Aki is also gonna like you on her own." she says.

"Also she TOTALLY needs to save you from something horrible. She'll drag her water hammer out and KA-POW!" she says.
Hannah Sharpe 2018-07-09 03:29:04 92510
Hannah looks exceedingly proud of herself when she gets a squawk from Miho! She winks to the girl! "Oh yeah, you're perfect for Aki. Don't you worry Miho-chan! Just think of us as your senpais! Senpais of LOVE!" Arm cross! Poooose! A green wind-heart pops behind her, tossling her hair as she does so! And knocks over a few forks onto the floor.

She sticks her tongue out at her love! "I prefer the term 'sanity impaired', Haruna-chan! Yup, what Haruna says. See, we need to get Miho-chan here to be confident /and/ reserved. Go the 'mysterious icequeen' or 'powerful ojou' route. Can you do a laugh Miho-chan!?"

Ahem! "Ohhh ho ho hoooo!"

Hannah's been practicing. She pauses though as Haruna mentions Aki and saving Miho. She taps her way over, grabs Boris' lead, and hugs Gull tightly! "Perfect plan! I love it! Punching really does solve everything! I'll get right on that!" Wait, what?

"Don't worry, this will all be fine and perfectly safe just like my experiments. Get ready to play the maiden in distress, Miho-chan! See ya!" Then she's off like a shot. Being an evil CEO has it's perks.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-07-09 03:35:59 92511
Annnnd Hannah-chan is off. "Bye Hannah-chan!~ See you at home~" she sings teasingly out. "I'll bring back burgers~" she says. "A double for Boris-kun~" she sings out as she grins. Then a blink. ".....oh dear." she says. Then she absently looks to Miho and !!!! "Oh! don't worry I'm sure she doesn't mean anything by that." she says with a nervous giggle.

(Hannah-chan plz no youma the new friend, she thinks in her head. It'll probably happen. She knows it will.)

She sighs a bit and leans over. "I should probably close up the shop. She's really something, isn't she?~" she says softly. "Also we're both wind magic users so it kinda works out." she says.

She smirks a bit. "Oh, here." she says closing the box off Apple Turnovers. "Take these home~ They we're gonna be thrown out anyways." she admits. "I can't find a place where they're needed and I can't sell day old turnovers. I can sell anything else at a discount but people insist on the turnovers fresh." she huffs.

"I mean. I should be closing up properly now." she says. "Don't be so tense, okay?~" she grins.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-09 03:45:31 92513
Miho's reaction to the idea that Haruna is remotely reserved is undisguised skepticism; she looks up at Corvus to see his reaction to the "almost nothing" comment, too. "... well, I'll say this: I have noticed that my ... give-a-crap quotient has kind of taken a nosedive since unagi-san blew me up," she says. (She still hasn't gotten any hugs except the one from Rashmi, which wasn't even related to that.) "I dunno if I'm more outgoing, or if I'm just more snarky, but ... yeah."

She shrugs uncomfortably at the laugh demonstration. "Okay, no, that kind of laughter just ... isn't ... me," she says flatly. "I think you're actually at cross-purposes now, kind of ..." She doesn't actually get a word in edgewise before Hannah suddenly runs out on her own. "... if ... you actually want me to have anything to do with this again." She just lets out a groan.

"'Something', right. Yare yare da wa ..." She shakes her head. "Okay, fine, you want more 'confidence', Kurosawa?" she says without honorifics. "Here's this: if you and your girlfriend's goal was to make me even more worried and reluctant about all this bull-hockey, you've definitely succeeded." She glances up. "Later, Corvus-san," she adds, and then she turns and storms out without dignifying the turnovers with a response.