Donut Picnic Disaster

Lacrima and Ariel have a nice picnic date. Then it's ruined when Ryo Okana steps into the picture and tries to stab vampire and calls Ariel a witch.

Date: 2018-08-03
Pose Count: 16
Lacrima 2018-08-03 22:27:21 93445
Lacrima kind of wanted just a day with Ariel. Both, for her own well being and existence given the mess that her life has become in the past two or three weeks, and because she needs to talk about, well. Ryo Okana and what's going on there. See.

She doesn't know if Ryo actually knows of Ariel's existence and she'd rather not chance him leaving her alone. That and Ariel might encounter him and he doesn't know how Ryo will respond to 'unicorn'.

She wishes she knew more about Saint George beyond a story that wasn't even true anyways beyond the players in the story.

Thusly, there was a picnic, under a tree on a hot summer in the shade. And there we're donuts, and cake and sandwiches and lemonade and various other picnicy things that we're had.

It's starting to get later in the day, cooling off only a little in this heat. She hopes there is a rainstorm soon.

"...Ariel. Have you ever met my brother?..." she asks quietly. "...I mean not Alexis-niisan. My blood brother. Ryo." she asks.
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-03 22:55:29 93446
    It HAS been a little while since Ariel and Lacrima have had a quiet day together, hasn't it? The last time Ariel had even seen her Extra Special Friend was the day they wen't crawling through warehouse vents and fighting robots. There were cardboard boxes involved, and it was kind of chaotic. But even with all that going on, she could tell something was on the other girl's mind.
    Ariel has, largely, been clueless about the situation with Lacrima's brother, having been spending most of her time dealing with dream-related shenanigans keeping her busy, so some time to actually settle down and talk is pretty nice.
    So a picnic in the park under a tree? How could she possibly say no?
    "No~ri~e~. Open wide~." Ariel chimes sweetly, hand-feeding small bits of donut as the time goes by, and generally simply enjoying the other girl's presence. But then things kind of pause; pale lips purse into a faint moue of thought.
    "Alexi-- oh, not Alexis? ... Um. Your blood brother... You mean from before you bought the necklace and had to leave your family, right? No, I haven't."
Lacrima 2018-08-03 23:12:52 93447
The vicious donutpire devours the donut pieces that Ariel provides, chewing, swallowing and then, a soft smile, as she leans forward and sighs a bit, gently reaching over and placing an arm around Ariel. She tugs her a little closer. She doesn't actually start to cry over Ariel. "... I was. Home for a while-- after I became this thing. I was a mess. And my family didn't know what was wrong. But. Ryo was. My first victim. As it we're. He came in to wake me up for school- and before I knew it he was on the floor and... just." she shakes her head.

"Things started to change. We used to camp. We used to tease one another. BUT then that all stopped." she says. "I ran away, because he found out what I was and he hated it. He said that his sister was dead and I'm just something pretending to be her." she says.

"But... there's... there's something new... that. That I need to warn you, and everyone about." she says, quietly. She begins to move onto what that is, taking a moment...
Ryo Okana 2018-08-03 23:24:26 93448
"What are you doing here." says a voice that's suddenly crept up on Lacrima and Ariel. He came from a direction, opposite of the sun, wherein he wouldn't cast a shadow over the two in the waning daylight. He was quiet. He doesn't know why he knows how to creep up on someone now so easily, but he can.

"I thought I told you, and your witch friend and the German thug that I don't want to see any of you here ever again." he didn't say that, last time, but he probably thought it and showed it hard enough that he thought he got the point across hard enough.

He then looks past the vampire. Okay, who's this new girl. Why are they close like that. Why... aha. He isn't that dumb to not put two together there.

"So who's this one. Another witch? How many witches do you know? I think I met that dumb dream samurai you mentioned. She was a pushover." he says as he talks of Takara.

"But that's besides the point. Leave. Now. You disgrace this natural ground with the mocking memory of my sister."

