Opening doors and meeting people.

Jiaying's plans never survive contact with anything. Miho gets new powers, Jia gets to sleep for a while. Plans to take Sora and Norie on a tour were ruined.

Date: 2018-07-21
Pose Count: 52
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-21 16:55:04 92839
It's Saturday, it's vacation time from school, it's a nice, not too hot day outside and Jiaying's discovered some new tricks. All in all, this means it's a rather good day as far as she's concerned. Early in the morning, she's avoiding the park, even if that would be rather nice. Then she gets a sudden grin on her face. She can't be the only magical critter enjoying a break, she's been practicing for the night harbor trip with others and while she wasn't willing to admit it, she's been more comfortable there lately.

Sitting outside of the manor, she fishes her cell out of her satchel, fiddles around with it for a moment and texts Sora to come over. Norie would have either been told directly or had a sticky note taped to her door, or maybe even her coffin depending on a mixture of how cheeky Jia had been and whether she'd be yelled at for it or not.

So, she's now sitting out front, enjoying the sun and gathering a tan while she waits. she's got her sketchbook ready, there's lots of neat notes and details. There's also a second sketchbook set nearby for some reason.
Lacrima 2018-07-21 17:05:35 92840
Lacrima has texted Miho. Mainly. She wants to apologize for her asshole brother, and relay some suspected leanings in that direction. She also finds a post note on the door. (Jiaying would know by now that Lacrima legit gets /angry/ when people enter the basement without being invited.) she looks confused, as she looks for Jiaying and...

Oh. She's outside of the house. She peeks out. "Jia-chan?" she asks. "What's this about?" she asks as she wiggles the note in her direction.

"Also I have a... friend coming over hopefully. That girl that healed Alexis-niisan. Miho Kagami." she says. "I mainly ... need to apologize for Ryo and-- oh! There's something going on with Ryo. Basically. Don't haunt him. He might actually be dangerous. Very dangerous, on a magical level. I'll explain quickly when Miho gets here if you want." she says meekly. "But now I don't wanna take up too much of your time for this thing!" she offers.
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-21 17:07:57 92841
Sora could've come like a normal person, using a combination of public transit and walking. However, she is not feeling like it today, and so the first sign she's coming here is the winds picking up some. Not by an awful lot but by enough to be noticeable. Soon after, a certain witch lands on the roof of the manor, sits on the edge and waves downwards, amplifying her voice to shout. "Hey!"
Miho Kagami 2018-07-21 17:11:40 92842
Miho responded almost immediately to Lacrima's invitation via her Virtue phone, accompanied by an addendum that she was now using hew new phone number for talking about magic stuff. She's perfectly okay with talking shop about Ryo, or that Okana boy in her personal vocabulary, so she bikes over to the manor, dressed in a forest-green T-shirt and a black skirt with biking shorts underneath it (which was an impulse formed with indecision), with her purse slung over one shoulder. At the moment, she hasn't reached the manor yet, so there's still time for Kazeko to change back unnoticed ...
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-21 17:22:29 92843
Jiaying Maki lifts her sunglasses as she looks at Norie. While upsidedown. Sure she could roll over or even sit up like a normal person, but that takes effort and it's vacation time. She waves to the upside Norie and calls out, "We're going on a trip. I figured you might get a kick out of it, it's where all the creepy crawlies like to stay." She looks down at herself and adds, "Also cute monster-y sorts. I've told you about the Night Harbor right?"

There's a Sora suddenly. She's even at the right angle to see Sora easily, which works out great for the lazy fox. Waving excitedly, she calls out, "Come down here! We're going on a trip!" Looking back to Norie after though, at the mention that her brother might be evil, she says flatly, "I'm not hearing a good reason not to find a poltergeist to pin to him for a while. That library ghost would have been perfect." She crosses her arms and huffs. Then finally sits up.

"Or are you suggesting he should be saved? Because that's not always easy and haunting people is." She pauses, "Well not really, but it's funny. And kind of satisfying when the person's a jian." Stading up, she brushes herself off and says loud enough for Sora and Norie, "When we go over there, if you see a parade, maybe don't look at it." She pauses, "Norie, you might be fine? I think you are close enough to a yaoguai to maybe not get roped into it?"
Lacrima 2018-07-21 17:34:04 92844
Lacrima huhs. "Oh, okay. Are you sure that's safe?" she asks. She looks up at Kazeko. "Hi, Kazeko-chan!" she says. "I'm having Miho over soon so you might wanna change or at least keep consistent with it." she says softly. She shifts a bit. She looks down to Jia. She didn't say evil. Just dangerous.

