Just Go Home, Ryo!

Ryo Okana starts stuff with Alexis Raskoph. Then a bunch of others get involved. Uh oh!

Date: 2018-07-18
Pose Count: 40
Ryo Okana 2018-07-18 17:45:12 92704
When you're in an awesome nearly private school, you get perks like being able to go out and take a walk when you need to clear your head. Or one supposes so. Because that's where Ryo finds himself today. He is out, taking a walk in Penguin Park along one of the foot paths that no doubt exist in a park.

He has his head down, currently staring at his phone. Why, of all books, does he need to write an essay on 'Dracula'. It brought up bad feelings.

For obvious reasons of course. At least obvious to him, and perhaps anyone else that may know the details here. Why can't bad feelings stay dead?
Cheri Koumori 2018-07-18 17:53:48 92705
Cheri Koumori is also wandering through the park, or maybe more like sneaking, peering around here and there rather nervously as if she is hiding from someone. It's about lunch time at her school, which means she is on a break, which means she is still in her Seishou school uniform..But why's she hiding behind trees and peeking around the corner? Who knows. She always was a rather nervous little mouse..
Stahlritter 2018-07-18 18:04:22 92706
And then there's a case of a certain German. Unlike most who come along through the park, he is left to leaning against one of the larger trees within, rather than hiking through.

This is just a quick pause. To get a breather. Face mostly concealed underneath his hood, though one sleeve is drawn and rolled up to expose the bare forearm underneath. Or, well, what of it is bared at this point, anyway, with cloth being actively wrapped around it, red staining the makeshift bandage here and there.

The war he has set on is taking its toll. But it's one he knew he'd be paying, anyhow.
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-18 18:10:18 92707
There's an athletic girl in a Seishou gym uniform sitting against a tree. With long black hair and a bag full of books. One of those books is a chemistry textbook, and she's balancing a notebook on her knee as she does homework. A pocky stick is lazily hanging out of the corner of her mouth, and she's got a pair of earplugs playing some j-pop too loud, people near her can hear it.
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-18 18:17:03 92708
Jiaying Maki is also in a Seishou uniform, though it's the skirt and blouse in her case. She's ALSO listening to music far too loud, though anyone listening to that might wonder why there's throat singing, metal style riffs, topshurs and jawharps all mixed in. She is quietly singing in Chinese along with the song though.

Sneaking up behind her girlfriend, relying on the whole music covering her music and footsteps thing, she slips her arms around her from behind in a hug, rests her chin on Sora's shoulder and says, "Ni hao." With a grin. It's only after that she takes a look around to see who else might be around today.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-18 18:22:55 92709
Miho has also decided to spend her break in the park, so she's wearing her Seishou uniform too. Ryo doesn't particularly catch her attention, but she notices Cheri, and her first thought is honestly, same; she knows what it's like to want to hide from everyone, so she just sends the girl a nod and keeps going. She catches sight of Sora and Jiaying; this is the first time she's actually seen them together, but she decides not to interrupt them because she doesn't feel like subjecting herself to Jiaying's boundless energy or how imposing Sora was the first time they met.

The big boy in the hoodie really catches her attention, though, and so Miho starts wending her way in a direction she's at least half-certain is Alexis-ward. Usually, she's intimidated in general, but this is offset by the sight of his apparent injury, which is something she can definitely handle. Besides, going by her last conversation with Alexis and Rashmi, it's probably the result of something ... unnecessary, and Miho finds that she's strangely okay with giving him a hard time about it.
Ryo Okana 2018-07-18 18:35:49 92710
Ryo Okana finally looks up from his phone and there's people in his general vincinity. This annoys him, and it shows on his face, as he brushes blonde bangs out of his face. He doesn't know any of these people. Wait. Does he?

His eyes look to the girl hiding. He won't bother her. She'll need to come out. There are two girls listening to music nearby. He doesn't know either of them. Though the hug suggests some sort of relationship- he considers.

His eyes fall on Miho, and the direction she's moving. Towards...

Waitaminute. He knows this one. Even in a hood, and trying to hide it, you recognize someone when they break your nose.

He pockets his phone and begins to walk towards Alexis. It's a straight, forward and direct line, perhaps coming from a side. When he gets close enough.