His tone waves from serious, to somewhat conversational in the middle, to more darkly serious at the end.
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-04 00:03:21 93449
    Ohhhh noooo, the donutpire strikes again. No treat is safe, be it from Dunkin' Donuts, or Krispy Kreme, they are all devoured equally. Whoever shall stand up to this terrible monster? Well it won't be Ariel, she's too busy getting cozy as that arm goes around her and she nestles up.
    But then the moment gets painfully somber, very quickly, when Lacrima admits that the first person she ever drained was her brother. Once again Ariel purses her lips, the snow-pale foriegn girl knots her brow.
    "That's... I'm sure he didn't mean it." She murmurs. "It was a sudden and drastic change, he was probably just as scared and confused as you wr-ghghhk!?"
    To say Ariel jumps is an understatement. The only thing that stifles her bleat is the fact that she's suddenly choking on a piece of donut, sputtering as a new voice just emerges from the aether. She's not usually so easily caught by surprise, her ears are fairly sensitive. The fact that Ryo managed to sneak up on the pair has stunned her into a sputtering mess, one hand patting at her chest to dislodge a hunk of spongey-cakey-fried-deliciousness from her airway. Wigh a big gulp she swallows it down, eyes swirling before she recovers and composes herself.
    "H-huh? Wha?"
    Naturally she is very confused by this complete stranger and the underlying aggression in his tone no matter how calm he acts.
    There's a momentary glance, spent looking from Ryo to Lacrima, and back. There's... A ddefinite resemblance to be seen, but top it off some of the things he says.
    "U-um?" Needless to say Ariel is more than a little confused. Witches? Then topaz eyes widen on the mention of a dream samurai. And then he all out confirms it, when she glances back to Lacrima. The 'mocking memory of his sister'.
    "O-oh! I understand now." She says, reaching a conclusion. "You must be Norie's brother- she was just telling me about you." The girl begins, putting on a sheepish smile in the face of the youth's hostility.
    "Well... We were just enjoying a picnic together," she explains. "We have donuts and lemonade... If you'd like to join us?" Offered in pure and whole-hearted earnest.
    "It's nice to meet you. I am Ariel! I go to school with your sister." She introduces herself. Though she tactfully (and completely cluelessly) decides she's going to try and get to know Lacrima's brother a bit better before dropping the 'we're dating' bomb, there's just no missing the fact that she's speaking a dialect of Japanese that's about six hundred years out of date. Sure, the little foreign girl could have learned the language from binge watching every samurai flick ever made.
    Or she could probably just be a witch.
Lacrima 2018-08-04 00:18:05 93450
Lacrima basically almost jumps out of her skin. Literarily. There's an actual 'wave' over her physical form. Ariel may or may not see the look of utter worry that appears on her face when she hears this voice, and her instinctiveness is to... want to pick up Ariel and just run down the street and out of the park with her.

"Ryo...." she says. She does begin to position herself a little more properly. She still talks to Ariel.

"...Ariel... my brother is a... a reincarnation of some sort. Of a knight named 'Saint George'." she says. It does not occur to her that she hasn't told Ariel why that's a //bad// thing, because Ryo suddenly appearing sort of screwed up the order of how she was going to discuss this with her.

"He's dangerous..." she says. She thinks that, maybe they should go. Before this becomes physical or violent. She might not be able to be 'killed' by things St. George has- as far as she knows thus far- but she isn't sure about Ariel. If Ryo ever came around. She'd forgive him. She'd wanna go home. She misses mom... and dad... and.. and she's been a lot better since that thing the Prince of Nights sent to her manor! Things could even go back to semblance of how things used to be before she became this thing! She can even manage half smiles! But..

But if Ryo lays a hand on Ariel?...

The thought alone is starting to cause something to burn at the back of her eyes. She has to push it down. Far down. Lest she 'makes the first move'.

Afterall. Maybe Ryo can be reasoned to let them go without an altercation, or be made to leave without one. Maybe 'Saint George' likes unicorns? She doesn't know. "Look we're just eating and then we'll leave okay!?" she says. "Do you really want to fight here!?" she pleads.
Ryo Okana 2018-08-04 00:42:23 93451
That other girl looks strange. Pale. She's talking in some dialect they teach you in history class. He suspects things right now. Witch? Ghost? Ghoul? Many things. Maybe she's another vampire and this is one of those weird vampire lesbian things.

"That isn't my sister. That's something that is wearing her like a skin. My sister died, after collapsing on stage and being rushed to the hospital."

"This thing rose from her corpse." he offers more gravely. "But what of you?...." he asks, motioning a hand forward. He isn't accepting the offer to sit down with them.

"You're not human, clearly. Are you like this thing? Like it?" hands are brought to his bangs where he brushes them a moment.

