One More Test

Dr. Murano and Nightbell set up draining-machines on ''two'' rooftops this time, and one of them comes with a surprise! However, things get ''really'' out of hand when Cute Witch Kazeko shows up.

Date: 2018-07-15
Pose Count: 41
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-15 21:21:55 92635
Tonight, on the roof of an apartment building in Uminari, things are going a bit differently.

For one thing, Nightbell already has her sword out, and Dr. Murano is already sitting comfortably under a darkened-ruby pyramid-shield next to the energy shield, with the round-bell Storage Device with Nightbell's emblem in her lap.

For another thing, they've also set up an energy-draining machine on the roof of another apartment building right next to the one they're on now. In lieu of energy shields, there's a small group of UMBRA-brand youma-bots, tommy guns at the ready. Two of them appear to have been damaged and subsequently repaired; it's kind of an obvious patch-job. There's also a large white metal box, about twelve feet on a side.

Still, it's otherwise just like their earlier energy-draining tests, right down to Nightbell wearing a rain poncho which serves no purpose except to conceal her face, bar an indistinct red glow.

Dr. Murano says, "Ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be," says Nightbell. "Notwithstanding that I still think you should let me go alone so I don't have to babysit you next time. Rubindorn?"

<<BESTIMMT, HERRIN!!>> replies her sword. Nightbell points Rubindorn at the other rooftop and then at the machine next to her, and the two machines hum to life and begin draining energy from the residents of their respective apartment buildings ...
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-15 21:33:16 92637
The moment the draining starts, Sora notices. Because she was just done with a tutoring session inside the building and riding down the elevator. Fortunately, being the only person in the elevator allows her to transform in peace. One incantation and some magic later, and when the elevator doors open Cute Witch Kazeko comes rushing out. She flies upwards and lands on the roof with Nightbell on it.

On accident. She'd meant to observe and decide whether or not she should get involved later, and hasn't quite connected the dots yet that Nightbell is involved with UMBRA's shenanigans. So instead of initiating an attack or anything she casually walks towards Nightbell to ask. "Heya! What kind of stunt is UMBRA pulling tonight?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-07-15 21:38:39 92638
Mikoto doesn't notice the drain, at first. Or if she does, she chalks it up to an upset stomach. She'd just finished dinner at Korma Chameleon, and had been egged on by a friend she ran into there to try something a little - ok, a lot - spicier than her usual.

And about a gallon of ice water to wash her mouth out afterwards. It was good, but... so not doing that again. Hand pressed to her rumbly tummy, she walks along down the avenue, past the apartment buildings, towards the bus station that'll get her to her lair.

And that's when Carnwennan notices it. <~Negative energy readings, meister. Probable enemy activity.~>

"Blurgh. Diarrhea is the enemy," Mikoto mutters, but she alters course across the street to an alley away from the two affected buildings, so she can get into her barrier jacket in privacy.
Makio Ryu 2018-07-15 21:40:15 92639
In the other building, Makio had just been delivering an order made special for some customer living on their own and bed ridden for some reasom or another. Much like Sora, he had to resort to transforming in the elevator. As such Mew Macaroon would be seeking out the source of things when he finds his way to that building's roof top.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-15 21:52:37 92640
Dr. Murano peers at Cute Witch Kazeko and stifles a chuckle. Nightbell just turns to face Kazeko, grasping the edge of her hood to keep her eyes hidden, a sharky grin just barely visible in the glow. "Oh, we're not actually with UMBRA," she says cheerfully. She gestures at the other building with her sword. "We just requisitioned their robots through Eclipse a while ago so they could guard one of their assets." She gestures to herself with her other hand.

Rubindorn pings as Mew Macaroon arrives. <<ICH HABE EINEN DEFINITIVEN FEIND ENTDECKT, HERRIN! it says; it has what sounds like a more cutesy version of Nightbell's own voice; Tessen is too far out of its range at the moment.

