Feather Fall - Part 1

Scorn's been captured and brainwashed by the Dark Kingdom into Corvus's puppet! Can she be stopped before she releases the demi-god?

Date: 2015-08-21
Pose Count: 25
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-22 00:17:46 8302

The feeling is sudden, hard and sharp both to the Defenders of Tokyo, and those who threaten it. It strikes fast, but the message is clear in your heart---- something terrible is going to happen soon, a sinking feeling one gets when they stand too close to the edge of a cliff.....

** NOW **

From Clover Tower, in the Pikarigaoka ward, a bright purple beam of energy lights up straight into the sky. The sky darkens all over Tokyo. Buildings dull in color. It gets colder. Normal, everyday people begin to slowly fall to their feet. Magical Folks can feel something trying to drain them, but it isn't working. Shortly after most of the effects of whatever this power has taken form, the sky over Clover Tower parts , as a brilliant blue beam of energy shoots down from the heavens. The purple and blue beams in contrast to one another as unearthly light emanates from the top of Clover Tower. The light seems to beckon you to it. It begins to snow raven feathers from the sky.

Those arriving into the area can trace the brilliant beams of light, that seem to dissipate this close up. They're directly on top of the tower. There are two figures opposite of one another.

One is the Dark Magical Girl that people tend to know as 'Scorn'. There's some sort of ridiculous black obsidian altar that she's standing towards. On top of the altar is a stone tablet, embossed with the markings of a raven. This is the source of the purple beam of light. The tablet is shaking. There's some sort of weird barrier around her. She is laughing insanely. Those that have met her find this laugh disturbing.

Opposite, is a man with blue hair, blue eyes, a frilly white shirt, blue pants, and lovely shoes. He appears to be the source of the blue light, which dissipates as he walks forward towards Scorn's general direction. He knows how this goes. He's foreseen it. But that doesn't mean he can't try. He has a friend. Procyon, a raccoon spirit of some sort, seems to be hanging out on his shoulder. They both look particularly worried.

"Haruna.... this has to stop!" yells the man with blue hair. "You're going to hurt a lot of people. You've already hurt a lot of people! Is this what you really want!?" he calls out.

"Once Corvus-sama has been released, it won't really matter what I want, will it!?" she asks in an eerie, singsong tone- that sort of sounds like one person speaking over another. "Everything for Corvus-sama..." she says wistfully trailing off.

The blue haired man frowns. "Then I'm sorry." he says. He raises his hand and closes his eyes. A rush of purifying energy rushes out from his hand, and it impacts the bright purple barrier. It shatters around Scorn.

This makes her turn away from her work. She's no longer protected. She seems angry.. "You......!"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-22 00:32:26 8303
Clover Tower. That ominous feeling and the many civilians falling cause Miss White's stomach to clench, and she sighs. Blue was right. And it's happening tonight.

With a few leaps, and one teleportation later, she lands upon the rooftop right beside Blue. A scowl almost instantly comes to her face, as she spies that raven-patterned tablet. Her arms cross, and she clenches Raging Tempest in her hands.

"You know, Scorn-chan, you can be a real pain to track down. If you fail to recall, it was Corvus that lied to you and used you. You /really/ going to let him push you around like this!? COME ON! You are /stronger/ than this!" She yells at the girl, before taking a step between her and Blue.

"Stay behind me. Do what you have to, as long as it frees her from /that/!" Whispers the woman to Blue, before taking up a fighting stance. Her two knuckles clank together, and wind swirls around her.

"Not going to let you be pulled into his grasp again, Scorn. Even if I have to knock your lights out to do it."
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-22 00:39:36 8304
    Some weird stuff is happening tonight. First that ominous feeling.. then people start falling down all over the place, now feathers raining from the sky. Kyouko Sakura doesn't know what's going on, or why, but it concerns her. She's not the 'save the city' type, but she's very much the 'save herself' type, and she can feel whatever that force is trying to drain her- unsuccessfully, but the fact that somebody is trying at all is enough of a reason to at least try and figure out why.