She takes a deep breath as she pinches the bridge of her nose. "He might be the reincarnation of the definitive warrior saint, St. George. Specifically. The 'knight' the slew Lamya two thousand years ago." she says flatly. "Lamya-chan met him in the Korma. She said he looks like him, carries himself like him. And that you don't forget the face of the man that killed you. Considering you're /possibly/ dealing with the reincarnation of a celebrated 'Saint', I'm not sure if there's a backlash for that on some level yet, or some sort of protection of some sort." she says softly. "I also don't want to give him reasons to... 'wake' up magically if I can help it." she says more softly. "That'll cause more problems for Lamya. And Me. For obvious reasons. Mainly he already kind of wants me to go away. That'd give him the methods to do that." she says, a little more awkwardly.

"Anyways. Is there anything I need to do to prepare myself for this trip?" she asks.
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-21 17:57:34 92848
"If he's a reincarnation who's already met his mortal foe, it's only a matter of time until he awakens. Fate doesn't half-ass." Kazeko pipes in as she drops down on the ground, eyeing Jiaying a bit as she explains the trip. "I'm not opposed to visiting the night harbour, but I'm not going to go there without having my magic around." Yeah she sounds worried.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-21 17:58:26 92849
Miho bikes over to the manor. "Hey, guys," she says as she sets her bike on its kickstand, giving Kazeko a brief questioning look. Well, she already knew that Lacrima and Jiaying knew her. "What's this about ... 'fate'? Something to do with 'that boy' who calls himself Norie-chan's brother?" She says that last bit while looking at Lacrima, just in case Kazeko doesn't know about that particular thing, although she's pretty sure it's unlikely if they're talking openly about Ryo.
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-21 17:58:50 92850
Jiaying Maki looks over at Norie as she relays the information. Then she says, "I stand by my assessment. Also I'm not hearing a good reason not to stick a ghost to him just to see if he'll apologize." She pauses, then adds, "But you're asking, so I won't. Yet. I might punch him in his nose though." and then she holds a finger up, "At least I'm not like my ancestors too!"

She shrugs at Sora, "I don't know if I really believe that much in fate, if you remove someone's choice in the matter, it becomes less..." She shrugs, trailing off. She'll sort her thoughts out better later. Miho's given a wave and calls out, "Fate is a fraud. We're going to visit somewhere cool, are you coming?" Not that she had planned to take Miho, but why not?

To the three of them she finally answers Norie's question. "Uh, don't watch the parade if one is going on. I don't know how you magical-y sorts handle it, but mortals tend to get stuck following it so uh... there's that. You're going to see divine beings and demons, don't make a big deal of it. It's a balance thing. I've got some hell money if we want souveniers, burned it this morning." She fingertaps her chin, thinking. "Don't wander off alone? It's like a twisted version of Tokyo. And uh, if we do get lost, we'll meet up here on the other side. The gate's closing behind us, but I've warded the other side and left tags to return. So it's easy!"
Lacrima 2018-07-21 18:08:10 92851
Lacrima looks to Miho. "We we're actually." she says quietly. "Talking about my brother by blood." she says. "Ryo, yes." she says. "I'm sorry for the outburst the other day. With him. Basically. Alexis-niisan broke his nose once the first time he said I was dead." she mutters. "I'm surprised nii-san didn't punch him when he started." she sighs.

She shifts. "Also. Ryo might be the reincarnation of a dragon slaying warrior saint knight that may had slew one of my roommates two-thousand years ago. Basically. I'm warning you to be careful." she says. "In dealing with him in the future. This is a new development- and I'm not sure of the specifics." she says gently.

She crosses her arms at Jiaying. "I have a theory what happens when I go in there. I won't like it. But I don't think it'll be harmful to me." she says gently.

She eyes Jiaying hesitantly and then to Kazeko. "Is brining Miho-chan a good idea?" she asks softly.
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-21 18:09:15 92852
"Oh his choices are his own. But how many people really chose to awaken to their powers? Norie-chan didn't get a choice, it was Fate that cursed her that dark day. It was Fate that gave me the Umbral Tome. Similarly, Ryo-san likely doesn't have a say in whether he'll awaken. He is who he is." Kazeko explains to Jiaying softly with a faint smile. "If he then walks the path that Fate laid out for him, that's him following his Destiny, just like I followed my Destiny when I chose to trust the Umbral Tome. I could have rejected my Destiny, and if I'd known where it'd lead me, I would've."

She looks towards Lacrima when that final question is asked, shrugs and turns towards Jiaying.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-21 18:21:09 92853
Miho takes off her helmet and let it hang around the bike's handlebars, and chuckles at Jiaying's comment about destiny being a fraud. "Yeah, that's my view, basically," she says. "Let's just say I've decked 'destiny' in the face at least twice, and that was even before I found out about the magical stuff." She blinks and looks up at Kazeko. "That take on it is pretty good, though, actually, I like the sound of that. I guess 'fate' in that sense is all right if you have a choice." She looks at Kazeko a bit more thoughtfully, as well. "The Umbral Tome?" She looks curiously at Kazeko's current book, gears turning in her head, although she's missing several important pieces of the puzzle.