"A definite enemy, eh?" Nightbell smiles, steps back a bit from Kazeko, and pushes back her hood, revealing her glowing red cat-eyes and face-markings. "My name's Nightbell," she calls out, loud enough for Mew Macaroon to hear. "You?"

A glowing holographic screen appears above the bell in Dr. Murano's lap, and she starts watching it intently. "Here we go," she mutters.
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-15 22:00:27 92641
"Ahhh. That makes sense. I used to do some freelance work for UMBRA back in the day." Kazeko answers Nightbell without too much concern, though she does seem mildly concerned. "I'm going to have to ask you to stop draining that building, though. That one's my territory, and I don't really approve of people draining my territory without getting me to approve of it first." Nonetheless, she makes no overt moves to attack.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-07-15 22:09:26 92642
Transformation completed, Tessen takes to the skies, as is her habit, a trail of flickers almost invisible as they form in the air above her, orbiting about ready to strike. As usual, she doesn't use them yet, instead approaching the roof height of the affected buildings... and smiling to herself as she recognized the people standing over the devices. And the robots.

"Good evening, Doctor, Bell-kun," she calls as she closes in. She takes in the familiar lines of the machines - not quite the same, perhaps an upgrade over the last set? - and of course the quite familiar youma-bots. "Looking for another go-round, were you? I do hope the repair bills on the robots didn't put you out of pocket."
Makio Ryu 2018-07-15 22:11:02 92643
Macaroon looks puzzled for a short moment. He's actually NOT very used to dealing with more than the mooks of the mahou world, so it's a bit surprizing that he's actually blindly running into something being performed with an actual human type enemy. He really should be more careful when he's not getting a warning about predasites to go with these bad feelings. Hey though, the lady is introducing herself. "Mew Macaroon," he calls back with a wave, "Sooo, I guess these machines are your gig here then?"

He's smirking and talking casually like enough, but he's keeping a very alert eye on the happenings of that other rooftop, trying to glean what he can about what's going on and being ready to react if anything 'funny' happens. Hopefully THIS time he doesn't mess up. Last time an actual person was involved on the other end he got away with all the people. Everyone was lucky that nothing bad SEEMED to have happened of it...but in a more serious situation. Makio doesn't want to chance that again. He should act faster but, darn it, what if attacking the machines is more of a harm than a help? He doesn't KNOW.'s been months and he's still such a total /newbie/.

Worse yet is he doesn't really know these other people either. Sooo is everyone the enemy? Ah wait, no...sounds like the girl who just flew in might be helpful. Thank goodness for that.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-15 22:26:49 92644
Nightbell smiles. "Oh, really? Sorry about that!" she says to Kazeko. She makes no move to deactivate the machine, however. "You say you 'used to' work for UMBRA ... Now, I wonder, ah, why did you stop?" Even as she maintains a general facade of cheerfulness, that question is pointed and sharp.


"'That blue knight'?" says Nightbell. "Oh, Tessen." She smirks, turns to face the other knight, and calls out, "Well, they were already bought and paid for, and the Doctor here knows better than to do anything except write off everything we deploy as a potential loss when you jokers show up, sooooo, no harm done, y'know?"

She cautiously rises off the ground, and gives Mew Macaroon a nod. "Oh, yes!" she says. "Careful, though!" she adds, half to Tessen. "We've already started draining energy from people this time around, so you might wanna watch what you smash!" Well, that should clarify the situation for Mew Macaroon ...

Nightbell moves back so she can see all three of them at once. "What do you say we play the same game I played on my first night here?" she says. "You win, we put return the energy we drained. I win ..." She gives the trio a nasty cheerful smile. "... well, you probably won't be able to do much about what happens next, I think!" Her nasty smile then becomes considerably less cheerful. "Of course, the last time I went three-on-one, it was two-on-one by the time it ended, and I only lost because one of the others was a purifier."

