Reincarnation Ruminations

Lacrima talks to Sailor Venus about reincarnations and her own experiences as one. She agrees to potentially help with her brother problem. Lacrima still isn't forgiving the dress ruining. Yet.

Date: 2018-07-25
Pose Count: 11
Lacrima 2018-07-25 04:37:29 92947
Lacrima needs some information. It's information only that a few people can provide. Mamoru and Kazuo have been too busy. She doesn't really know any of the other guys. She doesn't know any of the Senshi either. Save.

For one.

Lacrima is going to regret this and she knows it, but she think might be available. She has no idea how to contact her. So she devises a plan.

She has a big paper mache black ball. It doesn't look convincing. She's also shoved one of her dark energy crystals inside to pulse randomly. This is harmless levels of dark energy in the area. Nothing that won't disappear in the dawn in eight hours.

"Ohhhh, my horrible plot. To COVER THE DOWNTOWN AREA IN DARK ENERGY." she calls out. "IS GOING TO COME TO FRUITION! WITH THE POWER OF THE PA'PA MACH'E ORB!" she says as she makes spooky hand motions over the paper mache orb. It falls to the ground and sort of cracks in the process.

"...Ugh. Who am I kidding. This isn't going to work. Why doesn't she bother me when I want her to!?" she mutters as she kicks the pieces of the orb, and picks up the more real dark crystal, sighing as she drains the energy of it to make it inert.
Minako Aino 2018-07-25 04:45:18 92948
    Sailor Venus is sitting on the edge of the alley that Lacrima has chosen to do this... what is this? This doesn't even look a little real. Is that the Daily Edition she can see through a bit of the black pain? Is it a trap. She peeks down the way. Nothing. She peeks down the other way and there is nothing.

    She looks down to Artemis and makes motions down there wordlessly. Artemis just shrugs. Does dark energy make you dumber over time? Maybe she should ask Ami-chan.

    "Hey vampire. This is dumb. What are you doing?~" she finally calls from up above. "I don't think newspaper is a good magical binder. Try cardboard next time. I hear corrigation is evvvvvil." she says.
Lacrima 2018-07-25 04:50:52 92949
Lacrima sort of freezes for a moment as she looks around and up, with a sour expression. "Oh. Well." she says. "I guess it did work after all." she says. "Hey. Come down here. I need to talk." she says quietly. "About something." she says. "And it's really only something you can help with." she says.

"I mean. Not just you, but I don't know many people that my questions apply to." she says as she fidgets uncomfortably.

"I'm to understand that. You. The Senshi, and Mamoru and his boys, are... reincarnations? Of people that lived long ago." she says. "That is correct, right?" she asks.
Minako Aino 2018-07-25 04:53:53 92950
    Sailor Venus listens and raises a brow quizzically. This is not what she expected so she's suspicious. She looks down to Artemis and then back down to Lacrima as she slips down and lands on the ground, heels clicking perfectly.

    "Yeah that's right." she says. "We died long ago then we we're reborn." she says. She narrows her eyes as she steps over to the vampire and leans down. "Why?" she asks.

    "This isn't for some dumb plot, right?" she asks.
Lacrima 2018-07-25 05:18:54 92951
Lacrima rolls her eyes. "Yes. I made a dumb paper mache orb, for an evil plot. I'm summoning a newspaper and paste youma, Elmer." she says. Venus should know she's being really sarcastic.

"No... it isn't." she says as she tries to take a more relaxed posture. It isn't easy though and she still seems sort of guarded, like she's trying to curl inwards, but isn't.

"...When did you know? That you we're?" she asks. "Did you always know? Did you find out later...? How?" she asks. "Did... the power come when you found out? I mean. Magic. The ability for you to... 'be' Sailor Venus." she says.
Minako Aino 2018-07-25 05:26:23 92952
    Sailor Venus crosses her arms and listens. She blinks rapidly. These are. Odd questions. "Why do you want to know? Do you think you're a reincarnation?" she asks. She leans back and seems to think! If she is. She isn't from 'their' time.