Jiaying's warning does cause her to narrow her eyes. "Okay, y'know what, Maki-san ..." She sighs and shakes her head. "Yeah, Norie-chan is right, I'm gonna have to pass. I mean it'd be one thing if I was already transforming." She glances up at Kazeko with a smile. "Which is gonna be really soon!" She sounds much more comfortable about the prospect than she did the last time she raised the subject with anyone present. "But right now I'm two hundred percent sure the three of you guys are gonna be spending six hundred percent of your time keeping watch over me to make sure I don't get caught up in the night parade or devoured by hungry ghosts or transformed into, into a 'yaoguai' or whatever."
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-21 18:22:31 92854
Jiaying Maki shakes her head and says to Sora, "I disagree, it was bad luck. If it wasn't her it would have been someone else. Fate's an excuse." She leans forward and adds flatly, "I also don't think the book was fate. Or you and I teasing eachother in the science room about dating. It was all done by us. We made the decisions good or bad, we had the luck good or bad." She does hesitate briefly, "Fated to come into your powers is different than fate itself." Her tone is oddly serious about all of this.

Looking to Norie, she nods and adds, "We can wait for you to acclimate and see if it's too much before we go exploring. That way we can send you back out?"

Miho's denial of going on a trip is given a shrug, "Hey that's fine, I think you're missing out, but I also eat the occasional spider and used to chew on furniture."
Lacrima 2018-07-21 18:33:03 92855
Lacrima frowns. "The main thing is that my brother is right about one thing. I *did* die. I mean I'm not...dead...well...look. I /exist/ okay?" she says. "And we're going into some realm of the dead or demons or afterlife." she says.

"I'm not sure what's gonna happen is all."

She looks to Miho. "It might be interesting." she says. "Something new to experience." she says. "At the very least." she says. "I'm not too worried about being stuck there. I mean. I got to a weird dark dimension like five times a day?" she asks. "When I do the fade into mist thing." she says. "Dusk Zone."

"I mean this Night Harbor place isn't the Dusk Zone." she offers. "I know that much. Jiaying told me so at least one time."
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-21 18:45:11 92856
"This is the Boreal Tome, different book." Kazeko answers Miho's glance briefly, seemingly not wanting to go into detail. Instead, she turns towards Jiaying and half-shrugs. "Agree to disagree?" She suggests, clearly not wanting to get into a fight about it. "I'm just saying, if Ryo-san doesn't awaken, it'll be a miracle." Then about the night harbor and dusk zone, she mutters softly, "What's the Dusk zone like these days anyway?" It's soft enough it's clear she doesn't expect an answer.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-21 18:56:16 92858
Miho frowns at Jiaying's comment about joking about dating, looking from Jiaying to Kazeko and then back ... but she still doesn't know about how henshin interferes with recognition and sometimes transforms people completely, so the gears in her head are spinning uselessly, and Sora's identity is still safe for now.

She looks at Lacrima thoughtfully. "Actually, Norie-chan, I have ... half an idea about your condition in particular," she says. "I definitely want to learn more about my own powers before I say anything more than that, though." She just shrugs in general at the other comments. "Actually, what is the Dusk Zone? I never got a chance to ask directly about that."

She nods to Kazeko, regarding the book for a moment. "Um, okay," she says, sounding even more uncertain.
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-21 19:04:41 92859
Jiaying Maki looks back to Miho and says flatly, "It's a place of horror and nightmare, but not the fun kind like yours truly." She then turns back to Norie and nods in agreement, "Yeah it's really not too bad over there. It's no worse than Tokyo, the yaoguai parades aside." She holds a finger up and continues quickly, "I do like the parades, but yeah. Don't watch them."

Looking to Sora, she shrugs, dropping the argument herself. "If he awakens, he does and it's bad luck, but maybe he'll learn. Also you don't need to know what it's like other than weird and non-euclidian." The last part, while joking, also sounds like she's concerned about the witch for some reason.

She gathers up her other sketchbook and taps it a few times. Opening it, she begins to murmur to herself, the pages flowing from the book and spinning around a small area off to the side of the door. "I may or may not have a few things setup" She says helpfully. Setting the empty book down for now, she gestures as the pages stop spinning and seem to be connecting together to create what looks like an old style Chinese door in red and gold. "You're welcome to come or not Kagami." Before swinging open the door and stepping through non-chalantly.
Lacrima 2018-07-21 19:23:30 92860
Lacrima sighs a bit. "I don't want him to wake up." she mutters. She softly takes a deep breath and leaves it at that, as she doesn't hear Sora's question. She does look to Miho as she asks what the Dusk Zone is. "It's basically a world of Dark Energy." she says softly. " But it's more correct to say it's the black space between worlds." she says.

She looks as Jiaying does her thing, and nods a bit. She looks back to Miho. "C'mon." she says as she walks through it after Jiaying, carefully.
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-21 19:27:41 92861
"The Dusk Zone is how people infused with darkness can do that infuriating thing where they vanish into darkness right as you're about to say something they really need to hear or when they're just a hair away from being thoroughly beaten." Kazeko's tone is quite neutral, though there's the hint of a smirk. Perhaps it's a joke aimed at someone specific. She seems to be looking at Jiaying.