Dr. Murano sends a telepathic command to her bell-Device, and the youma-bots on the other building tense up, watching the unfolding scene intently, tommy guns at the ready.
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-15 22:43:48 92645
"It was only freelance work and they haven't offered me any jobs in a while." Kazeko answers truthfully, while glossing over a few important details. "I'm still on good terms with Riventon, and I really would prefer not to smash up their stuff. So I guess if you insist, I will instead smash up the people behind it." She entirely ignores the proposed deal.

Instead, she shows that she is not a hero. Nightbell will hopefully be adequately distracted by the others present, and instead there's this juicy looking target behind a barrier. The winds pick up as she casually walks towards Dr, Murano. The winds start to be infused with power. Not purifying power, Kazeko needs to embrace the idea that she could be a hero before she could pick that kind of energy up. Just raw magical power that starts to batter down the barrier. There's a cruel smirk on her face as she stares at Dr. Murano.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-07-15 22:55:23 92646
Tessen keeps on smiling as she listens, as her stock of flickers slowly builds up. "That's a smart business decision," she comments, "Rather unlike some I've seen from UMBRA of late. But, well, UMBRA." She shrugs. "There's more to life than smashing things. It's really all about keeping people from getting hurt."

She makes a flourishing bow, in the middle of which she flicks her energy-bladed fans into place, twirling them about as she straightens. "It would seem the game is afoot, then. Who shall play first?"
Makio Ryu 2018-07-15 22:56:23 92647
Mew Macaroon furrows his brows a bit. He's doubtful he could text anybody at a time like this. WHY does he keep not thinking to text people until the danger's already completely obvious?! On the other hand, what good is he if he can't DO anything but fight predasites and other people's mooks on his own? He looks toward Tessen, offering a wave.

Hopefully something can be worked out between them if it's needed. For now, it sounds like his concern about smashing the machine possibly being a bad thing is well founded, so he'd hold his hands up to show he had no weapons on hand before attempting to make a move to the other building so they at least aren't having to yell at eachother. Oh course being a mahou, he's prepared for show of no physical weapons to possibly get him no breaks on the possibility of turrets shooting at him, but it's worth a try since he has to get over there anyway.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-15 23:25:13 92650
Dr. Murano brings up a smaller screen, and telepathically says, I'm trying to look up this girl in Eclipse's databases ... I don't know much about what UMBRA has "WAUGH!!" She leaps over to hide behind the machine, even though all this accomplishes is that she's the same distance away from the attack except from the other side of the shield. The four youma-bots on the other building promptly open fire, shooting bullets of dark energy right at Kazeko and ignoring Tessen and Mew Macaroon.

"Right, then!" Seemingly not fully aware of what the youma-bots are doing, Nightbell is briefly engulfed in a cloud of dark energy ... and then she charges out of the cloud as it dissipates, decked out in her dark Knight Clothing.

Ping! <<KARTUSCHE BEREIT!>> A gun-trigger setup sticks out of Rubindorn's handle, and Nightbell pulls the trigger, the sword vents black steam, and the blade starts crackling with dark electricity as she charges forward to slash at Kazeko from the side!
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-15 23:37:05 92651
Kazeko leaps around the barrier as the sword just nicks her leg, "Something happened, so I'm not quite operating like I used to. Am still on good terms with Riventon." She keeps maneuvering around the barrier, "But I'm not nearly as active as I used to be anyway. Do please pass on to Riventon that I'm still looking for extra work, perhaps let Miss White know too, while you're at it. I did some freelance work for her, too."

She concentrates wind around her hand and arm, forming a miniature tornado as she pushes forward, trying to burst through that barrier just long enough to grasp Dr. Murano's neck and pull her out. "As a point of strategy? Don't bring squishies to the front lines." Success or not, she's actively trying to make it difficult for Nightbell to attack her without going through Dr. Maruno. "Makes your life harder for no good reason. I mean, unless you want to kill her..."
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-07-16 00:04:29 92653
So, it would seem that the witch has attracted Nightbell's attention away from Tessen. Good, good. She's fairly confident her shields can tank the tommyguns the youmabots are carrying, so better to deal with that first. Remove the guards, and she can disengage and reverse the drain machine at her leisure. So she settles in mid-air just off the roof of the second building. Without shields, it's vulnerable, and she might as well deal with the soft target.