    She lands on a rooftop near the tower, crouching behind a large air-conditioning unit. She doesn't rush in right away- that's simply not her style, at least when she's not sure what she's up against. Red eyes peer over the top of the unit, squinting as she looks across at the tower. Some dude with nice shoes.. some little gothloli laughing her head off.. and Miss White?!

    Kyouko's fists clench immidiately, and it takes all of her willpower not to leap over there and stab Miss White in the back, regardless of what else is going on. Luckily though, she does /have/ that willpower.. both because, not knowing the situation, that might get her killed (and she's not quite at the point of being willing to pay that price to take Miss White down), and also because she has something else planned for the WPS head in the near future, and it'd be a shame to waste all that planning.

    So what /does/ she do? For the moment, nothing.. just watch, and listen, and try to pick up on exactly what's going on over there.
Homura Akemi 2015-08-22 00:46:40 8307
In the darkness, a shadow stands at the edge of a rooftop. Homura's purple eyes gaze up at the sky. She had been focusing on the feeling in her gut, the feeling of edge gravity, trying to feel out the source of it. She's tracked many monsters this way, maybe this one could be also be found. Of course, by this point in time, the enemy has already revealed her location. Homura jumps from rooftop to rooftop, getting ever closer to the tower.

The attempted drain on Homura's energy was an offense. Even for a failed attempt, such a thing could weaken the bond between her body or her Soul Gem, or taint the Soul Gem herself. It's a direct threat to her, but that's not even the worst part.

The worst part is that somewhere out there, Madoka is probably being affected by this, too. Inexcusable.

Homura finally makes it to the top. Two people are trying to reason with a girl who is clearly on her way to going off the deep end. She's seen this scenario before. Different people, but similar feelings.

The laughter from Scorn is unnerving. Homura never met the girl before, but nothing about an altar, stone tablets with ravens on them, crazy singsong talk or insane laughter indicates anything good. That's not even mentioning the fact that almost all of Tokyo is being drained right now.

"Don't let your guard down just because she's a friend," warns Homura. Perhaps it's an unnecessary warning, but she's seen people die from that mistake before.

Hannah is here, Homura walks up behind her. "You know her, White-san?"
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-22 00:50:04 8309
"Yo," comes a familiar voice from behind and slightly to the left of Kyouko. And then Tuxedo Kamen's standing to her right with his arms crossed, for once wearing his hat. "I know you hate 'em both, but this is one of those 'fight together or RIP world' situations. So if you want, you can just fight with me, though I intend to fight with all of you-- and if we're the only four people who made it here, god knows what's going on out there, and I'm really going to need your help."

He glances away from the sight across from them, blue eyes regarding Kyouko thoughtfully from behind the mask. "And I know it costs you to fight. So if you want, I'll also help you get a replacement grief seed. Maybe we can ninja in to WPS and steal one."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-22 00:54:37 8310
Blue was able to shatter the barrier that was stopping Scorn from being interacted with directly. That's all he's reliably able to do at the moment. Now he has to trust those arriving. "Do your best, Miss White." is all he can say. He isn't smiling. This is not a situation to smile about.

Procyon does something though. Mainly he leaps directly for Scorn's face and climbs up onto her hat. "Haruna... you need to... you need to concentrate! Please! Something's controlling you! I know you're in there!" Scorn throws the spirit off her head back at Blue. The two collide. Blue catches Procyon.

Scorn looks puzzled as Hannah speaks to her. She doesn't express it, but the expression on her face suggests she doesn't /know/ who this girl with the crazy wind gauntlets is. That alone is probably worrying enough for Hannah without needing to say a thing. The tablet, wrapped in chains begins to shake as it continues doing it's thing. The first wrap of chains explode outward and turn into nothing.

