A Long Time Coming

Date: 2018-07-29
Pose Count: 52
Sailor Earth 2018-07-29 21:45:32 93145
There was a decided burst of... wrongness, in the air. Not Dark Energy... but something was wrong. Had been wrong for a long time, but that was swelling. Growing. And now it made itself known. For those with connection to the Golden Kingdom, for the Sailor Senshi and Shitennou, there really can only be one person responsible.

And that one person must be Mirai Terra, 'Sailor Earth' - who at this moment has been following a young man who's heart caught her attention. Looking down at her hand, the four-sectioned circle visible in it like a scar. And then...

Birds flying away from trees, a shout of surprise and perhaps fear in the distance, and a flow of power - that familiar and yet wrong power, strong enough to course through Tokyo and bring attention to it. As though the person responsible isn't interested in hiding it.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-07-29 21:54:53 93146
It's something Mamoru, among literally everyone else in his family, has been waiting for. His connection's obfuscated, confused, cut off-- but something that loud? Something that wrong? He can feel it, and what's more, he can feel that it's supposed to be his. He'd been about to start afternoon/evening of pregaming his birthday number however-long-since-he-started-daydrinking-- like a week and a half-- when that wave washes over, and abruptly he scrambled for his bedroom and the aggro-making halberd necklace in his nightstand, then henshined while yelling to the whole household, "AUTOBOTS! ROLLLLLLLL OUT!"

Luckily for him, the one up-side to this whole incredibly inconvenient nonsense is that he literally doesn't mind teleporting at all, so he totally hitches a ride with the Shitennou.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-07-29 22:00:01 93147
    She arrives, as ever, like a thunderbolt.

    Kyouko has been waiting for this as much as anyone- for someone who views violence as the preferable option, rather than the last resort, to have a problem and no way to fight it has been frustrating in the extreme. So is it any surprise that, as she was walking home from work and that wave of oh-so-familiar wrongness washed over her, her reaction was a faint widening of eyes... followed by a feral, fanged grin.

    Those around her on the sidewalk would hardly notice her duck into an alleyway. A flash of crimson and a series of long, arcing leaps later, and she is near the source of that pulse, the fleeing birds, and whatever else may be waiting.

    Apatite comes down from the sky without warning and slams into the ground hard enough to send a small ring of dust outward from her feet, small cracks radiating from the place of impact, the boughs of trees shivering. Little arcs of red lightning, raw magic, crackle about her uniform as she straightens, spear held in one hand so tightly that her knuckles are white and cape rippling behind her.

    She doesn't even know what she'll find here, yet. But the hard look in her crimson eyes and the way her crooked grin exposes a canine that's just a little too long and sharp to belong to a normal human says that whatever she finds is going to be sorry to be found.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-07-29 22:03:37 93148
For some reason, when Kunzite appears with the Moonlight Frost Knight in his column of crackling darkness, he is saying low-voiced to the latter, "-- too much time with Nephrite. If one of you starts demanding we add tires to our uniforms, I refuse. In advance."

It is not remotely as impressive an entrance as Apatite's. But his job, at the moment, is not to draw attention -- attention will come to them soon enough. And there is none of anyone else's energy in him just now to brighten eyes, or spark anger, or (once, with Madoka, long ago) lend a little hint of compassion.

All there is in him is heat drawn off from the city, smothering and heavy enough to kill.
Makoto Kino 2018-07-29 22:09:47 93150
Makoto felt it on the wind - a tang in the air, a prickling against her skin. A pressure like an oncoming storm. Even from inside her apartment she'd have heard it whispering against the walls and windows, and though she doesn't know what, exactly, she knows more than enough.

The thunderbolt of Apatite's arrival is followed in short order by a gust of wind that kicks up fallen leaves and motes of dust, and a low, distant rumble. Sailor Jupiter touches down a little more lightly, cushioned by the tingling swirl of air, green eyes sharp and already scanning for the source of the trouble.

"Somebody's given up on subtle," she comments at the sight of how many others are converging. She doesn't sound very surprised.
Lacrima 2018-07-29 22:18:10 93151
Lacrima was out feeding. That yellow girl ruined her chances at feeding the other day. After last night, she needs to find someone to replenish her energy-- she does. They get placed carefully in a visible place. Then there's... what's that energy. It... tastes like... Mamoru? That weird golden taste she remembers but it tastes wrong and metallic in the air. She isn't drawn to it in the same way the Senshi and Shittenou are. She's drawn to it the way a mosquito is to a source of rich blood.

She arrives at the edges of the disturbance, a black shadow hanging at the edges of this affair. What's going on here?

She can see Apatite arriving. That's obvious enough. Others too. Jupiter, Kunzite over there. Some...guy in... oh is that... must be Mamoru? Right? Using Takashi's old Belkan dvice?

She lets herself reform into her more normal humanoid form as she head tilts. Is this trouble? Is this something good? She doesn't know.
Nephrite 2018-07-29 22:18:29 93152
It's like they've all been holding their breaths for months. In Neil's case, months of trying to stay cheerful for an unhappy prince and not show his frustration at the incredibly vague hints the stars had to offer about their imposter. Now, finally, Neil lets himself exhale, and sends out the mass text that he's been waiting to send out.

"Stuff going down. Probs bad. Big boom."

Shoving his phone in his pocket, he dashes to meet Mamoru and whoever wants to come along for the ride.

When he teleports in behind Frost Knight and Kunzite, Nephrite is grinning. "But think of how much faster we could go!"
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-29 22:23:08 93153
Sora notices the wrongness and is about to ignore it when she gets a text from a number she got told was from one of Mamoru and Kazuo's friends. So, she changes her mind. One quick henshin later, and Kazeko is on her way. She happens to overhear Nephrite as she flies past and stops to land, and begins to initiate a new trick. Winds pick up, controlled winds that turn out to be far more precise than anything natural, whirling around everyone there who doesn't try to avoid getting caught in one.