Kazeko waits for Miho to make a decision before going through. Closing ranks behind Miho if the new girl goes along, but not waiting too long to follow.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-21 19:31:50 92862
Miho watches the gateway appear, and she shrugs and smiles to Lacrima and Kazeko. "I'll pass," she says. "I really hope we can figure out how to deal with 'that boy', but I guess you've already got something in front of you. Make sure Maki-san doesn't do anything too reckless, all right?" She gets out her Virtue-phone, a stylish minty-green phone with a heart-emblem at the position of the home-button of a normal phone. "Maybe I'll call Rashmi-chan and try to henshin under controlled circumstances, she offered to have her magic book help me get a handle on my powers ... but yeah. Talk to you guys later!"
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-21 19:40:40 92863
Jiaying Maki steps through the door properly. There's a strange wrenching sensation, but nothing that's too uncomfortable. The gate seems to lead the same way you entered from, but it's a darker version. Literally, it's night time in the night harbor, who would have guessed. Torches light the way, though there's intermixed electrical and gas lamps as well. It's almost haphazard, looking like a mashup of modern and old, tradition and brutal modernism.

Jia takes a deep breath, sighs out happily and gestures to the darkside manor's front lawn. "Onward." She offers.

Outside on the street, there's already hints of ghosts, monsters and the like, but it looks like Tokyo, even down to people flat ignoring eachother or occasionally stopping to chat whether they be ghost, demon or divine.

Looking back through the door, she says, "I've been told it's uh, close to the dream worlds that we've seen a few times. There might be truth to it? I don't know."
Lacrima 2018-07-21 20:07:17 92864
Lacrima enters and she feels the wrenching feeling. She deals with this fine. She remembers such feelings when she was getting used to the Dusk Zone. During this, at some point. She seems to become... Norie? Norie. That's strange. Then she suddenly stops and she grabs her stomach. Searing pain. "N..Nrgggg!" she seems to wave a bit before she falls to the ground to her backside. Can't think. Burning.

Then.... it's over. It just stops. It doesn't taper or wane it's just 'searing pain' then suddenly 'not'.

"I'm...I'm okay." she does say unsteadily as she raises a hand upwards. She begins to get herself up to her feet again. "Y...yeah that happened." she says. "Reliving ... damn... that again." she says.

"Dying hurts." is all she can say.

"I dunno what's with the form shift though." she says. "I expected the first thing. Not the second." she says grimly. She shrugs. "Not really bothered by it. I feel fine now." she says.

She finally looks around and....

"This is strange." she says softly as she eyes the torches. Then gaslamps then... street lights?

She looks behind to see if there's some weird version of the manor here.
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-21 20:34:18 92865
Despite Norie insisting she is okay, Kazeko rushes to help her up to her feet. It's at this moment Lacrima might first notice that Kazeko weighs much less than she appears like she should. Otherwise, Kazeko remains on her guard but with her eyes on the ground. Instead, she begins to weave a bit of magic into a gently rotating wind. Every disturbance to that wind will ripple through and alert her. It's not as good as looking, but this way she's guaranteed not to be looking at any parades. "So this is the place?" She sounds uncomfortable.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-21 20:44:27 92866
Suddenly, Miho lets out an androgynous squawk from back through the gateway! A shadowy spider-like figure leaps back into the night harbor and charges off into the darkness as it carries her off! Miho's Virtue-phone hits the ground; it's open to a text message she just sent to Rashmi, which reads:

    >>> Hi, are you free atm? I'd like to try to henshin under controlled circumstHELP

Naturally, there's no phone signal.
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-21 20:59:03 92867
Jiaying Maki runs over to help out Norie as well, though the form change does get a surprised look. There's a moment of hesitation, then she says, "I'm dragging your brother here. Preferably in handcuffs. This is proof you're you." She pokes the girl. What, she said she was fine. And it's teasing, which means she's no longer worried. Mostly.

Looking to Sora as the door starts to snap shut, "You don't need to worry so much. It's like Tokyo, but with people more like me. It's nice here." Especially for a yokai that always felt out of place. She's having a hard time putting that piece in place.

She hears that squawk as the doors shut and stands up. She yanks the doors open trying to find out where she went. Of course, that the creature used her door to flee means that it zipped right past them. She lashes out trying to grab at the creature, not getting a glimpse at it as it carries Miho off in what almost looks like a stereotypical Japanese thief getup. "H-hey! Wrong door, wrong person!" as she tries to gather her magic up and fling the spear of water at the creature, albeit ineffectually. "Come on, let's go!" she shouts at the other two, taking off in a hurry.
Lacrima 2018-07-21 21:08:56 92868
Norie looks at Jiaying making a face. "You could provide all the proof you want but he wouldn't probably admit to anything." she says. She's about to go on when there's a squawk and suddenly. Wait did something just carry Miho into here and off!? What the hell!?