    "...Well. Uh. I guess I started having dreams? About a place. And people. But I couldn't place.. names or faces. Then I met Artemis- and he sort of 'zapped' me to remember a little more detail. Then I became Sailor V to fight 'The Dark Agency' and...." she shakes her head. "That isn't important." she says.

    "So there we're dreams." she nods.
Lacrima 2018-07-25 05:40:53 92953
Dreams. Ryo said he was having dreams. Lamya recognized him. She shifts uncomfortably. "I believe that my brother may... be." she says. "The reincarnation of a mythological knight that slayed a dragon." she says. "He has dreams. And someone found him familiar before placing his face and name. The old name he supposedly had." she says.

"This person. The reincarnation? He wasn't a good person." she says more silently.

"Ryo doesn't already treat me well. He thinks Norie died and I'm just something wearing her skin. I can't go home because of him. It's why I live in that manor." she says.

"I'm afraid of what happens if he realizes 'who he is'." she says.
Minako Aino 2018-07-25 05:49:14 92954
    Sailor Venus listens and head tilts. When Lacrima explains about her brother- her expressions softens a little. So that's why she lives in that manor? She thought...

    It doesn't matter what she thinks right this moment. "This sounds similar..." she says. "To things I and my friends experienced. The feeling of familiarity, and the dreams. It's pretty strong indicator." she says.

    "No offense, vampire-chan but your brother sounds like a real jerk." she says. "Do you need someone to watch him?" she asks. "All sneaky like? In case something happens?" she asks.

    It sounds like she's offering! She's actually offering Artemis and the cat knows it, scowling a little from his perch up on the roof, rolling his eyes.
Lacrima 2018-07-25 05:59:22 92955
Vampire-chan. She ughs. "Lacrima. Or Norie. Please?" she asks. "Just..." she shakes her head. "Nevermind. It's not like you'll do it anyways." she sulks, in regards to her name. Venus confirms her suspicions more. This doesn't help her mood.

She's about to thank her and leave when Venus offers to 'watch' her brother. She blinks a little. "'d do that?" she asks. "For me? Why." she says. She's suspicious. "But." she says.

"If you want to. I'd appreciate it. I can't watch him."

She shifts a little more. "Thank you for answering my questions. You didn't have to. I appreciate it."

"I mean for you not trying to 'steak' me at least tonight." she says.
Minako Aino 2018-07-25 06:05:24 92956
    Sailor Venus sighs. "Look." she says. "Endy trusts you. Kunzite trusts you. That second one is a big plus for me." she says with a smirk. "I don't really trust you." she says. "I still think you're going to try to shove Tokyo into your mouth one day." she admits.

    "But maybe I feel bad about messing with your dress. Just a little. And maybe this is something I can do to make you forget I ever did that!" she says with an eyebrow waggle.

    "Your brother is the blonde guy right?" she asks. She whistles. "That one's a heartbreaker if I check my notes. Maybe the jerk needs to be put in his place in more ways than one~" she says.

    "You're welcome~" she sings. "Anything else? I gotta get back on patrol because your paper mache ball kind of distracted me." she says. "Next time can you just have Kunzite or Endy let me know to poke you? I know where you live after all!" she says with a firm nod. Yes she does. Yes. She. Does!
Lacrima 2018-07-25 06:09:19 92958
Lacrima shakes her head. "No that's. All I really needed. I tried to speak to them about this first but they're busy with college and the whole... Mamoru not having his powers thing." she says cautiously. "I think. You we're my third choice." she says.

She reaches down to pick up the remains of the paper and put them into a nearby dumpster. No need to litter for now.

"...I don't think I can forget that." she says. "But I'll try not to hold it against you in the future." she says with a long suffering sigh.

"You know how to reach me if you need to tell me something." she says as she turns to the dead end of the alley and walks down into the darkness to dusk step away.