The winds are infused with magic, and upon detecting any dark energy or objects incoming will try to bat that aside. They'll only protect from one attack each, but it's something. "Hey guys. Need some help?"
Sailor Earth 2018-07-29 22:33:12 93154
And they felt her before they saw her, boots clicking along the sidewalk as she appeared coming from down an alleyway. She had a cane thrown over her shoulder, walking casually. "I was hoping more of you would make it." she said, and there was someone with her - a male figure, wearing spectral armor, glistening and gold... a longsword and shield in his hands, also of sparkling spectral gold.

But underneath the armor, there's an upperclass high school student in a blue suit, eyes also golden, not really looking, but open. And there's someone there who will know exactly who it is - Shinozaki.

"You see, I have been spending my time uncovering the lost treasures of our shared history - and regaining my power. And I remember what I could do. Now I just need to start building a Royal Guard. This one has the strength of spirit I need and will do nicely."

Shinozaki-Knight steps forward, interposing himself shield first between Sailor Earth and the others who are looking... rather hostile.

"It's good to see you've stopped trying to be, Mamoru Chiba. Soon maybe you'll give me the name back." She paused, putting a finger to the side of her mouth and tapping it. "Oh, but I suppose... you're not here to lay your weapons at my feet?" She twirled the cane - which was really more like a baton - in her hand. "I hope you all aren't planning to do anything stupid."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-07-29 22:45:41 93155
"Faster, but also a problem with superjump, I mean, the physics is killing me just thinking about it," Moonlight Frost Knight says quietly to Kunzite and Nephrite, corner of his mouth twitching, and then glancing aside at Eiszapfen. "Are you gonna behave?" he asks the Device. It does not deign to answer. He takes stock of who else has come, and is-- honestly, is so pleased to see literally everyone that's shown up.

Then their target shows up with another co-opted newb in tow, and Mamoru hisses through his teeth in exasperation.

But Earth is talking. He glances toward where Jupiter and Apatite are, and if they look at him, he nods minutely behind his mask.

When she finally runs out of bullshit to say, Mamoru says loud and clear, "Try not to hurt him too much, god knows what she's done to his head. Probably the same lame mind control she did to the last batch."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-07-29 22:47:40 93156
    Apatite senses her brothers arriving at nearly the same time that she does. Her eyes flick up and back, noting their position, but otherwise seeming to ignore them though they would know that this is not actually true. She acknowledges Frost Knight's nod. But her enemies are in front of her, and that's where her focus must remain.

    She feels Jupiter arrive as well, not quite in the same way, but still unmistakable. "Subtle was never really going to work, anyway." She responds to the senshi- a statement which could equally apply to both sides of this particular conflict (or at least, parts thereof). Other people arrive as well, but Apatite pays them less mind. Not out of lack of respect, but simply because she will not permit herself to get distracted- not when this enemy has finally appeared before her.

    Her eyes narrow at the sight of Earth appearing from the alleyway, and the young man walking alongside her in spectral golden armor. He moves in front of Earth, and Apatite frowns slightly. "What's the matter? Can't fight your own battles?" She snarks towards Earth.

    And then, without further hesitation, she moves. Lightning-quick, she launches herself forward , her spear spinning around to couch under her arm like a lance as she slides to the side and actually leaps up onto the wall of the alleyway, running along it for a few steps before jumping out and over, attempting to bypass the armored guy completely and send her spear slashing down at Earth as she passes overhead to land behind.

    She doesn't have permission to kill the boy, so she tries to simply ignore him.

    It's a different story with Sailor Earth.
Makoto Kino 2018-07-29 22:52:05 93157
The startled yelp of recognition that escapes her throat is more Makoto than Sailor Jupiter - the instant the 'knight' steps forward and she gets a clear look at him, her eyes fly wide and the color leaves her face, a shock so physical it reverberates in the air around her with a little fwump of rising dust.


In the next instant, her hands are clenching into tight fists. Eyes narrowing furiously, Jupiter glares past the empty-eyed Shinosaki to Earth, and her mouth curls into a snarl. "You impossibly petty, horrible little--!" Whatever unprintable names were on her tongue to hurl at Earth, she bites them back as Mamoru speaks his words of caution.

And swallows hard.

"I'll... I'll try and keep him busy. You guys better beat the shit out of her for me."

Before she can start thinking better of this idea, Jupiter's heading straight for the mind-controlled knight.
Nephrite 2018-07-29 22:57:42 93158
Jupiter is here -- Nephrite gives her a relieved smile before giving Faux Earth his full attention. She's got a stick. That's new.

He squints at her so-called guard. "Aw, you've given up on luring us to your side after all? Amazing how quickly you dump the people you claimed to be friends. Does this one have any free will, or are your fingers stuck so deep in his brain that he doesn't know whether he's coming or going?"

He was trying to shift in front of Mamoru as he spoke, but then everything happens at once--Jupiter's shocked gasp, the blurred motion of Apatite launching herself forward. No more talking, then. "As you wish, my lady!" Starlight gathers in his palms and races to meet Earth as Apatite descends on her from above.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-07-29 22:58:52 93159
"I'm a little curious whether it's an ongoing effect or an inlaid one," Kunzite notes aloud, tilting his head a little to study the space between Earth and her ... Guardsman. Guardstudent. "Not to mention what her recruitment criteria are."

He can't actually see the details of any magic in effect. Not without extending his power that far. But he can gesture a little and bring the start of shadows up around himself and Frost Kni--

Oh. Wind.

Kunzite is careful not to accidentally absorb the wind. Just in case.

And Apatite's moving; any advantage he and Mamoru might have bought her and Jupiter by irritating Earth and pulling her attention is gained, and he can drop the act. "Usually," he says to Kazeko instead. And his shields come up full-strength behind hers.