"B..But that's an honor! To be used by Corvus-sama....." she trails off dreamingly. This isn't creepy at all. But really, it's entirely WAY too creepy. This isn't Haruna. This isn't Scorn.. this is just... just something riding around in her pretending to be her. It has to be. Right?

Scorn looks at Homura and cackles a bit. Kyouko and Tuxedo Kamen don't seem to be on her mental radar yet.

She raises her hands. "Grant my master's desire...! Soul Rend!" she calls out , suddenly, a wave of cutting darkness explodes out from her position, aiming to crush against Blue, Homura and Hannah. It's a chilling, energy draining attack and doesn't feel particularly pleasant to be hit by. Blue throws out his hands and forms a shield to cover himself and Procyon-- but in his haste it's all he can do. Hannah and Homura are on their own dealing with the attack. He'll have to be faster next time....
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-22 01:05:30 8313
A familiar presence! It's Homura! Despite the situation, she can't help but smile a little bit. Someone she can trust, at least to a degree. Most importantly, she's backup that won't stab her in the back, like a certain /someone/ lurking on a different building.

"Good timing, like always! Yup, friend, and apparently being taken over by that bloody crow. Evil spirit bird locked up in that tablet. It gets loose? We all probably die. The guy with the nice shoes is our ally. Tonight at least, so much sure he doesn't die okay? Yeah, yeah, she's already proving she's dangerous like this." She knows a little something about insane laughing and sudden power.

Her brow twitches, and a cold shiver runs down Hannah's spine. That /isn't/ her friend. She sighs, trembling, before clenching her fists.

"An honor!? Idiot! Right now you are nothing more than a slave in chains!" Her eyes narrow, and she glares right into the girl's eyes.

"...What would your sister think, huh? Or have you forgotten her too!?"

In comes that blast of darkness, and she barely has time to throw up her fists. An emerald green shield comes up, and the wave of darkness slams into it. It shatters like glass, Hannah quickly punching a fist into the roof and holding on as she's battered by Darkness. Her own magic wars with that draining, the power of her worry for her friend, alongside the darkness already infecting her magic bursting up in a flare in response. Some of her magic is sucked away, but with a flex of muscles and magic, the rest of it is knocked away with a hard punch.

"And...look at that! Not even much power to you! You were so much better without his influence!" Further taunts the woman, before she leaps forward, aiming a hard kick towards Scorn's face!

"We need to take her down before those chains give out! Wind Bind!" Emerald chains of wind magic reach for the tablet, trying to further nail it down, to assist its own binding chains!
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-22 01:09:03 8314
    Tuxedo Kamen scares the crap out of Kyouko. It's mostly because she's focusing so hard on the scene across the way, and because she doesn't expect anyone to be behind her (since most of the city is unconscious, or so it seems). But when he says "Yo" she startles so hard she smashes her forehead into the side of the air-conditioning unit in front of her with a hollow *thunk*, then falls on her ass when trying to turn around.

    Holding a hand to her forehead, she scowls at Tuxedo from her new sitting position. "Crackers, you sneaky-ass SOB, can you not effing do that when we're in some kind of crisis situation?" She hisses, her eyes heated, rubbing at the new red spot under her bangs.

    "Listen," She says in response to his words, "You know how often the world is in danger? Like every other weekend. I ain't sayin I'll sit here on my ass if it looks like stuff's about to go south. But maybe if I wait just long enough, they'll kill each other." She grumps, turning back to watch over the air conditioner as that wave of darkness blasts out from Scorn. "Tsk."
Homura Akemi 2015-08-22 01:18:55 8316
Hannah's explaination to Homura is appreciated. "Well, I suppose that's enough for me to know the situation. I suppose the plan is to kill the crow and save the friend. I can get on board with that."

Homura holds up her shield as Scorn announces her attack. The Soul Rend attack smashes into Homura's shield, and a large purple barrier flares up around her. The wave rages against her shield, and the barrier stands... at first.