She begins running after it. As she stops and sours a little in expression. She can't run fast enough. "Screw it." she says, as she throws off wisps of black energy release from her leaving her as... something awful and shadow like and not looking very human. Vaugely human. More like the things in here. But not quite. It takes off into a wisp of smoke after the thing, and she's probably just barely keeping abreast of it. What is this thing? "Dammit, dammit." she mutters.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-21 21:20:30 92869
Miho struggles against her captor for a moment, but the monster is considerably stronger than she is. She closes her eyes and concentrates, but ... nope, no dice, she can't access the Life Blessing constructively at this level of panic and distraction. Her is voice dripping sarcasm, and at a noticeably lower pitch than usual, as she says, "So, uh, nice night, isn't it?"
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-21 21:31:28 92871
Jiaying Maki is darting along through the crowds, bouncing through people, apologizing each time in a mix of Chinese and Japanese, trying to be polite and all in odd circumstances. A few people do turn and look, one even tries to clothesline the guy, a tanuki of some kind, but the captor ducks under it and continues his run, albeit stumbling briefly. They're running out of the city though, towards the forest. To it's credit, it doesn't look TOO much spookier than the normal forest, but there's definitely a lot of magic out there. And floating wisps hinting at the ghosts.

"Come on, we weren't going this way today, but I guess we are now!" the creature is running towards something it seems, following a barely visible path, a place Jia has a hint of, but never found.
Lacrima 2018-07-21 21:50:29 92872
Lacrima is still chasing it. She isn't happy right now. This things taken someone and run. Why? Why would someone 'steal' Miho like that? She's trying to not plow through other beings. She's flying up and down and around them.

"HEY STOP." she yells out. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?" she snaps.
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-21 21:53:00 92873
As it becomes clear this thing they're chasing is fast Kazeko starts playing windgames. A hefty tailwind for her friends (and herself) combined with a hefty headwind for what's holding onto Miho. Nothing that will cause harm by itself, it's just meant to give an edge in the chase. She seems serious but doesn't speak, focusing heavily on what she's doing.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-21 21:55:27 92874
Miho fruitlessly tries to twist around so she can get a good look at the monster. "What, not even a lousy comeback?" she says. "I mean, I guess between the two of us, you're the one who has to save your breath running." She pauses as Lacrima calls out. "Actually, do monsters like you breathe?" she says. "I never thought to ask."

She winces at the sudden wind. She isn't sure if her hands are visible to her would-be rescuers, but she starts sending little ... pulses of life energy through them, deliberately doing a fruitless glowy thing, in the hope that this would make it easier to follow the two of them in the darkness.
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-21 22:12:30 92875
The shrouded creature doesn't seem to be slowing down, though when he suddenly disappears through some undergrowth. When Jia stumbles into the area, the creature in question is hanging upside down from some webbing. It looks confused, very confused. It's even shouting something, "H-hey we had a deal, I grabbed her!" With the hood fallen away, it looks like some kind of boar demon. As he struggles, he becomes more and more tangled. Finding too late that he's almost completely immobilized in that panic.

That's not quite the problem though. Jia's magic, the everpresent mist is flowing towards a run down, degraded shrine there in the clearing. The source of all the webs. Not that she notices. Summoning her guandao, she hurries over to try and make sure Miho's okay. Crouching at her side.

Offering her hand out, she says, "Come on, let's go. Bad stuff here." Even as that gathered magic begins to swirl around the statue.
Lacrima 2018-07-21 22:29:16 92876
Angrily, Lacrima swirls up and then sort of gets into the boar's face. "PORKCHOPS FOR DINNER!" she says really upset. She looks around. Is this a shrine? Why would there need to be a shrine in dead world?

She looks down to Miho. "Is she okay? We should run yes." she says. "Is there another way out from here or do we need to... find our way back?" she says.

She purses her lips.

She is not trying to actually eat the boar monster. She's just trying to be intimidating for a second.
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-21 22:34:41 92877
Kazeko allows Jiaying to take care of Miho for the time being. She herself raises furious winds targeted at the boar creature, unlike many of her winds these do not cut. That would risk freeing the boar. No they bludgeon. "If I ever see you or hear of you causing trouble again, I will do more than hurt you." She says in a softly threatening tone. It's a statement of fact, only audible over the roaring bludgeoning winds because she's ensured it carries through.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-21 22:39:11 92880
Miho takes Jiaying's hand. "Yeah, no kidding," she says as she gets to her feet. Her voice is sounding even more scratchy and androgynous, although it hasn't quite reached the levels of 'just plain weird' in the incident when Jiaying rescued her from the eel-youma. Her arms immediately cross with her left arm grasped in her right, and there's already a faint minty glow with bonus wisps of shadow where she's grabbing it. "I'm a little rattled around, but I can walk. In other news, ow." She shakes her head. "I'm not one to just look a gift horse in the mouth when we're in the middle of the night freaking harbor, but I'm all for getting the heck out of ..."