Not actually shielding him and Mamoru, for this instant. Not even shielding Nephrite. Protecting Jupiter, instead.

None of them can take on freight trains.
Lacrima 2018-07-29 23:10:36 93160
Lacrima is keeping at the edges. Watching what the others are saying and where they are going. She takes in what's happening. Apatite seems concentrated on this... is this 'Earth'? She looks like a Senshi, and the others are wanting to fight her. She assumes this is Earth. She looks down at the mind controlled boy. Jupiter screams a name with a '-kun'. Someone Jupiter must know. She can feel wind.

Kazeko. She purses her lips and gives her a nod. She shifts into shadows. She.. disappears?

She appears somewhere in the vicinity of the boy. She'll slide out and try to touch him. Touch him to try to drain him into unconsciousness.

She doesn't know if it'll work. But this is probably more gentle than seeing him punched or shoved or kicked or stabbed. Regardless, she talks whether this works or not.

It's never ever so simple as this of course. At the very least she might throw him off his game so someone else doesn't need to push as hard.

"....are you the one that stole Mamoru's power?" she asks.

"Mind controlling someone is very un-Mamoru like thing to do." she says frankly. "For someone claiming to be a weird... gender swapped version of him."
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-29 23:22:35 93161
"If we were planning on doing anything stupid, we wouldn't be here." Kazeko answers Sailor Earth calmly as she stays on the back lines for the time being, raising her book and beginning to chant a long incantantation in a long dead language, the book itself flips its pages to keep up with her chanting, and she herself makes careful ritualistic movements. Whatever she's doing... it's clearly taking some time to get set up.
Sailor Earth 2018-07-29 23:26:57 93163
Earth smirked. And didn't move to interpose her weapon as Apatite moves in. "I don't get what you mean. You're fighting with your spear, a tool. I'm just fighting with some of my property, too." And before Apatite's spear can connect, a spectral form dashes out from Earth's form - another knight, but this one is a different person, and there's no non-spectral parts left. It parrires the spear away and tries to stab at Apatite as she moves over - apparently, finding gravity irrelevant.

Shinozaki doesn't, at first, move to fight Jupiter, he just shifts behind his shield. But as she gets closer, he readies the blade on top of the shield and stabs outward with it's sparkling tip. "He's proven worthy of such an honor. His spirit was tough enough to hold together under the weight of the armor and power I gave him. He's chosing to protect me."

The raven-haired girl looks up at Nephrite. "I haven't given up. When I've gotten all my powers back, I'll bathe the world in golden light and put everything back the way it should be, and this little moment will just be as a minor nightmare - and forgotten just as easily." Another specrtral golden form erupts out of Earth to meet Nephrite and try to stab him, too.

"The very people of Earth fight for me, they defend me, and I'd really prefer it if you didn't make any of them die for me."

Lacrima's finger reaches out to Shinozaki as he's defending against Makoto, and when she contacts his armor - there's a flood of power there. Mamoru's power, which she'd be familiar with. She drains some of it, and the armor dims momentarily before Shinozaki can move out of the way.

"I don't know who some of you are..." she says, as her hand outstretches and the others can see in her palm the symbol of earth... like a scar that she'd etched there, either with magical power or with more gruesome means- before she starts to collect a glowing surge of light energy in her hand. "...and I'm not going to warn you to leave again."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-07-29 23:36:37 93164
    Apatite's eyes narrow slightly as she observes Jupiter's reaction to the first knight. Someone she knows? That just makes Apatite even angrier, to see her friend so anguished. But this isn't the time to ask about it. She can afford no distractions.

    This becomes even more evident when, unexpectedly, another, different knightly form seems to erupt out of Earth in order to parry her strike. There's a metallic 'shing' sound as the triangular blade of her spear meets the spectral weapon of the knight, and Apatite grunts in frustration, but tries not to let her startlement get the better of her.

    She whips the spear around to knock aside the blow that this new knight aims at her as she lands lightly on her feet behind Earth. But she's not still for long. baring her fangs, she jerks her arms apart, and her spear snaps into two halves, the bottom half growing a spearhead identical to the first from its base, the two now-shorter spears connected at the base by a glowing red chain.

    "Don't you dare ignore me!" She spits at Earth, as the girl pontificates and begins to draw in energy. She darts to the side and flings out her arm, hurling one half of the spear-chucks straight at Earth's back, around the knight that tries to interpose itself. It seems she's really not interested in fighting these knights- she wants Earth.

    She holds onto the other spear, the chain between the two seeming to grow as long as it needs to without ever snapping taut, her eyes darting between the knight and Earth, the approaching Nephrite and Mamoru, trying to take everything in at once.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-07-29 23:44:08 93165
"People aren't property," Mamoru says flatly, there in his unfamiliar armor with the elaborate mask and the sea-ice green accents-- knightcloth, as much armor as his tuxedo but possibly slightly better-- and lifts the halberd. He calls for a barrier, the Midchildan version that Ami taught Eiszapfen, and it establishes itself around the battle. "But you wouldn't really know, would you? Because you're not really a person, are you?"
Nephrite 2018-07-29 23:45:05 93166
First attack didn't work -- well, that is not too surprising. Nephrite is about to go charging closer, trusting in Kunzite to keep Mamoru guarded, when the spectral knight springs up before him. He rears back, and the glaive he only recently started using again flashes into his hands just in time to block a blow from its golden sword. "See, when you have to make your own friends, that smacks of desperation to me! I bet these guys have never even shared a glass of wine with you."