"Did the thing wearing my sister's skin finally pay you back?" he asks coldly, mostly about that red, stained bandage. No hello, or how are you? break any noses lately?

"Good. If so." he says. "Is it dead?" he asks.

He hasn't encountered anything else. He's making large assumptions.
Cheri Koumori 2018-07-18 18:39:48 92711
Cheri Koumori glances around, carrying a heavy bookbag herself as she searches for a nice, quiet out of the way place to hide and..Study. Or maybe just breathe a bit. She spies a few familiar Seishou students, although none of them she knows too well. Miho is given a small, shy nod and smiles as she tightens the handle on her bag, spying a tree that seems to be out of the way, and she ends up heading towards Alexis' tree, spying him a moment too late..

Gah, so tall and intimidating, especially with that blood stained bandage on his arm. And then another angry boy marches up to him, saying weird things. She jumps back, a bit startled, and her books tumble out of the too-small bag, ripping a bit. "Ack!" she yelps, scrambling to the ground to pick them up, while still keeping an eye on the two boys a bit warily, suspecting they may be more of the bullies who are always after her lunch money. Gah.
Stahlritter 2018-07-18 18:54:26 92712
    IT's MIho that Alexis happens to notice first. His head turns underneath the hood just as he finishes tightening the improvised bandage about his arm, and he offers a sheepish smile to her way. "Hey," comes his awfully adult-like voice from underneath, and he straightens up just a bit. "I'm okay. Just a scratch, don--"

He was supposed to finish that sentence with a 'dont worry'. But something deviates his attention. A familiar voice.

A voice that makes him want to punch something very specific.

And slowly, his head shifts to turn his attention away from MIho, and the one Okana he *definitely* does not like. ANd already, he can feel his teeth grinding together.

"Do you *want* me to break your face again? ONe hospital visit not enough for you?"
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-18 19:00:42 92713
Sora pulls out an earplug and takes the pocky out of her mouthh when she's ambushed, then half-turns for a quick peck on her girlfriend's cheek. "Hey lovely~" And that's around when she hears Alexis last couple words and she pauses to look over there; and this sees Miho as well. She gently touches her girlfriend's shoulder and subtly points towards the looming confrontation. "Let's make sure that doesn't go out of hand?"

She gets up and heads over that way, pocky back in her mouth as she approaches calmly with no real hint of menace. She doesn't speak, but she does reach out to put a hand on Miho's shoulder, protectively in a way, but simultaneously trying to discourage Miho from getting involved in two boys being boys.
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-18 19:09:40 92714
Jiaying Maki grins at the kiss and slides in next to Sora to take a seat, starting to say something, then unplugging her headphones a touch later than Sora herself. She might be used to the loud music. Looking over, peeking forward she murmurs, "I think I recognize him. I offered to stick a haunting to him." Before resting her chin on her hands. At Sora's recommendation though, she nods and asks, "From here or actually over there?"

She does offer a few cheerful waves to those around that aren't immediately diving in, then stops herself, looks embarrassed and tries to go back to being incognito.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-18 19:13:11 92715
Miho manages not to roll her eyes as Alexis greets her and opens her mouth to give him a gentle ribbing, but she comes to a metaphorical screeching halt as Ryo gets up and starts looming menacingly at Alexis. Yeah, okay, that mutual attitude makes her just about want to run away.

... even as she starts reflexively trying to put two and two together. Sister? The first thing she thinks of in reference to "sister" in conjunction with Alexis is Norie, but ... hmm. Norie hasn't mentioned any biological siblings in particular ... is this ...?

She jumps slightly at Sora's sudden hand, but she just nods, and wordlessly takes a nervous step back to move behind her.
Ryo Okana 2018-07-18 19:25:37 92716
Alexis threatens him. He wasn't ready for being beat up last time. He's more prepared this time. He knows who Alexis is now. And why he deserves it. Not like before either. So within seconds, maybe midway through his sentence at the 'breaking his face' part, he just tries to grab that bandaged arm and just squeeze as hard as he can.

"Like hell you will!..." he says. "If you want to be that thing's sister. I don't give a crap." he says. "But whatever's in there isn't Norie. She died. When she collpased on stage." eh goes on. Unprompted. Maybe he has a lot to say. Maybe he's been thinking a lot since his nose got broken.