Homura's feet slide along the ground, yet she digs her heels in. The purple barrier flickers, flares out to compensate, and then buckles. Within an instant, it's gone. Homura's shocked eyes turn blank as she's knocked onto the ground. Her Soul Gem darkens.

For a moment, Homura looks like a corpse. Yet her Soul Gem is still shining.

Her eyes close. She lifts a hand to rub her head. She stands up. By the time she's standing after that attack, Hannah has already made her move. Homura has to freeze time just to give herself a moment to recover. "Yeah let's not get hit by that again," she mumbles.

With Hannah fighting Scorn in close range, Homura has to be careful about her shots. Fortunately, with time frozen like this, she still has time to aim. She repositions herself to get a clear shot at Scorn, lines the target up with the site of her magnum, and fires a few rounds.

When time resumes, the bullets speed forward.

"I don't think you really want to do this," she shouts to Scorn.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-22 01:28:31 8318
"Okay, but you have to protect Sailor Moon for me if I die 'cause you weren't helping me," Tuxedo Kamen says cheerfully, and then he's gone in a rush of wind and rustling silk.

Up and up, through the night sky; his cape billows behind him as he reaches the zenith of his arc and -- for the briefest of instants -- slows and stops. It's that heartbeat's length of time that he takes to whip his hat off his head and throw it directly, far below and with magic-aided accuracy, at the tablet to attempt to bounce it off the table.

It moves a lot more quickly than he does, even as the parabola of his motion begins its descent-- he's coming down feet first, cape streaming behind him like a wind-whipped enormous black and red flag, and the closer he gets the faster he's going.

Whatever the hat hits, whatever happens to it, it hits now.

Fully a second and a half later, just after Homura's rounds appear and hit whatever they hit, his dress shoes make a light tap-tap as he lands on the roof behind Scorn and makes a grab for her, trying to pin her gesturing arms down.
Makoto Kino 2015-08-22 01:46:53 8321
"Flower Hurricane!"

Sailor Jupiter arrives on a surge of wind that feels like spring on a sugar rush and smells like roses. It bears her up to the top of Clover Tower, sweeps around and past her to engulf Scorn and the altar in a wild flurry of windblown petals. Jupiter's boots come down heavily on the rooftop as she lands, heart pounding from the mad rooftop-leaping run that brought her here, drawn by the sight of the beam of light lancing into the sky and the cold feeling that's settled in her stomach.

Sometimes, Makoto thinks, this city is just way too damn big.

She takes in the scene in a moment, but even before she made it to the tower-top, she already knew from the black feathers drifting down from above who's responsible for all of this. "Dammit," she grits through her teeth to no one in particular, "somebody really needs to punch Corvus in his metaphysical face."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-22 01:51:25 8322
Blue isn't worried about himself. He frowns. But.. he really isn't going to say no either. He said no once before, and it brought misfortune to the world. It's a word he hates with a passion.

"......Sister?" something happens. There , it's a twinge of a spark in her eyes for a moment. But it's fleeting. It doesn't last long. It isn't mentioned by her again. "But...everyone. Is a slave to Corvus-sama....." she says trailing off. She raises her hands and attempts to throw more magic. "Even you....! We can worship him together....." she says.

Then Hannah kicks her face and she's thrown back towards the altar. She has to stand back up slowly. Then magnum bullets fly at her. They're taken full on. Luckily, being magical means they don't quite enter her but they still hurt, and they still put a drain on her.

A tophat flies by her and hits the tablet. It clatters off the altar and spins around a moment. The last chain breaks and disappears. This doesn't particularly seem to have to do with the hat hitting it- and would had happened regardless. Tt begins to shake and vibrate along the ground--- the stream getting bigger. Corvus hasn't manifested yet even in his astral spirit form-- but that's because all the seals where renewed when Scorn sealed the tablet that night.