<~Panzerschild ready,~> Carnwennan offers, ready to deflect the youmabots' bullets if need be.

"Time to dance," she murmurs, as she steps onto the roof to engage the robotic defenders, her fans slashing out at the metallic monsters.
Makio Ryu 2018-07-16 00:08:03 92654
Mew Macaroon raises his brows in surprise as one of the other mystery people starts attacking another one of the mystery people, causing the bots to ignore him and the girl with the fans. "Well...seems like SHE started the fight," he murmurs. He isn't sure he much likes how 'SHE' is handling it though, but he's a deal more concerned about the larger amount of people below.

"Hey, you already seem to know this one," he says toward Tessen, "Any suggestions on dealing with her?" He /quietly/ calls forth the handles of his Macaroon shards, not wanting to waste the fact that the lady of the 'game' seems distracted. The bladeless handles in his hands sprout their icicle like blades. However, seeing Tessen go for the bots, given the fact there are four of them, he'd take a slash in the direction of one of them, causing a frozen wave from it to fly in that bot's general direction.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-16 00:24:52 92655
Dr. Murano shrieks as the barrier shatters, and she flails helplessly in Kazeko's grip, dropping the bell-Device next to the machine. Nightbell comes to a screeching halt, looking like her mind is racing. "Yeah, I tried to tell her that!" she says frantically. "But she wouldn't listen even when something like this happened last time!"

When Tessen lands and Mew Macaroon attacks, the UMBRA-bots immediately stop firing in Kazeko's general direction; two of them turn around to face Tessen, and the other fire towards Mew Macaroon. One of each goes down immediately, but at the same moment, the big white box suddenly pops open, revealing a much bigger monster-bot curled up in a fetal position -- big enough that even the twelve-foot box was cramped. It has a blocky frame that vaguely looks beefy, and it has no face other than an infinity-symbol where its eyes would be. "ZEROOOOOO!" it roars, pounds its chest, and then starts knuckling towards Tessen and swings a massive fist at her!

Nightbell barely gives the Zero-bot a glance. Okay, what can I do? she thinks to herself. She was preprogrammed with lots of combat skills and capabilities, and the dark energy that suffuses her entire being gives her a power-boost on top of that, but in terms of actual experience, she's way behind even Mew Macaroon. She closes her eyes for a moment. What did that little vampire say ...? 'The Dark Energy controls you, you don't control it. But you can guide it where it needs to go.'


"Okay," says Nightbell. "Go ahead and kill her." The cheerful swagger and bravado is gone from her voice. "If you do that, you won't have any hostages anymore, and you'll have Eclipse's undying hatred!" As she speaks, a note of pure evil builds up in her voice.

She opens her eyes, and now the red glow has a faint purple tinge of dark energy around the edges, with a sinister smile on her face. "At least, until you die," she snarls. "You think you're accomplishing anything!?" She then lets out a full-tilt evil cackle.

"... um," says Dr. Murano, now clearly more afraid of Nightbell than she is of Kazeko.

Nightbell pulls the trigger on her sword again, and the blade is completely engulfed in dark energy. <<... ROSENWIND!>> says Rubindorn, just a little bit hesitantly, and Nightbell swings the blade, firing a slash of dark energy at Kazeko -- and by extension, Dr. Murano!
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-16 00:35:52 92656
"Eclipse's undying hatred? Really?" Kazeko just starts laughing. It's not a pleasant laugh, she is in fact quite clearly mocking Nightbell. "Since when does Eclipse care about fools who throw their lives away?" There's more mocking laughter, "They'd probably not like it, but that's because such fools are useful assets. Now Dr. Murano, it looks like it's going to get a bit rough, so please prepare to weather the storm. I do need you to live just a little longer."