"No, one doesn't break bread with the enemy." he says. "You shouldn't either." he offers, perfectly reasonable.

"I'm going to ask again. Leave." he says looking back down to Lacrima. "Leave and never come back to this park because I'm not going to bother talking to you next time." he says. "If you don't want to, well. I guess that means I'll have to handle you the hard way, won't I?" he says with smugness in his voice. "Make sure you can't return." covering If you don't leave I'll kill you. in vauge threats it would seem.
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-04 01:13:49 93452
    There's a lot of processing here, for Ariel to do. She is a gentle girl, and more than just a little sheltered... But she is not blind. She tried being as polite as she could, partially because the situation with Ryo was not quite wholly within her grasp, and partially because it's just in her nature. But she is not oblivious to the blatant tension evident within her girlfriend, one hand quietly sliding to thread fingers with Lacrima's in a gentle squeeze. But then there's a flutter of a perplexed expression darting across her face.
    "Saint George?" She repeats, not incredulous in the least, but more like she's asking for confirmation when she glances to Lacrima once again. "Georgios?"
    This really puts a look on her face like she's thinking hard, searching through her memory. "My mother told me that legend once as a bedtime story, a long time ago-- the knight who was... A Roman soldier, born from Greeks. Ummmm... He was canonized after rescuing a princess and ... killed the dragon that was terrorizing her city." She muses, sounding a little distraught by the whole 'killing' part. "That Saint George?" Asking for confirmation again as she looks back to Ryo, head canting to an almost bird-like angle.
    She is calm though. Utterly placid, as still as a lake on a day with no beeze as she stares at the youth in silence for a long beat, even as he refuses to join them.
    "If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink." She counters him gently, once again motioning for the picnic blanket. "Um... Proverbs chapter 25, verse... 21... I think." Replied before she nods. She sees no reason to lie if he can pick it out already.
    "I'm not human, no." The girl admits. "But this is a public park... So even if you don't want to join us, you can't really tell us to leave either. ... I'm sure things have been really confusing. You shouldn't say she's dead, when she's right here. She was just telling me about you before you found us; she didn't finish and she didn't get to say much bit... It was already very clear to me that she misses you very much."
    Those blatant threats? In the face of that clear hostility, she remains calm and gentle, staring with perfectly innocent topaz eyes.
Lacrima 2018-08-04 01:39:38 93453
Lacrima speaks like Ryo isn't here because it's the only way to relay information right now. She wishes she had telepathy. "...He's that one. The dragon in that story is Lamya-chan. The girl that stays at the manor with me." she says quietly, still keeping her eyes on Ryo. "Only Lamya says that Saint George was a bad person. Who promised the princess he wouldn't kill the dragon. Then he did. Then that princess did something to save Lamya, at the cost of her own life- and he didn't care." she says.

"...It's why I know he is. Because Lamya says you don't forget the face of the person who killed you..."

But then Ariel says something. Words from... from... this causes her to visibly twitch, and her hands to shake. Ariel didn't know about that weakness. It's one she's been keeping close to her chest. Because most people that use such things aren't earnest in their usage. All... 'ha ha I have a cross you can't touch me, ha ha I know a bible verse or words from a holy text because I'm literate and read a book in the last 2018 years!'. But Ariel is Ariel. She can't help but be earnest.

She'll mention it later. She knows Ariel will keep it a secret. It isn't deadly. But she'd rather not be made to feel this at a bad time, or by one of the purifiers who can follow up a minor distraction with a wave of light that will kill her.

"R--ryo just... leave us alone... please..." she begs. "Just this once. Even if you think I am truly that. Please don't drag Ari-chan into this mess. Please. I promise you! I'll never come to this park again, if you just give me this one evening right now." she says more worriedly.

Ariel is a lot nicer than everyone else so far to Ryo. Everyone has asked at least once 'can I kill him' almost, save for a few. Ariel is a better person than lots of others on Earth.
Ryo Okana 2018-08-04 01:51:27 93454
When he has scripture quoted to him.. it feels odd. Ryo has never. Ever. Read a Holy Bible. Nope. But he still feels like he knows that passage. And others suddenly. It's so strange. There's just a look of bewilderment upon his face for a second. This is replaced, immediatly with rage however.

"Even the devil can quote scripture to his own end." he says in an icy tone. Then that thing wearing his sister as a skin has the gall to beg him to not try to end it tonight. Why? Is it afraid? What of? Him or Him acting against this thing with her? Ariel's already identified herself as not a human. It's a thing. Like that vampire.