"Grant my master's desire!..... SOUL RELEASE...!" that's the big spell the one that steals souls. Why Eclipse wanted her so-so-so badly--- and for a moment, it looks like she's going to have a clear shot at Hannah with it. That is, until--- Tuxedo Kamen pins her down. A bright, brilliant purple ball of energy flies from her hands away off into the air harmlessly. That was a close one.

Makoto arrives. The man with blue hair looks over at her, before looking back at Haruna...

"Haruna... please. Fight... that thing inside you. I know you can do it! You're... the only one who can stop this! That can stop hurting these people!" he says.

Procyon jumps off Blue's shoulder and slowly begins to approach that tablet.

"Come on you feathery jerk....." he says.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-22 01:59:57 8324
Bullets rush by Hannah, as Homura takes her careful time-stopped shots. It's a familiar feeling, and knowing that Homura's bringing the firepower is emboldening. She doesn't flinch, trusting the woman to not hit her: she's yet to, after all!

Sailor Jupiter and Tuxedo Kamen arrive!

"Great timing Hat Guy!" It keeps her from being Soul Rended, and she doesn't waste the opportunity.

"...Gah, you really /are/ under his control! Sorry Scorn-chan!" She will utterly feel sorry about this later.

"Come on! I am not worshipping this stupid bird, and /you/ are not going to keep on being his slave! So wake up, remember your sister! And the promise I made! We are going to get her back! Remember!?" She raises a hand, and starts to lay punch after punch into the girl's stomach and limbs. Neither is she pulling them too much: clearly trying to knock her out.

From the way she's wincing, she feels /terrible/ about the whole thing.

"Wake! Up! Or! Go! Down! Scorn-chan!"

"Do it, fluffy-tail-kun! Pluck that chicken's metaphysical feathers and roast 'em!"
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-22 02:04:51 8325
    Kyouko looks confused for a moment as Mamoru delivers his ultimatum, and then leaps off. "Who's Sailor Moon?" She asks of the empty air.

    Then she turns back around to watch. She gnaws on her lip a little bit, unsure what to do. On the one hand, two of her most hated enemies are over there, and there's no real guarantee that she'll die if she doesn't help. On the other hand, Tuxedo Kamen is sort of one of her only friends in the entire world. It's a tough decision!

    She does stand though, and take a few steps towards the edge of the building, her spear gripped in her hand, but she still doesn't cross over to the source of the fighting.. just watching, eyes tracking the movements of those involved. Looking for an opening? Or still waffling?
Homura Akemi 2015-08-22 02:08:48 8327
Homura watches as a hat appears, and then Tuxedo Kamen enters. Good, Scorn seems to be pinned, for the moment. "Keep her there, Tux-kun!" shouts Homura. Sure, she can't really use explosives like this, but it's not like they want to kill this girl.

Homura's eyes shift to the side as Sailor Jupiter arrives. Once Homura decides that she's not an enemy, her attention goes elsewhere.

What's that little racoon doing? Going for the tablet? It's pretty clear that the tablet is important. Homura rushes after Procyon, stepping between Scorn and the tablet. She produces a rocket launcher, resting it on her shoulder, aiming it down at the tablet.

"So what's the story here? Should we destroy the tablet? Or is that a bad idea?" Homura hesitates instead of firing. She doesn't know what's going on, but she can't do much about the Scorn situation without hurting two of her friends.

Homura finally sees Kyouko out of the corner of her eyes. Ugh. What is she doing over there?
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-22 02:35:59 8331
"Sailor Jupiter!" the tall boy yells delightedly in the middle of the hurricane of rose petals. They get everywhere and he can't quite tell where she is, but he sure knows she's there. He's still tense, but less of the tension is mental, now. It's good to have nice-person company in a sea of jerk-friends. "You remember Scorn, right?"

Tuxedo Kamen has no intention of letting Scorn go, even if he's grimacing at the punches White-san's throwing at the girl's gut. "Can't you just try to, I don't know, knock her upside the head instead of going for internal bleeding?" he huffs out between impacts, then calls out to Homura, "Planning to! Someone give that fluffy guy a hand-- Jupiter? That tablet needs to be stopped! Nice Shoes Guy, what--"

The winds are just louder. He raises his voice further, shouting near poor Scorn-chan's ear, "WHAT DOES HE NEED?"