Kazeko stretches out her arm to put distance in between Dr. Murano and herself, then begins to let winds pick up and spin at high pace. Fast enough that this would be incredibly uncomfortable for Dr. Murano, and would almost certainly hurt, but by itself it shouldn't kill. It should even protect Dr. Murano just enough that the Rosenwind won't kill her. It will probably hurt a lot, and bits of that attack still go through and connect with Kazeko, albeit only mildly.

After the attack, Kazeko leaps up as the protective winds turn into flight assistance, and she magically amplifies her voice. "The terms are pretty simple. Shut down the machine and reverse that drain of yours right this instant, or she dies." To emphasize her point, she whips out the silver chains that she brings along, and they begin to tighten up right away. They're not strangling the good doctor, but they really quickly could be janked at to snap her neck. "What'll it be, then?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-07-16 00:44:04 92657
Tessen smirks. Of course the unshielded one was a trap. It almost had to be.

She's rather fond of Obi-Wan Kenobi's policy on traps: Spring them! The best way to deal with an ambush is to turn the tables on the ambusher.

"Is that your IQ, or your shoe size?" she asks of the Zero-bot, as her fans flicker out from her hands to spin through the air and slash at the tommygun-bots, then swiftly return to her grasp just as the promised Panzerschild springs up to protect her from the fist.

She doesn't seem to care much about the other fight - the Doctor would've known the risks when she agreed to this kind of work, shouldn't she? - focusing on the zero-bot. She lashes out with her fans, retreating before its push forward, drawing it back towards the edge of the roof... and then she herself steps off that edge, hovering in place, taking one more step back to see just how flight-capable the bot is....
Makio Ryu 2018-07-16 00:47:05 92658
The blunette boy becomes even more concerned with the situation of the lady over there. Come on guys...please don't resort to killing eachother over there! He'd move on to attack another of gun bots, whilst hoping that there will only be the one 'Zero' to worry about and that there won't be another showing up whenever the last of the four gun bots is taken out.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-16 00:57:01 92659
Dr. Murano shrieks as she gets hit by the dampened attack from Nightbell, and struggles against the chain. "Do you think she can even hear you right now!?" she shouts at Kazeko. "She's been consumed with dark-energy rage!"

Ping! <<ICH KANN!> says Rubindorn at a loud volume. Both draining machines shut n for a split second, then start letting out more pleasant hum as they starts sending energy back into the people in the two buildings. <<KANNST DU JETZT MEINE HERRIN STOPPEN?>>

"'Can you stop my mistress now?'" Dr. Murano translates. At that exact moment, Nightbell lets out an almost animalistic roar, flits to the side in midair, and swings her blade, sending another slash of dark energy at Kazeko!

"ZEROOOOOO!" says the Zero-bot in response to Tessen's snide question, its fist smashing against her shield -- hard enough that it might crack, but not hard enough to punch through. It doesn't even seem to notice at first as the last UMBRA-bot gets destroyed by Mew Macaroon. However, it seems sensible enough not to try to step off the side of the building, and instead just holds both of its fists out, one at Tessen and the other at Mew Macaroon; small mounted guns stick out of its wrists, and it starts shooting dark-energy bullets at each of them -- not really any more potent than the dark tommy guns.
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-16 01:10:28 92660
"Not my problem. See, it worked out." She suddenly falls as winds stop supporting her flight to protect her and Dr. Murano from that dark energy wave, while falling the chains unwrap from Dr. Murano's neck. "You better figure out how to get her back under control really quickly. Bye!" Because dodging attacks while flying is pretty hard, she rushes upwards to give Murano some upwards momentum in the general direction of the other appartment building. Worst case, maybe one of those two will feel altruistic.