He flashes a grin at the knight to hide his gritted teeth and shoves the sword off the shaft of his glaive, stepping back to get his own blade up just as he's been showing Mamoru, and takes a stab that hopefully will hit throat... if there is a throat there.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-07-29 23:48:09 93167
Kunzite has his place -- his own sword comes into his hand as Nephrite's glaive appears, but he stays back from the fight, stays watchful. Keeps his defenses up around Jupiter. Keeps watch for another glimmer of a spectral knight, ambushing Mamoru or coming up behind one of the others --

And watches the glow of Earth's hand. Silent now. Because for him, that glow is the part that's really dangerous.
Lacrima 2018-07-29 23:52:10 93168
'I am fighting with some of my property'. That's Earth's voice. 'I will find MY princess.' that's Ryo's voice. Lamya's voice.. 'She doesn't belong to you!' and then Ryo answers 'Yes, she does.'. All those people in those pods yesterday that Alexis had found via investigation.

What is it with people thinking they OWN other people? Why do they think this is right? She has the power to do what this 'Earth' is doing what she wanted. Find someone. Grant them power, tie them to her darkness. She did it with Alexis, technically. She could do it to anyone. But she doesn't.

She drains the armor. it dims. But then she reacts, she recoils. That's Mamoru's energy. Yes. But there's something in there. Some of one thing is familiar. It isn't good tasting. It's foul-- but there's something else that triggers a little pang of anxiety. Not strong. But enough that makes her recoil. "What the hell!?" she retorts. She's not familiar with whatever that was, but it made her feel slightly awful.

She makes a little 'nrg' sound as she withdraws a foot backwards, as she shoots to look back towards Earth. "You don't OWN anyone." she spits. "People are not TOOLS." she spits.

She'll move to grab at the boy again, trying to remain out of Makoto's range at a safe distance (1)

"I'll try to. Weaken that armor more. This is going to be unpleasant." she says." she says.

(1) Editor's Footnote: There is No Safe Distance.
Makoto Kino 2018-07-29 23:52:50 93169
"You call this a choice?" Jupiter spits the word out like it's profanity, eyes never leaving Shinozaki. "You're just using him. And I won't ever forgive you!"

She had nothing really resembling a plan when she first squared off against Shinozaki; having successfully occupied his attention, however temporarily, she hesitates with fists poised uselessly, uncertain.

Lacrima has no such indecision to paralyze her, and when the golden armor flickers under her draining touch, Jupiter sees her opening. Dropping her shoulder, she charges head-on, a rush of wind and petals kicking up around Kunzite's shield.

Less of a freight train, more of a battering ram.

"C'mon, Shinozaki-kun, I know this isn't you--!"
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-30 00:05:17 93170
Kazeko keeps chanting, keeps moving. She hasn't done this spell before, she wants to do it properly. But even on top of that, she wants to squeeze every ounce of power she can put into it. She trusts the others will keep Earth and her minion busy, she trusts that someone will realize that she's in the middle of something and best not disturbed. She fears that Earth will realize the threat not disturbing her poses.

And the wind dies down in Tokyo.
Sailor Earth 2018-07-30 00:08:51 93171
Earth smiles a Mamoru-smirk back at said smirk's original owner. "Of course not. I'm a *demigod*. Within my soul beats the life force of a *planet*. And all of the other girls are too - but I am the greatest of all." But then the barrier went up and... well, the two spectral forms vanished, one just as Nephrite peirces its throat with his blade - and Shinozaki's armor became a little bit dimmer still. Still bright gold, but less so.

"You... What did you do! Where am I? Where is the Earth, why are you cutting me off AGAIN?!" she shouted, quickly going from 'in control' to full on 'got turned down for Prom Head Cheerleader'. "HOW DARE YOU!"

Shinozaki tried to parry Lacrima's touch, but since contact with the shield had the same effect, he was unsuccessful. But what it did do was weaken his shield - and then he was just hardly able to put it into position for Jupiter. And it shattered, and Jupiter and Shinozaki went tumbling, and the familiar boy looked up at her with unfamiliar eyes. "I have to protect the Empress! Get off me! I am a KNIGHT! This is what I am! What I was meant to be!" He shouted, trying to move his weapon into position.

"Let me talk to my planet!" Earth shouted. And the glow from her hand became bright indeed - and a series of heavy bright golden blasts starts to erupt from her hand, one each for Mamoru, Nephrite, Kunzite, and Kazeko - before she is interrupted from any more blasting by Apatite's spear, which doesn't pierce her, but forces her to stop and bring up her cape like a shield, the spear lashing against it like an angry serpent. "You don't even know what good wine is, Nephrite! Or good food, Apatite! You can't even EXPERIENCE them in this world! Let me show you what beauty in those things can BE!"
Mamoru Chiba 2018-07-30 00:21:27 93172
Mamoru has a choice: parry that blast with his very physically present borrowed Device, or shunt more mana into the barrier to get it to eject the depowered Shinozaki.

It's not a choice. He'll have to rely on the knightcloth to soak the brunt of the attack.

Well, it might work. Even as the blast hits Mamoru square in the Endymion-patterned barrier jacket's chest and sends him flying back, he's letting Eiszapfen pull on his own still-large internal well of energy to emphasize the barrier, emphasize the 'civilians gtfo' aspect. He lands hard and skids backwards a meter or so, keeping Eiszapfen in a deathgrip and determinedly not crying out, despite the fact that he more or less got Tuxedo la Smoking Lanced.

A second later and he's scrambling to his feet and jumping away, unsteady but fiercely annoyed. "CAN'T TAKE A TASTE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE, CHATBOT?"
Kyouko Sakura 2018-07-30 00:23:33 93173
    Apatite flicks her eyes upwards as the barrier forms, casting the world into that strange half-reality. But she doesn't startle- she knows what Mamoru has been practicing for just this sort of situation. She snarls as her thrown spear is deflected by Earth's cape, and it whirls back to her like a living thing, the chain snapping back until the half-spear is snagged out of the air by her free hand.

    But the spectral knight is gone. The barrier has, it seems, cut Earth off from the source of her power, at least partially, which means the road to her target is open once again. "I've starved before for my family," She spits, images flashing in her mind of a child giving an apple to her little sister, even though it would mean none is left for her. Her eyes flick to Mamoru, Nephrite, Kunzite, even Jupiter. "I'd gladly do it again."

