School Standards

Hoshi informs Reiko that Seishou may not be meeting the family's expectations of what kind of middle school she should be going to; and this would mean a transfer at the end of the year. They agree it's stupid, but they have no idea how to fix it.

Date: 2018-08-01
Pose Count: 11
Hoshi Kogane 2018-08-01 00:19:37 93301
Lunchtime at school. Hoshi's been looking a bit unhappy today, but she hasn't talked about before or during classes. Now that it's lunchtime however, she's gone straight to Reiko, "Hey." She says awkwardly. "Uh, I have some bad news." She doesn't elaborate, just waiting for Reiko to ask what the bad news is.
Reiko Touyama 2018-08-01 00:29:58 93305
Reiko Touyama has a sandwich, carefully cut, crust off, with some sort of cheese filling with red pieces in it, and a thin slice of pinkish meat that is probably ham. She takes a bite of the sandwich as she looks over as Hoshi arrives. She looks unhappy.

This is a running occurrence. But Hoshi has been quiet about it since the Griselda fight. She shifts.

"...What's wrong Hoshi-chan?" she asks as she puts the sandwich down.
Hoshi Kogane 2018-08-01 00:36:34 93307
"This is probably my last year at this school." Hoshi says miserably, she really sounds unhappy about it. "Apparently it would be better for the family image if I went to a private school starting with middle school." She doesn't sound remotely convinced, but she doesn't sound like she feels like she has any influence over this decision either.
Reiko Touyama 2018-08-01 00:42:48 93309
Reiko Touyama frowns and fidgets a bit. This is....

This is very familiar feeling to her. Her family insisting she goes to Infinity. She not wanting to because her friends are here. Her grandfather needing to step in so that it doesn't happen. Rinse and repeat every year since 4th Grade.

"Ah..." she says quietly. "...why thou!?" she says. "Lots of people go here and I mean it's good enough for Hiroko's family even!" she says a little frustrated.
Hoshi Kogane 2018-08-01 00:57:41 93312
"Apparently I'm too young to understand." Hoshi answers Reiko with a tone that doesn't hide her anger at that sentiment. "I'd ask dad for an explanation but he's trying to negotiate some kind of favourable thingy in London right now." Hoshi clearly sounds like she knows what kind of favourable thingy it is but doesn't think Reiko would care for the details.
Reiko Touyama 2018-08-01 01:05:15 93316
Reiko Touyama blinks. "Favorable thingy in London? Is that about the um... Brisket?... they're going through?" she asks. Ohhhh young people not understanding World News terms right, let alone barely understanding it.

She scrunches. "Wait did your stepmom decide that?" she asks. "...ugh." she slumps a bit forward. A koi appears and facepalms for no good reason. "That is super lame Hoshi-chan." she says. "Is there ANYTHING you can do?" she asks.
Hoshi Kogane 2018-08-01 01:13:29 93317
"I think so. She said she talked to my dad about it, but that's all I know." A star pops in the air next to the wall, it bashes its face into the wall enough to leave a yellow mark on it, even if only briefly. "And I don't know. We've got time, so I'll try to figure something out, but I'm not expecting much."
Reiko Touyama 2018-08-01 01:18:59 93320
Reiko Touyama frowns at the constructs, as she sighs and picks up her sandwich against. She resumes eating, and is silent as she seems to think while eating. She ohs! and chews a little faster before swallowing!

"Well Hoshi is supposed to be going to a new school. But. What about Prism Keeper Yellow!? Huuuuh? Huuuuuuuh?" she asks with wide eyes.

A koi appears. It facepalms again.
Hoshi Kogane 2018-08-01 01:21:32 93321
"Prism Keeper Yellow doesn't go to school." Hoshi points out with a facepalm of her own. "I don't think we'd stop being friends, but it'd make things a lot more awkward." Hoshi sighs and takes out her own lunch, immaculately packaged bento box like always. Today it's stars and a telescope themed, apparently her cook was trying to do his part to cheer her up. She smiles faintly as she sees it.
Reiko Touyama 2018-08-01 01:33:34 93322
"Yes but, she could!" she says with wide eyes. "Do you know like. In anime? When the new transfer student is a secret magical girl? It's like that except the new transfer student is a secret normal person!" she says. "No one would know who are except us... and people who know who Yellow is, but still!" she says.

She fidgets. "Okay I guess it is dumb..." she says silently. "But...I mean. I dunno what else t suggest for now." she says softly.
Hoshi Kogane 2018-08-01 01:36:07 93324
"Give it some more thought, maybe. If you want to help. I'll try to stop it, too, but I figured you deserved to know." Hoshi explains with a wan smile. "We can talk about this more when we've got some ideas, or when it gets closer. We've still got most of the year. Right?" And thus, she begins to eat.