Following that, Kazeko just speeds up and bails. She has no particular interest in fighting someone in a dark energy rage.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-07-16 01:18:10 92661
The not-so-good Doctor Murano's fate is of little interest to Tessen at the moment, dealing with the zero-bot as she is. Her Panzerschild cracks under the impact of the bullets, forcing her further back from the roof, and she puts up a hand to steady it. The other hand throws the fan again, sending it in a spiraling twirl that rakes the bladed edges over the bot's shoulders, trying to sever its arms... or at least important connections thereto, like energy cables, or control lines.

(She really expects that anyone worth the title of Researcher would take precautions when on field assignment like this. The woman's been shown to use a Storage Device before, after all....)

She plucks the returning fan out of the air, and starts circling, again leading the zero-bot and keeping its aim focused on her. After all, bullets that hit her shield aren't ending up in nearby apartment buildings. Eventually, though, if she can put Nightbell between her and it....
Makio Ryu 2018-07-16 01:32:45 92663
Awww, crap! This went from seeming bad to...reaaaaaaally not good. Macaroon furrows his brows, the machines are off now, so he should REALLY try to do something about the falling lady, but he's not certain he really /can/. He's a bit too far away to reach with his arms, and he's not a flier. He's from the OPPOSITE end of the scale here. Seals don't fly! Thinking quickly he tries doing his ranged slashes in her direction a few times in quick succession. It's taken a deal of these to freeze youmas and predasites when he's on land, so he imagines actually freezing a person won't be so easy. Given that the waves are basically just solidified ice energy with a force behind them, hopefully it can at least knock her falling tragectory into a direction that lands her on a roof for certain.

However, doing this also means he's a bit distracted and he likely is going to be taking some hits from the shots being fired at him in the process. It's kind of hard to dodge something if you're looking somewhere else.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-16 01:44:24 92664
Nightbell is clearly not in a state where she cares what happens to Dr. Murano either! She screams through the air, chasing after after Kazeko, swinging her sword wildly and sending ... well, three more slashes of dark energy before the darkness on her blade fades, and they aren't even aimed very well. "GET BACK HERE!" she shouts, and she thrusts out one hand, sending an equally-poorly-aimed blast of darkness ... which is still only a little bit more powerful than the kind of dark energy bullets a bog-standard youma would use. She clearly doesn't notice Tessen's shenanigans, either.

The Zero-bot stumbles just a bit from Tessen's fans. "ZEROOOOOO!" it says, sounding distressed, and while it continues firing at both Tessen and Mew Macaroon, dark energy starts leaking from its shoulders where the fans slashed, and the bullets have a much lower power now.

Dr. Murano, against all odds, is knocked out of the sky and safely onto a rooftop! "... ouch ..." She's badly battered, everything hurts, she can barely move, and she probably has a whole bunch of broken bones, but she's alive. She manages to raise one relatively unhurt arm towards in the direction that the ice-blasts came from and give Mew Macaroon a shaky thumbs-up, before her arm just flops back onto the roof.
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-16 01:48:02 92665
"Hey device thingy. Shut off already, there's no point to this." Kazeko yells through amplified sound right as she gets hit by one of the dark energy slashes and then simply falls as though she's been knocked out. Down and down she goes towards the ground far below, but right before hitting the ground she gets flying again, dodging sideways into a narrow alleyway, trying to shake the shake Nightbell.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-07-16 01:53:59 92666
Tessen chuckles softly to herself as she sees the zero-bot start to leak energy. Looks like she's actually doing some damage. "So, Zero," she muses as she deflects a few more bullets. These barely need the Panzerschild, by this point. "Did I ever tell you the one about the Robot, the Belkan Knight, and the really annoying digestive upset?"

She swats away another burst of fire, then hmms. "Guess not. It goes something like this."