-and only now gets to tell the person these things. "That thing eats people, or something close to it. You're responsible for everything it HURTS." he says. If he's still squeezing he'll do it harder at that point.
Cheri Koumori 2018-07-18 19:30:08 92717
Cheri Koumori blinks slowly as she listens to the exchange between the boys. Okay, at least they're not trying to beat *her* up! She scrambles to pick up the last of her books..And also kinda darts behind Sora as she walks towards them, still confused by their words. "Ulp, w-what are they t-talking about? A d-dead girl come back to life? This isn't r-right..." she asks to anyone who would listen. Cheri actually feels kinda sorry for Ryo and his apparent sister, but..She's not about to intervene and get her face smashed in either.
Stahlritter 2018-07-18 19:42:07 92718
    Of all things, Alex doesn't actually stop Ryo from grabbing his arm. His brows do knit together even tighter when he does take it, but he doesn't stop it, or even push him away after.

    Yeah. Every instinct he has is telling him to push back and shove him to the ground like any other person he's fought in the past from street punks to Yakuza. But he doesn't.

    NOt even when he squeezes harder and a disgusting 'squelch' can be heard from the bandage giving way.

    He just stands there, and listens.

    And when he's done, he finally growls back, "You done venting like a kid now?"
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-18 19:44:48 92719
There are people who have self-restraint, and then there's Sora. So upon hearing Norie being bashed she just casually moves behind Ryo and then swiftly kicks upwards, trying to go between his legs with that one. "If you were even half as good a person as Norie you wouldn't be spouting that bullshit, asshole."
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-18 19:51:33 92720
Jiaying Maki is suddenly a lot less worried about things like subtlety when her girlfriend walks up and tries to kick the guy. "Huh." is about all she can offer, hurrying along behind her just in case there's a problem there. She doesn't comment on the insults yet, but she does give him a disapproving look. There also might be a slip of illusion, giving her eyes and teeth a scary look.
Lacrima 2018-07-18 19:53:07 92721
"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" yells Lacrima. She just sort of appears somewhere behind Sora. Those who we're paying attention probably actually saw her run very fast to that point from down the way. She /was/ looking for Alexis, to discuss something that's been eating at her- and her snooping suggested he'd be in the park.

She found him. She also found Ryo. The one she's yelling at. "YOU LEAVE NI---" she grits her teeth. Using the brother honorific might make the problem worse, she thinks as she catches herself. "YOU LEAVE ALEXIS ALONE!" she opts for yelling.

"HE HASN'T DONE ANYTHING WRONG." well not that she knows of.

She's shaking. This is awful.

Also Sora kicks him. She doesn't actually yell or anything about this.

She manages to calm down from the shrill yelling. "Stop this! Go back to school! or go home to mom and dad. Do anything besides this!" she pleads loudly.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-18 20:00:55 92724
Miho winces at that squeeze. Okay, yes, Norie's biological brother confirmed for huge jerk no matter how you slice it. She's tempted to henshin (for the first time) then and there, but ... no, this is an entirely mundane confrontation. Making a mental note to pull Alex aside later for healing, she shakes her head at Cheri and shrugs, interposing herself protectively in front of the other girl even though Miho herself is still more-or-less cowering behind Sora ...

... oh, not cowering behind Sora anymore, okay then! She looks over at Jiaying as if she's seriously contemplating cowering behind her instead --

Miho lets out a squeak at Sudden Norie, and moves so that she's still in front of Cheri but further away from the confrontation.
Ryo Okana 2018-07-18 20:25:37 92725
Ryo Okana lets go when Alexis says that and he sneers. He doesn't care about the gathering of people. He wants to spit in the other boy's face. But he doesn't. "Sure, letting some vampire eat people is kid's stuff. Let's go with that."

Then he's kicked in the leg. That hurts a whole lot. It hurts enough he doesn't notice Jiaying right away. or the other two hiding back there.

That voice gets his attention though. Quickly. Very quickly. He shoots his attention towards the pueple haired thing that sounds like his sister. He is still recovering from the kick, and it's probably Lacrima's appearance that stops him from probably violently retaliating against Sora next. A bad idea, but still.