    She slides the spear-hafts out of her hands, gripping instead by the chain just behind each, the chain again seeming to grow to be as long as it needs to be. She starts spinning each half-spear, whirling them by the chain until both become circular blurrs, glowing and crackling with her magic, one held parallel to the ground ,the other perpendicular.

    And then she launches herself again, spinning her whole body as she moves, the circular force compounding with the spinning spears, one and another into a whirlwhind as she lashes out with one, then the other, then the other, then the other, striking out again and again in an attempt to overwhelm her foe, the blades of the spinning spears slicing chunks out of the brick walls as they swing wide, sparks flying.

    She sees Mamoru get hit, but can sense that he's alive, at least, and it only makes her try harder.
Lacrima 2018-07-30 00:27:55 93174
"Sailor Jupiter hold him down." then a pause. "Please?", realizing she realized it was like she was shouting a command. "I'm going to try to put him to sleep for now." she says. "Don't worry, this just me draining him of energy." she says as she tries to move forward, and trying to touch him directly. Trying to find a way to drain directly.

She can hear Earth shouting as she twitches a little at this.

"Be quiet." she says to the boy, as she shoots back to Earth.

"ARE YOU SERIOUSLY ARGUING ABOUT WINE NOW!? THIS IS SHITTIEST MONOLOUGE EVER." she screams out, she says as she tilts her head towards Earth.

What is Kazeko doing? She wonders, is that gonna be a tornado?
Kazuo Takeba 2018-07-30 00:32:32 93175
"Take care about taking too much," Kunzite calls to Lacrima. "Her energy's as unstable as she is --"

(It is not, in fact, that unstable. Not anymore. Kunzite's information is out of date; when he absorbed a blast of Earth's, she had much less holding herself together.).

Speaking of blasts. Multiple targets. And Jupiter is doing something that relies on the shields he's given her. Those need to stay in place.

Nephrite can take care of himself, though; Kunzite would bet on that hard skull against one hit of Earth's any day. Mamoru -- has Eiszapfen's armor, and Kunzite has reason to know that's effective. Kazeko, though.

Kunzite lunges forward; deflects the attack heading her way with his own cape well before it can reach the point of disrupting her, shunting the blast sideways and down, spitting a spray of broken pavement and rocks and dirt from the crater it makes. He almost has time to recover before the second blast sends him sprawling.

He picks himself up more slowly than Mamoru does, and the air around him shimmers with heat. "I can think of greater," he says quietly.

(Anyone else here, to begin with, Lacrima included. Or in terms of power alone -- yes. Always, that one.)
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-30 00:42:25 93176
Kazeko cannot afford to defend herself without disrupting the spell she's building up, so when the attack comes her way she doesn't even flinch and just keeps going. Fortunately, Kunzite protected her and she isn't disturbed. So, she keeps chanting, the spell building up, and though it's faint her magic slowly begins to suffuce the air.

In a brief moment when her spell requires no chanting, Kazeko manages to whisper a single sentence without disrupting her process. She hopes Kunzite will hear it, or failing that someone else near her. "Tell Lacrima to take cover when the wind picks up."
Nephrite 2018-07-30 00:44:50 93177
"If you didn't like the wine I gave you, then give it back!" Nephrite stumbles forward as his glave connects with absolutely nothing except air, the golden knight vanishing. He only has a moment to recover from this before he sees the much greater threat rushing towards him. He dives--dodging the worst of it, feeling golden energy searing the side of his leg as he rolls out of the way. Worse is feeling Mamoru take it in full, though. He pulls himself up with a hiss. "Everyone alive? Groan once if you're not."

Whatever Mamoru is doing along with Apatite's attacks, might be enough for him to get an opening. He charges toward Fake Earth, glaive ready to strike.
Makoto Kino 2018-07-30 00:48:19 93178
It's not a hundred percent clear how much Sailor Jupiter really hears Lacrima, at first, focused on Shinozaki as she is. Even if she wasn't listening, though, the end result is the same: the golden shield shattered under the impact of her charge and she bowls the boy right to the ground, bracing herself against his flailing.

"It's not!" she snaps back at his ranting, gripping his shoulders to give him a little shake. "You're Shinozaki-kun. You're my friend. You're meant for so much better than this."

When he starts to lift his weapon, she releases her grip on him enough to cock back a fist and punch the flat of the sword away from her. And now, for a moment, she glances up long enough to meet Lacrima's eyes, perhaps belatedly understanding what the vampire girl means to do. Her lips press tightly together; she spares a short, taut little nod, before she looks back down at Shinozaki again.

"Come on," she implores, half under her breath. "Snap out of it."
Sailor Earth 2018-07-30 01:13:23 93179
With each impact of Kyouko's whirling spear, Earth's whole body glows golden - particularly the cape she's using to shield herself from the impacts. After a few... those there can see a blue hue on the back end of the color surges. A different power, one that wasn't there before. "If you cut me off from my planet, you're going to force me to call on other things!" she warned.

Back at Shinozaki, Lacrima's touch reaches past the armor now, and finds the chewy normal human center underneath the crazy Earth shell. And he struggles a bit. "I have.. to... be... her... knight..." he says before he drifts off, and the combined might of the plans works - Shinozaki is pulled from the barrier as his armor vanishes.

"Now you're taking away the friends I just made." Earth says from behind her cape... surprisingly calm now. Dangerously so. "You don't want me to have anything."

And the world groans outward as strange blue energy surges out from around her. Nephrite finds home with his glaive just before the surge hits. And he can feel that he struck true. In the chaos that follows, Apatite feels the same.

Another pulse of energy from Earth and the world groans again, and for the blink of an eye, the colors are inverted before switching back. Something is seriously wrong. Then the pulse occurs a third time, and it's very physical, a punishing blast of energy that pushes everyone far away and clears a massive crater of space around Earth, ripping a crater into the ground around her, sending smoke and rock flying into the air.