Her voice trails off as she looks between Jiaying and the shrine, noticing the way the trail of mist is going. "Um. Maki-san? Your ... mist is kind of ... um ... draining?"
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-21 22:49:25 92881
Jiaying Maki manages a confused look over her shoulder at the warning. "Huh?" Is all she can offer before suddenly the shrine just... shatters. It would almost be unceremonious, except that mist suddenly swirls up and coalesces into a form resembling that of a monstrous spider. It's laughing, a deep, scratchy voice. One of antiquity, speaking slow and with purpose, most which go over Jia's head. Which isn't hard as when the magic coalesced, she made a strange sound and fell over sideways. Just collapsed. She's breathing at least.

The boar while all of this was happening was trying to protect itself. Not that it was having much luck. When the shrine breaks, it starts freaking out, screaming, struggling, trying to get away, the works. The why is obvious when the spider darts up and devours the thing before turning it's eyes on the others.

"I have you to thank for this? For freeing me. I should give you the same reward, but you've even brought me the very... thing I've been seeking. Do you understand the sheer magnitude needed to hire the aid of the dull witted when you are unable to move any part of your body?" He cackcles, pausing to pull a piece of something from those mandibles, a shred of cloth. "That damned fox, at least another one came along and made it easy." It hasn't even finished saying the word easy before it's lunged after Miho.
Lacrima 2018-07-21 23:10:46 92882
Lacrima eyes go wide. "JIA-CHAN!" she calls out. She angrily watches the giant Spider creature emerge, and gets out of the way as it lunges for... The Boar?

She's happy she's currently in her shadow form. This thing was bad enough to be locked away in this place let alone Earth's home dimension.

"Things like you tend to be locked away for a reason." she says.

"Did you commit this dimension's version of murder?" she asks softly.

Her eyes go wide though, she'll try to lunge for Miho as fast as she can, unless someone manages to act faster.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-21 23:40:38 92883
Miho shrinks back as the monster materializes. "Well, Kagekumo-san, you sure don't look like a jorogumo," she says, hurriedly moving so that she's standing in front of Jiaying. "Of course, Hokuto-chan also came to the pier expecting a kappa when it was actually an eel after me, sooo ..." She winces as the boar gets devoured. "... welp," she says. "No wonder evil has such a terrible reputation in the 'keeping bargains' department ..."

The monster is suddenly lunging towards her. This isn't remotely a surprise, though, and Miho throws herself into the arms of shadow-Lacrima. "Yare yare da wa ... You jokers are kind of predictable, you know that?" she says, righteous indignation in her voice. "You hurt my friend, you kill your own dude, you just announce that you wanna do the same thing as literally every youma that's come after me ..." (Well, it was only two, and one of them didn't say anything, but.)

She looks around. "Uh, Lacchan, you're gonna wanna put me down and then stand back away from me." It should be clear enough what that means.
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-21 23:47:25 92884
The creature cackles and says, "This dimension? Our worlds are linked you silly little girl. Why are thinking this side and that are all that different?" Then it pauses and says flatly, "Also, I just ate someone right in front of you." As it's talking, it's moving, like it's trying to get the best angle to grab Miho, if one had to guess. It lands where Miho had been. It reaches down and tugs at something on the ground, webbing suddenly growing taut, trying to snare the two girls.

While he's distracted, something else is leaving the shrine, a little bobbing spirit. It slowly floats over to Jia and hovers over her. It seems to be lingering there.

Of course, while the two are sorting out plans and a ghost is poking at Jiaying, the spider is already charging forward, using some of it's limbs to try and snare Miho.
Lacrima 2018-07-21 23:56:28 92885
Lacrima manages to snag and save Miho. Okay good. She kind of wants to grab Jia-chan with an awful shadow tendril or something, but Miho asks her something and she winces. "Alright." she says. "But do it quickly. That thing is fast." she says.

So she places her somewhere clear quick...

Before melding into a black puddle on the ground, sliding across the way and picking up Jiaying along the way quickly and towards the edge of the shrine clearing. Far enough away for her, and making sure Jiaying is safe. She'll reform back into a more solid shape when she's done with this and slink a little further into the shadows.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-22 00:12:51 92886
Miho sighs and shakes her head, clinging to Lacrima. "You know, if you'd kidnapped me when I'd first gotten into Tokyo, it would've worked," she says. "But now ... I know who I am. I know what I can do. And I know I'm not alone anymore!" Norie holding onto her, Hokoto who'd found out the truth and told her Kagekumo's name, Rashmi and Kukai who'd helped her find her confidence, Kazeko and Naru and Kyouko who'd encouraged her in their own way ... "People have been protecting me the entire time I've been here, and now it's time for me to protect them in turn!" Jiaying right this minute, Mamoru while his powers are drained, Alexis from himself mostly, Sora probably, Miho's other trans friend Moriko who hadn't transformed yet the last Miho had heard, that little girl Nanoha ... well, maybe not Nanoha, Miho knows she's a full-fledged magical girl herself, but Miho has still never reconciled that "White Devil" nickname she mentioned.