"Go home to mom and dad, eh?" he says a little nastily. "To what. Watch Mom mope some more? Watch dad be tired while he works a job while trying to search for you?" he says. "Yes that sounds lovely. I'll get right on it." he says, as he leans forward when the pain in his leg subsides a little.
Stahlritter 2018-07-18 20:46:24 92726
    Alexis was *just* about to say something. But cue Sora. So for a moment, he just ends up... staring at the results of it. And kind of giving Sora a look that just says 'seriously?'.

    Then Lacrima shows up. And suddenly the whole scene is all piled up.

    "That's the kid's stuff," his voice rumbles out, eventually, otherwise remaining standing there evenly, eyes shaded by the hoodie glaring firmly at the other boy.

    "You don't even try to listen. You just lash out, trying to enforce some black and white world of your own." His voice is shockingly even in spite of the rumbling, considering the situation.

    Slowly, his head tilts to the side.

    "What'd you hope to achieve, coming here to do this?"

    "You just wanna torture her?"

    Apparently he's already ignoring the fact that the arm-grabbing and bandage-tearing even happened.
Makio Ryu 2018-07-18 20:59:05 92727
Wearing an infinity university uniform, extremely rarely seen from him outside of school, Makio comes rushing toward the park like he'd been called about something. He narrows his eyes on seeing the scene of the fighting. Oh yes please, let's loudly have this kind of conversation right here and right now! That's a GREAT idea. So great that he got called to work cause this was concerning the bosses since it was getting kinda big and all. "Dudes, what's the big deal," he asks, "Are you guys trying to make a huge fuss?"
Cheri Koumori 2018-07-18 20:59:53 92728
For the briefest of moments, the situation seems to be cooling down when Alexis chooses not to fight back..And then Sora steps in and kicks the guy and Cheri's eyes widen, even as she stays in the safe zone behind Miho. "H-hey! Was that really necessary?" she really hates bullies and eyes Sora warily, still trying to figure out what's going on here. But perhaps she openned her mouth too quickly, and she steps back again, not wanting to draw attention to herself. And then Norie appears, shaking a bit, and Cheri peers towards her curiously, trying to pace her face..But nothing's ringing a bell. "Oh, are you the sister they're talking about?" you know, the 'monster wearing his sister's skin..' She shivers a bit at what Ryo said earlier, unsure if it's true or not..Fortunately Makio appears and at least she knows and trusts him. "Makio-kun..." she murmurs, relaxing. "Thank goodness your're here.."
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-18 21:14:09 92729
"I have a better idea for you than going home. Since clearly you care so much about making the life family better, you should do them a favor and hang yourself." Sora answers Ryo, taking a step back again to stand near Jiaying, and letting that set in, and there's a brief glint of red to her eyes. A glint that doesn't quite last and is incredibly hard to notice, especially since her eyes are violet to begin with. Might just be a trick of the light.

She then turns towards Lacrima, "Okana-chan. Don't let this monster bother you. He's not worth your anger. You're better than him." There's an implied statement in Sora's choice of words and actions that people who know her well may pick up on 'but I'm not, so let me handle this.'
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-18 21:17:45 92730
Jiaying Maki at the look on Ryo's face and that tensing of his shoulders, Jia starts to slide around Sora, her movement almost strange and roundabout as she ducks then rises up, hand held in a way that suggests she was going to try and either deflect or catch the retaliation. This means it looks realyl awkward when she just stops and looks over her shoulder. She brushes herself off, stands up and brushes herself off. There's some muttered Chinese, but she does step out of the way.

Looking to Alexis, she asks, "You okay?" before looking at the others. There's an almost palpable 'aaw' as she realizes she can't try and dredge up a ghost to pin to him for a few days. She'd probably get in a lot of trouble for doing it and pushes that thought away.

Norie and Miho are both given looks of concern. "Perfect..." is about all she can mutter beyond aggravated Mandarin. A crowd really doesn't help. There's another shot of monster from some random person though and she tenses up, "Hey! Stop with that talk, I'm tired of it!" Then she catches herself and facepalms. "There are no monsters here. An idiot and a jerk maybe though." Of course, Sora suggests something dark even by her weird views on things and she jabs her in the ribs and says, "None of that, we're better than that." her tone pleading at this point, her mood mercurial.
Lacrima 2018-07-18 21:22:47 92731
"THAT'S A HORRIBLE THING TO SAY!" she says at Sora, with wide eyes as she shoots her look back at Alexis--- and her gaze softens because Alexis hasn't actually broken Ryo's nose again. Yet. Then to Ryo with a sharp look as she scowls. "Go home. Just. Go home. Please." she says. "or back to school or wherever you we're going." she says.