Earth stands, slowly, cape torn in the breeze. The wounds that Nephrite and Kyouko just inflicted on her show in her outfit - but not in her skin. Despite the fact that they know they struck home.

And now Shinozaki isn't here, and Earth has cleared her relative orbit. She raises her hand again. "If you won't bask in my glorious light... you can burn in its radiance."

Both of her hands glow golden - and the rest of her body starts to change between bright gold and blue and... a third color, an uncolor, something both real and clearly not, a strange mixing watercolor energy. "I will have a much harder time returning you to life after I reduce you to ASHES!" Her eyes glow blue now, but not the calm blue of the ocean. A magical blue. A strange blue. A blue that leaks out of her eyes and into flowing streaks that look like veins on her face.

her "Earth... Radiant... BOMBER~!"

The corsucating blast of energy twists in the air, two different colors of bright, eye-rending gold as she tries to engulf as many of her enemies as she can within the giant, terrible cone that rips away at several of the buildings in the Barrier World and reduces their construction materials to glittering dust.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-07-30 01:26:20 93180
    Apatite will not relent. Not with this long-awaited target finally in her grasp, not when the chance to end Mamoru's pain- well, this particular pain- is right in front of her. She strikes and strikes and her lips peel back as she puts all of her strength, all of her skill, into the whirling of her blades and the pressure of her magic. She can feel Earth's defenses straining, whittling down.

    And then something happens. There's wrongness, pulsing energy ripping out from Earth. Apatite feels her blade pierce Earth's protection finally, find the body beneath, but in the same moment, she is blasted away by the hurricane-force of the explosive concussion. It sends her flying backwards through the air, tumbling head over heel, until she impacts the concrete facade of a building a good fifteen feet above street-level, hard enough that cracks spider out from the point of impact. And something in her cracks, too. Yeah, that's at least one broken rib.

    She peels off the wall and falls the fifteen feet to the sidewalk, landing with a crunch in a heap. It takes a moment, but she stirrs, lifting herself up on one hand, then pulling herself to her feet, using the spear which appears in her hand to lever herself up, gritting her teeth because damn that hurts. But when's a little pain ever stopped her?

    Just as she's gathering herself to go at Earth again, the girl in question gathers that mixed, coruscating energy.. and fires it out towards everyone in front of her. "No!" Apatite yells, although what exactly she's saying 'no' to is hard to determine.

    She flings her arm out towards where Frost Knight and Kunzite hover, and instantly, a huge wall of red-and-black lacelike energy springs into being between the blast and her brothers- the sort of barrier she used to create often in her Witch-hunting days. It probably (Definitely) won't be enough to stop the blast, but it might rob it of at least some of its force, and maybe combined with the reactions of others, make a difference.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-07-30 01:45:22 93182
Too many people. Too many. Kunzite is well back from the space Earth is clearing, and still down on one knee; the first concussive blast shakes him, but doesn't toss him into Kazeko. Quite.

At 'Earth' Kunzite draws a sharp breath, and at 'Radiant' he lifts both hands; his own dark bubble shadowing Jupiter expands, the barrier growing. It won't be a perfect shield, at that size. Not when he doesn't dare absorb the energy striking it --

But it's the only way he can try to lend shelter to the others. To Nephrite, who had been all too close. Maybe even to Lacrima, who was by Jupiter. Kazeko and himself -- their distance is both their blessing and their curse; the blast may have attenuated by the time it reaches them, but so will the effect of his shield. Kazeko is at least in his shadow --

And both of them, suddenly, in the shadow of Kyouko's lace.

Even that shield doesn't keep Kunzite from being thrown down a second time. Doesn't keep his cape from being torn and tattered (there will be no more shield tricks from that today), or his white hair being streaked abruptly red with blood from what the blast does to his face and hands and forearms. But it means he's breathing -- and even if he's still down, the gray eyes are still open to seek Mamoru again.
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-30 01:47:48 93183
Apatite and Kunzite both help shield Kazeko, but their shields can't quite prevent Kazeko from coming to harm. It hurts, it takes all Kazeko has to force herself to keep going with the ritual to call forth this storm. But she keeps going, they did enough, the energy that's hanging in the air is starting become palpable, and likely at least mildly uncomfortable to Lacrima at this point. Now this may be surprising to some, Kazeko has never wielded purifying energy before. Regardless, the ritual is almost complete
Lacrima 2018-07-30 01:49:16 93184
Lacrima watches as the boy... fades away? "He's shifted out of the barrier. It means he's been magically drain--- a...aaaa!: Holy crap what the hell was in that boy!? It's awful.. sickening, filling her with anxiousness and anxiety and causing her head to dart around--- but it's quickly dispelled as that large energy build up emanates from Earth. "Holy..." she says. "H..hey you! Cover!" she yells at Jupiter.

She can't make shields, per say, but she can erect a wall of black shadow which she tries to do in front of Jupiter, the closest she's to right now. Much like Kyouko's this probably won't completely block much as the blast strips it away.

Kunzite throws up a barrier in front of Jupiter too, hopefully that's enough to keep someone standing to 'punch Earth really hard'.

While she gets some of the protection, parts of her strip away. Leaving black, bleeding wounds. Then there's that purification tingle. Oh.. oh you got to be kidding her.

She begins to try to gather herself up together as fast as she can to try to with Dusk Step or get out before whatever is happening is done.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-07-30 01:50:22 93185
Oh. Oh jeez. Mamoru's eyes widen behind his mask and then all of a sudden there's a wall of rose-red-and-black lace between him and the immense blast, just as he was diving toward Kunzite to try and will him to take some damn energy to boost his shield, and-- and Kyouko's moving like she's broken a rib, and everyone's getting hit hard by his power, his energy that's SUPPOSED to be for healing, and his temper snaps as he's thrown back again, even through the shield. He tries to modify his flight path and partially succeeds-- instead of hitting his head on that lamppost, he nearly wrenches his arm out of his socket in catching it and using it to swing himself up on top.