He's bracing for an elbow to the kidney and trying to keep his insteps away from the girl's heels. Provided she doesn't do something worse to him.
Makoto Kino 2015-08-22 02:44:28 8333
Makoto doesn't recognize Blue - but she does remember Procyon. With Tuxedo Mask and Miss White keeping Scorn forcibly occupied, Jupiter's attention quickly falls on the tablet and the altar. "Right!" she calls back at Tuxedo Mask's prompting; a few long strides close the space between her and it, and she looks urgently to the little raccoon spirit.

If manga is anything to go by, smashing the tablet could either permanently ruin Corvus' day - or let him loose. It's pretty much a coin toss which, and there's not a lot of room for mistakes. Sailor Jupiter raises a fist, knuckles sparking with electricity, but doesn't bring it down just yet; instead she looks to Procyon, to Homura, to Blue, looking for some kind of cue that somebody knows what to do here before she takes it all into her own hands. "Do we smash it or not!?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-22 03:10:52 8339
Procyon seems to be waiting with intent eyes. He's hoping that... the seals will break one by one. If he can catch Corvus in his astral form.... he can whisk him away to his place between places- like last time. He'd need to stay there though, constantly fighting the jerk. But.... that's a lot better- than a broken world... and a broken friend. Right? He might be some sort of cute, adorable demi-god--- but he isn't cosmologically important. Not like tall blue and handsome is over there. The world can get by without him. He's willing to accept that.

Then this girl comes and holds a rocket launcher to the tablet. He has to wave his adorable tiny arms spastically. "WHAT!? NO! DON'T BREAK THE TABLET! You'll just release him faster with like a tiny bit less power, okay!? and a little bit less of 'an entire city's worth of souls' is kinda negligible at this point!" he has to call out. "Let me concentrate!" he asks. "I need.. to be exact...." she says between Makoto and Homura.

Scorn tries to push against Tuxedo Kamen. Hannah punches her gut. This hurts, tremendously. But something drives her to manage the energy ---to throw out a powerful burst of dark energy. It has no name. But it's enough force to cause Tuxedo Mask and Hannah to force themselves and/or forcefully be cleared away from her. She gets to her feet. Her witches hat got lost at some point during that ordeal. But it doesn't really effect her. Sometimes--- a hat's just a hat.

Blue has had enough. He walks forward and throws a wall of blue between him and the others here. He does this just in time as two energy blasts smack the wall----as Scorn just tried to retaliate against Hannah and Tuxedo Mask. Blue turns back around to face Scorn.

"Haruna....." he says. "My name is Blue. I'm the guardian deity of Earth." he says. "I knew your sister..." he says softly. Scorn raises her hands. "......there's only.... one god! That is Corvus-Sama!" she says, while trying to get ready to blast Blue.

Blue stands as confidently as he can. And for a god that mopes a lot, it's pretty confident. "Haruna.... Aki... is still alive...." there's that twinge again. This time it's stronger. much stronger.... Scorn's hands begin to shake. Did he finally get through to her? Did he break the fate set in stone....? "Still...alive...?" she asks in a stammered tone. It sounds like she's fighting something now.

Whatever controls Scorn manages to reassert itself again. And it isn't happy. "LIES!" she screams out as a sudden rend of winds explode from Scorn's position. It clashes out against the bright blue mirror-like barriers that he setup to keep Tux, Hannah and Makoto and Homura safe from the retaliation. Blue himself has to weather it. He grimaces. This hurts. But he can handle the powerful stuff like this. Sometimes, being a god has it's advantages. He'll be okay.

