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Date: 2018-07-30
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Lacrima 2018-07-30 04:31:51 93200
Alexis has been texted, to come to the manor. If he presses if it's important, considering yesterday night, she says 'I guess not but I would like you to visit anyways' more or less. '...come down the basement. Room at the far end of the corridor.' is what you're told before she stops texting. The basement...?

She NEVER lets anyone in the basement.

The basement is spooky, unless one finds fine wine spooky. There's a hallway, with a few storage rooms off to the side, and an ornate heavy oak door at the end.

Lacrima's personal room has a lush red carpet in the center, with the rest being a polished stone that is clean enough to reflect. There's carvings in the wooden wall of the room. Interest scenes depicting an old manor house, some sort of medieval knight battle, and such things. Nothing seems esp. important or meaningful except they look nice. There's a desk and a dresser and a wardrobe in this room. On the dresser rests the comb that Kunzite got her for her birthday. it is well used and loved.

In the center is a purple coffin, lacquered and pretty. It's open so Alexis can't see the top. Lacrima is curled up inside, staring at the cushioned side of the coffin. There's a soft pillow, and a stuffed unicorn in there with her. Look.. you don't think she just sleeps alone in complete darkness, right? Gotta have a friend~

"Hi." is all she can say when hears Alexis enter. "I'm here." she says a little glumly.
Stahlritter 2018-07-30 04:42:56 93201
    Alex hasn't been quite the same after the other night. Dour and focused. .... Well, that is not far off from usual, but something definitely *feels* different with him.

    He wasn't even going to come visit at first. But when things really come down to it, he can't say no to his adopted sister.

    So into the mansion and down to the basement he sneaks, and his arrival is announces by footsteps no longer kept concealed, approaching the coffin.

    "Imouto," he calls on his closer approach then, just before coming to stand besided the coffin. "... Everything okay?"
Lacrima 2018-07-30 04:54:49 93202
Lacrima looks up and sits up in the coffin, kneeling. "Go ahead and drag the chair over." she says quietly. She says as she shifts uncomfortably. When she sits up, it's clear there's some sort of gash on the side of her face. She mutters. "Scrap.. of sorts. With what I think was... 'Sailor Earth'. She used some dumb attack. Someone used a purifying attack. It'll take longer to heal than usual. Just overnight probably." she says.

"I'm fine." she says softly. "But that's not why I wanted you to visit." she says.

"... Ryo transformed." she says softly. "And tried to kill Rashmi-chan." she says. "He didn't succeed of course. But." she says.

"He's.. it's worse than I thought. He started talking about... people like they belonged to him. Was brutal and..." she shakes her head.

"I dunno what to do anymore. And you should be careful because he'll probably try to come after you soon now." she adds.

She sighs. "....Are you okay?" she asks. "I know it's hard dealing with your mother." she says quietly. "Like that. And at least. We got those people out of there." she adds as she shifts.
Stahlritter 2018-07-30 05:08:08 93203
    "...Well shit," Alex grunts at the first bit, reaching his hand down to brush at Lacrima's unmarred cheek lightly with his fingertips. "Do you need anything?"

    And then... Ryo.

    Alexis blinks his eyes slowly. "What." His other hand instinctively clenches into a fist. "Rashmi too?" he growls, past grit together teeth. Oh, he's not happy.

    "I'm fine," he claims to her question on him, tersely. "I might kill your blood brother, though."

    For some reason, his mind briefly flashes to the feel of his hand squeezing around the throat of his mother's robot double.
Lacrima 2018-07-30 05:23:47 93204
Lacrima shakes her head. "I already cried myself silly." she says quietly. The girl looks up and sighs. "Yeah.." is all she can say at that. Like she isn't even going to argue that point right now. "...Rashmi is a 'witch' to him." she says. "Just another thing like me or Lamya to try to kill." she says.

She fidgets. "Are you sure...?" she says softly. "That you're fine?" she asks.

"...I used to insist I was 'fine' when I was a mess." she says. "All it did was result in me being crazy and hard to control my feelings."

She sighs. "Ryo... Saint George. He's looking for the Princess now, like Lamya is. Except. He says the Princess is his. He 'won' her." she says.

"It reminds me of fucking Seth." she says.
Stahlritter 2018-07-30 05:34:26 93205
    "I'm sure," Alex growls in insistense. It... probably doesn't help, does it?

    Everything else she says about Ryo doesn't help either, though. His brows knit together and... something very dark shows in his eyes.

    "I won't let anything happen to any of you," his voice rumbles, with another brief brush of his fingers along Lacrima's cheek. "I promise."
Lacrima 2018-07-30 05:56:38 93206
Lacrima closes her eyes. Touch. It's something she used to not like. She sighs a bit and closes her eyes. "...I... was tempted. In that lab." she says quietly. "I sensed all that energy in the tubes. I thought about everything I could do with it. Fix all my problems. Make my self safe. Have my family back." she says quietly.