The second he catches his breath, up there, he bellows, "WITH JUPITER, EVERYONE!"

He apparently falls off into rubble, then, half-hidden except for his legs, which aren't moving, so he must be out, right? Then he says firmly, "Eiszapfen, breaker mode."


Moonlight Frost Knight shakes his arm out, grimacing, and keeps his eyes on the situation he literally can't do anything about -- he can't even heal the damage (oh god the damage there's blood in Kunzite's hair and Lacrima's all over the pavement and and and)-- as Eiszapfen reconfigures. The device expands outwards, breaking into multiple pieces as it reconfigures itself. The two outer tines of the trident arch backwards, and a line of power crackles into place betwen them. The central tine slots upwards and back, becoming a bolt steadied to fire. The long hilt shortens and strengthens into the butt of a crossbow. A very, very large crossbow.

Ignoring the pain, Mamoru shifts slightly until he's got line of sight on Earth, then lifts the crossbow to aim it. "When Jupiter calls her attack," he tells the Device in a voice that's low and full of seething fury-- an emotion Eiszapfen heartily approves of-- "you gods-damned shoot every last bit of what we've got at her."

<"Eissteig wartete.">

For good measure, Mamoru jams the cartridge he'd prepared at some point last week into the body of the crossbow. Sea-ice-green energy begins to charge brighter and brighter.
Nephrite 2018-07-30 01:52:33 93186
A moment of triumph -- the glaive seems to strike true! -- followed by the sinking dread of what comes next. Like Kyouko, Nephrite is blasted away. Unlike Kyouko, he is right in the path of the cone. Passing into Kunzite's shield is likely the only thing that prevents him from being obliterated on the spot. A car crunches sickeningly as he collides with it, bounces off, and slams onto the ground. Nephrite skids across the asphalt for several feet before he stops moving. He's bloodied, and his uniform is blackened and tattered. But he's breathing.
Makoto Kino 2018-07-30 02:04:05 93187
With Shinozaki vanished to outside of the barrier, Sailor Jupiter is left kneeling, dismay written all over her face. It's just as well that Lacrima is nearby - the shout of warning finally galvanizes the Senshi of Thunder onto her feet, with just barely enough time to brace her stance and raise her arms in front of her.

As shields go, it isn't much. Kunzite and Lacrima's efforts blunt the greatest parts of the blast; Jupiter weathers what gets through the layers of defense, gritting her teeth and shuddering against the blaze of energy.

In the aftermath, a wisp of smoke curls up from where it scorched her. Compared to many of the others, though, she's fared much better. At least she's still on her feet.

Green eyes sweep over the damage, taking in the injuries, the wreckage. Jupiter's face hardens - a small shift in her expression, a subtle thing, but suddenly the air around her is alive with charged energy.

"Enough." Sparks crackle along the metal arc of her tiara. "I have had enough of you."

She shifts her weight, squaring herself, bringing her hands up before her in the beginnings of the familiar gesture. "Supreme Thunder--"

--the sky growls, then splits, the column of raw electricity lancing down to gather around her before unfolding like a pair of massive wings--

Kazuo Takeba 2018-07-30 02:07:27 93188
Every last bit of what they've got. Still on the ground, Kunzite moves -- his bleeding hands shape sigils in the air; the heat that distorts light around him gathers itself, crackles into his own cold and as always disconcertingly pink lightning, lances to add itself to Jupiter's. In comparison to the column of her rage -- the faint hint of color is barely discernable at all in the spreading wings.
Sora Hisakata 2018-07-30 02:08:27 93189
It is done. The grand ritual is complete, and Kazeko finishes it up pointing at Sailor Earth. "Fuujin and Raijin, grant me your strength to demolish this enemy of Japan. Shatter her strength and scatter her power." She speaks in a reverent tone, finishing up with a few more simple words right as Jupiter calls forth the lightning. "I call forth your divine wind." And with no further warning, all of the energy she has been shoving into the air releases at once.

A terrifying wind that storms all over the battlefield, coming from all directions, heading in only one. The pressure that must be created at the center must be monstrous, and not just wind but also energy inside. Mostly purifying, certainly, but some more magic has been layered on top.

Once thus terrifying gust has collapsed into the center it immediately begins turning like a tornado, all that energy trying to follow its target, trying to follow Sailor Earth, and tear at her with those incredibly forceful winds.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-07-30 02:13:09 93190
    Apatite's barrier shreds before the blast from Earth, but combined with Kunzite's and Lacrima's, it seems to have deadened the blast enough that nobody died. In the immortal words of a hero from another time, 'Yeah, not blowing up is the most you can hope for sometimes.' She's on her feet, though somewhat unsteady, when she hears Mamoru's call. With Jupiter. Okay.. she can handle that.

    Her eyes flick to Jupiter as she calls down the lightning, the dragon beginning to form. It's an awesome sight, and it makes Kyouko grin fiercely through her pain. At the same time, the wind from Kazeko's spell is starting to pick up, tearing into a tornado around Earth. Hopefully keeping her in place. Perfect.

    Kyouko takes in a deep breath, ignoring the pain in her side, and focuses. Scarlet energy streaks up into her spear, making it glow from butt to tip. She rears back, and throws it straight up, and it streaks into the sky in a crimson bolt...