That innocence is an act. It's not the first time George has seen it- in his mind's eye. It's a honey trap meant to lure in the flies. He is no fly.

"Do you not believe that?" he asks of Ariel. "LET ME SHOW YOU!" he calls out as he raises his arms and immediatly brings them down towards Lacrima. About halfway through the motion there's a transformation where-in, a spear forms into his hands and shining white armor, emblazed with that blood red cross appears in a flash of light that's meant to distract and disorient.

He's trying to stab through Lacrima's upper body and out through the other side at an angle at her kneeling position. "LET IT NOT BE SAID I AM NOT MERCIFUL! I gave you a chance to leave!" he bellows. Such kindness shown to such a thing, he figures. Obviously he needs to stop being so kind to these creatures.
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-04 02:35:47 93455
    That was... Not quite the intended reaction. Had Ariel known it would legitimately cause genuine discomfort to Lacrima as such, she would have found something else to say, instead of that verse. But the deed is done, and she casts a curiously worried look toward the other girl when she feels the vampire flinch against her side as though Ariel's gentle words of peace had slapped her across the face. But then she's frowning.
    "What? But... But in the story he was a good and noble knight..." She says, incredulous and confused. Though she hasn't met Lamya, there's a deeper frown. It's like her whole world is shaken by the revelation, but she dare not do something so inconsiderate as to call someone a liar, especially if it means calling Lacrima a liar by proxy.
    "M... Maybe there was some kind of misunderstanding?" The girl ventures hopefully. At least before Lacrima begins begging the reborn Saint to leave them be.
    Of course, Ryo being incited to violence was also most certainly not her intended reaction either. If anything, Ariel now is the one twitching when compared to a devil. Ariel opens her mouth to speak.
    Ryo raises his arm in anger.
    Topaz eyes shoot wide open when that spear is called forth. A holy weapon, blessed and forged by the loving hands of a master. The blade- the righteous spear- is both beauteous in make and hideous in purpose as the knight dons his armor in the same instant... White. The color of purity. The symbol of the just, true, and noble; worn by heroes of old who walked the earth and performed deeds both great and small, and protected those who could not protect themselves. It is the armor of a knight who has saved princesses and slain dragons, just as the legend says...
    And yet seeing it upon Ryo Okana feels so twisted and absolutely wrong.
    "... A-... Ascalon." The girl whispers, having never expected to feel such quailing horror in her heart at the sight of a Saint's weapon.
    Could the story her mother told her at bedtime not have been true? Or at least wholly correct?
    Then it sinks in. He intends to strike Lacrima down. Ariel moves before she even thinks; a sudden and shrill bleat is the only warning she gives as she squirms out of Lacrima's grasp, both hands setting on the other girl's shoulders and SHOVES her aside at the last second. The force is enough to separate the two; the menacing, gleaming, spear streaking between them with a terrifyingly small clearance as it nearly strikes true.
    "--Why? Why are you doing this?" She asks, almost disbelieving that it happened entirely as she recovers from rolling back on her ass in the process, crouched and ready to move again.
    "She hasn't done anything wrong- we were just having donuts. This is needless." Said as her outer demeanor returns to that almost unnatural, utterly inhuman, calm, eyes as wide and deep and endless as an ocean, with questions and disbelief.
    Yet her heart is hammering in her chest.
Lacrima 2018-08-04 02:47:20 93456
Lacrima can see this coming. Saint George has thus far shown to like this maneuver where he transforms in mid strike as if this is some surprise he's suddenly wielding a weapon. Her eyes narrow. She's planning to take the hit. Show Ryo that she can't be hurt through mere violence. That he can't kill her. Not even with that legendary weapon.

She can feel Ariel shove against her and she goes tumbling to the side as the spear strikes down into the ground. "Ariel!?" she says softly. She didn't except Ariel to act in any physical way. Ariel is a pacifist. She doesn't raise her hand. She scowls at George. She has said enough. It's time for action. What's her action?

She jumps at Ariel, and gets her to her feet as quickly as she can, and she attempts to pull Ariel into a run along side her. She wishes she could just dusk step with Ariel. But that isn't good for her. So she opts to run.

"L...let's just get away Ari-chan. Please..." she begs. "He can't be reasoned with!" she says.