The tablet suddenly shatters with a bright purple spark. Procyon blinks. "----oh no..... it broke all the seals at once..... this is.. this is a problem. /BLUE!!/ OH MY YOU!" he says as he places his hands against his face. Yes, even when the chips are down, Procyon is still kind of puntastic.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-22 03:11:03 8340

The Tower shakes heavily. Wind begins to pick up, carrying those black feathers that have been falling for the entire fight--- and still continue to fall from the sky. A bright purple slash rockets trough the sky as the purple stream emptying into the heavens had ceased.

When people last saw Corvus he was a pretty inconspicuous shadowy crow. But that was just a projection. The being that begins to rend itself out of the purple rift looks large.... gangly.... boney.. feathery wings, a slightly humanoid face--- looking more like someone wearing the top of a bird's mask. He is approximately fifty feet tall. Large. Imposing. Two gangly claws, that Jupiter might remember that rose from fire and tried to accost Sailor Mars during their fire reading.

The first thing he does is point one of those claws down and fires some sort of ridiculously powerful blast of orb fire in Procyon's direction. The little spirit opens it's eyes wide as it takes the hit head on. He's blasted up, and over, falling over the side of the tower. He's a spirit, so he'll probably be okay. But the fact that weapon even effected him- is a problem.

Then he talks. "Oh what pleasures...to see such measures. To be free." he says in rhyme. Some things don't really change. About this time whatever is controling Scorn beats it. It leaks out in black billow smoke. She falls to her knees... "Ah...w..where am I...." she speaks. Her voice is normal. Confused. Hurt.

"I'll be taking what's mine back. That's a fact." says Corvus as he raises one of those claws at Scorn.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-22 03:13:17 8341
    Kyouko looks at the giant crow-skeleton-god-man. "Ehh.. they got this." She says, while silently NOPEing as loud as she can. She turns and leaps off the building the other way. It's not that she doesn't want to help- it's just that she's got plans in a few days and she needs to be in top condition!
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-22 03:18:21 8343
"Blowing up the tablet will just release Corvus, Homura! Let Procyon, the fluffy little guy, take care of that! You /do/ know what you are doing, right?"

Hannah /glares/ straight at Mamoru.

"What, and risk giving her a concussion or giving that internal bleeding to the brain, or skull fractures? /Trust me/! I am an expert at this kind of thing!" Comes Hannah with far too much confidence.

And thus Corvus frees himself, and Blue's prophecy comes true. But as Scorn wakes up, hurt, but alive and herself, Hannah hugs the girl.

"No worrying about that, Scorn-chan. You just stay yourself, okay?" She leans in, and whispers.

"Chin up. We can fulfill that promise of getting your sister back. /Without/ Corvus. She's alive." A wink, and a nod to Tuxedo Kamen.

"Keep my friend safe, Tux. No one is better at that than you."

Then she turns to face Corvus. There's a wild, feral little grin.

Then she takes a deep, deep breath, air and magic in her lungs, then breathes out.

A massive ball of air starts to form before her, before she punches it towards Corvus!

"Flap off, bird-brain! Scorn belongs to herself, and no one else, got it!?"

her Device chimes in.

"Arc Wind Bomb!"

The ball of wind explodes, to perhaps no one's surprise, a blast of cutting wind swirling towards Corvus and trying to take him with the blast!

"Homura! Pour everything you got into that oversized sunday dinner! You too, Skirt Girl!"
Makoto Kino 2015-08-22 03:23:13 8344
It's funny - everything about this screams 'worst case scenario,' especially when Corvus blasts Procyon right off the tower. And yet, suddenly, Sailor Jupiter is grinning. It's a fierce, sharp, narrow-eyed grin, one that shows a lot of teeth.

She did say Corvus needed to be punched in the face. He may be kaiju-sized, but at least he's finally in a form she can hit.

Jupiter doesn't wait for Corvus to do whatever it is he thinks he's about to do to Scorn. "Oh, no you don't," she grits through her teeth; she flings her hands outward and bright energy crackles from her fingertips, a quicksilver-bright lance of lightning that sears through the air towards the would-be god.

