Outside the Box

Tuxedo Mask and Guardian Hino have a very civilized conversation about betrayal and unacceptable targets.

Date: 2015-08-21
Pose Count: 15
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-21 01:48:45 8221
Almost like a gargoyle but entirely too pleasant-faced, Tuxedo Kamen's perched on the corner of a fair-to-middling-sized building downtown, watching the streetside entrances of a very old, very classy department building. He's doing so idly -- something felt off about it earlier, and though the feeling has since left, it bears a little watching anyway. But there's nothing dark he can feel the presence of tonight. Nothing corrupted.

Given the number of people after him right now, he is on high alert to his surroundings.
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-21 01:59:57 8224
Rooftop jumping. When Guardian Hino started things he kept to the streets. Until he figured out he could jump from ground level to rooftop with a small jump. It never really occured to him that he had that kind of ability so early on. Things were easier to get to when you could go in a straight line to where you want to be.

He's not wearing his armor--- for some strange reason at the moment. He seems, instead, to be in some sort of ridicolous medevil knightly noblemen's get up. This is still pretty obviously Guardian Hino.

He's come to a quiet footfall juuuuuust the opposite corner of the building next to the one Tuxedo Kamen is standing on. He actually doesn't /notice/ Tuxedo Kamen because he's doing the Gargoyle thing pretty well.

He had a really good winning streak the past weeks. But he's gone back to not producing anything. And he says, to himself... "I wonder if.. I can give my own energy. But." he just shakes his head. He knows it hurts. He might not be able to stop it himself before it kills him via energy drain. Also. Runealy would probably murder him in worriedness if he even tried that.

Then he blinks. That isn't a Gargoyle. It's....

!!!! "Hey...!" he says in surprise suddenly.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-21 02:15:21 8228
Kamen's head whips around, all of him following in a gloriously graceful arc of motion that has him straightening and his cape billowing behind him, and he doesn't draw a weapon. Instead, he scowls. "If you want me, you have to catch me," he bites out, then runs for the opposite side of the building, cape flying out behind him--

--and then he vaults over the edge, higher and higher, clearing a small parking lot below and landing on the roof of the next building over, still running.

Fortunately, he's still the kind of idiot who will actually wait even if someone who's trying to kill him (which he knows Hino isn't) yells 'wait'.
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-21 02:23:24 8230
Guardian Hino doesn't draw his sword when Tuxedo Kamen begins his mad dashes away. He instead grits his teeth and begins dashing after Tuxedo Kamen. He is not as nimble as Tuxedo Kamen. Sure---he can jump. And be nimble. He still falls over when trying to stand on lamposts.

He's not able to clear. the parking garage at least. He lands on some poor schmucks SUV and dents the top a bit. A car alarm goes off. Hino winces.

He jumps to the rooftop Kamen landed on--- he can still see him. But he'll never catch him at this rate. So, really, it's more desperation at this point.

"W-Wait!" he calls out.

"I just. Want to talk. Okay!?" he calls out.

God that f***** car alarm.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-21 02:29:19 8233
We won't narratively lie, here, and say Mamoru doesn't derive some pretty serious schadenfreude out of the sound of that car alarm behind him, because he really does. He really, really does. He's actually grinning all the way across the next roof, and given Hino couldn't clear the parking lot, he already feels a lot better about this 'running away' idea's potential success.

Except then the fire knight yells.

Yells 'wait'.

Follows it up by yelling the magic words: 'want to talk'.

Tuxedo Kamen grimaces, but stops, and turns around. "What!" he yells back. "White flag talk? I'll accept that!"
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-21 02:48:36 8236
Guardian Hino kinda wants to take out his sword. Blow up the SUV and end the alarm. But that'd also set off the OTHER alarms. Also. What is he, and evil jerk!? Well. Not super evil. It's okay to think bad thoughts sometimes, okay!?

Hino stops. He raises his hands. "Yeah. Look. Sword still on belt." he says. Not that it matters. He'd demonstrated before he can do some sort of weird fire magic from the hand thing anyways.

He walks towards Tuxedo Kamen. He's keeping his hands where tuxy can see them, out to either of his sides. Oh thank god that car alarm stops finally.

He gives a short bow. "The Princess spoke to me last night. She said that she spoke to you." he says. "and that you two made a deal." he adds.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-21 02:57:57 8238
"...more like I made an offer, and it'll require actual promises, oaths on your honor," the tall boy corrects, just making sure that the right terms are used. He crosses his arms, watching Hino carefully. He lowers his head very slightly in response to the bow: an acknowledgement, that's all. "A deal is what we initially made, that she couldn't keep to. This wouldn't be like that. Did she tell you the terms?"

Yeah, okay, the car alarm was starting to get pretty irritating.
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-21 03:09:24 8240
Guardian Hino pauses a moment. He lets Tuxedo Kamen speak. He doesn't interupt. When he's done. He talks.

"When I was given this task. It had one of many qualifiers from The Princess." he says. "One was that, no matter how we do it, that we be able to live with ourselves when it was done. Another was that Puella Magi are offlimits." he says.