"Just. Go." she says, as her fists up a little. She's trying to not lash out.

But she's seeping something black and ichor like from her pants legs. Yeah. She isn't handling this well at all.

"Just go, Ryo-san!" she says, closing her eyes.


Cheri's question gets lost in the mess of this, but well- her actions and this argument speaks volumes about that question.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-18 21:25:22 92732
Miho takes note of Sora's nonsense, and of how distraught Norie is, then does the bravest thing she's ever done.

She steps forward and says, "All right, c'mon, people, break it up!" She has a scratchy and fairly androgynous voice, although it's a bit less so than it was when she first met Sora. She reaches up and grabs Alexis by the shoulder, well away from his injury, and adds, "C'mon, Alexis-san, I don't give a crap what kind of macho bull you're spouting, you need to get that arm looked at." Translation: she wants to take him somewhere out of sight so she can heal him.
Cheri Koumori 2018-07-18 21:32:23 92733
Cheri Koumori glances at Jia and nods, "Yes, she's right. Please stop calling each other a monster. Surely this can be dealt with, without name calling and fists.." still, she continues to keep a distance, still safely hidden behind Miho. However, Cheri's gaze continues to wander towards Norie, and that black ichor stuff, "Oh dear, are you alright? Shall I call the school nurse? It's not far from here?" although remembering Ryo's words, she takes a cautious step back, starting to wonder if she really IS a monster. Glancing back at Makio, she backs away slowly, "Makio-kun, I'll see you at work l-later tonight, okay? I hope everyone can cool down by then.." and then with a wave to Makio, she hurries off back to school.
Ryo Okana 2018-07-18 21:34:47 92734
Makio's arrival causes him to cringe visibly. Dude. Things that his father says sometimes. Or used to. He eyes Sora. "You first." he says. "Protecting a god damn thing that's going to probably kill you all when you're finally not looking too hard at it." he spits.

He gives Alexis a final glare. "I still owe you for the broken nose." he manages to spit out. His rest on Lacrima though when she talks. And then there's that final 'Ryo-san'. This causes his expression to sour even more, somehow. It's surprising he has not turned into a lemon by now. "Whatever." he says nastily before finally turning to walk away. He'll be going back to school. He's late anyways.
Stahlritter 2018-07-18 21:45:29 92735
    "You're welcome to try!" Alex growls after the departing Ryo. "You're earning another hospital stay *real quick* like that anyhow."

There's a quiet *tch* of a sound from him with his tongue pressing to the roof of his mouth-- right before he sweeps his eyes through... well. Pretty much EVERYONE apparently.

"...Now does *anyone* want to explain to me why I am suddenly crowded on by one quarter of the Tokyo population?"
Makio Ryu 2018-07-18 21:51:06 92736
Makio narrows his eyes at Ryo as he heads off. "Jeeze....we HE's like a shining ray of sunshine and sprinkles..." Makio mutters, "Take care Cheri, see ya later!" He shakes his head a little and looks over the others, "...things ok? should I call anybody?"
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-18 21:53:11 92737
"She saved my life, multiple times. I trust her, because she has earned my trust." Sora simply tells the departing Ryo. Ignoring that Lacrima has objected strongly to what she recommended Ryo do, and instead turning towards Jiaying to say softly. "You are better than that." She half-agrees, and doesn't bother to explain the aspect in which she disagrees.
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-18 21:57:49 92738
Jiaying Maki watches Ryo start to stalk off. "I trust her more than I trust any normal human." She leans in and adds, "You should watch those threats though, that has a habit of coming back at you." She then glares at Sora and says, "And you are better than that too, I know you are." With a scowl, she brushes her hair from her eyes and murmurs, "If I find a poltergeist I'm pinning it to him though."