Lacrima sets her down and escapes, and the instant Miho doesn't feel her darkness up close anymore, she thrusts her right hand into the air, standing more-or-less in a Saturday Night Fever pose. "Life Blessing, WAKE UP!" A pleasant minty-green glow of purifying life-energy spirals around her arm, expanding until it surrounds her in a brilliant column of light for a moment.

When it fades, there's a blue-haired magical girl in a modified sailor costume covered in heart-emblems, hovering just above the ground. Her face looks exactly like Miho, except she also looks completely unlike her. She still wears glasses, but the frames are green now. Feeling something different about her body, she looks down at herself, and breaks into a clear, bright laugh as she spins up into the air out of the spider's immediate range. In her left hand materializes a wand with a blue heart-shaped crystal in the tip; she tosses it into the air and catches it in her right. With a voice that also sounds almost but not quite exactly unlike Miho, she says, "The guardian of light and hope, faster than the breeze, Life Mahou ..." There's just the briefest hesitation. "... Joy!" She points her wand straight at the spider, a wide grin on her face. "In the name of all life, I will halt the threat before me!"
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-22 00:23:15 92887
The spider growls and lashes out with a clawed limb, a wave of purple energy, dark feeling lashing towards the newly changed magical girl. He may have been trying to cheat and catch her off guard, but it was rather blinding and dazzling and... he's slow on the uptake. He'll blame fifty plus years of confinement.

Jiaying is pulled away, limp, but still breathing. That wisp makes an annoyed sound and flares up for a moment, then darts after her. It lingers there for a few moments longer, almost like it was having a conversation. Before Norie or anyone else can react, it suddenly dives right into the fox. Nothing seems to change right away though.

Meanwhile, the spider beast has skittered back up a tree, jumping to another nearby one, leaving webbing behind while shouting, "You WILL give me the jade. It is MINE." before lashing out with that toxic energy again, where it touches the ground it leaves behind a faded and brittle.
Lacrima 2018-07-22 00:32:54 92889
Lacrima was to wince. Miho transforms. She watches both with awe, but that sense of terror thats instinctual of all things dark and awful facing the light. She managed to quell the 'squeal' involved with this a long while ago though. She does notice Jiaying is still breathing. She can't do much to help her right now. Or at all.

Unless Jia wants to be some sort of weird fox spirit vampire thing. Is that even possible? She doesn't think to ask.

She does eye that wisp and frowns a little when it sort of hops into Jia. If it's bad. She can get someone to excise it. Hopefully.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-22 00:47:40 92891
Life Mahou Joy lets out another clear bright laugh; the first attack missed completely when she flew up into the air. "Minty Barrage!" she exclaims, wand held outward, and fires a burst of green pellets which might possibly resemble mint leaves.

She does a bit of a double-take when she sees the wisp of light right by Jiaying, but, well, if it's something untoward, she can let Norie handle it. Maybe. Probably. Can't worry about that now, there's a bigger threat right in front of her!

She dances out of the way of the second attack as well. "I haven't got your stupid Shadow Jade!" she calls out to him, grinning and shaking her head. "You think you can trap me so you can use me as a minty metal detector? Well, this is my escape!" Life Mahou Joy thrusts out her fist, using instinct to guide herself. "Minty PUNCH!" She charges forward ... ridiculously fast. Probably somewhere near the speed of a car on the freeway. And she's going fist-first, her body wreathed in the purifying energies of the Life Blessing.

Life Mahou Joy isn't used to going from zero to sixty instantly, however, so she might not be as precise as she ought to be ...
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-22 00:54:22 92892
The creature hisses and cringes away from the first attack, clearly not up to the strength he should be. He yanks the webbing down from the trees in the surrounding area. This is all an attempt to slow them down more than anything. Still smoking from the first attack, he uses the innexperience to skitter out of the way, sliding down a tree, then leaping to a nearby one. He then scurries up into the canopy and calls out, "You'll see me again. Hahaa!" and disappears through the tree cover. He's not even remotely concerned about image it would seem.

Jiaying makes a funny noise and swats at the air a few times. Then there's a sudden smoke cloud. What's left behind is an odd looking fox with two tails as opposed to Jia's usual single tail. It's still out cold, but she seems more like she's sleeping rather than completely limp and lifeless.
Lacrima 2018-07-22 01:11:44 92894
Lacrima makes a face. This reminds her a little of Ayana for a moment.

She sighs a bit. "Let him run. We should get out of here." she calls out to Life Mahou Joy. She'll scoop up Jiaying as she turns. "Come on!" she calls out, as she begins to move. She's hoping Joy will just follow.

"....was that your first time transforming?" she asks. "Whatever that was. It's potent. Things like that make me want to hide in walls." she says softly. A pause.