"There is no gain in fighting the same person twice and taking thier energy again. I could not bring myself to target children, even if they're also a viable target. There's no gain in taking the energy of warriors who might die if I take it. Vulturing people, waiting for them to fall in combat to someone else to drain them. I cannot do it." he says.

"You have my word, and my oath on not attacking children." he says. "I cannot talk for the others."
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-21 03:28:53 8244
Tuxedo Mask's shoulders de-tense a little at this: given how Hino fought him, and the things he talked about when they were fighting, and the fact that he DID take him to the magical clinic afterwards-- his oath is accepted, just like that. "Okay," the mystery man says. "Good. I need the rest of you to swear before I give up my information on the source of Miss White's power, and what it's doing to her beyond what's immediately visible, and I'll meet with all of you to tell you. The place of your choosing, in henshin, and I'll be alone in good faith that we'll be speaking under truce."

There's a moment of wryness. "Because, after all, even if you didn't attack me twice, I've been attacked by your group twice, and the princess was more than willing to take my energy multiple times. May still be. I don't know." Finally, he spreads his hands. "Obviously if not everyone agrees, I can't hold everyone who does swear to me to that oath, since it's conditional. But I would hope that the others don't, anyway."
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-21 03:39:12 8248
Guardian Hino relaxes when Tux relaxes. Oh god. He doesn't feel his arms are trying to fly off his body. Magic. Is Weird.

"We don't keep a running tally. And The Princess only asks we do our best." he says plainly. "I can promise you I won't attack you for energy, but the others might. If .. I'm present. I will try to stop it. I don't have a right, otherwise, to choose how the others are handling this." he says.

"Tuxedo Kamen. When she talks to you. Does she cry?" he asks rather plainly. Wondering. "What has she told you so far?" he asks a little curiously.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-21 03:48:12 8250
"It's all right. I told her straight up if any of you came after me again, I'd just run like hell," Kamen says almost flippantly. But the next questions-- they aren't flip things he can dismiss comfortably.

Instead he sighs, reaching up to rub the bridge of his nose. "She didn't cry this time. She's cried before. The thing that drives me so nuts about you guys is that you are doing this for a good reason, and she's a good person, and you're at least decent and probably a good person-- and probably the others are too-- but it's not going to end up the way you want it to, not with these methods. The ends do not actually justify the means, and the ends are usually not good enough to even try to justify anything with them. And doing this is obviously destroying her, piece by piece, on the inside. You won't have a happy ending. You won't save your...future... at the expense of ours. But whatever she's been told and come to believe, she thinks it's the only way. I want you guys to win in whatever it is you're facing back home-- but I don't think you will. Not like this."
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-21 04:05:45 8251
Guardian Hino frowns just a little. "I've tried to convince her to talk to people she can trust. I know she can do it. Because she told me." he says plainly. "But she won't tell anyone she knows are close to the others she fears. Her fears are valid." he says. "You're one of the ones I've been trying to get her to open up to. But she keeps-- shooting it down, because of your relationship with people like Miss White." he says, there's just a hint of agitation in his voice. "As much as I would like to tell you everything I know--- I cannot betray her trust like that. Even if I think it's a horrible idea." he says.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-21 04:22:24 8255
"Yeah, understandable -- Miss White is bad news. But I think I managed to at least get her to understand why I'm friends with her, and that neither I nor her other actual friends condone her behavior." The older boy looks up at the sky-- at the moon. His face is lit by it, almost caressed, his sharply fine features cast in stark relief from the inky sky above and behind. He sighs a little, staccato, sad and frustrated. "But-- you stick by your princess even though she does awful things. I can't stop caring about Miss White despite all the things she does, and I won't, because she used to be a good person, and she can be one again. I keep coming so close..."

He runs a white-gloved hand through his hair, then turns to Hino again and gives him a wry little smile. "For what it's worth, regardless of what White-san told your princess, what violence she did to her, I don't think she would actually kill her. She didn't kill the girl who actually actively hurt her friend. She hurt her really bad, but she didn't kill her."

Finally, Tuxedo Kamen shakes his head. "Anyway, I don't care about your secrets. You're obviously space aliens from another planet, even if she keeps insisting you're from Europe, but it's not like I'm going to tell anyone. By the way, you kind of do a better job of fitting in than she does, you might want to give her lessons. --but the point is, whenever you guys are ready to tell me what the actual problem you're facing is, I'll do everything I can to facilitate the good guys helping you fix it."
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-21 04:35:28 8259
Guardian Hino pauses a moment. "I hope you're right on that. I've heard disturbing things." then he gives a wry smile. "No. I'm actually from Earth. Here. In Tokyo." he says plainly. "Having to explain what a cellphone and electricy is to someone is more difficult than you think it is." he says. "--and the others I met in my secret practice spot. I actually didn't come here with them." he says plainly. "But I do consider thier home... my home now."

"....Not quite another planet. Think outside the box." he says as he clicks his tounge a bit.

"Think it over~" he says almost singsongly, before jumping off the edge of the building.

Suddenly, Hino Vanish!?
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-21 04:35:58 8260
"'Another planet' isn't outside the box enough for you?" Mamoru exasperatedly calls after the empty air, and the only recompense he'll receive for the indignity of being disappeared on before he can disappear is flipping his cape before leaping away into the night, grumbling.