Looking to Norie, she asks, "Are you okay?" Before checking on the others. Alexis is a big boy and can take care of himself usually, though she does make sure to see if that bandaged arm is bleeding through or not. "Sorry." She offers, having noted he didn't fight back there. Then she says flatly, "You're in a park with a screaming match involving a mutual friend. You're surprised?"
Lacrima 2018-07-18 21:58:21 92739
She eyes Makio. "That's my brother." a pause. "...blood. Relation brother." she says softly, as she shifts uncomfortably. She frowns and looks at Alexis. "I was trying to find you. To talk to you about...something." she shifts. "Not that. I didn't even know he was in the park." she says to him as she mutters more.

"...Hi Sora-chan. Miho-chan. Jiaying-chan. Makio-kun. Alexis-niisan." nii-san. Of course. As always, she manages to finally say as she eyes the girl. "Huh. Oh..." she says looking down. "I must had. Been more agitated than I thought." she says.

She gently sighs a bit and frowns at Alexis. "What happened?..." she asks, looking at Alexis's arm. "Is it okay?" she asks. "I only saw him grab it from a distance." she says quietly.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-18 22:04:14 92740
Miho pulls Alex's shoulder in the direction of a small group of trees nearby. "Alexis-san, you and that Okana boy are just that good at making noise, I guess," she says, refusing to dignify Ryo with an honorific. She shakes her head. "Speaking of which, wow, Norie-chan, no wonder you needed to find a new brother."

She peers at Makio. Well, Lacrima knows him, and it's clear from the way she's talking to him that he's in-the-know, so she doesn't bother to hide her abilities. "I dunno, Norie-chan, I just want to Alexis-san off so I can heal him." The hand on Alexis's shoulder glows minty green for an instant, too faint for anyone who isn't right there to see. "For, like, the five minutes or so it'll take for him to get another scratch," she adds dryly.
Stahlritter 2018-07-18 22:07:34 92741
"Of course it's fine," Alexis scoffs out first, over Lacrima's worry. "I've beatne up people who eat people like him for breakfast. I just got a scratch on it earlier, that's all."

And yes, still insisting it's just a scratch. To the point that he pouts when Miho comes along to put down glowy healy magic on his sohulder and down from there. "I told you it's fine! Geez. I can take care of myself, you know."
Makio Ryu 2018-07-18 22:16:50 92743
Makio Ryu frowns at Lacrima's bit of information. "Sorry to hear it...guy seems like a real peice of work," Makio states, "Seems like the kind of snob I'd actually not really bother to put much effort into remembering if he went to school with me...want a donut or anything else from the cafe while I'm around?" He'd offer a little wave to the others, not actually knowing or having met some of them.
Lacrima 2018-07-18 22:41:04 92744
Lacrima huffs. "That's more than a scratch!" she insists loudly. She'll however, step a couple feet backward. "I shouldn't be near that. We already know it's purification based. I don't feel good enough as it is." she says dryly. "After that." she says.

She shifts. "Sorry Ryo is a jerk." she says. "I haven't talked to him since after the Halloween party. But he was in a daze after that, that it was mostly civil." she says biting her lip.

"Obviously he's back to. That." she says. She shifts a bit as Miho gets to work.

"Can you...come by the manor later?..." she asks Alexis softly. "I can talk about what I wanna there." she says.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-18 22:42:52 92745
Miho groans. "Okay, but you still let that jerk tear a bandage off you while you were still apparently bleeding," she says, "and now you are refusing help from a girl with healing powers who can make that injury disappear completely, which suggests to me that Rashmi-chan and I were correct about damn near needing to henshin so I can kick your butt to get you to follow doctor's orders!" She grins weakly to Makio. "Sorry, Alexis-kun is kind of a pill, it's just that he's a lovable one."

She nods to Lacrima. "All righty, then, my time for getting started on healing is just down to about a minute and a half before I get results now, so, gimme a minute forty ..."
Makio Ryu 2018-07-18 22:55:08 92746
"You don't have to do that," the bluenette boy replies to Miho. "My bosses just got a bit concerned cause things were looking bad out here across the street (and it was obviously mahou business from what little they could hear)," he murmurs the last bit a little quieter, "But it seems like you dudes' hands are tied up. Unless you guys want a snack for the road or something, I should /probably/ leave you be and get my rear back to class."