"Sorry about the whole spooky ... shadow spirit thing." she says. "This is my 'actual form'." she says quietly. "The purple haired girl is just the most human-like form I can take without energy expenditure." she says quietly. "-and you know. People only look a /little/ weird at the strange pale rich girl instead of run in terror from this thing." she says.

"---and it was also the fastest way to chase you." she says. "I mean. Chase that thing, that took you." she says.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-22 01:16:00 92895
Miho misses and goes flying off into the distance. "WHOOOOOOOOOoooops ..." She quickly comes to a stop and turns around, charging back the way she came! By the time she gets back, though, the spider seems to be gone. "Darn it, I wanted to show him my own version of the attack that shattered the Shadow Jade," she says. She doesn't particularly bothered, though.

The threat halted, she floats down to within reasonable talking-distance of Lacrima without getting too close for comfort, and follows after her in midair. "Yep, it was my first time transforming. I mean, it is. I mean ..." She's still stumbling over her words the same way Miho usually does. She shakes her head. "You know what I mean. But yeah, the Life Blessing ... I'm not gonna give you a hug until after I change back." She shrugs. "And don't worry about it, Norie-chan, I'm already used to your 'darkness' in general. And hey, you probably saved my life twice there, so I don't mind at all."

She frowns at the fox in Lacrima's arms. "Is Maki-san all right, though?" she says. "... Should we worry about that wisp and the extra tail?"
Jiaying Maki 2018-07-22 01:18:18 92896
A Strange Fox is a quiet little fluffball at the moment. Steady breathing and all. The trip back should be easy enough thanks to Jiaying prepping things just in case. It's a matter of locking the manor gates and placing one of the tags she had noted earlier against the door which produces an audible sound of a lock opening. The door would then swing open.
Lacrima 2018-07-22 01:28:23 92897
Home! She'll step through---and at the same time stepping through changes back to her more normal form. She Turns around and shifts a little. She sighs. "I'll bring her into the house. A moment." she says. She opens the door and walks Jiaying to her room, placing the fluffball on the bed before she walks back out and closes the door.

She walks back out, and gently brushes her dress off.

She sighs and sits down on the steps. "My apologies. I asked you to come over before knowing Jiaying had plans like that." she says meekly.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-22 01:46:17 92899
Miho Kagami waits patiently outside, still in full henshin, and takes a moment to answer Rashmi's frantic messages on her Virtue phone. "All right," she says. "Uh, whoops, first let me ..." She lowers the pitch of her voice and makes it sound a bit scratchy and androgynous -- in other worlds, exactly like Miho out of henshin. "... try this out ..." She shakes her head and brings it back to her normal Life Mahou Joy tone. "Okay, got that out of the way ..."

She steps a bit away from Lacrima, and then in a pulse of minty light, she's back to her mundane form. The 'different' feeling is gone, too, and she grimaces for a second. "Okay," she says. "But anyway ... it's all right, it wasn't your fault," she says. She looks uneasily towards the manor. "Well. I hope Jiaying-san gets better soon," she says. "And there's pretty much no way we aren't gonna have to fight that spider-dude some more. On the bright side ... I've got my transformation squared away, just need to practice that on top of my other stuff." She looks at Lacrima seriously, and puts a hand on her shoulder. "I want you to know I'm willing to do whatever it takes to defend you, Norie-chan. I won't kill that boy, in fact I don't think I'm actually capable of wanting to kill someone, but if it comes down to a fight, I'm on your side."
Lacrima 2018-07-22 01:59:31 92900
Lacrima sort of fidgets a moment. Nrg. She seems uncomfortable for a moment.

"I'll... have to talk to you about things later. Not right now. I need to. Take all that in still." she says. "And see to Jia-chan." she says. She shifts a bit. "Just. Be careful of that around me." she says. "I know you already intend to. But..."

"Purification hurts on every level." she says. "To something like me. It burns and is painful on a physical level. On an emotional level. Things like that remind me of how it used to be human then immediately followed by the crushing understanding I won't be ever again." she says.

"Then if I get a strong enough dose, but managed to get away from it. I have to rebuild my being slowly, and then I'm always odd for a few days because it takes a bit for someone's being to reseat itself." she says.

"I'm... not actually sure how things that have always been non-human deal with purification..." she purses her lips. She feels a research project coming on at work!

She stands up. "I'm going to make sure Jiaying is gonna be okay." she says softly. "Okay?" she asks.
Miho Kagami 2018-07-22 02:06:23 92901
Miho nods along. "Got it," she says softly. "I'll be maximally careful!"

She says her other goodbyes, then goes over to her bike and gets her Virtue phone back out and starts typing on it.

First order of business, of course, is to put a report about her transformation and the spider-demon on HeartNet. The only other person she wants to update on this who isn't in Virtue is Hokuto, to whom she sends a much simpler message.

Then she puts her helmet on, climbs onto her bike, and rides off, smiling as she rides like the wind.