A flood of motes of light rips its way from the sky, swirling down around the robot, slicing into its armor and tearing at the metal and other substances. "Senbonzakura."
Makio Ryu 2018-07-16 01:56:38 92667
Right! No more being distracted with some seeming bad guy's life being in danger! Now that the people below are taken care of and Dr. Murano taken care of as he's concerned about for the moment, Macaroon turns his attention back to Zero, attempting to dodge and weave through as many of the dark bullets shot at him as he can manage while rushing Zero. He'd leap upward as soon as he's close enough and bring himself down at Zero's non-leaking shoulder ice blades first...

Annnd Tessen does that thing with fire, so he makes quick to pluck himself back up and try to get the heck out of dodge as fast as possible.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-16 02:01:59 92668
Ping! <<JA, OK!>> In a burst of dark energy, Rubindorn transforms into a pendant.

Nightbell slows down and sputters, not even noticing where Kazeko's gone. "N -- don't -- you -- Schwertform!" she shouts.

<<NEIN!>> says Rubindorn petulantly.

"ZEROHHHH NOOOOOO!" Tessen's flicker and Mew Macaroon's final attack are enough. There's a loud screech of tortured metal, followed by a small explosion as the robot topples over backwards onto the rooftop and shatters into pieces.

Nightbell is started by the sound, and the purple light fades. "Wha -- What the ..." She looks around worriedly as she starts figuring out what just happened. "... ach, scheisse ..."

Mikoto Nakajima 2018-07-16 02:15:45 92669
"Zero, YES," Tessen gloats, flicking her fans closed and spinning about to face Nightbell. And see who else is still about. "So, having a wonderful night?" she asks. Not expecting a positive, or polite, answer.

"Looks to me like it's about time you pack up your remaining toys and go home, hmm? Looks like you're going to have to chalk this one up to 'experiment failed due to equipment failure'."
Makio Ryu 2018-07-16 02:18:16 92670
With Zero out of the way, Macaroon turns his attention in Nightbell's direction. "Wasn't it supposed to be three on one? I think the numbers got thrown off a bit there! ...or are you guys REALLY that bad at counting? Might explain the quality of the weapons!" He'd raise a brow at Tessen POSSIBLY speaking to him after having not replied to him before. "Eh, been worse, been better, I'd give it maybe....a 6 of 10?"
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-16 02:30:53 92671
Nightbell chortles at Tessen's rejoinder, and gives a grandiose shrug. "Yeah, more like 4 out of 10 for me," she says without rancor. "'Equipment failure', yeah, that's a pretty good description. At least now I really understand how much my dark energy can control me, wow."

She shakes her head at Mew Macaroon. "A surprise is no fun if you can see it coming!" she quips. "Besides, you didn't have that much trouble taking it down, did you? I guess it was more like ... a one-on-one and a one-on-two, if you can even call it that." She looks sidelong at Tessen, and says, "At least he's trying to do banter, sort of."
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-07-16 02:35:18 92672
Tessen nods, gravely, agreeing with some of Nightbell's sentiments. "I tried," she says, defensively. "You sent a robot to shoot at me from ambush. So I smashed it." She shrugs.

"Frankly, I'd worry about the whole 'dark energy' thing. You don't want to lose control to it. Things can get... seriously ugly. I've seen it happen."
Makio Ryu 2018-07-16 02:38:51 92673
Mew Macaroon nods a little in reply to Tessen's statement about the dark energy. "Yeaaah, you should be more careful," he states, "Speaking might wanna check on that friend of your's or whatever she is back there... And yeah, 'm still kinda learning the whole thing, so the banter's still pretty awkward!"
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-16 02:47:09 92674
Nightbell gives a thumbs-up at Tessen's first comment, and a midair bow at the second. "Don't need to tell me twice!" she says. "Don't worry your pretty head over it, my side's got people I can talk to about that."