    Only to come streaking back down like a red lightning bolt all its own, hopefully timed to join with Jupiter's at the moment she unleashes it onto the girl trapped in the tornado.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-07-30 02:13:50 93191
And there's the call:

Charged with every last bit of what they've got and also a cartridge and pure unadulterated rage, Eiszapfen glows brilliant and sings out,


An incredibly large ice-green rose sculpted entirely of angry cold forms on the crossbow and Mamoru and the Device fire; the thorns and petals splinter off as it flies through the air and the sharp needles and discs of magical ice interlace with the trailing lightning of pink and white and green and gold, whipped by wind and merging with the other attacks, stars and scarlet bolts--
Nephrite 2018-07-30 02:19:14 93192
On the ground, covered in dirt and blood and charred uniform, a dragon fills Nephrite's vision. He raises a hand. "Glad I didn't miss it this time." White starlight shoots down from above to gild its crackling back.
Sailor Earth 2018-07-30 02:47:29 93193
In the smoke of her attack, Earth is there, bracing her outstretched hand with her other hand to hold the impact of her shot - even still, her feet were pushed back several feet. And she was breathing heavily. And then from the smoke, a terrible thing arose - well, terrible for earth. The storm in this Barrier roared, and then from the smoke the maw of a terrible, powerful dragon came - crackling with the energy from its many donors - many colors. And riding right behind it came a tornadic force of magical power.

No time to evade. No way to evade. Not this power - not the size of the damage that was coming. Instead... she pulled something from her pocket. A small, black thing.

Like a needle, with a round top. Familiar to many of those there... a grief seed. As the dragon and tornado approached, Sailor Earth held the thing aloft... and then dropped it. Into her open mouth. And then crunched it between her pearly teeth.

An awful energy erupted from her and she collected it- swirling her hands with a combination of yellow, blue, and strange watercolor and patchwork energy. Before erupting into a circular barrier that fought against the tornado, the dragon, the spear, the blasts that followed them all up. The barrier groaned against their power, the dragon roared, the wind ripped chunks of energy away - and the barrier began to first show hairline cracks...

Then it shattered. And as it did, a burst of golden light erupted at ground level, and there was the briefest flash of the astrological symbol for earth underneath... and a vanishment.

And somewhere deep in the North Pole, Earth reappeared and slumped to the ground, singed and burned and fully out of energy... defying death at the last moment with a desperate gambit.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-07-30 02:52:55 93194
    Apatite watches in grim satisfaction as the assembled might of those present bears down on Earth.. only to have her eyes widen at the sight of the small black thing that Earth chomped down upon.. and the blast of all-too-familiar energy that came in its wake. "Hey, that's-" She starts to say, more to herself than anyone else, but it's too late at this point. Amidst the chaos of the colliding magics, Earth vanishes.. and the massive concussion of it all knocks Apatite off of her feet yet again.

    It's a less-damaging knock this time, but when you're already tired and dealing with a couple broken ribs, it doesn't take quite as much. She stumbles back into the wall again, then grits her teeth against a pained cry as the impact jars her ribs. A moment later, she falls to one knee, bracing her hand against the sidewalk. "I think she got away." Mumbled, again more to herself than anyone else.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-07-30 02:58:28 93195
"She does that." Kunzite does not attempt to pick himself up just yet. He closes his eyes, instead. "Kazeko. Are you all right? Jupiter. Can you reach Mercury and see if she can get here in time to analyze any lingering teleport traces? Nephrite." He doesn't spare words for the question, there. After all. Asking's unnecessary. The triple gauges: whether or not Nephrite answers, whether or not Nephrite's distracted by Jupiter, and whether or not Nephrite has the energy to make fun of someone.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-07-30 02:59:59 93196
'Everything we've got'. Mamoru sees everything hit, only due to hanging on to consciousness with his teeth-- consciousness and therefore the barrier--

--but when that scorching finale scours the earth and makes the false Senshi vanish, it sure as hell looks like they won.

It's just... his powers don't come back. His connection. He lets the barrier drop away, and the knightcloth dissipates, and Eiszapfen, out of energy, transforms into a little halberd pendant on a string around his neck.

"I'm fine, everything's fine..." his voice sounds from the rubble pile he's sprawled against. She's gone. She's gone and he can't heal anyone and he hurts everywhere and he doesn't have any energy left, so Mamoru lets it happen when unconsciousness creeps up at the edges of his vision.
Lacrima 2018-07-30 03:03:50 93197
Lacrima has to fade into the Dusk Zone when Kazeko unleashes her purifying wave attack. She'll reappear when it's safe to. When Earth pulls a grief seed she blinks a little rapidly. "That's.... is that the energy I was tasting?" she asks softly. She says as she crawls to her feet. "Nrg. I hurt all over. Is everyone okay?" she'll look over to Jupiter and blinks before walking over to Kunzite.

"...I think we gotta get you home. or to the hospital. Which would you guys prefer?" she asks grimly. "I can ask Miho-chan to come over for healing later. She can do that kind of thing." she says. "...I think you've met her. I'm having a hard time remembering right now." she admits.

"....I think she was using the energy from that grief seed in her empowerment. I tasted something awful that made me feel weird and sick. Inhuman." she mutters. "On top of Mamoru's energy and something else." she says.

"Uh..." she stops. "Right. Safe. Safety. Get you someplace to heal." she offers. She can carry someone. She knows that much.
Makoto Kino 2018-07-30 03:04:16 93198
It's a very distracted Jupiter that looks toward Kunzite at the sound of her name, forehead creased anxiously. She's unusually fidgety, for Jupiter, like she's trying to look in three directions at once. "I'll try, but--"

She catches herself on the 'but,' breathes in through her teeth. Focus, Makoto. Priorities. "I'll try," she repeats herself, more definitely, and starts fiddling with her communicator even as she's heading over towards where Nephrite landed at the end of his adventures in road rash.
Nephrite 2018-07-30 03:11:40 93199
"Present," Nephrite coughs out, like Kunzite is a teacher taking attendance. There is a token effort at rising before he flops back on the asphalt. "Just... give me a moment to make sure I have all my limbs attached. Did we get her?" Wait, there was something about a teleport in there. Nephrite groans, and he sees Jupiter, and he gives her his best smile, which perhaps comes out more as a wince. "Next time, then."