Miss White's shouted command gets an incredulous sidelong glance, even as electricity keeps pouring from her hands. "Skirt Girl?"
Homura Akemi 2015-08-22 03:29:42 8346
Homura thought that destroying the tablet might be the problem. Which is, obviously, why she and Makoto asked first. Unfortunately it's way too late for her to do anything about it one way or another at this point.

As Corvus rises, Homura turns her rocket launcher away from the now broken tablet and towards him. At this point she doesn't hesitate, firing one rocket and then producing another launcher, only to fire again and repeat the process. Pretty soon there are about 10 discarded launchers around her and no signs that she might be worried about running out.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-22 03:36:07 8347
Mamoru's knocked back from Scorn, HARD, and he's still picking himself up gingerly as Blue keeps him from getting hit by a retaliatory attack. When the tall boy looks up, he's suddenly getting up a lot faster: that's a whole lot of 'so over his head' he's staring at, and he's overjoyed to let the girls handle it. "Hey, no matter how much you cook that turkey," he yells to Mako and Homura, "none of US are eating crow tonight!"

Tuxedo Mask moves a little unsteadily for a moment, but makes his way over to Hannah and Haruna. The dazed witch-girl, he detaches his cape for, wrapping the magical armor around her and nodding firmly to Miss White. "Come on, Haruna-san, let's get out of the way," he tells her, a little breathless but friendly and confident as he scoops her up, preparing to jump away from the firefight and the target range of Corvus.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-22 03:58:15 8348
Corvus suddenly has a bunch of incoming attacks. Hannah's wind bomb..... Jupiters punch. Homura's rocket launchers. Corvus doesn't move. Corvus is evil. He is hate. But he isn't a would-be god. He is one. The attacks hit. He flinches. But it didn't seem to particularly hurt him. Corvus gives a menacing evil grin back. "Who would had thought... that is the best you got!?" he rhymes out. Corvus raises his hands over his head and fires a brilliant ball of purple energy down at the top of Clover Tower. Unless the girls jump----this is going to hurt a lot if they let it connect.

This is no longer a joke. This is a legitimate danger to Tokyo, and the world. Tuxedo Kamen lands on the rooftop of a neighboring building. Surprisingly. Right there--- is Blue. He's also holding a brown, and yellow trimmed box with a heart shaped lock. He doesn't look particularly happy to be holding this.

Haruna is accosted away by the man in the tuxedo. She still doesn't know what's happening. But... she can hear. That voice in the distance, and her eyes go wide..."I...I.. no...please... this can't----I didn't.... it was. that man... in the grey uniform...." she mumbles. Incoherently.

Blue looks down at Haruna. "....I'm sorry. I can't stop what's about to happen next." he says as he places the box down next to him. He looks up to Tuxedo Kamen. "You're very courageous... thank you." he says. He takes Haruna's hand. "I need you. to concentrate. Very hard. What's about to happen. Is going to hurt a lot." he says to the girl. She only looks with wideyed worry... "O...okay....." she says.

It happens at somepoint that Corvus finishes launching the ridiculous ball of purple energy, some sort of energy whirl surrounds Haruna and suddenly squeezes in. Her eyes go wide in pain. Black mist begins to surround her. Tuxedo Mask has seen this before. It's how she looked when Procyon cut off the link between her and Corvus on that night. The Scorn henshin fades away---leaving on Haruna. "--cold...." she says.

He explains for Tuxedo Mask's sake. "She had part of Corvus making up her spiritual form since the deal she made. Corvus took it back, and isn't replacing the part he took. It's very much as if she's alive with half a soul at the moment." Blue squeezes Haurna's hand. He begins to channel some sort of blue, sparkly energy into her. "I won't let the corruption overtake you......" he says confidently, even though, this is obviously draining him to do this.

"Scared...." says Haruna quietly.

Corvus looms overhead.

This isn't going to be a particularly pleasant night, is it?