She nods to Mew Macaroon. "Well, at least least you tried. My first night, the good guys I fought were just total snores. The Doctor's my handler, by the way." She immediately turns to float towards to the building where the Doctor landed, and grimaces. "Scheisse." She pulls a sleek black phone out of her Knight Clothing. "Nightbell here, the Doctor got knocked around and needs a medical evac." After getting a confirmation, she hangs up and turns back to Mew Macaroon. "How did she end up over there, anyway?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-07-16 02:52:14 92675
"Oh, yes, and they're such experts they didn't warn you about it before they hopped you up on it. Good going, team Evil." Tessen's smile is a little lopsided, by this point. "They don't sound too smart from my end. Still, it's your dime."

Mention of the Doctor bings a blink of her eyes. She looks over to where Mew Macaroon indicated, and her eyes narrow. "Dang. That looks painful." Thank you, Dame Obvious. To Nightbell's question, she can only shrug. "Wasn't paying attention to that side of the fight, sorry."
Makio Ryu 2018-07-16 02:54:17 92677
"That Mahou that bounced off tried to use her as a meat shield....and then abandoned her to fall wherever once she got what she wanted. I used some attacks to try and make it so she landed on the roof and not on the ground... sorry, was the only option that seemed possible at the time since no one else was stepping in, mayyybeee don't waste it," Makio says in explanation.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-16 03:01:55 92678
Nightbell snorts at Tessen. "They didn't do it, they just salvaged me from the Dusk Zone, after the Storage Device I was in was just sitting there for the better part of a thousand years," she says. "I just ended up partly made of the stuff, and we're all still figuring things out."

She nods to Mew Macaroon. "Nice work," she says, flashing him a smile. "Pretty quick thinking, clever use of what you had available, and kind of ruthless, just like the witch. I can tell you're gonna go places, kiddo."

She looks up at the sky to the north. "Speaking of going places, the two of you might wanna beat feet. My side's going to get here pretty soon, and while it's gonna be medics ..." She shrugs. "Well. You know what we're like."
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-07-16 03:08:46 92679
"Ahhhh. And much is explained," Tessen muses. "And it doesn't have to be 'we' if you don't want it to be. There's something to be said for Belkan Solidarity, after all." She doesn't expect it to be a terribly persuasive argument at this point, but the offer is on the table.

"Keep in touch," she calls over, as she starts to fly away. Hopefully to find an available restroom before things get uncontrollable. "Too few Knights in this town, too many speech-spouting over-righteous blondes."
Makio Ryu 2018-07-16 03:11:59 92680
Mew Macaroon has mostly had the luck of meeting the nicer baddies actually, so he's not quite sure! He's not going to mention as much though. Especailly when Nightbell's compliment has him pretty torn on how to take it. He's not sure he wants to be ruthless...still it's nice to be told he had quick thinking. "Thanks? Maybe," he says in uncertainty with a tilted head. He's not sure if it's SAFE to go yet though. What says they can't just turn the machines back on? ...but what also says it's safe to DO anything about the machines right now EITHER?

He'd look to Tessen, again thinking her experiance over his might help here... And she's leaving. He GUESSES that means things are ok then! "Ok, be careful," he says again, really having no idea who Tessen's on about as he starts making his way back down stairs.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-07-16 03:26:16 92682
Nightbell raises her eyebrows. "Eh, maybe," she says, in a tone of voice that suggests that knight-solidarity is in fact the least-persuasive thing that's been leveled against her in her entire brief life. "I haven't even seen Belka firsthand." She grins at Tessen's other remark. "Hah, you got that right! See you later!"

She grins at Mew Macaroon, and just gives him a wave as he leaves, then floats over to the building where Dr. Murano landed.

"Want ... to recruit ... that witch ..." groans the Doctor.

"Oh, I know, right?" says Nightbell. "She was totally ruthless, wasn't she? We're definitely gonna pass on the message to Riventon."

"Mmh ... yes," says Dr. Murano. "This was ... good data ... Too bad ... we lost ... all the energy ... we ..."


There's a pause. Then Nightbell bursts out laughing, and Dr. Murano just smiles.