Please Ari-chan. Just run. Run away. Don't try to fight George, she pleads mentally.
Ryo Okana 2018-08-04 02:55:40 93457
George says. "I am a noble knight." he says. "I slay evil creatures. To keep humans safe." he says. "And neither of you are human." he says as he keeps that spear impaled into the ground. He rakes Ascalon out of the ground. If the story of George himself is wrong, at least the stories of the splendor of Ascalon appear true at least, as there is a small sheen of light off it-- basically undirtyed from the dirt and ground.

"A vampire talks of reason." he scoffs. "With her witch." he adds. Then Lacrima is trying to run away with Ariel. Does he give chase? Not right now. He's reveling in the fear. Yes! Run away, dark thing! Run away from your death! Run away from your retribution! Run away! So far away! Hide. Hide and don't come out of your rotten hole.

The two can probably hear the cackling behind them. Is he laughing in mirth? Yes. He is.
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-04 03:20:10 93458
    Lacrima may have seen it coming. But the entirety of the moment is an absolute and utter shock for Ariel. Never once did she think she would live to see the day when a noble hero, one of the iconic figures of legend she went to bed hearing great tales of, and someone she had once idolized, would intend to strike down someone she held dear- or even strike her down.
    There is an apologetic look toward Lacrima, when the vampire picks herself up. It is true; Ariel is a pacifist, but in the heat of the moment to protect someone else, she may have been somewhat less than gentle.
    "E-evil?!" She suddenly bleats, gawping. The sudden trilling and bell-like sound of pure affront that rises from her throat in frustration speaks more than any words ever could. But she follows it up anyway.
    "She's not evil! And niether am I!" She calls back, plainly hurt to hear such words. She isn't a witch.
    But, the pale girl rises to her feet, light weight easily hoisted by her friend. She spares one last glance at the armoref form of the Saint. But Ariel, as ever, does not choose to fight.
    Lacrima need only tug her once before her feet can move again. And they move on their own.
    And soon enough, she's outpacing the other girl, practically dragging Lacrima along with her.
    There is a reason Ariel is on the track team.
    It's because unicorns are stupidly good runners.
Lacrima 2018-08-04 03:45:11 93459
Lacrima is running then... Ariel begins to run faster. Then Ariel is outpacing her and it becomes easier to let her body become weightless--- the floaty 'badguy' thing as it were- and when she realizes they're not being followed. She calls out. "A..ari-chan stop. Please stop. We're... we're away. He isn't following." she says as she settles her feet to the ground, and the first thing she does is grab Ariel and tugs her to her chest. She just squeezes. Not impossibly tight. But tight enough. "I'm s-sorry." she says. "I'm sorry." she says.

"It's my fault..if..if I never drained him. If someone else came in. If I just woke up on time that day." she mutters. She blames herself. If she never drained Ryo. She probably wouldn't had woken up his 'past self'. There'd be no reason for it to.

She sniffs. "Ariel...if..if he..." she gently closes her eyes. When she tried to say it the first time... she didn't have the energy to. So she acted and kissed Ariel- which was maybe dumb of herself at the time. When she told her the second time it was more a talk about her feelings. "Ariel, I love you..." she mutters.
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-04 04:21:23 93460
    Ariel runs. She runs and she does not stop. She would perhaps run for forever if not for the voice at her side urging her to end her flight. So she slows by degrees. The wild, full-tilt, sprint slows to a dash, Dash slows to a hustle. Hustle to a trot. Trot to a stagger, and then she finally stops.
    In spire of how fast and how hard she pushed herself, Ariel's breath is calm, not winded in the least. But from the wild look in her eyes, she is harrowed nonetheless. At least until she's pulled close. The sudden tug and contact results in a bleat of surprise. There's only a second of squirming, spawned by adrenaline and panic before she is pacified, and begins to really calm down. Topaz eyes blink. And then she shakes her head.
    "Shh. Shhh. No. None of that." Murmured peacefully to Lacrima's self blame, her hand already seeking to thread fingers with the other girl's. Her eyes simply fall half-lidded when she hears that admission. The depth of Lacrima's feelings. And without another word, her head tips forward, forehead gently resting to forehead now that the two are a safe enough distance away to risk a tender moment after such a nerve wracking incident.
    "I know." The unicorn whispers back, at first. But she doesn't hesitate to return those feelings. "I love you, too."