"I had to shake it off hard." she says. "Things like that..." she says.

She shifts again. "It's hard to ignore the darkness." she says.

"Notably when you're made of it." she says quietly.

She wraps her arms around Alexis's arm and rests her head on it. "...thanks for being here for me." she says softly.
Stahlritter 2018-07-30 06:05:02 93207
    "They've done some really awful things there too," Alex growls, with a heavy sigh. "... Mother... seemed to be right, though. The place was funded and run by... someone else. Probably someone else with Eclipse ties. But I have no idea why..." HE shakes his head. "Nevermind."

    He cups her cheek against his palm briefly, before drawing away finally. "You did well," he tells her. "Thank you for being there with us."
Lacrima 2018-07-30 06:18:24 93208
Lacrima says. "Eclipse takes human energy." she says softly. "For things. There's many things in there like me that requires larger quantities of it. Some of Eclipse aren't humans, like me." she says. "Things that need to take humanity from others to keep the illusion of theirs." she says. "But are unable to take it directly like me." she says.

"Since I can drain I don't get energy rations." she says softly.

"....I'll always help you Alexis-niisan." she says quietly. "All you have to do is ask. I just hope I'm never a liability." she says. "Having Ari-chan there helped a lot... she helps keep me anchored.. you know?" she says.
Stahlritter 2018-07-30 06:37:57 93209
    "I know," Alexis murmurs with a slow nod of his head. He was there once in his life too-- just without the Eclipse help. He has some idea of what it's like, even if it wasn't quite at the same level as her.

    "Keep me posted with Ryo too, alright?" he murmurs. "I imagine just going at your family house probably isn't a good idea."
Lacrima 2018-07-30 06:50:34 93210
Lacrima shifts. "I haven't been home for a year." she says quietly. "My family thinks I ran away... I'm a missing persons." she says. "I mean. Norie Okana. Is." she says. "I'm obviously right here." she says gently.

"...I miss my family." she says. "It'll never be the same now." she says. "I can't go home because Ryo is there." she says.

"This is home now..." she says, still kneeling in that coffin.

"'re the first person I let down here." she says softly. "I don't like it when people come down here." she says. "My room or coffin isn't important. It's not like I'm tied here... just...."

"Vampire... den... thing." she mutters. "Things I feel I should be doing." she says. "For no good reason, just because of what I am." she admits.
Stahlritter 2018-07-30 06:57:06 93211
    "I more meant it's probably not smart to go attack him there," Alex says bluntly. THe fact that this is his biggest consideration on that matter probably says a couple of things.

    Her admission about the room draws his brows upwards, though, and he turns a purposeful look around over his immediate surroundings before looking back to her. "Not even Ariel?"
Lacrima 2018-07-30 07:12:40 93212
Lacrima nods. "Not even Ariel." she says quietly. "I mean this coffin is cozy, but not a lot of room for others." she says. "Even though Ari-chan might fit. It'd be lame to have her just sit on the chair and talk." she says.

She hugs the unicorn plush to her chest, no reason. Maybe.

"The room isn't special. It was just a basement. I added the polished stone and walls." she says.

"There's wine in the main entry room." she says. "You're welcome to take a bottle or two. It was there when I found the house. It's old and aged. Probably a small fortune in fine aged wine." she says.

"....I don't get drunk. So sometimes I just sit in that chair and drink wine. Like a fucking video game villain." she says quietly.
Stahlritter 2018-07-30 07:15:44 93213
    Alexis scratches a finger along his cheek in mixed sheepishness and amusement at that. "... Well, I suppose I *am* legally allowed to drink... back home anyway. I think the drinking age is a bit higher here in Japan. Though somehow I feel like it might be a bit tacky for me to get myself drunk while keeping you company."
Lacrima 2018-07-30 07:50:14 93214
Lacrima snorts. "I'm way too young but I'm also a horrible immortal thing so I'm always just going to look this age." she says flatly. "Don't drink now. Later. If you're going back to the ECFH, take some bottles for Mamoru and the boys?" she asks.

"I should. Rest. I'm not going to heal this thing until I rest and sleep." she says quietly.

She shifts. "Can you make sure to close the basement door when you leave...?" she asks. "You can sit there as long as you want." she says quietly. "I'm gonna close the top now, okay?" she asks.
Stahlritter 2018-07-30 07:53:35 93215
    "I'll do that," Alex murmurs in promise. "Both of those things." His hand reaches down over to her again, this time brushing affectionally along her hair. "You rest well, Little Sister. I'm going to take care of things here. And I'm going to take care of you and everyone else. I promise."